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Railroads have been a part of the Lego catalog for decades and have come in every shape and size imaginable. This checklist collects the various train sets released throughout the years.

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2150Train Station599
3677Red Cargo Train8316-12
4513Grand Central Station3288+
4534Lego Express4568-12
4535Lego Express Deluxe7628-12
4541Rail and Road Service Truck1227-12
4553Train Wash1777-12
4556Train Station2367-12
4559Cargo Railway Train8358-12
4561Railway Express6458-12
6497Time Twisters Twisted Train2969-12
7597Western Train Chase5847-14
7722Steam Cargo Train4736+
7824Train Station4608+
7937Train Station3615-12
7939Cargo Train8396-12
7997Train Station3875-12
9467The Ghost Train7418-14
10002Railroad Club Car2888+
10013Open Freight Wagon1218+
10015Passenger Wagon1948+
10017Hopper Wagon2288+
10020Santa Fe Super Chief43510+
10022Santa Fe Cars41110+
10025Santa Fe Cars32610+
10027Train Engine Shed6339+
10133Burlington Northern Santa Fe4078+
10170TTX Inermodal Double Stack Car3668+
10173Holiday Train9658-12
10194Emerald Night108514+
10219Maersk Container Train123414+
10233Horizon Express135114+
10254Winter Holiday Train73412+
10259Winter Village Station90212+
10277Crocodile Locomotive127118+
10507My First Train Set522-5Duplo
10508Deluxe Train Set1342-5Duplo
10810Push Train452-5Duplo
10847Number Train231.5-3Duplo
10874Steam Train592-5Duplo
10875Cargo Train1052-5Duplo
10894Toy Story Train212+Duplo
10941Mickey & Minnie Birthday Train222+Duplo
31054Blue Express716-12
40034Christmas Train826+Polybag
40262Christmas Train1697+
4037040 Year Steam Train1889+
40518High-Speed Train2847+
45025Coding Express2342-5
60050Train Station4235-12
60051High-Speed Passenger Train6106-12
60052Cargo Train8886-12
60098Heavy Haul Train9846-12
60197Passenger Train6776-12
60198Cargo Train12266-12
65537Classic Freight Train6088+
70424Ghost Train Express6988+
71044Disney Train and Station292512+
75955Hogwarts Express8018-14
79111Constitution Train Chase6998-14