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Kidrobot Simpsons figurines highlight the most beloved and obscure characters from Springfield’s rich television history. Several lines of vinyl figures have been released as blind-box mini figs, larger art figs, and key chains as well as enamel pins and plush toys.

Mini figs are distributed unevenly — ranging from 2/24 to 1/96 — making some incredibly difficult to collect. Figures with exceptionally rare distributions are marked as chase figures.

Whether you’re looking for Mr. Burns in his gorilla chest vest, Mr. Sparkles, or Marge as a blue cat, you’re sure to find your favorite moments from The Simpsons represented in these figures.

Our checklist includes blind-box mini figs, art figures, and keychains. Click on a character name to purchase that figure or blind-box.

Figure TypeCharacterVariant
25th Anniversary Mini FiguresCollector
25th Anniversary Mini FiguresMr. Burns (See My Vest)
25th Anniversary Mini FiguresRadioactive Man
25th Anniversary Mini FiguresPoochie
25th Anniversary Mini FiguresBarney (Plow King)
25th Anniversary Mini FiguresMayor QuimbyChase
25th Anniversary Mini FiguresMatt GroeningChase
25th Anniversary Mini FiguresHank Scorpio
25th Anniversary Mini FiguresFrank GrimesChase
25th Anniversary Mini FiguresHomer Simpson (Fat Hat)
25th Anniversary Mini FiguresFallout Boy
25th Anniversary Mini FiguresBart Man
25th Anniversary Mini FiguresTipsy Duff
25th Anniversary Mini FiguresEdgy Duff
25th Anniversary Mini FiguresSleazy Duff
25th Anniversary Mini FiguresRemorseful Duff
25th Anniversary Mini FiguresQueasy Duff
25th Anniversary Mini FiguresMr. Sparkle
25th Anniversary Mini FiguresMr. Sparkle (Red and White)Chase
25th Anniversary Mini FiguresMr. Sparkle (Kaiju)Chase
Art FigureMoe w/ Flaming Moe
Art FigureNed Flanders (Devil)
Art FigureMr. Sparkle
Craptacular KeychainApu
Craptacular KeychainBarney (Burping)
Craptacular KeychainBartman
Craptacular KeychainBrandine Spuckler
Craptacular KeychainCletus Spuckler
Craptacular KeychainLisa Simpson (Cool)
Craptacular KeychainNed Flanders (Devil)Chase
Craptacular KeychainDuffman
Craptacular KeychainMilhouse as Fallout Boy
Craptacular KeychainHomer as Mister Plow
Craptacular KeychainKangChase
Craptacular KeychainKrusty the Clown
Craptacular KeychainMarge Simpson as Blue Cat
Craptacular KeychainMr. Burns
Craptacular KeychainMr. TeenyChase
Craptacular KeychainNelson Muntz
Craptacular KeychainSelma BouvierChase
Craptacular KeychainWaylon Smithers
Medium FigureBart Simpson
Mini FigureHomer Buddha
Moe’s Tavern Mini FiguresDuffman w/ Spraying Duff Bottles
Moe’s Tavern Mini FiguresUncle Moe w/ Sparklers
Moe’s Tavern Mini FiguresLove Tester MachineChase
Moe’s Tavern Mini FiguresSnake w/ Beer Mug
Moe’s Tavern Mini FiguresBarney w/ Beer Mug (Burping)
Moe’s Tavern Mini FiguresCarl w/ Beer Mug
Moe’s Tavern Mini FiguresLenny w/ Beer Mug
Moe’s Tavern Mini FiguresHomer w/ Beer Mug (Drunk)
Moe’s Tavern Mini FiguresMoe (Handsome)
Moe’s Tavern Mini FiguresSam w/ Beer Mug
Moe’s Tavern Mini FiguresLarry w/ Beer Mug
Moe’s Tavern Mini FiguresMoe w/ Beer Mug
Treehouse of Horror Mini FiguresBart Simpson (Fly)
Treehouse of Horror Mini FiguresHomer Simpson (Donut)
Treehouse of Horror Mini FiguresGremlinChase
Treehouse of Horror Mini FiguresKang
Treehouse of Horror Mini FiguresKodos
Treehouse of Horror Mini FiguresKrusty the Clown
Treehouse of Horror Mini FiguresLisa Simpson
Treehouse of Horror Mini FiguresMaggie Simpson
Treehouse of Horror Mini FiguresMarge Simpson
Treehouse of Horror Mini FiguresRalph WiggumChase
Treehouse of Horror Mini FiguresMr. Burns (Vampire)
Treehouse of Horror Mini FiguresWillie