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The Kidrobot DC Comics license spans several of the company’s product lines and features many of the most beloved characters from the DC Universe.

A series of blind-box Dunny figures has been released based on the Batman universe and a second of Dunny keychains covers the entire Justice League.

Dunny figures, which are similar rabbit-like molds, also come in 5″ art figure sizes.

For the more refined collector, 10″ figures have also been released with much more attention to detail and less stylized than the blind-box characters.

Kidrobot has also released plush versions of some DC characters.

Our checklist includes all of the blind-box and art figures released to date. Click on a character name to purchase one for your collection.

Art FigureHarley QuinnB&W
Art FigureHarley Quinn
Art FigureWonder Woman
Art FigureWonder WomanB&W
Batman Dunny Blind-BoxBatman
Batman Dunny Blind-BoxBatman (Dark Knight)
Batman Dunny Blind-BoxBatman (Classic)
Batman Dunny Blind-BoxRobin
Batman Dunny Blind-BoxBatgirlChase
Batman Dunny Blind-BoxRed Hood
Batman Dunny Blind-BoxJoker
Batman Dunny Blind-BoxHarley Quinn
Batman Dunny Blind-BoxCatwoman
Batman Dunny Blind-BoxTwo-Face
Batman Dunny Blind-BoxScarecrow
Batman Dunny Blind-BoxPenguin
Batman Dunny Blind-BoxBane
Batman Dunny Blind-BoxBlack Mask
Batman Dunny Blind-BoxHushChase
Dunny Art FigureBatman
Dunny Art FigureJoker
Dunny Art FigureBatman (Dark Knight)
Dunny Art FigureJoker (Suicide Squad)
Justice League Dunny KeychainsBatman
Justice League Dunny KeychainsSuperman
Justice League Dunny KeychainsWonder Woman
Justice League Dunny KeychainsFlash
Justice League Dunny KeychainsCyborg
Justice League Dunny KeychainsGreen Arrow
Justice League Dunny KeychainsAquaman
Justice League Dunny KeychainsGreen Lantern (Hal Jordan)
Justice League Dunny KeychainsGreen Lantern (Guy Gardner)Chase
Justice League Dunny KeychainsBatman (Classic)
Justice League Dunny KeychainsBlue Beetle
Justice League Dunny KeychainsAnimal Man
Justice League Dunny KeychainsBooster Gold
Justice League Dunny KeychainsZatannaChase