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Impractical Jokers often uses sporting events for their punishments or pranks. The appeal of a large crowd who came to watch something completely unrelated is clearly too much for the Jokers to turn away from.

Compiled below are five hilarious Impractical Jokers moments that revolved around baseball. Some of them are too cringe inducing to believe are real but, alas, they are. Enjoy this little bit of America’s pastime while you wait for the next season to begin.

Ball Stealing Joe

Noah Syndergaard makes a guest appearance in this punishment where Joe is instructed to grab as many autographed baseballs as possible. Syndergaard is in on the joke but the autograph seekers in the stands, clearly, were not.

Bad Little League Dad

In this punishment, Q is tasked with heckling his own daughter (an actress) at a little league baseball game. That Q was able to leave the field without getting beat up is nothing short of a miracle.

Ballpark Proposal

Other than everyone, who doesn’t love a good ballpark proposal? If you’re one of the few people who still think big public wedding proposals are the peak of romantic gestures, this one is going to break your heart as Q is instructed to say no to the beautiful woman opening her soul in front of thousands of baseball fans.

Autograph Destroyer

Another professional baseball player makes a guest spot in a punishment and it just so happens to be one of Q’s childhood heroes. As Tino Martinez is signing autographs for fans, Q’s only job is to destroy them and, in the process, destroy himself.

Push-up Challenge

Joe crashes an MLB Network set, posing as a tech, and is tasked with completing 100 push-ups while Mark DeRosa and Carlos Pena are attempting to film a segment. To say that DeRosa and Pena are a little irritated is an understatement.

There are many other baseball related pranks and punishments, often at minor league ballparks, and a special episode devoted to the Jokers’ favorite bits.