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In light of the sad news that Harry Anderson has passed away, the first in a series of articles focusing on television theme songs will be devoted to the theme from Night Court.

Night Court ran for nine seasons between 1984 and 1992 and starred Harry Anderson, Markie Post, and John Larroquette alongside an eclectic group of eccentric characters. The show was a popular comedy but like so many shows in the crime genre, it has an amazing theme song that ranks among the best of the era.

Featuring a melody played on sax by Ernie Watts — whose other credits include work with Glenn Frey, Paul Anka, Stanley Clarke, Marvin Gaye, and Frank Zappa among others — the theme is grounded by a slap bass line which and a synthesizer that is both of its time and classic simultaneously.

The outro is virtually the same musically with a bit more production added to the track. It is simple, short, and understated but still manages to evoke the location, genre, and era of the show it precedes which is more than can be said for many classic television theme songs.

The song was spoofed in an episode of Family Guy, featuring Bill Clinton performing a little “saxophone therapy” and was sampled in a remix of  Cam’ron’s single Horse & Carriage.

As far as theme songs from the 1980s go, it is hard to find many more iconic and instantly-recognizable songs. Without further ado, have a listen and wish Harry Anderson a peaceful rest.

Featured Image: 2011 Leaf Pop Century Harry Anderson Auto