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Funko Pop NFL brings the biggest names in football to the world of vinyl figurine collecting with a fun and stylized design.

Many players are represented multiple times on this checklist thanks to uniform variations. Common variants are away jerseys, workout uniforms, and throwback jerseys and are often exclusive to specific retailers.

This line is officially labeled as Funko Pop Football as is the Funko Pop Soccer line of figures. Each numbering sequence is completely independent of the other. For the sake of clarity, the checklists appearing on Hero Habit include the distinction between NFL and soccer.

Our checklist is separated by teams. To view a specific team’s figures, simply select the franchise from the list below or scroll through the page.

Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings for that figure.

Funko Pop NFL Team List


121AJ Green


109Josh Allen


4Peyton Manning
7Demarcus Ware
37Peyton Manning
60Von Miller
60Von Miller (w/Glasses)


25Johnny Manziel
80Jim Brown
110Baker Mayfield
110Baker MayfieldHome JerseyFanatics
135Odell Beckham Jr
140Nick Chubbs


33Jameis Winston
142Mike Evans


27Larry Fitzgerald
108Josh Rosen
131Patrick Peterson
133Kyler Murray


12Philip Rivers
12Philip RiversBlue UniformToys R Us
75Joey Bosa
105Keenan Allen
111Junior Seau
123Melvin Gordon III


101Travis Kelce
119Patrick Mahomes III
119Patrick Mahomes IIIWhite JerseyFanatics
148Patrick Mahomes IIPassing


14Andrew Luck
45Andrew Luck


22Dez Bryant
40Tony Romo
48Dez Bryant
49Jason Witten
66Tony RomoToys R Us
67Dak PrescottHome Uniform
67Dak PrescottBlue uniform
68Ezekiel Elliott
68Ezekiel ElliottHome UniformToys R Us
68Ezekiel ElliottWhite UniformFanatics
69Dez Bryant
82Roger StaubachHome Jersey
87Tom Landry
92Deion SandersHome Uniform
92Deion SandersWhite Bandana
112Troy Aikman
124Amari Cooper
125Jaylon Smith
244Troy Aikman


13Ryan Tannehill
91Dan Marino


28LeSean McCoy
74Carson Wentz
74Carson WentzBaseball Hat


72Julio Jones
72Julio JonesWhite Uniform
73Matt Ryan
73Matt RyanWhite Uniform
93Deion SandersToys R Us
246Ray Lewis


18Eli Manning
18Eli ManningRed topToys R Us
19Victor Cruz
29Odell Beckham Jr
29Odell Beckham JrWhite Jersey
55Odell Beckham Jr
55Odell Beckham JrWhite Uniform
79Lawrence TaylorThrowback Jersey
79Lawrence TaylorWhite UniformToys R Us
118Saquon BarkleyBlue Jersey
118Saquon BarkleyWhite JerseyFanatics


26Black Bortles
103Jalen Ramsey
104Leonard Fournette


88Joe NamathHome Uniform
107Sam Darnold
134Le’Veon Bell


17Calvin Johnson
81Barry SandersHome Jersey
102Matt Stafford


46Cam Newton
46Cam NewtonBlue TopGameStop
46Cam NewtonAway Uniform
46Cam NewtonBlue UniformToys R Us
53Luke Kuechly
128Christian McCaffrey
Combo PackGreg Olson, Cam Newton, Luke KuechlyGTS


5Tom Brady
21Rob Gronkowski
39Tom Brady
39Tom BradyRed TopToys R Us
56Rob Gronkowski
56Rob GronkowskiThrowbackGameStop
56Rob GronkowskiBlue Uniform
59Tom Brady
59Tom BradyBlue Uniform
59Tom BradyFanatics
70Julian Edelman
115Drew Bledsoe
137Tom BradySuper Bowl LIII
Combo PackJulian Edelman, Tom Brady, Rob GronkowskiGTS


44Amari Cooper
47Derek Carr
47Derek CarrAway Uniform
47Derek CarrBaseball Hat
77Marshawn Lynch
77Marshawn LynchWhite Uniform
89Bo Jackson
96Khalil MackBaseball Hat
136Antonio Brown


58Todd Gurley
58Todd GurleyWhite Uniform
95Jared Goff
130Aaron Donald


8Robert Griffin III


11Drew Brees
11Drew BreesGold PantsToys R Us
11Drew BreesNo Hat
129Michael Thomas
138Drew BreesSuper Bowl XLIV
139Alvin Kamara


1Russell Wilson
2Richard Sherman
3Marshawn Lynch
36Marshawn Lynch
38Russell Wilson
50Jimmy Graham
57Russel Wilson
57Russell WilsonGreen Uniform
57Russell WilsonSuper Bowl XLVIII
61Richard Sherman
71Bobby Wagner
86Steve LargentThrowback Jersey
99Doug Baldwin
113Brian Bosworth
147D.K. Metcalf
Combo PackShaquem Griffin, Shquill Griffin (The Griffin Brothers)
Combo PackEarl Thomas, Richard Sherman, Kam Chancelor (Legion of Boom)5000CenturyLink Field


20Troy Polamalu
31Ben Roethlisberger
52Le’Veon Bell
52Le’Veon BellWhite Top
62Antonio Brown
62Antonio BrownAway Uniform
62Antonio BrownBlack uniformToys R Us
65Ben RoethlisbergerToys R Us
76Ben Roethlisberger
85Terry BradshawHome Uniform
85Terry BradshawWhite Jersey
97Jiju Smith-Schuster
98TJ Watt
117Jerome Bettis
247Terry Bradshaw


9JJ Watt
24Jadeveon Clowney
34JJ Watt
51JJ Watt
51JJ WattBaseball Hat
94Deshaun Watson
122DeAndre Hopkins
149J.J. WattRunning


35Marcus Mariota
54Marcus Mariotta
145Derrick Henry