Funko My Little Pony figurine checklist

Funko My Little Pony Checklist

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This checklist compiles all of the Funko My Little Pony figures through their many collections and brandings.

This checklist is divided by any Funko brand that contains a My Little Pony figure. Sometimes, within a brand, there will be other franchises listed on the front of the box. When this is the case, those franchises are separated as subsections of the main brand. If there are no subsections, assume that the branding is the same throughout the list.

Scroll through the entire list or jump directly to a specific product line by selecting it from the list below. Clicking a link within this checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings for that figure.

Funko Pop Digital

Master List – Funko Pop Digital

67Sunset Shimmer1,550NFT Redemption
68Queen Chrysalis1,550NFT Redemption
69Princess Luna1,550NFT Redemption
70Maud Pie1,550NFT Redemption
71Rarity999NFT Redemption
72Freddy Funko Spike2,400NFT Redemption

Funko Pop My Little Pony

Master List – Funko Pop My Little Pony

1Derpy Hooves
3Pinkie Pie
3Pinkie PieMetallicToy Wiz
4Rainbow Dash
4Rainbow DashGITDWalmart
4Rainbow DashMetallicGemini Collectibles
5DJ Pon-3
6Twilight Sparkle
6Twilight SparkleMetallicToy Wiz
6Twilight SparkleGITDWalmart
7Dr. Hooves
8Princess Celestia
8Princess CelestiaGlitterHot Topic
10Trixie Lulamoon
12Rainbow Dash Sea Pony
12Rainbow Dash Sea PonyClearChase
13Pinkie Pie Sea Pony
14Twilight Sparkle Sea Pony
14Twilight Sparkle Sea PonyMetallicChase
15Fluttershy Sea Pony
16Tempest ShadowHot Topic

Funko Pop Retro Toys

Master List – Funko Pop Retro Toys

61Cotton Candy