Funko Pop My Little Pony Checklist

By: Tony Frye

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Funko Pop My Little Pony figurines bring the world of My Little Pony, already a well-established toy line by Hasbro, to the super-stylized Pop! format.

Focusing mainly on contemporary characters from the line, including those from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, the Funko version blends the bright colors of the source material with the Funko design aesthetic that has become so popular among collectors.

My Little Pony was launched as a toy line marketed to young girls in 1982 and became very popular throughout the 1980s thanks, in part, to a television cartoon, film, direct to video features, and aggressive marketing.

In its fourth generation, which began in 2010 with the premiere of Friendship is Magic, the line has developed a devoted following of male fans – known singularly as a “brony” – who take to conventions and avidly collect the franchise.

Although this line is not frequently updated, there are several chase variants for collectors to track down including glow in the dark and metallic figurines. There are several My Little Pony characters in the Funko Pop Retro Toys line as well.

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1Derpy Hooves
3Pinkie Pie
3Pinkie PieMetallicToy Wiz
4Rainbow Dash
4Rainbow DashGITDWalmart
4Rainbow DashMetallicGemini Collectibles
5DJ Pon-3
6Twilight Sparkle
6Twilight SparkleMetallicToy Wiz
6Twilight SparkleGITDWalmart
7Dr. Hooves
8Princess Celestia
8Princess CelestiaGlitterHot Topic
10Trixie Lulamoon
12Rainbow Dash Sea Pony
12Rainbow Dash Sea PonyClearChase
13Pinkie Pie Sea Pony
14Twilight Sparkle Sea Pony
14Twilight Sparkle Sea PonyMetallicChase
15Fluttershy Sea Pony
16Tempest ShadowHot Topic