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The Funko Pop Icons line covers famous people — both real and fictitious — who don’t easily fit among the other Funko lines but are, nonetheless, iconic.

The branding of this set is often the same as the icon being portrayed. For example, Bill Nye is branded as Bill Nye. The biggest exception is the American History branding which includes figures from throughout America’s history.

Our checklist is separated by broad genre. Entertainment, for example, includes actors, comic book creators, and trophies. Pop Culture includes memes, mascots, and pop art. You can scroll through the entire list or skip to specific groupings by choosing them from the list below. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings.

Funko Pop Icons Checklist

American History

8Rosie the RiveterTarget
9George Washington
10Abraham LincolnTarget
11Crossing the DelawareTarget
12Uncle SamTarget
13Benjamin Franklin
45Ruth Bader Ginsburg
46John F. Kennedy
47Jackie Kennedy
48Jimmy Carter
49Ronald Reagan


7Stan LeePatina
16Kirk HammettCreature From Black Lagoon1008Royal Ontario Museum
17Kirk HammettFrankenstein1008Royal Ontario Museum
18MTV Moon Person
19Jim Henson w/ Ernie
20Jim Henson w/ Kermit
24Marilyn MonroeFunko Hollywood Store
24Marilyn MonroeWhite Dress
24Marilyn MonroeB&WEntertainment Earth
27Mark HamillWhite T-ShirtLEDesignerCon19
27Mark HamillBlack T-ShirtLEDesignerCon19
28Mark Hamill (Joker)LEDesignerCon19
28Mark Hamill (Joker)Purple MetallicLEDesignerCon19
43Stephen King
50Farrah Fawcett
57Richard Simmons
58Richard SimmonsDancing
59Richard SimmonsTarget


4Colonel Sandersw/ CaneFunko Shop
5Colonel Sanders
49Guy Fieri


14Merlion (Singapore)Simply Toys

Pop Culture

15Rat FinkLEFunko Shop
15Rat FinkGreen ChromeSDCC19
15Rat FinkGray ChromeSDCC19
15Rat FinkGITDSDCC19
23Paulie PigeonBlackLENYCC19
23Paulie PigeonRedLENYCC19
56This Is Fine DogEntertainment Earth
60Grumpy Cat
60Grumpy CatFlockedEntertainment Earth
62Evel Knievel
62Evel Knievel w/ HelmetChase
64Bozo the Clown


29Bill Nye
51Bill Nyew/ GlobeHot Topic
26Albert Einstein


1George R.R. MartinBarnes and Noble
3Dr. Seuss
21Edgar Allan Poe
22Edgar Allan Poe (w/ Book)NYCC19/BAM!
22Edgar Allan Poe (w/ Raven)BAM!
44Stephen KingBloodyBarnes and Noble
53Stephen King w/ Molly AKA The Thing of EvilBAM!
55Stephen King