Final Stats for Galactic Moments Trading Cards

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The Galactic Moments series of on-demand trading cards from Topps has concluded with the release of Rise of Skywalker. Each card was available for one week and printed based on consumer demand. We have a complete checklist available for you to search through but below are some interesting stats for this set.

This set was released three cards at a time over the course of 52 weeks.

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Total Cards

  • The checklist concluded with 156 trading cards.

Final Print Runs

  • 51,554 cards were printed for this collection.
  • It is possible to compile 240 complete sets.
  • Six of the top 10 cards were released in the first three weeks of the set.
  • 20 of the top 30 cards were released within the first nine weeks of the sets release.
  • Card #154, released in week 52, ranked at #18 in sales. It is the highest selling card released after week 18.
  • Week 2 took a significant drop in sales. Cards 4, 5, and 6 are ranked 72, 73, and 74 in sales and are the only cards from the first 10 weeks not to rank 31st or higher.
  • In the final three months of this set, only six cards ranked in the top 100 in sales.
    • #154 – Trudgen (18th)
    • #156 – Dark Rey (60th)
    • #155 – Pasaana Loader Skimmer (62nd)
    • #143 – Millennium Falcon (75th)
    • #132 – Master of Student Reunited (98th)
    • #119 – Han and Leia Reunited (99th)

Top 5 Cards

Low 5 Cards