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For the first time since its launch this year, Topps Now has released a limited edition relic card and Eric Hosmer as the featured player. Hosmer, who went 2 for 3 in the 2016 All-Star Game, was awarded the All-Star MVP for leading the American League to a 4-2 victory over the National League.

Topps Now, an online exclusive, commemorated the event by releasing two cards (both numbered 247) with Eric Hosmer on the front holding his MVP award above his head. 99 of these cards include a relic obtained from the game and are numbered as such.

Priced at $59.99, this is the most expensive Topps Now card to date with all previous cards coming in at $9.99 each. Within a day of release, Hosmer relic cards were selling on eBay for over $200 and many auctions are asking for $300 or more for each card. A $299 “Buy It Now” sale has become the highest paid single card in the Topps Now series.

Eric Hosmer was already a popular player and fan favorite so it is no wonder that this short print relic card would fetch top dollar in the immediate aftermath of the All-Star Game. What remains to be seen is where the value of the card will fall in the next year and moving forward. Of course, we’ll be keeping an eye on that right here on Hero Habit.

The standard issue of this card, which sold for the regular $9.99 price, sold 993 copies which ranked it as the 31st best selling card in the series out of the 247 released to date. It is also the second card to feature Hosmer (he was also the subject of card 213) and his total sales combine for 1,464.

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