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Eaglemoss Wizarding World figurines commemorate one of the most beloved cast of characters in film and literature. Combining the world of Harry Potter as well as Fantastic Beasts, the Wizarding World collection features 1:16 scale models of Harry Potter, Lord Voldemort, and many more.

Every figure is accompanied with a full-color collectible magazine that retells the history and essential moments of the corresponding character’s story. Issues are released over time so the checklist for this series, beginning in December, 2018, is ever growing and updating. If your favorite character hasn’t been released yet, it will be.

Made of metallic resin, each lifelike model is highly detailed and hand painted and stands around four and a half inches tall.

Our checklist includes all of the figures in this series as well as shop exclusives and special editions. Click on a character name within the checklist to purchase a figure directly from Eaglemoss.

4Newt Scamander
6Tina Goldstein
7Queenie Goldstein
8Harry Potter (Battle of Hogwarts)
10Ron Weasley w/ Scabbers
11Hermione Granger
12Swooping Evil
13Albus Dumbledore
14Severus Snape
17Sirius Black
18Gellert Grindelwald
19Theseus Scamander
20Alastor Mad-Eye Moody
21Luna Lovegood
22Seraphina Picquery
23Leta Lestrange
24Minerva McGonagall
25Draco Malfoy
26Jacob Kowalski
27Dougal Demiguise
28Lucius Malfoy
29Draco Malfoy (Death Eater)
30Credence Barebone
32Neville Longbottom
34Ginny Weasley
35Dolores Umbridge
36Nicolas Flamel
37Yusuf Kama
38Ron Weasley (7th year)
39Hermione Granger (7th year)
40Harry Potter w/ Hedwig
41Albus Dumbledore
42Percival Graves
43Fred Weasley
44George Weasley
45Cho Chang
46Peter Pettigrew
47Cedric Diggory
Shop BundleHagrid & Buckbeak
Special EditionRubeus Hagrid
Special EditionBuckbeak the Hippogriff
Special EditionNiffler
Special EditionPickett the Bowtruckle
Special EditionDobby the Elf