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Eaglemoss Marvel Movie Museum Collection figurine checklist

Eaglemoss Marvel Movie Museum Checklist

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Eaglemoss Marvel Movie Museum Collection features replicas of beloved artifacts from the expansive Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Each hand-painted, resin figure stands between 6″-8″ on a plinth stamped with the artifact’s film origin.

This type of collection is a departure for Eaglemoss and does not include a magazine issue as most of their other collections have in the past.

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Eaglemoss Marvel Movie Museum Collection

Artifact #ReplicaFilm
1Iron Man Mark VII HelmetAvengers
2Infinity GauntletAvengers Infinity War
3Captain America’s ShieldAvengers
4Mjolnir (Thor’s Hammer)Avengers
5Black Panther’s MaskBlack Panther
6Iron Man Nano GauntletInfinity Saga
7Iron Spider MaskInfinity Saga
8Captain Carter ShieldWhat If…?
SE1Iron Man’s Arc ReactorIron Man