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Eaglemoss Batman Universe Busts Checklist

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Over 75 years of history is honored in the Eaglemoss Batman Universe Busts collection. Each bust stands approximately five inches tall and features the Caped Crusader as well as the many ancillary characters from film, television, video games, and comic books.

Bundles are available which collect busts from specific franchises within the Batman Universe such as the 1966 television series or the Christopher Nolan directed Dark Knight trilogy of films. There are also special edition cowl busts that highlight significant stories from Batman lore such as Rebirth and The Dark Knight Returns.

Because the source inspiration is taken from many different genres and eras, many characters appear on this checklist multiple times with different designs.

As with all Eaglemoss products, these busts are hand-painted and are shipped alongside a 16 page color book which gives a background on the figure, the character, and the extensive history of Gotham’s Dark Knight.

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2JokerBatman #613 (Comic)
3Harley QuinnBatman (Comic)
4Two-FaceBatman (Comic)
5CatwomanCatwoman Vol 3 (Comic)
6ScarecrowBatman (Comic)
8Poison IvyGotham City Sirens (Comic)
9RobinDamian Wayne (Comic)
10BatgirlBatman (Comic)
11RiddlerJoker’s Asylum II (Comic)
12Mr. FreezeBatman (Comic)
13BatmanDark Knight (Film)
14JokerDark Knight (Film)
15SupermanMan of Steel (Film)
16Wonder WomanWonder Woman (Film)
17BaneDark Knight Rises (Film
18FlashJustice League (Film)
19Batman BeyondBatman Beyond (Animated Series)
20PenguinBatman (Comic)
21BatwomanBatwoman (Comic)
22BaneKnightfall (Comic)
23Ra’s al GhulBatman (Comic)
24Killer CrocSuicide Squad (Comic)
25Batman1966 Television Series
26Robin1966 Television Series
27Joker1966 Television Series
28Catwoman1966 Television Series
29Riddler1966 Television Series
30Penguin1966 Television Series
31BatmanBatman vs Superman (Film)
32CatwomanDark Knight Rises (Film)
33AquamanJustice League (Film)
34CyborgJustice League (Film)
35BluebirdBatman Comics
Shop BundleGotham Legends
Shop BundleBatman ’66 Bundle1966 Television Series
Shop BundleDark Knight BundleDark Knight (Film)
Special EditionBatman CowlRebirth
Special EditionBatman CowlDark Knight Returns