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Eaglemoss Batman Arkham Asylum figurines pay homage to one of the most popular and acclaimed Batman video games of all time.

The Arkham Asylum series, first released in 2009, has been widely praised for the distinct style each character and location was designed with and has been a popular series over several titles. This Eaglemoss release faithfully recreates these beloved character designs at 1:16 scale and in full color.

Each hand-painted figure is made of metallic resin and stands around five inches tall. With exceptional detail, these figures are suitable for display and will look great among other high quality Batman collectibles.

As is the case with all Eaglemoss products, each figure is shipped with a full-color book which highlights the rich backstory and history of the corresponding character.

The Eaglemoss Batman Arkham Asylum series is a limited edition in honor of the 10th anniversary of the video game franchise. Collectors seeking figures on the secondary market should be particularly careful as Eaglemoss has released several different Batman lines and the character appears in almost all of the general DC lines as well.

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3Harley Quinn
4Poison Ivy
6Victor Zsasz
Special EditionBane