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The 2016 Presidential election will go down in history for a myriad of reasons and the Decision 2016 trading card set commemorates the highs and lows of this campaign.

Our checklist includes all of the base, inserts, and parallel cards, and can be sorted or searched by many different parameters.

2016 Decision 2016 Checklist
Base Set – 110 Cards
Short Print (*)
Super Short Print (**)
First Lady Portraits
Numbered 1-9 (Retail)
Candidate Portraits (CP)
Hobby Color, Retail B/W
Trump Under Fire (TUF)
Gold Foil – Retail/Blaster
Rainbow Foil – Common
Pink Foil – Uncommon
Green Foil – Rare
Blue Foil – Very Rare
Red Foil – Ultra Rare
Authentic Cut Signatures (CS)
Gold Foil – Common
Blue Foil – Very Rare
Red Foil – Ultra Rare
Super Flags Jumbo Patch (SF)
Hobby Box Only
Gold Foil – Common
Blue Foil – Very Rare
Red  Foil РUltra Rare
Black and White Flag – Ultra Rare
Reverse Flag – Ultra Rare
Pieces of America Coin and Stamp (PA)
Hobby Box Only
Gold Foil – Common
Green Foil – Rare
Blue Foil – Very Rare
Red Foil – Ultra Rare
PA1 NY Coin – Rare
PA2 FL Coin – Rare
PA3 NY Coin – Rare
PA13 MA Coin – Rare
Jumbo Box Toppers  (J)
Hobby Box Only
God Bless America Flag Patch (GBA)
Hobby Box Only
Gold Foil – Common
Green Foil – Rare
Blue Foil – Very Rare
Red Foil – Ultra Rare
Road to the White House (RWH)
Hobby Box Only
Gold Foil – Common
Blue Foil – Very Rare
Red Foil – Ultra Rare
Elite Premium Set (E)
Hobby Box Only
Gold Foil – Common
Blue Foil – Very Rare
Red Foil – Ultra Rare
Political Gems (PG)
Hobby Box Only
Gold Foil – Common
Green Foil – Rare
Blue Foil – Very Rare
Red Foil – Ultra Rare
Money Card (MO)
Hobby Box Only
Gold Foil – Common
Red Foil – Ultra Rare
1Ben CarsonCandidates
2Bernie SandersCandidates
3Bobby JindalCandidates
4Carly FiorinaCandidates
5Chris ChristieCandidates
6Donald TrumpCandidates
7George PatakiCandidates
8Hillary ClintonCandidates
9Jeb BushCandidates
10Jill SteinCandidates
11Jim GilmoreCandidates
12Jim WebbCandidates
13John KasichCandidates
14John McAfeeCandidates
15Lincoln ChaffeeCandidates
16Lindsey GrahamCandidates
17Marco RubioCandidates
18Martin O'MalleyCandidates
19Mike HuckabeeCandidates
20Rand PaulCandidates
21Rick PerryCandidates
22Rick SantorumCandidates
23Scott WalkerCandidates
24Ted CruzCandidates
25Al FrankenInfluencers
26Bill ClintonInfluencers
27Trey GowdyInfluencers
28Debbie Wasserman-SchultzInfluencers
29Deval PatrickInfluencers
30Elijah E. CummingsInfluencers
31Elizabeth WarrenInfluencers
32Harry ReidInfluencers
33Ivanka TrumpInfluencers
34Joe BidenInfluencers
35John BoehnerInfluencers
36John KerryInfluencers
37John McCainInfluencers
38Jon Huntsman Jr.Influencers
39Kevin McCarthyInfluencers
40Michelle ObamaInfluencers
41Mitch McConnelInfluencers
42Mitt RomneyInfluencers
43Nancy PelosiInfluencers
44Nikki HaleyInfluencers
45Paul RyanInfluencers
46President ObamaInfluencers
47Reince PriebusInfluencers
48Ronald ReaganInfluencers
49Sarah PalinInfluencers
50Tom KaineInfluencers
51Frank FiorinaSpouses
52Candy CarsonSpouses
53Columba BushSpouses
54Heidi CruzSpouses
55Jane O'Meara-SandersSpouses
56Janet HuckabeeSpouses
57Jeanette RubioSpouses
58Karen KasichSpouses
59Katie O'MalleySpouses
60Kelley PaulSpouses
61Libby PatakiSpouses
62Mary Pat ChristieSpouses
63Melania TrumpSpouses
64Bill ClintonSpouses
65Voters First ForumDebates
66Fox News Republican Pre-DebateDebates
67Fox News Republican DebateDebates
68CNN Republican DebateDebates
69CNBC Republican Pre-DebateDebates
70CNBC Republican DebateDebates
71Fox Business Republican DebateDebates
72CNN Republican DebateDebates
73CNN Democratic DebateDebates
74CBS Democratic DebateDebates
75ABC Democratic DebateDebates
76Fox Business Republican DebateDebates
77Ben CarsonFinalists
78Bernie SandersFinalists
79Carly FiorinaFinalists
80Chris ChristieFinalists
81Donald TrumpFinalists
82Hillary ClintonFinalists
83Jeb BushFinalists
84John KasichFinalists
85Marco RubioFinalists
86Martin O'MalleyFinalists
87Mike HuckabeeFinalists
88Rand PaulFinalists
89Rick SantorumFinalists
90Ted CruzFinalists
91Clinton hits Iowa EarlyCampaign Moments
92Trump's First DebateCampaign Moments
93Trump-Cruz Running Mates?Campaign Moments
94Trump-Bush Low-FiveCampaign Moments
95Sanders-Clinton Tired of EmailsCampaign Moments
96The Bengazi HearingsCampaign Moments
97President Barak ObamaCampaign Moments
98Andrew CuomoFuture Stars 2020
99Cory BookerFuture Stars 2020
100George P. BushFuture Stars 2020
101Joaquin CastroFuture Stars 2020
102Julian CastroFuture Stars 2020
103Kelly AyotteFuture Stars 2020
104Kirsten GillibrandFuture Stars 2020
105Kris KobachFuture Stars 2020
106Michael BennetFuture Stars 2020
107Mike PenceFuture Stars 2020
108Pat McCoryFuture Stars 2020
109Scott WalkerFuture Stars 2020
110Tom CottonFuture Stars 2020
111Michael BloombergCandidates
112Gary JohnsonCandidates
113Wayne LaPierreInfluencers
114Bill De BlasioInfluencers
115George W. BushInfluencers
116Rev. Al SharptonInfluencers
117Tulsi GabbardInfluencers
118Fox News Google Republican DebateDebates
119NBC News Democratic DebateDebates
120PBS Democratic DebateDebates
121CBS Republican DebateDebates
122CNN Republican DebateDebates
123Sarah Palin Endorses Donald TrumpCampaign Moments
124Cecile Richards Endorses Hillary ClintonCampaign Moments
125Ted Cruz Endorsed by Rick PerryCampaign Moments
126Jeb Bush Endorsed by Lindsey GrahamCampaign Moments
127Bushs come out for JebCampaign Moments
128Chris Christie Endorses TrumpCampaign Moments
129Ted Cruz Wins IowaCampaign Moments
130Hillary Wins Iowa by a Coin FlipCampaign Moments
131Trump Huge in New HampshireCampaign Moments
132New Hampshire Feels the BernCampaign Moments
133Former Candidates Pataki & Jindal Endorse RubioCampaign Moments
134Hillary Clobbers Bernie in South CarolinaCampaign Moments
135Trump Wins Big in NevadaCampaign Moments
1Barbara BushFirst Lady Portraits
2Michelle ObamaFirst Lady Portraits
3Hillary ClintonFirst Lady Portraits
4Laura BushFirst Lady Portraits
5Nancy ReaganFirst Lady Portraits
6Jacqueline KennedyFirst Lady Portraits
7Rosalynn CarterFirst Lady Portraits
8Betty FordFirst Lady Portraits
9Pat NixonFirst Lady Portraits
CP1Barak ObamaCandidate Portraits
CP2Ben CarsonCandidate Portraits
CP3Bernie SandersCandidate Portraits
CP4Bill Clinton Candidate Portraits
CP5Carly FiorinaCandidate Portraits
CP6Chris ChristieCandidate Portraits
CP7Donald TrumpCandidate Portraits
CP8George W. BushCandidate Portraits
CP9Hillary ClintonCandidate Portraits
CP10Jeb BushCandidate Portraits
CP11John KasichCandidate Portraits
CP12Marco RubioCandidate Portraits
CP13Michael BloombergCandidate Portraits
CP14Martin O'MalleyCandidate Portraits
CP15Mike HuckabeeCandidate Portraits
CP16Rand PaulCandidate Portraits
CP17Ronald ReaganCandidate Portraits
CP18Ted CruzCandidate Portraits
CP19George H.W. Bush *Candidate Portraits
CP20Mitt Romney *Candidate Portraits
CP21Joe Biden *Candidate Portraits
CP22Sarah Palin *Candidate Portraits
CP23Lindsey Graham *Candidate Portraits
CP24Rick Perry *Candidate Portraits
CP25John McCain *Candidate Portraits
CP26Rick Santorum *Candidate Portraits
CP27Gary Johnson **Candidate Portraits
TUF 1Trump vs Mexican ImmigrationTrump Under Fire
TUF2Trump Says McCain Not a War HeroTrump Under Fire
TUF3Trump vs Megyn KellyTrump Under Fire
TUF4Trump Ejects Univision ReporterTrump Under Fire
TUF5Trump Mocks Carly's FaceTrump Under Fire
TUF6Trump vs CNBC Debate ModeratorsTrump Under Fire
TUF7Trump Claims Muslims Celebrated 9/11Trump Under Fire
TUF8Trump "Mocks" Disabled ReporterTrump Under Fire
TUF9Trump Wants to Put Ban on Muslim ImmigrationTrump Under Fire
TUF10Trump Pledges to Republican PartyTrump Under Fire
TUF11Says Hillary Clinton "Got Schlonged"Trump Under Fire
TUF12Trump Calls For Database of MuslimsTrump Under Fire
TUF13Cruz Battles Trump Over Citizenship IssueTrump Under Fire
TUF14Parliament Debates Trump Ban From UKTrump Under Fire
TUF15Trump vs WomenTrump Under Fire
TUF16Trump vs National ReviewTrump Under Fire
TUF17Trump Says He Could Shoot and Not Lose VotersTrump Under Fire
TUF18Trump Faces Off Against Fox News DebateTrump Under Fire
TUF19Trump Critical of G.W. Bush & Iraq WarTrump Under Fire
TUF20Trump Calls for Apple BoycottTrump Under Fire
TUF21Pope Critical of Trump's Stance on ImmigrationTrump Under Fire
TUF22Mexican President Says He Will Not Pay For WallTrump Under Fire
TUF23Trump Waffles on David Duke EndorsementTrump Under Fire
TUF24Mitt Romney Blasts TrumpTrump Under Fire
CS1Ben CarsonCut Signatures
CS2Donald TrumpCut Signatures
CS3George W. Bush *Cut Signatures
CS4Hillary ClintonCut Signatures
CS5Jeb BushCut Signatures
CS6Marco RubioCut Signatures
CS7Mike HuckabeeCut Signatures
CS8Rand PaulCut Signatures
CS9Rick SantorumCut Signatures
CS10Scott WalkerCut Signatures
CS11John KasichCut Signatures
CS12Ted Cruz *Cut Signatures
CS13Carly Fiorina *Cut Signatures
CS14Chris Christie *Cut Signatures
CS15Mitt Romney *Cut Signatures
CS16Lindsey Graham *Cut Signatures
CS17Martin O'MalleyCut Signatures
CS18Rick PerryCut Signatures
CS19Paul Ryan **Cut Signatures
CS20John McCainCut Signatures
CS21Sarah Palin **Cut Signatures
CS22Bernie Sanders **Cut Signatures
J1Barack ObamaJumbo Box Toppers
J2Ben CarsonJumbo Box Toppers
J3Bernie SandersJumbo Box Toppers
J4Bill Clinton Jumbo Box Toppers
J5Carly Fiorina *Jumbo Box Toppers
J6Chris Christie *Jumbo Box Toppers
J7Donald TrumpJumbo Box Toppers
J8Elizabeth Warren **Jumbo Box Toppers
J9George W. Bush *Jumbo Box Toppers
J10Hillary ClintonJumbo Box Toppers
J11Jeb BushJumbo Box Toppers
J12Joe Biden *Jumbo Box Toppers
J13John KasichJumbo Box Toppers
J14Bernie and Hillary EmailsJumbo Box Toppers
J15Marco RubioJumbo Box Toppers
J16Martin O'MalleyJumbo Box Toppers
J17Michael BloombergJumbo Box Toppers
J18Michelle Obama *Jumbo Box Toppers
J19Mike HuckabeeJumbo Box Toppers
J20Mitt Romney *Jumbo Box Toppers
J21Paul Ryan *Jumbo Box Toppers
J22Ronald ReaganJumbo Box Toppers
J23Sarah Palin **Jumbo Box Toppers
J24Ted CruzJumbo Box Toppers
GBA1Barack ObamaGod Bless America Patch
GBA2Ben CarsonGod Bless America Patch
GBA3Bernie SandersGod Bless America Patch
GBA4Bill Clinton God Bless America Patch
GBA5Carly FiorinaGod Bless America Patch
GBA6Chris ChristieGod Bless America Patch
GBA7Donald TrumpGod Bless America Patch
GBA8Hillary ClintonGod Bless America Patch
GBA9Jeb BushGod Bless America Patch
GBA10John KasichGod Bless America Patch
GBA11Marco RubioGod Bless America Patch
GBA12Martin O'MalleyGod Bless America Patch
GBA13Mike HuckabeeGod Bless America Patch
GBA14Rand PaulGod Bless America Patch
GBA15Ronald ReaganGod Bless America Patch
GBA16Ted CruzGod Bless America Patch
GBA17Hillary Clinton *God Bless America Patch
GBA18Donald Trump *God Bless America Patch
RWH1Ben CarsonRoad to the White House
RWH2Bernie SandersRoad to the White House
RWH3Carly FiorinaRoad to the White House
RWH4Chris ChristieRoad to the White House
RWH5Donald TrumpRoad to the White House
RWH6Hillary ClintonRoad to the White House
RWH7Jeb BushRoad to the White House
RWH8John KasichRoad to the White House
RWH9Marco RubioRoad to the White House
RWH10Martin O'MalleyRoad to the White House
RWH11Mike HuckabeeRoad to the White House
RWH12Ted CruzRoad to the White House
E1Justice Scalia **Elite Premium
E2Bush DynastyElite Premium
E3Trump & PalinElite Premium
E4The ClintonsElite Premium
E5The White HouseElite Premium
E6George WashingtonElite Premium
E7Nancy Reagan *Elite Premium
SF1Barack ObamaSuper Flags
SF2Ben CarsonSuper Flags
SF3Bernie SandersSuper Flags
SF4Bill Clinton Super Flags
SF5Carly FiorinaSuper Flags
SF6Chris ChristieSuper Flags
SF7Donald TrumpSuper Flags
SF8Hillary ClintonSuper Flags
SF9Jeb BushSuper Flags
SF10John KasichSuper Flags
SF11Marco RubioSuper Flags
SF12Martin O'MalleySuper Flags
SF13Mike HuckabeeSuper Flags
SF14Rand PaulSuper Flags
SF15Ronald ReaganSuper Flags
SF16Ted CruzSuper Flags
SF17Hillary ClintonSuper Flags
SF18Donald TrumpSuper Flags
SF19Mitt RomneySuper Flags
SF20Michael BloombergSuper Flags
SF21Sarah PalinSuper Flags
SF22Michelle ObamaSuper Flags
SF23Joe BidenSuper Flags
PG1Barack ObamaPolitical Gems
PG2Ben CarsonPolitical Gems
PG3Bernie SandersPolitical Gems
PG4Bill Clinton Political Gems
PG5Carly FiorinaPolitical Gems
PG6Chris ChristiePolitical Gems
PG7Donald TrumpPolitical Gems
PG8George W. BushPolitical Gems
PG9Hillary ClintonPolitical Gems
PG10Jeb BushPolitical Gems
PG11John KasichPolitical Gems
PG12Marco RubioPolitical Gems
PG13Michael Bloomberg *Political Gems
PG14Martin O'MalleyPolitical Gems
PG15Michelle ObamaPolitical Gems
PG16Rand PaulPolitical Gems
PG17Ronald ReaganPolitical Gems
PG18Ted CruzPolitical Gems
PG19Mitt Romney *Political Gems
PG20Mike HuckabeePolitical Gems
PG21Melania Trump **Political Gems
PG22Joe BidenPolitical Gems
PG23Sarah PalinPolitical Gems
PG24Donald Trump *Political Gems
PA1Hillary Clinton (IL) Pieces of America
PA2Donald Trump (NY)Pieces of America
PA3Bernie Sanders (VT)Pieces of America
PA4Marco Rubio (FL)Pieces of America
PA5Ted Cruz (TX)Pieces of America
PA6John Kasich (OH)Pieces of America
PA7Ben Carson (MI)Pieces of America
PA8Bill Clinton (AR)Pieces of America
PA9George W. Bush (TX)Pieces of America
PA10Barack Obama (HI)Pieces of America
PA11Chris Christie (NJ)Pieces of America
PA12Jeb Bush (FL)Pieces of America
PA13Mitt Romney (UT)Pieces of America
PA14Rand Paul (KY)Pieces of America
PA15Mike Huckabee (AR)Pieces of America
PA16Martin O'Malley (MD)Pieces of America
PA17Mike Bloomberg (NY)Pieces of America
PA18Ronald Reagan (CA)Pieces of America
PA19Carly Fiorina (VA)Pieces of America
PA20Sarah Palin (AK)Pieces of America
PA21Joe Biden (PA)Pieces of America
MO1Barack ObamaMoney Card
MO2Ben CarsonMoney Card
MO3Bernie SandersMoney Card
MO4Bill ClintonMoney Card
MO5Carly FiorinaMoney Card
MO6Chris ChristieMoney Card
MO7Donald TrumpMoney Card
MO8George W. BushMoney Card
MO9Hillary ClintonMoney Card
MO10Jeb BushMoney Card
MO11John KasichMoney Card
MO12Marco RubioMoney Card
MO13Michael BloombergMoney Card
MO14Martin O'MalleyMoney Card
MO15Mike HuckabeeMoney Card
MO16Rand PaulMoney Card
MO17Ronald ReaganMoney Card
MO18Ted CruzMoney Card