2024 Topps Now MLB trading card checklist

2024 Topps Now MLB Checklist

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2024 Topps Now MLB trading cards commemorate the highlights of the 2024 baseball season. Each card is released the day after a particular event with a sales window of 24 hours. Final print runs are based on consumer demand.

Numbered color parallels are distributed randomly among orders and many relic and autograph cards are issued throughout the run of the series.

This checklist includes final print runs as they are announced.

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2024 Topps Now MLB Checklist

Base Set – 67 Cards
Blue – #/49
Purple #/25
Red – #/10
Orange – #/5
Gold – 1/1

This checklist is organized by teams. Scroll through the entire list or jump to a preferred team by selecting them from the list below. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings.


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
6Mike Trout1,550
55Mike Trout


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
30Ronel BlancoRC3,254
30ARonel BlancoRCPurple Relic25
30BRonel BlancoRCRed Relic10
30CRonel BlancoRCOrange Relic5
30DRonel BlancoRCGold Relic1
46Ronel BlancoRC1,369
46Ronel BlancoRCEclipse194


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
57Shea Langeliers

Blue Jays

#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
41Travis D’Arnaud467


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
16Jackson ChourioRC9,845
16AJackson ChourioRCRelic125
16BJackson ChourioRCBlack Relic99
16CJackson ChourioRCBlue Relic49
16DJackson ChourioRCPurple Relic25
16EJackson ChourioRCRed Relic10
16FJackson ChourioRCOrange Relic5
16GJackson ChourioRCGold Relic1
37Jackson ChourioRC
37AJackson ChourioRCRelic125
37BJackson ChourioRCBlack Relic99
37CJackson ChourioRCBlue Relic49
37DJackson ChourioRCPurple Relic25
37EJackson ChourioRCRed Relic10
37FJackson ChourioRCOrange Relic5
37GJackson ChourioRCGold Relic1


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
26Victor Scott IIRC1,877


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
27Shota ImanagaRC6,785
27AShota ImanagaRCBlue Relic49
27BShota ImanagaRCPurple Relic25
27CShota ImanagaRCRed Relic10
27DShota ImanagaRCOrange Relic5
27EShota ImanagaRCGold Relic1
60Christopher Morel


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
15Arizona Diamondbacks974
32Blaze AlexanderRC925


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
1Shohei Ohtani *44,476
1Shohei Ohtani Korean Language99
1AShohei Ohtani Relic125
1BShohei Ohtani Black Relic99
1CShohei Ohtani Blue Relic49
1DShohei Ohtani Purple Relic25
1EShohei Ohtani Red Relic10
1FShohei Ohtani Orange Relic5
1GShohei Ohtani Gold Relic1
5Mookie Betts1,209
5Mookie BettsKorean Language99
9Shohei Ohtani9,588
9AShohei OhtaniRelic125
9BShohei OhtaniBlack Relic99
9CShohei OhtaniBlue Relic49
9DShohei OhtaniPurple Relic25
9EShohei OhtaniRed Relic10
9FShohei OhtaniOrange Relic5
9GShohei OhtaniGold Relic1
18Mookie Betts887
24Yoshinobu YamamotoRC8,247
24AYoshinobu YamamotoRCPurple Relic25
24BYoshinobu YamamotoRCRed Relic10
24CYoshinobu YamamotoRCOrange Relic5
24DYoshinobu YamamotoRCGold Relic1
33Mookie Betts1,147
36Shohei Ohtani
42Yoshinobu YamamotoRC16,757
42AYoshinobu YamamotoRCPurple Relic25
42BYoshinobu YamamotoRCPink Relic18
42CYoshinobu YamamotoRCRed Relic10
42DYoshinobu YamamotoRCOrange Relic5
42EYoshinobu YamamotoRCGold Relic1
56Tyler Glasnow
*Photo variant


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
8Jung Hoo LeeRC5,936
19Jung Hoo LeeRC5,124
19AJung Hoo LeeRCBlue Relic49
19BJung Hoo LeeRCPurple Relic25
19CJung Hoo LeeRCRed Relic10
19DJung Hoo LeeRCOrange Relic5
19EJung Hoo LeeRCGold Relic1
40Thairo Estrada397


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
17Jose Ramirez560
49Jose Ramirez1,081
64Josh Naylor
Bo Naylor


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
22Julio Rodriguez1,417


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
48Max Meyer529
48Max MeyerEclipse140


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
38Pete Alonso
67Tyler JayRC


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
7Corbin Burnes1,281
28Jordan WestburgRC1,554
35James McCann
54Colton CowserRC
61Jackson Holliday *RC
61AJackson HollidayRCRelic125
61BJackson HollidayRCBlack Relic99
61CJackson HollidayRCBlue Relic49
61DJackson HollidayRCPurple Relic25
61EJackson HollidayRCRed Relic10
61FJackson HollidayRCOrange Relic5
61GJackson HollidayRCGold Relic1
66Colton CowserRC
66AColton CowserRCRelic125
66BColton CowserRCBlack Relic99
66CColton CowserRCBlue Relic49
66DColton CowserRCPurple Relic25
66EColton CowserRCRed Relic10
66FColton CowserRCOrange Relic5
66GColton CowserRCGold Relic1
*Photo Variation


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
2Yuki MatsuiRC4,478
2Yuki MatsuiRCKorean Language99
4Jackson MerrillRC
4Jackson MerrillRCKorean Language99
4AJackson MerrillRCRelic125
4BJackson MerrillRCBlack Relic99
4CJackson MerrillRCBlue Relic49
4DJackson MerrillRCPurple Relic25
4EJackson MerrillRCRed Relic10
4FJackson MerrillRCOrange Relic5
4GJackson MerrillRCGold Relic1
20Graham PauleyRC1,196
31Jackson MerrillRC2,375
31AJackson MerrillRCAuto Relic99
31BJackson MerrillRCBlue Auto Relic49
31CJackson MerrillRCPurple Auto Relic25
31DJackson MerrillRCRed Auto Relic10
31EJackson MerrillRCOrange Auto Relic5
31FJackson MerrillRCGold Auto Relic1
45Jackson MerrillRC1,371
45Jackson MerrillRCEclipse467
52Fernando Tatis Jr1,724


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
34Bryce Harper2,936
34ABryce HarperGreen Relic75
34BBryce HarperBlue Relic49
34CBryce HarperPurple Relic25
34DBryce HarperRed Relic10
34EBryce HarperOrange Relic5
34FBryce HarperGold Relic1


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
23Jared JonesRC1,764
43Oneil Cruz703


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
12Wyatt LangfordRC15,326
13Jonah Heim839
29Adolis Garcia795
47Justin FoscueRC1,072
47Justin FoscueRCEclipse245


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run

Red Sox

#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
14Tyler O’Neill888
58Tyler O’Neill
59Boston Red Sox


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
25Christian Encarnacian-StrandRC1,404
50Elly De La CruzRC12,173
50AElly De La CruzRCRelic125
50BElly De La CruzRCBlue Relic99
50CElly De La CruzRCBlue Relic49
50DElly De La CruzRCPurple Rerlic25
50EElly De La CruzRCRed Relic10
50FElly De La CruzRCOrange Relic5
50GElly De La CruzRCGold Relic1


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
39Ryan McMahon888


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
65Bobby Witt Jr


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
10Colt KeithRC3,214


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
53Austin MartinRC

White Sox

#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
11Juan Soto2,055
21Juan Soto1,444
44Juan Soto1,246
51Juan Soto2,137
63Giancarlo Stanton


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
3Major League Baseball3,518
3Major League BaseballKorean Language99
3AMajor League BaseballRelic99
3BMajor League BaseballBlue Relic49
3CMajor League BaseballPurple Relic25
3DMajor League BaseballRed Relic10
3EMajor League BaseballOrange Relic5
3FMajor League BaseballGold Relic1
62Jackson Holliday
Jackson Merrill
Jackson Chourio