2023 Topps Series 2 baseball card checklist

2023 Topps Series 2 Baseball Checklist

Release Date: 6/7/23

Cards per Pack: 14

Packs per Hobby Box: 24

Hobby Boxes per Case: 12

Release Year Archive: 2023

Manufacturer Archive: Topps

Tag Archive: Series 2

Category Archive: Baseball Card Checklists

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2023 Topps Series 2 baseball cards pick up where Series 1 left off and brings the flagship base set to 660 cards.

Hobby boxes include one autograph or relic card and jumbo boxes include one autograph and two relic cards.

2023 Topps Series 2 Checklist

Base Set – 330 Cards
Rainbow Foil – 1:10
Royal Blue – 1:10 Packs*
Blue Foil – #/999
Purple Foil – #/799
Gold – #/2023
Green Rainbow Foil – #/499
Orange Rainbow Foil – #/299
Red Rainbow Foil – #/199
Vintage Stock – #/99
Independence Day – #/76
Mother’s Day Hot Pink – #/50
Father’s Day Powder Blue – #/50
Memorial Day Camo – #/25
Platinum – 1/1
Art Card – 1/1

Legends of the Game (LG) – 30 Cards
Black – #/299
Gold – #/75
Red – #/10
Platinum – 1/1
Autograph – #/25 or fewer

2023 World Baseball Classic Stars (WBC) – 60 Cards
Black – #/299
Gold – #/75
Red – #/10
Platinum – 1/1
Autograph – #/25 or fewer

Favorite Sons (FS) – 20 Cards
Black – #/299
Gold – #/75
Red – #/10
Platinum – 1/1
Autograph – #/25 or fewer

Significant Statistics (SS) – 25 Cards
Black – #/299
Gold – #/75
Red – #/10
Platinum – 1/1
Autograph – #/25 or fewer

All Aces (AA) – 25 Cards
Black – #/299
Gold – #/75
Red – #/10
Platinum – 1/1
Autograph – #/25 or fewer

1988 Topps All Star (88AS) – 50 Cards
Blue – Limited to 600
Black – #/299
Gold – #/75
Red – #/10
Platinum – 1/1

1988 Topps Baseball (2T88) – 50 Cards
Blue – Limited to 600
Black – #/299
Gold – #/75
Red – #/10
Platinum – 1/1

Heavy Lumber (HL) – 20 Cards

In The Name (ITN) – 60 Cards

Stars of the MLB (SMLB)* – 30 Cards
Red – #/75
Black – #/25
Platinum – 1/1

Stars of the MLB Chrome (SMLBC)* – 30 Cards
Red Refractor – #/75
Black Refractor – #/25
SuperFractor – 1/1

Father’s Day Commemorative Patch (FD)* – 50 Cards
Blue – Limited to 600
Black – #/299
Gold – #/75
Red – #/10
Platinum – 1/1
Autograph – #/25 or fewer

Baseball Stars Auto (BSA) – 63 Cards
Black – #/99
Gold – #/50
Red – #/25
Platinum – 1/1

Baseball Stars Dual Auto (BSDA) – 14 Cards
Base – #/5 or fewer

1988 Topps All Star Auto (88ASA) – 71 Cards
Black – #/199
Gold – #/50 or fewer

1988 Topps Baseball Auto (88BA) – 97 Cards
Black – #/199
Gold – #/50 or fewer

Major League Material (MLM) – 53 Cards
Black – #/199
Gold – #/50 or fewer
Red – #/25 or fewer

1988 Topps All Star Relic (88ASR) – 50 Cards
Black – #/199
Gold – #/50 or fewer
Red – #/25 or fewer

1988 Topps Relic (88R) – 50 Cards
Black – #/199
Gold – #/50 or fewer
Red – #/25 or fewer

Major League Material Auto (MLMA) – 33 Cards
Red – #/25 or fewer
Platinum – 1/1

Cut Signatures (CS) – 50 Cards
Base – 1/1

Homerun Challenge Code Card (HRC) – 30 Cards

Social Media Follow Back Redemption (SMFB) – 23 Cards

Silver Pack Boxloader (2T88C) – 100 Cards

This checklist is organized by teams. Scroll through the entire list or jump to a preferred team by selecting them from the list below. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings.


363Logan O’HoppeRC
363Logan O’HoppeRCClear
371Liván SotoRC
371Livan SotoRCClear
375Ryan Tepera
396Mike Trout
439Jared Walsh
549Luis Rengifo
566Jo Adell
600Shohei Ohtani
600Shohei OhtaniClear
605Andrew Velazquez
609José Suarez
636David Fletcher
640Anthony Rendon
645Reid Detmers
FS-1Mike Trout
SS-7Mike Trout
HL-24Shohei Ohtani
88AS-1Shohei Ohtani
88AS-2Mike Trout
2T88-8Logan O’HoppeRC
2T88-9Shohei Ohtani
2T88-27Mike Trout
SMLB-33Shohei Ohtani
SMLBC-33Shohei OhtaniChrome
RB-3Mike Trout
RB-5Shohei Ohtani
HRC-23Mike Trout
HRC-30Shohei Ohtani
2T88C-4Mike Trout
2T88C-25Shohei Ohtani
2T88C-36Logan O’HoppeRC
17Shohei OhtaniArt Variation
27Mike TroutArt Variation
FS-1Mike TroutAuto
SS-7Mike TroutAuto
BSA-GUGio UrshelaAuto
BSA-LOHLogan O’HoppeRCAuto
BSA-MSTMichael StefanicRCAuto
BSA-MTMike TroutAuto
BSDA-TROShohei Ohtani Mike TroutAuto
88BA-RARyan AguilarRCAuto
88BA-JABJim AbbottAuto
88BA-RDReid DetmersAuto
88ASA-MTMike TroutAuto
RBA-MTMike TroutAuto
2T88C-4Mike TroutAuto
2T88C-36Logan O’HoppeRCAuto
FD-MTMike TroutRelic
FD-SOShohei OhtaniRelic
CA-MTMike TroutRelic
SSP-MTMike TroutRelic
88R-MTMike TroutRelic
88ASR-MTMike TroutRelic
88ASR-SOShohei OhtaniRelic
FD-MTMike TroutAuto Relic
FD-SOShohei OhtaniAuto Relic
CA-MTMike TroutAuto Relic
SSP-MTMike TroutAuto Relic
TRAP2-MTMike TroutAuto Relic


342Framber Valdez
347Jeremy Peña
347Jeremy PeñaClear
350Alex Bregman
350Alex BregmanClear
461Kyle Tucker
461Kyle TuckerClear
469Yuli Gurriel
495Martín Maldonado
518José Urquidy
534Houston Astros®
574Jeremy Peña
628Michael Brantley
630José Abreu
635Yainer DíazRC
635Yainer DíazRCClear
649David HensleyRC
649David HensleyRCClear
LG-3Nolan Ryan
FS-18Alex Bregman
AA-32Nolan Ryan
SS-3Yordan Alvarez
HL-30Jose Altuve
HL-33Alex Bregman
88AS-15Yordan Alvarez
88AS-16Alex Bregman
88AS-17Nolan Ryan
88AS-18Justin Verlander
2T88-12Yordan Alvarez
2T88-13Hunter BrownRC
2T88-19José Abreu
SMLB-45Yordan Alvarez
SMLB-46Jose Altuve
SMLBC-45Yordan AlvarezChrome
SMLBC-46Jose AltuveChrome
RB-21Nolan Ryan
HRC-28Yordan Alvarez
SMFB-KTKyle Tucker
2T88C-7Jeff Bagwell
2T88C-9Kyle Tucker
2T88C-29Hunter BrownRC
2T88C-38Jeremy Peña
2T88C-52Jose Atluve
2T88C-83David HensleyRC
FS-18Alex BregmanAuto
AA-32Nolan RyanAuto
BSA-BMBligh MadrisRCAuto
BSA-LGLuis GarciaAuto
BSA-YDYainer DíazRCAuto
BSDA-ALPJeremy Peña Jose AltuveAuto
BSDA-BABJeff Bagwell Craig BiggioAuto
88BA-HBHunter BrownRCAuto
88BA-YDIYainer DíazRCAuto
88BA-CBCraig BiggioAuto
88BA-KTKyle TuckerAuto
88ASA-CBICraig BiggioAuto
88ASA-JABJosé AbreuAuto
88ASA-JBJeff BagwellAuto
RBA-NRNolan RyanAuto
2T88C-7Jeff BagwellAuto
2T88C-38Jeremy PeñaAuto
2T88C-52Jose AltuveAuto
FD-ABAlex BregmanRelic
SSP-JAJose AltuveRelic
SSP-YAYordan AlvarezRelic
MLM-HBHunter BrownRCRelic
MLM-JAJose AltuveRelic
MLM-YAYordan AlvarezRelic
88R-ABAlex BregmanRelic
88R-JPJeremy PeñaRelic
88ASR-ABAlex BregmanRelic
88ASR-CBCraig BiggioRelic
88ASR-JAJose AltuveRelic
88ASR-JBJeff BagwellRelic
ITN-ABAlex BregmanRelic
ITN-JAJose AltuveRelic
ITN-JPEJeremy PeñaRelic
ITN-KTKyle TuckerRelic
ITN-YAYordan AlvarezRelic
FD-ABAlex BregmanAuto Relic
SSP-JAJose AltuveAuto Relic
TRAP2-CBICraig BiggioAuto Relic
TRAP-CBICraig BiggioAuto Relic
TRAP-KTKyle TuckerAuto Relic
MLMA-ABRAlex BregmanAuto Relic
MLMA-JAJose AltuveAuto Relic
MLMA-JPJeremy PeñaAuto Relic


340Ken WaldichukRC
340Ken WaldichukRCClear
418Conner CapelRC
418Conner CapelRCClear
423Jordan DíazRC
423Jordan DiazRCClear
503Tony Kemp
521Nick Allen
522Chad Pinder
542Adam Oller
554Jesús Aguilar
561Shintaro FujinamiRC
561Shintaro FujinamiRCClear
577Oakland Athletics™
581Ramón Laureano
608Freddy TarnokRC
608Freddy TarnokRCClear
619Jace Peterson
650Esteury RuizRC
650Esteury RuizRCClear
LG-12Rickey Henderson
88AS-32Rickey Henderson
88AS-33Mark McGwire
2T88C-37Jordan DíazRC
2T88C-49Ken WaldichukRC
BSA-CSTCal StevensonRCAuto
BSA-CTCody ThomasRCAuto
BSA-DMADavid MacKinnonRCAuto
BSA-JBRJonah BrideRCAuto
BSA-JDIJordan DíazRCAuto
88BA-KWKen WaldichukRCAuto
88BA-CTCody ThomasRCAuto
88ASA-DEDennis EckersleyAuto
88ASA-MMMark McGwireAuto
2T88C-37Jordan DíazRCAuto
2T88C-49Ken WaldichukRCAuto
FD-SLShea LangeliersRCRelic
MLM-SLShea LangeliersRCRelic
88R-SLShea LangeliersRCRelic
88ASR-MMCMark McGwireRelic
88ASR-RHRickey HendersonRelic
CS-CMConnie MackRelic
CS-JHJim “Catfish” HunterRelic
CS-LGLefty GroveRelic
FD-SLShea LangeliersRCAuto Relic
MLMA-SLShea LangeliersRCAuto Relic

Blue Jays

381Whit Merrifield
410Jackie Bradley Jr.
413Alejandro Kirk
414George Springer
414George SpringerClear
428Bo Bichette
428Bo BichetteClear
438Brandon Belt
501Daulton Varsho
526Cavan Biggio
540Alek Manoah
618Chris Bassitt
FS-7Bo Bichette
AA-50Kevin Gausman
SS-10Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
HL-31Bo Bichette
88AS-50Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
2T88-15Matt Chapman
SMLB-54Alek Manoah
SMLBC-54Alek ManoahChrome
RB-9Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
HRC-17Bo Bichette
HRC-18Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
2T88C-65George Springer
2T88C-78Alek Manoah
300Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Art Variation
AA-50Kevin GausmanAuto
SS-10Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto
BSA-AMAlek ManoahAuto
BSA-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto
88BA-GMOGabriel MorenoRCAuto
88BA-JBEJose BerriosAuto
88BA-MCHMatt ChapmanAuto
88BA-AMAAlek ManoahAuto
88ASA-JCJoe CarterAuto
88ASA-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto
RBA-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto
2T88C-78Alek ManoahAuto
FD-BBBo BichetteRelic
FD-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.Relic
CA-RCRoger ClemensRelic
SSP-AKAlejandro KirkRelic
MLM-GSGeorge SpringerRelic
88R-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.Relic
88ASR-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.Relic
ITN-MCHMatt ChapmanRelic
ITN-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.Relic
FD-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto Relic
CA-RCRoger ClemensAuto Relic
TRAP2-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto Relic
TRAP-JBJose BerriosAuto Relic
TRAP-MCMatt ChapmanAuto Relic
MLMA-GSGeorge SpringerAuto Relic
MLMA-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto Relic


331Charlie Morton
378Collin McHugh
481Matt Olson
481Matt OlsonClear
483Travis d’Arnaud
573Kyle Wright
602Spencer Strider
602Spencer StriderClear
660Austin Riley
660Austin RileyClear
LG-8Hank Aaron
LG-17Chipper Jones
LG-19Greg Maddux
FS-8Michael Harris IIRC
AA-26Tom Glavine
AA-27Spencer Strider
SS-6Ronald Acuña Jr.
SS-19Ronald Acuña Jr.
HL-28Austin Riley
HL-37Hank Aaron
88AS-3Hank Aaron
88AS-4Ronald Acuña Jr.
88AS-5Chipper Jones
88AS-6Greg Maddux
2T88-2Dale Murphy
2T88-28Hank Aaron
SMLB-35Michael Harris IIRC
SMLB-36Austin Riley
SMLBC-35Michael Harris IIRCChrome
SMLBC-36Austin RileyChrome
HRC-1Austin Riley
HRC-15Ronald Acuña Jr.
SMFB-MHIIMichael Harris IIRC
SMFB-DMDale Murphy
2T88C-11Austin Riley
2T88C-33Ozzie Albies
2T88C-35Greg Maddux
2T88C-61Dale Murphy
2T88C-95Hank Aaron
LG-19Greg MadduxAuto
FS-8Michael Harris IIRCAuto
AA-26Tom GlavineAuto
AA-27Spencer StriderAuto
SS-6Ronald Acuña Jr.Auto
SS-19Ronald Acuña Jr.Auto
BSA-MHAMichael Harris IIRCAuto
88BA-MHMichael Harris IIRCAuto
88BA-ARAustin RileyAuto
88BA-CJChipper JonesAuto
88ASA-AJOAndruw JonesAuto
88ASA-ARAustin RileyAuto
88ASA-CJChipper JonesAuto
88ASA-DMUDale MurphyAuto
88ASA-DSWDansby SwansonAuto
88ASA-JSMJohn SmoltzAuto
88ASA-RARonald Acuña Jr.Auto
88ASA-TGTom GlavineAuto
2T88C-33Ozzie AlbiesAuto
2T88C-35Greg MadduxAuto
FD-ARIAustin RileyRelic
FD-MHMichael Harris IIRCRelic
FD-RARonald Acuña Jr.Relic
CA-HAHank AaronRelic
MLM-MHMichael Harris IIRCRelic
MLM-MOMatt OlsonRelic
MLM-OAOzzie AlbiesRelic
MLM-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Relic
MLM-VGVaughn GrissomRCRelic
88R-MHMichael Harris IIRCRelic
88R-RARonald Acuña Jr.Relic
88R-VGRVaughn GrissomRCRelic
88ASR-ARAustin RileyRelic
88ASR-CJChipper JonesRelic
88ASR-RARonald Acuña Jr.Relic
ITN-DSDansby SwansonRelic
ITN-MOMatt OlsonRelic
ITN-OAOzzie AlbiesRelic
ITN-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Relic
CS-EMEddie MathewsRelic
CS-HAHank AaronRelic
CS-WSWarren SpahnRelic
FD-ARIAustin RileyAuto Relic
FD-MHMichael Harris IIRCAuto Relic
FD-RARonald Acuña Jr.Auto Relic
TRAP2-ARYAustin RileyAuto Relic
TRAP2-CJChipper JonesAuto Relic
TRAP2-DSDansby SwansonAuto Relic
TRAP2-JSMJohn SmoltzAuto Relic
TRAP2-MOMatt OlsonAuto Relic
TRAP2-OAOzzie AlbiesAuto Relic
TRAP2-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Auto Relic
TRAP2-TGLTom GlavineAuto Relic
TRAP-MOMatt OlsonAuto Relic
MLMA-RARonald Acuña Jr.Auto Relic
MLMA-VGVaughn GrissomRCAuto Relic


353Freddy Peralta
359Garrett MitchellRC
359Garrett MitchellRCClear
361Víctor Caratini
383Bryse Wilson
457Rowdy Tellez
480Brian Anderson
530Brice TurangRC
530Brice TurangRCClear
533Milwaukee Brewers™
598Rowdy Tellez
SS-11Devin Williams
SS-24Garrett MitchellRC
2T88-14Garrett MitchellRC
2T88C-45Garrett MitchellRC
2T88C-85Paul Molitor
2T88C-87Corbin Burnes
2T88C-90Esteury RuizRC
SS-24Garrett MitchellRCAuto
BSA-PFPrince FielderAuto
BSDA-FYEChristian Yelich Prince FielderAuto
88BA-CYChristian YelichAuto
88BA-RYRobin YountAuto
88ASA-CBCorbin BurnesAuto
88ASA-PMPaul MolitorAuto
2T88C-45Garrett MitchellRCAuto
2T88C-87Corbin BurnesAuto
FD-CYChristian YelichRelic
MLM-CYChristian YelichRelic
88ASR-RYRobin YountRelic
ITN-CBUCorbin BurnesRelic
ITN-CYChristian YelichRelic
ITN-FPFreddy PeraltaRelic
ITN-WAWilly AdamesRelic
FD-CYChristian YelichAuto Relic
TRAP2-CBCorbin BurnesAuto Relic
TRAP-RYRobin YountAuto Relic


AA-48Satchel Paige
CS-RFRick FerrellRelic
CS-SPSatchel PaigeRelic


344Jordan WalkerRC
344Jordan WalkerRCClear
417Willson Contreras
417Willson ContrerasClear
455Lars Nootbaar
455Lars NootbaarClear
458Dakota Hudson
500Nolan Arenado
500Nolan ArenadoClear
548Miles Mikolas
584Brendan Donovan
622Alec BurlesonRC
622Alec BurlesonRCClear
624Dylan Carlson
LG-21Bob Gibson
LG-22Ozzie Smith
LG-26Stan Musial
LG-30Albert Pujols
FS-10Nolan Arenado
FS-12Paul Goldschmidt
SS-22Ryan Helsley
HL-26Nolan Arenado
HL-40Albert Pujols
88AS-43Nolan Arenado
88AS-44Paul Goldschmidt
88AS-48Stan Musial
88AS-49Albert Pujols
2T88-16Albert Pujols
2T88-50Willson Contreras
SMLB-32Paul Goldschmidt
SMLBC-32Paul GoldschmidtChrome
RB-2Albert Pujols
RB-13Nolan Arenado
RB-15Paul Goldschmidt
RB-23Mark McGwire
HRC-4Paul Goldschmidt
HRC-16Nolan Arenado
2T88C-5Willson Contreras
2T88C-21Yadier Molina
2T88C-76Albert Pujols
2T88C-80Alec BurlesonRC
2T88C-91Iván HerreraRC
16Nolan GormanArt Variation
100Paul GoldschmidtArt Variation
5Albert PujolsArt Variation
LG-21Bob GibsonAuto
LG-22Ozzie SmithAuto
LG-30Albert PujolsAuto
FS-10Nolan ArenadoAuto
FS-12Paul GoldschmidtAuto
BSA-ABAlec BurlesonRCAuto
BSDA-GOCPaul Goldschmidt Willson ContrerasAuto
88BA-ABAlec BurlesonRCAuto
88BA-JWJordan WalkerRCAuto
88BA-NGNolan GormanRCAuto
88BA-JFJack FlahertyAuto
88BA-IHIvan HerreraRCAuto
88BA-YMYadier MolinaAuto
88ASA-APAlbert PujolsAuto
88ASA-OSOzzie SmithAuto
RBA-MMMark McGwireAuto
2T88C-76Albert PujolsAuto
2T88C-80Alec BurlesonRCAuto
2T88C-91Iván HerreraRCAuto
FD-NANolan ArenadoRelic
FD-PGPaul GoldschmidtRelic
CA-APAlbert PujolsRelic
CA-BGBob GibsonRelic
CA-MMMark McGwireRelic
CA-SMStan MusialRelic
SSP-NANolan ArenadoRelic
MLM-ABAlec BurlesonRCRelic
MLM-MLMatthew LiberatoreRCRelic
MLM-NGNolan GormanRCRelic
88R-ABUAlec BurlesonRCRelic
88R-APAlbert PujolsRelic
88R-NGNolan GormanRCRelic
88R-PGPaul GoldschmidtRelic
88ASR-APAlbert PujolsRelic
88ASR-OSOzzie SmithRelic
88ASR-PGPaul GoldschmidtRelic
88ASR-YMYadier MolinaRelic
ITN-DCDylan CarlsonRelic
CS-BGBob GibsonRelic
CS-DDEDizzy DeanRelic
CS-JMZJohnny MizeRelic
CS-LBLou BrockRelic
CS-RHRogers HornsbyRelic
CS-RSCRed SchoendienstRelic
CS-SMStan MusialRelic
FD-NANolan ArenadoAuto Relic
FD-PGPaul GoldschmidtAuto Relic
CA-APAlbert PujolsAuto Relic
CA-BGBob GibsonAuto Relic
CA-MMMark McGwireAuto Relic
SSP-NANolan ArenadoAuto Relic
TRAP2-NGNolan GormanRCAuto Relic
TRAP-YMYadier MolinaAuto Relic


332Alfonso Rivas
338P.J. Higgins
376Christopher Morel
379Dansby Swanson
379Dansby SwansonClear
384Jameson Taillon
434Nick Madrigal
444Javier AssadRC
444Javier AssadRCClear
485Nico Hoerner
535Drew Smyly
569Yan Gomes
590Brad Boxberger
592Miles MastrobuoniRC
592Miles MastrobuoniRCClear
593Trey Mancini
638Hayden WesneskiRC
638Hayden WesneskiRCClear
LG-20Ryne Sandberg
LG-27Ernie Banks
FS-6Dansby Swanson
AA-29Marcus Stroman
88AS-12Ryne Sandberg
2T88-6Cody Bellinger
2T88-21Dansby Swanson
SMLB-40Christopher MorelRC
SMLBC-40Christopher MorelRCChrome
RB-24Ryne Sandberg
SMFB-DSDansby Swanson
2T88C-6Seiya Suzuki
2T88C-24Andre Dawson
2T88C-96Dansby Swanson
LG-20Ryne SandbergAuto
FS-6Dansby SwansonAuto
BSA-MMMiles MastrobuoniRCAuto
BSA-TMTrey ManciniAuto
BSDA-BSWDansby Swanson Cody BellingerAuto
88BA-CMOChristopher MorelRCAuto
88BA-HWHayden WesneskiRCAuto
88BA-JAJavier AssadRCAuto
88BA-ADAndre DawsonAuto
88BA-MSWMatt SwarmerRCAuto
88ASA-ADAndre DawsonAuto
88ASA-RSRyne SandbergAuto
88ASA-SSSammy SosaAuto
FD-CMChristopher MorelRCRelic
CA-EBErnie BanksRelic
MLM-CMOChristopher MorelRCRelic
MLM-DSDansby SwansonRelic
88R-CBCody BellingerRelic
ITN-IHIan HappRelic
ITN-NHNico HoernerRelic
ITN-WCWillson ContrerasRelic
CS-BHBilly HermanRelic
CS-EBErnie BanksRelic
CS-RSRon SantoRelic
FD-CMChristopher MorelRCAuto Relic
TRAP2-CMChristopher MorelRCAuto Relic
TRAP-WCWillson ContrerasAuto Relic
MLMA-CMChristopher MorelRCAuto Relic


336Tommy HenryRC
336Tommy HenryRCClear
401Corbin CarrollRC
401Corbin CarrollRCClear
412Zac Gallen
422Jake McCarthy
422Jake McCarthyClear
431Emmanuel Rivera
459Ryne NelsonRC
459Ryne NelsonRCClear
464Alek Thomas
492Evan Longoria
502Drey JamesonRC
502Drey JamesonRCClear
531Geraldo Perdomo
568Alek Thomas
568Alek ThomasClear
579Lourdes Gurriel Jr.
633Carson Kelly
639Christian Walker
LG-28Randy Johnson
SS-15Corbin CarrollRC
SS-16Daulton Varsho
2T88-5Corbin CarrollRC
SMLB-34Corbin CarrollRC
SMLB-57Gabriel MorenoRC
SMLBC-34Corbin CarrollRCChrome
SMLBC-57Gabriel MorenoRCChrome
LG-28Randy JohnsonAuto
SS-15Corbin CarrollRCAuto
SS-16Daulton VarshoAuto
BSA-CCACorbin CarrollRCAuto
BSA-GMGabriel MorenoRCAuto
88BA-CCACorbin CarrollRCAuto
88BA-SGStone GarrettRCAuto
88BA-THTommy HenryRCAuto
88BA-ATAlek ThomasAuto
88BA-RJRandy JohnsonAuto
FD-CCACorbin CarrollRCRelic
CA-RJRandy JohnsonRelic
MLM-ATAlek ThomasRelic
MLM-CCACorbin CarrollRCRelic
88R-CCACorbin CarrollRCRelic
88ASR-RJRandy JohnsonRelic
FD-CCACorbin CarrollRCAuto Relic
CA-RJRandy JohnsonAuto Relic
TRAP2-CCCorbin CarrollRCAuto Relic
MLMA-CCACorbin CarrollRCAuto Relic
MLMA-GMOGabriel MorenoRCAuto Relic


343Trayce Thompson
391Walker Buehler
395James OutmanRC
395James OutmanRCClear
440Will Smith
519Max Muncy
536Yusniel DiazRC
536Yusniel DiazRCClear
544J.D. Martinez
562Chris Taylor
580Miguel Rojas
588Austin Barnes
LG-5Jackie Robinson
FS-4Mookie Betts
FS-5Freddie Freeman
FS-13Clayton Kershaw
AA-33Tony Gonsolin
SS-14Trea Turner
HL-22Freddie Freeman
88AS-11Jackie Robinson
88AS-21Mookie Betts
88AS-22Freddie Freeman
88AS-23Clayton Kershaw
2T88-33Miguel VargasRC
2T88-39Mookie Betts
SMLB-31Clayton Kershaw
SMLBC-31Clayton KershawChrome
HRC-8Mookie Betts
HRC-22Freddie Freeman
SMFB-WBWalker Buehler
2T88C-30Julio Urías
2T88C-32Max Muncy
2T88C-50Tony Gonsolin
2T88C-73Will Smith
2T88C-75Michael GroveRC
50Mookie BettsArt Variation
200Freddie FreemanArt Variation
22Clayton KershawArt Variation
FS-5Freddie FreemanAuto
SS-14Trea TurnerAuto
BSA-MVAMiguel VargasRCAuto
BSDA-VOFFreddie FreemanAuto
88BA-JOJames OutmanRCAuto
88BA-MVMiguel VargasRCAuto
88BA-FFFreddie FreemanAuto
88ASA-MMUMax MuncyAuto
FD-CKClayton KershawRelic
FD-FFFreddie FreemanRelic
FD-MBMookie BettsRelic
CA-CKClayton KershawRelic
SSP-FFFreddie FreemanRelic
SSP-MBMookie BettsRelic
SSP-TTTrea TurnerRelic
88R-CKClayton KershawRelic
88R-FFFreddie FreemanRelic
88ASR-CKClayton KershawRelic
88ASR-FFFreddie FreemanRelic
88ASR-MBMookie BettsRelic
ITN-CBECody BellingerRelic
ITN-MBMookie BettsRelic
ITN-MMUMax MuncyRelic
ITN-WSWill SmithRelic
CS-BGRBurleigh GrimesRelic
CS-DSDuke SniderRelic
CS-PWRPee Wee ReeseRelic
CS-RCARoy CampanellaRelic
FD-FFFreddie FreemanAuto Relic
SSP-FFFreddie FreemanAuto Relic
SSP-TTTrea TurnerAuto Relic
TRAP2-MMMax MuncyAuto Relic
TRAP-CBECody BellingerAuto Relic
TRAP-JUJulio UriasAuto Relic


88ASA-TRTim RainesAuto
88ASA-VGOVladimir GuerreroAuto


335J.D. Davis
368Logan Webb
419Michael Conforto
429Sean Manaea
435Joey Bart
472Ford ProctorRC
472Ford ProctorRCClear
508Joc Pederson
552Wilmer Flores
560Thairo Estrada
571Bryce JohnsonRC
571Bryce JohnsonRCClear
LG-6Willie Mays
FS-9Brandon Crawford
AA-35Christy Mathewson
AA-43Logan Webb
SS-23Tyler Rogers
88AS-38Willie Mays
88AS-39Buster Posey
2T88-3Mitch Haniger
RB-19Buster Posey
2T88C-42Mike Yastrzemski
2T88C-64David Villar
2T88C-92Logan Webb
AA-43Logan WebbAuto
BSA-FPFord ProctorRCAuto
BSA-LWLogan WebbAuto
BSA-MHMitch HanigerAuto
88BA-FPFord ProctorRCAuto
88BA-WCLWill ClarkAuto
88ASA-WCWill ClarkAuto
2T88C-42Mike YastrzemskiAuto
2T88C-92Logan WebbAuto
FD-MYMike YastrzemskiRelic
CA-WMWillie MaysRelic
MLM-MYMike YastrzemskiRelic
88ASR-BPBuster PoseyRelic
ITN-BCBrandon CrawfordRelic
ITN-MYMike YastrzemskiRelic
CS-GKYGeorge “High Pockets” KellyRelic
CS-MIMonte IrvinRelic
CS-MOMel OttRelic
CS-WMWillie McCoveyRelic


402Gabriel Árias
421Bo NaylorRC
421Bo NaylorRCClear
433Aaron Civale
453Will BrennanRC
453Will BrennanRCClear
456Amed Rosario
462Tyler FreemanRC
462Tyler FreemanRCClear
474Myles Straw
476Zach Plesac
488Josh Bell
507Cody MorrisRC
507Cody MorrisRCClear
513Xzavion CurryRC
513Xzavion CurryRCClear
575Andrés Giménez
AA-31Triston McKenzie
88AS-46José Ramírez
2T88-11Óscar GonzálezRC
2T88-47Bo NaylorRC
SMLB-43Oscar GonzalezRC
SMLBC-43Óscar GonzálezRCChrome
HRC-14José Ramírez
SMFB-TFTyler FreemanRC
SMFB-KLKenny Lofton
2T88C-3Bo NaylorRC
2T88C-68Triston McKenzie
2T88C-94Will BrennanRC
AA-31Triston McKenzieAuto
BSA-BNBo NaylorRCAuto
88BA-BNBo NaylorRCAuto
88BA-WBWill BensonRCAuto
88BA-WBRWill BrennanRCAuto
88BA-JRJosé RamírezAuto
88ASA-AGIAndrés GiménezAuto
88ASA-JRAJosé RamírezAuto
88ASA-SBShane BieberAuto
2T88C-3Bo NaylorRCAuto
2T88C-94Will BrennanRCAuto
FD-JRAJosé RamírezRelic
SSP-JRAJosé RamírezRelic
MLM-BNABo NaylorRCRelic
MLM-OGÓscar GonzálezRCRelic
MLM-SKSteven KwanRelic
88R-JRJosé RamírezRelic
88R-OGÓscar GonzálezRCRelic
88ASR-JRJosé RamírezRelic
CS-BFBob FellerRelic
CS-LBOLou BoudreauRelic
CS-LDLarry DobyRelic
FD-JRAJosé RamírezAuto Relic
SSP-JRAJosé RamírezAuto Relic
TRAP2-JRAJosé RamírezAuto Relic
TRAP2-NAYBo NaylorRCAuto Relic
TRAP-JRAJose RamirezAuto Relic
MLMA-JRAMJosé RamírezAuto Relic
MLMA-SKSteven KwanAuto Relic


380J.P. Crawford
407Kolten Wong
424Logan Gilbert
436Eugenio Suárez
454A.J. Pollock
468Luis Castillo
514Colin Moran
626Ty France
627Seattle Mariners™
LG-4Ken Griffey Jr.
AA-44Félix Hernández
AA-47Randy Johnson
HL-38Ken Griffey Jr.
88AS-40Ken Griffey Jr.
88AS-41Julio Rodríguez
2T88-32Julio RodríguezRC
2T88-45Randy Johnson
RB-12Julio Rodríguez
RB-18Ken Griffey Jr.
HRC-10Julio Rodríguez
2T88C-22Luis Castillo
330Julio RodriguezArt Variation
AA-44Félix HernándezAuto
AA-47Randy JohnsonAuto
BSA-ESEugenio SuárezAuto
BSA-JRJulio RodríguezAuto
BSA-RRRobbie RayAuto
BSDA-JMARandy JohnsonAuto
88ASA-EMEdgar MartinezAuto
88ASA-JRJulio RodríguezAuto
88ASA-RJRandy JohnsonAuto
RBA-JRJulio RodríguezAuto
FD-JRJulio RodríguezRelic
CA-KGKen Griffey Jr.Relic
SSP-JROJulio RodríguezRelic
MLM-JROJulio RodríguezRelic
88R-KGKen Griffey Jr.Relic
88ASR-JRODJulio RodríguezRelic
88ASR-KGKen Griffey Jr.Relic
ITN-JCJ.P. CrawfordRelic
FD-JRJulio RodríguezAuto Relic
SSP-JROJulio RodríguezAuto Relic
TRAP2-JRJulio RodríguezAuto Relic


386Jordan GroshansRC
386Jordan GroshansRCClear
388Max MeyerRC
388Max MeyerRCClear
399Jean Segura
446Charles LeblancRC
446Charles LeblancRCClear
473Miami Marlins®
477Jorge Soler
551Johnny Cueto
563Jesús Luzardo
599Bryan De La Cruz
606Avisaíl García
88AS-24Jazz Chisholm Jr.
2T88-10Jordan GroshansRC
HRC-12Jazz Chisholm Jr.
SMFB-LALuis Arraez
2T88C-8Jerar EncarnaciónRC
2T88C-17Sandy Alcantara
2T88C-84Jordan GroshansRC
BSA-JGJordan GroshansRCAuto
88BA-JCJJazz Chisholm Jr.Auto
88BA-MMMax MeyerRCAuto
88ASA-DWIDontrelle WillisAuto
88ASA-SASandy AlcantaraAuto
2T88C-8Jerar EncarnaciónRCAuto
2T88C-84Jordan GroshansRCAuto
FD-JCJazz Chisholm Jr.Relic
88ASR-JCJazz Chisholm Jr.Relic
ITN-SASandy AlcantaraRelic
FD-JCJazz Chisholm Jr.Auto Relic


362Kodai SengaRC
362Kodai SengaRCClear
425Justin Verlander
425Justin VerlanderClear
426Jeff McNeil
450Francisco Lindor
450Francisco LindorClear
482Edwin Díaz
550Mark VientosRC
550Mark VientosRCClear
612Adam Ottavino
614Brandon Nimmo
615Jose ButtoRC
615Jose ButtoRCClear
644Francisco ÁlvarezRC
644Francisco ÁlvarezRCClear
FS-17Justin Verlander
AA-36Tom Seaver
AA-45Justin Verlander
AA-46Kodai SengaRC
SS-12Edwin Díaz
HL-32Francisco Lindor
88AS-25Pete Alonso
88AS-26Max Scherzer
2T88-1Justin Verlander
2T88-17Kodai SengaRC
2T88-40Francisco ÁlvarezRC
SMLB-50Francisco ÁlvarezRC
SMLBC-50Francisco ÁlvarezRCChrome
RB-14Pete Alonso
HRC-13Francisco Lindor
HRC-27Pete Alonso
SMFB-MVMark VientosRC
SMFB-KHKeith Hernandez
SMFB-JMJeff McNeil
SMFB-DSDarryl Strawberry
2T88C-1Kodai SengaRC
2T88C-14Mark VientosRC
2T88C-20Max Scherzer
2T88C-48Francisco ÁlvarezRC
2T88C-58Mike Piazza
2T88C-70David Wright
AA-46Kodai SengaRCAuto
BSA-FAFrancisco ÁlvarezRCAuto
BSA-JBUJose ButtoRCAuto
BSA-KSKodai SengaRCAuto
BSDA-WRADavid Wright Pete AlonsoAuto
88BA-BBABrett BatyRCAuto
88BA-MVIMark VientosRCAuto
88BA-FAFrancisco AlvarezRCAuto
88BA-MCAMark CanhaAuto
88ASA-DGDwight GoodenAuto
88ASA-DWRDavid WrightAuto
88ASA-PAPete AlonsoAuto
RBA-PAPete AlonsoAuto
2T88C-1Kodai SengaRCAuto
2T88C-14Mark VientosRCAuto
2T88C-48Francisco ÁlvarezRCAuto
2T88C-58Mike PiazzaAuto
2T88C-70David WrightAuto
FD-FAFrancisco ÁlvarezRCRelic
FD-FLFrancisco LindorRelic
FD-PAPete AlonsoRelic
SSP-JMJeff McNeilRelic
MLM-BBABrett BatyRCRelic
MLM-FÁFrancisco ÁlvarezRCRelic
88R-BBBrett BatyRCRelic
88R-FÁFrancisco ÁlvarezRCRelic
88R-PAPete AlonsoRelic
88ASR-JVJustin VerlanderRelic
88ASR-MPMike PiazzaRelic
88ASR-PAPete AlonsoRelic
ITN-JMJeff McNeilRelic
ITN-PAPete AlonsoRelic
CS-TSTom SeaverRelic
FD-FAFrancisco ÁlvarezRCAuto Relic
FD-PAPete AlonsoAuto Relic
TRAP2-BBBrett BatyRCAuto Relic
TRAP2-DWDavid WrightAuto Relic
TRAP2-PAPete AlonsoAuto Relic
MLMA-PAPete AlonsoAuto Relic


389Víctor Robles
437Lane Thomas
443Luke Voit
447Israel PinedaRC
447Israel PinedaRCClear
470Joey MenesesRC
470Joey MenesesRCClear
498Stone GarrettRC
498Stone GarrettRCClear
629MacKenzie Gore
629MacKenzie GoreClear
2T88-20Cade CavalliRC
SMFB-JDJeter DownsRC
2T88C-93Cade CavalliRC
BSA-JTJackson TetreaultRCAuto
BSA-SSTStephen StrasburgAuto
88BA-JMJoey MenesesRCAuto
88BA-ACAlex CallRCAuto
88BA-IPIsrael PinedaRCAuto
88BA-JTJackson TetreaultRCAuto
FD-CCCade CavalliRCRelic
ITN-SSStephen StrasburgRelic


393Spenser Watkins
408Cole Irvin
499Ryan McKenna
510Félix Bautista
524Terrin VavraRC
524Terrin VavraRCClear
546Austin Hays
547DL HallRC
547DL HallRCClear
611Adam Frazier
617Keegan Akin
620Robinson Chirinos
632Ramón Urías
647Austin Voth
LG-2Cal Ripken Jr.
FS-19Adley RutschmanRC
AA-28Mike Mussina
HL-35Adley RutschmanRC
HL-36Gunnar HendersonRC
88AS-7Cal Ripken Jr.
2T88-31Adley RutschmanRC
2T88-36Gunnar HendersonRC
2T88-37DL HallRC
SMLB-37Gunnar HendersonRC
SMLBC-37Gunnar HendersonRCChrome
RB-16Adley RutschmanRC
RB-22Cal Ripken Jr.
HRC-3Adley Rutschman
2T88C-12Ryan Mountcastle
2T88C-28Gunnar HendersonRC
2T88C-41Eddie Murray
250Adley RutschmanArt Variation
LG-2Cal Ripken Jr.Auto
FS-19Adley RutschmanRCAuto
BSA-ARAdley RutschmanRCAuto
BSA-GHEGunnar HendersonRCAuto
BSDA-RUHGunnar Henderson Adley RutschmanRCAuto
88BA-ARAdley RutschmanRCAuto
88BA-GHGunnar HendersonRCAuto
88BA-DHDL HallRCAuto
88BA-KSKyle StowersRCAuto
88ASA-EMUEddie MurrayAuto
88ASA-JPJim PalmerAuto
RBA-ARAdley RutschmanRCAuto
2T88C-12Ryan MountcastleAuto
2T88C-28Gunnar HendersonRCAuto
2T88C-41Eddie MurrayAuto
FD-ARAdley RutschmanRCRelic
FD-GHGunnar HendersonRCRelic
MLM-ARAdley RutschmanRCRelic
MLM-GHGunnar HendersonRCRelic
MLM-RMRyan MountcastleRelic
88R-ARUAdley RutschmanRCRelic
88R-CRCal Ripken Jr.Relic
88R-GHGunnar HendersonRCRelic
88ASR-CRCal Ripken Jr.Relic
ITN-ARAdley RutschmanRCRelic
ITN-CMCedric MullinsRelic
ITN-RMRyan MountcastleRelic
FD-ARAdley RutschmanRCAuto Relic
FD-GHGunnar HendersonRCAuto Relic
TRAP2-ARAdley RutschmanRCAuto Relic
TRAP2-GHGunnar HendersonRCAuto Relic
MLMA-ARAdley RutschmanRCAuto Relic
MLMA-DHDL HallRCAuto Relic
MLMA-RMRyan MountcastleAuto Relic


337Jurickson Profar
392Josh Hader
400Manny Machado
400Manny MachadoClear
405Juan Soto
478Matt Carpenter
486Austin Nola
496Joe Musgrove
520Nelson Cruz
538Xander Bogaerts
538Xander BogaertsClear
576Eguy RosarioRC
576Eguy RosarioRCClear
655San Diego Padres™
659Luis LiberatoRC
659Luis LiberatoRCClear
LG-14Tony Gwynn
AA-41Yu Darvish
AA-42Blake Snell
HL-21Manny Machado
HL-25Fernando Tatis Jr.
88AS-35Manny Machado
88AS-36Juan Soto
88AS-37Fernando Tatis Jr.
2T88-22Juan Soto
2T88-26Joe Musgrove
2T88-48Xander Bogaerts
SMLB-38Xander Bogaerts
SMLB-55Manny Machado
SMLBC-38Xander BogaertsChrome
SMLBC-55Manny MachadoChrome
RB-7Fernando Tatis Jr.
RB-10Juan Soto
HRC-6Juan Soto
HRC-9Fernando Tatis Jr.
SMFB-JSJuan Soto
SMFB-XBXander Bogaerts
2T88C-2Yu Darvish
2T88C-46Joe Musgrove
2T88C-51Xander Bogaerts
2T88C-72Eguy RosarioRC
2T88C-98Manny Machado
23Fernando Tatis Jr.Art Variation
AA-42Blake SnellAuto
BSDA-MSOManny Machado Juan SotoAuto
BSDA-SBJuan Soto Xander BogaertsAuto
88BA-MMAManny MachadoAuto
88BA-BSNBlake SnellAuto
88BA-MBMatthew BattenRCAuto
88BA-JSOJuan SotoAuto
88BA-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Auto
88ASA-FTFernando Tatis Jr.Auto
RBA-JSJuan SotoAuto
2T88C-51Xander BogaertsAuto
2T88C-98Manny MachadoAuto
FD-FTFernando Tatis Jr.Relic
FD-JSJuan SotoRelic
FD-MMManny MachadoRelic
SSP-BDBrandon DruryRelic
SSP-JBJosh BellRelic
SSP-JSJuan SotoRelic
88R-JMJoe MusgroveRelic
88R-MMManny MachadoRelic
88R-YDYu DarvishRelic
88ASR-FTFernando Tatis Jr.Relic
88ASR-JSJuan SotoRelic
88ASR-MMManny MachadoRelic
88ASR-TGTony GwynnRelic
ITN-BSBlake SnellRelic
ITN-JCRJake CronenworthRelic
ITN-MMManny MachadoRelic
ITN-YDYu DarvishRelic
CS-TGTony GwynnRelic
FD-FTFernando Tatis Jr.Auto Relic
FD-JSJuan SotoAuto Relic
FD-MMManny MachadoAuto Relic
SSP-JSJuan SotoAuto Relic
TRAP-JSJuan SotoAuto Relic
TRAP-FTFernando Tatis Jr.Auto Relic
MLMA-MMManny MachadoAuto Relic


355Taijuan Walker
398Dalton GuthrieRC
398Dalton GuthrieRCClear
432Bryce Harper
466Kyle Schwarber
466Kyle SchwarberClear
475Trea Turner
475Trea TurnerClear
504Josh Harrison
511Zack Wheeler
527Nick Castellanos
567Philadelphia Phillies®
589Craig Kimbrel
642Ranger Suárez
643Bailey FalterRC
FS-2Bryce Harper
AA-39Steve Carlton
AA-40Zack Wheeler
SS-17J.T. Realmuto
HL-27Kyle Schwarber
88AS-34Bryce Harper
2T88-7Kyle Schwarber
2T88-44Trea Turner
SMLB-47Trea Turner
SMLB-53Kyle Schwarber
SMLBC-47Trea TurnerChrome
SMLBC-53Kyle SchwarberChrome
RB-6Bryce Harper
HRC-11Bryce Harper
HRC-19Kyle Schwarber
SMFB-ZWZack Wheeler
SMFB-DHDarick HallRC
SMFB-ANAaron Nola
2T88C-10Kyle Schwarber
2T88C-60Aaron Nola
2T88C-86Mark AppelRC
2T88C-89Trea Turner
AA-39Steve CarltonAuto
SS-17J.T. RealmutoAuto
BSA-BFBailey FalterRCAuto
BSDA-HTTrea Turner Bryce HarperAuto
BSDA-RTJimmy Rollins Trea TurnerAuto
88BA-BFBailey FalterRCAuto
88BA-DGUDalton GuthrieRCAuto
88BA-RHRhys HoskinsAuto
88ASA-BHBryce HarperAuto
88ASA-JTJim ThomeAuto
88ASA-SCSteve CarltonAuto
2T88C-89Trea TurnerAuto
FD-BHBryce HarperRelic
FD-KSKyle SchwarberRelic
CA-RHRyan HowardRelic
CA-SCSteve CarltonRelic
SSP-JRJ.T. RealmutoRelic
SSP-KSKyle SchwarberRelic
MLM-RHRhys HoskinsRelic
88R-ANAaron NolaRelic
88R-TTTrea TurnerRelic
88ASR-BHBryce HarperRelic
88ASR-TTTrea TurnerRelic
ITN-AMAndrew McCutchenRelic
ITN-ANAaron NolaRelic
ITN-RHRhys HoskinsRelic
ITN-ZWZack WheelerRelic
FD-BHBryce HarperAuto Relic
CA-RHRyan HowardAuto Relic
CA-SCSteve CarltonAuto Relic
TRAP2-BHBryce HarperAuto Relic
TRAP-JTRJ.T. RealmutoAuto Relic
TRAP-ANAaron NolaAuto Relic
MLMA-ANAaron NolaAuto Relic
MLMA-TTTrea TurnerAuto Relic


385Austin Hedges
430Pittsburgh Pirates®
442Mitch Keller
484Rodolfo Castro
490Andrew McCutchen
490Andrew McCutchenClear
491Ji Hwan BaeRC
491Ji Hwan BaeRCClear
525Connor Joe
553David Bednar
559Roansy Contreras
559Roansy ContrerasClear
570Bryan Reynolds
572Carlos Santana
582Luis OrtizRC
582Luis OrtizRCClear
LG-7Roberto Clemente
FS-14Andrew McCutchen
SS-8Oneil Cruz
2T88-34Liover PegueroRC
2T88-46Roberto Clemente
2T88C-55Oneil Cruz
2T88C-97Roberto Clemente
SS-8Oneil CruzAuto
BSA-JDJason DelayRCAuto
BSA-LOLuis OrtizRCAuto
FD-OCOneil CruzRelic
CA-HWHonus WagnerRelic
MLM-LPLiover PegueroRCRelic
MLM-OCOneil CruzRelic
88R-AMAndrew McCutchenRelic
88R-LPLiover PegueroRCRelic
88R-OCOneil CruzRelic
ITN-BRBryan ReynoldsRelic
CS-HWAHonus WagnerRelic
CS-RKRalph KinerRelic
FD-OCOneil CruzAuto Relic


341Nathan Eovaldi
354Taylor Hearn
367Dane Dunning
404Yoshi Tsutsugo
427Andrew Heaney
512Kole Calhoun
529Josh JungRC
529Josh JungRCClear
532Marcus Semien
597Bubba ThompsonRC
597Bubba ThompsonRCClear
601Adolis García
AA-49Jacob deGrom
2T88-24Jacob deGrom
SMLB-49Jacob deGrom
SMLB-56Josh JungRC
SMLBC-49Jacob deGromChrome
SMLBC-56Josh JungRCChrome
SMFB-CSCorey Seager
2T88C-19Corey Seager
2T88C-57Nolan Ryan
2T88C-79Adrian Beltre
2T88C-88Josh JungRC
BSA-JJJosh JungRCAuto
88BA-JJJosh JungRCAuto
88BA-MSMarcus SemienAuto
88ASA-JGJuan GonzalezAuto
2T88C-79Adrián BeltréAuto
2T88C-88Josh JungRCAuto
FD-JJJosh JungRCRelic
FD-JdJacob deGromRelic
SSP-NLNathaniel LoweRelic
MLM-JJJosh JungRCRelic
88R-JJJosh JungRCRelic
88ASR-NRNolan RyanRelic
FD-JJJosh JungRCAuto Relic
TRAP2-JJJosh JungRCAuto Relic
MLMA-JJJosh JungRCAuto Relic


360Randy Arozarena
387Harold Ramírez
449Drew Rasmussen
613Vidal Bruján
621Isaac Paredes
623Tampa Bay Rays™
625Taylor Walls
2T88C-31Randy Arozarena
2T88C-43Shane McClanahan
2T88C-69Jonathan ArandaRC
215Wander FrancoArt Variation
BSA-JARJonathan ArandaRCAuto
88BA-MMAMiles MastrobuoniRCAuto
88BA-RARRandy ArozarenaAuto
2T88C-43Shane McClanahanAuto
FD-WFWander FrancoRelic
MLM-RARandy ArozarenaRelic
ITN-BLBrandon LoweRelic
ITN-RARandy ArozarenaRelic
TRAP-RARandy ArozarenaAuto Relic
TRAP-WBWade BoggsAuto Relic

Red Sox

333Chris Sale
351Trevor Story
352Christian Arroyo
366Corey Kluber
390Bobby Dalbec
403Justin Turner
471Masataka YoshidaRC
471Masataka YoshidaRCClear
493Kutter Crawford
497Enrique Hernández
656Michael Wacha
LG-10Ted Williams
LG-18David Ortiz
LG-29Pedro Martinez
HL-39David Ortiz
88AS-8Rafael Devers
88AS-9David Ortiz
88AS-10Ted Williams
2T88-35Pedro Martinez
2T88-43David Ortiz
2T88-49Masataka YoshidaRC
SMLB-39Triston CasasRC
SMLB-60Masataka YoshidaRC
SMLBC-39Triston CasasRCChrome
SMLBC-60Masataka YoshidaRCChrome
RB-20David Ortiz
HRC-5Rafael Devers
2T88C-15Masataka YoshidaRC
2T88C-56David Ortiz
2T88C-59Triston CasasRC
2T88C-100Roger Clemens
11Rafael DeversArt Variation
LG-18David OrtizAuto
LG-29Pedro MartinezAuto
BSA-JWIJosh WinckowskiRCAuto
BSA-MYMasataka YoshidaRCAuto
BSA-TCTriston CasasRCAuto
BSDA-JMAPedro MartinezAuto
88BA-TCTriston CasasRCAuto
88BA-BBEBrayan BelloRCAuto
88BA-RDRafael DeversAuto
88ASA-CFICarlton FiskAuto
88ASA-CYACarl YastrzemskiAuto
88ASA-DODavid OrtizAuto
88ASA-DPDustin PedroiaAuto
88ASA-JRIJim RiceAuto
88ASA-JVAJason VaritekAuto
88ASA-RCRoger ClemensAuto
88ASA-WBOWade BoggsAuto
2T88C-15Masataka YoshidaRCAuto
2T88C-56David OrtizAuto
2T88C-59Triston CasasRCAuto
2T88C-100Roger ClemensAuto
FD-RDRafael DeversRelic
FD-TCTriston CasasRCRelic
CA-CYCarl YastrzemskiRelic
CA-PMPedro MartinezRelic
CA-TWTed WilliamsRelic
SSP-XBXander BogaertsRelic
MLM-BBBrayan BelloRCRelic
MLM-DODavid OrtizRelic
MLM-RDRafael DeversRelic
MLM-TCTriston CasasRCRelic
88R-DODavid OrtizRelic
88R-RDRafael DeversRelic
88R-TCTriston CasasRCRelic
88ASR-DODavid OrtizRelic
88ASR-RDRafael DeversRelic
88ASR-WBWade BoggsRelic
ITN-DODavid OrtizRelic
ITN-RDRafael DeversRelic
ITN-XBXander BogaertsRelic
CS-CYCy YoungRelic
CS-TSPTris SpeakerRelic
CS-TWTed WilliamsRelic
FD-RDRafael DeversAuto Relic
FD-TCTriston CasasRCAuto Relic
CA-CYCarl YastrzemskiAuto Relic
CA-PMPedro MartinezAuto Relic
TRAP2-DODavid OrtizAuto Relic
MLMA-BBBrayan BelloRCAuto Relic
MLMA-DODavid OrtizAuto Relic
MLMA-RDRafael DeversAuto Relic
MLMA-TCTriston CasasRCAuto Relic


339Will BensonRC
339Will BensonRCClear
345Nick Senzel
369Alexis Díaz
406Nick Lodolo
406Nick LodoloClear
463Kevin Newman
489Spencer SteerRC
489Spencer SteerRCClear
506Wil Myers
539Mike Moustakas
558TJ Friedl
594Jonathan India
610Cincinnati Reds®
652Hunter Strickland
654Michael SianiRC
654Michael SianiRCClear
657Jake Fraley
LG-23Johnny Bench
AA-30Hunter Greene
88AS-13Joey Votto
2T88-38Spencer SteerRC
SMLB-42Joey Votto
SMLBC-42Joey VottoChrome
2T88C-34Jonathan India
2T88C-66Hunter Greene
2T88C-82Spencer SteerRC
AA-30Hunter GreeneAuto
BSA-MSIMichael SianiRCAuto
BSA-SSSpencer SteerRCAuto
BSDA-VOFJoey VottoAuto
88BA-SSSpencer SteerRCAuto
88BA-JIJonathan IndiaAuto
88ASA-BLBarry LarkinAuto
88ASA-JBEJohnny BenchAuto
2T88C-82Spencer SteerRCAuto
FD-HGHunter GreeneRelic
FD-JVJoey VottoRelic
CA-JBJohnny BenchRelic
MLM-HGHunter GreeneRelic
MLM-JIJonathan IndiaRelic
MLM-JVJoey VottoRelic
88R-JVJoey VottoRelic
88ASR-BLBarry LarkinRelic
88ASR-JVOJoey VottoRelic
ITN-JIJonathan IndiaRelic
ITN-JVJoey VottoRelic
CS-JMJoe MorganRelic
FD-HGHunter GreeneAuto Relic
FD-JVJoey VottoAuto Relic
CA-JBJohnny BenchAuto Relic
MLMA-HGHunter GreeneAuto Relic
MLMA-JVJoey VottoAuto Relic


348Kyle Freeland
377Daniel Bard
445Colorado Rockies™
517Chad Kuhl
523Charlie Blackmon
616Michael TogliaRC
616Michael TogliaRCClear
648Elias Díaz
651Ezequiel TovarRC
651Ezequiel TovarRCClear
653José Iglesias
2T88-41Ezequiel TovarRC
SMLB-58Kris Bryant
SMLBC-58Kris BryantChrome
HRC-7Kris Bryant
2T88C-63Ezequiel TovarRC
2T88C-67Michael TogliaRC
BSA-LWALarry WalkerAuto
88BA-ETEzequiel TovarRCAuto
FD-KBKris BryantRelic
MLM-KBKris BryantRelic
ITN-CBCharlie BlackmonRelic


334Bobby Witt Jr.
346Jonathan Heasley
397Daniel Lynch
420Zack Greinke
541Kris Bubic
543Drew WatersRC
543Drew WatersRCClear
557Nate EatonRC
557Nate EatonRCClear
578Kyle Isbel
587MJ Melendez
587MJ MelendezClear
637Hunter Dozier
LG-16George Brett
FS-16Bobby Witt Jr.
SS-25Nate EatonRC
88AS-19George Brett
88AS-20Bo Jackson
2T88-25Nick PrattoRC
2T88-29Drew WatersRC
SMLB-59Salvador Perez
SMLBC-59Salvador PerezChrome
HRC-2Bobby Witt Jr.
2T88C-26Drew WatersRC
2T88C-74Michael MasseyRC
FS-16Bobby Witt Jr.Auto
BSA-BHIBrewer HicklenRCAuto
BSA-MJMMJ MelendezAuto
88BA-BHBrewer HicklenRCAuto
88BA-MAXMax CastilloRCAuto
88BA-MAIMaikel GarciaRCAuto
88BA-SPSalvador PerezAuto
88ASA-AGAlex GordonAuto
88ASA-BJBo JacksonAuto
88ASA-SPSalvador PerezAuto
2T88C-74Michael MasseyRCAuto
FD-BWBobby Witt Jr.Relic
MLM-BWBobby Witt Jr.Relic
MLM-NPNick PrattoRCRelic
MLM-SPSalvador PerezRelic
MLM-VPVinnie PasquantinoRCRelic
88R-BWBobby Witt Jr.Relic
ITN-BWBobby Witt Jr.Relic
ITN-SPSalvador PerezRelic
FD-BWBobby Witt Jr.Auto Relic
TRAP2-BWJBobby Witt Jr.Auto Relic
TRAP2-SPSalvador PerezAuto Relic
TRAP-SPSalvador PerezAuto Relic
MLMA-BWBobby Witt Jr.Auto Relic
MLMA-SPSalvador PerezAuto Relic


356Ryan KreidlerRC
356Ryan KreidlerRCClear
365Spencer Torkelson
365Spencer TorkelsonClear
394Kerry CarpenterRC
394Kerry CarpenterRCClear
416Donny SandsRC
416Donny SandsRCClear
494Brendon DavisRC
494Brendon DavisRCClear
555Detroit Tigers®
556Akil Baddoo
564Michael Lorenzen
586Casey Mize
591Eric Haase
603Jonathan Schoop
641Javier Báez
88AS-14Miguel Cabrera
SMLB-44Miguel Cabrera
SMLBC-44Miguel CabreraChrome
RB-11Miguel Cabrera
HRC-24Riley Greene
SMFB-CFCecil Fielder
2T88C-54Ryan KreidlerRC
2T88C-81Kerry CarpenterRC
31Riley GreeneArt Variation
BSA-JPJermaine PalaciosRCAuto
BSA-RGRiley GreeneRCAuto
BSA-SWASteele WalkerRCAuto
88BA-KCKerry CarpenterRCAuto
88BA-RGRiley GreeneRCAuto
88BA-RKRyan KreidlerRCAuto
88BA-BDABrendon DavisRCAuto
88BA-MCMiguel CabreraAuto
88ASA-CFCecil FielderAuto
RBA-MCMiguel CabreraAuto
2T88C-54Ryan KreidlerRCAuto
FD-RGRiley GreeneRCRelic
CA-JVJustin VerlanderRelic
CA-MCMiguel CabreraRelic
CA-TCTy CobbRelic
MLM-RGRiley GreeneRCRelic
MLM-STSpencer TorkelsonRelic
88R-RGRiley GreeneRCRelic
88ASR-MCMiguel CabreraRelic
ITN-JBJavier BáezRelic
ITN-MCMiguel CabreraRelic
ITN-RGRiley GreeneRCRelic
CS-AKAl KalineRelic
CS-CGCharlie GehringerRelic
CS-GKEGeorge KellRelic
CS-HGHank GreenbergRelic
FD-RGRiley GreeneRCAuto Relic
CA-MCMiguel CabreraAuto Relic
TRAP2-RGRiley GreeneRCAuto Relic
TRAP-STSpencer TorkelsonAuto Relic
MLMA-RGRiley GreeneRCAuto Relic


357Nick Gordon
372Ronny HenriquezRC
372Ronny HenriquezRCClear
374Michael Taylor
382Minnesota Twins®
411Willi Castro
415Alex Kirilloff
441Louie VarlandRC
441Louie VarlandRCClear
448Matt WallnerRC
448Matt WallnerRCClear
451Royce Lewis
451Royce LewisClear
465Chris Archer
467Joe Ryan
479Simeon Woods RichardsonRC
479Simeon Woods RichardsonRCClear
505José Miranda
505Jose MirandaClear
515Jorge Polanco
583Carlos Correa
583Carlos CorreaClear
595Griffin Jax
604Joey Gallo
FS-15Byron Buxton
FS-20Sonny Gray
AA-34Sonny Gray
SS-13Jhoan Durán
HL-34Carlos Correa
88AS-45Byron Buxton
2T88-23Kirby Puckett
SMLB-48Carlos Correa
SMLBC-48Carlos CorreaChrome
HRC-21Byron Buxton
HRC-26Carlos Correa
SMFB-CCCarlos Correa
2T88C-27Sonny Gray
2T88C-40Simeon Woods RichardsonRC
2T88C-53Kirby Puckett
2T88C-71Matt WallnerRC
25Byron BuxtonArt Variation
FS-15Byron BuxtonAuto
FS-20Sonny GrayAuto
AA-34Sonny GrayAuto
BSA-LVLouie VarlandRCAuto
BSA-SWSimeon Woods RichardsonRCAuto
88BA-MWMatt WallnerRCAuto
88BA-AKAlex KirilloffAuto
88BA-JMIJose MirandaAuto
88BA-SWSimeon Woods RichardsonRCAuto
88BA-JPJermaine PalaciosRCAuto
88BA-JMAJoe MauerAuto
88ASA-BBByron BuxtonAuto
88ASA-JMAJoe MauerAuto
2T88C-40Simeon Woods RichardsonRCAuto
FD-BBXByron BuxtonRelic
FD-SGSonny GrayRelic
SSP-LALuis ArraezRelic
88R-CCCarlos CorreaRelic
88ASR-BBByron BuxtonRelic
88ASR-KPKirby PuckettRelic
ITN-BBByron BuxtonRelic
ITN-JPJorge PolancoRelic
ITN-MKMax KeplerRelic
CS-HKHarmon KillebrewRelic
CS-KPKirby PuckettRelic
FD-BBXByron BuxtonAuto Relic
FD-SGSonny GrayAuto Relic
TRAP2-BBXByron BuxtonAuto Relic

White Sox

358Lance Lynn
370Yoán Moncada
409Leury García
452Carlos PérezRC
452Carlos PerezRCClear
528Jake Burger
537Eloy Jiménez
545Oscar ColásRC
545Oscar ColásRCClear
565Chicago White Sox®
585Michael Kopech
631Víctor Reyes
634Andrew Vaughn
LG-24Frank Thomas
SS-21Dylan Cease
88AS-47Frank Thomas
2T88-18Eloy Jiménez
SMLB-41Eloy Jiménez
SMLBC-41Eloy JiménezChrome
HRC-25Luis Robert
2T88C-44Dylan Cease
2T88C-47Eloy Jiménez
2T88C-99Lenyn SosaRC
LG-24Frank ThomasAuto
SS-21Dylan CeaseAuto
BSA-DMDavis MartinRCAuto
BSA-EAElvis AndrusAuto
BSA-LSOLenyn SosaRCAuto
BSA-MOMagglio OrdonezAuto
88BA-DCDylan CeaseAuto
88BA-LSLenyn SosaRCAuto
88ASA-FTHFrank ThomasAuto
88ASA-MBMark BuehrleAuto
RBA-FTFrank ThomasAuto
2T88C-44Dylan CeaseAuto
2T88C-99Lenyn SosaRCAuto
FD-EJEloy JiménezRelic
FD-TATim AndersonRelic
88R-EJEloy JiménezRelic
88ASR-FTHFrank ThomasRelic
ITN-TATim AndersonRelic
ITN-YMYoán MoncadaRelic
CS-HWHoyt WilhelmRelic
FD-EJEloy JiménezAuto Relic
FD-TATim AndersonAuto Relic
TRAP2-AVAndrew VaughnAuto Relic
TRAP2-JAJosé AbreuAuto Relic
TRAP-JABJose AbreuAuto Relic
TRAP-EJEloy JiménezAuto Relic
TRAP-AVAndrew VaughnAuto Relic
MLMA-EJEloy JiménezAuto Relic


349Luis Severino
364Harrison Bader
373Jose Trevino
460Anthony VolpeRC
460Anthony VolpeRCClear
487Oswaldo CabreraRC
487Oswaldo CabreraRCClear
509Giancarlo Stanton
516New York Yankees®
596Anthony Rizzo
596Anthony RizzoClear
607Rafael Ortega
646Kyle Higashioka
658DJ LeMahieu
LG-1Derek Jeter
LG-9Babe Ruth
LG-11Lou Gehrig
LG-13Mariano Rivera
LG-15Don Mattingly
FS-3Aaron Judge
FS-11Anthony Rizzo
AA-37Nestor Cortes
AA-38CC Sabathia
SS-1Aaron Judge
SS-2Aaron Judge
SS-4Aaron Judge
SS-5Aaron Judge
SS-9Aaron Judge
SS-18Jose Trevino
SS-20Aroldis Chapman
HL-23Aaron Judge
HL-29Anthony Rizzo
88AS-27Lou Gehrig
88AS-28Derek Jeter
88AS-29Aaron Judge
88AS-30Mariano Rivera
88AS-31Babe Ruth
2T88-4Oswald PerazaRC
2T88-30Derek Jeter
2T88-42Aaron Judge
SMLB-51Giancarlo Stanton
SMLB-52Anthony Rizzo
SMLBC-51Giancarlo StantonChrome
SMLBC-52Anthony RizzoChrome
RB-1Derek Jeter
RB-8Aaron Judge
RB-17Mariano Rivera
RB-25Don Mattingly
HRC-20Giancarlo Stanton
HRC-29Aaron Judge
SMFB-OCOswaldo CabreraRC
SMFB-AJAaron Judge
2T88C-13Derek Jeter
2T88C-16Mariano Rivera
2T88C-18Gerrit Cole
2T88C-39Nestor Cortes
2T88C-62Oswald PerazaRC
2T88C-77Carlos Rodón
62Aaron JudgeArt Variation
LG-1Derek JeterAuto
LG-13Mariano RiveraAuto
FS-11Anthony RizzoAuto
AA-37Nestor CortesAuto
AA-38CC SabathiaAuto
SS-20Aroldis ChapmanAuto
BSA-AVAnthony VolpeRCAuto
BSA-CROCarlos RodónAuto
BSA-GWGreg WeissertRCAuto
BSA-OPOswald PerazaRCAuto
88BA-GWGreg WeissertRCAuto
88BA-OPOswald PerazaRCAuto
88BA-OSWOswaldo CabreraRCAuto
88BA-AVOAnthony VolpeRCAuto
88ASA-AJAaron JudgeAuto
88ASA-DJDerek JeterAuto
88ASA-DMDon MattinglyAuto
88ASA-DWDave WinfieldAuto
88ASA-HMHideki MatsuiAuto
88ASA-MRMariano RiveraAuto
88ASA-NCNestor CortesAuto
RBA-DMDon MattinglyAuto
RBA-MRMariano RiveraAuto
2T88C-16Mariano RiveraAuto
2T88C-62Oswald PerazaRCAuto
2T88C-77Carlos RodónAuto
FD-AJUAaron JudgeRelic
FD-GCGerrit ColeRelic
FD-GSTGiancarlo StantonRelic
CA-AJAaron JudgeRelic
CA-BRBabe RuthRelic
CA-LGLou GehrigRelic
SSP-AJAaron JudgeRelic
MLM-CSCC SabathiaRelic
MLM-DJDerek JeterRelic
MLM-GTGleyber TorresRelic
MLM-LSLuis SeverinoRelic
MLM-OPOswald PerazaRCRelic
88R-AJAaron JudgeRelic
88R-ARZAnthony RizzoRelic
88R-DJDerek JeterRelic
88R-GCGerrit ColeRelic
88R-GSGiancarlo StantonRelic
88R-NCNestor CortesRelic
88R-OPOswald PerazaRCRelic
88ASR-AJAaron JudgeRelic
88ASR-DJDerek JeterRelic
88ASR-GCGerrit ColeRelic
88ASR-MRMariano RiveraRelic
CS-BDBill DickeyRelic
CS-PRZPhil RizzutoRelic
CS-RMRoger MarisRelic
CS-TMThurman MunsonRelic
CS-WFWhitey FordRelic
CS-WHWaite HoytRelic
FD-AJUAaron JudgeAuto Relic
SSP-AJAaron JudgeAuto Relic
TRAP2-AJAaron JudgeAuto Relic
TRAP2-ARIAnthony RizzoAuto Relic
MLMA-NCNestor CortesAuto Relic
MLMA-OPOswald PerazaRCAuto Relic

World Baseball Classic

WBC-1Mike TroutAutoUSA
WBC-1Mike TroutUSA
WBC-10Yu DarvishJapan
WBC-11Shohei OhtaniAutoJapan
WBC-11Shohei OhtaniJapan
WBC-12Trea TurnerAutoUSA
WBC-12Trea TurnerUSA
WBC-13Luis RobertAutoCuba
WBC-13Luis RobertCuba
WBC-14Randy ArozarenaAutoMexico
WBC-14Randy ArozarenaMexico
WBC-15Jose AltuveAutoVenezuela
WBC-15Jose AltuveVenezuela
WBC-16Ronald Acuña Jr.AutoVenezuela
WBC-16Ronald Acuña Jr.Venezuela
WBC-17Miguel CabreraAutoVenezuela
WBC-17Miguel CabreraVenezuela
WBC-18Salvador PerezVenezuela
WBC-19Francisco LindorPuerto Rico
WBC-2Paul GoldschmidtAutoUSA
WBC-2Paul GoldschmidtUSA
WBC-20Javier BaezAutoPuerto Rico
WBC-20Javier BáezPuerto Rico
WBC-21Bobby Witt Jr.AutoUSA
WBC-21Bobby Witt Jr.USA
WBC-22Julio UriasAutoMexico
WBC-22Julio UríasMexico
WBC-23Freddie FreemanAutoCanada
WBC-23Freddie FreemanCanada
WBC-24Julio RodríguezAutoDominican Republic
WBC-24Julio RodríguezDominican Republic
WBC-25Wander FrancoAutoDominican Republic
WBC-25Wander FrancoDominican Republic
WBC-26Eloy JiménezAutoDominican Republic
WBC-26Eloy JiménezDominican Republic
WBC-27Kyle TuckerUSA
WBC-28Joc PedersonAutoIsreal
WBC-28Joc PedersonIsrael
WBC-29Alex VerdugoAutoMexico
WBC-29Alex VerdugoMexico
WBC-3Pete AlonsoAutoUSA
WBC-3Pete AlonsoUSA
WBC-30Xander BogaertsAutoNetherlands
WBC-30Xander BogaertsNetherlands
WBC-31Jurickson ProfarNetherlands
WBC-32J.T. RealmutoAutoUSA
WBC-32J.T. RealmutoUSA
WBC-33Masataka YoshidaAutoJapan
WBC-33Masataka YoshidaJapan
WBC-34Roki SasakiJapan
WBC-35Harry FordGreat Britain
WBC-36Kyle SchwarberAutoUSA
WBC-36Kyle SchwarberUSA
WBC-37Sal FrelickItaly
WBC-38Vinnie PasquantinoAutoItaly
WBC-38Vinnie PasquantinoItaly
WBC-39Jarren DuranMexico
WBC-4Nolan ArenadoAutoUSA
WBC-4Nolan ArenadoUSA
WBC-40Alek ThomasAutoMexico
WBC-40Alek ThomasMexico
WBC-41Jonathan ArandaAutoMexico
WBC-41Jonathan ArandaMexico
WBC-42Willy AdamesDominican Republic
WBC-43Sandy AlcantaraDominican Republic
WBC-44Luis ArraezAutoVenezuela
WBC-44Luis ArraezVenezuela
WBC-45Jordan DíazColombia
WBC-46Tommy EdmanSouth Korea
WBC-47Andres GimenezAutoVenezuela
WBC-47Andrés GiménezVenezuela
WBC-48Enrique HernándezPuerto Rico
WBC-49Lee Jung-HooSouth Korea
WBC-5Tim AndersonAutoUSA
WBC-5Tim AndersonUSA
WBC-50Ha-Seong KimSouth Korea
WBC-51MJ MelendezAutoPuerto Rico
WBC-51MJ MelendezPuerto Rico
WBC-52Joey MenesesAutoMexico
WBC-52Joey MenesesMexico
WBC-53Bo NaylorAutoCanada
WBC-53Bo NaylorCanada
WBC-54Lars NootbaarAutoJapan
WBC-54Lars NootbaarJapan
WBC-55Jeremy PenaAutoDominican Republic
WBC-55Jeremy PeñaDominican Republic
WBC-56Yoshinobu YamamotoJapan
WBC-57Will SmithUSA
WBC-58Marcus StromanPuerto Rico
WBC-59Adam WainwrightUSA
WBC-6Mookie BettsUSA
WBC-60Munetaka MurakamiJapan
WBC-7Juan SotoAutoDominican Republic
WBC-7Juan SotoDominican Republic
WBC-8Rafael DeversDominican Republic
WBC-9Manny MachadoAutoDominican Republic
WBC-9Manny MachadoDominican Republic