2023 Topps Now F1 racing card checklist

2023 Topps Now F1 Checklist

Release Date: 2/6/23

Release Year Archive: 2023

Manufacturer Archive: Topps

Tag Archive: Formula 1, Now

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2023 Topps Now F1 trading cards highlight the great moments of the 2023 Formula 1 racing season. Cards are available exclusively on the Topps website for one week and final print runs are determined by consumer demand.

2023 Topps Now F1 Checklist

Base Set – 64 Cards

The following F1 racing teams are featured on this checklist. You may scroll through the list or jump to a preferred team by selecting it below. Clicking a link within this checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings.

Alfa Romero

#Card TitlePrint Run
P003Alfa Romero F1 Team Stake C43735

Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant

#Card TitleVariantPrint Run
P005Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One Team AMR23681
002Fernando Alonso1,213
004Lance Stroll733
006Fernando Alonso2,092
006AFernando AlonsoGreen99
006BFernando AlonsoBlack10
006CFernando AlonsoGold1
016Fernando Alonso841
053Jessica Hawkins3,592
066Fernando Alonso944

BWT ALpine

#Card TitlePrint Run
P010BWT Alpine F1 Team A523567
017Esteban Ocon684
039Pierre Gasly1,321
041Pierre Gasly1,328


#Card TitleVariantPrint Run
P007McLaren F1 Team MCL60721
008Oscar Piastri1,752
008AOscar PiastriOrange99
008BOscar PiastriBlack10
008COscar PiastriGold1
027Lando Norris854
029Oscar Piastri854
030McLaren F1 Team762
034Lando Norris637
038Oscar Piastri1,530
047Lando Norris795
051Oscar Piastri1,174
052McLaren F1 Team1,412
056Oscar Piastri2,184
059Lando Norris983


#Card TitlePrint Run
P008Mercedes-AMG F1 W14 E Performance1,068
019George Russell660
020Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team740
060George Russell880

Moneygram Haas

#Card TitlePrint Run
P001Moneygram Haas F1 Team VF-23718

Oracle Red Bull

#Card TitlePrint Run
P002Oracle Red Bull Racing RB191,023
001Max Verstappen1,097
005Sergio Perez928
007Max Verstappen868
010Sergio Perez1,014
012Max Verstappen1,562
014Max Verstappen2,027
015Max Verstappen1,710
018Max Verstappen2,172
021Oracle Red Bull Racing1,541
022Max Verstappen1,940
024Max Verstappen1,378
025Oracle Red Bull Racing1,075
028Max Verstappen850
032Max Verstappen1,206
033Oracle Red Bull Racing883
036Max Verstappen2,069
037Oracle Red Bull Racing1,674
040Max Verstappen2,475
049Oracle Red Bull Racing710
050Max Verstappen745
054Max Verstappen2,945
055Max Verstappen1,448
057Max Verstappen1,350
058Max Verstappen1,527
062Max Verstappen1,779
065Max Verstappen1,532
068Max Verstappen1,912
069Oracle Red Bull Racing1,377
070Max Verstappen2,331
071Max Verstappen2,946


#Card TitlePrint Run
013Oliver Bearman1,974

Scuderia AlphaTauri

#Card TitlePrint Run
P006Scuderia AlphaTauri AT04619
035Daniel Ricciardo864
042Liam Lawson2,527
048Liam Lawson1,456
063Daniel Ricciardo626

Scuderia Ferrari

#Card TitlePrint Run
P009Scuderia Ferrari SF-231,234
011Charles Leclerc863
026Scuderia Ferrari1,150
046Carlos Sainz1,886
064Charles Leclerc795

Williams Racing

#Card TitleRCPrint Run
P004Williams Racing FW45681
003Logan SargeantRC3,615
003Logan SargeantPurpleRC99
003Logan SargeantBlueRC10
003Logan SargeantGoldRC1
023Alexander Albon660
061Logan SargeantRC968


#Card TitlePrint Run
009Max Verstappen
Lewis Hamilton
Fernando Alonso
031Lando Norris
Lewis Hamilton
067Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix 20231,425


#Card TitlePrint Run
72Theo Pourchaire1,250