2023 Topps Now baseball card checklist

2023 Topps Now Baseball Checklist

Release Date: 3/1/23

Release Year Archive: 2023

Manufacturer Archive: Topps

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2023 Topps Now baseball cards highlight the biggest moments of the 2023 season as they happen. Cards are released daily and available for 24 hours exclusively via the Topps website. Final print runs are determined based on consumer demand.

2023 Topps Now Baseball Checklist

Base Set – 1,070 Cards
Blue – #/49
Purple – #/25
Red – #/10
Orange – #/5
Gold – 1/1

Spring Training (ST) – 1 Card

World Baseball Classic (WBC) – 73 Cards

This checklist is organized by teams. Scroll through the entire list or jump to a preferred team by selecting them from the list below. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings.


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
11Shohei Ohtani4,152
35Logan O’HoppeRC1,790
36Mike Trout
Shohei Ohtani
93Mike Trout931
106Shohei Ohtani3,484
131Mike Trout1,357
161Shohei Ohtani2,976
194Shohei Ohtani2,660
209Mike Trout662
262Shohei Ohtani8,916
294Shohei Ohtani5,206
314Mike Trout982
405Mike Trout1,344
419Shohei Ohtani3,258
433Shohei Ohtani5,590
441Shohei Ohtani3,668
445Shohei Ohtani7,620
455Shohei Ohtani7,279
455AShohei OhtaniRelic99
455BShohei OhtaniBlue Relic49
455CShohei OhtaniPurple Relic25
455DShohei OhtaniRed Relic10
455EShohei OhtaniOrange Relic5
455FShohei OhtaniGold Relic1
499Mike Trout1,334
505Shohei Ohtani17,031
505AShohei OhtaniPurple Relic25
505BShohei OhtaniRed Relic10
505CShohei OhtaniOrange Relic5
505DShohei OhtaniGold Relic1
511Shohei Ohtani4,528
517Shohei Ohtani7,066
542Shohei Ohtani5,564
572Trey Cabbage893
579Shohei Ohtani13,499
580Michael StefanicRC740
625Shohei Ohtani33,887
625AShohei OhtaniRelic199
625BShohei OhtaniBlack Relic99
625CShohei OhtaniBlue Relic49
625DShohei OhtaniPurple Relic25
625EShohei OhtaniRed Relic10
625FShohei OhtaniOrange Relic5
625GShohei OhtaniGold Relic1
625B1Shohei OhtaniPurple Relic Book25
625B2Shohei OhtaniRed Relic Book10
625B3Shohei OhtaniOrange Relic Book5
625B4Shohei OhtaniGold Relic Book1
647Shohei Ohtani5,468
672Shohei Ohtani6,649
683Shohei Ohtani13,445
725Nolan Schanuel9,785
727Shohei Ohtani7,654
734Jordyn Adams725
752Nolan Schanuel1,348
767Shohei Ohtani4,156
806Kyren Paris770
811Shohei Ohtani4,376
831Nolan Schanuel954
879Nolan Schanuel1,002
918Nolan Schanuel819
OS7Shohei Ohtani2,477
OS16Shohei Ohtani32,540
OS16CEShohei OhtaniCollector’s Edition23
OS16AShohei OhtaniBlue Auto49
OS16BShohei OhtaniPurple Auto25
OS16CShohei OhtaniRed Auto10
OS16DShohei OhtaniOrange Auto5
OS16EShohei OhtaniGold Auto1
OS16RAShohei OhtaniRelic99
OS16RBShohei OhtaniBlue Relic49
OS16RCShohei OhtaniPurple Relic25
OS16RDShohei OhtaniRed Relic10
OS16REShohei OhtaniOrange Relic5
OS16RFShohei OhtaniGold Relic1
OS19Shohei Ohtani37,585
Total Print Run: 287,079


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
14Corey JulksRC788
43Yordan Alvarez639
83Jose Abreu257
84Hunter BrownRC873
107Corey JulksRC649
191Mauricio Dubon366
240Yordan Alvarez383
244JP FranceRC725
279Jose Abreu205
291Yainer DiazRC665
328Framber Valdez282
431Grae Kessinger548
599Kyle Tucker533
614Chas McCormick489
639Justin Verlander1,019
641Framber Valdez2,192
641AFramber ValdezPurple Relic25
641BFramber ValdezRed Relic10
641CFramber ValdezOrange Relic5
641DFramber ValdezGold Relic1
658Jose Altuve545
680Kyle Tucker602
692Jon Singleton457
732Jose Altuve1,499
772Justin Verlander697
774Jose Altuve1,704
774AJose AltuveAuto Relic99
774BJose AltuveBlue Auto Relic49
774CJose AltuvePurple Auto Relic25
774DJose AltuveRed Auto Relic10
774EJose AltuveOrange Auto Relic5
774FJose AltuveGold Auto Relic1
821Jose Altuve1,529
829Jose Abreu372
917Yordan Alvarez361
948Houston Astros414
972Jose Altuve480
973Yordan Alvarez485
986Cristian Javier619
987Jose Abreu597
988Yordan Alvarez766
994Houston Astros708
1011Yordan Alvarez526
1014Jose Altuve586
1015Cristian Javier439
1021Jose Abreu378
1022Alex Bregman514
1024Jose Altuve1,134
1024AJose AltuveRelic99
1024BJose AltuveGreen Relic75
1024CJose AltuveBlue Relic49
1024DJose AltuvePurple Relic25
1024EJose AltuveRed Relic10
1024FJose AltuveOrange Relic5
1024GJose AltuveGold Relic1
1045Dusty Baker1,278
1045ADusty BakerAutograph99
1045BDusty BakerBlue Auto49
1045CDusty BakerPurple Auto25
1045DDusty BakerRed Auto10
1045EDusty BakerOrange Auto5
1045FDusty BakerGold Auto1
Total Print Run: 27,986


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
52Tony Kemp243
152Mason MillerRC858
165Jordan DiazRC646
180Brent Rooker
Jesus Aguilar
192Esteury Ruiz
Rickey Henderson
211Esteury RuizRC448
261Jordan DiazRC857
282Brent Rooker279
396Jace Peterson261
420Esteury RuizRC493
453Esteury Ruiz
Rickey Henderson
528Esteury RuizRC690
568Zack Gelof1,179
574Tyler Soderstrom1,082
715Zack Gelof805
739Zack Gelof753
745Brent Rooker316
759Zack Gelof746
950Esteury RuizRC1,029
Total Print Run: 12,482

Blue Jays

#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
12George Springer869
85Kevin Kiermaier
Matt Chapman
101Kevin Kiermaier419
112George Springer280
120Bo Bichette563
172Vladimir Guerrero Jr376
203Kevin Gausman232
204Daulton Varsho243
220Bo Bichette316
277Chris Bassitt257
290Danny Jansen256
307Danny Jansen361
334Vladimir Guerrero Jr581
372Vladimir Guerrero Jr462
374Kevin Kiermaier265
391Kevin Gausman302
463Spencer Horowitz465
496George Springer347
555Vladimir Guerrero Jr823
555AVladimir Guerrero JrRed Relic10
555BVladimir Guerrero JrOrange Relic5
555CVladimir Guerrero JrGold Relic1
560Vladimir Guerrero Jr1,873
655Davis Schneider1,472
666Davis Schneider1,578
824Davis Schneider805
889George Springer300
943Toronto Blue Jays406
OS28Vladimir Guerrero Jr5,006
Total Print Run: 19,174


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
20Ronald Acuna Jr
Matt Olson
51Dylan DoddRC1,316
64Orlando Arcia412
90Sean Murphy507
102Ozzie Albies575
121Austin Riley755
136Vaughn GrissomRC1,027
179Spencer Strider1,006
197Matt Olson347
216Sean Murphy387
217Ronald Acuna Jr523
230Marcell Ozuna297
243Kevin Pillar349
245Michael Harris IIRC1,951
245AMichael Harris IIRCAutograph99
245BMichael Harris IIRCBlue Auto49
245CMichael Harris IIRCPurple Auto25
245DMichael Harris IIRCRed Auto10
245EMichael Harris IIRCOrange Auto5
245FMichael Harris IIRCGold Auto1
329Jared ShusterRC987
344Austin Riley344
356Spencer Strider959
370Ronald Acuna Jr719
388AJ Smith-Shawver1,476
409Ozzie Albies1,143
444AJ Smith-Shawver1,131
451Ronald Acuna Jr2,150
458Michael Harris IIRC1,316
503Ronald Acuna Jr1,619
515Ronald Acuna Jr2,028
515ARonald Acuna JrAutograph99
515BRonald Acuna JrBlue Auto49
515CRonald Acuna JrPurple Auto25
515DRonald Acuna JrRed Auto10
515ERonald Acuna JrOrange Auto5
515FRonald Acuna JrGold Auto1
516Atlanta Braves688
522Ronald Acuna Jr3,735
534Atlanta Braves648
546Atlanta Braves452
592Spencer Strider1,375
604Austin Riley569
616Atlanta Braves589
633Ronald Acuna Jr2,140
640Spencer Strider1,558
646Matt Olson
Austin Riley
654Max Fried755
665Atlanta Braves496
674Matt Olson517
687Matt Olson784
694Nicky Lopez542
698Allan Winans797
707Nicky Lopez469
724Atlanta Braves920
763Spencer Strider785
778Ronald Acuna Jr1,541
789Atlanta Braves888
790Darius Vines1,102
791Ronald Acuna Jr11,344
791ARonald Acuna JrAutograph99
791BRonald Acuna JrBlue Auto49
791CRonald Acuna JrPurple Auto25
791DRonald Acuna JrRed Auto10
791ERonald Acuna JrOrange Auto5
791FRonald Acuna JrGold Auto1
804Ronald Acuna Jr4,483
843Andruw Jones808
848Atlanta Braves539
851Matt Olson851
861Ronald Acuna Jr1,456
861ARonald Acuna JrRelic99
861BRonald Acuna JrGreen Relic75
861CRonald Acuna JrBlue Relic49
861DRonald Acuna JrPurple Relic25
861ERonald Acuna JrRed Relic10
861FRonald Acuna JrOrange Relic5
861GRonald Acuna JrGold Relic1
862Matt Olson
Andruw Jones
863Atlanta Braves868
866Spencer Strider1,210
867Atlanta Braves1,154
868Ronald Acuna Jr1,410
874Matt Olson1,551
874AMatt OlsonAutograph99
874BMatt OlsonBlue Auto49
874CMatt OlsonPurple Auto25
874DMatt OlsonRed Auto10
874EMatt OlsonOrange Auto5
874FMatt OlsonGold Auto1
890Spencer Strider735
892Ronald Acuna Jr1,365
900Ronald Acuna Jr1,675
903Ronald Acuna Jr9,413
903ARonald Acuna JrAutograph40
903BRonald Acuna JrRed Auto10
903CRonald Acuna JrOrange Auto5
903DRonald Acuna JrGold Auto1
922Atlanta Braves704
927Ronald Acuna Jr36,544
927ARonald Acuna JrAutograph99
927BRonald Acuna JrGreen Auto70
927CRonald Acuna JrBlue Auto49
927DRonald Acuna JrPurple Auto25
927ERonald Acuna JrRed Auto10
927FRonald Acuna JrOrange Auto5
927GRonald Acuna JrGold Auto1
927ARonald Acuna JrRed Auto Relic Book10
927BRonald Acuna JrOrange Auto Relic Book5
927CRonald Acuna JrGold Auto Relic Book1
932Matt Olson1,241
941Ronald Acuna Jr1,794
945Spencer Strider1,952
946Ronald Acuna Jr3,048
956Atlanta Braves769
983Travis d’Arnaud720
984Michael Harris RC3,598
984AMichael Harris RCAutograph99
984BMichael Harris RCBlue Auto49
984CMichael Harris RCPurple Auto25
984DMichael Harris RCRed Auto10
984EMichael Harris RCOrange Auto5
984FMichael Harris RCGold Auto1
985Austin Riley1,180
OS5Ronald Acuna Jr1,075
OS17Ronald Acuna Jr6,080
OS17CERonald Acuna JrCollector’s Edition23
OS17ARonald Acuna JrBlue Auto49
OS17BRonald Acuna JrPurple Auto25
OS17CRonald Acuna JrRed Auto10
OS17DRonald Acuna JrOrange Auto5
OS17ERonald Acuna JrGold Auto1
OS17RARonald Acuna JrRelic99
OS17RBRonald Acuna JrBlue Relic49
OS17RCRonald Acuna JrPurple Relic25
OS17RDRonald Acuna JrRed Relic10
OS17RERonald Acuna JrOrange Relic5
OS17RFRonald Acuna JrGold Relic1
Total Print Run: 146,600


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
18Joey WiemerRC1,446
34Brice TurangRC1,372
37Brice TurangRC1,757
50Rowdy Tellez
Brian Anderson
Garrett Mitchell
55Joey WiemerRC1,062
56Garrett MitchellRC1,364
250Willy Adames272
368Andruw MonasterioRC443
379Blake PerkinsRC608
384Andruw MonasterioRC528
394Joey WiemerRC707
406Joey WiemerRC1,039
570Milwaukee Brewers311
602Sal Frelick3,920
612Sal Frelick2,053
621Freddy Peralta316
648Milwaukee Brewers425
661Sal Frelick
Blake Perkins
671Freddy Peralta426
753Brice TurangRC863
853Brandon Woodruff432
902Milwaukee Brewers462
907Carlos Santana381
Total Print Run: 21,128


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
6Adam Wainwright1,832
7Jordan WalkerRC10,351
33Brendan Donovan
Alec Burleson
Nolan Gorman
54Jordan WalkerRC9,038
72Jordan WalkerRC2,646
78Nolan Arenado925
95Jordan WalkerRC
109Nolan GormanRC904
110Jordan WalkerRC3,584
137Nolan Gorman
Tommy Edman
147Tommy Edman
Nolan Gorman
199Paul Goldschmidt399
249Paul Goldschmidt464
255Willson Contreras408
278Nolan GormanRC715
298Nolan GormanRC927
302Nolan Arenado423
312Nolan Arenado651
317Willson Contreras431
322Nolan GormanRC1,075
471Jordan WalkerRC2,141
487Paul Goldschmidt655
487APaul GoldschmidtRelic99
487BPaul GoldschmidtBlue Relic49
487CPaul GoldschmidtPurple Relic25
487DPaul GoldschmidtRed Relic10
487EPaul GoldschmidtOrange Relic5
487FPaul GoldschmidtGold Relic1
493Albert Pujols794
494Jordan WalkerRC1,812
494AJordan WalkerRCRelic99
494BJordan WalkerRCBlue Relic49
494CJordan WalkerRCPurple Relic25
494DJordan WalkerRCRed Relic10
494EJordan WalkerRCOrange Relic5
494FJordan WalkerRCGold Relic1
586Nolan Arenado330
610Scott Rolen744
610AScott RolenAutograph99
610BScott RolenBlue Auto49
610CScott RolenPurple Auto25
610DScott RolenRed Auto10
610EScott RolenOrange Auto5
610FScott RolenGold Auto1
787Jordan WalkerRC1,267
788Tommy Edman402
822Jordan WalkerRC1,334
828Masyn Winn1,644
885Adam Wainwright2,603
938Adam Wainwright1,022
955Adam Wainwright1,488
Total Print Run: 52,839


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
91Nico Hoerner495
103Nelson VelazquezRC954
138Patrick Wisdom425
139Cody Bellinger471
158Drew Smyly390
174Marcus Stroman331
237Miguel AmayaRC866
241Matt MervisRC2,362
300Matt MervisRC1,290
313Seiya Suzuki924
319Christopher MorelRC1,221
325Christopher MorelRC1,375
339Christopher MorelRC2,334
339AChristopher MorelRCAutograph99
339BChristopher MorelRCBlue Auto49
339CChristopher MorelRCPurple Auto25
339DChristopher MorelRCRed Auto10
339EChristopher MorelRCOrange Auto5
339FChristopher MorelRCGold Auto1
358Marcus Stroman381
387Miguel AmayaRC796
488Ian Happ677
536Chicago Cubs425
596Miles MastrobuoniRC569
642Chicago Cubs736
716Christopher MorelRC3,231
766Jordan Wicks1,765
815Justin Steele1,146
859Pete Crow-Armstrong3,645
864Nico Hoerner481
894Alexander Canario1,618
OS27Shota Imanaga4,994
OS27Shota ImanagaJersey Relic99
OS27Shota ImanagaBlue Jersey Relic49
OS27Shota ImanagaPurple Jersey Relic25
OS27Shota ImanagaRed Jersey Relic10
OS27Shota ImanagaOrange Jersey Relic5
OS27Shota ImanagaGold Jersey Relic1
OS27Shota ImanagaPurple Hat Relic25
OS27Shota ImanagaRed Hat Relic10
OS27Shota ImanagaOrange Hat Relic5
OS27Shota ImanagaGold Hat Relic1
Total Print Run: 34,321


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
15Kyle Lewis265
162Zac Gallen267
189Zac Gallen268
227Christian Walker189
257Zac Gallen232
281Dominic FletcherRC826
287Dominic FletcherRC678
293Lourdes Gurriel Jr209
375Corbin CarrollRC1,426
375ACorbin CarrollRCAutograph99
375BCorbin CarrollRCBlue Auto49
375CCorbin CarrollRCPurple Auto25
375DCorbin CarrollRCRed Auto10
375ECorbin CarrollRCOrange Auto5
375FCorbin CarrollRCGold Auto1
381Corbin CarrollRC1,150
411Corbin CarrollRC2,197
411ACorbin CarrollRCAuto Relic99
411BCorbin CarrollRCBlue Auto Relic49
411CCorbin CarrollRCPurple Auto Relic25
411DCorbin CarrollRCRed Auto Relic10
411ECorbin CarrollRCOrange Auto Relic5
411FCorbin CarrollRCGold Auto Relic1
466Corbin CarrollRC2,204
540Corbin CarrollRC1,835
585Dominic Canzone604
638Corbin CarrollRC2,985
657Corbin CarrollRC2,650
667Arizona Diamondbacks499
764Brandon PfaadtRC436
773Corbin CarrollRC3,296
830Jordan Lawlar3,869
832Zac Gallen402
876Gabriel MorenoRC525
898Corbin CarrollRC10,710
898ACorbin CarrollRCAutograph Relic99
898BCorbin CarrollRCGreen Auto Relic75
898CCorbin CarrollRCBlue Auto Relic49
898DCorbin CarrollRCPurple Auto Relic25
898ECorbin CarrollRCRed Auto Relic10
898FCorbin CarrollRCOrange Auto Relic5
898GCorbin CarrollRCGold Auto Relic1
933Corbin CarrollRC3,191
949Arizona Diamondbacks629
961Corbin CarrollRC2,884
961ACorbin CarrollRCAutograph99
961BCorbin CarrollRCBlue Auto49
961CCorbin CarrollRCPurple Auto25
961DCorbin CarrollRCRed Auto10
961ECorbin CarrollRCOrange Auto5
961FCorbin CarrollRCGold Auto1
967Arizona Diamondbacks320
975Merrill Kelly344
976Corbin Carroll
Gabriel Moreno
Alek Thomas
981Corbin CarrollRC1,645
996Geradlo Perdomo
Ketel Marte
Christian Walker
Gabriel Moreno
996AGeradlo Perdomo
Ketel Marte
Christian Walker
Gabriel Moreno
996BGeradlo Perdomo
Ketel Marte
Christian Walker
Gabriel Moreno
Green Relic75
996CGeradlo Perdomo
Ketel Marte
Christian Walker
Gabriel Moreno
Blue Relic25
996DGeradlo Perdomo
Ketel Marte
Christian Walker
Gabriel Moreno
Purple Relic25
996EGeradlo Perdomo
Ketel Marte
Christian Walker
Gabriel Moreno
Red Relic10
996FGeradlo Perdomo
Ketel Marte
Christian Walker
Gabriel Moreno
Orange Relic5
996GGeradlo Perdomo
Ketel Marte
Christian Walker
Gabriel Moreno
Gold Relic1
997Gabriel MorenoRC940
998Arizona Diamondbacks835
1018Brandon PfaadtRC852
1019Ketel Marte503
1026Alek Thomas571
1026AAlek ThomasAutograph99
1026BAlek ThomasBlue Auto49
1026CAlek ThomasPurple Auto25
1026DAlek ThomasRed Auto10
1026EAlek ThomasOrange Auto5
1026FAlek ThomasGold Auto1
1027Gabriel MorenoRC723
1034Ketel Marte695
1035Tommy Pham
Lourdes Gurriel Jr
1040Corbin CarrollRC5,198
1040ACorbin CarrollRCAutograph99
1040BCorbin CarrollRCBlue Auto49
1040CCorbin CarrollRCPurple Auto25
1040DCorbin CarrollRCRed Auto10
1040ECorbin CarrollRCOrange Auto5
1040FCorbin CarrollRCGold Auto1
1041Gabriel MorenoRC1,580
1042Ketel Marte1,303
1043Kevin Ginkel969
1044Arizona Diamondbacks1,365
1044AArizona DiamondbacksRelic99
1044BArizona DiamondbacksGreen Relic75
1044CArizona DiamondbacksBlue Relic49
1044DArizona DiamondbacksPurple Relic25
1044EArizona DiamondbacksRed Relic10
1044FArizona DiamondbacksOrange Relic5
1044GArizona DiamondbacksGold Relic1
1049Ketel Marte604
1050Ketel Marte776
1054Gabriel MorenoRC1,030
1055Ketel Marte665
1055AKetel MarteRelic99
1055BKetel MarteGreen Relic75
1055CKetel MarteBlue Relic49
1055DKetel MartePurple Relic25
1055EKetel MarteRed Relic10
1055FKetel MarteOrange Relic5
1055GKetel MarteGold Relic1
1056Merrill Kelly503
1057Tommy Pham481
1059Randy Johnson621
1060Ketel Marte570
OS11Corbin CarrollRC9,073
OS11CECorbin CarrollRCCollector’s Edition23
OS11ACorbin CarrollRCAutograph99
OS11BCorbin CarrollRCBlue Auto49
OS11CCorbin CarrollRCPurple Auto25
OS11DCorbin CarrollRCRed Auto10
OS11ECorbin CarrollRCOrange Auto5
OS11FCorbin CarrollRCGold Auto1
Total Print Run: 81,409


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
10Will Smith906
27Trayce Thompson632
94Max Muncy252
133David Peralta289
146Clayton Kershaw2,877
155Mookie Betts618
156James OutmanRC2,833
167James OutmanRC2,867
186Michael BuschRC1,565
229Max Muncy374
253Mookie Betts319
265Clayton Kershaw619
306James OutmanRC1,962
316Freddie Freeman755
338Bobby MillerRC2,741
362Freddie Freeman346
366Freddie Freeman
371Freddie Freeman315
377Mookie Betts530
423Bobby MillerRC2,103
446Chris Taylor496
447Freddie Freeman359
454Emmet Sheehan1,834
469Clayton Kershaw1,076
486Emmet Sheehan1,292
498Freddie Freeman1,305
498AFreddie FreemanAutograph99
498BFreddie FreemanBlue Auto49
498CFreddie FreemanPurple Auto25
498DFreddie FreemanRed Auto10
498EFreddie FreemanOrange Auto5
498FFreddie FreemanGold Auto1
504JD Martinez659
512Freddie Freeman599
543Mookie Betts874
553Mookie Betts607
553AMookie BettsRed Relic10
553BMookie BettsOrange Relic5
553CMookie BettsGold Relic1
601Freddie Freeman665
617James OutmanRC952
663Freddie Freeman
Mookie Betts
668Mookie Betts727
736LeBron James
Mookie Betts
758Michael BuschRC879
760Mookie Betts603
762Mookie Betts723
769Freddy Freeman577
783Clayton Kershaw624
784Mookie Betts553
793Mookie Betts1,205
833Freddie Freeman580
886Freddie Freeman517
877Los Angeles Dodgers612
906Freddie Freeman1,048
909Mookie Betts884
910Clayton Kershaw1,114
926Freddie Freeman
Max Muncy
Mookie Betts
940Freddie Freeman663
OS21Shohei Ohtani107,541
OS23Shohei Ohtani61,116
OS25APurple Relic25
OS25BRed Relic10
OS25COrange Relic5
OS25DGold Relic1
OS26Yoshinobu Yamamoto
Shohei Ohtani
Total Print Run: 331,189


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
21Blake SabolRC719
38San Francisco Giants393
39David Villar341
62Blake SabolRC579
63JD Davis234
148Michael Conforto
Mike Yastrzemski
181Alex Cobb294
184Blake SabolRC678
273Casey SchmittRC2,434
324Patrick BaileyRC1,355
330Patrick BaileyRC945
429Brandon Crawford1,125
439Keaton Winn798
443Luis Matos1,982
467Mike Yastrzemski522
490Luis Matos858
547Logan Webb550
624Marco Luciano1,863
629Marco Luciano1,413
632JD Davis274
703Patrick BaileyRC1,139
780Kyle Harrison2,890
785Alex Cobb302
836Wilmer Flores
Mitch Haniger
JD Davis
OS24Jung Hoo Lee5,761
OS24AJung Hoo LeePurple Relic25
OS24BJung Hoo LeeRed Relic10
OS24CJung Hoo LeeOrange Relic5
OS24DJung Hoo LeeGold Relic1
Total Print Run: 28,122


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
17Steven Kwan379
81Will BrennanRC774
82Josh Bell245
193Tanner BibeeRC1,179
288Josh Naylor404
305Brayan RocchioRC785
352Jose Ramirez272
369Josh Naylor298
408Jose Ramirez882
415Will BrennanRC583
416Cleveland Guardians416
477Gavin Williams1,028
507Bo NaylorRC1,235
509Jose Ramirez954
539Gavin Williams861
567Bo Naylor
Josh Naylor
582Josh Naylor302
622Gabriel Arias312
637Jose Ramirez347
670Gavin Williams665
675Tanner Bibee
Gavin Williams
688Jose Tena585
782Bo NaylorRC492
887Jose Ramirez296
928Terry Francona1,705
928ATerry FranconaAutograph99
928BTerry FranconaBlue Auto49
928CTerry FranconaPurple Auto25
928DTerry FranconaRed Auto10
928ETerry FranconaOrange Auto5
928FTerry FranconaGold Auto1
Total Print Run: 16,522


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
53Teoscar Hernandez
AJ Pollock
66Julio Rodriguez1,501
108Jarred Kelenic648
151Julio Rodriguez7,864
163Julio Rodriguez1,088
210Cal Raleigh354
225Bryce MillerRC1,616
252Bryce MillerRC1,099
256Logan Gilbert321
285Bryce MillerRC1,009
296Cal Raleigh762
326Jose CaballeroRC1,055
332Luis Castillo503
343Bryce MillerRC1,178
355Eugenio Suarez340
459Julio Rodriguez917
483Bryan Woo948
525Logan Gilbert358
544Felix Hernandez670
556Julio Rodriguez1,106
556AJulio RodriguezRed Relic10
556BJulio RodriguezOrange Relic5
556CJulio RodriguezGold Relic1
558Julio Rodriguez2,457
559Ken Griffey Jr
Julio Rodriguez
563Seattle Mariners940
618Julio Rodriguez914
643Julio Rodriguez1,215
649Cade Marlowe1,173
653Eugenio Suarez522
676Julio Rodriguez2,111
677Logan Gilbert414
697Felix Hernandez1,147
697AFelix HernandezAutograph99
697BFelix HernandezBlue Auto49
697CFelix HernandezPurple Auto25
697DFelix HernandezRed Auto10
697EFelix HernandezOrange Auto5
697FFelix HernandezGold Auto1
714Cal Raleigh411
719Julio Rodriguez1,961
723Julio Rodriguez1,563
731Julio Rodriguez4,200
731AJulio RodriguezAutograph99
731BJulio RodriguezBlue Auto49
731CJulio RodriguezPurple Auto25
731DJulio RodriguezRed Auto10
731EJulio RodriguezOrange Auto5
731FJulio RodriguezGold Auto1
765Julio Rodriguez2,333
771Julio Rodriguez1,260
777Julio Rodriguez1,378
813Julio Rodriguez2,890
854Cal Raleigh628
855Julio Rodriguez5,306
897Julio Rodriguez1,745
916Seattle Mariners347
930Megan Rapinoe1,229
934JP Crawford729
935Julio Rodriguez1,578
OS6Julio Rodriguez1,041
Total Print Run: 66,504


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
16Miami Marlins295
46Sandy Alcantara316
100Luis Arraex746
100ALuis ArraexAutograph Relic99
100BLuis ArraexBlue Auto Relic49
100CLuis ArraexPurple Auto Relic25
100DLuis ArraexRed Auto Relic10
100ELuis ArraexOrange Auto Relic5
100FLuis ArraexGold Auto Relic1
196Jean Segura205
263Jorge Soler365
274Eury PerezRC1,890
299Jorge Soler202
315Eury PerezRC909
382Luis Arraez313
395Luis Arraez536
462Jacob Amaya440
464Luis Arraez524
482Braxton Garrett156
497Eury PerezRC1,023
526Dane Myers569
606Jesus Luzardo246
607Luis Arraez520
620Sandy Alcantara232
681Josh Bell436
705Jake Burger369
709Jorge Soler
Luis Arraez
Josh Bell
733Eury PerezRC875
873Jazz Chisholm Jr422
882Jazz Chisholm Jr349
888Luis Arraez308
947Miami Marlins475
954Luis Arraez699
OS13Skip Schumaker246
Total Print Run: 14,171


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
32Kodai SengaRC6,207
32AKodai SengaAutograph99
32BKodai SengaBlue Auto49
32CKodai SengaPurple Auto25
32DKodai SengaRed Auto10
32EKodai SengaOrange Auto5
32FKodai SengaGold Auto1
65Pete Alonso1492
122Francisco Lindor596
123New York Mets600
150Brandon Nimmo501
157Pete Alonso671
164Pete Alonso673
195Brett BatyRC1,287
246Bartolo Colon595
260Francisco AlvarezRC1,322
266Justin Verlander656
308Kodai SengaRC1,737
309Mark VientosRC1,144
310Francisco AlvarezRC1,208
311Pete Alonso1,102
311APete AlonsoAutograph99
311BPete AlonsoBlue Auto49
311CPete AlonsoPurple Auto25
311DPete AlonsoRed Auto10
311EPete AlonsoOrange Auto5
311FPete AlonsoGold Auto1
320Pete Alonso802
321Francisco Lindor519
327Max Scherzer
Justin Verlander
364Brandon Nimmo
365Kodai SengaRC
383Pete Alonso688
440Brandon Nimmo529
502Francisco Lindor880
533Francisco Lindor532
554Pete Alonso700
554APete AlonsoRed Relic10
554BPete AlonsoOrange Relic5
554CPete AlonsoGold Relic1
587Francisco AlvarezRC1,113
615Pete Alonso626
627Pete Alonso662
636Justin Verlander1,215
669Pete Alonso695
682Pete Alonso846
702Kodai SengaRC1,097
713Pete Alonso542
796Ronny Mauricio4,001
796ARonny MauricioRelic99
796BRonny MauricioBlue Relic49
796CRonny MauricioPurple Relic25
796DRonny MauricioRed Relic10
796ERonny MauricioOrange Relic5
796FRonny MauricioGold Relic1
807Ronny Mauricio1,410
809Pete Alonso863
820Francisco AlvarezRC1,033
835Kodai SengaRC1,164
858Ronny Mauricio7,171
858ARonny MauricioRelic99
858BRonny MauricioGreen Relic75
858CRonny MauricioBlue Relic49
858DRonny MauricioPurple Relic25
858ERonny MauricioRed Relic10
858FRonny MauricioOrange Relic5
858GRonny MauricioGold Relic1
923Kodai SengaRC2,374
923AKodai SengaRCAutograph99
923BKodai SengaRCBlue Auto49
923CKodai SengaRCPurple Auto25
923DKodai SengaRCRed Auto10
923EKodai SengaRCOrange Auto5
923FKodai SengaRCGold Auto1
924Francisco Lindor1,134
Total Print Run: 52,688


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
29MacKenzie Gore564
79Stone GarrettRC509
234Alex CallRC702
251Joey MenesesRC512
258Jake IrvinRC695
347Luis Garcia374
619CJ Abrams429
695Keibert Ruiz430
704Jeter DownsRC526
826Jacob Young1,033
841Lane Thomas292
914Jackson Rutledge456
953CJ Abrams589
Total Print Run: 7,111


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
4Adley RutschmanRC9,064
42Gunnar HendersonRC3,461
57Grayson RodriguezRC2,818
97Ryan Mountcastle1,022
97ARyan MountcastleAutograh99
97BRyan MountcastleBlue Auto49
97CRyan MountcastlePurple Auto25
97DRyan MountcastleRed Auto10
97ERyan MountcastleOrange Auto5
97FRyan MountcastleGold Auto1
114Adley RutschmanRC4,984
160Adam Frazier361
200Grayson RodriguezRC1,396
200AGrayson RodriguezRCPurple Relic25
200BGrayson RodriguezRCRed Relic10
200CGrayson RodriguezRCOrange Relic5
200DGrayson RodriguezRCGold Relic1
224Ryan Mountcastle424
238Anthony Santander391
259Adley RutschmanRC1,980
275Cedric Mullins1173
275ACedric MullinsAutograph99
275BCedric MullinsBlue Auto49
275CCedric MullinsPurple Auto25
275DCedric MullinsRed Auto10
275ECedric MullinsOrange Auto5
275FCedric MullinsGold Auto1
342Gunnar HendersonRC1,257
425Gunnar HendersonRC3,186
436Gunnar HendersonRC3,409
489Ryan McKenna345
500Jordan Westburg2,239
529Colton Cowser2,992
532Gunnar HendersonRC2,861
532AGunnar HendersonRCBlue Auto49
532BGunnar HendersonRCPurple Auto25
532CGunnar HendersonRCRed Auto10
532DGunnar HendersonRCOrange Auto5
532EGunnar HendersonRCGold Auto1
537Cedric Mullins709
552Adley RutschmanRC1,799
552AAdley RutschmanRCRed Relic10
552BAdley RutschmanRCOrange Relic5
552CAdley RutschmanRCGold Relic1
557Adley RutschmanRC3,194
589Angel Reese1,480
594Baltimore Orioles585
611Jordan Westburg1,530
626Anthony Santander675
656Colton Cowser
Ryan Mountcastle
Adley Rutschman
Gunnar Henderson
656AAdley Rutschman
Gunnar Henderson
Blue Auto49
656BAdley Rutschman
Gunnar Henderson
Purple Auto25
656CAdley Rutschman
Gunnar Henderson
Red Auto10
656DAdley Rutschman
Gunnar Henderson
Orange Auto5
656EAdley Rutschman
Gunnar Henderson
Gold Auto1
659Kyle Gibson459
706Cedric Mullins886
738Gunnar HendersonRC2,956
840Baltimore Orioles841
869Heston Kjerstad3,585
875Gunnar Henderson2,924
881Baltimore Orioles2,050
936Baltimore Orioles3,424
978Gunnar HendersonRC3,859
OS4Adley RutschmanRC1,830
OS9Gunnar HendersonRC1,896
OS10Gunnar HendersonRC9,368
OS10CEGunnar HendersonRCCollector’s Edition23
OS10AGunnar HendersonRCBlue Auto49
OS10BGunnar HendersonRCPurple Auto25
OS10CGunnar HendersonRCRed Auto10
OS10DGunnar HendersonRCOrange Auto5
OS10EGunnar HendersonRCGold Auto1
OS12Brandon Hyde526
OS30Corbin Burnes764
Total Print Run: 98,410


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
ST-1Manny Machado639
44David Dahl
Ha-Seong Kim
86Nelson Cruz241
130Jake Cronenworth315
171Fernando Tatis Jr458
176Matt Carpenter289
207Manny Machado508
207AManny MachadoRelic99
207BManny MachadoBlue Relic49
207CManny MachadoPurple Relic25
207DManny MachadoRed Relic10
207EManny MachadoOrange Relic5
207FManny MachadoGold Relic1
215San Diego Padres210
221Xander Bogaerts323
228Brett SullivanRC587
239Fernando Tatis Jr813
399Tom CosgroveRC606
403Juan Soto975
418Yu Darvish1,579
442Fernando Tatis Jr773
531Manny Machado390
569Manny Machado995
595Xander Bogaerts258
644Fernando Tatis Jr1,510
644AFernando Tatis JrRelic99
644BFernando Tatis JrBlue Relic49
644CFernando Tatis JrPurple Relic25
644DFernando Tatis JrTeam Color Relic23
644EFernando Tatis JrRed Relic10
644FFernando Tatis JrOrange Relic5
644FFernando Tatis JrGold Relic1
644TR1Fernando Tatis JrPurple Triple Relic25
644TR2Fernando Tatis JrRed Triple Relic10
644TR3Fernando Tatis JrOrange Triple Relic5
644TR4Fernando Tatis JrGold Triple Relic1
693Ha-Seong Kim483
710Yu Darvish1,352
710AYu DarvishRelic99
710BYu DarvishBlue Relic49
710CYu DarvishPurple Relic25
710DYu DarvishRed Relic10
710EYu DarvishOrange Relic5
710FYu DarvishGold Relic1
718Fernando Tatis Jr1,101
803Blake Snell323
865Juan Soto490
872Matt Waldron401
883Juan Soto763
891Xander Bogaerts370
913Fernando Tatis Jr1,789
920Juan Soto577
OS15Blake Snell1,073
OS15CEBlake SnellCollector’s Edition23
OS15ABlake SnellAutograph99
OS15BBlake SnellBlue Auto49
OS15CBlake SnellPurple Auto25
OS15DBlake SnellRed Auto10
OS15EBlake SnellOrange Auto5
OS15FBlake SnellGold Auto1
Total Print Run: 21,603


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
48Kyle Schwarber517
74Bryson Stott464
89Alec Bohm402
135Bryson Stott481
142Bryson Stott628
280Bryce Harper621
340Trea Turner
Alec Bohm
346Craig Kimbrel1,323
350Zack Wheeler352
389Aaron Nola387
407Kody ClemensRC760
414Kyle Schwarber571
434JT Realmuto1,369
518Alec Bohm456
535Cristian Pache554
573Johan Royas1,293
685Michael Lorenzen5,185
686Wes Wilson2,031
691Johan Rojas667
729Trea Turner848
742Bryce Harper2,118
747Trea Turner691
786Bryce Harper4,660
786ABryce HarperRelic99
786BBryce HarperBlue Relic49
786CBryce HarperPurple Relic25
786DBryce HarperRed Auto Relic10
786EBryce HarperOrange Auto Relic5
786FBryce HarperGold Auto Relic1
794Philadephia Phillies1,214
805Trea Turner621
825Kyle Schwarber613
838Trea Turner507
850Trea Turner586
860Bryce Harper1,056
860ABryce HarperRelic99
860BBryce HarperGreen Relic75
860CBryce HarperBlue Relic49
860DBryce HarperPurple Relic25
860EBryce HarperRed Relic10
860FBryce HarperOrange Relic5
860GBryce HarperGold Relic1
915Orion Kerkering1,232
919Philadelphia Phillies1,308
931Danielle Fishel4,993
931ADanielle FishelAutograph99
931BDanielle FishelBlue Auto49
931CDanielle FishelPurple Auto25
931DDanielle FishelRed Auto5
931EDanielle FishelOrange Auto5
931FDanielle FishelGold Auto1
962Rhys Hoskins897
963Bryce Harper1,286
968Bryson Stott2,148
968ABryson StottAutograph99
968BBryson StottBlue Auto49
968CBryson StottPurple Auto25
968DBryson StottRed Auto10
968EBryson StottOrange Auto5
968FBryson StottGold Auto1
969Philadelphia Phillies872
974Bryce Harper992
982JT Realmuto742
992Bryce Harper9,720
992ABryce HarperRelic99
992BBryce HarperGreen Relic75
992CBryce HarperBlue Relic49
992DBryce HarperPurple Relic25
992EBryce HarperRed Relic10
992FBryce HarperOrange Relic5
992GBryce HarperGold Relic1
993Nick Castellanos1,687
999Nick Castellanos2,259
999ANick CastellanosRelic99
999BNick CastellanosGreen Relic75
999CNick CastellanosBlue Relic49
999DNick CastellanosPurple Relic25
999ENick CastellanosRed Relic10
999FNick CastellanosOrange Relic5
999GNick CastellanosGold Relic1
1000Trea Turner1,615
1001Matt Strahm1,880
1002Philadelphia Phillies1,690
1007Kyle Schwarber1,206
1007AKyle SchwarberBlue Auto49
1007BKyle SchwarberPurple Auto25
1007CKyle SchwarberRed Auto10
1007DKyle SchwarberOrange Auto5
1007EKyle SchwarberGold Auto1
1008Bryce Harper2,083
1009Nick Castellanos1,151
1010Zack Wheeler916
1012Kyle Schwarber1,140
1012AKyle SchwarberRelic99
1012BKyle SchwarberGreen Relic75
1012CKyle SchwarberBlue Relic49
1012DKyle SchwarberPurple Relic25
1012EKyle SchwarberRed Relic10
1012FKyle SchwarberOrange Relic5
1012GKyle SchwarberGold Relic1
1013Philadelphia Phillies1,274
1025Kyle Schwarber942
1028Zack Wheeler945
1029Kyle Schwarber1,023
1030Kyle Schwarber
Bryce Harper
1030AKyle Schwarber
Bryce Harper
1030BKyle Schwarber
Bryce Harper
Green Relic75
1030CKyle Schwarber
Bryce Harper
Blue Relic49
1030DKyle Schwarber
Bryce Harper
Purple Relic25
1030EKyle Schwarber
Bryce Harper
Red Relic10
1030FKyle Schwarber
Bryce Harper
Orange Relic5
1030GKyle Schwarber
Bryce Harper
Gold Relic1
1031Bryce Harper1,866
OS8Bryce Harper926
Total Print Run: 81,579


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
49Ji-Hwan BaeRC971
69Andrew McCutchen619
70Bryan Reynolds387
98Ji Hwan BaeRC907
99Ji Man Choi
Ji Hwan Bae
129Andrew McCutchen364
190Drew MaggiRC1,397
190ADrew MaggiRCAutograph99
190BDrew MaggiRCBlue Auto49
190CDrew MaggiRCPurple Auto25
190DDrew MaggiRCRed Auto10
190EDrew MaggiRCOrange Auto5
190FDrew MaggiRCGold Auto1
201Drew MaggiRC1,209
202Jack Suwinski322
254Mitch Keller383
289Mitch Keller369
331Andrew McCutchen470
413Ke’Bryan Hayes278
426Andrew McCutchen1,507
468Henry Davis4,464
481Henry Davis1,488
491Andrew McCutchen400
501Nick Gonzales1,394
508Jared Triolo945
514Carlos Santana446
590Endy Rodriguez1,204
600Henry Davis1,409
603Endy Rodriguez988
613Quinn Priester885
631Alika Williams533
635Josh Palacios467
776Johan Oviedo423
908Pittsburgh Pirates338
Total Print Run: 25,350


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
8Bubba ThompsonRC1,374
19Mitch Garver359
58Jacob deGrom397
92Andrew Heaney250
105Jonah Heim278
170Adolis Garcia459
170AAdolis GarciaAutograph99
170BAdolis GarciaBlue Auto49
170CAdolis GarciaPurple Auto25
170DAdolis GarciaRed Auto10
170EAdolis GarciaOrange Auto5
170FAdolis GarciaGold Auto1
208Nathan Eovaldi217
213Josh JungRC1,002
272Nathan Eovaldi232
292Adolis Garcia239
367Grant AndersonRC586
398Marcus Semien324
424Corey Seager285
550Adolis Garcia533
550AAdolis GarciaRed Relic10
550BAdolis GarciaOrange Relic5
550CAdolis GarciaGold Relic1
591Alex Speas608
605Marcus Semien358
634Max Scherzer554
650Max Scherzer626
678Max Scherzer313
810Adolis Garcia365
839Evan Carter1,742
846Evan Carter749
852Evan Carter1,220
857Corey Seager503
944Texas Rangers359
958Evan Carter1679
964Evan Carter1,485
964AEvan CarterAutograph99
964BEvan CarterBlue Auto49
964CEvan CarterPurple Auto25
964DEvan CarterRed Auto10
964EEvan CarterOrange Auto5
964FEvan CarterGold Auto1
965Texas Rangers392
970Evan Carter1,028
971Josh JungRC1,123
971AJosh JungRCAutograph99
971BJosh JungRCBlue Auto49
971CJosh JungRCPurple Auto25
971DJosh JungRCRed Auto10
971EJosh JungRCOrange Auto5
971FJosh JungRCGold Auto1
977Mitch Garver711
989Corey Seager640
998ACorey SeagerRelic99
989BCorey SeagerGreen Relic75
989CCorey SeagerBlue Relic49
989DCorey SeagerPurple Relic25
989ECorey SeagerRed Relic10
989FCorey SeagerOrange Relic5
989GCorey SeagerGold Relic1
990Nathan Eovaldi570
991Texas Rangers588
1003Jordan Montgomery428
1004Evan Carter1,839
1005Adolis Garcia464
1006Jose Leclerc464
1016Josh JungRC1,107
1017Leody Taveras409
1020Corey Seager298
1023Adolis Garcia367
1032Adolis Garcia2,315
1033Evan Carter2,804
1036Corey Seager828
1037Evan Carter1,678
1038Adolis Garcia1,449
1039Texas Rangers1,111
1039ATexas RangersRelic99
1039BTexas RangersGreen Relic75
1039CTexas RangersBlue Relic49
1039DTexas RangersPurple Relic25
1039ETexas RangersRed Relic10
1039FTexas RangersOrange Relic5
1039GTexas RangersGold Relic1
1046Ivan Rodriguez722
1047George W Bush1,984
1048Evan Carter1,677
1051Corey Seager1,374
1052Adolis Garcia1,793
1052AAdolis GarciaAuto Relic99
1052BAdolis GarciaGreen Auto Relic75
1052CAdolis GarciaBlue Auto Relic49
1052DAdolis GarciaPurple Auto Relic25
1052EAdolis GarciaRed Auto Relic10
1052FAdolis GarciaOrange Auto Relic5
1052GAdolis GarciaGold Auto Relic1
1053Fergie Jenkins
Adrian Beltre
1061Texas Rangers583
1062Evan Carter1,253
1063Corey Seager865
1063ACorey SeagerRelic99
1063BCorey SeagerGreen Relic75
1063CCorey SeagerBlue Relic49
1063DCorey SeagerPurple Relic25
1063ECorey SeagerRed Relic10
1063FCorey SeagerOrange Relic5
1063GCorey SeagerGold Relic1
1064Jon Gray527
1065Texas Rangers632
1066Corey Seager1,810
1067Marcus Semien977
1067AMarcus SemienAutograph99
1067BMarcus SemienBlue Auto49
1067CMarcus SemienPurple Auto25
1067DMarcus SemienRed Auto10
1067EMarcus SemienOrange Auto5
1067FMarcus SemienGold Auto1
1068Travis Jankowski850
1069Texas Rangers928
1070Texas Rangers801
1071Nathan Eovaldi1,049
1072Corey Seager1,271
1073Evan Carter2,198
1073AEvan CarterRelic99
1073BEvan CarterGreen Relic75
1073CEvan CarterBlue Relic49
1073DEvan CarterPurple Relic25
1073EEvan CarterRed Relic10
1073FEvan CarterOrange Relic5
1073GEvan CarterGold Relic1
1074Mitch Garver904
1075Jonah Heim957
1076Marcus Semien1,064
1077Will Smith955
1078Texas Rangers2,205
1078ATexas RangersRelic99
1078BTexas RangersGreen Relic75
1078CTexas RangersBlue Relic49
1078DTexas RangersPurple Relic25
1078ETexas RangersRed Relic10
1078FTexas RangersOrange Relic5
1078GTexas RangersGold Relic1
1079Corey Seager2,244
1079ACorey SeagerBlue Relic49
1079BCorey SeagerPurple Relic25
1079CCorey SeagerRed Relic10
1079DCorey SeagerOrange Relic5
1079ECorey SeagerGold Relic1
WS2AAdolis GarciaAutograph99
WS2BAdolis GarciaBlue Auto49
WS2CAdolis GarciaPurple Auto25
WS2DAdolis GarciaRed Auto10
WS2EAdolis GarciaOrange Auto5
WS2FAdolis GarciaGold Auto1
WS3AEvan CarterAutograph99
WS3BEvan CarterBlue Auto49
WS3CEvan CarterPurple Auto25
WS3DEvan CarterRed Auto10
WS3EEvan CarterOrange Auto5
WS3FEvan CarterGold Auto1
WS4AJosh JungRCAutograph99
WS4BJosh JungRCBlue Auto49
WS4CJosh JungRCPurple Auto25
WS4DJosh JungRCRed Auto10
WS4EJosh JungRCOrange Auto5
WS4FJosh JungRCGold Auto1
OS1Texas Rangers745
OS2Adolis Garcia592
OS3Evan Carter1,406
Total Print Run: 79,942


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
28Jeffrey Springs380
47Tampa Bay Rays232
77Tampa Bay Rays295
80Brandon Lowe284
88Tampa Bay Rays393
111Taj BradleyRC1,567
115Braden BristoRC757
116Tampa Bay Rays1,046
159Christian Bethancourt
Brandon Lowe
168Tampa Bay Rays363
168ATampa Bay RaysBlue Relic49
168BTampa Bay RaysPurple Relic25
168CTampa Bay RaysRed Relic10
168DTampa Bay RaysOrange Relic5
168ETampa Bay RaysGold Relic1
169Randy Arozarena451
177Tampa Bay Rays407
182Wander Franco955
248Isaac Paredes210
271Josh Lowe265
404Randy Arozarena970
412Isaac Paredes227
473Taj BradleyRC487
545Wade Boggs591
549Randy Arozarena662
549ARandy ArozarenaRed Relic10
549BRandy ArozarenaOrange Relic5
549CRandy ArozarenaGold Relic1
689Wander Franco1,113
696Randy Arozarena332
717Brandon Lowe373
748Osleivis Basabe930
817Brandon Lowe333
842Yandy Diaz226
884Tampa Bay Rays229
911Junior Caminero4,139
951Junior Caminero1,771
Total Print Run: 20,332

Red Sox

#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
5Masataka YoshidaRC6,499
24Adam Duvall570
41Masataka YoshidaRC4,756
41AMasataka YoshidaRCAutograph99
41BMasataka YoshidaRCBlue Auto49
41CMasataka YoshidaRCPurple Auto25
41DMasataka YoshidaRCRed Auto10
41EMasataka YoshidaRCOrange Auto5
41FMasataka YoshidaRCGold Auto1
75Rafael Devers297
145Alex Verdugo429
153Enmanuel ValdezRC715
173Masataka YoshidaRC3,456
173AMasataka YoshidaRCAutograph99
173BMasataka YoshidaRCBlue Auto49
173CMasataka YoshidaRCPurple Auto25
173DMasataka YoshidaRCRed Auto10
173EMasataka YoshidaRCOrange Auto5
173FMasataka YoshidaRCGold Auto1
183Jarren Duran401
205Alex Verdugo300
218Enmanuel ValdezRC622
219Alex Verdugo336
236Rafael Devers483
236ARafael DeversAuto Relic99
236BRafael DeversBlue Auto Relic49
236CRafael DeversPurple Auto Relic25
236DRafael DeversRed Auto Relic10
236ERafael DeversOrange Auto Relic5
236FRafael DeversGold Auto Relic1
267Kenley Jansen561
303Masataka YoshidaRC1,839
373Rafael Devers442
448Justin Turner399
449Masataka YoshidaRC2,305
450Joe Jacques517
521Jarren Duran546
566Masataka YoshidaRC2,559
576Masataka YoshidaRC1,979
581Nick Pivetta422
673Pablo Reyes516
728Luis Urias568
757Wilyer Abreu985
768Alex Verdugo478
781Ceddanne Rafaela2,065
856Ceddanne Rafaela1,101
Total Print Run: 36,713


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
73Nick Lodolo306
132Wil Myers302
178TJ Friedl371
187Nick Senzel295
297Matt McLainRC2,299
301Brandon WilliamsonRC988
333Matt McLainRC1,229
349Hunter Greene392
351Jonathan India429
390Andrew Abbott1,305
392Elly De La Cruz25,773
393Matt McLainRC1,636
400Elly De La Cruz18,972
400AElly De La CruzRelic99
400BElly De La CruzBlue Relic49
400CElly De La CruzPurple Relic25
400DElly De La CruzRed Relic10
400EElly De La CruzOrange Relic5
400FElly De La CruzGold Relic1
401Will BensonRC1,364
402Elly De La Cruz
Will Benson
422Andrew Abbott762
430Elly De La Cruz3,526
435Ricky Karcher666
438Brandon WilliamsonRC610
452Andrew Abbott908
465Joey Votto1,101
474Cincinnati Reds829
485Elly De La Cruz28,242
485AElly De La CruzRelic199
485BElly De La CruzBlack Relic99
485CElly De La CruzBlue Relic49
485DElly De La CruzPurple Relic25
485EElly De La CruzRed Relic10
485FElly De La CruzOrange Relic5
485GElly De La CruzGold Relic1
513Matt McLain
Spencer Steer
520Andrew Abbott1,043
523Elly De La Cruz5,884
541Elly De La Cruz30,759
541AElly De La CruzRelic199
541BElly De La CruzBlack Relic99
541CElly De La CruzBlue Relic49
541DElly De La CruzPurple Relic25
541EElly De La CruzRed Relic10
541FElly De La CruzOrange Relic5
541GElly De La CruzGold Relic1
575Elly De La Cruz8,230
583Christian Encarnacion-Strand4,940
584Joey Votto1,783
584AJoey VottoAutograph99
584BJoey VottoBlue Auto49
584CJoey VottoPurple Auto25
584DJoey VottoRed Auto10
584EJoey VottoOrange Auto5
584FJoey VottoGold Auto1
593Andrew Abbott988
598Matt McLainRC2,121
651Elly De La Cruz7,370
699Elly De La Cruz
Matt McLain
Spencer Steer
700Elly De La Cruz6,761
721Christian Encarnacion-Strand1,781
735Noelvi Marte2,866
730Elly De La Cruz4,893
737Noelvi Marte1,474
746Elly De La Cruz5,888
749Elly De La Cruz5,264
751Noelvi Marte1,199
795Noelvi Marte1,852
816Noelvi Marte1,476
823Christian Encarnacion-Strand
Elly De La Cruz
870Spencer SteerRC864
895Hunter Greene706
912Joey Votto1,626
921Elly De La Cruz5,056
921AElly De La CruzRelic99
921BElly De La CruzGreen Relic75
921CElly De La CruzBlue Relic49
921DElly De La CruzPurple Relic25
921EElly De La CruzRed Relic10
921FElly De La CruzOrange Relic5
921GElly De La CruzGold Relic1
Total Print Run: 208,455


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
9CJ Cron819
185Brenton DoyleRC694
214Charlie Blackmon
Larry Walker
247Brenton DoyleRC541
345Ezequiel TovarRC558
427Coco Montes573
428Nolan JonesRC607
564Elias Diaz943
564AElias DiazBlue Relic49
564BElias DiazPurple Relic25
564CElias DiazRed Relic10
564DElias DiazOrange Relic5
564EElias DiazGold Relic1
578Nolan Jones
Alan Trejo
847Hunter Goodman524
Total Print Run: 6,323


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
113Bobby Witt Jr732
232Zack Greinke372
270Freddy FerminRC613
286Zack Greinke604
348Bobby Witt Jr539
354Michael MasseyRC546
357Bobby Witt Jr701
456Samad Taylor885
480Austin CoxRC546
510Freddy FerminRC567
628Bobby Witt Jr1,836
628ABobby Witt JrAutograph99
628BBobby Witt JrBlue Auto49
628CBobby Witt JrPurple Auto25
628DBobby Witt JrRed Auto10
628EBobby Witt JrOrange Auto5
628FBobby Witt JrGold Auto1
645Bobby Witt Jr924
652Bobby Witt Jr1,545
708Bobby Witt Jr1,076
711Maikel GarciaRC638
722Cole RagansRC537
743Bobby Witt Jr1,197
797Nick Loftin1,264
878Logan Porter662
896Zack Greinke506
939Bobby Witt Jr2,642
957Zack Greinke661
Total Print Run: 19,782


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
59Miguel Cabrera948
61Miguel Cabrera1,877
118Nick Maton549
127Miguel Cabrera805
141Kerry CarpenterRC684
226Eric Haase356
235Eduardo Rodriguez317
242Riley GreeneRC1,061
353Riley GreeneRC863
363Miguel Cabrera546
378Reese Olson742
421Miguel Cabrera626
432Spencer Torkelson644
475Javier Baez452
538Detroit Tigers2,365
538ADetroit TigersRed Relic10
538BDetroit TigersOrange Relic5
538CDetroit TigersGold Relic1
630Miguel Cabrera731
684Miguel Cabrera851
712Miguel Cabrera1,069
744Parker Meadows1,286
761Parker Meadows1,668
770Miguel Cabrera953
802Miguel Cabrera795
818Miguel Cabrera1,288
880Miguel Cabrera491
893Miguel Cabrera888
929Miguel Cabrera1,712
937Miguel Cabrera1,033
942Miguel Cabrera2,723
952Miguel Cabrera4,273
952AMiguel CabreraBlue Auto49
952BMiguel CabreraPurple Auto25
952CMiguel CabreraRed Auto10
952DMiguel CabreraOrange Auto5
952EMiguel CabreraGold Auto1
Total Print Run: 32,702


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
26Minnesota Twins345
67Sonny Gray320
68Jose Miranda
Kyle Farmer
104Byron Buxton426
117Edouard JulienRC1,790
154Brent HeadrickRC728
268Alex Kirilloff321
341Jhoan Duran338
359Royce Lewis447
437Carlos Correa575
461Jordan Balazovic426
478Joe Ryan543
479Byron Buxton340
524Carlos Correa466
530Pablo Lopez400
609Ryan Jeffers283
660Joe Mauer945
660AJoe MauerAutograph99
660BJoe MauerBlue Auto49
660CJoe MauerPurple Auto25
660DJoe MauerRed Auto10
660EJoe MauerOrange Auto5
660FJoe MauerGold Auto1
664Matt WallnerRC646
775Royce Lewis909
814Royce Lewis842
845Pablo Lopez342
871Royce Lewis1,020
905Minnesota Twins781
959Royce Lewis1,649
959ARoyce LewisAutograph99
959BRoyce LewisBlue Auto49
959CRoyce LewisPurple Auto25
959DRoyce LewisRed Auto10
959ERoyce LewisOrange Auto5
959FRoyce LewisGold Auto1
960Minnesota Twins816
966Minnesota Twins582
966AMinnesota TwinsRelic99
966BMinnesota TwinsGreen Relic75
966CMinnesota TwinsBlue Relic49
966DMinnesota TwinsPurple Relic25
966EMinnesota TwinsRed Relic10
966FMinnesota TwinsOrange Relic5
966GMinnesota TwinsGold Relic1
979Carlos Correa1,059
980Pablo Lopez923
995Royce Lewis648
Total Print Run: 19,889

White Sox

#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
60Elvis Andrus352
71Oscar ColasRC1,459
128Oscar ColasRC856
212Andrew Vaughn255
222Andrew Benintendi270
361Liam Hendriks516
385Jake Burger313
386Liam Hendriks481
397Lucas Giolito252
417Luis Robert Jr283
457Zach Remillard797
460Lance Lynn230
551Luis Robert Jr683
551ALuis Robert JrRed Relic10
551BLuis Robert JrOrange Relic5
551CLuis Robert JrGold Relic1
608Lucas Giolito265
808Tim Anderson413
Total Print Run: 7,441


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
1Aaron Judge4,695
1AAaron JudgeRelic99
1BAaron JudgeBlue Relic49
1CAaron JudgePurple Relic25
1DAaron JudgeRed Relic10
1EAaron JudgeOrange Relic5
1FAaron JudgeGold Relic1
2Anthony VolpeRC19,614
3Gerrit Cole1,483
22Anthony VolpeRC14,094
30Jhony BritoRC1,640
31Anthony VolpeRC4,237
40Gleyber Torres525
76Giancarlo Stanton403
96Franchy Cordero526
119Anthony VolpeRC9,509
125Domingo German348
126Anthony VolpeRC2,287
134Gerrit Cole609
149Aaron Judge3,902
166DJ LeMahieu429
188Aaron Judge823
223Anthony VolpeRC2,445
231Jose Trevino298
264Anthony VolpeRC7,558
264AAnthony VolpeRCAutograph99
264BAnthony VolpeRCBlue Auto49
264CAnthony VolpeRCPurple Auto25
264DAnthony VolpeRCRed Auto10
264EAnthony VolpeRCOrange Auto5
264FAnthony VolpeRCGold Auto1
276Anthony Rizzo556
283Anthony VolpeRC3,406
284Aaron Judge1,073
295Aaron Judge1,605
304Aaron Judge1,032
318Aaron Judge1,393
323Aaron Judge1,017
335Gerrit Cole959
335AGerrit ColeAutograph99
335BGerrit ColeBlue Auto49
335CGerrit ColePurple Auto25
335DGerrit ColeRed Auto10
335EGerrit ColeOrange Auto5
335FGerrit ColeGold Auto1
336Aaron Judge1,118
337Anthony VolpeRC3,331
360Aaron Judge1,664
380Aaron Judge2,527
410Randy VasquezRC685
476Anthony VolpeRC2,239
484Isiah Kiner-Falefa415
506Domingo German12,537
506CEDomingo German27
506ADomingo GermanRelic199
506BDomingo GermanBlack Relic99
506CDomingo GermanBlue Relic49
506DDomingo GermanPurple Relic25
506EDomingo GermanRed Relic10
506FDomingo GermanOrange Relic5
506GDomingo GermanGold Relic1
519Anthony VolpeRC1,734
571Giancarlo Stanton489
577Gerrit Cole904
577AGerrit ColeBlue Relic49
577BGerrit ColePurple Relic25
577CGerrit ColeRed Relic10
577DGerrit ColeOrange Relic5
577EGerrit ColeGold Relic1
597Billy McKinney422
623Carlos Rodon377
690Anthony VolpeRC1,718
754Aaron Judge4,758
754AAaron JudgeRelic199
754BAaron JudgeBlack Relic99
754CAaron JudgeBlue Relic49
754DAaron JudgePurple Relic25
754EAaron JudgeRed Auto Relic10
754FAaron JudgeOrange Auto Relic5
754GAaron JudgeGold Auto Relic1
755Everson Pereira1,640
756Everson Pereira1,146
792Anthony VolpeRC5,777
792AAnthony VolpeRCAutograph99
792BAnthony VolpeRCBlue Auto49
792CAnthony VolpeRCPurple Auto25
792DAnthony VolpeRCRed Auto10
792EAnthony VolpeRCOrange Auto5
792FAnthony VolpeRCGold Auto1
798Jasson Dominguez25,381
798AJasson DominguezRelic99
798BJasson DominguezBlue Relic49
798CJasson DominguezPurple Relic25
798DJasson DominguezRed Relic10
798EJasson DominguezOrange Relic5
798FJasson DominguezGold Relic1
799Austin Wells3,027
800Aaron Judge5,034
800AAaron JudgeRelic99
800BAaron JudgeBlue Relic49
800CAaron JudgePurple Relic25
800DAaron JudgeRed Relic10
800EAaron JudgeOrange Relic5
800FAaron JudgeGold Relic1
812Jasson Dominguez6,907
819Giancarlo Stanton1,285
827Jasson Dominguez8,396
827AJasson DominguezRelic99
827BJasson DominguezGreen Relic75
827CJasson DominguezBlue Relic49
827DJasson DominguezPurple Relic25
827EJasson DominguezRed Relic10
827FJasson DominguezOrange Relic5
827GJasson DominguezGold Relic1
834Jasson Dominguez5,011
844Gerrit Cole576
849Kyle Higashioka328
899Austin Wells1,268
901Stephen A Smith763
901AStephen A SmithAutograph99
901BStephen A SmithBlue Auto49
901CStephen A SmithPurple Auto25
901DStephen A SmithRed Auto10
901EStephen A SmithOrange Auto5
901FStephen A SmithGold Auto1
904Aaron Judge2,976
904AAaron JudgeRelic99
904BAaron JudgeBlue Relic49
904CAaron JudgeGreen Relic75
904DAaron JudgePurple Relic25
904EAaron JudgeRed Relic10
904FAaron JudgeOrange Relic5
904GAaron JudgeGold Relic1
925Gerrit Cole1,154
1058Aaron Judge1,485
OS14Gerrit Cole2,158
OS14CEGerrit ColeCollector’s Edition23
OS14AGerrit ColeAutograph99
OS14BGerrit ColeBlue Auto49
OS14CGerrit ColePurple Auto25
OS14DGerrit ColeRed Auto10
OS14EGerrit ColeOrange Auto5
OS14FGerrit ColeGold Auto1
OS20Juan Soto7,212
OS22Juan Soto3,813
OS22AJuan SotoRelic199
OS22BJuan SotoBlack Relic99
OS22CJuan SotoBlue Relic49
OS22DJuan SotoPurple Relic25
OS22EJuan SotoRed Relic10
OS22FJuan SotoOrange Relic5
OS22GJuan SotoGold Relic1
Total Print Run: 210,056


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
13Pitch Timer3,200
25Miguel Cabrera
45Shohei Ohtani
87Jordan Walker
Ted Williams
124Major League Baseball559
140Shohei Ohtani
Masataka Yoshida
143Shohei Ohtani
Babe Ruth
144Fair or Fowl?
198Mookie Betts
206Major League Baseball516
206SGrandes Ligas de Beisbol638
233Shohei Ohtani
Babe Ruth
269Charles Leclerc2,284
376Major League Baseball2,162
470Spencer Strider
Dwight Gooden
472Victor Wembanyama48,654
472AVictor WembanyamaRelic499
472BVictor WembanyamaWhite Relic250
472CVictor WembanyamaGreen Relic199
472DVictor WembanyamaBlack Relic99
472EVictor WembanyamaBlue Relic49
472FVictor WembanyamaPurple Relic25
472GVictor WembanyamaRed Relic10
472HVictor WembanyamaOrange Relic5
742IVictor WembanyamaGold Relic1
495London Stadium824
527Sarah Langs1,037
548Major League Baseball960
561Vladimir Guerrero Jr
Vladimir Guerrero Sr
562Adolis Garcia
Randy Arozarena
565National League461
565ANational LeagueBlue Relic49
565BNational LeaguePurple Relic25
565CNational LeagueRed Relic10
565DNational LeagueOrange Relic5
565ENational LeagueGold Relic1
588Major League Baseball501
662Bryce Miller
Chase Silseth
679Miguel Cabrera
Robin Yount
701Ronald Acuna Jr
Rickey Henderson
720Bobby Witt Jr
Julio Rodriguez
740Bryson Stott
Joey Meneses
741Major League Baseball704
741AMajor League BaseballRelic99
741BMajor League BaseballBlue Relic49
741CMajor League BaseballPurple Relic25
741DMajor League BaseballRed Relic10
741EMajor League BaseballOrange Relic5
741FMajor League BaseballGold Relic1
750Elly De La Cruz
Shohei Ohtani
779Sister Jean5,074
801Jasson Dominguez
Ronny Mauricio
Austin Wells
837Major League Baseball893
OS18Shohei Ohtani
Ronald Acuna Jr
OS18CEShohei Ohtani
Ronald Acuna Jr
Collector’s Edition23
OS18AShohei Ohtani
Ronald Acuna Jr
Purple Relic25
OS18BShohei Ohtani
Ronald Acuna Jr
Red Relic10
OS18CShohei Ohtani
Ronald Acuna Jr
Orange Relic5
OS18DShohei Ohtani
Ronald Acuna Jr
Gold Relic1
OS29Ronald Acuna Jr
Shohei Ohtani
Total Print Run: 142,000

World Baseball Classic

#PlayerTeamVariantPrint Run
WBC-1Yoelkis GuibertCuba429
WBC-2Chadwick TrompNetherlands388
WBC-3Mariano RiveraPanama579
WBC-4Nien-Ting WuChinese Taipei653
WBC-5Team PanamaPanama307
WBC-6Robbie Glendinning
Robbie Perkins
WBC-7Jurickson Profar
Xander Bogaerts
WBC-8Shohei OhtaniJapan9,858
WBC-9Lars NootbaarJapan2,840
WBC-10Team ItalyItaly395
WBC-11Martin MuzikCzech Republic368
WBC-12Team Czech RepublicCzech Republic383
WBC-13Yoan Moncada
Yadil Mujica
WBC-14Masataka YoshidaJapan1,434
WBC-15Yu DarvishJapan1,211
WBC-16Yu Chang
Kungkuan Giljegiljaw
Chinese Taipei1,838
WBC-17Rixon WingroveAustralia281
WBC-18Jose Ramos
Harold Arauz
WBC-19Roki SasakiJapan5,796
WBC-20Team JapanJapan726
WBC-21Yu ChangChinese Taipei5,593
WBC-22Reynoldo Rodiriguez
Guillermo Zuniga
WBC-23Anthony Santander
Luis Garcia
WBC-24Kyle SchwarberUSA544
WBC-25Ha-Seong Kim
Se-Woong Park
WBC-26Shohei OhtaniJapan9,082
WBC-26AShohei OhtaniJapanRelic99
WBC-26BShohei OhtaniJapanBlue Relic49
WBC-26CShohei OhtaniJapanPurple Relic25
WBC-26DShohei OhtaniJapanRed Relic10
WBC-26EShohei OhtaniJapanOrange Relic5
WBC-26FShohei OhtaniJapanGold Relic1
WBC-27Yoshinobu YamamotoJapan1,962
WBC-28Team ItalyItaly387
WBC-29Garrett StubbsIsrael387
WBC-30Tyler O’NeillCanada429
WBC-31Salvador PerezVenezuela435
WBC-32Joey MenesesMexico677
WBC-33Alex HallAustralia316
WBC-34Kunwoo ParkKorea303
WBC-35Team KoreaKorea312
WBC-36Juan Soto
Manny Machado
Dominican Republic729
WBC-37Harry FordGreat Britain1,448
WBC-38Team Great BritainGreat Britain348
WBC-39Jose De LeonPuerto Rico607
WBC-40Team Puerto RicoPuerto Rico1,028
WBC-40ATeam Puerto RicoPuerto RicoPurple Relic25
WBC-40BTeam Puerto RicoPuerto RicoRed Relic10
WBC-40CTeam Puerto RicoPuerto RicoOrange Relic5
WBC-40DTeam Puerto RicoPuerto RicoGold Relic1
WBC-41Mike TroutUSA2,781
WBC-42Duque HebbertNicaragua675
WBC-43Noah Skirrow
Otto Lopez
WBC-44Julio Rodriguez
Manny Machado
Dominican Republic1,026
WBC-45Taijuan Walker
Alexis Wilson
WBC-46Team VenezuelaVenezuela311
WBC-47Eugenio SuarezVenezuela263
WBC-48Team CubaCuba374
WBC-49Randy ArozarenaMexico557
WBC-50Team Puerto RicoPuerto Rico454
WBC-51Mike TroutUSA2,059
WBC-52Kazuma OkamotoJapan1,204
WBC-53Shohei OhtaniJapan8,129
WBC-54Isaac Paredes
Alex Verdugo
Luis Urias
WBC-55Randy ArozarenaMexico716
WBC-56Team MexicoMexico649
WBC-57Ken Griffey JrUSA3,684
WBC-58Luis ArraezVenezuela428
WBC-59Kyle TuckerUSA592
WBC-60Trea TurnerUSA2,306
WBC-60ATrea TurnerUSARelic99
WBC-60BTrea TurnerUSABlue Relic49
WBC-60CTrea TurnerUSAPurple Relic25
WBC-60DTrea TurnerUSARed Relic10
WBC-60ETrea TurnerUSAOrange Relic5
WBC-60FTrea TurnerUSAGold Relic1
WBC-61Paul GoldschmidtUSA912
WBC-62Trea TurnerUSA952
WBC-63Team USAUSA898
WBC-64Luis UriasMexico1,018
WBC-65Masataka YoshidaJapan3,650
WBC-66Munetaka MurakamiJapan5,623
WBC-66AMunetaka MurakamiJapanRelic99
WBC-66BMunetaka MurakamiJapanBlue Relic49
WBC-66CMunetaka MurakamiJapanPurple Relic25
WBC-66DMunetaka MurakamiJapanRed Relic10
WBC-66EMunetaka MurakamiJapanOrange Relic5
WBC-66FMunetaka MurakamiJapanGold Relic1
WBC-67Team JapanJapan3,416
WBC-68Trea TrunerUSA3,271
WBC-69Munetaka MurakamiJapan5,195
WBC-70Kazuma OkamotoJapan4,028
WBC-71Shohei OhtaniJapan42,273
WBC-72Team JapanJapan13,840
WBC-72ATeam JapanJapanRelic99
WBC-72BTeam JapanJapanBlue Relic49
WBC-72CTeam JapanJapanPurple Relic25
WBC-72DTeam JapanJapanRed Relic10
WBC-72ETeam JapanJapanOrange Relic5
WBC-72FTeam JapanJapanGold Relic1
WBC-73Shohei OhtaniJapan17,071
WBC-73AShohei OhtaniJapanRelic99
WBC-73BShohei OhtaniJapanBlue Relic49
WBC-73CShohei OhtaniJapanPurple Relic25
WBC-73DShohei OhtaniJapanRed Relic10
WBC-73EShohei OhtaniJapanOrange Relic5
WBC-73FShohei OhtaniJapanGold Relic1
Total Print Run – 184,734

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