2023 Topps Museum Collection baseball card checklist

2023 Topps Museum Collection Checklist

Release Date: 11/22/23

Cards per Pack: 5

Packs per Hobby Box: 4

Hobby Boxes per Case: 12

Release Year Archive: 2023

Manufacturer Archive: Topps

Tag Archive: Museum Collection

Category Archive: Baseball Card Checklists


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Each box of 2023 Topps Museum Collection baseball cards includes one autographed relic card, one on-card autograph card, one quad-relic card, and one relic card. Case hits include framed autograph cards, jumbo relic autos, and authenticated relic autograph cards.

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2023 Topps Museum Collection baseball card gallery
2023 Topps Museum Collection Checklist

Base Set – 100 Cards
Copper – Limited
Gold – #/299
Sapphire – #/150
Amethyst – #/99
Ruby – #/50
Emerald – 1/1

Canvas Collection Reprints (CCR) – 50 Cards
Artist Proof – #/50

Archival Autographs (AA) – 91 Cards
Base – #/299 or fewer
Copper – #/50
Gold – #/25
Sapphire – #/20
Amethyst – #/15
Ruby – #/5
Emerald – 1/1

Atelier Auto Book Card (AABC) – 33 Cards
Base – #/25 or fewer

Superstar Showpieces Auto (SS) – 33 Cards
Base – #/25

Dual Auto (DA) – 22 Cards
Base – #/15 or fewer

Triple Auto (TA) – 11 Cards
Base – #/5

Museum Framed Auto (MFA) – 91 Cards
Silver – #/15
Gold – #/10
Black – #/5
Wood – 1/1

Framed Hall of Fame Auto (HOFA) – 5 Cards
Base – #/10 or fewer

Meaningful Material Relics I (MMR) – 194 Cards
Base – #/50 or fewer
Copper – #/35
Gold – #/25
Sapphire – #/20
Amethyst – #/15
Ruby – #/10
Emerald – 1/1

Dual Meaningful Material Relics (DMMR) – 38 Cards
Base – #/50 or fewer
Copper – #/35
Gold – #/25
Ruby – #/10
Emerald – 1/1

Momentous Material Jumbo Patch (MMJPR) – 49 Cards
Base – #/5
Emerald – 1/1

Museum Memorabilia I (MM1) – 93 Cards
Base – 1/1
Laundry Tag – 1/1

Museum Memorabilia II (MM2) – 78 Cards
Base – 1/1
Laundry Tag – 1/1

Jumbo Lumber Bat Nameplate (JLBNR) – 75 Cards
Base – 1/1

MLB Authenticated Base Relic (MABR) – 10 Cards
Base – #/10
Ruby – #/5
Emerald – 1/1

Single Player Primary Pieces Quad Relic I (SPPQR) – 112 Cards
Base – #/99
Copper – #/75
Gold – #/25
Sapphire – #/20
Amethyst – #/15
Ruby – #/10
Emerald – 1/1

Single Player Primary Pieces Quad Relic Legends (SPPQRL) – 27 Cards
Base – #/25
Ruby – #/10
Emerald – 1/1

Four Player Primary Pieces Quad Relic (FPQR) – 24 Cards
Base – #/99
Copper – #/75
Gold – #/25
Ruby – #/10
Emerald – 1/1

Museum Framed Auto Patch (MAP) – 21 Cards
Base – 1/1

Museum Framed Dual Auto Patch (MFDAP) – 24 Cards
Base – 1/1

Momentous Material Jumbo Patch Auto (MMJPA) – 74 Cards
Base – #/15 or fewer
Gold – #/10
Ruby – #/5
Emerald – 1/1

Momentous Material Dual Jumbo Patch Auto Book (MMDJPA) – 17 Cards
Base – #/5
Emerald – 1/1

Single Player Signature Swatches Dual Relic Auto (SWDRA) – 58 Cards
Base – #/399 or fewer
Copper – #/50
Gold – #/25
Sapphire – #/20
Amethyst – #/15
Ruby – #/10
Emerald – 1/1

Single Player Signature Swatches Triple Relic Auto (SWTRA) – 49 Cards
Base – #/399 or fewer
Copper – #/25
Gold – #/25
Emerald – 1/1

Autograph Jumbo Lumber Bat Relic (AJLBR) – 20 Cards
Base – #/5
Emerald – 1/1

Dual Auto Jumbo Lumber Bat Relic (DAJLBR) – 22 Cards
Base – #/5
Emerald – 1/1

MLB Authenticated Base Auto Relic (ABAR) – 8 Cards
Base – #/10
Ruby – #/5
Emerald – 1/1

MLB Authenticated Relic Auto (ARA) – 13 Cards
Base – #/15
Ruby – #/5
Emerald – 1/1

This checklist is organized by teams. Scroll through the entire list or jump to a preferred team by selecting them from the list below. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings.


26Mike Trout
42Shohei Ohtani
69Zach NetoRC
90Nolan Ryan
CCR-1Shohei Ohtani
CCR-2Mike Trout
CCR-14Shohei Ohtani
AABC-MTMike TroutAuto
AABC-SOHShohei OhtaniAuto
SS-MTMike TroutAuto
SS-SOShohei OhtaniAuto
DA-TOMike TroutAuto
MFA-MTMike TroutAuto
MFA-NRNolan RyanAuto
MFA-SOShohei OhtaniAuto
MMR-BMBrandon MarshRelic
MMR-LOLogan O’HoppeRCRelic
MMR-MTMike TroutRelic
MMR-SOShohei OhtaniRelic
MMR-THTorii HunterRelic
MMR-AREAnthony RendonRelic
MMR-RDEReid DetmersRelic
DMMR-OTShohei Ohtani
Mike Trout
DMMR-TOMike Trout
Shohei Ohtani
MMJPR-APAlbert PujolsRelic
MMJPR-AREAnthony RendonRelic
MMJPR-MTMike TroutRelic
MMJPR-SOShohei OhtaniRelic
MMJPR-THTorii HunterRelic
MM1-APAlbert PujolsRelic
MM1-AREAnthony RendonRelic
MM1-MTMike TroutRelic
MM1-RDEReid DetmersRelic
MM1-SOShohei OhtaniRelic
MM2-LOLogan O’HoppeRCRelic
MM2-MTRMike TroutRelic
MM2-SOShohei OhtaniRelic
JLBNR-APAlbert PujolsRelic
JLBNR-ARAnthony RendonRelic
JLBNR-MTMike TroutRelic
MABR-MTMike TroutRelic
MABR-SOShohei OhtaniRelic
SPPPQR-ARAnthony RendonRelic
SPPPQR-MTMike TroutRelic
SPPPQR-RDReid DetmersRelic
SPPPQR-SOShohei OhtaniRelic
FPQR-BTRAMike TroutRelic
Rod Carew
Shohei Ohtani
Nolan Ryan
FPQR-OVKDShohei OhtaniRelic
MAP-MTMike TroutAuto Relic
MAP-RCRod CarewAuto Relic
MFDAP-JTMike TroutAuto Relic
MMJPA-MTMike TroutAuto Relic
SWDRA-RDReid DetmersAuto Relic
SWTRA-LOLogan O’HoppeRCAuto Relic
AJLBR-MTMike TroutAuto Relic
DAJLBR-HGTorii Hunter
Vladimir Guerrero
Auto Relic
DAJLBR-TPAlbert Pujols
Mike Trout
Auto Relic
ABAR-MTMike TroutAuto Relic
ABAR-SOShohei OhtaniAuto Relic
ARA-MTMike TroutAuto Relic


12Kyle Tucker
17Alex Bregman
19Jose Altuve
44Justin Verlander
65Jeremy Peña
76Yordan Alvarez
AA-CBCraig BiggioAuto
AA-JPEJeremy PeñaAuto
AA-KTKyle TuckerAuto
AABC-JAJose AltuveAuto
AABC-JPJeremy PeñaAuto
AABC-KTKyle TuckerAuto
AABC-YAYordan AlvarezAuto
SS-JPJeremy PeñaAuto
SS-KTKyle TuckerAuto
TA-BPBCraig Biggio
Jeremy Peña
Jeff Bagwell
MFA-CBICraig BiggioAuto
MFA-JAJose AltuveAuto
MFA-JBAJeff BagwellAuto
MMR-ABRAlex BregmanRelic
MMR-CBICraig BiggioRelic
MMR-CJUCorey JulksRCRelic
MMR-CMCChas McCormickRelic
MMR-HBHunter BrownRCRelic
MMR-KLKorey LeeRCRelic
MMR-YAYordan AlvarezRelic
MMR-ABREAlex BregmanRelic
MMR-CJACristian JavierRelic
MMR-JAJose AltuveRelic
MMR-JPENJeremy PeñaRelic
MMR-KTKyle TuckerRelic
MMR-LMJLance McCullers Jr.Relic
MMR-MBRMichael BrantleyRelic
MMR-YAIYordan AlvarezRelic
DMMR-ABAlex Bregman
Yordan Alvarez
DMMR-PAJose Altuve
Jeremy Peña
DMMR-PBJeremy Peña
Alex Bregman
MMJPR-JAJose AltuveRelic
MMJPR-KTKyle TuckerRelic
MMJPR-YALYordan AlvarezRelic
MM1-ABRAlex BregmanRelic
MM1-FVFramber ValdezRelic
MM1-JAJose AltuveRelic
MM1-JPJeremy PeñaRelic
MM1-KTKyle TuckerRelic
MM1-KT2Kyle TuckerRelic
MM1-YAYordan AlvarezRelic
MM2-HBHunter BrownRCRelic
MM2-KLKorey LeeRCRelic
MM2-LMJLance McCullers Jr.Relic
MM2-MBMichael BrantleyRelic
JLBNR-JAJose AltuveRelic
JLBNR-JPJeremy PeñaRelic
JLBNR-YAYordan AlvarezRelic
SPPPQR-ABAlex BregmanRelic
SPPPQR-HBHunter BrownRCRelic
SPPPQR-JAJose AltuveRelic
SPPPQR-JPJeremy PeñaRelic
SPPPQR-KTKyle TuckerRelic
SPPPQR-LMJLance McCullers Jr.Relic
SPPPQR-YAYordan AlvarezRelic
SPPQR-CMChas McCormickRelic
FPQR-APBAJose Altuve
Yordan Alvarez
Alex Bregman
Jeremy Peña
FPQR-WPFCJeremy PeñaRelic
MAP-JAJose AltuveAuto Relic
MFDAP-BBJeff Bagwell
Craig Biggio
Auto Relic
MMJPA-CMChas McCormickAuto Relic
MMJPA-JAJeremy PeñaAuto Relic
MMJPA-JALJose AltuveAuto Relic
MMDJPA-PAJose Altuve
Jeremy Peña
Auto Relic
SWDRA-JAJose AltuveAuto Relic
SWDRA-KTKyle TuckerAuto Relic
SWDRA-YAYordan AlvarezAuto Relic
SWTRA-JBJeff BagwellAuto Relic
AJLBR-CBCraig BiggioAuto Relic
AJLBR-JBJeff BagwellAuto Relic
DAJLBR-CFJeff Bagwell
Craig Biggio
Auto Relic
ABAR-HBHunter BrownRCAuto Relic
ABAR-JAJose AltuveAuto Relic
ARA-JAJose AltuveAuto Relic
ARA-LMJLance McCullers Jr.Auto Relic


CCR-41Rickey Henderson
CCR-43Reggie Jackson
AA-DEDennis EckersleyAuto
AA-RFRollie FingersAuto
SS-JBJJ BledayRCAuto
SS-JCJose CansecoAuto
DA-CLShea Langeliers
Jose Canseco
TA-MZHBarry Zito
Mark Mulder
Tim Hudson
MFA-JCJose CansecoAuto
MFA-MMCMark McGwireAuto
MMR-SLShea LangeliersRCRelic
MMR-DEDennis EckersleyRelic
DMMR-MHRickey Henderson
Mark McGwire
MM2-SLShea LangeliersRCRelic
JLBNR-MMCMark McGwireRelic
JLBNR-RHRickey HendersonRelic
SPPPQR-SLShea LangeliersRCRelic
SPPQRL-RHRickey HendersonRelic
SWTRA-MMCMark McGwireAuto Relic
SWTRA-SLShea LangeliersRCAuto Relic

Blue Jays

50George Springer
68Bo Bichette
98Matt Chapman
99Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
CCR-8Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
CCR-29George Springer
AA-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto
AABC-AMAlek ManoahAuto
AABC-MCMatt ChapmanAuto
AABC-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto
SS-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto
MFA-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto
MMR-AKAlejandro KirkRelic
MMR-AMAlek ManoahRelic
MMR-BBIBo BichetteRelic
MMR-MCHMatt ChapmanRelic
MMR-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Relic
MMR-CBIGCavan BiggioRelic
MMR-VGJRVladimir Guerrero Jr.Relic
MM1-AKAlejandro KirkRelic
MM1-AMAlek ManoahRelic
MM1-GSGeorge SpringerRelic
MM1-MCMatt ChapmanRelic
MM1-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Relic
MM2-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Relic
JLBNR-BBBo BichetteRelic
JLBNR-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Relic
SPPPQR-BBIBo BichetteRelic
SPPPQR-GSGeorge SpringerRelic
SPPPQR-MCHMatt ChapmanRelic
SPPPQR-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Relic
SPPQR-AKAlejandro KirkRelic
FPQR-BGCKAlejandro Kirk
Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
Matt Chapman
Bo Bichette
MMJPA-AKAlejandro KirkAuto Relic
MMJPA-DVDaulton VarshoAuto Relic
MMJPA-GSPGeorge SpringerAuto Relic
MMJPA-JBEJosé BerríosAuto Relic
MMJPA-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto Relic
MMDJPA-GGVladimir Guerrero
Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
Auto Relic
SWDRA-AKAlejandro KirkAuto Relic
SWDRA-AMAlek ManoahAuto Relic
SWDRA-DVDaulton VarshoAuto Relic
SWDRA-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto Relic
SWTRA-DVDaulton VarshoAuto Relic
SWTRA-GSGeorge SpringerAuto Relic
SWTRA-MCMatt ChapmanAuto Relic
SWTRA-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto Relic
AJLBR-GSGeorge SpringerAuto Relic
DAJLBR-GGVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto Relic
ARA-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto Relic


10Hank Aaron
25Ronald Acuña Jr.
56Vaughn GrissomRC
73Michael Harris IIRC
94Austin Riley
CCR-9Ronald Acuña Jr.
CCR-10Ronald Acuña Jr.
CCR-11Matt Olson
CCR-12Michael Harris IIRC
CCR-28Hank Aaron
CCR-30Sean Murphy
AA-AJOAndruw JonesAuto
AA-ARIAustin RileyAuto
AA-CJChipper JonesAuto
AA-DMDale MurphyAuto
AA-GMAGreg MadduxAuto
AA-JSMJohn SmoltzAuto
AA-MFMax FriedAuto
AA-MH2Michael Harris IIRCAuto
AA-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Auto
AA-SSSpencer StriderAuto
AA-TGTom GlavineAuto
AA-VGRVaughn GrissomRCAuto
AABC-ARIAustin RileyAuto
AABC-MOMatt OlsonAuto
AABC-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Auto
AABC-SSSpencer StriderAuto
SS-ARIAustin RileyAuto
SS-DMDale MurphyAuto
SS-SSSpencer StriderAuto
SS-VGVaughn GrissomRCAuto
DA-AHMichael Harris II
Ronald Acuña Jr.
TA-JMAAndruw Jones
Ronald Acuña Jr.
Dale Murphy
TA-OAHMatt OlsonAuto
MFA-ARIAustin RileyAuto
MFA-CJChipper JonesAuto
MFA-JSMJohn SmoltzAuto
MFA-MFMax FriedAuto
MFA-MH2Michael Harris IIRCAuto
MFA-MOMatt OlsonAuto
MFA-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Auto
MFA-TGTom GlavineAuto
MMR-ARIAustin RileyRelic
MMR-CJChipper JonesRelic
MMR-MFMax FriedRelic
MMR-MHMichael Harris IIRCRelic
MMR-MOMatt OlsonRelic
MMR-RACRonald Acuña Jr.Relic
MMR-VGVaughn GrissomRCRelic
MMR-GMGreg MadduxRelic
MMR-JSJohn SmoltzRelic
MMR-OAOzzie AlbiesRelic
MMR-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Relic
MMR-TGLTom GlavineRelic
DMMR-CARonald Acuña Jr.
Corbin Carroll
DMMR-MGGreg Maddux
Tom Glavine
DMMR-ORAustin Riley
Matt Olson
DMMR-SARonald Acuña Jr.Relic
MMJPR-ARIAustin RileyRelic
MMJPR-CJChipper JonesRelic
MMJPR-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Relic
MM1-ARIAustin RileyRelic
MM1-CJChipper JonesRelic
MM1-MFMax FriedRelic
MM1-OAOzzie AlbiesRelic
MM1-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Relic
MM1-TGTom GlavineRelic
JLBNR-CJChipper JonesRelic
JLBNR-DJDavid JusticeRelic
JLBNR-DMDale MurphyRelic
JLBNR-JTJoe TorreRelic
JLBNR-MOMatt OlsonRelic
SPPPQR-MFMax FriedRelic
SPPPQR-MHMichael Harris IIRCRelic
SPPPQR-MOMatt OlsonRelic
SPPPQR-OAOzzie AlbiesRelic
SPPPQR-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Relic
SPPPQR-VGVaughn GrissomRCRelic
SPPQRL-CJChipper JonesRelic
SPPQRL-DMDale MurphyRelic
FPQR-BTRARonald Acuña Jr.Relic
FPQR-OARARonald Acuña Jr.
Ozzie Albies
Austin Riley
Matt Olson
FPQR-RDRAAustin RileyRelic
MAP-CJChipper JonesAuto Relic
MMJPA-ARILAustin RileyAuto Relic
MMJPA-CJChipper JonesAuto Relic
MMJPA-MFMax FriedAuto Relic
MMJPA-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Auto Relic
MMJPA-TGTom GlavineAuto Relic
MMDJPA-AAOzzie Albies
Ronald Acuña Jr.
Auto Relic
MMDJPA-JARonald Acuña Jr.
Chipper Jones
Auto Relic
SWDRA-ARIAustin RileyAuto Relic
SWDRA-DMDale MurphyAuto Relic
SWDRA-MHMichael Harris IIRCAuto Relic
SWDRA-OAOzzie AlbiesAuto Relic
SWTRA-MFMax FriedAuto Relic
SWTRA-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Auto Relic
SWTRA-VGJVaughn GrissomRCAuto Relic
AJLBR-DMDale MurphyAuto Relic
AJLBR-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Auto Relic
DAJLBR-AJChipper Jones
Ronald Acuña Jr.
Auto Relic
DAJLBR-AJORonald Acuña Jr.
Andruw Jones
Auto Relic
ARA-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Auto Relic


88Christian Yelich
89Corbin Burnes
AA-PMPaul MolitorAuto
AA-RYRobin YountAuto
AABC-CBCorbin BurnesAuto
AABC-CYChristian YelichAuto
DA-YYRobin Yount
Christian Yelich
TA-HMYChristian YelichAuto
MFA-CBCorbin BurnesAuto
MFA-PMOPaul MolitorAuto
MFA-RYRobin YountAuto
MMR-CYChristian YelichRelic
MMR-BWOBrandon WoodruffRelic
MMR-CBUCorbin BurnesRelic
MMR-CYEChristian YelichRelic
MMR-FPFreddy PeraltaRelic
MMR-WAWilly AdamesRelic
DMMR-YMPaul Molitor
Christian Yelich
MMJPR-CYChristian YelichRelic
MM1-CBCorbin BurnesRelic
MM1-CYChristian YelichRelic
MM2-BWOBrandon WoodruffRelic
MM2-GMGarrett MitchellRCRelic
JLBNR-CYChristian YelichRelic
JLBNR-PMPaul MolitorRelic
JLBNR-RYRobin YountRelic
MABR-GMGarrett MitchellRCRelic
SPPPQR-CBCorbin BurnesRelic
SPPPQR-CYChristian YelichRelic
SPPPQR-GMGarrett MitchellRCRelic
SPPPQR-PFPrince FielderRelic
SPPQR-BWBrandon WoodruffRelic
SPPQRL-RYRobin YountRelic
FPQR-HMYCChristian YelichRelic
MAP-CYChristian YelichAuto Relic
MFDAP-YYChristian Yelich
Robin Yount
Auto Relic
MMJPA-BWBrandon WoodruffAuto Relic
MMJPA-CYChristian YelichAuto Relic
MMJPA-PFPrince FielderAuto Relic
MMDJPA-FMPrince Fielder
Paul Molitor
Auto Relic
SWDRA-CBCorbin BurnesAuto Relic
SWTRA-CYChristian YelichAuto Relic
AJLBR-CYChristian YelichAuto Relic
AJLBR-RYRobin YountAuto Relic
DAJLBR-MYRobin Yount
Paul Molitor
Auto Relic


55Bob Gibson
77Jordan WalkerRC
83Albert Pujols
87Paul Goldschmidt
93Nolan GormanRC
97Ozzie Smith
CCR-31Nolan Arenado
CCR-40Nolan GormanRC
CCR-49Jordan WalkerRC
AA-JWJordan WalkerRCAuto
AA-NGNolan GormanRCAuto
AA-OSOzzie SmithAuto
AA-PGPaul GoldschmidtAuto
AABC-PGPaul GoldschmidtAuto
SS-MLMatthew LiberatoreRCAuto
TA-GVFPaul GoldschmidtAuto
MFA-APAlbert PujolsAuto
MFA-NGNolan GormanRCAuto
MFA-OSOzzie SmithAuto
MFA-PGPaul GoldschmidtAuto
MMR-JWJordan WalkerRCRelic
MMR-MLMatthew LiberatoreRCRelic
MMR-NANolan ArenadoRelic
MMR-NGNolan GormanRCRelic
MMR-PGPaul GoldschmidtRelic
MMR-JFLJack FlahertyRelic
DMMR-WGPaul Goldschmidt
Jordan Walker
MMJPR-NANolan ArenadoRelic
MMJPR-NGNolan GormanRCRelic
MMJPR-PGPaul GoldschmidtRelic
MM1-AWAdam WainwrightRelic
MM1-JFJack FlahertyRelic
MM1-YMYadier MolinaRelic
MM2-APAlbert PujolsRelic
MM2-JHJordan HicksRelic
MM2-JWJordan WalkerRCRelic
MM2-MLMatthew LiberatoreRCRelic
MM2-NGNolan GormanRCRelic
MM2-PGPaul GoldschmidtRelic
MM2-PGOPaul GoldschmidtRelic
JLBNR-NANolan ArenadoRelic
JLBNR-OSOzzie SmithRelic
JLBNR-PGPaul GoldschmidtRelic
MABR-NANolan ArenadoRelic
SPPPQR-MLMatthew LiberatoreRCRelic
SPPPQR-NANolan ArenadoRelic
SPPPQR-NGNolan GormanRCRelic
SPPPQR-PGPaul GoldschmidtRelic
SPPQRL-OSOzzie SmithRelic
FPQR-CVFGPaul GoldschmidtRelic
FPQR-RDRANolan ArenadoRelic
FPQR-WMABYadier Molina
Nolan Arenado
Lou Brock
Adam Wainwright
MAP-APAlbert PujolsAuto Relic
MAP-PGPaul GoldschmidtAuto Relic
MFDAP-GPAlbert Pujols
Paul Goldschmidt
Auto Relic
MMJPA-APAlbert PujolsAuto Relic
MMJPA-JFJack FlahertyAuto Relic
MMJPA-MLMatthew LiberatoreRCAuto Relic
MMJPA-PGPaul GoldschmidtAuto Relic
MMDJPA-PGPaul Goldschmidt
Albert Pujols
Auto Relic
SWDRA-JWJordan WalkerRCAuto Relic
SWDRA-MLMatthew LiberatoreRCAuto Relic
SWDRA-PGPaul GoldschmidtAuto Relic
SWTRA-NGNolan GormanRCAuto Relic
SWTRA-OSOzzie SmithAuto Relic
AJLBR-APAlbert PujolsAuto Relic
AJLBR-OSOzzie SmithAuto Relic
DAJLBR-RSOzzie SmithAuto Relic
ABAR-NANolan ArenadoAuto Relic


49Dansby Swanson
51Cody Bellinger
CCR-34Ryne Sandberg
AA-FJFergie JenkinsAuto
AA-RSRyne SandbergAuto
AA-TMTrey ManciniAuto
AABC-TMTrey ManciniAuto
SS-DSDansby SwansonAuto
SS-TMTrey ManciniAuto
DA-MDAndre Dawson
Christopher Morel
MFA-ADAndre DawsonAuto
MFA-FJFergie JenkinsAuto
MFA-RSRyne SandbergAuto
MFA-SSSammy SosaAuto
MMR-CBCody BellingerRelic
MMR-CMChristopher MorelRCRelic
MMR-CMOChristopher MorelRCRelic
MMR-DSDansby SwansonRelic
MMR-NHNico HoernerRelic
MMR-DLEDerrek LeeRelic
MMR-SSUSeiya SuzukiRelic
MMJPR-ADAndre DawsonRelic
MMJPR-SSUSeiya SuzukiRelic
MM1-GMGreg MadduxRelic
MM1-SSSammy SosaRelic
MM1-SSUSeiya SuzukiRelic
MM2-CMChristopher MorelRCRelic
MM2-HWHayden WesneskiRCRelic
JLBNR-CBCody BellingerRelic
JLBNR-SSSammy SosaRelic
JLBNR-TMTrey ManciniRelic
SPPPQR-SSSeiya SuzukiRelic
SPPPQR-TMTrey ManciniRelic
SPPQRL-GMGreg MadduxRelic
SPPQRL-SSSammy SosaRelic
FPQR-MSSBTrey Mancini
Seiya Suzuki
Cody Bellinger
Dansby Swanson
MAP-ADAndre DawsonAuto Relic
MMJPA-ADAndre DawsonAuto Relic
MMJPA-ASAlfonso SorianoAuto Relic
MMJPA-CBECody BellingerAuto Relic
SWDRA-CBECody BellingerAuto Relic
SWDRA-CMChristopher MorelRCAuto Relic
SWDRA-TMTrey ManciniAuto Relic
SWTRA-ADAndre DawsonAuto Relic
SWTRA-CMChristopher MorelRCAuto Relic
SWTRA-NHNico HoernerAuto Relic
AJLBR-ADAndre DawsonAuto Relic
Ryne Sandberg
Auto Relic
DAJLBR-SSRyne Sandberg
Dansby Swanson
Auto Relic


63Corbin CarrollRC
75Gabriel MorenoRC
92Dominic FletcherRC
CCR-18Corbin CarrollRC
AA-CCCorbin CarrollRCAuto
AA-GMGabriel MorenoRCAuto
SS-ATAlek ThomasAuto
SS-CCCorbin CarrollRCAuto
SS-GMGabriel MorenoRCAuto
DA-CMGabriel Moreno
Corbin Carroll
DA-TCAlek Thomas
Corbin Carroll
MFA-CCCorbin CarrollRCAuto
MFA-GMGabriel MorenoRCAuto
MFA-RJRandy JohnsonAuto
MMR-CWChristian WalkerRelic
MMR-ELEvan LongoriaRelic
MMR-JMCCJake McCarthyRelic
MMR-ATAlek ThomasRelic
MM2-ATAlek ThomasRelic
MM2-CCCorbin CarrollRCRelic
MM2-CCARCorbin CarrollRCRelic
MM2-JMCJake McCarthyRelic
JLBNR-CCCorbin CarrollRCRelic
SPPPQR-CCCorbin CarrollRCRelic
SWDRA-CCCorbin CarrollRCAuto Relic
SWDRA-KMKetel MarteAuto Relic
SWTRA-ATAlek ThomasAuto Relic
SWTRA-KMKetel MarteAuto Relic


21Mike Piazza
22Bobby MillerRC
23James OutmanRC
30Mookie Betts
59Duke Snider
67Freddie Freeman
70Miguel VargasRC
85Clayton Kershaw
CCR-23Miguel VargasRC
CCR-24Clayton Kershaw
CCR-25Mookie Betts
AA-MMMax MuncyAuto
AA-SGSteve GarveyAuto
AABC-WBWalker BuehlerAuto
TA-GVFFreddie FreemanAuto
MFA-EMEddie MurrayAuto
MFA-FFFreddie FreemanAuto
MMR-MMUMax MuncyRelic
MMR-TGOTony GonsolinRelic
MMR-GLGavin LuxRelic
MMR-MBMookie BettsRelic
MMR-TATyler AndersonRelic
MMR-WBUWalker BuehlerRelic
MMR-WSWill SmithRelic
DMMR-GSWill Smith
Tony Gonsolin
DMMR-MSMax Muncy
Will Smith
MMJPR-CKClayton KershawRelic
MMJPR-MMUMax MuncyRelic
MMJPR-MVMiguel VargasRCRelic
MM1-CKClayton KershawRelic
MM1-WBWalker BuehlerRelic
MM2-CKClayton KershawRelic
MM2-TGTony GonsolinRelic
JLBNR-FFFreddie FreemanRelic
JLBNR-MBMookie BettsRelic
JLBNR-SGSteve GarveyRelic
SPPPQR-CKClayton KershawRelic
SPPPQR-FFFreddie FreemanRelic
SPPPQR-MBMookie BettsRelic
SPPQR-MMUMax MuncyRelic
SPPQR-TGTony GonsolinRelic
FPQR-BTRAMookie BettsRelic
FPQR-CVFGFreddie FreemanRelic
FPQR-KGABClayton Kershaw
Tyler Anderson
Tony Gonsolin
Walker Buehler
FPQR-OVKDClayton KershawRelic
MMJPA-MMUMax MuncyAuto Relic
MMJPA-TGOTony GonsolinAuto Relic
SWDRA-FFFreddie FreemanAuto Relic
SWDRA-JOJames OutmanRCAuto Relic
SWTRA-JOJames OutmanRCAuto Relic
SWTRA-MMUMax MuncyAuto Relic
AJLBR-EMUEddie MurrayAuto Relic
ABAR-MMUMax MuncyAuto Relic


8Randy Johnson
CCR-36Andre Dawson
MFA-PMPedro MartinezAuto
MFA-VGVladimir GuerreroAuto
JLBNR-ADAndre DawsonRelic
JLBNR-TRTim RainesRelic
DAJLBR-GGVladimir GuerreroAuto Relic


AA-WCWill ClarkAuto
SS-WCWill ClarkAuto
TA-PPBBuster PoseyAuto
MFA-BPBuster PoseyAuto
MFA-JMJuan MarichalAuto
MMR-BCRBrandon CrawfordRelic
MMR-BPBuster PoseyRelic
MMR-JPEJoc PedersonRelic
MMR-LWLogan WebbRelic
MMR-WCWill ClarkRelic
DMMR-BWBrandon Crawford
Will Clark
MMJPR-BPBuster PoseyRelic
MM1-BPBuster PoseyRelic
MM1-ELEvan LongoriaRelic
MM2-BCBrandon CrawfordRelic
MM2-HPHunter PenceRelic
JLBNR-BPBuster PoseyRelic
JLBNR-ELEvan LongoriaRelic
JLBNR-WCWill ClarkRelic
SPPPQR-BCBrandon CrawfordRelic
SPPPQR-MYMike YastrzemskiRelic
SPPQR-LWLogan WebbRelic
SPPQRL-RJRandy JohnsonRelic
SPPQRL-WCWill ClarkRelic
MAP-RJRandy JohnsonAuto Relic
MMJPA-BPBuster PoseyAuto Relic
MMJPA-LWLogan WebbAuto Relic
MMJPA-RJRandy JohnsonAuto Relic
SWTRA-BPBuster PoseyAuto Relic
SWTRA-LWLogan WebbAuto Relic


80José Ramírez
95Andrés Giménez
AA-AGAndrés GiménezAuto
AA-TFTyler FreemanRCAuto
AABC-JRAJosé RamírezAuto
AABC-SBShane BieberAuto
SS-AGAndrés GiménezAuto
DA-FRJosé Ramírez
Tyler Freeman
DA-RGAndrés Giménez
José Ramírez
TA-RGFAndrés Gimenéz
Tyler Freeman
José Ramírez
MFA-JRAJosé RamírezAuto
MFA-SBShane BieberAuto
MMR-AGAndrés GiménezRelic
MMR-SKSteven KwanRelic
MM1-JRAJosé RamírezRelic
MM2-SKSteven KwanRelic
JLBNR-JBEJosh BellRelic
SPPPQR-AGAndrés GiménezRelic
SPPPQR-JBEJosh BellRelic
SPPPQR-JRJosé RamírezRelic
FPQR-RDRAJosé RamírezRelic
MMJPA-JRAJosé RamírezAuto Relic
MMDJPA-GRAndrés Giménez
José Ramírez
Auto Relic
SWDRA-AGAndrés GiménezAuto Relic
SWDRA-JRAJosé RamírezAuto Relic
DAJLBR-RGAndrés Giménez
José Ramírez
Auto Relic


62Julio Rodríguez
CCR-4Julio Rodríguez
CCR-35Ken Griffey Jr.
AA-EMEdgar MartinezAuto
AA-GKGeorge KirbyAuto
AA-JRJulio RodríguezAuto
AABC-JRJulio RodríguezAuto
TA-RMHFélix Hernández
Edgar Martinez
Julio Rodríguez
MFA-JRJulio RodríguezAuto
MMR-GKGeorge KirbyRelic
MMR-JCJ.P. CrawfordRelic
MMR-LGLogan GilbertRelic
DMMR-GKGeorge KirbyRelic
DMMR-KGGeorge Kirby
Logan Gilbert
MM1-FHFélix HernándezRelic
MM2-JCJ.P. CrawfordRelic
MM2-LGLogan GilbertRelic
JLBNR-EMEdgar MartinezRelic
JLBNR-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Relic
SPPQRL-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Relic
FPQR-BTRAJulio RodríguezRelic
Ken Griffey Jr.
Edgar Martinez
Julio Rodríguez
MFDAP-HRJulio Rodríguez
Alex Rodriguez
Auto Relic
MMJPA-CRCal RaleighAuto Relic
MMJPA-FHFélix HernándezAuto Relic
MMDJPA-GKGeorge Kirby
Logan Gilbert
Auto Relic
SWTRA-EMEdgar MartinezAuto Relic
AJLBR-EMEdgar MartinezAuto Relic
DAJLBR-FEEdgar MartinezAuto Relic
ABAR-JRJulio RodríguezAuto Relic


1Eury PérezRC
15Sandy Alcantara
46Jazz Chisholm Jr.
60Luis Arraez
CCR-26Luis Arraez
AA-JCJJazz Chisholm Jr.Auto
AA-JGJordan GroshansRCAuto
AA-LALuis ArraezAuto
AA-MMEMax MeyerRCAuto
AA-SASandy AlcantaraAuto
AABC-SASandy AlcantaraAuto
SS-SASandy AlcantaraAuto
MFA-SASandy AlcantaraAuto
MMR-JCJJazz Chisholm Jr.Relic
MMR-LALuis ArraezRelic
MMR-SASandy AlcantaraRelic
Jazz Chisholm Jr.
MMJPR-JCJJazz Chisholm Jr.Relic
MM1-JCJJazz Chisholm Jr.Relic
MM2-LALuis ArraezRelic
MM2-SASandy AlcantaraRelic
SPPPQR-JCJazz Chisholm Jr.Relic
SPPPQR-SASandy AlcantaraRelic
MAP-IIchiroAuto Relic
SWDRA-JCJJazz Chisholm Jr.Auto Relic
SWDRA-LALuis ArraezAuto Relic
SWDRA-SASandy AlcantaraAuto Relic
ARA-IIchiroAuto Relic


14Brett BatyRC
29Francisco AlvarezRC
43Kodai SengaRC
64Pete Alonso
66Francisco Lindor
72Tom Seaver
78Brandon Nimmo
CCR-19Brett BatyRC
AA-BBBrett BatyRCAuto
AA-KHKeith HernandezAuto
AA-KSKodai SengaRCAuto
AA-PAPete AlonsoAuto
AABC-PAPete AlonsoAuto
SS-PAPete AlonsoAuto
DA-BABrett Baty
Pete Alonso
DA-BWDavid Wright
Brett Baty
TA-OAHPete AlonsoAuto
TA-PPBMike PiazzaAuto
MFA-BBBrett BatyRCAuto
MFA-DWRDavid WrightAuto
MFA-FAFrancisco ÁlvarezRCAuto
MFA-MPMike PiazzaAuto
MFA-PAPete AlonsoAuto
MMR-BNBrandon NimmoRelic
MMR-JMCJeff McNeilRelic
MMR-KSEKodai SengaRCRelic
MMR-FLFrancisco LindorRelic
MMR-KHKeith HernandezRelic
MMR-MCANMark CanhaRelic
MMR-PAPete AlonsoRelic
MMR-PMAPedro MartinezRelic
DMMR-NLFrancisco Lindor
Brandon Nimmo
DMMR-RAPete AlonsoRelic
MM1-BNBrandon NimmoRelic
MM1-CCCarlos CarrascoRelic
MM1-DWDavid WrightRelic
MM1-FLFrancisco LindorRelic
MM1-PMPedro MartinezRelic
MM2-FAFrancisco ÁlvarezRCRelic
MM2-FALFrancisco ÁlvarezRCRelic
MM2-JMJeff McNeilRelic
MM2-MCAMark CanhaRelic
MM2-PAPete AlonsoRelic
JLBNR-DWRDavid WrightRelic
JLBNR-FLFrancisco LindorRelic
JLBNR-MPMike PiazzaRelic
MABR-BBBrett BatyRCRelic
SPPPQR-BNBrandon NimmoRelic
SPPPQR-FLFrancisco LindorRelic
SPPPQR-JMCJeff McNeilRelic
SPPPQR-PAPete AlonsoRelic
SPPQRL-MPMike PiazzaRelic
SPPQRL-PMPedro MartinezRelic
FPQR-ANHWKeith Hernandez
David Wright
Pete Alonso
Brandon Nimmo
Francisco Lindor
Brett Baty
Francisco Alvarez
FPQR-OVKDJustin VerlanderRelic
MFDAP-AWDavid Wright
Pete Alonso
Auto Relic
MMJPA-DGDwight GoodenAuto Relic
MMJPA-FAFrancisco AlvarezRCAuto Relic
MMDJPA-APMike Piazza
Francisco Alvarez
RCAuto Relic
SWDRA-DSDarryl StrawberryAuto Relic
SWDRA-FAFrancisco AlvarezRCAuto Relic
SWDRA-JMCJeff McNeilAuto Relic
SWDRA-PAPete AlonsoAuto Relic
DAJLBR-HAPete AlonsoAuto Relic
ABAR-BBBrett BatyRCAuto Relic


AA-CACJ AbramsAuto
AABC-CACJ AbramsAuto
MMR-CACJ AbramsRelic
MMR-JGRJosiah GrayRelic
MMR-SSTRStephen StrasburgRelic
DMMR-GKJosiah GrayRelic
MMJPR-JGJosiah GrayRelic
MM1-CACJ AbramsRelic
MM1-JGJosiah GrayRelic
MM1-SSTStephen StrasburgRelic
MM2-CCACade CavalliRCRelic
MM2-IRIvan RodriguezRelic
MM2-VRVictor RoblesRelic
SPPQR-JGJosiah GrayRelic
MMJPA-JGRJosiah GrayAuto Relic
SWDRA-MGMacKenzie GoreAuto Relic


6Adley RutschmanRC
7Shintaro FujinamiRC
34Gunnar HendersonRC
57Cedric Mullins
CCR-15Adley RutschmanRC
CCR-17Gunnar HendersonRC
AA-ARAdley RutschmanRCAuto
AA-GHGunnar HendersonRCAuto
AA-JPJim PalmerAuto
AA-RMRyan MountcastleAuto
AABC-RMRyan MountcastleAuto
SS-ARUAdley RutschmanRCAuto
SS-RMRyan MountcastleAuto
DA-HRCal Ripken Jr.
Gunnar Henderson
TA-RHRAdley Rutschman
Cal Ripken Jr.
Gunnar Henderson
MFA-ARAdley RutschmanRCAuto
MFA-CRJCal Ripken Jr.Auto
MFA-GHGunnar HendersonRCAuto
MMR-AHAustin HaysRelic
MMR-ARUAdley RutschmanRCRelic
MMR-CMUCedric MullinsRelic
MMR-GHGunnar HendersonRCRelic
MMR-KSKyle StowersRCRelic
MMR-RMRyan MountcastleRelic
DMMR-MMCedric Mullins
Ryan Mountcastle
DMMR-RHGunnar Henderson
Cal Ripken Jr.
DMMR-RPAdley Rutschman
Buster Posey
MMJPR-ARUAdley RutschmanRCRelic
MMJPR-GHGunnar HendersonRCRelic
MMJPR-RMRyan MountcastleRelic
MM1-AHAustin HaysRelic
MM1-ARUAdley RutschmanRCRelic
MM1-CMCedric MullinsRelic
MM1-RMRyan MountcastleRelic
MM2-AHAAustin HaysRelic
MM2-ARAdley RutschmanRCRelic
MM2-DHDL HallRCRelic
MM2-KSKyle StowersRCRelic
JLBNR-CRJCal Ripken Jr.Relic
JLBNR-EMUEddie MurrayRelic
JLBNR-RMRyan MountcastleRelic
SPPPQR-ARUAdley RutschmanRCRelic
SPPPQR-CMCedric MullinsRelic
SPPPQR-GHGunnar HendersonRCRelic
SPPPQR-RMRyan MountcastleRelic
SPPQRL-CRJCal Ripken Jr.Relic
SPPQRL-EMEddie MurrayRelic
MAP-EMEddie MurrayAuto Relic
MMJPA-ARUAdley RutschmanRCAuto Relic
MMJPA-GHGunnar HendersonRCAuto Relic
MMJPA-RMRyan MountcastleAuto Relic
MMDJPA-HRGunnar Henderson
Cal Ripken Jr.
RCAuto Relic
SWDRA-GHGunnar HendersonRCAuto Relic
SWTRA-CRJCal Ripken Jr.Auto Relic
SWTRA-RMRyan MountcastleAuto Relic
DAJLBR-RSCal Ripken Jr.Auto Relic
ARA-ARAdley RutschmanRCAuto Relic


2Juan Soto
11Manny Machado
16Xander Bogaerts
18Fernando Tatis Jr.
32Yu Darvish
AA-THOTrevor HoffmanAuto
AABC-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Auto
AABC-XBXander BogaertsAuto
SS-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Auto
TA-HMYManny MachadoAuto
MFA-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Auto
MFA-JSJuan SotoAuto
MFA-THTrevor HoffmanAuto
MFA-XBXander BogaertsAuto
MMR-HSKHa-Seong KimRelic
MMR-MMAManny MachadoRelic
MMR-NCNelson CruzRelic
MMR-TGTony GwynnRelic
MMR-BSBlake SnellRelic
MMR-JCRJake CronenworthRelic
MMR-JMUJoe MusgroveRelic
MMR-YDAYu DarvishRelic
DMMR-MDJoe Musgrove
Yu Darvish
DMMR-SAJuan SotoRelic
DMMR-TMFernando Tatis Jr.
Manny Machado
DMMR-TSJuan Soto
Fernando Tatis Jr.
MMJPR-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Relic
MM1-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Relic
MM1-JSJuan SotoRelic
MM1-MMManny MachadoRelic
MM2-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Relic
MM2-MMAManny MachadoRelic
JLBNR-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Relic
JLBNR-JSJuan SotoRelic
JLBNR-MMManny MachadoRelic
JLBNR-XBXander BogaertsRelic
MABR-YDYu DarvishRelic
SPPPQR-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Relic
SPPPQR-JCRJake CronenworthRelic
SPPPQR-JMUJoe MusgroveRelic
SPPPQR-JSJuan SotoRelic
SPPPQR-MMManny MachadoRelic
SPPPQR-XBXander BogaertsRelic
SPPPQR-YDYu DarvishRelic
SPPQR-HSKHa-Seong KimRelic
FPQR-BMTSManny Machado
Fernando Tatis Jr.
Juan Soto
Xander Bogaerts
FPQR-HMYCManny MachadoRelic
Fernando Tatis Jr.
Auto Relic
MMJPA-BSBlake SnellAuto Relic
MMJPA-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Auto Relic
SWDRA-BSBlake SnellAuto Relic
SWDRA-JMJoe MusgroveAuto Relic
SWTRA-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Auto Relic
SWTRA-JCJake CronenworthAuto Relic
SWTRA-JSJuan SotoAuto Relic
SWTRA-XBXander BogaertsAuto Relic
ARA-JMJoe MusgroveAuto Relic


38Kyle Schwarber
71Rhys Hoskins
84Trea Turner
100Bryce Harper
CCR-45Bryce Harper
AA-JBJohnny BenchAuto
AA-JKJohn KrukAuto
AA-JREJ.T. RealmutoAuto
AA-JROJimmy RollinsAuto
AA-RHRyan HowardAuto
AA-RHORhys HoskinsAuto
AA-SCSteve CarltonAuto
AA-TTTrea TurnerAuto
AABC-RHRhys HoskinsAuto
AABC-TTTrea TurnerAuto
SS-RHRhys HoskinsAuto
SS-TTTrea TurnerAuto
DA-SRJimmy Rollins
Bryson Stott
DA-THRhys Hoskins
Trea Turner
TA-HHSRyne Sandberg
Ryan Howard
Rhys Hoskins
TA-HMYBryce HarperAuto
TA-OAHRhys HoskinsAuto
MFA-BHBryce HarperAuto
MFA-JPORhys HoskinsAuto
MFA-SCSteve CarltonAuto
MFA-TTTrea TurnerAuto
MMR-BHBryce HarperRelic
MMR-JRJimmy RollinsRelic
MMR-JTRJ.T. RealmutoRelic
MMR-RHRhys HoskinsRelic
MMR-TTUTrea TurnerRelic
MMR-ABOAlec BohmRelic
MMR-ANOAaron NolaRelic
MMR-BSTBryson StottRelic
MMR-KSCKyle SchwarberRelic
MMR-NCANick CastellanosRelic
MMR-RHORhys HoskinsRelic
MMR-ZWZack WheelerRelic
DMMR-NRAaron Nola
J.T. Realmuto
DMMR-WRZack Wheeler
J.T. Realmuto
MMJPR-JRJimmy RollinsRelic
MMJPR-JTRJ.T. RealmutoRelic
MMJPR-NCNick CastellanosRelic
MM1-ANAaron NolaRelic
MM1-BSBryson StottRelic
MM1-JRJimmy RollinsRelic
MM1-JTRJ.T. RealmutoRelic
MM1-KSKyle SchwarberRelic
MM1-NCNick CastellanosRelic
MM1-RHRhys HoskinsRelic
MM1-ZWZack WheelerRelic
MM2-ABAlec BohmRelic
MM2-ANAaron NolaRelic
MM2-PMPedro MartinezRelic
MM2-TTTrea TurnerRelic
JLBNR-JTRJ.T. RealmutoRelic
JLBNR-KSKyle SchwarberRelic
JLBNR-RHORhys HoskinsRelic
SPPPQR-BHBryce HarperRelic
SPPPQR-BMBrandon MarshRelic
SPPPQR-JTJ.T. RealmutoRelic
SPPPQR-KSKyle SchwarberRelic
SPPPQR-RHRhys HoskinsRelic
SPPPQR-TTTrea TurnerRelic
SPPPQR-ZWZack WheelerRelic
SPPQR-ANAaron NolaRelic
FPQR-HMYCBryce HarperRelic
FPQR-HMYCNick CastellanosRelic
FPQR-SHHTTrea Turner
Bryce Harper
Rhys Hoskins
Kyle Schwarber
MFDAP-HHRhys Hoskins
Bryce Harper
Auto Relic
MMJPA-ANAaron NolaAuto Relic
MMJPA-JREJ.T. RealmutoAuto Relic
MMJPA-KSKyle SchwarberAuto Relic
MMJPA-RHRyan HowardAuto Relic
MMJPA-SCSteve CarltonAuto Relic
MMDJPA-HHRhys Hoskins
Bryce Harper
Auto Relic
MMDJPA-TRJimmy Rollins
Trea Turner
Auto Relic
SWDRA-ANAaron NolaAuto Relic
SWDRA-JROJimmy RollinsAuto Relic
SWDRA-RHRhys HoskinsAuto Relic
SWTRA-BSBryson StottAuto Relic
SWTRA-JRJ.T. RealmutoAuto Relic
SWTRA-TTTrea TurnerAuto Relic
AJLBR-RHRyan HowardAuto Relic
AJLBR-RHORhys HoskinsAuto Relic
AJLBR-TTTrea TurnerAuto Relic
DAJLBR-HARhys HoskinsAuto Relic
DAJLBR-RRJimmy Rollins
Scott Rolen
Auto Relic
DAJLBR-THRhys Hoskins
Trea Turner
Auto Relic
ARA-ANAaron NolaAuto Relic


40Oneil Cruz
CCR-38Oneil Cruz
DA-HCOneil Cruz
Ke’Bryan Hayes
MMR-MKEMitch KellerRelic
MMR-OCROneil CruzRelic
MM1-OCOneil CruzRelic
MM2-AMAndrew McCutchenRelic
MM2-MKEMitch KellerRelic
JLBNR-DPADave ParkerRelic
SPPPQR-AMAndrew McCutchenRelic
SPPPQR-OCOneil CruzRelic
SPPQRL-DPDave ParkerRelic
FPQR-WPFCOneil CruzRelic
MMJPA-KHKe’Bryan HayesAuto Relic
SWDRA-OCOneil CruzAuto Relic
SWTRA-KHAKe’Bryan HayesAuto Relic


9Max Scherzer
13Josh JungRC
33Jacob deGrom
39Corey Seager
45Alex Rodriguez
CCR-13Marcus Semien
CCR-39Adolis García
CCR-47Josh JungRC
AA-ABAdrián BeltréAuto
AA-IRIván RodríguezAuto
AA-JGOJuan GonzalezAuto
AA-JJJosh JungRCAuto
AA-NRNolan RyanAuto
MFA-ABAdrián BeltréAuto
MFA-CSCorey SeagerAuto
MMR-AGAAdolis GarcíaRelic
MMR-ARAlex RodriguezRelic
MMR-CSCorey SeagerRelic
MMR-JHJonah HeimRelic
MMR-JJJosh JungRCRelic
MMR-JGONJuan GonzálezRelic
MMR-VGUVladimir GuerreroRelic
MMJPR-ABAdrián BeltréRelic
MM1-ABAdrián BeltréRelic
MM1-VGVladimir GuerreroRelic
JLBNR-ABAdrián BeltréRelic
JLBNR-CSCorey SeagerRelic
JLBNR-MTEMark TeixeiraRelic
SPPPQR-CSCorey SeagerRelic
SPPQRL-MTMark TeixeiraRelic
FPQR-GRBGAdrián Beltré
Alex Rodriguez
Juan Gonzalez
Vladimir Guerrero
FPQR-OVKDJacob deGromRelic
MAP-ABAdrián BeltréAuto Relic
MFDAP-BCAdrián BeltréAuto Relic
MMJPA-ABAdrián BeltréAuto Relic
MMJPA-VGUVladimir GuerreroAuto Relic
SWDRA-JGJuan GonzalezAuto Relic
SWDRA-JJJosh JungRCAuto Relic
SWTRA-CSCorey SeagerAuto Relic
SWTRA-VGVladimir GuerreroAuto Relic
AJLBR-JGJuan GonzalezAuto Relic
DAJLBR-BRAlex Rodriguez
Adrián Beltré
Auto Relic


5Wander Franco
41Taj BradleyRC
CCR-5Randy Arozarena
CCR-27Yandy Díaz
MFA-WBWade BoggsAuto
MMR-RARRandy ArozarenaRelic
MMR-SMShane McClanahanRelic
MMR-YDYandy DíazRelic
MMR-BLBrandon LoweRelic
DMMR-ALRandy Arozarena
Josh Lowe
MM1-RARandy ArozarenaRelic
MM2-SMShane McClanahanRelic
SPPPQR-SMShane McClanahanRelic
FPQR-WPFCWander FrancoRelic
MMJPA-JLJosh LoweAuto Relic

Red Sox

24Masataka YoshidaRC
37Rafael Devers
48Roger Clemens
79Triston CasasRC
CCR-6Rafael DeversRC
CCR-48Masataka YoshidaRC
AA-CFCarlton FiskAuto
AA-DODavid OrtizAuto
AA-FLFred LynnAuto
AA-JRIJim RiceAuto
AA-MYMasataka YoshidaRCAuto
AA-NGANomar GarciaparraAuto
AA-TCTriston CasasRCAuto
AA-WBWade BoggsAuto
DA-FODavid Ortiz
Carlton Fisk
DA-OCDavid Ortiz
Triston Casas
MFA-CFCarlton FiskAuto
MFA-CYCarl YastrzemskiAuto
MFA-DODavid OrtizAuto
MFA-DORDavid OrtizAuto
MFA-DPDustin PedroiaAuto
MFA-NGANomar GarciaparraAuto
MFA-RDRafael DeversAuto
MFA-TCTriston CasasRCAuto
HOFA-DODavid OrtizAuto
MMR-AVEAlex VerdugoRelic
MMR-BBBrayan BelloRCRelic
MMR-DODavid OrtizRelic
MMR-MYMasataka YoshidaRCRelic
MMR-RDRafael DeversRelic
MMR-TCTriston CasasRCRelic
MMR-BDABobby DalbecRelic
MMR-CSALChris SaleRelic
MMR-JDUJarren DuranRelic
MMR-NGANomar GarciaparraRelic
DMMR-COTriston Casas
David Ortiz
MMJPR-AVAlex VerdugoRelic
MMJPR-DODavid OrtizRelic
MMJPR-JDJarren DuranRelic
MMJPR-TCTriston CasasRCRelic
MM1-DODavid OrtizRelic
MM1-DPDustin PedroiaRelic
MM1-JDJarren DuranRelic
MM1-RDRafael DeversRelic
MM2-BBBrayan BelloRCRelic
MM2-MRManny RamirezRelic
MM2-TCTriston CasasRCRelic
MM2-TCATriston CasasRCRelic
JLBNR-CFCarlton FiskRelic
JLBNR-DPDustin PedroiaRelic
JLBNR-JRJim RiceRelic
JLBNR-WBWade BoggsRelic
SPPPQR-JMJ.D. MartinezRelic
SPPPQR-TCTriston CasasRCRelic
SPPQR-DODavid OrtizRelic
SPPQRL-DPEDustin PedroiaRelic
SPPQRL-JRJim RiceRelic
FPQR-OPBYDavid Ortiz
Carl Yastrzemski
Wade Boggs
Dustin Pedroia
FPQR-RDRARafael DeversRelic
MAP-DODavid OrtizAuto Relic
MAP-WBWade BoggsAuto Relic
MMJPA-DODavid OrtizAuto Relic
MMJPA-DPDustin PedroiaAuto Relic
MMJPA-RDRafael DeversAuto Relic
MMJPA-TCTriston CasasRCAuto Relic
SWDRA-DODavid OrtizAuto Relic
SWDRA-JRIJim RiceAuto Relic
SWDRA-MYMasataka YoshidaRCAuto Relic
SWTRA-DPDustin PedroiaAuto Relic
SWTRA-TCTriston CasasRCAuto Relic
SWTRA-WBWade BoggsAuto Relic
AJLBR-DODavid OrtizAuto Relic
DAJLBR-VOJason Varitek
David Ortiz
Auto Relic
ARA-DODavid OrtizAuto Relic


27Matt McLainRC
31Ken Griffey Jr.
86Joey Votto
CCR-21Joey Votto
AA-BLBarry LarkinAuto
AA-SMHunter GreeneAuto
AABC-HGHunter GreeneAuto
SS-HGHunter GreeneAuto
TA-GVFJoey VottoAuto
TA-PPBJohnny BenchAuto
MFA-BLBarry LarkinAuto
MFA-HGHunter GreeneAuto
MFA-JBJohnny BenchAuto
MFA-JVJoey VottoAuto
HOFA-TPTony PérezAuto
MMR-JVJoey VottoRelic
MMR-SSTSpencer SteerRCRelic
MMR-HGHunter GreeneRelic
MMR-JIJonathan IndiaRelic
MMR-NLNick LodoloRelic
MMJPR-JVJoey VottoRelic
MM1-HGHunter GreeneRelic
MM1-JVJoey VottoRelic
MM2-NLNick LodoloRelic
JLBNR-JVJoey VottoRelic
JLBNR-POPaul O’NeillRelic
SPPPQR-BLBarry LarkinRelic
SPPPQR-HGHunter GreeneRelic
SPPPQR-JIJonathan IndiaRelic
SPPPQR-JVJoey VottoRelic
SPPQR-NLNick LodoloRelic
SPPQRL-JBJohnny BenchRelic
FPQR-CVFGJoey VottoRelic
FPQR-VRVGScott Rolen
Joey Votto
Johnny Bench
Ken Griffey Jr.
MAP-BLBarry LarkinAuto Relic
MAP-JVJoey VottoAuto Relic
MAP-SRScott RolenAuto Relic
MMJPA-HGHunter GreeneAuto Relic
MMJPA-JVJoey VottoAuto Relic
MMJPA-NLNick LodoloAuto Relic
MMDJPA-LGHunter Greene
Nick Lodolo
Auto Relic
MMDJPA-RLBarry Larkin
Scott Rolen
Auto Relic
SWDRA-JIJonathan IndiaAuto Relic
SWTRA-SRScott RolenAuto Relic
SWTRA-TSTyler StephensonAuto Relic
DAJLBR-VLBarry Larkin
Joey Votto
Auto Relic
ARA-JVJoey VottoAuto Relic


91Ezequiel TovarRC
CCR-22Ezequiel TovarRC
AA-ETEzequiel TovarRCAuto
AA-NJNolan JonesRCAuto
MFA-ETEzequiel TovarRCAuto
MMR-KBKris BryantRelic
MMR-CBLCharlie BlackmonRelic
MMJPR-ETEzequiel TovarRCRelic
MM1-KBKris BryantRelic
MM1-THTodd HeltonRelic
MM2-CBCharlie BlackmonRelic
MM2-ETEzequiel TovarRCRelic
JLBNR-KBKris BryantRelic
SPPPQR-CBLCharlie BlackmonRelic
SPPPQR-ETEzequiel TovarRCRelic
SPPPQR-KBKris BryantRelic
MMJPA-LWALarry WalkerAuto Relic
MMJPA-THTodd HeltonAuto Relic
SWDRA-LWLarry WalkerAuto Relic
SWTRA-ETEzequiel TovarRCAuto Relic


3Salvador Perez
47Zack Greinke
53Bobby Witt Jr.
CCR-3Bobby Witt Jr.
CCR-37Bo Jackson
AA-BWJBobby Witt Jr.Auto
AA-DWDrew WatersRCAuto
AA-SPSalvador PerezAuto
AABC-BWJBobby Witt Jr.Auto
SS-BWJBobby Witt Jr.Auto
SS-SPSalvador PerezAuto
DA-WPDrew Waters
Nick Pratto
DA-WWBobby WITT Jr.Auto
MMR-GBGeorge BrettRelic
MMR-NPNick PrattoRCRelic
MMR-BWJBobby Witt Jr.Relic
MMR-HDHunter DozierRelic
MMR-MMEMJ MelendezRelic
MMR-SPSalvador PerezRelic
DMMR-WPSalvador Perez
Bobby Witt Jr.
MMJPR-SPSalvador PerezRelic
MM1-BWJBobby Witt Jr.Relic
MM1-SPSalvador PerezRelic
MM2-BWJBobby Witt JrRelic
MM2-HDHunter DozierRelic
MM2-NPNick PrattoRCRelic
MM2-VPVinnie PasquantinoRCRelic
JLBNR-BWJBobby Witt Jr.Relic
JLBNR-GBGeorge BrettRelic
JLBNR-SPSalvador PerezRelic
MABR-BWJBobby Witt Jr.Relic
SPPPQR-BWJBobby Witt Jr.Relic
SPPPQR-NPNick PrattoRCRelic
SPPPQR-SPSalvador PerezRelic
SPPPQR-VPVinnie PasquantinoRCRelic
SPPQRL-GBGeorge BrettRelic
FPQR-WDPBGeorge Brett
Salvador Perez
Hunter Dozier
Bobby Witt Jr.
FPQR-WPFCBobby Witt Jr.Relic
MAP-BWJBobby Witt Jr.Auto Relic
MFDAP-WPSalvador Perez
Bobby Witt Jr.
Auto Relic
MMJPA-BWJBobby Witt Jr.Auto Relic
MMJPA-SPSalvador PerezAuto Relic
SWDRA-BWJBobby Witt Jr.Auto Relic
SWTRA-MMEMJ MelendezAuto Relic
ARA-BWJBobby Witt Jr.Auto Relic
ARA-SPSalvador PerezAuto Relic


35Riley GreeneRC
36Miguel Cabrera
CCR-16Riley GreeneRC
CCR-44Miguel Cabrera
AA-RGRiley GreeneRCAuto
AABC-MCAMiguel CabreraAuto
MFA-MCMiguel CabreraAuto
MFA-RGRiley GreeneRCAuto
MMR-MCMiguel CabreraRelic
MMR-MCAMiguel CabreraRelic
MMR-RGRiley GreeneRCRelic
MMR-JBAJavier BáezRelic
MMR-STSpencer TorkelsonRelic
DMMR-BCJavier Báez
Miguel Cabrera
DMMR-GTRiley Greene
Spencer Torkelson
MMJPR-IRIván RodríguezRelic
MMJPR-JBJavier BáezRelic
MMJPR-MCMiguel CabreraRelic
MMJPR-MCAMiguel CabreraRelic
MMJPR-RGRiley GreeneRCRelic
MM1-JBJavier BáezRelic
MM1-MCAMiguel CabreraRelic
MM1-STSpencer TorkelsonRelic
MM2-IROIván RodríguezRelic
MM2-MCMiguel CabreraRelic
MM2-RGRiley GreeneRCRelic
JLBNR-JBJavier BáezRelic
JLBNR-MCMiguel CabreraRelic
SPPPQR-JBJavier BáezRelic
SPPPQR-JBAJavier BáezRelic
SPPPQR-MCMiguel CabreraRelic
SPPPQR-RGRiley GreeneRCRelic
SPPPQR-STSpencer TorkelsonRelic
FPQR-CVFGMiguel CabreraRelic
MFDAP-BCMiguel CabreraAuto Relic
MMJPA-MCMiguel CabreraAuto Relic
MMJPA-MMAMatt ManningAuto Relic
MMJPA-RGRiley GreeneRCAuto Relic
MMJPA-STSpencer TorkelsonAuto Relic
MMDJPA-GCRiley Greene
Miguel Cabrera
RCAuto Relic
SWDRA-MCMiguel CabreraAuto Relic
SWDRA-RGRiley GreeneRCAuto Relic
SWDRA-STSpencer TorkelsonAuto Relic
SWTRA-AMAustin MeadowsAuto Relic


58Carlos Correa
96Byron Buxton
AA-BBUByron BuxtonAuto
AA-THTorii HunterAuto
AABC-BBByron BuxtonAuto
SS-BBByron BuxtonAuto
DA-BMByron Buxton
Joe Mauer
MFA-BBLBert BlylevenAuto
MFA-BBUByron BuxtonAuto
HOFA-BBBert BlylevenAuto
HOFA-JKJim KaatAuto
MMR-BBUByron BuxtonRelic
MMR-AKIAlex KirilloffRelic
MMR-CCOCarlos CorreaRelic
MMR-GSAGary SánchezRelic
MMR-JPOJorge PolancoRelic
MMR-MKEPMax KeplerRelic
DMMR-KPMax Kepler
Jorge Polanco
MMJPR-BBUByron BuxtonRelic
MM1-BBByron BuxtonRelic
MM1-JPOLJorge PolancoRelic
MM1-MKMax KeplerRelic
JLBNR-CCOCarlos CorreaRelic
JLBNR-DWDave WinfieldRelic
JLBNR-JMJustin MorneauRelic
SPPPQR-BBUByron BuxtonRelic
SPPQRL-DWDave WinfieldRelic
SPPQRL-JMJustin MorneauRelic
MAP-BBByron BuxtonAuto Relic
MMJPA-BBByron BuxtonAuto Relic
MMJPA-BBUByron BuxtonAuto Relic
MMJPA-THUTorii HunterAuto Relic
SWDRA-BBUByron BuxtonAuto Relic
SWTRA-BBByron BuxtonAuto Relic
SWTRA-THTorii HunterAuto Relic
DAJLBR-BHTorii Hunter
Byron Buxton
Auto Relic

White Sox

52Oscar ColásRC
74Tim Anderson
AA-TATim AndersonAuto
DA-TJEloy Jiménez
Frank Thomas
MMR-LHLiam HendriksRelic
MMR-MKMichael KopechRelic
MMR-PKPaul KonerkoRelic
MMR-EJEloy JiménezRelic
MMR-LRLuis Robert Jr.Relic
MMR-TANTim AndersonRelic
MMR-YMOYoán MoncadaRelic
DMMR-ATFrank Thomas
Tim Anderson
DMMR-MJYoán Moncada
Eloy Jiménez
MM1-FTFrank ThomasRelic
MM1-PKPaul KonerkoRelic
MM1-TATim AndersonRelic
MM2-LHLiam HendriksRelic
MM2-YMYoán MoncadaRelic
JLBNR-FTFrank ThomasRelic
SPPPQR-EJEloy JiménezRelic
SPPPQR-YMYoán MoncadaRelic
SPPQRL-FTFrank ThomasRelic
SPPQRL-TRTim RainesRelic
FPQR-AKJTEloy Jiménez
Paul Konerko
Frank Thomas
Tim Anderson
MAP-FTFrank ThomasAuto Relic
MFDAP-ATTim Anderson
Frank Thomas
Auto Relic
MMJPA-EJEloy JiménezAuto Relic
MMJPA-JTJim ThomeAuto Relic
SWDRA-EJEloy JiménezAuto Relic
SWDRA-JTJim ThomeAuto Relic
SWTRA-FTFrank ThomasAuto Relic
AJLBR-FTFrank ThomasAuto Relic
DAJLBR-FEFrank ThomasAuto Relic
DAJLBR-TTFrank Thomas
Jim Thome
Auto Relic


20Aaron Judge
28Anthony Rizzo
54Gerrit Cole
61Giancarlo Stanton
81Oswald PerazaRC
82Anthony VolpeRC
CCR-20Don Mattingly
CCR-32Nestor Cortes Jr.
CCR-33Babe Ruth
CCR-42Derek Jeter
CCR-46Aaron Judge
CCR-50Anthony VolpeRC
AA-AVAnthony VolpeRCAuto
AA-CCSCC SabathiaAuto
AA-GSGary SheffieldAuto
AA-JPOJorge PosadaAuto
AA-LPLou PiniellaAuto
AA-OPOswald PerazaRCAuto
SS-CSCC SabathiaAuto
SS-GSGary SheffieldAuto
DA-PWDave Winfield
Oswald Peraza
DA-TODerek JeterAuto
MFA-AJAaron JudgeAuto
MFA-ARIZAnthony RizzoAuto
MFA-AROAlex RodriguezAuto
MFA-DJDerek JeterAuto
MFA-DMDon MattinglyAuto
MFA-DWDave WinfieldAuto
MFA-GGGoose GossageAuto
MFA-HMHideki MatsuiAuto
MFA-JPJorge PosadaAuto
MFA-MRMariano RiveraAuto
MFA-OPOswald PerazaRCAuto
MFA-RGURon GuidryAuto
HOFA-GGGoose GossageAuto
MMR-AJAaron JudgeRelic
MMR-AVAnthony VolpeRCRelic
MMR-DJDerek JeterRelic
MMR-GCGerrit ColeRelic
MMR-GSTGiancarlo StantonRelic
MMR-DLDJ LeMahieuRelic
MMR-DMDon MattinglyRelic
MMR-GTGleyber TorresRelic
MMR-JDOJosh DonaldsonRelic
MMR-LGILuis GilRelic
MMR-LSLuis SeverinoRelic
MMR-NCONestor CortesRelic
MMR-OCAOswaldo CabreraRCRelic
MMR-OPOswald PerazaRCRelic
MMR-RCLRoger ClemensRelic
DMMR-GJGiancarlo Stanton
Aaron Judge
DMMR-RAAnthony RizzoRelic
DMMR-RTAnthony Rizzo
Gleyber Torres
MMJPR-AJAaron JudgeRelic
MMJPR-ARAlex RodriguezRelic
MMJPR-GSGiancarlo StantonRelic
MMJPR-GTGleyber TorresRelic
MM1-AJAaron JudgeRelic
MM1-APEAndy PettitteRelic
MM1-ARAnthony RizzoRelic
MM1-DJDerek JeterRelic
MM1-GCGerrit ColeRelic
MM1-GSTGiancarlo StantonRelic
MM1-GTGleyber TorresRelic
MM1-RCRoger ClemensRelic
MM2-AJAaron JudgeRelic
MM2-ARODAlex RodriguezRelic
MM2-AVAnthony VolpeRCRelic
MM2-CSACC SabathaRelic
MM2-LSELuis SeverinoRelic
MM2-MMUMike MussinaRelic
MM2-NCNestor CortesRelic
MM2-OPOswald PerazaRCRelic
JLBNR-AJAaron JudgeRelic
JLBNR-ARIAnthony RizzoRelic
JLBNR-AROAlex RodriguezRelic
JLBNR-GSGiancarlo StantonRelic
JLBNR-GTGleyber TorresRelic
JLBNR-OPOswald PerazaRCRelic
MABR-AJAaron JudgeRelic
MABR-DLDJ LeMahieuRelic
MABR-GCGerrit ColeRelic
SPPPQR-AJAaron JudgeRelic
SPPPQR-ARIAnthony RizzoRelic
SPPPQR-GCGerrit ColeRelic
SPPPQR-GSTGiancarlo StantonRelic
SPPPQR-GTGleyber TorresRelic
SPPPQR-LSLuis SeverinoRelic
SPPPQR-OPOswald PerazaRCRelic
SPPQRL-ARAlex RodriguezRelic
SPPQRL-DJDerek JeterRelic
SPPQRL-RCRoger ClemensRelic
FPQR-RTSJGiancarlo Stanton
Anthony Rizzo
Aaron Judge
Gleyber Torres
MAP-DJDerek JeterAuto Relic
MFDAP-JJAaron Judge
Derek Jeter
Auto Relic
MFDAP-JTDerek JeterAuto Relic
MMJPA-APEAndy PettitteAuto Relic
MMJPA-ARAlex RodriguezAuto Relic
MMJPA-ARIAnthony RizzoAuto Relic
MMJPA-CSCC SabathiaAuto Relic
MMJPA-GCGerrit ColeAuto Relic
MMDJPA-JRDerek Jeter
Mariano Rivera
Auto Relic
MMDJPA-RJAnthony Rizzo
Aaron Judge
Auto Relic
SWDRA-ARIZAnthony RizzoAuto Relic
SWDRA-AVAnthony VolpeRCAuto Relic
SWDRA-DWDave WinfieldAuto Relic
SWDRA-OPOswald PerazaRCAuto Relic
SWTRA-DJDerek JeterAuto Relic
SWTRA-DMDon MattinglyAuto Relic
AJLBR-AROAlex RodriguezAuto Relic
DAJLBR-JJDerek Jeter
Aaron Judge
Auto Relic
DAJLBR-TRMark Teixeira
Alex Rodriguez
Auto Relic