2023 Topps Allen and Ginter trading card checklist

2023 Topps Allen and Ginter Checklist

Release Date: 9/22/23

Cards per Pack: 8

Packs per Hobby Box: 24

Hobby Boxes per Case: 12

Release Year Archive: 2023

Manufacturer Archive: Topps

Tag Archive: Allen and Ginter

Category Archive: Baseball Card Checklists

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2023 Topps Allen and Ginter trading cards blend today’s stars with the design and subject matter of classic tobacco cards. The base set includes 400 cards, #301-400 being short printed, and is a mix of baseball and non-baseball subjects.

Hobby boxes include three “hits” as well as 24 mini-cards, 24 inserts, and a boxloader.

2023 Topps Allen and Ginter Checklist

Base Set – 400 Cards*
Foil Filigree
Silver Portrait
Glossy – 1/1

Base Card Mini – 400 Cards
Allen & Ginter – 1:5 packs
Black Border – 1:10 packs
No Number – Limited to 50
Brooklyn Back – #/25
Gold Border
Glossy – 1/1

Mini Stained Glass
Base – Limited to 25

Autograph Relic Book (ARBC) – 44 Cards
Base – #/10

Dual Auto Relic Book (DARBC) – 16 Cards
Base – #/10

Mini Baseball Auto (MA) – 121 Cards

Mini Non-Baseball Auto (MA) – 61 Cards

Mini Employee Auto (MA) – 10 Cards

Dual Auto (DA) – 2 Cards

Boxloader (BC) – 15 Cards

Boxloader Auto Variation (BA) – 16 Cards

Boxloader Rip Card (BRC) – 52 Cards

N43 Boxloader (N43) – 20 Cards

N43 Boxloader Auto Variant (N43A) – 4 Cards

Allen and Ginter Relics A (AGRA) – 55 Cards

Allen and Ginter Relics B (AGRB) – 69 Cards

Mini Framed Relic (MFR) – 78 Cards

Mini DNA Relic (DNAR) – 9 Cards

Cut Signatures (CS) – 20 Cards
Base – 1/1

Mini Framed Relics of Legend (FROL) – 7 Cards

Music to Your Ears (MTYE) – 15 Cards

Music to Your Ears Relic (MTYER) – 13 Cards

Rip Cards (RC) – 135 Cards

Double Rip Cards (DRC) – 130 Cards

Mini Artist Originals (MAO) – 30 Cards

Spotless Spans (SS) – 50 Cards

Fun in the Sun (FITS) – 15 Cards

Mini Save Room for Dessert (SRFD) – 15 Cards

Mini By Any Other Name (BAN) – 15 Cards

Mini Rarest of the Diamond (MROD) – 10 Cards

Mini Only In (OI) – 30 Cards

Only In Boxloader (OIB) – 30 Cards

Mini World of Wonder (WOW) – 50 Cards

Mini International Delights (ID) – 20 Cards

Mini Rookie Design Variations (RDV) – 20 Cards

Mini 2022 World Series Champions (WSC) – 20 Cards

Talonted (TT) – 20 Cards

Uniform Countdown (UC) – 10 Cards

Hidden Gems (HG) – 5 Cards

This checklist is organized by teams. Scroll through the entire list or jump to a preferred team by selecting them from the list below. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings.


51Rod Carew
51Rod CarewMini
51Rod CarewMini Metal
51Rod CarewMini Stained Glass
51Rod CarewMini Cloth
53Mike Trout
53Mike TroutMini
53Mike TroutMini Metal
53Mike TroutMini Stained Glass
53Mike TroutMini Cloth
53Mike TroutIn Action Variant
96Shohei Ohtani
96Shohei OhtaniMini
96Shohei OhtaniMini Metal
96Shohei OhtaniMini Stained Glass
96Shohei OhtaniMini Cloth
96Shohei OhtaniIn Action Variant
118Logan O’HoppeRC
118Logan O’HoppeRCMini
118Logan O’HoppeRCMini Metal
118Logan O’HoppeRCMini Stained Glass
118Logan O’HoppeRCMini Cloth
162Gio Urshela
162Gio UrshelaMini
163Anthony Rendon
163Anthony RendonMini
192Reid Detmers
192Reid DetmersMini
194Zach NetoRC
194Zach NetoRCMini
208Tyler Anderson
208Tyler AndersonMini
301Garrett AndersonSP
301Garrett AndersonMini SP
359Mike TroutSP
359Mike TroutMini Exclusive
359Mike TroutMini Exclusive Metal
359Mike TroutMini Exclusive Stained Glass
396Shohei OhtaniSP
396Shohei OhtaniMini Exclusive
396Shohei OhtaniMini Exclusive Metal
396Shohei OhtaniMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGRB-TWTaylor WardRelic
AGRB-VGVladimir GuerreroRelic
ARBC-MTMike TroutAuto Relic
ARBC-SOShohei OhtaniAuto Relic
BA-SOShohei OhtaniAutograph
BC-1Mike Trout
BC-3Shohei Ohtani
BRC-NRNolan RyanRip
BRC-SOShohei OhtaniRip
DARBC-TOMike TroutAuto Relic
DARBC-TOShohei OhtaniAuto Relic
DRC-ORShohei OhtaniRip
DRC-ORNolan RyanRip
DRC-RCBartolo ColónRip
DRC-RCNolan RyanRip
DRC-ROShohei OhtaniRip
DRC-TBMike TroutRip
DRC-TOMike TroutRip
DRC-TOShohei OhtaniRip
MA-MTRMike TroutAutograph
MAO-MTMike Trout
MAO-SOShohei Ohtani
MFR-AREAnthony RendonRelic
MFR-BBLBert BlylevenRelic
MFR-MTMike TroutRelic
MFR-SOShohei OhtaniRelic
N43-2Mike Trout
N43-4Shohei Ohtani
N43A-THTorii HunterAutograph
RC-MTMike TroutRip
RC-SOShohei OhtaniRip
SS-12Francisco Rodriguez
SS-27Reid Detmers
SS-39Mike Trout
SS-40Shohei Ohtani


28Kyle Tucker
28Kyle TuckerMini
28Kyle TuckerMini Metal
28Kyle TuckerMini Stained Glass
28Kyle TuckerMini Cloth
28Kyle TuckerIn Action Variant
34Yordan Alvarez
34Yordan AlvarezMini
34Yordan AlvarezMini Metal
34Yordan AlvarezMini Stained Glass
34Yordan AlvarezMini Cloth
34Yordan AlvarezIn Action Variant
36Alex Bregman
36Alex BregmanMini
36Alex BregmanMini Metal
36Alex BregmanMini Stained Glass
36Alex BregmanMini Cloth
122Jeremy Peña
122Jeremy PeñaMini
122Jeremy PeñaMini Metal
122Jeremy PeñaMini Stained Glass
122Jeremy PeñaMini Cloth
126Korey LeeRC
126Korey LeeRCMini
126Korey LeeRCMini Metal
126Korey LeeRCMini Stained Glass
126Korey LeeRCMini Cloth
156Jose Altuve
156Jose AltuveMini
245José Abreu
245José AbreuMini
291Hunter BrownRC
291Hunter BrownRCMini
349Hunter PenceSP
349Hunter PenceMini SP
356Yordan AlvarezSP
356Yordan AlvarezMini Exclusive
356Yordan AlvarezMini Exclusive Metal
356Yordan AlvarezMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGRB-LMLance McCullers Jr.Relic
ARBC-JPJeremy PeñaAuto Relic
ARBC-KTKyle TuckerAuto Relic
BRC-KTKyle TuckerRip
BRC-YAYordan AlvarezRip
DARBC-PTJeremy PeñaAuto Relic
DARBC-PTKyle TuckerAuto Relic
DRC-PTJeremy PeñaRip
DRC-PTKyle TuckerRip
HG-28Alex Bregman
MA-CBICraig BiggioAutograph
MA-HBHunter BrownRCAutograph
MA-JPJeremy PeñaAutograph
MA-KLKorey LeeRCAutograph
MFR-CBCraig BiggioRelic
MFR-JAJose AltuveRelic
MFR-JBJeff BagwellRelic
MFR-JPJeremy PeñaRelic
MFR-KTKyle TuckerRelic
OI-11Crawford Boxes
OIB-11Crawford Boxes
RC-ABAlex BregmanRip
RC-KTKyle TuckerRip
RC-NRNolan RyanRip
RC-RCLRoger ClemensRip
RC-YAYordan AlvarezRip
SS-15Gerrit Cole
SS-24Nolan Ryan
SS-30George Springer
SS-35Jose Altuve
UC-7Craig Biggio
WSC-1Martín Maldonado
WSC-10Aledmys Díaz
WSC-11Christian Vázquez
WSC-12Justin Verlander
WSC-13Framber Valdez
WSC-14Lance McCullers Jr.
WSC-15Cristian Javier
WSC-16Ryan Pressly
WSC-17Luis Garcia
WSC-18Rafael Montero
WSC-19José Urquidy
WSC-2Yuli Gurriel
WSC-20Bryan Abreu
WSC-3Jose Altuve
WSC-4Alex Bregman
WSC-5Jeremy Peña
WSC-6Kyle Tucker
WSC-7Chas McCormick
WSC-8Yordan Alvarez
WSC-9Trey Mancini


58Shea LangeliersRC
58Shea LangeliersRCMini
58Shea LangeliersRCMini Metal
58Shea LangeliersRCMini Stained Glass
58Shea LangeliersRCMini Cloth
67Mark McGwire
67Mark McGwireMini
67Mark McGwireMini Metal
67Mark McGwireMini Stained Glass
67Mark McGwireMini Cloth
72Rickey HendersonIn Action Variant
103JJ BledayRC
103JJ BledayRCMini
103JJ BledayRCMini Metal
103JJ BledayRCMini Stained Glass
103JJ BledayRCMini Cloth
106Mark Mulder
106Mark MulderMini
106Mark MulderMini Metal
106Mark MulderMini Stained Glass
106Mark MulderMini Cloth
112Esteury RuizRC
112Esteury RuizRCMini
112Esteury RuizRCMini Metal
112Esteury RuizRCMini Stained Glass
112Esteury RuizRCMini Cloth
125Tim Hudson
125Tim HudsonMini
125Tim HudsonMini Metal
125Tim HudsonMini Stained Glass
125Tim HudsonMini Cloth
138Rickey Henderson
138Rickey HendersonMini
138Rickey HendersonMini Metal
138Rickey HendersonMini Stained Glass
138Rickey HendersonMini Cloth
143Barry Zito
143Barry ZitoMini
143Barry ZitoMini Metal
143Barry ZitoMini Stained Glass
143Barry ZitoMini Cloth
211Seth Brown
211Seth BrownMini
297Shintaro FujinamiRC
297Shintaro FujinamiRCMini
322Vida BlueSP
322Vida BlueMini SP
340Miguel TejadaSP
340Miguel TejadaMini SP
352Rickey HendersonSP
352Rickey HendersonMini Exclusive
352Rickey HendersonMini Exclusive Metal
352Rickey HendersonMini Exclusive Stained Glass
389Mark McGwireSP
389Mark McGwireMini Exclusive
389Mark McGwireMini Exclusive Metal
389Mark McGwireMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGRA-SLAShea LangeliersRCRelic
BRC-FSShintaro FujinamiRCRip
DRC-HMMark McGwireRip
DRC-HMRickey HendersonRip
DRC-LBJJ BledayRip
DRC-LBShea LangeliersRip
MA-BZBarry ZitoAutograph
MA-CSTECal StevensonRCAutograph
MA-DEDennis EckersleyAutograph
MA-FSShintaro FujinamiRCAutograph
MA-MMUMark MulderAutograph
MA-RFRollie FingersAutograph
MA-SLShea LangeliersRCAutograph
MA-THUTim HudsonAutograph
MFR-MMCMark McGwireRelic
MFR-MMUMark MulderRelic
MFR-RHRickey HendersonRelic
OI-20Most foul territory in Major
OIB-20Most foul territory in Major
RC-MMCMark McGwireRip
RC-RHERickey HendersonRip
RC-RJACReggie JacksonRip
SS-28Rickey Henderson

Blue Jays

33Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
33Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Mini
33Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Mini Metal
33Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Mini Stained Glass
33Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Mini Cloth
33Vladimir Guerrero Jr.In Action Variant
40George Springer
40George SpringerMini
40George SpringerMini Metal
40George SpringerMini Stained Glass
40George SpringerMini Cloth
93Matt Chapman
93Matt ChapmanMini
93Matt ChapmanMini Metal
93Matt ChapmanMini Stained Glass
93Matt ChapmanMini Cloth
108Alek Manoah
108Alek ManoahMini
108Alek ManoahMini Metal
108Alek ManoahMini Stained Glass
108Alek ManoahMini Cloth
147Bo Bichette
147Bo BichetteMini
147Bo BichetteMini Metal
147Bo BichetteMini Stained Glass
147Bo BichetteMini Cloth
147Bo BichetteIn Action Variant
179José Berríos
179José BerríosMini
250Alejandro Kirk
250Alejandro KirkMini
376Bo BichetteSP
376Bo BichetteMini Exclusive
376Bo BichetteMini Exclusive Metal
376Bo BichetteMini Exclusive Stained Glass
400Vladimir Guerrero Jr.SP
400Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Mini Exclusive
400Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Mini Exclusive Metal
400Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Mini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGRB-AKAlejandro KirkRelic
AGRB-CBICavan BiggioRelic
AGRB-HJRHyun-jin RyuRelic
AGRB-MCMatt ChapmanRelic
AGRB-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Relic
AGRB-WMEWhit MerrifieldRelic
ARBC-MCMatt ChapmanAuto Relic
ARBC-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto Relic
ARBC-VGJ2Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto Relic
BC-4Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
DARBC-GAVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto Relic
DARBC-VMVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto Relic
DARBC-VMMatt ChapmanAuto Relic
DRC-BCBo BichetteRip
DRC-BCMatt ChapmanRip
DRC-GGVladimir Guerrero Jr.Rip
MA-AMAAlek ManoahAutograph
MA-MCMatt ChapmanAutograph
MA-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Autograph
MAO-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.
MFR-BBBo BichetteRelic
MFR-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Relic
N43-5Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
OI-29CN Tower
OIB-29CN Tower
RC-AKAlejandro KirkRip
RC-BBIBo BichetteRip
RC-MCMatt ChapmanRip
RC-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Rip
SS-2Bo Bichette


4Spencer Strider
4Spencer StriderMini
4Spencer StriderMini Metal
4Spencer StriderMini Stained Glass
4Spencer StriderMini Cloth
4Spencer StriderIn Action Variant
12Michael Harris IIRC
12Michael Harris IIRCMini
12Michael Harris IIRCMini Metal
12Michael Harris IIRCMini Stained Glass
12Michael Harris IIRCMini Cloth
12Michael Harris IIRCIn Action Variant
37Ronald Acuña Jr.
37Ronald Acuña Jr.Mini
37Ronald Acuña Jr.Mini Metal
37Ronald Acuña Jr.Mini Stained Glass
37Ronald Acuña Jr.Mini Cloth
37Ronald Acuña Jr.In Action Variant
50Vaughn GrissomRC
50Vaughn GrissomRCMini
50Vaughn GrissomRCMini Metal
50Vaughn GrissomRCMini Stained Glass
50Vaughn GrissomRCMini Cloth
74Austin Riley
74Austin RileyMini
74Austin RileyMini Metal
74Austin RileyMini Stained Glass
74Austin RileyMini Cloth
74Austin RileyIn Action Variant
76Max Fried
76Max FriedMini
76Max FriedMini Metal
76Max FriedMini Stained Glass
76Max FriedMini Cloth
83Hank Aaron
83Hank AaronMini
83Hank AaronMini Metal
83Hank AaronMini Stained Glass
83Hank AaronMini Cloth
99Matt Olson
99Matt OlsonMini
99Matt OlsonMini Metal
99Matt OlsonMini Stained Glass
99Matt OlsonMini Cloth
107SandersMini Metal
107SandersMini Stained Glass
107SandersMini Cloth
187Chipper Jones
187Chipper JonesMini
200Dale Murphy
200Dale MurphyMini
253Sean Murphy
253Sean MurphyMini
288Ozzie Albies
288Ozzie AlbiesMini
350John SmoltzSP
350John SmoltzMini SP
360Ronald Acuña Jr.SP
360Ronald Acuña Jr.Mini Exclusive
360Ronald Acuña Jr.Mini Exclusive Metal
360Ronald Acuña Jr.Mini Exclusive Stained Glass
367Hank AaronSP
367Hank AaronMini Exclusive
367Hank AaronMini Exclusive Metal
367Hank AaronMini Exclusive Stained Glass
394Austin RileySP
394Austin RileyMini Exclusive
394Austin RileyMini Exclusive Metal
394Austin RileyMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGRA-MOMatt OlsonRelic
AGRB-ARAustin RileyRelic
AGRB-IAIan AndersonRelic
AGRB-KWKyle WrightRelic
ARBC-ARILAustin RileyAuto Relic
ARBC-MHMichael Harris IIRCAuto Relic
ARBC-MOMatt OlsonAuto Relic
ARBC-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Auto Relic
ARBC-VGVaughn GrissomRCAuto Relic
BA-ARIAustin RileyAutograph
BC-15Ronald Acuña Jr.
BRC-ARAustin RileyRip
BRC-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Rip
DARBC-GARonald Acuña Jr.Auto Relic
DARBC-GHVaughn GrissomRCAuto Relic
DARBC-GHMichael Harris IIRCAuto Relic
DRC-ASRonald Acuña Jr.Rip
DRC-HROMichael Harris IIRCRip
DRC-SARonald Acuña Jr.Rip
MA-ARAustin RileyAutograph
MA-MFMax FriedAutograph
MA-MHMichael Harris IIRCAutograph
MA-TGTom GlavineAutograph
MA-VGVaughn GrissomRCAutograph
MAO-HAHank Aaron
MAO-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.
MFR-ARILAustin RileyRelic
MFR-CJChipper JonesRelic
MFR-FMFred McGriffRelic
MFR-JSMJohn SmoltzRelic
MFR-OAOzzie AlbiesRelic
MFR-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Relic
N43-16Ronald Acuña Jr.
N43-18Hank Aaron
OI-2Monument Garden
OIB-2Monument Garden
RC-ARIAustin RileyRip
RC-HAHank AaronRip
RC-MFMax FriedRip
RC-MHMichael Harris IIRCRip
RC-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Rip
RC-SSSpencer StriderRip
RC-VGVaughn GrissomRCRip
SS-16Greg Maddux
SS-17Chipper Jones
SS-48Hank Aaron
SS-49Ronald Acuña Jr.
UC-10Chipper Jones


10Christian Yelich
10Christian YelichMini
10Christian YelichMini Metal
10Christian YelichMini Stained Glass
10Christian YelichMini Cloth
86Corbin Burnes
86Corbin BurnesMini
86Corbin BurnesMini Metal
86Corbin BurnesMini Stained Glass
86Corbin BurnesMini Cloth
86Corbin BurnesIn Action Variant
117Garrett MitchellRC
117Garrett MitchellRCMini
117Garrett MitchellRCMini Metal
117Garrett MitchellRCMini Stained Glass
117Garrett MitchellRCMini Cloth
149Ethan SmallRC
149Ethan SmallRCMini
149Ethan SmallRCMini Metal
149Ethan SmallRCMini Stained Glass
149Ethan SmallRCMini Cloth
292Brice TurangRC
292Brice TurangRCMini
310Robin YountSP
310Robin YountMini SP
329Gary SheffieldSP
329Gary SheffieldMini SP
348Prince FielderSP
348Prince FielderMini SP
AGRA-PMPaul MolitorRelic
AGRB-BWOBrandon WoodruffRelic
AGRB-CBCorbin BurnesRelic
AGRB-CYChristian YelichRelic
AGRB-GSGary SheffieldRelic
ARBC-CBCorbin BurnesAuto Relic
ARBC-CYChristian YelichAuto Relic
MA-CBCorbin BurnesAutograph
MA-ESEthan SmallRCAutograph
MA-GMIGarrett MitchellRCAutograph
MA-GSGary SheffieldAutograph
MFR-RYRobin YountRelic
OI-16Bernie Brewer’s slide
OIB-16Bernie Brewer’s slide
RC-CBCorbin BurnesRip
RC-GMIGarrett MitchellRCRip
RDV-19Brice TurangRC


16Nolan GormanRC
16Nolan GormanRCMini
16Nolan GormanRCMini Metal
16Nolan GormanRCMini Stained Glass
16Nolan GormanRCMini Cloth
16Nolan GormanRCIn Action Variant
20Paul Goldschmidt
20Paul GoldschmidtMini
20Paul GoldschmidtMini Metal
20Paul GoldschmidtMini Stained Glass
20Paul GoldschmidtMini Cloth
20Paul GoldschmidtIn Action Variant
25Stan Musial
25Stan MusialMini
25Stan MusialMini Metal
25Stan MusialMini Stained Glass
25Stan MusialMini Cloth
75Yadier Molina
75Yadier MolinaMini
75Yadier MolinaMini Metal
75Yadier MolinaMini Stained Glass
75Yadier MolinaMini Cloth
89Lou Brock
89Lou BrockMini
89Lou BrockMini Metal
89Lou BrockMini Stained Glass
89Lou BrockMini Cloth
92Matthew LiberatoreRC
92Matthew LiberatoreRCMini
92Matthew LiberatoreRCMini Metal
92Matthew LiberatoreRCMini Stained Glass
92Matthew LiberatoreRCMini Cloth
110Ozzie Smith
110Ozzie SmithMini
110Ozzie SmithMini Metal
110Ozzie SmithMini Stained Glass
110Ozzie SmithMini Cloth
113Tommy Edman
113Tommy EdmanMini
113Tommy EdmanMini Metal
113Tommy EdmanMini Stained Glass
113Tommy EdmanMini Cloth
128Albert Pujols
128Albert PujolsMini
128Albert PujolsMini Metal
128Albert PujolsMini Stained Glass
128Albert PujolsMini Cloth
130Iván HerreraRC
130Iván HerreraRCMini
130Iván HerreraRCMini Metal
130Iván HerreraRCMini Stained Glass
130Iván HerreraRCMini Cloth
137Zack ThompsonRC
137Zack ThompsonRCMini
137Zack ThompsonRCMini Metal
137Zack ThompsonRCMini Stained Glass
137Zack ThompsonRCMini Cloth
161Willson Contreras
161Willson ContrerasMini
176Bob Gibson
176Bob GibsonMini
240Jordan WalkerRC
240Jordan WalkerRCMini
264Nolan Arenado
264Nolan ArenadoMini
304Jim EdmondsSP
304Jim EdmondsMini SP
314David EcksteinSP
314David EcksteinMini SP
324Scott RolenSP
324Scott RolenMini SP
354Bob GibsonSP
383Paul GoldschmidtSP
383Paul GoldschmidtMini Exclusive
383Paul GoldschmidtMini Exclusive Metal
383Paul GoldschmidtMini Exclusive Stained Glass
385Albert PujolsSP
385Albert PujolsMini Exclusive
385Albert PujolsMini Exclusive Metal
385Albert PujolsMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGRA-MLIMatthew LiberatoreRCRelic
AGRB-MMCMark McGwireRelic
AGRB-PDPaul DeJongRelic
AGRB-TETommy EdmanRelic
ARBC-PGPaul GoldschmidtAuto Relic
BC-10Paul Goldschmidt
BRC-BGBob GibsonRip
BRC-NGNolan GormanRCRip
BRC-PGPaul GoldschmidtRip
BRC-SMStan MusialRip
DARBC-GJPaul GoldschmidtAuto Relic
DRC-GJPaul GoldschmidtRip
DRC-GMPaul GoldschmidtRip
DRC-GMMark McGwireRip
DRC-MPYadier MolinaRip
DRC-WMYadier MolinaRip
DRC-WMAdam WainwrightRip
HG-27Albert Pujols
MA-DECDavid EcksteinAutograph
MA-JEDJim EdmondsAutograph
MA-JWJordan WalkerRCAutograph
MA-LNLars NootbaarAutograph
MA-MLMatthew LiberatoreRCAutograph
MA-OSOzzie SmithAutograph
MA-PGPaul GoldschmidtAutograph
MA-ZTZack ThompsonRCAutograph
MAO-APAlbert Pujols
MAO-BGBob Gibson
MFR-APAlbert PujolsRelic
MFR-AWAdam WainwrightRelic
MFR-NANolan ArenadoRelic
MFR-PGPaul GoldschmidtRelic
MFR-YMYadier MolinaRelic
N43-11Paul Goldschmidt
N43-19Bob Gibson
N43A-APAlbert PujolsAutograph
OI-26Views of the Gateway Arch
OIB-26Views of the Gateway Arch
RC-APAlbert PujolsRip
RC-BGBob GibsonRip
RC-LBLou BrockRip
RC-NGNolan GormanRCRip
RC-PGPaul GoldschmidtRip
RC-SMUStan MusialRip
RDV-17Jordan WalkerRC
RDV-6Nolan GormanRC
SS-21Lou Brock
SS-3Bob Gibson
SS-41Albert Pujols
UC-1Ozzie Smith
UC-4Yadier Molina
UC-5Albert Pujols


54Christopher MorelRC
54Christopher MorelRCMini
54Christopher MorelRCMini Metal
54Christopher MorelRCMini Stained Glass
54Christopher MorelRCMini Cloth
57Dansby Swanson
57Dansby SwansonMini
57Dansby SwansonMini Metal
57Dansby SwansonMini Stained Glass
57Dansby SwansonMini Cloth
81Trey Mancini
81Trey ManciniMini
81Trey ManciniMini Metal
81Trey ManciniMini Stained Glass
81Trey ManciniMini Cloth
102Cody Bellinger
102Cody BellingerMini
102Cody BellingerMini Metal
102Cody BellingerMini Stained Glass
102Cody BellingerMini Cloth
119Javier AssadRC
119Javier AssadRCMini
119Javier AssadRCMini Metal
119Javier AssadRCMini Stained Glass
119Javier AssadRCMini Cloth
155Hayden WesneskiRC
155Hayden WesneskiRCMini
160Greg Maddux
160Greg MadduxMini
184Andre Dawson
184Andre DawsonMini
195Patrick Wisdom
195Patrick WisdomMini
230Seiya Suzuki
230Seiya SuzukiMini
260Nico Hoerner
260Nico HoernerMini
347Sammy SosaSP
347Sammy SosaMini SP
370Andre DawsonSP
370Andre DawsonMini Exclusive
370Andre DawsonMini Exclusive Metal
370Andre DawsonMini Exclusive Stained Glass
387Greg MadduxSP
387Greg MadduxMini Exclusive
387Greg MadduxMini Exclusive Metal
387Greg MadduxMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGRA-CMChristopher MorelRCRelic
AGRB-DSDansby SwansonRelic
AGRB-EHEric HosmerRelic
AGRB-IHIan HappRelic
AGRB-TMTrey ManciniRelic
ARBC-TMTrey ManciniAuto Relic
BRC-EBErnie BanksRip
DRC-BDCody BellingerRip
DRC-BDAndre DawsonRip
DRC-BSCody BellingerRip
DRC-BSSammy SosaRip
DRC-SSDansby SwansonRip
DRC-SSRyne SandbergRip
MA-CMChristopher MorelRCAutograph
MA-EDUHayden WesneskiRCAutograph
MA-JAJavier AssadRCAutograph
MA-TMTrey ManciniAutograph
MFR-GMGreg MadduxRelic
MFR-SSSammy SosaRelic
RC-CBECody BellingerRip
RC-DSDansby SwansonRip
RC-EBAErnie BanksRip
RC-GMADGreg MadduxRip
RC-LSLee SmithRip
RC-RSRon SantoRip


11Corbin CarrollRC
11Corbin CarrollRCMini
11Corbin CarrollRCMini Metal
11Corbin CarrollRCMini Stained Glass
11Corbin CarrollRCMini Cloth
11Corbin CarrollRCIn Action Variant
18Gabriel MorenoRC
18Gabriel MorenoRCMini
18Gabriel MorenoRCMini Metal
18Gabriel MorenoRCMini Stained Glass
18Gabriel MorenoRCMini Cloth
18Gabriel MorenoRCIn Action Variant
52Jake McCarthy
52Jake McCarthyMini
52Jake McCarthyMini Metal
52Jake McCarthyMini Stained Glass
52Jake McCarthyMini Cloth
59Tommy HenryRC
59Tommy HenryRCMini
59Tommy HenryRCMini Metal
59Tommy HenryRCMini Stained Glass
59Tommy HenryRCMini Cloth
170Ketel Marte
170Ketel MarteMini
172Christian Walker
172Christian WalkerMini
229Drey JamesonRC
229Drey JamesonRCMini
247Ryne NelsonRC
247Ryne NelsonRCMini
368Corbin CarrollRCSP
368Corbin CarrollRCMini Exclusive
368Corbin CarrollRCMini Exclusive Metal
368Corbin CarrollRCMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGRA-CCCorbin CarrollRCRelic
AGRA-ZGZac GallenRelic
AGRB-ELEvan LongoriaRelic
ARBC-ATAlek ThomasAuto Relic
ARBC-CCCorbin CarrollRCAuto Relic
BA-CCCorbin CarrollRCAutograph
BRC-CCCorbin CarrollRCRip
DARBC-CTAlek ThomasRCAuto Relic
DARBC-CTCorbin CarrollRCAuto Relic
DRC-CMCorbin CarrollRip
DRC-CMGabriel MorenoRip
DRC-TMKetel MarteRip
DRC-TMAlek ThomasRip
MA-CCCorbin CarrollRCAutograph
MA-GMGabriel MorenoRCAutograph
MA-JMCJake McCarthyAutograph
MA-RNERyne NelsonRCAutograph
MA-THTommy HenryRCAutograph
MAO-CCCorbin CarrollRC
MAO-RJRandy Johnson
RC-CCCorbin CarrollRCRip
RC-GMGabriel MorenoRCRip
RC-RJRandy JohnsonRip
RDV-15Gabriel MorenoRC
RDV-4Corbin CarrollRC
SS-26Randy Johnson


64Jackie Robinson
64Jackie RobinsonMini
64Jackie RobinsonMini Metal
64Jackie RobinsonMini Stained Glass
64Jackie RobinsonMini Cloth
65Mookie Betts
65Mookie BettsMini
65Mookie BettsMini Metal
65Mookie BettsMini Stained Glass
65Mookie BettsMini Cloth
65Mookie BettsIn Action Variant
91Clayton Kershaw
91Clayton KershawMini
91Clayton KershawMini Metal
91Clayton KershawMini Stained Glass
91Clayton KershawMini Cloth
91Clayton KershawIn Action Variant
120Freddie Freeman
120Freddie FreemanMini
120Freddie FreemanMini Metal
120Freddie FreemanMini Stained Glass
120Freddie FreemanMini Cloth
120Freddie FreemanIn Action Variant
136Miguel VargasRC
136Miguel VargasRCMini
136Miguel VargasRCMini Metal
136Miguel VargasRCMini Stained Glass
136Miguel VargasRCMini Cloth
152Walker Buehler
152Walker BuehlerMini
153Gavin Lux
153Gavin LuxMini
197Tony Gonsolin
197Tony GonsolinMini
231Will Smith
231Will SmithMini
258Julio Urías
258Julio UríasMini
318Steve GarveySP
318Steve GarveyMini SP
342Andre EthierSP
342Andre EthierMini SP
379Jackie RobinsonSP
379Jackie RobinsonMini Exclusive
379Jackie RobinsonMini Exclusive Metal
379Jackie RobinsonMini Exclusive Stained Glass
386Mookie BettsSP
386Mookie BettsMini Exclusive
386Mookie BettsMini Exclusive Metal
386Mookie BettsMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGRA-WBWalker BuehlerRelic
AGRB-CTChris TaylorRelic
AGRB-DMDustin MayRelic
AGRB-MMMax MuncyRelic
AGRB-TGTony GonsolinRelic
ARBC-FFFreddie FreemanAuto Relic
BC-13Clayton Kershaw
BC-5Mookie Betts
BRC-CKClayton KershawRip
BRC-JROJackie RobinsonRip
DRC-CRJackie RobinsonRip
DRC-FMEddie MurrayRip
DRC-FMFreddie FreemanRip
DRC-KBMookie BettsRip
DRC-KBClayton KershawRip
DRC-TBMookie BettsRip
MA-EGEric GagneAutograph
MA-FFFreddie FreemanAutograph
MA-MMUNMax MuncyAutograph
MAO-CKClayton Kershaw
MAO-JRJackie Robinson
MAO-MBMookie Betts
MFR-CKClayton KershawRelic
MFR-JUJulio UríasRelic
MFR-MBMookie BettsRelic
N43-14Clayton Kershaw
N43-17Jackie Robinson
N43-6Mookie Betts
OI-14Dodger Dog
OIB-14Dodger Dog
RC-CKClayton KershawRip
RC-FFFreddie FreemanRip
RC-JROJackie RobinsonRip
RC-MBMookie BettsRip
RC-MVMiguel VargasRCRip
RDV-12Miguel VargasRC
SS-10Éric Gagné
SS-44Corey Seager
SS-50Clayton Kershaw
SS-9Don Drysdale


26Randy Johnson
26Randy JohnsonMini
26Randy JohnsonMini Metal
26Randy JohnsonMini Stained Glass
26Randy JohnsonMini Cloth
26Randy JohnsonIn Action Variant
308Vladimir GuerreroSP
308Vladimir GuerreroMini SP
319Tim RainesSP
319Tim RainesMini SP
399Randy JohnsonSP
399Randy JohnsonMini Exclusive
399Randy JohnsonMini Exclusive Metal
399Randy JohnsonMini Exclusive Stained Glass
DRC-GGVladimir GuerreroRip
DRC-MJPedro MartinezRip
DRC-MJRandy JohnsonRip
MA-RJRandy JohnsonAutograph
N43A-RJRandy JohnsonAutograph
RC-VGUVladimir GuerreroRip
SS-42Vladimir Guerrero


1Willie Mays
1Willie MaysMini
1Willie MaysMini Metal
1Willie MaysMini Stained Glass
1Willie MaysMini Cloth
150Buster Posey
150Buster PoseyMini
150Buster PoseyMini Metal
150Buster PoseyMini Stained Glass
150Buster PoseyMini Cloth
168Will Clark
168Will ClarkMini
344Brian WilsonSP
344Brian WilsonMini SP
357Buster PoseySP
357Buster PoseyMini Exclusive
357Buster PoseyMini Exclusive Metal
357Buster PoseyMini Exclusive Stained Glass
BA-BPBuster PoseyAutograph
BRC-WMWillie MaysRip
DRC-MPBuster PoseyRip
DRC-PMWillie MaysRip
DRC-PMBuster PoseyRip
MA-HPHunter PenceAutograph
MFR-BPBuster PoseyRelic
MFR-RJRandy JohnsonRelic
OI-24McCovey Cove
OIB-24McCovey Cove
RC-CMChristy MathewsonRip
SS-32Willie Mays
SS-5Christy Mathewson


82José Ramírez
82José RamírezMini
82José RamírezMini Metal
82José RamírezMini Stained Glass
82José RamírezMini Cloth
116Andrés Giménez
116Andrés GiménezMini
116Andrés GiménezMini Metal
116Andrés GiménezMini Stained Glass
116Andrés GiménezMini Cloth
133Tyler FreemanRC
133Tyler FreemanRCMini
133Tyler FreemanRCMini Metal
133Tyler FreemanRCMini Stained Glass
133Tyler FreemanRCMini Cloth
181Steven KwanRC
181Steven KwanMini
198Josh Bell
198Josh BellMini
294Shane Bieber
294Shane BieberMini
300Emmanuel Clase
300Emmanuel ClaseMini
366José RamirezSP
366José RamírezMini Exclusive
366José RamírezMini Exclusive Metal
366José RamírezMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGRB-AGAndrés GiménezRelic
AGRB-JBJosh BellRelic
ARBC-AGAndrés GiménezAuto Relic
ARBC-JRAJosé RamírezAuto Relic
MA-AGAndrés GiménezAutograph
MA-BNBo NaylorRCAutograph
MA-SBShane BieberAutograph
MA-TFTyler FreemanRCAutograph
MFR-AGAndrés GiménezRelic
MFR-JRJosé RamírezRelic
MFR-JTJim ThomeRelic
OI-8Guardians Statur
OIB-8Guardians Statur
RC-AGAndrés GiménezRip
RC-JRAJosé RamírezRip
RC-TFTyler FreemanRCRip


3Julio Rodríguez
3Julio RodríguezMini
3Julio RodríguezMini Metal
3Julio RodríguezMini Stained Glass
3Julio RodríguezMini Cloth
3Julio RodríguezIn Action Variant
21George Kirby
21George KirbyMini
21George KirbyMini Metal
21George KirbyMini Stained Glass
21George KirbyMini Cloth
21George KirbyIn Action Variant
248Luis Castillo
248Luis CastilloMini
302Edgar MartinezSP
302Edgar MartinezMini SP
343Félix HernándezSP
343Félix HernándezMini SP
355Julio RodríguezSP
355Julio RodríguezMini Exclusive
355Julio RodríguezMini Exclusive Metal
355Julio RodríguezMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGRB-CRCal RaleighRelic
ARBC-GKGeorge KirbyAuto Relic
ARBC-JRJulio RodríguezAuto Relic
BA-JRJulio RodríguezAutograph
BC-14Julio Rodríguez
BRC-JRJulio RodríguezRip
BRC-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Rip
BRC-RJRandy JohnsonRip
DARBC-FRJulio RodríguezAuto Relic
DARBC-WRJulio RodríguezAuto Relic
DRC-GIKen Griffey Jr.Rip
DRC-HROJulio RodríguezRCRip
DRC-RGJulio RodríguezRip
DRC-RGKen Griffey Jr.Rip
MA-CRACal RaleighAutograph
MA-GKGeorge KirbyAutograph
MA-JRJulio RodríguezAutograph
MAO-JROJulio Rodríguez
MAO-KGJKen Griffey Jr.
MFR-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Relic
N43-15Julio Rodríguez
RC-GKGeorge KirbyRip
RC-JRJulio RodríguezRip
SS-11Félix Hernández
SS-13George Kirby
SS-20Ken Griffey Jr.


23Jazz Chisholm Jr.
23Jazz Chisholm Jr.Mini
23Jazz Chisholm Jr.Mini Metal
23Jazz Chisholm Jr.Mini Stained Glass
23Jazz Chisholm Jr.Mini Cloth
23Jazz Chisholm Jr.In Action Variant
41Luis Arraez
41Luis ArraezMini
41Luis ArraezMini Metal
41Luis ArraezMini Stained Glass
41Luis ArraezMini Cloth
95IchiroMini Metal
95IchiroMini Stained Glass
95IchiroMini Cloth
95IchiroIn Action Variant
129Max MeyerRC
129Max MeyerRCMini
129Max MeyerRCMini Metal
129Max MeyerRCMini Stained Glass
129Max MeyerRCMini Cloth
144Jordan GroshansRC
144Jordan GroshansRCMini
144Jordan GroshansRCMini Metal
144Jordan GroshansRCMini Stained Glass
144Jordan GroshansRCMini Cloth
214Sandy Alcantara
214Sandy AlcantaraMini
214Sandy AlcantaraIn Action Variant
215Caroline O’Connor
227Jon Berti
227Jon BertiMini
321Dontrelle WillisSP
321Dontrelle WillisMini SP
398IchiroMini Exclusive
398IchiroMini Exclusive Metal
398IchiroMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGRB-LALuis ArraezRelic
BA-JCJazz Chisholm Jr.Autograph
BRC-SASandy AlcantaraRip
DA-NOKim NgAutograph
DA-NOCaroline O’ConnorAutograph
DRC-AVSandy AlcantaraRip
HG-29Jazz Chisholm Jr.
MA-CLCharles LeblancRCAutograph
MA-DWILDontrelle WillisAutograph
MA-JGJordan GroshansRCAutograph
MA-MMMax MeyerRCAutograph
MA-SASandy AlcantaraAutograph
OI-15Bobblehead Museum
OIB-15Bobblehead Museum
RC-JCJazz Chisholm Jr.Rip
RC-JGJordan GroshansRCRip
RC-MMMax MeyerRCRip
RC-SASandy AlcantaraRip
SS-36Giancarlo Stanton


15Justin Verlander
15Justin VerlanderMini
15Justin VerlanderMini Metal
15Justin VerlanderMini Stained Glass
15Justin VerlanderMini Cloth
55Max Scherzer
55Max ScherzerMini
55Max ScherzerMini Metal
55Max ScherzerMini Stained Glass
55Max ScherzerMini Cloth
55Max ScherzerIn Action Variant
71Pete Alonso
71Pete AlonsoMini
71Pete AlonsoMini Metal
71Pete AlonsoMini Stained Glass
71Pete AlonsoMini Cloth
80Brett BatyRC
80Brett BatyRCMini
80Brett BatyRCMini Metal
80Brett BatyRCMini Stained Glass
80Brett BatyRCMini Cloth
80Brett BatyRCIn Action Variant
101Mark VientosRC
101Mark VientosRCMini
101Mark VientosRCMini Metal
101Mark VientosRCMini Stained Glass
101Mark VientosRCMini Cloth
123Francisco ÁlvarezRC
123Francisco ÁlvarezRCMini
123Francisco ÁlvarezRCMini Metal
123Francisco ÁlvarezRCMini Stained Glass
123Francisco ÁlvarezRCMini Cloth
132Brandon Nimmo
132Brandon NimmoMini
132Brandon NimmoMini Metal
132Brandon NimmoMini Stained Glass
132Brandon NimmoMini Cloth
154Francisco Lindor
154Francisco LindorMini
177Starling Marte
177Starling MarteMini
257Kodai SengaRC
257Kodai SengaRCMini
278Edwin Díaz
278Edwin DíazMini
306Mo VaughnSP
306Mo VaughnMini SP
338Endy ChavezSP
338Endy ChavezMini SP
339Jose ReyesSP
339Jose ReyesMini SP
358Justin VerlanderSP
358Justin VerlanderMini Exclusive
358Justin VerlanderMini Exclusive Metal
358Justin VerlanderMini Exclusive Stained Glass
362Francisco LindorSP
362Francisco LindorMini Exclusive
362Francisco LindorMini Exclusive Metal
362Francisco LindorMini Exclusive Stained Glass
374Brett BatyRCSP
374Brett BatyRCMini Exclusive
374Brett BatyRCMini Exclusive Metal
374Brett BatyRCMini Exclusive Stained Glass
392Pete AlonsoSP
392Pete AlonsoMini Exclusive
392Pete AlonsoMini Exclusive Metal
392Pete AlonsoMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGRA-BBABrett BatyRCRelic
AGRA-DWRDavid WrightRelic
AGRA-FAFrancisco ÁlvarezRCRelic
AGRB-BNBrandon NimmoRelic
AGRB-DGDwight GoodenRelic
AGRB-EDEdwin DíazRelic
AGRB-JMJeff McNeilRelic
AGRB-PAPete AlonsoRelic
AGRB-TPTommy PhamRelic
ARBC-BBBrett BatyRCAuto Relic
ARBC-PAPete AlonsoAuto Relic
BA-BBBrett BatyRCAutograph
BA-DWDavid WrightAutograph
BC-7Justin Verlander
BRC-BBABrett BatyRCRip
BRC-FAFrancisco ÁlvarezRCRip
BRC-JVJustin VerlanderRip
BRC-KSKodai SengaRCRip
BRC-TSTom SeaverRip
DRC-ACGary CarterRip
DRC-ACPete AlonsoRip
DRC-AVJustin VerlanderRip
DRC-BABrett BatyRip
DRC-BAFrancisco ÁlvarezRip
DRC-SVJustin VerlanderRip
DRC-SVMax ScherzerRip
DRC-VSJustin VerlanderRip
DRC-VSTom SeaverRip
MA-BBBrett BatyRCAutograph
MA-DWRDavid WrightAutograph
MA-FAFrancisco ÁlvarezRCAutograph
MA-KSEKodai SengaRCAutograph
MA-MVMark VientosRCAutograph
MA-PAPete AlonsoAutograph
MA-WBAWally BackmanAutograph
MAO-JVJustin Verlander
MFR-GCGary CarterRelic
MFR-TSTom SeaverRelic
N43-8Justin Verlander
RC-BBBrett BatyRCRip
RC-BNBrandon NimmoRip
RC-DGDwight GoodenRip
RC-FAFrancisco ÁlvarezRCRip
RC-FLFrancisco LindorRip
RC-GCAGary CarterRip
RC-JVJustin VerlanderRip
RC-KSEKodai SengaRCRip
RC-MSMax ScherzerRip
RC-PAPete AlonsoRip
RC-TGLTom GlavineRip
RC-TSTom SeaverRip
RDV-11Francisco ÁlvarezRC
RDV-5Brett BatyRC
SS-38Pete Alonso


9Joey MenesesRC
9Joey MenesesRCMini
9Joey MenesesRCMini Metal
9Joey MenesesRCMini Stained Glass
9Joey MenesesRCMini Cloth
77CJ Abrams
77CJ AbramsMini
77CJ AbramsMini Metal
77CJ AbramsMini Stained Glass
77CJ AbramsMini Cloth
115Jeter DownsRC
115Jeter DownsRCMini
115Jeter DownsRCMini Metal
115Jeter DownsRCMini Stained Glass
115Jeter DownsRCMini Cloth
124Cade CavalliRC
124Cade CavalliRCMini
124Cade CavalliRCMini Metal
124Cade CavalliRCMini Stained Glass
124Cade CavalliRCMini Cloth
185Stephen Strasburg
185Stephen StrasburgMini
AGRB-VRVictor RoblesRelic
ARBC-CACJ AbramsAuto Relic
DRC-AMJoey MenesesRCRip
MA-JDJeter DownsRCAutograph
MA-JMJoey MenesesRCAutograph
OI-30The Presidents race
OIB-30The Presidents race
SS-37Max Scherzer
SS-45Stephen Strasburg


2DL HallRC
2DL HallRCMini
2DL HallRCMini Metal
2DL HallRCMini Stained Glass
2DL HallRCMini Cloth
13Cal Ripken Jr.
13Cal Ripken Jr.Mini
13Cal Ripken Jr.Mini Metal
13Cal Ripken Jr.Mini Stained Glass
13Cal Ripken Jr.Mini Cloth
32Ryan Mountcastle
32Ryan MountcastleMini
32Ryan MountcastleMini Metal
32Ryan MountcastleMini Stained Glass
32Ryan MountcastleMini Cloth
35Ryan MountcastleIn Action Variant
45Kyle StowersRC
45Kyle StowersRCMini
45Kyle StowersRCMini Metal
45Kyle StowersRCMini Stained Glass
45Kyle StowersRCMini Cloth
68Adley RutschmanRC
68Adley RutschmanRCMini
68Adley RutschmanRCMini Metal
68Adley RutschmanRCMini Stained Glass
68Adley RutschmanRCMini Cloth
68Adley RutschmanRCIn Action Variant
72Gunnar HendersonRC
72Gunnar HendersonRCMini
72Gunnar HendersonRCMini Metal
72Gunnar HendersonRCMini Stained Glass
72Gunnar HendersonRCMini Cloth
73Cedric Mullins
73Cedric MullinsMini
73Cedric MullinsMini Metal
73Cedric MullinsMini Stained Glass
73Cedric MullinsMini Cloth
275Grayson RodriguezRC
275Grayson RodriguezRCMini
282Jorge Mateo
282Jorge MateoMini
341Rafael PalmeiroSP
341Rafael PalmeiroMini SP
353Adley RutschmanRCSP
353Adley RutschmanRCMini Exclusive
353Adley RutschmanRCMini Exclusive Metal
353Adley RutschmanRCMini Exclusive Stained Glass
365Cal Ripken Jr.SP
365Cal Ripken Jr.Mini Exclusive
365Cal Ripken Jr.Mini Exclusive Metal
365Cal Ripken Jr.Mini Exclusive Stained Glass
377Gunnar HendersonRCSP
377Gunnar HendersonRCMini Exclusive
377Gunnar HendersonRCMini Exclusive Metal
377Gunnar HendersonRCMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGRA-ARUAdley RutschmanRCRelic
AGRA-GHGunnar HendersonRCRelic
AGRB-AHAAustin HaysRelic
AGRB-CMCedric MullinsRelic
AGRB-RMRyan MountcastleRelic
ARBC-ARAdley RutschmanRCAuto Relic
ARBC-GHGunnar HendersonRCAuto Relic
ARBC-RMRyan MountcastleAuto Relic
BRC-ARUAdley RutschmanRCRip
BRC-CRJCal Ripken Jr.Rip
BRC-GHGunnar HendersonRCRip
DARBC-HRAdley RutschmanRCAuto Relic
DARBC-HRGunnar HendersonRCAuto Relic
DRC-HARAdley RutschmanRip
DRC-PRJim PalmerRip
DRC-PRCal Ripken Jr.Rip
DRC-RHAdley RutschmanRip
DRC-RHGunnar HendersonRip
MA-ARAdley RutschmanRCAutograph
MA-GHGunnar HendersonRCAutograph
MA-GRGrayson RodriguezRCAutograph
MA-JPAJim PalmerAutograph
MA-KSKyle StowersRCAutograph
MAO-ARAdley RutschmanRC
MAO-GHGunnar HendersonRC
MFR-CRJCal Ripken Jr.Relic
OI-3B&O Warehouse in right fie
OIB-3B&O Warehouse in right fie
RC-ARAdley RutschmanRCRip
RC-CRJCal Ripken Jr.Rip
RC-GHGunnar HendersonRCRip
RC-MMUMike MussinaRip
RDV-1Adley RutschmanRC
RDV-3Gunnar HendersonRC
SS-4Cal Ripken Jr.
UC-8Cal Ripken Jr.


6Xander Bogaerts
6Xander BogaertsMini
6Xander BogaertsMini Metal
6Xander BogaertsMini Stained Glass
6Xander BogaertsMini Cloth
39Juan Soto
39Juan SotoMini
39Juan SotoMini Metal
39Juan SotoMini Stained Glass
39Juan SotoMini Cloth
39Juan SotoIn Action Variant
49Manny Machado
49Manny MachadoMini
49Manny MachadoMini Metal
49Manny MachadoMini Stained Glass
49Manny MachadoMini Cloth
100Tony Gwynn
100Tony GwynnMini
100Tony GwynnMini Metal
100Tony GwynnMini Stained Glass
100Tony GwynnMini Cloth
114Yu Darvish
114Yu DarvishMini
114Yu DarvishMini Metal
114Yu DarvishMini Stained Glass
114Yu DarvishMini Cloth
186Josh Hader
186Josh HaderMini
219Blake Snell
219Blake SnellMini
293Fernando Tatis Jr.
293Fernando Tatis Jr.Mini
293Fernando Tatis Jr.In Action Variant
312Dave WinfieldSP
312Dave WinfieldMini SP
361Juan SotoSP
361Juan SotoMini Exclusive
361Juan SotoMini Exclusive Metal
361Juan SotoMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGRB-BSNBlake SnellRelic
ARBC-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Auto Relic
ARBC-JSJuan SotoAuto Relic
BA-JSJuan SotoAutograph
BC-6Juan Soto
BRC-JSJuan SotoRip
BRC-XBXander BogaertsRip
DARBC-BSJuan SotoAuto Relic
DARBC-BSXander BogaertsAuto Relic
DARBC-FTFernando Tatis Jr.Auto Relic
DRC-BMXander BogaertsRip
DRC-BMManny MachadoRip
DRC-HRTrevor HoffmanRip
DRC-SAJuan SotoRip
DRC-TSJuan SotoRip
DRC-TSFernando Tatis Jr.Rip
MA-THOTrevor HoffmanAutograph
MAO-JSJuan Soto
MFR-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Relic
MFR-JSJuan SotoRelic
MFR-MMManny MachadoRelic
MFR-NCNelson CruzRelic
MFR-TGTony GwynnRelic
MFR-YDYu DarvishRelic
N43-1Xander Bogaerts
N43-7Juan Soto
OI-23Gallagher Square
OIB-23Gallagher Square
RC-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Rip
RC-JSJuan SotoRip
RC-MMAManny MachadoRip
RC-TGTony GwynnRip
RC-XBXander BogaertsRip
RC-YDYu DarvishRip


22Kyle Schwarber
22Kyle SchwarberMini
22Kyle SchwarberMini Metal
22Kyle SchwarberMini Stained Glass
22Kyle SchwarberMini Cloth
60Bryce Harper
60Bryce HarperMini
60Bryce HarperMini Metal
60Bryce HarperMini Stained Glass
60Bryce HarperMini Cloth
66Trea Turner
66Trea TurnerMini
66Trea TurnerMini Metal
66Trea TurnerMini Stained Glass
66Trea TurnerMini Cloth
69Bryce HarperIn Action Variant
131Ryan Howard
131Ryan HowardMini
131Ryan HowardMini Metal
131Ryan HowardMini Stained Glass
131Ryan HowardMini Cloth
134Jimmy Rollins
134Jimmy RollinsMini
134Jimmy RollinsMini Metal
134Jimmy RollinsMini Stained Glass
134Jimmy RollinsMini Cloth
148Rhys Hoskins
148Rhys HoskinsMini
148Rhys HoskinsMini Metal
148Rhys HoskinsMini Stained Glass
148Rhys HoskinsMini Cloth
148Rhys HoskinsIn Action Variant
158Alec Bohm
158Alec BohmMini
165Zack Wheeler
165Zack WheelerMini
167Kyle Schwarber
167Kyle SchwarberMini
189Nick Castellanos
189Nick CastellanosMini
191Brandon Marsh
191Brandon MarshMini
193J.T. Realmuto
193J.T. RealmutoMini
263Aaron Nola
263Aaron NolaMini
317Jim ThomeSP
317Jim ThomeMini SP
325Jayson WerthSP
325Jayson WerthMini SP
326John KrukSP
326John KrukMini SP
364Bryce HarperSP
364Bryce HarperMini Exclusive
364Bryce HarperMini Exclusive Metal
364Bryce HarperMini Exclusive Stained Glass
382Trea TurnerSP
382Trea TurnerMini Exclusive
382Trea TurnerMini Exclusive Metal
382Trea TurnerMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGRA-JRJimmy RollinsRelic
AGRB-ABAlec BohmRelic
AGRB-KSKyle SchwarberRelic
AGRB-RHRhys HoskinsRelic
AGRB-ZWZack WheelerRelic
ARBC-RHRhys HoskinsAuto Relic
BC-2Bryce Harper
BRC-SCSteve CarltonRip
BRC-TTTrea TurnerRip
DRC-HHRhys HoskinsRip
DRC-HHBryce HarperRip
MA-BSTBryson StottAutograph
MA-DHADarick HallRCAutograph
MA-JKJohn KrukAutograph
MA-JROJimmy RollinsAutograph
MA-JWEJayson WerthAutograph
MA-RHORyan HowardAutograph
MA-TTTrea TurnerAutograph
MAO-BHBryce Harper
MFR-BHBryce HarperRelic
MFR-CUChase UtleyRelic
MFR-MSMike SchmidtRelic
MFR-RHORhys HoskinsRelic
MFR-SRScott RolenRelic
N43-3Bryce Harper
OI-21Liberty Bell
OIB-21Liberty Bell
RC-BHBryce HarperRip
RC-KSKyle SchwarberRip
RC-RHRhys HoskinsRip
RC-SCSteve CarltonRip
RC-TTTrea TurnerRip
SS-19Jimmy Rollins
SS-34Bryce Harper


27Roberto Clemente
27Roberto ClementeMini
27Roberto ClementeMini Metal
27Roberto ClementeMini Stained Glass
27Roberto ClementeMini Cloth
62Oneil Cruz
62Oneil CruzMini
62Oneil CruzMini Metal
62Oneil CruzMini Stained Glass
62Oneil CruzMini Cloth
62Oneil CruzIn Action Variant
121Liover PegueroRC
121Liover PegueroRCMini
121Liover PegueroRCMini Metal
121Liover PegueroRCMini Stained Glass
121Liover PegueroRCMini Cloth
145Luis OrtizRC
145Luis OrtizRCMini
145Luis OrtizRCMini Metal
145Luis OrtizRCMini Stained Glass
145Luis OrtizRCMini Cloth
164Ke’Bryan Hayes
164Ke’Bryan HayesMini
206Bryan Reynolds
206Bryan ReynoldsMini
313Jason KendallSP
313Jason KendallMini SP
363Roberto ClementeSP
363Roberto ClementeMini Exclusive
363Roberto ClementeMini Exclusive Metal
363Roberto ClementeMini Exclusive Stained Glass
ARBC-KHKe’Bryan HayesAuto Relic
ARBC-OCOneil CruzAuto Relic
BA-OCOneil CruzAutograph
DRC-CRRoberto ClementeRip
DRC-MCAndrew McCutchenRip
DRC-MCOneil CruzRip
DRC-SMAndrew McCutchenRip
DRC-SMWillie StargellRip
MA-JHBJi Hwan BaeRCAutograph
MA-LPLiover PegueroRCAutograph
MA-OCOneil CruzAutograph
OI-22Roberto Clemente Bridge
OIB-22Roberto Clemente Bridge
RC-OCROneil CruzRip
RC-RCRoberto ClementeRip
RC-WSWillie StargellRip
SS-47Willie Stargell


7Alex Rodriguez
7Alex RodriguezMini
7Alex RodriguezMini Metal
7Alex RodriguezMini Stained Glass
7Alex RodriguezMini Cloth
14Cole RagansRC
14Cole RagansRCMini
14Cole RagansRCMini Metal
14Cole RagansRCMini Stained Glass
14Cole RagansRCMini Cloth
42Jacob deGrom
42Jacob deGromMini
42Jacob deGromMini Metal
42Jacob deGromMini Stained Glass
42Jacob deGromMini Cloth
87Corey Seager
87Corey SeagerMini
87Corey SeagerMini Metal
87Corey SeagerMini Stained Glass
87Corey SeagerMini Cloth
87Corey SeagerIn Action Variant
90Josh JungRC
90Josh JungRCMini
90Josh JungRCMini Metal
90Josh JungRCMini Stained Glass
90Josh JungRCMini Cloth
105Ezequiel DuránRC
105Ezequiel DuránRCMini
105Ezequiel DuránRCMini Metal
105Ezequiel DuránRCMini Stained Glass
105Ezequiel DuránRCMini Cloth
315Mark TeixeiraSP
315Mark TeixeiraMini SP
346Kenny LoftonSP
346Kenny LoftonMini SP
380Jacob deGromSP
380Jacob deGromMini Exclusive
380Jacob deGromMini Exclusive Metal
380Jacob deGromMini Exclusive Stained Glass
393Alex RodriguezSP
393Alex RodriguezMini Exclusive
393Alex RodriguezMini Exclusive Metal
393Alex RodriguezMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGRA-JJJosh JungRCRelic
AGRB-CSCorey SeagerRelic
AGRB-KLKenny LoftonRelic
ARBC-JJJosh JungRCAuto Relic
BA-JJJosh JungRCAutograph
BC-8Jacob deGrom
BRC-AROAlex RodriguezRip
BRC-JDJacob deGromRip
DARBC-JSCorey SeagerRCAuto Relic
DARBC-JSJosh JungRCAuto Relic
DRC-DRJacob deGromRip
DRC-DRNolan RyanRip
DRC-SBAdrián BeltréRip
DRC-SBCorey SeagerRip
MA-CRCole RagansRCAutograph
MA-EDEzequiel DuránRCAutograph
MA-IRIván RodríguezAutograph
MA-JJJosh JungRCAutograph
MA-KLOKenny LoftonAutograph
MAO-JDJacob deGrom
MFR-ABAdrián BeltréRelic
MFR-AROAlex RodriguezRelic
MFR-IRIvan RodriguezRelic
N43-9Jacob deGrom
OI-28Ivan Rodriguez Statue
OIB-28Ivan Rodriguez Statue
RC-AROAlex RodriguezRip
RC-CSCorey SeagerRip
RC-EDEzequiel DuranRCRip
RC-JDJacob deGromRip
RC-JJJosh JungRCRip
RDV-10Josh JungRC
UC-3Alex Rodriguez


5Wander Franco
5Wander FrancoMini
5Wander FrancoMini Metal
5Wander FrancoMini Stained Glass
5Wander FrancoMini Cloth
5Wander FrancoIn Action Variant
30Wade Boggs
30Wade BoggsMini
30Wade BoggsMini Metal
30Wade BoggsMini Stained Glass
30Wade BoggsMini Cloth
30Wade BoggsIn Action Variant
175Vidal Brujan
175Vidal BrujánMini
190Tyler Glasnow
190Tyler GlasnowMini
196Shane McClanahan
196Shane McClanahanMini
199Taj BradleyRC
199Taj BradleyRCMini
210Yandy Díaz
210Yandy DíazMini
375Wander FrancoSP
375Wander FrancoMini Exclusive
375Wander FrancoMini Exclusive Metal
375Wander FrancoMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGRB-RARandy ArozarenaRelic
ARBC-WFWander FrancoAuto Relic
BC-12Wander Franco
BRC-FMFred McGriffRip
BRC-WFWander FrancoRip
DARBC-FRWander FrancoAuto Relic
DARBC-FTWander FrancoAuto Relic
DRC-FBWander FrancoRip
DRC-FBWade BoggsRip
HG-30Wander Franco
MA-RARandy ArozarenaAutograph
MA-VBVidal BrujánAutograph
MAO-WFWander Franco
MFR-SMShane McClanahanRelic
MFR-WBWade BoggsRelic
N43-13Wander Franco
OI-27Touchtank in the outfield.
OIB-27Touchtank in the outfield.
RC-SMShane McClanahanRip
RC-WFWander FrancoRip

Red Sox

35Alex Verdugo
35Alex VerdugoMini
35Alex VerdugoMini Metal
35Alex VerdugoMini Stained Glass
35Alex VerdugoMini Cloth
38Ted Williams
38Ted WilliamsMini
38Ted WilliamsMini Metal
38Ted WilliamsMini Stained Glass
38Ted WilliamsMini Cloth
56Triston CasasRC
56Triston CasasRCMini
56Triston CasasRCMini Metal
56Triston CasasRCMini Stained Glass
56Triston CasasRCMini Cloth
78Rafael Devers
78Rafael DeversMini
78Rafael DeversMini Metal
78Rafael DeversMini Stained Glass
78Rafael DeversMini Cloth
78Rafael DeversIn Action Variant
127Brayan BelloRC
127Brayan BelloRCMini
127Brayan BelloRCMini Metal
127Brayan BelloRCMini Stained Glass
127Brayan BelloRCMini Cloth
151Justin Turner
151Justin TurnerMini
178David Ortiz
178David OrtizMini
188Dustin Pedroia
188Dustin PedroiaMini
269Masataka YoshidaRC
269Masataka YoshidaRCMini
279Kenley Jansen
279Kenley JansenMini
305Tim WakefieldSP
305Tim WakefieldMini SP
311Jason VaritekSP
311Jason VaritekMini SP
330Carl YastrzemskiSP
330Carl YastrzemskiMini SP
332Fred LynnSP
332Fred LynnMini SP
378David OrtizSP
378David OrtizMini Exclusive
378David OrtizMini Exclusive Metal
378David OrtizMini Exclusive Stained Glass
388Ted WilliamsSP
388Ted WilliamsMini Exclusive
388Ted WilliamsMini Exclusive Metal
388Ted WilliamsMini Exclusive Stained Glass
397Rafael DeversSP
397Rafael DeversMini Exclusive
397Rafael DeversMini Exclusive Metal
397Rafael DeversMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGRA-AVAlex VerdugoRelic
AGRA-BBBrayan BelloRCRelic
AGRB-BDBobby DalbecRelic
AGRB-JTJustin TurnerRelic
AGRB-RDRafael DeversRelic
ARBC-RDRafael DeversAuto Relic
ARBC-TCTriston CasasRCAuto Relic
BRC-MYMasataka YoshidaRCRip
BRC-RDRafael DeversRip
BRC-TWTed WilliamsRip
DARBC-CDRafael DeversRCAuto Relic
DARBC-CDTriston CasasRCAuto Relic
DRC-CDTriston CasasRCRip
DRC-CDRafael DeversRCRip
DRC-DMDavid OrtizRip
DRC-DMManny RamirezRip
DRC-MVPedro MartinezRip
DRC-MVJason VaritekRip
MA-BBEBrayan BelloRCAutograph
MA-CFCarlton FiskAutograph
MA-MYMasataka YoshidaRCAutograph
MA-NGANomar GarciaparraAutograph
MA-TCTriston CasasRCAutograph
MAO-TWTed Williams
MFR-CFCarlton FiskRelic
MFR-DEDennis EckersleyRelic
MFR-DODavid OrtizRelic
MFR-DPDustin PedroiaRelic
MFR-MRManny RamirezRelic
MFR-PMPedro MartinezRelic
MFR-RDRafael DeversRelic
N43-20Rafael Devers
N43A-DPDustin PedroiaAutograph
OI-4Green Monster
OIB-4Green Monster
RC-AVAlex VerdugoRip
RC-BBEBrayan BelloRCRip
RC-JRIJim RiceRip
RC-PMPedro MartinezRip
RC-RDRafael DeversRip
RC-TCTriston CasasRCRip
RC-TWTed WilliamsRip
RDV-16Masataka YoshidaRC
RDV-9Triston CasasRC
SS-29Ted Williams
SS-46David Ortiz
SS-6Cy Young
UC-9Ted Williams


17Ken Griffey Jr.
17Ken Griffey Jr.Mini
17Ken Griffey Jr.Mini Metal
17Ken Griffey Jr.Mini Stained Glass
17Ken Griffey Jr.Mini Cloth
17Ken Griffey Jr.In Action Variant
70Joey Votto
70Joey VottoMini
70Joey VottoMini Metal
70Joey VottoMini Stained Glass
70Joey VottoMini Cloth
140Will BensonRC
140Will BensonRCMini
140Will BensonRCMini Metal
140Will BensonRCMini Stained Glass
140Will BensonRCMini Cloth
157Wil Myers
157Wil MyersMini
182Hunter Greene
182Hunter GreeneMini
335Barry LarkinSP
335Barry LarkinMini SP
351Ken Griffey Jr.SP
351Ken Griffey Jr.Mini Exclusive
351Ken Griffey Jr.Mini Exclusive Metal
351Ken Griffey Jr.Mini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGRB-HGHunter GreeneRelic
AGRB-JIJonathan IndiaRelic
AGRB-NLNick LodoloRelic
AGRB-WMWil MyersRelic
DRC-ILJonathan IndiaRip
DRC-ILBarry LarkinRip
DRC-VMJoey VottoRip
DRC-VMJoe MorganRip
MA-TSTyler StephensonAutograph
MA-WBWill BensonRCAutograph
MFR-JMOJoe MorganRelic
MFR-JVJoey VottoRelic
RC-BLBarry LarkinRip
RC-JVOJoey VottoRip
RC-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Rip
SS-33Joey Votto


29Michael TogliaRC
29Michael TogliaRCMini
29Michael TogliaRCMini Metal
29Michael TogliaRCMini Stained Glass
29Michael TogliaRCMini Cloth
61Nolan JonesRC
61Nolan JonesRCMini
61Nolan JonesRCMini Metal
61Nolan JonesRCMini Stained Glass
61Nolan JonesRCMini Cloth
88Ezequiel TovarRC
88Ezequiel TovarRCMini
88Ezequiel TovarRCMini Metal
88Ezequiel TovarRCMini Stained Glass
88Ezequiel TovarRCMini Cloth
171Charlie Blackmon
171Charlie BlackmonMini
174C.J. Cron
174C.J. CronMini
180Kris Bryant
180Kris BryantMini
333Larry WalkerSP
333Larry WalkerMini SP
334Matt HollidaySP
334Matt HollidayMini SP
AGRB-KBKris BryantRelic
AGRB-RMCRyan McMahonRelic
AGRB-THTodd HeltonRelic
MA-ETEzequiel TovarRCAutograph
MA-MTMichael TogliaRCAutograph
MA-NJNolan JonesRCAutograph
RDV-14Ezequiel TovarRC
RDV-7Nolan JonesRC
SS-31Trevor Story


24Salvador Perez
24Salvador PerezMini
24Salvador PerezMini Metal
24Salvador PerezMini Stained Glass
24Salvador PerezMini Cloth
46Drew WatersRC
46Drew WatersRCMini
46Drew WatersRCMini Metal
46Drew WatersRCMini Stained Glass
46Drew WatersRCMini Cloth
63Nick PrattoRC
63Nick PrattoRCMini
63Nick PrattoRCMini Metal
63Nick PrattoRCMini Stained Glass
63Nick PrattoRCMini Cloth
63Nick PrattoRCIn Action Variant
79George Brett
79George BrettMini
79George BrettMini Metal
79George BrettMini Stained Glass
79George BrettMini Cloth
79George BrettIn Action Variant
84Bobby Witt Jr.
84Bobby Witt Jr.Mini
84Bobby Witt Jr.Mini Metal
84Bobby Witt Jr.Mini Stained Glass
84Bobby Witt Jr.Mini Cloth
84Bobby Witt Jr.In Action Variant
94Zack Greinke
94Zack GreinkeMini
94Zack GreinkeMini Metal
94Zack GreinkeMini Stained Glass
94Zack GreinkeMini Cloth
94Zack GreinkeIn Action Variant
135Bo Jackson
135Bo JacksonMini
135Bo JacksonMini Metal
135Bo JacksonMini Stained Glass
135Bo JacksonMini Cloth
141Vinnie PasquantinoRC
141Vinnie PasquantinoRCMini
141Vinnie PasquantinoRCMini Metal
141Vinnie PasquantinoRCMini Stained Glass
141Vinnie PasquantinoRCMini Cloth
354Bobby Witt Jr.Mini Exclusive
354Bobby Witt Jr.Mini Exclusive Metal
354Bobby Witt Jr.Mini Exclusive Stained Glass
373George BrettSP
373George BrettMini Exclusive
373George BrettMini Exclusive Metal
373George BrettMini Exclusive Stained Glass
384Bo JacksonSP
384Bo JacksonMini Exclusive
384Bo JacksonMini Exclusive Metal
384Bo JacksonMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGRA-DWDrew WatersRCRelic
AGRA-NPNick PrattoRCRelic
ARBC-BWJBobby Witt Jr.Auto Relic
ARBC-SPSalvador PerezAuto Relic
BA-BWBobby Witt Jr.Autograph
BC-11Bobby Witt Jr.
BRC-BWJBobby Witt Jr.Rip
BRC-GBGeorge BrettRip
BRC-ZGZack GreinkeRip
DARBC-WRBobby Witt Jr.Auto Relic
DARBC-WWBobby Witt Jr.RCAuto Relic
DARBC-WWDrew WatersRCAuto Relic
DRC-GPSalvador PerezRip
DRC-GPZack GreinkeRip
DRC-WBBobby Witt Jr.Rip
DRC-WBGeorge BrettRip
MA-BWJBobby Witt Jr.Autograph
MA-DWDrew WatersRCAutograph
MA-JCUJose CuasRCAutograph
MA-MMEMJ MelendezAutograph
MAO-BJBo Jackson
MAO-BWJBobby Witt Jr.
MFR-SPSalvador PerezRelic
N43-12Bobby Witt Jr.
RC-BJBo JacksonRip
RC-BWJBobby Witt Jr.Rip
RC-DWDrew WatersRCRip
RC-GBGeorge BrettRip
RC-ZGZack GreinkeRip
RDV-8Drew WatersRC
SS-14George Brett


44Riley GreeneRC
44Riley GreeneRCMini
44Riley GreeneRCMini Metal
44Riley GreeneRCMini Stained Glass
44Riley GreeneRCMini Cloth
44Riley GreeneRCIn Action Variant
139Miguel Cabrera
139Miguel CabreraMini
139Miguel CabreraMini Metal
139Miguel CabreraMini Stained Glass
139Miguel CabreraMini Cloth
139Miguel CabreraIn Action Variant
159Austin Meadows
159Austin MeadowsMini
166Javier Baéz
166Javier BáezMini
320Magglio OrdóñezSP
320Magglio OrdoñezMini SP
328Carlos PeñaSP
328Carlos PeñaMini SP
369Javier BaézSP
369Javier BáezMini Exclusive
369Javier BáezMini Exclusive Metal
369Javier BáezMini Exclusive Stained Glass
371Riley GreeneRCSP
371Riley GreeneRCMini Exclusive
371Riley GreeneRCMini Exclusive Metal
371Riley GreeneRCMini Exclusive Stained Glass
395Miguel CabreraSP
395Miguel CabreraMini Exclusive
395Miguel CabreraMini Exclusive Metal
395Miguel CabreraMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGRA-RGRiley GreeneRCRelic
AGRB-MCAMiguel CabreraRelic
AGRB-MMAMatt ManningRelic
ARBC-RGRiley GreeneRCAuto Relic
BA-RGRiley GreeneRCAutograph
BRC-MCMiguel CabreraRip
BRC-RGRiley GreeneRCRip
BRC-TCTy CobbRip
DARBC-GCRiley GreeneRCAuto Relic
DARBC-GCMiguel CabreraRCAuto Relic
DRC-BGRiley GreeneRCRip
DRC-BGJavier BáezRCRip
DRC-KCTy CobbRip
DRC-KCAl KalineRip
DRC-TCSpencer TorkelsonRip
DRC-TCMiguel CabreraRip
MA-RGRiley GreeneRCAutograph
MAO-MCMiguel Cabrera
MAO-RGRiley GreeneRC
OI-10Statues of Tigers
OIB-10Statues of Tigers
RC-JBAJavier BáezRip
RC-JMJack MorrisRip
RC-MCAMiguel CabreraRip
RC-RGRiley GreeneRCRip
RC-TCOTy CobbRip
RDV-2Riley GreeneRC
SS-43Justin Verlander
UC-6Al Kaline


47Carlos Correa
47Carlos CorreaMini
47Carlos CorreaMini Metal
47Carlos CorreaMini Stained Glass
47Carlos CorreaMini Cloth
98Byron Buxton
98Byron BuxtonMini
98Byron BuxtonMini Metal
98Byron BuxtonMini Stained Glass
98Byron BuxtonMini Cloth
316Torii HunterSP
316Torii HunterMini SP
327Justin MorneauSP
327Justin MorneauMini SP
390Byron BuxtonSP
390Byron BuxtonMini Exclusive
390Byron BuxtonMini Exclusive Metal
390Byron BuxtonMini Exclusive Stained Glass
ARBC-BBUByron BuxtonAuto Relic
BRC-BBByron BuxtonRip
DRC-BPByron BuxtonRip
DRC-BPKirby PuckettRip
DRC-MMJustin MorneauRip
DRC-MMJoe MauerRip
MA-BBByron BuxtonAutograph
MA-JKAJim KaatAutograph
MFR-DWDave WinfieldRelic
MFR-JMJoe MauerRelic
OI-17Sign in OF of Logo
OIB-17Sign in OF of Logo
RC-BBLBert BlylevenRip
RC-BBUByron BuxtonRip
RC-CCOCarlos CorreaRip
RC-JMAJoe MauerRip
RC-KPKirby PuckettRip

White Sox

19Dylan Cease
19Dylan CeaseMini
19Dylan CeaseMini Metal
19Dylan CeaseMini Stained Glass
19Dylan CeaseMini Cloth
19Dylan CeaseIn Action Variant
43Tim Anderson
43Tim AndersonMini
43Tim AndersonMini Metal
43Tim AndersonMini Stained Glass
43Tim AndersonMini Cloth
97Frank Thomas
97Frank ThomasMini
97Frank ThomasMini Metal
97Frank ThomasMini Stained Glass
97Frank ThomasMini Cloth
109Lenyn SosaRC
109Lenyn SosaRCMini
109Lenyn SosaRCMini Metal
109Lenyn SosaRCMini Stained Glass
109Lenyn SosaRCMini Cloth
169Eloy Jiménez
169Eloy JiménezMini
173Luis Robert
173Luis RobertMini
212Oscar ColásRC
212Oscar ColásRCMini
273Liam Hendriks
273Liam HendriksMini
309Paul KonerkoSP
309Paul KonerkoMini SP
345Luis AparicioSP
345Luis AparicioMini SP
AGRA-AVAAndrew VaughnRelic
AGRB-DCDylan CeaseRelic
AGRB-EJEloy JiménezRelic
AGRB-LRLuis RobertRelic
AGRB-YMYoán MoncadaRelic
ARBC-EJEloy JiménezAuto Relic
ARBC-TATim AndersonAuto Relic
BA-FTFrank ThomasAutograph
BRC-FTFrank ThomasRip
DRC-AJTim AndersonRip
DRC-AJEloy JiménezRip
DRC-VTAndrew VaughnRip
DRC-VTFrank ThomasRip
MA-FTFrank ThomasAutograph
MA-LRLuis RobertAutograph
MA-LSLenyn SosaRCAutograph
MA-MBMark BuehrleAutograph
MFR-FTFrank ThomasRelic
OI-6Multicolored Pinwheels
OIB-6Multicolored Pinwheels
RC-FTFrank ThomasRip
RC-TATim AndersonRip
RDV-20Oscar ColásRC
SS-23Mark Buehrle


8Gerrit Cole
8Gerrit ColeMini
8Gerrit ColeMini Metal
8Gerrit ColeMini Stained Glass
8Gerrit ColeMini Cloth
31Oswald PerazaRC
31Oswald PerazaRCMini
31Oswald PerazaRCMini Metal
31Oswald PerazaRCMini Stained Glass
31Oswald PerazaRCMini Cloth
48Mariano Rivera
48Mariano RiveraMini
48Mariano RiveraMini Metal
48Mariano RiveraMini Stained Glass
48Mariano RiveraMini Cloth
60Aaron JudgeIn Action Variant
69Aaron Judge
69Aaron JudgeMini
69Aaron JudgeMini Metal
69Aaron JudgeMini Stained Glass
69Aaron JudgeMini Cloth
85Babe Ruth
85Babe RuthMini
85Babe RuthMini Metal
85Babe RuthMini Stained Glass
85Babe RuthMini Cloth
104Derek Jeter
104Derek JeterMini
104Derek JeterMini Metal
104Derek JeterMini Stained Glass
104Derek JeterMini Cloth
104Derek JeterIn Action Variant
111Carlos Rodón
111Carlos RodónMini
111Carlos RodónMini Metal
111Carlos RodónMini Stained Glass
111Carlos RodónMini Cloth
142Anthony Rizzo
142Anthony RizzoMini
142Anthony RizzoMini Metal
142Anthony RizzoMini Stained Glass
142Anthony RizzoMini Cloth
146Oswaldo CabreraRC
146Oswaldo CabreraRCMini
146Oswaldo CabreraRCMini Metal
146Oswaldo CabreraRCMini Stained Glass
146Oswaldo CabreraRCMini Cloth
146Oswaldo CabreraRCIn Action Variant
183Oswald PerazaRC
183Oswald PerazaRCMini
242Gleyber Torres
242Gleyber TorresMini
242Gleyber TorresIn Action Variant
251Anthony VolpeRC
251Anthony VolpeRCMini
259Giancarlo Stanton
259Giancarlo StantonMini
274Nestor Cortes
274Nestor CortesMini
303Chien-Ming WangSP
303Chien-Ming WangMini SP
307Bucky DentSP
307Bucky DentMini SP
323David ConeSP
323David ConeMini SP
331Hiroki KurodaSP
331Hiroki KurodaMini SP
336Jorge PosadaSP
336Jorge PosadaMini SP
337Mike MussinaSP
337Mike MussinaMini SP
372Babe RuthSP
372Babe RuthMini Exclusive
372Babe RuthMini Exclusive Metal
372Babe RuthMini Exclusive Stained Glass
381Aaron JudgeSP
381Aaron JudgeMini Exclusive
381Aaron JudgeMini Exclusive Metal
381Aaron JudgeMini Exclusive Stained Glass
391Derek JeterSP
391Derek JeterMini Exclusive
391Derek JeterMini Exclusive Metal
391Derek JeterMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGRA-NCNestor CortesRelic
AGRB-BWBernie WilliamsRelic
AGRB-GTGleyber TorresRelic
AGRB-MMUMike MussinaRelic
BA-APAndy PettitteAutograph
BA-JPJorge PosadaAutograph
BC-9Aaron Judge
BRC-AJAaron JudgeRip
BRC-DJDerek JeterRip
BRC-GCGerrit ColeRip
DARBC-GJAaron JudgeAuto Relic
DRC-CPOswald PerazaRip
DRC-CPOswaldo CabreraRip
DRC-GJAaron JudgeRip
DRC-HRMariano RiveraRip
DRC-JRBabe RuthRip
DRC-JRAaron JudgeRip
DRC-MBThurman MunsonRip
DRC-MBYogi BerraRip
DRC-MIHideki MatsuiRip
DRC-ROBabe RuthRip
HG-26Oswald PerazaRC
MA-APAndy PettitteAutograph
MA-AVAnthony VolpeRCAutograph
MA-BDBucky DentAutograph
MA-GWEGreg WeissertRCAutograph
MA-JPOJorge PosadaAutograph
MA-NCNestor CortesAutograph
MA-OCAOswaldo CabreraRCAutograph
MA-OPOswald PerazaRCAutograph
MA-PHPhil HughesAutograph
MAO-AJAaron Judge
MAO-BRBabe Ruth
MAO-DJDerek Jeter
MFR-AJAaron JudgeRelic
MFR-ARAlex RodriguezRelic
MFR-ARIAnthony RizzoRelic
MFR-DCDavid ConeRelic
MFR-DJDerek JeterRelic
MFR-GCOGerrit ColeRelic
MFR-GSGiancarlo StantonRelic
MFR-HMHideki MatsuiRelic
N43-10Aaron Judge
OI-19Monument park
OIB-19Monument park
RC-AJAaron JudgeRip
RC-ARIZAnthony RizzoRip
RC-BRBabe RuthRip
RC-CRCarlos RodónRip
RC-DJDerek JeterRip
RC-GCGerrit ColeRip
RC-GGGoose GossageRip
RC-LGLou GehrigRip
RC-MRMariano RiveraRip
RC-OCOswaldo CabreraRCRip
RC-OPOswald PerazaRCRip
RC-TMThurman MunsonRip
RC-YBYogi BerraRip
RDV-13Oswald PerazaRC
RDV-18Anthony VolpeRC
SS-1Aaron Judge
SS-22Mariano Rivera
SS-25Reggie Jackson
SS-7Derek Jeter
SS-8Don Mattingly
UC-2Derek Jeter

Non-Baseball Cards

107Anthony Richardson
107Anthony RichardsonMini
201Tom Schwartz
201Tom SchwartzMini
202Denard “Shoelace” Robinson
202Denard “Shoelace” RobinsonMini
203Eric Stonestreet
203Eric StonestreetMini
204DJ Skee
204DJ SkeeMini
205Bear Mayer
205Bear MayerMini
207Ari Chambers
207Ari ChambersMini
209Casey Webb
209Casey WebbMini
213Olivia Pichardo
213Olivia PichardoMini
215Caroline O’ConnorMini
216Kyle Schultz
216Kyle SchultzMini
217Adam Lefkoe
217Adam LefkoeMini
218Bun B
218Bun BMini
220Fred Kerley
220Fred KerleyMini
221Daniel Van Kirk
221Daniel Van KirkMini
222J Balvin
222J BalvinMini
224Benny Wasserman
224Benny WassermanMini
225Adam Ray
225Adam RayMini
226Bomani Jones
226Bomani JonesMini
232Kevin Hart
232Kevin HartMini
233LIL Baby
234Shams Charania
234Shams CharaniaMini
235Mandy Bell
235Mandy BellMini
236John DiMaggio
236John DiMaggioMini
237Gorilla Nems
237Gorilla NemsMini
238Captain Sandy Yawn
238Captain Sandy YawnMini
239Tom Sandoval
239Tom SandovalMini
241Ian Rapoport
241Ian RapoportMini
243Bella Rasmussen
243Bella RasmussenMini
244Kyle Gordon
244Kyle GordonMini
249Rafael Nadal
249Rafael NadalMini
252Tommy Coughlin
252Tommy CoughlinMini
254Chris Fowler
254Chris FowlerMini
255Timmy Trumpet
255Timmy TrumpetMini
256Old Time Hawkey
261Moisés López
261Moisés LópezMini
262Zion Clark
262Zion ClarkMini
265Scoot Henderson
265Scoot HendersonMini
266Nina O’Brien
266Nina O’BrienMini
267Jim Bintliff
267Jim BintliffMini
268Jefferson White
268Jefferson WhiteMini
270Myles Montplaisir
270Myles MontplaisirMini
271Victor Wembanyama
271Victor WembanyamaMini
272Ollie Palmer
272Ollie PalmerMini
276Jonathan Valena
276Jonathan ValenaMini
277Meek Mill
280Robert De Niro
280Robert De NiroMini
281Sarah Langs
281Sarah LangsMini
283Crystal Reed
283Crystal ReedMini
284Bryce Young
284Bryce YoungMini
285Thomas Ian Nicholas
285Thomas Ian NicholasMini
286Tyson McGuffin
286Tyson McGuffinMini
287Nathan “Doggface” Apodaca
287Nathan “Doggface” ApodacaMini
289Dawn Staley
289Dawn StaleyMini
290Will Levis
290Will LevisMini
295Anna Leigh Waters
295ANNA LEIGH WatersMini
296Sarah Natochenny
296Sarah NatochennyMini
298Hoodie Allen
298Hoodie AllenMini
299Andre Knott
299Andre KnottMini
AGRA-ACAri ChambersRelic
AGRA-AKAndre KnottRelic
AGRA-ALAdam LefkoeRelic
AGRA-ALWAnn Leigh WatersRelic
AGRA-ARAdam RayRelic
AGRA-BOJBomani JonesRelic
AGRA-BRBella RasmussenRelic
AGRA-BWBenny WassermanRelic
AGRA-CFChris FowlerRelic
AGRA-CSYCaptain Sandy YawnRelic
AGRA-CWCasey WebbRelic
AGRA-DRDenard “Shoelace” RobinsonRelic
AGRA-DSTDawn StaleyRelic
AGRA-ESEric StonestreetRelic
AGRA-GNGorilla NemsRelic
AGRA-HAHoodie AllenRelic
AGRA-IRIan RapoportRelic
AGRA-JBJim BintliffRelic
AGRA-JDIJohn DiMaggioRelic
AGRA-KGKyle GordonRelic
AGRA-MBMandy BellRelic
AGRA-MMMyles MontplaisirRelic
AGRA-NANathan ApodacaRelic
AGRA-NONina O’BrienRelic
AGRA-OPOllie PalmerRelic
AGRA-OPIOlivia PichardoRelic
AGRA-OTHOld Time HawkeyRelic
AGRA-SLSarah LangsRelic
AGRA-TINThomas Ian NicholsRelic
AGRA-TSTom SandovalRelic
BAN-1Allen Telescope Array
BAN-10Allen Cay Bahamas
BAN-11Allen Test
BAN-12Åland Islands
BAN-13Van Allen Probes
BAN-14Allen’s Hummingbird
BAN-2Allen Wrench
BAN-3Allen Street
BAN-4Allen’s Swamp Monkey Swamp Monkey
BAN-5Hoodie Allen
BAN-6Allentown, Pennsylvania
BAN-7Edgar Allan Poe
BAN-8Allan, Saskatchewan
BAN-9Ken Allen
CS-AWAndy WarholRelic
CS-BBBuffalo BillRelic
CS-CBChadwick BosemanRelic
CS-CCCharlie ChaplinRelic
CS-DEDwight EisenhowerRelic
CS-DELDuke EllingtonRelic
CS-EREleanor RooseveltRelic
CS-FRFred RogersRelic
CS-HHHarry HoudiniRelic
CS-HKHenry KissingerRelic
CS-HKEHelen KellerRelic
CS-JFKJohn F. KennedyRelic
CS-JMJames MadisonRelic
CS-JTJohn TylerRelic
CS-MBMarlon BrandoRelic
CS-MTMark TwainRelic
CS-NMNelson MandelaRelic
CS-NRNorman RockwellRelic
CS-PMPaul McCartneyRelic
CS-RPRosa ParksRelic
DA-WMTyson McGuffinAutograph
DA-WMANNA LEIGH WatersAutograph
DNAR-DWDire WolfRelic
DNAR-STSaber-toothed TigerRelic
FITS-11Building a Sandcastle
FITS-15Enjoying a Piña Colada
FITS-3Beach Volleyball
FITS-8Beach Soccer
FROL-CDCount DraculaRelic
ID-10Gallo Pinto
ID-11Peking Duck
ID-12Beef Noodle Soup
ID-15Ragu alla Bolognese
ID-19Fish and Chips
ID-2Ropa Vieja
ID-20Roast Lamb
ID-3La Bandera
ID-4Mole Poblano
ID-5Arroz con Gandules
ID-7Pabellón Criollo
ID-9Bandeja Paisa
MA-ACAri ChambersAutograph
MA-ACBAC BettsAutograph
MA-AGRAllyssa GronerAutograph
MA-AKAndre KnottAutograph
MA-ALEAdam LefkoeAutograph
MA-ALWAnna Leigh WatersAutograph
MA-AOBAndrew ObenraderAutograph
MA-ARAdam RayAutograph
MA-ARIAnthony RichardsonAutograph
MA-ASCAdam SchwartzAutograph
MA-BBBUN BAutograph
MA-BMBear MayerAutograph
MA-BOJBomani JonesAutograph
MA-BRBella RasmussenAutograph
MA-BWBenny WassermanAutograph
MA-BYBryce YoungAutograph
MA-CFChris FowlerAutograph
MA-CJSCJ StroudAutograph
MA-COCaroline O’ConnorAutograph
MA-CRECrystal ReedAutograph
MA-CSYCaptain Sandy YawnAutograph
MA-CWCasey WebbAutograph
MA-DJSDJ SkeeAutograph
MA-DRDenard “Shoelace” RobinsonAutograph
MA-DSDawn StaleyAutograph
MA-ESEric StonestreetAutograph
MA-FKFred KerleyAutograph
MA-GNEGorilla NemsAutograph
MA-HAHoodie AllenAutograph
MA-IRIan RapoportAutograph
MA-JBJim BintliffAutograph
MA-JBAJ BalvinAutograph
MA-JDIJohn DiMaggioAutograph
MA-JVJonathan ValenaAutograph
MA-JWHJefferson WhiteAutograph
MA-KGOKyle GordonAutograph
MA-KLAKeith LaudatiAutograph
MA-KSKyle SchultzAutograph
MA-MBEMandy BellAutograph
MA-MGIMichele GillAutograph
MA-MLMoisés LópezAutograph
MA-MMAMike MahanAutograph
MA-MMIMeek MillAutograph
MA-MMOMyles MontplaisirAutograph
MA-MROMatt RodriguezAutograph
MA-MRUMichael RubinAutograph
MA-NANathan “Doggface” ApodacaAutograph
MA-NOBNina O’BrienAutograph
MA-OPOllie PalmerAutograph
MA-OPIOlivia PichardoAutograph
MA-RGRRobert GrabeAutograph
MA-RKRRobert KraftAutograph
MA-RNRafael NadalAutograph
MA-SCShams CharaniaAutograph
MA-SHScoot HendersonAutograph
MA-SLSarah LangsAutograph
MA-SNSarah NatochennyAutograph
MA-TCTommy CoughlinAutograph
MA-TINThomas Ian NicholasAutograph
MA-TMTyson McGuffinAutograph
MA-TSATom SandovalAutograph
MA-TSCTom SchwartzAutograph
MA-TTTimmy TrumpetAutograph
MA-VWVictor WembanyamaAutograph
MA-WLWill LevisAutograph
MA-ZCZion ClarkAutograph
MTYE-13Temple Blocks
MTYER-TBTemple BlocksRelic
SRFD-14Carrot Cake
SRFD-2Gummy Bears
SRFD-3Root Beer Float
SRFD-4Apple Pie
SRFD-7Ice Cream Sundae
SRFD-8Chocolate Mousse
SRFD-9Crème Brûlée
TT-12Hen Harrier
TT-14Red Kite
TT-16Barn Owl
TT-17California Condor
TT-2Andean Condor
TT-20Red-tailed Hawk
TT-3Peregrine Falcon
TT-5Bald Eagle
TT-7Great Horned Owl
TT-8Snowy Owl
TT-9Golden Eagle
WOW-1Great Barrier Reef, Australia
WOW-10Borobudur, Indonesia
WOW-11Mesa Verde National Park, USA
WOW-12Mayan Ruins of Tikal, Guatemala
WOW-13The Lascaux Cave, France
WOW-14Cappadocia, Turkey
WOW-15The Taj Mahal, India
WOW-16Christ the Redeemer, Brazil
WOW-17Yellowstone National Park, USA
WOW-18Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch, Switzerland
WOW-19Kronborg Castle, Denmark
WOW-2Machu Picchu, Peru
WOW-20Galápagos Islands, Ecuador
WOW-21City of Bath, England
WOW-22Pyrénées – Mont Perdu, France
WOW-23Chichén Itzá, Mexico
WOW-24Petra, Jordan
WOW-25Leshan Giant Buddha, China
WOW-26Easter Island, Chile
WOW-27Historic Centre of Córdoba, Spain
WOW-28Historical Areas of Istanbul, Turkey
WOW-29Český Krumlov, Czech Republic
WOW-3Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
WOW-30Venice, Italy
WOW-31Catedral de Sevilla, Spain
WOW-32St. Kilda, Scotland
WOW-33Rila Monastery, Bulgaria
WOW-34L’Anse aux Meadows National Historic Park, Canada
WOW-35Simien National Park, Ethiopia
WOW-36Rock-Hewn Churches, Ethiopia
WOW-37Aachen Cathedral, Germany
WOW-38Kraków Old Town, Poland
WOW-39Island of Gorée, Senegal
WOW-4Bagan, Myanmar
WOW-40Nahanni National Park Reserve, Canada
WOW-41City of Quito, Ecuador
WOW-42Royal Salt Mines, Poland
WOW-43Independence Hall, USA
WOW-44Statue of Liberty, USA
WOW-45Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument, USA
WOW-46Everglades National Park, USA
WOW-47Carlsbad Caverns National Park, USA
WOW-48Old Havana and its Fortification System, Cuba
WOW-49Yosemite National Park, USA
WOW-5Angkor Wat, Cambodia
WOW-50Mammoth Cave National Park, USA
WOW-6Great Wall of China
WOW-7Roman Colosseum, italy
WOW-8Acropolis of Athens, Greece
WOW-9Stonehenge, England
MROD-120 Strikeout Game – Max Scherzer – May 11, 2006
MROD-2Unassisted Triple Play
MROD-3Triple Crown – Miguel Cabrera – 2012 Tigers
MROD-4Hitting for the Cycle – Nolan Arenado – July 1, 2022
MROD-5Stealing Second, Third and Home in One Appearance
MROD-64-Home Run Game – J.D Martinez – Dbacks, Sept 4, 2017
MROD-7Shortstop Doesn’t Touch Ball
MROD-8The “Immaculate Inning” – Nestor Cortes – April 17, 2002
MROD-940/40 Season – Alex Rodriguez 1998 Mariners
MROD-10Batting .400 – Ted Williams 1941