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2022 Topps X Lauren Taylor baseball card checklist

2022 Topps X Lauren Taylor Checklist

Release Date: 6/28/22

Cards per Pack: 6

Release Year Archive: 2022

Manufacturer Archive: Topps

Tag Archive: Lauren Taylor

Category Archive: Baseball Card Checklists, On Demand Checklists


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2022 Topps X Lauren Taylor baseball cards feature all new original artwork from the popular artist who has been featured in the Project70 series. This series includes a number of numbered parallels as well as frequent autograph versions which are purchased separately. There is also a chase set of Lauren Taylor self-portraits for collectors to track down.

This release is different from Now products because customers purchase six-card packs either as a single pack or as a box with five packs included. Final print runs are determined based on consumer demand.

This checklist is organized by team. Scroll through the entire list or jump directly to your preferred team by selecting them from the list below. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings.

2022 Topps X Lauren Taylor Checklist

Base Set – TBD
Lava Foil – 1:3.75 packs
Lauren Taylor Self-Portrait Chase – 1:10 Packs
Lauren Taylor Self-Portrait Auto – 1:60 Packs
Rainbow Foil – #/199
Rainbow Foil – #/99
Rainbow Foil – #/75
Rainbow Foil – #/49
Rainbow Foil – #/25
Rainbow Foil – #/10
Rainbow Foil – #/5
Rainbow Foil – 1/1

Artist Proofs
Silver Frame – #/20
Gold Frame – 1/1


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
1Mike Trout
1aMike TroutAutograph99
1aMike TroutBlue Auto49
1aMike TroutPurple Auto25
1aMike TroutRed Auto10
1aMike TroutOrange Auto5
1aMike TroutGold Auto1
21Shohei Ohtani
21aShohei OhtaniAutograph99
21aShohei OhtaniBlue Auto49
21aShohei OhtaniPurple Auto25
21aShohei OhtaniRed Auto10
21aShohei OhtaniOrange Auto5
21aShohei OhtaniGold Auto1
28Brandon MarshRC


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
39Yordan Alvarez


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
24Rickey Henderson

Blue Jays

#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
13Bo Bichette
35Vladimir Guerrero JR


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
7Greg Maddux
14Ronald Acuna Jr



#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
26Yadier Molina




#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
8Mookie Betts
22Jackie Robinson
23Freddie Freeman


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
9Buster Posey



#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
18Ken Griffey Jr
20Julio RodriguezRC
20aJulio RodriguezRCAutograph99
20aJulio RodriguezRCBlue Auto49
20aJulio RodriguezRCPurple Auto25
20aJulio RodriguezRCRed Auto 10
20aJulio RodriguezRCOrange Auto5
20aJulio RodriguezRCGold Auto1
31Randy Johnson
31aRandy JohnsonAutograph99
31aRandy JohnsonBlue Auto49
31aRandy JohnsonPurple Auto25
31aRandy JohnsonRed Auto10
31aRandy JohnsonOrange Auto5
31aRandy JohnsonGold Auto1


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
4Jazz Chisholm Jr


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
10Pete Alonso
37Jacob deGrom


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
30Juan Soto
30aJuan SotoAutograph99
30aJuan SotoBlue Auto49
30aJuan SotoPurple Auto25
30aJuan SotoRed Auto10
30aJuan SotoOrange Auto5
30aJuan SotoGold Auto1


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
27Cal Ripken Jr


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
5Fernando Tatis Jr
5aFernando Tatis JrAutograph99
5aFernando Tatis JrBlue Auto49
5aFernando Tatis JrPurple Auto25
5aFernando Tatis JrRed Auto10
5aFernando Tatis JrOrange Auto5
5aFernando Tatis JrGold Auto1


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
3Bryce Harper
3aBryce HarperAutograph99
3aBryce HarperBlue Auto49
3aBryce HarperPurple Auto25
3aBryce HarperRed Auto10
3aBryce HarperOrange Auto5
3aBryce HarperGold Auto1


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
11Oneil CruzRC
11aOneil CruzRCAutograph99
11aOneil CruzRCBlue Auto49
11aOneil CruzRCPurple Auto25
11aOneil CruzRCRed Auto 10
11aOneil CruzRCOrange Auto5
11aOneil CruzRCGold Auto1



#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
2Vidal BrujanRC
25Wander FrancoRC
25aWander FrancoRCAutograph99
25aWander FrancoRCBlue Auto49
25aWander FrancoRCPurple Auto25
25aWander FrancoRCRed Auto10
25aWander FrancoRCOrange Auto5
25aWander FrancoRCGold Auto1

Red Sox

#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
34David Ortiz
36Jarren DuranRC



#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
29Kris Bryant


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
40Bobby Witt JrRC
40aBobby Witt JrRCAutograph99
40aBobby Witt JrRCBlue Auto49
40aBobby Witt JrRCPurple Auto25
40aBobby Witt JrRCRed Auto10
40aBobby Witt JrRCOrange Auto5
40aBobby Witt JrRCGold Auto1


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
19Miguel Cabrera


White Sox

#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
6Luis Robert
17Frank Thomas


#PlayerRCVariantPrint Run
12Don Mattingly
15Yogi Berra
16Derek Jeter
32Babe Ruth
33Aaron Judge