2022 Topps Series One Baseball Checklist

Release Date: 2/16/22

Cards per Pack: 14/46

Packs per Hobby Box: 24/10

Hobby Boxes per Case: 12/6

Release Year Archive: 2022

Manufacturer Archive: Topps

Tag Archive: Series 1

Category Archive: Baseball Card Checklists


2022 Topps Series One baseball cards are the first of the year’s flagship design and, as always, feature a ton of parallels and inserts for collectors to track down. The set is not without controversy, though, as Topps is claiming the set will include the first Rookie Card of players such as Wander Franco but many fans believe his inclusion in 2021 Bowman’s Best actually constitutes his first RC.

There are two types of hobby release. A standard hobby box contains one autograph or relic card per box while the Jumbo box contains three hits, one of which is guaranteed to be an autograph.

Our checklist is separated by teams. Scroll through the entire list or jump to your preferred team by selecting them from the list below. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings.

2022 Topps Series One Baseball Checklist

Base Set – 330 Cards
Gold Foil – 1:2 (Jumbo)
Rainbow Foil – 1:10
Gold – #/2022
Green Foil – #/499
Orange Foil – #/299
Red Foil – #/199
Vintage Stock – #/99
Independence Day – #/76
Black – #/71
Mother’s Day Hot Pink – #/50
Father’s Day Powder Blue – #/50
Memorial Day Camo – #/25
Platinum – 1/1

Generation Now (GN) – 30 Cards
Black – #/299
Gold – #/75
Red – #/10
Platinum – 1/1
Autograph – #/10 or fewer

2021’s Greatest Hits (21GH) – 20 Cards
Black – #/299
Gold – #/75
Red – #/10
Platinum – 1/1
Autograph – #/10 or fewer

Diamond Greats Die Cuts (DGDC) – 25 Cards
Black – #/299
Gold – #/75
Red – #/10
Platinum – 1/1
Autograph – #/10 or fewer

Welcome to the Show (WTTS)
Black – #/299
Gold – #/75
Red – #/10
Platinum – 1/1
Autograph – #/10 or fewer

Turnin’ Two (TT)
Black – #/299
Gold – #/75
Red – #/10
Platinum – 1/1
Autograph – #/10 or fewer

Flashiest Feet (FF) – 15 Cards
Black – #/299
Gold – #/75
Red – #/10
Platinum – 1/1
Autograph – #/10 or fewer

Salute to The Mick (STM) – 3 Cards

1987 Topps Baseball (T87)
Black – #/299
Gold – #/75
Red – #/10
Platinum – 1/1
Wood – 1/1

1987 Topps Future Stars Boxloader (87FS) – 25 Cards
Autograph – #/10 or fewer

Sketch Cards (XX)
Base – 1/1 (Hobby/Jumbo)

Major League Material (MLM) – 57 Cards
Black – #/199
Gold – #/50 or fewer
Red – #/25 or fewer

Major League Material Auto (MLMA) – 37 Cards
Base – #/50 or fewer
Red – #/25 or fewer
Platinum – 1/1

1987 Topps Baseball Relics (87R) – 59 Cards
Black – #/199
Gold – #/50 or fewer
Red – #/25 or fewer

1987 Topps Baseball Auto (87BA)
Black – #/199
Gold – #/50 or fewer
Red – #/25 or fewer (Hobby/Jumbo)
Platinum – 1/1 (Hobby/Jumbo)

World Series Champion Relic (WCR) – 8 Cards
Base – #/99 or fewer
Red – #/25
Platinum – 1/1

World Series Champion Auto/Relic (WCAR) – 5 Cards
Base – #/50
Red – #/25
Platinum – 1/1

World Series Champion Auto (WCA) – 6 Cards
Base – #/50
Red – #/25 or fewer
Platinum – 1/1

Postseason Performance Relic (PPR) – 30 Cards
Base – #/99 or fewer
Red – #/25
Platinum – 1/1

Postseason Performance Auto/Relic (PPAR) – 17 Cards
Base – #/50 or fewer
Red – #/25 or fewer
Platinum – 1/1

Postseason Performance Auto (PPA) – 17 Cards
Base – #/50 or fewer
Red – #/25 or fewer
Platinum – 1/1

Cut Signatures (CS) – 50 Cards
Base – 1/1

MLB Logo Medallion (MLBL) – 30 Cards
Gold – #/75
Red – #/10
Platinum – 1/1
Autograph – #/10 or fewer

City Flag Patch (CFP) – 30 Cards
Black – #/299
Gold – #/75
Red – #/10
Platinum – 1/1
Autograph – #/10 or fewer

Reverence Auto Patch (TRAP) – 50 Cards
Base – #/10
Red – #/5
Platinum – 1/1

Baseball Stars Auto (BSA) – 88 Cards
Black – #/99
Gold – #/50
Red – #/25
Platinum – 1/1

Baseball Stars Dual Auto (BSDA) – 24 Cards
Base – #/5 or fewer


1Shohei Ohtani
1Shohei OhtaniClear
27Mike Trout
27Mike TroutClear
122Shohei OhtaniCombo Card
154Jared Walsh
159Angels®Team Card
171Kurt Suzuki
173Raisel Iglesias
201Reid DetmersRC
201Reid DetmersRCClear
243Brandon MarshRC
243Brandon MarshRCClear
GN-5Jo Adell
GN-6Shohei Ohtani
21GH-4Mike Trout
21GH-9Shohei Ohtani
21GH-10Shohei Ohtani
DGDC-1Mike Trout
WTTS-2Mike Trout
FF-10Mike Trout
FF-14Shohei Ohtani
T87-1Shohei Ohtani
T87-33Reid DetmersRC
T87-67Brandon MarshRC
T87-100Mike Trout
SMLB-1Mike Trout
SMLB-24Shohei Ohtani
SMLBC-1Mike TroutChrome
SMLBC-24Shohei OhtaniChrome
87FS-2Jo Adell
HRC-3Mike Trout
HRC-4Shohei Ohtani
T87C-1Shohei OhtaniChrome
T87C-50Mike TroutChrome
T87C-61Reid DetmersRCChrome
T87C-72Anthony RendonChrome
T87C-79Brandon MarshRCChrome
GN-5Jo AdellAuto
GN-6Shohei OhtaniAuto
21GH-4Mike TroutAuto
21GH-9Shohei OhtaniAuto
21GH-10Shohei OhtaniAuto
DGDC-1Mike TroutAuto
WTTS-2Mike TroutAuto
FF-10Mike TroutAuto
FF-14Shohei OhtaniAuto
BSA-BMBrandon MarshRCAuto
BSA-JJJanson JunkRCAuto
BSA-MTMike TroutAuto
BSA-SOShohei OhtaniAuto
BSDA-GTMike TroutAuto
BSDA-IOShohei OhtaniAuto
BSDA-TOShohei OhtaniAuto
BSDA-TOMike TroutAuto
BSDA-TTMike TroutAuto
87BA-MTMike TroutAuto
87BA-RDEReid DetmersRCAuto
87FSA-JAJo AdellAuto
T87C-1Shohei OhtaniAuto
T87C-50Mike TroutAuto
T87C-61Reid DetmersRCAuto
T87C-72Anthony RendonAuto
T87C-79Brandon MarshRCAuto
JNM-MTMike TroutRelic
JNM-SOShohei OhtaniRelic
CFP-MTMike TroutRelic
MLBL-SOShohei OhtaniRelic
MLM-MTMike TroutRelic
87R-MTMike TroutRelic
ITN-JWAJared WalshRelic
JNM-MTMike TroutAuto Relic
JNM-SOShohei OhtaniAuto Relic
CFP-MTMike TroutAuto Relic
MLBL-SOShohei OhtaniAuto Relic
TRAP-MTMike TroutAuto Relic
TRAP-SOShohei OhtaniAuto Relic
MLMA-MTMike TroutAuto Relic
MLMA-SOShohei OhtaniAuto Relic
87BA-JIAJim AbbottAuto


110Yordan AlvarezCombo Card
51Zack Greinke
68Alex Bregman
68Alex BregmanClear
135Chas McCormickRC
135Chas McCormickRCClear
136Houston Astros®Team Card
199Michael Brantley
211Cristian Javier
224Martin Maldonado
231Ronnie DawsonRC
231Ronnie DawsonRCClear
261Framber Valdez
278Jose Altuve
278Jose AltuveClear
295Jake MeyersRC
295Jake MeyersRCClear
319Kyle Tucker
GN-14Kyle Tucker
GN-15Yordan Alvarez
21GH-16Jose Altuve
WTTS-29Alex Bregman
WTTS-30Carlos Correa
TT-3Jose Altuve
TT-3Carlos Correa
T87-8Kyle Tucker
T87-31Carlos Correa
T87-81Alex Bregman
T87-94Nolan Ryan
SMLB-8Alex Bregman
SMLBC-8Alex BregmanChrome
HRC-11Alex Bregman
T87C-47Alex BregmanChrome
T87C-53Nolan RyanChrome
GN-15Yordan AlvarezAuto
21GH-16Jose AltuveAuto
WTTS-29Alex BregmanAuto
WTTS-30Carlos CorreaAuto
BSA-CCCarlos CorreaAuto
BSA-JALJose AltuveAuto
BSA-JMJake MeyersRCAuto
BSA-NRNolan RyanAuto
BSA-RDRonnie DawsonRCAuto
BSA-YGYuli GurrielAuto
87BA-NRNolan RyanAuto
PPA-CCCarlos CorreaAuto
PPA-JAJose AltuveAuto
T87C-47Alex BregmanAuto
T87C-53Nolan RyanAuto
JNM-ABAlex BregmanRelic
CFP-JALJose AltuveRelic
MLBL-ABAlex BregmanRelic
MLM-ABAlex BregmanRelic
MLM-CCCarlos CorreaRelic
MLM-JAJose AltuveRelic
MLM-ZGZack GreinkeRelic
87R-CBCraig BiggioRelic
87R-CCCarlos CorreaRelic
87R-JBAJeff BagwellRelic
PPR-ABAlex BregmanRelic
PPR-CCCarlos CorreaRelic
PPR-JAJose AltuveRelic
PPR-YAYordan AlvarezRelic
CFP-JALJose AltuveAuto Relic
MLBL-ABAlex BregmanAuto Relic
TRAP-ABAlex BregmanAuto Relic
TRAP-CCCarlos CorreaAuto Relic
TRAP-JAJose AltuveAuto Relic
MLMA-ABAlex BregmanAuto Relic
MLMA-CCCarlos CorreaAuto Relic
PPAR-CCCarlos CorreaAuto Relic
PPAR-JAJose AltuveAuto Relic
PPAR-YAYordan AlvarezAuto Relic


42Mitch Moreland
95Chad Pinder
114Tony Kemp
149Matt Olson
149Matt OlsonClear
176Matt Chapman
176Matt ChapmanClear
210Oakland Athletics™Team Card
281Sean Manaea
294Yan Gomes
305Starling Marte
DGDC-20Rickey Henderson
DGDC-21Mark McGwire
WTTS-39Mark McGwire
WTTS-46Rickey Henderson
T87-25Matt Olson
T87-30Mark McGwire
T87-84Rickey Henderson
HRC-17Matt Olson
T87C-42Rickey HendersonChrome
T87C-51Matt OlsonChrome
T87C-80Mark McGwireChrome
DGDC-20Rickey HendersonAuto
DGDC-21Mark McGwireAuto
WTTS-39Mark McGwireAuto
WTTS-46Rickey HendersonAuto
BSA-MCMatt ChapmanAuto
BSA-MMCMark McGwireAuto
BSA-SMStarling MarteAuto
BSDA-MOMark McGwireAuto
BSDA-MOMatt OlsonAuto
BSDA-REDennis EckersleyAuto
87BA-DEDennis EckersleyAuto
87BA-DSTDave StewartAuto
87BA-JCAJose CansecoAuto
87BA-MMCMark McGwireAuto
T87C-42Rickey HendersonAuto
T87C-51Matt OlsonAuto
T87C-80Mark McGwireAuto
CFP-MCHMatt ChapmanRelic
MLBL-MOMatt OlsonRelic
87R-MCAMark CanhaRelic
87R-MMCMark McGwireRelic
87R-RHRickey HendersonRelic
ITN-CBAChris BassittRelic
ITN-MOMatt OlsonRelic
CS-JHJim “Catfish” HunterRelic
CS-LGLefty GroveRelic
CFP-MCHMatt ChapmanAuto Relic
MLBL-MOMatt OlsonAuto Relic
TRAP-MCHMatt ChapmanAuto Relic
TRAP-MMCMark McGwireAuto Relic
TRAP-RHRickey HendersonAuto Relic
MLMA-MCHMatt ChapmanAuto Relic
MLMA-MOMatt OlsonAuto Relic

Blue Jays

29Jose Berrios
33Danny Jansen
54Lourdes Gurriel Jr.
109Toronto Blue Jays®Team Card
126Bo Bichette
126Bo BichetteClear
248Alek ManoahFuture Stars
248Alek ManoahFuture StarsClear
276Steven Matz
289Nate Pearson
297Hyun-Jin Ryu
297Hyun-Jin RyuClear
300Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
300Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Clear
320Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Combo Card
GN-1Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
GN-29Bo Bichette
21GH-1Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
21GH-2Bo Bichette
WTTS-24Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
WTTS-43Bo Bichette
TT-1Marcus Semien
TT-1Bo Bichette
FF-12Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
T87-56Bo Bichette
T87-80Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
SMLB-22Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
SMLB-30Bo Bichette
SMLBC-22Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Chrome
SMLBC-30Bo BichetteChrome
87FS-18Nate Pearson
HRC-12Bo Bichette
HRC-18Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
T87C-19Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Chrome
T87C-69Bo BichetteChrome
T87C-70Marcus SemienChrome
GN-1Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto
GN-29Bo BichetteAuto
21GH-1Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto
21GH-2Bo BichetteAuto
WTTS-24Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto
WTTS-43Bo BichetteAuto
FF-12Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto
BSA-HRHyun-Jin RyuAuto
BSA-OLOOtto LopezRCAuto
BSDA-GAVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto
BSDA-GJBVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto
BSDA-GJBBo BichetteAuto
87BA-GSGeorge SpringerAuto
T87C-70Marcus SemienAuto
JNM-BBBo BichetteRelic
JNM-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.Relic
CFP-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.Relic
MLBL-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.Relic
MLM-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.Relic
87R-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.Relic
ITN-BBBo BichetteRelic
ITN-MSEMarcus SemienRelic
ITN-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.Relic
JNM-BBBo BichetteAuto Relic
CFP-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto Relic
TRAP-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto Relic
MLMA-HRHyun-Jin RyuAuto Relic


3Huascar Ynoa
4Travis d’Arnaud
30Kyle MullerRC
30Kyle MullerRCClear
82Charlie Morton
115Austin Riley
129Max Fried
153Eddie Rosario
164Atlanta Braves™Team Card
195Drew Smyly
200Ronald Acuña Jr.
200Ronald Acuña Jr.Clear
208Jorge Soler
233Cristian PacheFuture Stars
233Cristian PacheFuture StarsClear
236Freddie Freeman
236Freddie FreemanClear
279Adam Duvall
GN-7Ozzie Albies
21GH-11Ronald Acuña Jr.
DGDC-2Greg Maddux
WTTS-12Ronald Acuña Jr.
WTTS-13Hank Aaron
WTTS-14Chipper Jones
WTTS-15Freddie Freeman
TT-5Ozzie Albies
TT-5Dansby Swanson
FF-5Ronald Acuña Jr.
T87-20Greg Maddux
T87-48Dale Murphy
T87-53Freddie Freeman
T87-59Chipper Jones
T87-64Ronald Acuña Jr.
SMLB-2Ronald Acuña Jr.
SMLB-3Freddie Freeman
SMLBC-2Ronald Acuña Jr.Chrome
SMLBC-3Freddie FreemanChrome
87FS-3Ian Anderson
87FS-17Cristian Pache
HRC-9Ronald Acuña Jr.
HRC-24Freddie Freeman
T87C-3Chipper JonesChrome
T87C-18Hank AaronChrome
T87C-35Kyle MullerRCChrome
T87C-38Freddie FreemanChrome
T87C-74Ronald Acuña Jr.Chrome
T87C-83Greg MadduxChrome
21GH-11Ronald Acuña Jr.Auto
DGDC-2Greg MadduxAuto
WTTS-12Ronald Acuña Jr.Auto
WTTS-14Chipper JonesAuto
WTTS-15Freddie FreemanAuto
FF-5Ronald Acuña Jr.Auto
BSA-CJChipper JonesAuto
BSA-DSDansby SwansonAuto
BSA-GMGreg MadduxAuto
BSDA-ASRonald Acuña Jr.Auto
BSDA-ATRonald Acuña Jr.Auto
BSDA-GARonald Acuña Jr.Auto
BSDA-JSDeion SandersAuto
BSDA-MJChipper JonesAuto
BSDA-MJGreg MadduxAuto
87BA-AJOAndruw JonesAuto
87BA-DMUDale MurphyAuto
87BA-FFFreddie FreemanAuto
87BA-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Auto
87BA-TGTom GlavineAuto
WCA-CMCharlie MortonAuto
WCA-DSDansby SwansonAuto
WCA-EREddie RosarioAuto
WCA-FFFreddie FreemanAuto
WCA-IAIan AndersonAuto
WCA-JSJorge SolerAuto
PPA-CMCharlie MortonAuto
PPA-DSDansby SwansonAuto
PPA-FFFreddie FreemanAuto
T87C-38Freddie FreemanAuto
T87C-74Ronald Acuña Jr.Auto
T87C-83Greg MadduxAuto
JNM-FFFreddie FreemanRelic
JNM-RARonald Acuña Jr.Relic
CFP-RARonald Acuña Jr.Relic
MLBL-RARonald Acuña Jr.Relic
MLM-CJChipper JonesRelic
MLM-RARonald Acuña Jr.Relic
MLM-TGTom GlavineRelic
87R-CJChipper JonesRelic
87R-RARonald Acuña Jr.Relic
WCR-ARAustin RileyRelic
WCR-DSDansby SwansonRelic
WCR-FFFreddie FreemanRelic
WCR-IAIan AndersonRelic
WCR-JPJoc PedersonRelic
WCR-MFMax FriedRelic
WCR-OAOzzie AlbiesRelic
WCR-TDTravis d’ArnaudRelic
PPR-ARAustin RileyRelic
PPR-DSDansby SwansonRelic
PPR-FFFreddie FreemanRelic
PPR-IAIan AndersonRelic
PPR-OAOzzie AlbiesRelic
ITN-FFFreddie FreemanRelic
ITN-OAOzzie AlbiesRelic
CS-EMEddie MathewsRelic
CS-HAHank AaronRelic
CS-WSWarren SpahnRelic
JNM-FFFreddie FreemanAuto Relic
JNM-RARonald Acuña Jr.Auto Relic
CFP-RARonald Acuña Jr.Auto Relic
MLBL-RARonald Acuña Jr.Auto Relic
TRAP-CJChipper JonesAuto Relic
TRAP-FFFreddie FreemanAuto Relic
TRAP-RARonald Acuña Jr.Auto Relic
TRAP-TGTom GlavineAuto Relic
MLMA-RARonald Acuña Jr.Auto Relic
WCAR-ARAustin RileyAuto Relic
WCAR-DSDansby SwansonAuto Relic
WCAR-FFFreddie FreemanAuto Relic
WCAR-IAIan AndersonAuto Relic
WCAR-JPJoc PedersonAuto Relic
PPAR-DSDansby SwansonAuto Relic
PPAR-FFFreddie FreemanAuto Relic


FF-15Christian YelichAuto
13Freddy Peralta
20Jake CousinsRC
20Jake CousinsRCClear
26Devin Williams
78Aaron AshbyRC
78Aaron AshbyRCClear
92Avisail Garcia
139Omar Narvaez
207Eduardo Escobar
240Corbin Burnes
265Keston Hiura
288Christian Yelich
288Christian YelichClear
TT-8Kolten Wong
TT-8Willy Adames
FF-15Christian Yelich
T87-39Corbin Burnes
T87-54Robin Yount
T87-71Christian Yelich
SMLB-11Christian Yelich
SMLBC-11Christian YelichChrome
HRC-8Christian Yelich
T87C-13Robin YountChrome
T87C-76Christian YelichChrome
BSA-JHJosh HaderAuto
BSA-PMPaul MolitorAuto
87BA-FPFreddy PeraltaAuto
87BA-JCOJake CousinsRCAuto
PPA-CBCorbin BurnesAuto
PPA-LULuis UriasAuto
T87C-13Robin YountAuto
T87C-76Christian YelichAuto
JNM-CYChristian YelichRelic
CFP-CYChristian YelichRelic
MLBL-CYChristian YelichRelic
MLM-CYChristian YelichRelic
MLM-FPFreddy PeraltaRelic
87R-CYChristian YelichRelic
PPR-CBCorbin BurnesRelic
PPR-FPFreddy PeraltaRelic
ITN-FPFreddy PeraltaRelic
ITN-JHJosh HaderRelic
CFP-CYChristian YelichAuto Relic
MLBL-CYChristian YelichAuto Relic
TRAP-CBUCorbin BurnesAuto Relic
PPAR-CBCorbin BurnesAuto Relic


DGDC-11Satchel Paige
CS-RFRick FerrellRelic
CS-SPSatchel PaigeRelic


34Adam Wainwright
39Andrew Miller
47Alex Reyes
58Lars NootbaarRC
58Lars NootbaarRCClear
87Nolan Arenado
87Nolan ArenadoClear
151Kwang-Hyun Kim
205Yadier Molina
205Yadier MolinaClear
213Jon Lester
225Harrison Bader
247St. Louis Cardinals®Team Card
GN-28Dylan Carlson
WTTS-8Albert Pujols
WTTS-42Yadier Molina
T87-2Nolan Arenado
T87-63Yadier Molina
T87-95Ozzie Smith
SMLB-19Yadier Molina
SMLB-25Nolan Arenado
SMLBC-19Yadier MolinaChrome
SMLBC-25Nolan ArenadoChrome
87FS-7Dylan Carlson
HRC-19Nolan Arenado
T87C-4Yadier MolinaChrome
T87C-10Paul GoldschmidtChrome
T87C-24Ozzie SmithChrome
T87C-75Nolan ArenadoChrome
T87C-82Jack FlahertyChrome
GN-28Dylan CarlsonAuto
WTTS-42Yadier MolinaAuto
BSA-JFJack FlahertyAuto
BSDA-GBBob GibsonAuto
BSDA-GBLou BrockAuto
BSDA-SMYadier MolinaAuto
BSDA-SMOzzie SmithAuto
87BA-DCDylan CarlsonAuto
87BA-NANolan ArenadoAuto
87BA-OSOzzie SmithAuto
87BA-PDPaul DeJongAuto
87BA-PGPaul GoldschmidtAuto
87FSA-DCDylan CarlsonAuto
T87C-4Yadier MolinaAuto
T87C-10Paul GoldschmidtAuto
T87C-24Ozzie SmithAuto
T87C-75Nolan ArenadoAuto
T87C-82Jack FlahertyAuto
JNM-YMYadier MolinaRelic
CFP-NANolan ArenadoRelic
MLBL-YMYadier MolinaRelic
MLM-MMCMark McGwireRelic
MLM-PGPaul GoldschmidtRelic
MLM-YMYadier MolinaRelic
87R-PGPaul GoldschmidtRelic
87R-YMYadier MolinaRelic
ITN-AREAlex ReyesRelic
ITN-NANolan ArenadoRelic
CS-BGBob GibsonRelic
CS-DDEDizzy DeanRelic
CS-FFFrankie FrischRelic
CS-JMJohnny MizeRelic
CS-RHRogers HornsbyRelic
CS-RSCRed SchoendienstRelic
CS-SMStan MusialRelic
CFP-NANolan ArenadoAuto Relic
TRAP-DCDylan CarlsonAuto Relic
TRAP-PGPaul GoldschmidtAuto Relic
MLMA-DCDylan CarlsonAuto Relic
MLMA-PDPaul DeJongAuto Relic
MLMA-YMYadier MolinaAuto Relic


143Ian Happ
147Willson Contreras
168Kyle Hendricks
271Patrick WisdomRC Cup
323Jason Heyward
21GH-6Anthony Rizzo
DGDC-8Ernie Banks
WTTS-5Greg Maddux
WTTS-19Javier Baez
WTTS-20Kris Bryant
T87-32Ryne Sandberg
87FS-12Nick Madrigal
T87C-92Ryne SandbergChrome
21GH-6Anthony RizzoAuto
WTTS-5Greg MadduxAuto
WTTS-20Kris BryantAuto
BSA-FJFergie JenkinsAuto
BSA-MGMark GraceAuto
BSA-RSRyne SandbergAuto
BSA-SSSammy SosaAuto
BSDA-MSGreg MadduxAuto
BSDA-MSRyne SandbergAuto
87BA-KWKerry WoodAuto
T87C-92Ryne SandbergAuto
CFP-WCWillson ContrerasRelic
MLBL-WCWillson ContrerasRelic
MLM-WCWillson ContrerasRelic
87R-WCWillson ContrerasRelic
ITN-KBKris BryantRelic
CS-BHBilly HermanRelic
CS-EBErnie BanksRelic
CS-RSRon SantoRelic
MLMA-NHNico HoernerAuto Relic


74Merrill Kelly
75Christian Walker
106Pavin Smith
130Tyler GilbertRC
130Tyler GilbertRCClear
144Arizona Diamondbacks®Team Card
163Stuart FairchildRC
163Stuart FairchildRCClear
177Carson Kelly
273Luke Weaver
275Ketel Marte
298Drew EllisRC
298Drew EllisRCClear
318Josh Reddick
T87-98Seth BeerRC
BSA-DEDrew EllisRCAuto
BSA-SBSeth BeerRCAuto
BSA-TGTyler GilbertRCAuto
87BA-RJRandy JohnsonAuto
87BA-SBESeth BeerRCAuto
87BA-SFStuart FairchildRCAuto
CFP-KMKetel MarteRelic
MLBL-KMKetel MarteRelic
MLM-KMKetel MarteRelic


40David Price
41Clayton Kershaw
41Clayton KershawClear
50Mookie Betts
50Mookie BettsClear
83Will Smith
83Will SmithClear
237Albert Pujols
237Albert PujolsClear
238Chris TaylorCombo Card
257Justin Turner
258Andre JacksonRC
258Andre JacksonRCClear
299Julio Urias
299Julio UriasClear
301Corey Seager
301Corey SeagerClear
310Max Scherzer
310Max ScherzerClear
GN-16Gavin Lux
GN-17Cody Bellinger
21GH-7Albert Pujols
DGDC-12Clayton Kershaw
WTTS-21Cody Bellinger
WTTS-22Clayton Kershaw
WTTS-50Mike Piazza
TT-7Trea Turner
TT-7Corey Seager
FF-1Mookie Betts
T87-4Mookie Betts
T87-14Cody Bellinger
T87-38Clayton Kershaw
T87-62Max Scherzer
T87-66Trea Turner
SMLB-9Mookie Betts
SMLB-28Clayton Kershaw
SMLBC-9Mookie BettsChrome
SMLBC-28Clayton KershawChrome
HRC-7Cody Bellinger
HRC-14Mookie Betts
HRC-25Max Muncy
T87C-6Cody BellingerChrome
T87C-14Andre JacksonRCChrome
T87C-43Mookie BettsChrome
T87C-66Max ScherzerChrome
T87C-78Clayton KershawChrome
GN-16Gavin LuxAuto
21GH-7Albert PujolsAuto
WTTS-50Mike PiazzaAuto
BSA-AJAAndre JacksonRCAuto
PPA-MMMax MuncyAuto
PPA-WSWill SmithAuto
T87C-14Andre JacksonRCAuto
JNM-CKClayton KershawRelic
JNM-MBMookie BettsRelic
CFP-CKClayton KershawRelic
MLBL-MBMookie BettsRelic
MLM-APAlbert PujolsRelic
MLM-CBCody BellingerRelic
MLM-CSCorey SeagerRelic
MLM-JUJulio UriasRelic
MLM-TTTrea TurnerRelic
MLM-WSWill SmithRelic
87R-APAlbert PujolsRelic
87R-CKClayton KershawRelic
87R-CTChris TaylorRelic
87R-JUJulio UriasRelic
87R-TTTrea TurnerRelic
PPR-JUJulio UriasRelic
PPR-MBMookie BettsRelic
PPR-MMMax MuncyRelic
PPR-TTTrea TurnerRelic
PPR-WBWalker BuehlerRelic
PPR-WSWill SmithRelic
ITN-MMMax MuncyRelic
CS-DDDon DrysdaleRelic
TRAP-CBCody BellingerAuto Relic
TRAP-CSCorey SeagerAuto Relic
TRAP-WBWalker BuehlerAuto Relic
MLMA-CSCorey SeagerAuto Relic
MLMA-WBWalker BuehlerAuto Relic
PPAR-MMMax MuncyAuto Relic
PPAR-WSWill SmithAuto Relic
WTTS-1Jackie Robinson
T87-69Jackie Robinson
T87C-62Jackie RobinsonChrome
CS-BGRBurleigh GrimesRelic
CS-DSDuke SniderRelic
CS-GHGil HodgesRelic
CS-JRJackie RobinsonRelic
CS-PREPee Wee ReeseRelic
CS-PWRPee Wee ReeseRelic


DGDC-14Vladimir Guerrero
T87-6Vladimir Guerrero
T87C-39Vladimir GuerreroChrome
DGDC-14Vladimir GuerreroAuto
T87C-39Vladimir GuerreroAuto


73Johnny Cueto
86Kris Bryant
86Kris BryantClear
103MIke Yastrzemksi
103MIke YastrzemksiClear
117Brandon Crawford
137Anthony DeSclafani
209Buster Posey
209Buster PoseyClear
241Tommy La Stella
246Mauricio Dubon
308Sammy LongRC
308Sammy LongRCClear
GN-26Joey Bart
21GH-15Mike Yastrzemski
DGDC-25Willie Mays
WTTS-3Buster Posey
WTTS-47Willie Mays
T87-16Kevin Gausman
T87-49Buster Posey
T87-73Kris Bryant
T87-96Willie Mays
T87-97Will Clark
SMLB-18Buster Posey
SMLB-27Kris Bryant
SMLBC-18Buster PoseyChrome
SMLBC-27Kris BryantChrome
87FS-5Joey Bart
HRC-29Buster Posey
T87C-41Mike YastrzemskiChrome
T87C-52Kevin GausmanChrome
T87C-56Willie MaysChrome
T87C-77Kris BryantChrome
T87C-90Buster PoseyChrome
T87C-91Will ClarkChrome
T87C-98Sammy LongRCChrome
GN-26Joey BartAuto
21GH-15Mike YastrzemskiAuto
WTTS-3Buster PoseyAuto
BSA-OCOrlando CepedaAuto
BSDA-CPBuster PoseyAuto
BSDA-CPWill ClarkAuto
87BA-JBAJoey BartAuto
87BA-WCWill ClarkAuto
PPA-ELEvan LongoriaAuto
PPA-KBKris BryantAuto
PPA-LWLogan WebbAuto
87FSA-JBJoey BartAuto
T87C-41Mike YastrzemskiAuto
T87C-52Kevin GausmanAuto
T87C-91Will ClarkAuto
JNM-BPBuster PoseyRelic
CFP-BPBuster PoseyRelic
MLBL-BPBuster PoseyRelic
MLM-BPBuster PoseyRelic
MLM-KBKris BryantRelic
87R-BPBuster PoseyRelic
87R-KBKris BryantRelic
87R-WCLWill ClarkRelic
PPR-BCBrandon CrawfordRelic
PPR-BPBuster PoseyRelic
PPR-ELEvan LongoriaRelic
PPR-KBKris BryantRelic
PPR-KGKevin GausmanRelic
PPR-LWLogan WebbRelic
ITN-BCBrandon CrawfordRelic
CS-WMWillie McCoveyRelic
JNM-BPBuster PoseyAuto Relic
CFP-BPBuster PoseyAuto Relic
MLBL-BPBuster PoseyAuto Relic
TRAP-BPBuster PoseyAuto Relic
TRAP-MYMike YastrzemskiAuto Relic
MLMA-BPBuster PoseyAuto Relic
MLMA-JBJoey BartAuto Relic
PPAR-BCBrandon CrawfordAuto Relic
PPAR-ELEvan LongoriaAuto Relic
PPAR-KBKris BryantAuto Relic
PPAR-LWLogan WebbAuto Relic
CS-GHKGeorge KellyRelic
CS-MIMonte IrvinRelic
CS-MOMel OttRelic


14Amed Rosario
21Shane Bieber
21Shane BieberClear
65Austin Hedges
71Ernie ClementRC
71Ernie ClementRCClear
77Josh Naylor
190Emmanuel ClaseRC Cup
217Eli MorganRC
217Eli MorganRCClear
269Jose Ramirez
269Jose RamirezClear
GN-13Shane Bieber
T87-90Shane Bieber
T87-93Jose Ramirez
SMLB-7Jose Ramirez
SMLBC-7Jose RamirezChrome
87FS-13Triston McKenzie
HRC-28Jose Ramirez
T87C-28Jose RamirezChrome
T87C-54Shane BieberChrome
BSA-FRFranmil ReyesAuto
CFP-SBShane BieberRelic
MLBL-JRJose RamirezRelic
MLM-JRJose RamirezRelic
CFP-SBShane BieberAuto Relic
MLBL-JRJose RamirezAuto Relic
GN-13Shane BieberAuto
T87C-28Jose RamirezAuto
T87C-54Shane BieberAuto


80Mitch Haniger
80Mitch HanigerClear
91Kyle Seager
112Marco Gonzales
156Logan GilbertFuture Stars
156Logan GilbertFuture StarsClear
185Justin Dunn
206Kyle Lewis
206Kyle LewisClear
235Jarred KelenicFuture Stars
235Jarred KelenicFuture StarsClear
262Tom Murphy
277Cal RaleighRC
277Cal RaleighRCClear
311Chris Flexen
327Ty France
GN-27Jarred Kelenic
WTTS-4Ken Griffey Jr.
T87-42Jarred Kelenic
T87-44Randy Johnson
T87-50Ken Griffey Jr.
T87-72Cal RaleighRC
87FS-14Logan Gilbert
87FS-22Taylor Trammell
87FS-25Jarred Kelenic
HRC-30Mitch Haniger
T87C-16Cal RaleighRCChrome
T87C-20Jarred KelenicChrome
T87C-34Randy JohnsonChrome
T87C-63Ken Griffey Jr.Chrome
GN-27Jarred KelenicAuto
BSA-CRACal RaleighRCAuto
BSA-JKJarred KelenicAuto
BSA-KSKyle SeagerAuto
BSDA-GTKen Griffey Jr.Auto
87BA-EMAEdgar MartinezAuto
87BA-JKJarred KelenicAuto
87BA-KGKen Griffey Jr.Auto
87BA-KLEKyle LewisAuto
87FSA-JKJarred KelenicAuto
T87C-16Cal RaleighRCAuto
T87C-20Jarred KelenicAuto
T87C-34Randy JohnsonAuto
T87C-63Ken Griffey Jr.Auto
CFP-JKJarred KelenicRelic
MLBL-JKJarred KelenicRelic
87R-EMEdgar MartinezRelic
87R-KGKen Griffey Jr.Relic
87R-YKYusei KikuchiRelic
CFP-JKJarred KelenicAuto Relic
MLBL-JKJarred KelenicAuto Relic


6Jazz Chisholm Jr.Future Stars
6Jazz Chisholm Jr.Future StarsClear
9Elieser Hernandez
11Jesus Luzardo
19Brian Anderson
22Bryan De La CruzRC
22Bryan De La CruzRCClear
24Trevor RogersRC Cup
36Jorge Alfaro
108Zach PopRC
108Zach PopRCClear
160Anthony BenderRC
160Anthony BenderRCClear
227Zach ThompsonRC
227Zach ThompsonRCClear
326Miami Marlins®Team Card
GN-18Jazz Chisholm Jr.
GN-19Trevor Rogers
TT-6Miguel Rojas
TT-6Jazz Chisholm Jr.
FF-7Jazz Chisholm Jr.
T87-60Edward CabreraRC
T87-77Jazz Chisholm Jr.
SMLB-10Jazz Chisholm Jr.
SMLBC-10Jazz Chisholm Jr.Chrome
87FS-8Jazz Chisholm Jr.
87FS-20Trevor Rogers
T87C-46Edward CabreraRCChrome
T87C-88Jazz Chisholm Jr.Chrome
GN-19Trevor RogersAuto
FF-7Jazz Chisholm Jr.Auto
BSA-ABEAnthony BenderRCAuto
BSA-ECEdward CabreraRCAuto
BSA-JAJesus AguilarAuto
BSA-NFNick FortesRCAuto
BSA-PHPayton HenryRCAuto
BSA-ZPZach PopRCAuto
BSA-ZTZach ThompsonRCAuto
87BA-TRTrevor RogersAuto
87BA-ZTZach ThompsonRCAuto
87FSA-JCJazz Chisholm Jr.Auto
87FSA-TRTrevor RogersAuto
T87C-46Edward CabreraAuto
T87C-88Jazz Chisholm Jr.Auto
CFP-JCJazz Chisholm Jr.Relic
MLBL-JCJazz Chisholm Jr.Relic
MLM-JCJazz Chisholm Jr.Relic
87R-JCJazz Chisholm Jr.Relic
CFP-JCJazz Chisholm Jr.Auto Relic
MLBL-JCJazz Chisholm Jr.Auto Relic
WTTS-28Miguel Cabrera
T87-34Dontrelle Willis
WTTS-28Miguel CabreraAuto
87BA-DWIDontrelle WillisAuto


37Michael Conforto
98Francisco LindorCombo Card
134Tylor MegillRC
134Tylor MegillRCClear
166Patrick MazeikaRC
170Kevin Pillar
256James McCann
259Marcus Stroman
259Marcus StromanClear
267Edwin Diaz
312Taijuan Walker
315Pete Alonso
315Pete AlonsoClear
330Jacob deGrom
330Jacob deGromClear
GN-21Pete Alonso
DGDC-15Mike Piazza
DGDC-16Jacob deGrom
WTTS-35Jacob deGrom
WTTS-36Pete Alonso
TT-4Javier Baez
TT-4Francisco Lindor
FF-8Francisco Lindor
FF-13Pete Alonso
T87-37Javier Baez
T87-51Darryl Strawberry
T87-61Jacob deGrom
T87-76Pete Alonso
T87-82Tylor MegillRC
T87-85Francisco Lindor
SMLB-5Javier Baez
SMLB-13Jacob deGrom
SMLB-29Pete Alonso
SMLBC-5Javier BaezChrome
SMLBC-13Jacob deGromChrome
SMLBC-29Pete AlonsoChrome
HRC-10Pete Alonso
T87C-22Tylor MegillRCChrome
T87C-26Francisco LindorChrome
T87C-49Jacob deGromChrome
T87C-60Pete AlonsoChrome
T87C-95Javier BaezChrome
GN-21Pete AlonsoAuto
DGDC-15Mike PiazzaAuto
DGDC-16Jacob deGromAuto
WTTS-35Jacob deGromAuto
WTTS-36Pete AlonsoAuto
FF-13Pete AlonsoAuto
BSA-JDEJacob deGromAuto
BSA-MPMike PiazzaAuto
BSA-TMTylor MegillRCAuto
BSDA-PWMike PiazzaAuto
BSDA-PWDavid WrightAuto
BSDA-WADavid WrightAuto
BSDA-WAPete AlonsoAuto
87BA-DGDwight GoodenAuto
87BA-DSDarryl StrawberryAuto
87BA-DWDavid WrightAuto
87BA-MSMarcus StromanAuto
87BA-PAPete AlonsoAuto
T87C-22Tylor MegillRCAuto
T87C-49Jacob deGromAuto
T87C-60Pete AlonsoAuto
JNM-FLFrancisco LindorRelic
JNM-PAPete AlonsoRelic
CFP-PAPete AlonsoRelic
MLBL-JDJacob deGromRelic
MLM-JBJavier BaezRelic
MLM-MPMike PiazzaRelic
MLM-PAPete AlonsoRelic
87R-JBJavier BaezRelic
87R-JDJacob deGromRelic
87R-MPMike PiazzaRelic
87R-PAPete AlonsoRelic
JNM-PAPete AlonsoAuto Relic
CFP-PAPete AlonsoAuto Relic
MLBL-JDJacob deGromAuto Relic
TRAP-DWDavid WrightAuto Relic
TRAP-PAPete AlonsoAuto Relic
TRAP-TGLTom GlavineAuto Relic
MLMA-PAPete AlonsoAuto Relic


38Mason ThompsonRC
43Josiah GrayRC
43Josiah GrayRCClear
61Jakson ReetzRC
116Alcides Escobar
150Juan Soto
150Juan SotoClear
158Riley AdamsRC
218Washington Nationals®Team Card
220Gerardo Parra
296Ryan Zimmerman
GN-3Juan Soto
WTTS-11Juan Soto
WTTS-23Stephen Strasburg
WTTS-48Bryce Harper
FF-9Juan Soto
T87-12Josiah GrayRC
T87-79Juan Soto
SMLB-23Juan Soto
HRC-2Juan Soto
T87C-25Juan SotoChrome
T87C-27Stephen StrasburgChrome
T87C-55Josiah GrayRCChrome
GN-3Juan SotoAuto
21GH-18Kyle SchwarberAuto
WTTS-11Juan SotoAuto
WTTS-23Stephen StrasburgAuto
FF-9Juan SotoAuto
BSA-JGRJosiah GrayRCAuto
BSA-RARiley AdamsRCAuto
BSDA-ASJuan SotoAuto
87BA-JGRJosiah GrayRCAuto
87BA-JREJakson ReetzRCAuto
T87C-25Juan SotoAuto
T87C-55Josiah GrayRCAuto
JNM-JSJuan SotoRelic
CFP-JSJuan SotoRelic
MLBL-JSJuan SotoRelic
87R-JSJuan SotoRelic
ITN-MSMax ScherzerRelic
ITN-TTTrea TurnerRelic
JNM-JSJuan SotoAuto Relic
CFP-JSJuan SotoAuto Relic
MLBL-JSJuan SotoAuto Relic
TRAP-JSJuan SotoAuto Relic
MLMA-JSJuan SotoAuto Relic
21GH-18Kyle Schwarber
SMLBC-23Juan SotoChrome


72Pedro Severino
79Trey Mancini
89Jorge Mateo
94Cedric Mullins
118Alex WellsRC
133Zac LowtherRC
157Bruce Zimmermann
253John Means
328Keegan Akin
GN-8Ryan Mountcastle
DGDC-3Cal Ripken Jr.
DGDC-4Eddie Murray
WTTS-6Cal Ripken Jr.
WTTS-45Eddie Murray
T87-36Trey Mancini
T87-74Cal Ripken Jr.
87FS-16Ryan Mountcastle
T87C-86Cal Ripken Jr.Chrome
T87C-99Eddie MurrayChrome
GN-8Ryan MountcastleAuto
DGDC-3Cal Ripken Jr.Auto
DGDC-4Eddie MurrayAuto
WTTS-6Cal Ripken Jr.Auto
WTTS-45Eddie MurrayAuto
BSA-BRBrooks RobinsonAuto
BSA-JPJim PalmerAuto
BSA-ZLZac LowtherRCAuto
BSDA-RMEddie MurrayAuto
BSDA-RMCal Ripken Jr.Auto
BSDA-RRCal Ripken Jr.Auto
BSDA-RRBrooks RobinsonAuto
87BA-CRCal Ripken Jr.Auto
87BA-EMEddie MurrayAuto
87BA-JMEJohn MeansAuto
87BA-RMRyan MountcastleAuto
87BA-TMTrey ManciniAuto
87BA-ZLZac LowtherRCAuto
87FSA-RMRyan MountcastleAuto
T87C-86Cal Ripken Jr.Auto
T87C-99Eddie MurrayAuto
CFP-RMRyan MountcastleRelic
MLBL-RMRyan MountcastleRelic
MLM-RMRyan MountcastleRelic
87R-CRCal Ripken Jr.Relic
87R-RMRyan MountcastleRelic
ITN-CMCedric MullinsRelic
CFP-RMRyan MountcastleAuto Relic
MLBL-RMRyan MountcastleAuto Relic
TRAP-TMTrey ManciniAuto Relic
MLMA-RMRyan MountcastleAuto Relic


16Tommy Pham
70Ryan Weathers
100Fernando Tatis Jr.
100Fernando Tatis Jr.Clear
124San Diego Padres™Team Card
125Fernando Tatis Jr.Combo Card
140Ivan CastilloRC
188Ha-Seong Kim
214Jake Arrieta
266Joe Musgrove
272Eric Hosmer
304Adam Frazier
309Yu Darvish
309Yu DarvishClear
GN-2Fernando Tatis Jr.
21GH-8Fernando Tatis Jr.
21GH-17Fernando Tatis Jr.
WTTS-41Tony Gwynn
TT-2Jake Cronenworth
TT-2Fernando Tatis Jr.
FF-3Manny Machado
FF-4Fernando Tatis Jr.
T87-9Fernando Tatis Jr.
T87-55Manny Machado
T87-57Tony Gwynn
SMLB-17Fernando Tatis Jr.
SMLBC-17Fernando Tatis Jr.Chrome
HRC-1Fernando Tatis Jr.
HRC-20Manny Machado
T87C-36Tony GwynnChrome
T87C-44Manny MachadoChrome
T87C-100Fernando Tatis Jr.Chrome
GN-2Fernando Tatis Jr.Auto
21GH-8Fernando Tatis Jr.Auto
21GH-17Fernando Tatis Jr.Auto
FF-3Manny MachadoAuto
FF-4Fernando Tatis Jr.Auto
BSA-EHEric HosmerAuto
BSA-FTFernando Tatis Jr.Auto
BSA-THTrevor HoffmanAuto
BSDA-ATFernando Tatis Jr.Auto
BSDA-TTFernando Tatis Jr.Auto
87BA-JMJoe MusgroveAuto
T87C-44Manny MachadoAuto
T87C-100Fernando Tatis Jr.Auto
JNM-FTFernando Tatis Jr.Relic
CFP-FTFernando Tatis Jr.Relic
MLBL-FTFernando Tatis Jr.Relic
MLM-FTFernando Tatis Jr.Relic
MLM-MMAManny MachadoRelic
87R-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Relic
87R-MMAManny MachadoRelic
87R-TGTony GwynnRelic
ITN-FTFernando Tatis Jr.Relic
CS-TGTony GwynnRelic
JNM-FTFernando Tatis Jr.Auto Relic
CFP-FTFernando Tatis Jr.Auto Relic
MLBL-FTFernando Tatis Jr.Auto Relic
TRAP-BSBlake SnellAuto Relic
MLMA-BSBlake SnellAuto Relic
MLMA-EHEric HosmerAuto Relic
MLMA-FTFernando Tatis Jr.Auto Relic


10Archie Bradley
44Didi Gregorius
57Kyle Gibson
62Luke WilliamsRC
67Freddy Galvis
102Ian Kennedy
178Jean Segura
179Zach Eflin
180J.T. Realmuto
180J.T. RealmutoClear
249Zack Wheeler
250Bryce Harper
250Bryce HarperClear
316Matt VierlingRC
316Matt VierlingRCClear
321Bryce HarperCombo Card
GN-23Alec Bohm
21GH-12Andrew McCutchen
DGDC-22Mike Schmidt
DGDC-23Steve Carlton
FF-2Bryce Harper
FF-6Andrew McCutchen
T87-24Andrew McCutchen
T87-41Bryce Harper
SMLB-15Bryce Harper
SMLBC-15Bryce HarperChrome
87FS-1Alec Bohm
HRC-5Bryce Harper
T87C-71Bryce HarperChrome
21GH-12Andrew McCutchenAuto
DGDC-22Mike SchmidtAuto
DGDC-23Steve CarltonAuto
FF-2Bryce HarperAuto
FF-6Andrew McCutchenAuto
BSA-ANAaron NolaAuto
BSA-HCHans CrouseRCAuto
BSA-MVMatt VierlingRCAuto
BSA-RHRyan HowardAuto
87BA-AMAndrew McCutchenAuto
87BA-BHBryce HarperAuto
87BA-LWILuke WilliamsRCAuto
87BA-RHRyan HowardAuto
87BA-SRScott RolenAuto
T87C-71Bryce HarperAuto
JNM-BHBryce HarperRelic
CFP-BHBryce HarperRelic
MLBL-BHBryce HarperRelic
MLM-AMCAndrew McCutchenRelic
MLM-ANAaron NolaRelic
MLM-BHBryce HarperRelic
MLM-RHRhys HoskinsRelic
87R-BHBryce HarperRelic
87R-JTRJ.T. RealmutoRelic
87R-RHORhys HoskinsRelic
ITN-ZWZack WheelerRelic
CFP-BHBryce HarperAuto Relic
MLBL-BHBryce HarperAuto Relic
TRAP-ABOAlec BohmAuto Relic
TRAP-AMCAndrew McCutchenAuto Relic
TRAP-BHBryce HarperAuto Relic
TRAP-ZWZack WheelerAuto Relic
MLMA-ANAaron NolaAuto Relic
MLMA-RHRhys HoskinsAuto Relic


56Ke’Bryan HayesFuture Stars
56Ke’Bryan HayesFuture StarsClear
85Rodolfo CastroRC
85Rodolfo CastroRCClear
184Hoy ParkRC
184Hoy ParkRCClear
251Mitch Keller
285Ben Gamel
286Jacob Stallings
307Steven Brault
317Colin Moran
325Max KranickRC
GN-24Ke’Bryan Hayes
DGDC-24Roberto Clemente
WTTS-16Andrew McCutchen
WTTS-40Roberto Clemente
T87-26Rodolfo CastroRC
T87-27Ke’Bryan Hayes
T87-52Roberto Clemente
SMLB-16Ke’Bryan Hayes
SMLBC-16Ke’Bryan HayesChrome
87FS-9Ke’Bryan Hayes
T87C-48Roberto ClementeChrome
T87C-67Rodolfo CastroRCChrome
T87C-97Ke’Bryan HayesChrome
GN-24Ke’Bryan HayesAuto
BSA-RCRodolfo CastroRCAuto
87BA-KHKe’Bryan HayesAuto
87BA-MKRMax KranickRCAuto
87BA-RCORoansy ContrerasRCAuto
87FSA-KHKe’Bryan HayesAuto
T87C-67Rodolfo CastroRCAuto
T87C-97Ke’Bryan HayesAuto
CFP-KHKe’Bryan HayesRelic
MLBL-KHKe’Bryan HayesRelic
MLM-KHKe’Bryan HayesRelic
ITN-BRBryan ReynoldsRelic
CS-RCRoberto ClementeRelic
CS-RKRalph KinerRelic
CFP-KHKe’Bryan HayesAuto Relic
MLBL-KHKe’Bryan HayesAuto Relic
MLMA-KHKe’Bryan HayesAuto Relic


93Isiah Kiner-Falefa
97Curtis TerryRC
97Curtis TerryRCClear
113Brock Holt
162Spencer Howard
172Nick Solak
230Jonah Heim
293Mike Foltynewicz
HRC-26Adolis Garcia
BSA-AAA.J. AlexyRCAuto
BSA-ABAdrian BeltreAuto
BSA-GOGlenn OttoRCAuto
BSA-YHEYonny HernandezRCAuto
BSA-YPOYohel PozoRCAuto
87BA-CTCurtis TerryRCAuto
CFP-AGAdolis GarciaRelic
MLBL-AGAdolis GarciaRelic
ITN-JGJoey GalloRelic
CFP-AGAdolis GarciaAuto Relic
MLBL-AGAdolis GarciaAuto Relic
TRAP-ABEAdrian BeltreAuto Relic


25Vidal BrujanRC
25Vidal BrujanRCClear
104Nelson Cruz
145Joey Wendle
152Austin Meadows
152Austin MeadowsClear
183Ji-Man Choi
196Randy ArozarenaRC Cup
196Randy ArozarenaClear
215Wander FrancoRC
215Wander FrancoRCClear
223Mike Brosseau
244Shane McClanahanFuture Stars
244Shane McClanahanFuture StarsClear
254Chris Archer
274Tampa Bay Rays™Team Card
302Tyler Glasnow
324Mike Zunino
329Wander FrancoCombo Card
GN-4Wander FrancoRC
GN-25Austin Meadows
21GH-5Wander FrancoRC
WTTS-25Wander FrancoRC
T87-10Vidal BrujanRC
T87-15Austin Meadows
T87-23Wander FrancoRC
SMLB-20Wander FrancoRC
SMLBC-20Wander FrancoRCChrome
87FS-24Wander FrancoRC
HRC-27Wander Franco
T87C-2Randy ArozarenaChrome
T87C-17Vidal BrujanRCChrome
T87C-58Wander FrancoRCChrome
T87C-73Austin MeadowsChrome
GN-4Wander FrancoRCAuto
GN-25Austin MeadowsAuto
21GH-5Wander FrancoAuto
WTTS-25Wander FrancoAuto
BSA-NCNelson CruzAuto
BSA-VBVidal BrujanRCAuto
BSA-WFWander FrancoRCAuto
BSDA-FMWander FrancoRCAuto
BSDA-FMAustin MeadowsAuto
87BA-BLBrandon LoweAuto
87BA-JLJosh LoweRCAuto
87BA-NCRNelson CruzAuto
87BA-SBAShane BazRCAuto
87BA-VBVidal BrujanRCAuto
87BA-WFWander FrancoRCAuto
PPA-NCNelson CruzAuto
PPA-WFWander FrancoRCAuto
87FSA-WFWander FrancoRCAuto
T87C-2Randy ArozarenaAuto
T87C-17Vidal BrujanRCAuto
T87C-58Wander FrancoRCAuto
T87C-73Austin MeadowsAuto
JNM-WFWander FrancoRCRelic
CFP-WFWander FrancoRCRelic
MLBL-WFWander FrancoRCRelic
MLM-AMAustin MeadowsRelic
MLM-BLBrandon LoweRelic
MLM-TGLTyler GlasnowRelic
MLM-WFWander FrancoRCRelic
PPR-RARandy ArozarenaRelic
PPR-WFWander FrancoRCRelic
ITN-JWEJoey WendleRelic
ITN-MZMike ZuninoRelic
JNM-WFWander FrancoAuto Relic
CFP-WFWander FrancoAuto Relic
MLBL-WFWander FrancoRCAuto Relic
TRAP-AMAustin MeadowsAuto Relic
TRAP-TYGTyler GlasnowAuto Relic
MLMA-AMAustin MeadowsAuto Relic
MLMA-WFWander FrancoRCAuto Relic
PPAR-NCNelson CruzAuto Relic
PPAR-RARandy ArozarenaAuto Relic
PPAR-WFWander FrancoRCAuto Relic
TRAP-WBOWade BoggsAuto Relic

Red Sox

T87C-81Jarren DuranRCAuto
7Bobby DalbecFuture Stars
7Bobby DalbecFuture StarsClear
8Xander Bogaerts
8Xander BogaertsClear
15Jose Iglesias
63Christian Vazquez
66Connor WongRC
66Connor WongRCClear
88Travis Shaw
90Enrique Hernandez
174Hunter Renfroe
182J.D. Martinez
182J.D. MartinezClear
187Jarren DuranRC
187Jarren DuranRCClear
192Eduardo Rodriguez
212Martin Perez
216Kyle Schwarber
216Kyle SchwarberClear
229Xander BogaertsCombo Card
303Matt Barnes
GN-9Rafael Devers
DGDC-5Pedro Martinez
DGDC-6Ted Williams
DGDC-7Carl Yastrzemski
WTTS-17Roger Clemens
WTTS-18Rafael Devers
WTTS-32Ted Williams
TT-9Enrique Hernandez
TT-9Xander Bogaerts
T87-5Jarren DuranRC
T87-35Xander Bogaerts
T87-47Rafael Devers
T87-86Wade Boggs
SMLB-4Rafael Devers
SMLBC-4Rafael DeversChrome
87FS-6Bobby Dalbec
HRC-22Rafael Devers
T87C-12Connor WongRCChrome
T87C-15Xander BogaertsChrome
T87C-23Rafael DeversChrome
T87C-64Roger ClemensChrome
T87C-81Jarren DuranRCChrome
DGDC-5Pedro MartinezAuto
DGDC-7Carl YastrzemskiAuto
WTTS-17Roger ClemensAuto
BSA-CSConnor SeaboldRCAuto
BSA-DODavid OrtizAuto
BSA-DPDustin PedroiaAuto
BSA-JDJarren DuranRCAuto
BSDA-YOCarl YastrzemskiAuto
BSDA-YODavid OrtizAuto
87BA-JDUJarren DuranRCAuto
87BA-WBWade BoggsAuto
PPA-AVAlex VerdugoAuto
PPA-KSKyle SchwarberAuto
87FSA-BDBobby DalbecAuto
T87C-12Connor WongRCAuto
T87C-15Xander BogaertsAuto
T87C-23Rafael DeversAuto
JNM-RDRafael DeversRelic
CFP-XBXander BogaertsRelic
MLBL-RDRafael DeversRelic
MLM-DODavid OrtizRelic
MLM-RDRafael DeversRelic
MLM-XBXander BogaertsRelic
87R-CSAChris SaleRelic
87R-DODavid OrtizRelic
87R-DPDustin PedroiaRelic
87R-WBWade BoggsRelic
PPR-AVAlex VerdugoRelic
PPR-EHEnrique HernandezRelic
PPR-JMJ.D. MartinezRelic
PPR-RDRafael DeversRelic
PPR-XBXander BogaertsRelic
ITN-MBAMatt BarnesRelic
ITN-NENathan EovaldiRelic
ITN-RDRafael DeversRelic
ITN-XBXander BogaertsRelic
CS-CYCy YoungRelic
CS-TSTris SpeakerRelic
CS-TWTed WilliamsRelic
CFP-XBXander BogaertsAuto Relic
TRAP-RDRafael DeversAuto Relic
MLMA-XBXander BogaertsAuto Relic
PPAR-AVAlex VerdugoAuto Relic
PPAR-XBXander BogaertsAuto Relic


45Sonny Gray
60Mike Moustakas
81Jesse Winker
96Cincinnati Reds®Team Card
111Tony SantillanRC
175Tyler StephensonRC Cup
203Wade Miley
290Joey Votto
290Joey VottoClear
314Eugenio Suarez
21GH-3Nick Castellanos
21GH-14Jesse Winker
21GH-20Joey Votto
DGDC-10Johnny Bench
WTTS-27Joey Votto
WTTS-44Johnny Bench
T87-18Joey Votto
T87-29Barry Larkin
T87-43Jesse Winker
T87-46Sonny Gray
87FS-10Jonathan India
HRC-16Joey Votto
T87C-57Joey VottoChrome
T87C-59Jesse WinkerChrome
T87C-84Barry LarkinChrome
21GH-3Nick CastellanosAuto
21GH-14Jesse WinkerAuto
21GH-20Joey VottoAuto
DGDC-10Johnny BenchAuto
WTTS-27Joey VottoAuto
WTTS-44Johnny BenchAuto
BSA-JVJoey VottoAuto
87BA-JBJohnny BenchAuto
87BA-JVJoey VottoAuto
87BA-JWIJesse WinkerAuto
87BA-LCLuis CastilloAuto
87BA-SGSonny GrayAuto
87FSA-JIJonathan IndiaAuto
T87C-57Joey VottoAuto
T87C-59Jesse WinkerAuto
T87C-84Barry LarkinAuto
JNM-JVJoey VottoRelic
CFP-JVJoey VottoRelic
MLBL-JWJesse WinkerRelic
MLM-JVJoey VottoRelic
MLM-JWJesse WinkerRelic
87R-BLBarry LarkinRelic
87R-JVJoey VottoRelic
JNM-JVJoey VottoAuto Relic
CFP-JVJoey VottoAuto Relic
MLBL-JWJesse WinkerAuto Relic
TRAP-JBJohnny BenchAuto Relic
TRAP-JVJoey VottoAuto Relic
TRAP-KGKen Griffey Jr.Auto Relic
MLMA-JVJoey VottoAuto Relic


46Raimel Tapia
132Ryan McMahon
161Jon Gray
167Daniel Bard
169Kyle Freeland
193Dom Nunez
222Colorado Rockies™Team Card
232Brendan Rodgers
234Garrett Hampson
260Trevor Story
260Trevor StoryClear
T87-65Trevor Story
T87C-21Trevor StoryChrome
T87C-21Trevor StoryAuto
CFP-CBCharlie BlackmonRelic
MLBL-RMCRyan McMahonRelic
87R-LWLarry WalkerRelic
CFP-CBCharlie BlackmonAuto Relic
TRAP-TSTrevor StoryAuto Relic
MLMA-TSTrevor StoryAuto Relic


18Emmanuel RiveraRC
18Emmanuel RiveraRCClear
52Greg Holland
53Hanser Alberto
76Nicky Lopez
155Mike Minor
219Salvador Perez
219Salvador PerezClear
245Whit Merrifield
245Whit MerrifieldClear
264Jackson KowarRC
264Jackson KowarRCClear
313Brady Singer
WTTS-31George Brett
WTTS-33Bo Jackson
T87-17Salvador Perez
T87-21Bo Jackson
T87-28Jackson KowarRC
T87-68George Brett
HRC-15Salvador Perez
T87C-5George BrettChrome
T87C-8Salvador PerezChrome
T87C-33Bo JacksonChrome
T87C-96Jackson KowarRCChrome
WTTS-33Bo JacksonAuto
BSA-ERIEmmanuel RiveraRCAuto
BSA-JBJake BrentzRCAuto
BSDA-JSBo JacksonAuto
87BA-BJBo JacksonAuto
87BA-BSBrady SingerAuto
87BA-WMWhit MerrifieldAuto
T87C-33Bo JacksonAuto
CFP-SPSalvador PerezRelic
MLBL-SPSalvador PerezRelic
87R-ABAndrew BenintendiRelic
ITN-SPSalvador PerezRelic
ITN-WMWhit MerrifieldRelic
TRAP-WMWhit MerrifieldAuto Relic


17Gregory Soto
31Matt ManningRC
31Matt ManningRCClear
55Robbie Grossman
128Matthew Boyd
148Zack ShortRC
148Zack ShortRCClear
191Willi Castro
194Miguel Cabrera
194Miguel CabreraClear
198Jake Rogers
228Spencer Turnbull
252Victor Reyes
GN-12Casey Mize
21GH-13Miguel Cabrera
T87-45Casey Mize
T87-83Miguel Cabrera
T87-92Akil Baddoo
87FS-4Akil Baddoo
87FS-15Casey Mize
87FS-21Tarik Skubal
T87C-31Miguel CabreraChrome
T87C-68Matt ManningRCChrome
GN-12Casey MizeAuto
21GH-13Miguel CabreraAuto
BSA-ZSZack ShortRCAuto
87BA-MCMiguel CabreraAuto
87BA-ZSZack ShortRCAuto
87FSA-ABAAkil BaddooAuto
87FSA-CMCasey MizeAuto
T87C-31Miguel CabreraAuto
JNM-MCMiguel CabreraRelic
CFP-MCMiguel CabreraRelic
MLBL-MCMiguel CabreraRelic
MLM-MCMiguel CabreraRelic
87R-MCMiguel CabreraRelic
CS-AKAl KalineRelic
CS-CGCharlie GehringerRelic
CS-GKGeorge KellRelic
CS-HGHank GreenbergRelic
CS-TCTy CobbRelic
JNM-MCMiguel CabreraAuto Relic
CFP-MCMiguel CabreraAuto Relic
MLBL-MCMiguel CabreraAuto Relic
TRAP-MCMiguel CabreraAuto Relic
MLMA-MCMiguel CabreraAuto Relic


32Taylor Rogers
123Miguel Sano
189Michael Pineda
197Alex KirilloffFuture Stars
197Alex KirilloffFuture StarsClear
221Max Kepler
226Josh Donaldson
280John Gant
306Andrelton Simmons
GN-20Alex Kirilloff
DGDC-13Rod Carew
WTTS-7Kirby Puckett
WTTS-34Byron Buxton
T87-22Byron Buxton
T87-40Kirby Puckett
T87-78Josh Donaldson
SMLB-12Byron Buxton
SMLBC-12Byron BuxtonChrome
87FS-11Alex Kirilloff
T87C-11Josh DonaldsonChrome
T87C-85Byron BuxtonChrome
GN-20Alex KirilloffAuto
WTTS-34Byron BuxtonAuto
BSA-GJGriffin JaxRCAuto
87BA-AKAlex KirilloffAuto
87BA-MKMax KeplerAuto
87FSA-AKAlex KirilloffAuto
T87C-11Josh DonaldsonAuto
T87C-85Byron BuxtonAuto
JNM-BBUByron BuxtonRelic
CFP-BBByron BuxtonRelic
MLBL-BBByron BuxtonRelic
87R-BBByron BuxtonRelic
ITN-TROTaylor RogersRelic
JNM-BBUByron BuxtonAuto Relic
CFP-BBByron BuxtonAuto Relic
MLBL-BBByron BuxtonAuto Relic
TRAP-BBByron BuxtonAuto Relic
TRAP-MKMax KeplerAuto Relic
MLMA-AKAlex KirilloffAuto Relic

White Sox

2Craig Kimbrel
12Gavin SheetsRC
12Gavin SheetsRCClear
28Cesar Hernandez
64Tim Anderson
64Tim AndersonClear
84Jose Abreu
107Luis Robert
107Luis RobertClear
120Andrew VaughnFuture Stars
120Andrew VaughnFuture StarsClear
141Yermin Mercedes
186Jake BurgerRC
186Jake BurgerRCClear
239Garrett Crochet
255Chicago White Sox®Team Card
268Liam Hendriks
282Carlos Rodon
284Yasmani Grandal
291Lucas Giolito
GN-10Luis Robert
GN-11Andrew Vaughn
GN-30Eloy Jimenez
DGDC-9Frank Thomas
WTTS-10Frank Thomas
WTTS-26Luis Robert
T87-7Frank Thomas
T87-11Tim Anderson
T87-19Gavin SheetsRC
T87-70Luis Robert
T87-75Andrew Vaughn
T87-87Lucas Giolito
SMLB-6Luis Robert
SMLBC-6Luis RobertChrome
87FS-19Andrew Vaughn
87FS-23Garrett Crochet
HRC-13Luis Robert
T87C-9Luis RobertChrome
T87C-30Yoan MoncadaChrome
T87C-45Frank ThomasChrome
T87C-65Gavin SheetsRCChrome
T87C-89Jose AbreuChrome
T87C-93Jake BurgerRCChrome
GN-10Luis RobertAuto
GN-11Andrew VaughnAuto
GN-30Eloy JimenezAuto
DGDC-9Frank ThomasAuto
WTTS-10Frank ThomasAuto
BSA-CRCarlos RodonAuto
BSA-DCDylan CeaseAuto
BSA-FTHFrank ThomasAuto
BSA-GSGavin SheetsRCAuto
BSA-JBUJake BurgerRCAuto
BSDA-TRLuis RobertAuto
BSDA-TRFrank ThomasAuto
87BA-CFCarlton FiskAuto
87BA-GSHGavin SheetsRCAuto
87BA-JABJose AbreuAuto
87BA-JBUJake BurgerRCAuto
87BA-LRLuis RobertAuto
87BA-TRATim RainesAuto
PPA-TATim AndersonAuto
87FSA-AVAndrew VaughnAuto
T87C-9Luis RobertAuto
T87C-30Yoan MoncadaAuto
T87C-45Frank ThomasAuto
T87C-65Gavin SheetsRCAuto
T87C-89Jose AbreuAuto
T87C-93Jake BurgerRCAuto
JNM-LRLuis RobertRelic
CFP-JAJose AbreuRelic
MLBL-LRLuis RobertRelic
MLM-JABJose AbreuRelic
MLM-LRLuis RobertRelic
MLM-YMOYoan MoncadaRelic
87R-FTFrank ThomasRelic
87R-JAJose AbreuRelic
87R-JTJim ThomeRelic
87R-LRLuis RobertRelic
ITN-CRCarlos RodonRelic
ITN-LLLance LynnRelic
ITN-TATim AndersonRelic
CS-HWHoyt WilhelmRelic
CS-LALuke ApplingRelic
CS-NFNellie FoxRelic
JNM-LRLuis RobertAuto Relic
CFP-JAJose AbreuAuto Relic
TRAP-FTFrank ThomasAuto Relic
TRAP-JABJose AbreuAuto Relic
TRAP-LRLuis RobertAuto Relic
TRAP-TATim AndersonAuto Relic
MLMA-LRLuis RobertAuto Relic
MLMA-YMOYoan MoncadaAuto Relic


5Rougned Odor
23Gio Urshela
35Gerrit Cole
35Gerrit ColeClear
49Brett Gardner
69Corey Kluber
99Aaron Judge
99Aaron JudgeClear
101Clint Frazier
119Gleyber TorresCombo Card
121New York Yankees®Team Card
131Luis GilRC
131Luis GilRCClear
142Aroldis Chapman
242Anthony Rizzo
242Anthony RizzoClear
263Trey AmburgeyRC
287Andrew Heaney
292Kyle Higashioka
322Joey Gallo
322Joey GalloClear
GN-22Gleyber Torres
21GH-19Aaron Judge
DGDC-17Reggie Jackson
DGDC-18Derek Jeter
DGDC-19Babe Ruth
WTTS-37Don Mattingly
WTTS-38Aaron Judge
WTTS-49Derek Jeter
TT-10Gleyber Torres
TT-10DJ LeMahieu
FF-11Aaron Judge
T87-3Luis GilRC
T87-13Don Mattingly
T87-58Anthony Rizzo
T87-89Joey Gallo
T87-91Gerrit Cole
T87-99Aaron Judge
SMLB-14Aaron Judge
SMLB-21Joey Gallo
SMLB-26Gerrit Cole
SMLBC-14Aaron JudgeChrome
SMLBC-21Joey GalloChrome
SMLBC-26Gerrit ColeChrome
HRC-6Aaron Judge
HRC-21Joey Gallo
HRC-23Giancarlo Stanton
T87C-7Anthony RizzoChrome
T87C-29Luis GilRCChrome
T87C-32Don MattinglyChrome
T87C-37Aaron JudgeChrome
T87C-40Joey GalloChrome
T87C-94Gerrit ColeChrome
STM-1Mickey Mantle
STM-2Mickey Mantle
STM-3Mickey Mantle
GN-22Gleyber TorresAuto
21GH-19Aaron JudgeAuto
DGDC-17Reggie JacksonAuto
DGDC-18Derek JeterAuto
WTTS-37Don MattinglyAuto
WTTS-49Derek JeterAuto
FF-11Aaron JudgeAuto
BSA-ACAroldis ChapmanAuto
BSA-DJDerek JeterAuto
BSA-DWDave WinfieldAuto
BSA-GCGerrit ColeAuto
BSA-JGJoey GalloAuto
BSA-LGLuis GilRCAuto
BSA-POPaul O’neillAuto
BSDA-JJAaron JudgeAuto
BSDA-JJDerek JeterAuto
BSDA-REMariano RiveraAuto
87BA-ARIAnthony RizzoAuto
87BA-DCODavid ConeAuto
87BA-DMDon MattinglyAuto
87BA-LVLuke VoitAuto
T87C-7Anthony RizzoAuto
T87C-29Luis GilRCAuto
T87C-32Don MattinglyAuto
T87C-37Aaron JudgeAuto
T87C-40Joey GalloAuto
T87C-94Gerrit ColeAuto
JNM-AJAaron JudgeRelic
JNM-GCGerrit ColeRelic
CFP-AJAaron JudgeRelic
MLBL-AJAaron JudgeRelic
MLM-ACAroldis ChapmanRelic
MLM-AJAaron JudgeRelic
MLM-ARAnthony RizzoRelic
MLM-DLDJ LeMahieuRelic
MLM-GCGerrit ColeRelic
MLM-GSGiancarlo StantonRelic
MLM-GTGleyber TorresRelic
87R-AJAaron JudgeRelic
87R-CSCC SabathiaRelic
87R-DJDerek JeterRelic
87R-GCGerrit ColeRelic
87R-GTGleyber TorresRelic
87R-HMHideki MatsuiRelic
ITN-ACHAroldis ChapmanRelic
ITN-AJAaron JudgeRelic
CS-BDBill DickeyRelic
CS-CSCasey StengelRelic
CS-DLDon LarsenRelic
CS-JDJoe DiMaggioRelic
CS-PRPhil RizzutoRelic
CS-RMRoger MarisRelic
CS-WHWaite HoytRelic
JNM-GCGerrit ColeAuto Relic
CFP-AJAaron JudgeAuto Relic
TRAP-AJAaron JudgeAuto Relic
TRAP-DJDerek JeterAuto Relic
MLMA-ACAroldis ChapmanAuto Relic
MLMA-GCGerrit ColeAuto Relic
MLMA-GTGleyber TorresAuto Relic

League Leaders

165Gurriel/Brantley/Guerrero Jr.AL AVG Leaders
283Ray/McCullers Jr./ColeAL ERA Leaders
48Guerrero Jr./Perez/OhtaniAL HR Leaders
202Perez/Abreu/HernandezAL RBI Leaders
138Ray/Cole/CeaseAL Strikeouts Leaders
270Cole/Flexen/MatzAL WINS Leaders
59Turner/Soto/HarperNL AVG Leaders
204Burnes/Scherzer/BuehlerNL ERA Leaders
146Tatis Jr./Duvall/AlonsoNL HR Leaders
181Duvall/Riley/AlbiesNL RBI Leaders
127Wheeler/Scherzer/BurnesNL Strikeouts Leaders
105Urias/Wainwright/BuehlerNL WINS Leaders