2022 Topps Pro Debut baseball card checklist

2022 Topps Pro Debut Baseball Checklist

Release Date: 9/30/22

Cards per Pack: 8

Packs per Hobby Box: 24

Hobby Boxes per Case: 12

Release Year Archive: 2022

Manufacturer Archive: Topps

Tag Archive: Pro Debut

Category Archive: Baseball Card Checklists

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2022 Topps Pro Debut baseball cards showcase the biggest names in minor league baseball. Each hobby box contains four autograph cards of the game’s most promising prospects.

This checklist is organized by Major League team and then sub-organized by the minor league affiliate. Scroll through the entire list or jump to a preferred team by selecting it from the list below. Clicking on a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings.

2022 Topps Pro Debut Baseball Checklist

Base Cards (PD) – 200 Cards
Fuchsia – #/199
Blue – #/150
Green – #/99
Aqua – #/75
Gold – #/50
Orange – #/25
Red – #/10
Black – 1/1

Base Auto (No#) – 111 Cards
Blue – #/150
Green – #/99
Gold – #/50
Orange – #/25
Red – #/10
Black – 1/1

Base Chrome (PDC) – 200 Cards

Base Chrome Auto (No#) – 54 Cards

MiLB Legends (MILB) – 20 Cards
Green – #/99
Orange – #/25
Black – 1/1

MiLB Legends Auto (MILB) – 10 Cards
Base – #/Varied
Black – 1/1

Brick by Brick (BB) – 20 Cards
Green – #/99
Orange – #/25
Black – 1/1

Brick by Brick Auto (BB) – 10 Cards
Base – #/Varied
Black – 1/1

Draftee Debuts (DB) – 10 Cards
Green – #/99
Orange – #/25
Black – 1/1

Draftee Debuts Auto (DB) – 5 Cards
Base – #/Varied
Black – 1/1

Future Cornerstones Auto (FC) – 25 Cards
Base – #/Varied
Gold – #/50
Orange – #/25
Red – #/10
Black – 1/1

Pro Debut Draftboard (PD) – 3 Cards
Base – #/Varied
Black – 1/1


PD-106Alexander RamirezInland Empire 66ers
PD-131D’Shawn KnowlesInland Empire 66ers
PD-141Arol VeraInland Empire 66ers
PD-162Edgar QueroInland Empire 66ers
PDC-106Alexander RamirezInland Empire 66ers
PDC-131D’Shawn KnowlesInland Empire 66ers
PDC-141Arol VeraInland Empire 66ers
PDC-162Edgar QueroInland Empire 66ers
BaseArol VeraAutoInland Empire 66ers
BaseAlexander RamirezAutoInland Empire 66ers
MILB-5Ken Griffey Jr.San Bernardino Spirit
MILB-14Adrian BeltreSan Bernardino Stampede
PD-17Sam BachmanTri-City Dust Devils
PDC-17Sam BachmanTri-City Dust Devils


PD-66J.C. CorreaAsheville Tourists
PDC-66J.C. CorreaAsheville Tourists
BaseJ.C. CorreaAutoAsheville Tourists
PD-42Dauri LorenzoFCL Astros
PD-88Tyler WhitakerFCL Astros
PDC-42Dauri LorenzoFCL Astros
PDC-88Tyler WhitakerFCL Astros
BaseDauri LorenzoAutoFCL Astros
BaseDauri LorenzoChrome AutoFCL Astros
PD-161Pedro LeonSugar Land Space Cowboys
PDC-161Pedro LeonSugar Land Space Cowboys
BB-20Pedro LeonSugar Land Space Cowboys
BasePedro LeonAutoSugar Land Space Cowboys
BasePedro LeonChrome AutoSugar Land Space Cowboys
BB-20Pedro LeonAutoSugar Land Space Cowboys
FC-PLPedro LeonAutoSugar Land Space Cowboys
MILB-8Bobby AbreuTucson Toros
MILB-8Bobby AbreuAutoTucson Toros


PD-29Denzel ClarkeACL Athletics
PD-41Max MuncyACL Athletics
PD-49Pedro PinedaACL Athletics
PDC-29Denzel ClarkeACL Athletics
PDC-41Max MuncyACL Athletics
PDC-49Pedro PinedaACL Athletics
BaseMax MuncyAutoACL Athletics
BasePedro PinedaAutoACL Athletics
BaseMax MuncyChrome AutoACL Athletics
BasePedro PinedaChrome AutoACL Athletics
PD-50Euribiel AngelesLansing Lugnuts
PDC-50Euribiel AngelesLansing Lugnuts
BaseEuribiel AngelesAutoLansing Lugnuts
BaseEuribiel AngelesChrome AutoLansing Lugnuts
PD-120Shea LangeliersLas Vegas Aviators
PDC-120Shea LangeliersLas Vegas Aviators
MILB-9Derrek LeeLas Vegas Stars
PD-32Robert PuasonStockton Ports
PD-33CJ RodriguezStockton Ports
PD-155Gunnar HoglundStockton Ports
PDC-32Robert PuasonStockton Ports
PDC-33CJ RodriguezStockton Ports
PDC-155Gunnar HoglundStockton Ports
MILB-17Barry ZitoVisalia Oaks

Blue Jays

MILB-19Carlos DelgadoDunedin Blue Jays
MILB-19Carlos DelgadoAutoDunedin Blue Jays
PD-53Rikelbin De CastroFCL Blue Jays
PD-105Estiven MachadoFCL Blue Jays
PDC-53Rikelbin De CastroFCL Blue Jays
PDC-105Estiven MachadoFCL Blue Jays
BaseEstiven MachadoAutoFCL Blue Jays
BaseRikelbin De CastroAutoFCL Blue Jays
PD-24Jordan GroshansNew Hampshire Fisher Cats
PD-126Samad TaylorNew Hampshire Fisher Cats
PDC-24Jordan GroshansNew Hampshire Fisher Cats
PDC-126Samad TaylorNew Hampshire Fisher Cats
PD-157Orelvis MartinezVancouver Canadians
PDC-157Orelvis MartinezVancouver Canadians
BB-14Orelvis MartinezVancouver Canadians
FC-OMOrelvis MartinezAutoVancouver Canadians


PD-195Cal ConleyAugusta GreenJackets
PDC-195Cal ConleyAugusta GreenJackets
BaseCal ConleyAutoAugusta GreenJackets
MILB-20Phil NiekroDenver Bears


PD-6Jeferson QueroACL Brewers
PD-128Hendry MendezACL Brewers
PDC-6Jeferson QueroACL Brewers
PDC-128Hendry MendezACL Brewers
BaseJeferson QueroAutoACL Brewers
BaseHendry MendezAutoACL Brewers
PD-196Garrett MitchellBiloxi Shuckers
PDC-196Garrett MitchellBiloxi Shuckers
FC-GMGarrett MitchellAutoBiloxi Shuckers
PD-68Eduardo GarciaCarolina Mudcats
PD-71Hedbert PerezCarolina Mudcats
PD-180Tyler BlackCarolina Mudcats
PDC-68Eduardo GarciaCarolina Mudcats
PDC-71Hedbert PerezCarolina Mudcats
PDC-180Tyler BlackCarolina Mudcats
BaseTyler BlackAutoCarolina Mudcats
BaseHedbert PerezAutoCarolina Mudcats
BaseHedbert PerezChrome AutoCarolina Mudcats
PD-109Sal FrelickWisconsin Timber Rattlers
PDC-109Sal FrelickWisconsin Timber Rattlers
BB-5Sal FrelickWisconsin Timber Rattlers
DB-6Sal FrelickWisconsin Timber Rattlers
BaseSal FrelickAutoWisconsin Timber Rattlers
BaseSal FrelickChrome AutoWisconsin Timber Rattlers
PD-CFMASal FrelickAutoWisconsin Timber Rattlers


PD-40Joshua BaezFCL Cardinals
PDC-40Joshua BaezFCL Cardinals
BaseJoshua BaezAutoFCL Cardinals
BaseJoshua BaezChrome AutoFCL Cardinals
PD-15Nolan GormanMemphis Redbirds
PDC-15Nolan GormanMemphis Redbirds
PD-21Ryan HolgatePalm Beach Cardinals
PD-60Michael McGreevyPalm Beach Cardinals
PDC-21Ryan HolgatePalm Beach Cardinals
PDC-60Michael McGreevyPalm Beach Cardinals
BaseRyan HolgateAutoPalm Beach Cardinals
PD-112Jordan WalkerPeoria Chiefs
PDC-112Jordan WalkerPeoria Chiefs
BB-16Jordan WalkerPeoria Chiefs
BB-16Jordan WalkerAutoPeoria Chiefs
PD-149Malcom NunezSpringfield Cardinals
PDC-149Malcom NunezSpringfield Cardinals


PD-1James TriantosACL Cubs
PD-14Kevin AlcantaraACL Cubs
PD-55Reginald PreciadoACL Cubs
PDC-1James TriantosACL Cubs
PDC-14Kevin AlcantaraACL Cubs
PDC-55Reginald PreciadoACL Cubs
BaseReginald PreciadoAutoACL Cubs
BaseJames TriantosAutoACL Cubs
BaseJames TriantosChrome AutoACL Cubs
BaseReginald PreciadoChrome AutoACL Cubs
PD-80Brennen DavisIowa Cubs
PDC-80Brennen DavisIowa Cubs
BB-7Brennen DavisIowa Cubs
BB-7Brennen DavisAutoIowa Cubs
FC-BDBrennen DavisAutoIowa Cubs
PD-58Pete Crow-ArmstrongMyrtle Beach Pelicans
PD-144Christian FranklinMyrtle Beach Pelicans
PD-145Kevin MadeMyrtle Beach Pelicans
PD-152Ed HowardMyrtle Beach Pelicans
PDC-58Pete Crow-ArmstrongMyrtle Beach Pelicans
PDC-144Christian FranklinMyrtle Beach Pelicans
PDC-145Kevin MadeMyrtle Beach Pelicans
PDC-152Ed HowardMyrtle Beach Pelicans
BaseKevin MadeAutoMyrtle Beach Pelicans
BaseChristian FranklinAutoMyrtle Beach Pelicans
PD-70Yohendrick PinangoSouth Bend Cubs
PD-170Alexander CanarioSouth Bend Cubs
PD-173Jordan WicksSouth Bend Cubs
PDC-70Yohendrick PinangoSouth Bend Cubs
PDC-170Alexander CanarioSouth Bend Cubs
PDC-173Jordan WicksSouth Bend Cubs
BaseYohendrick PinangoAutoSouth Bend Cubs
BaseAlexander CanarioAutoSouth Bend Cubs
BaseYohendrick PinangoChrome AutoSouth Bend Cubs
BaseAlexander CanarioChrome AutoSouth Bend Cubs
PD-72Nelson VelazquezTennessee Smokies
PDC-72Nelson VelazquezTennessee Smokies
BaseNelson VelazquezAutoTennessee Smokies


PD-102Jordan LawlarACL Diamondbacks
PDC-102Jordan LawlarACL Diamondbacks
PD-102Jordan LawlarImage VariantACL Diamondbacks
DB-2Jordan LawlarACL Diamondbacks
BaseJordan LawlarAutoACL Diamondbacks
BaseJordan LawlarChrome AutoACL Diamondbacks
DB-2Jordan LawlarAutoACL Diamondbacks
FC-JLJordan LawlarAutoACL Diamondbacks
PD-DLMWJordan LawlarAutoACL Diamondbacks
PD-LMWMJordan LawlarAutoACL Diamondbacks
PD-73Corbin CarrollHillsboro Hops
PDC-73Corbin CarrollHillsboro Hops
BaseCorbin CarrollAutoHillsboro Hops
BaseCorbin CarrollChrome AutoHillsboro Hops
PD-135Alek ThomasReno Aces
PDC-135Alek ThomasReno Aces
PD-74Adrian Del CastilloVisalia Rawhide
PD-168Ryan BlissVisalia Rawhide
PDC-74Adrian Del CastilloVisalia Rawhide
PDC-168Ryan BlissVisalia Rawhide
BaseRyan BlissAutoVisalia Rawhide
BaseRyan BlissChrome AutoVisalia Rawhide


PD-174Maddux BrunsACL Dodgers
PD-193Luis RodriguezACL Dodgers
PDC-174Maddux BrunsACL Dodgers
PDC-193Luis RodriguezACL Dodgers
BaseLuis RodriguezAutoACL Dodgers
BaseLuis RodriguezChrome AutoACL Dodgers
PD-84Jorbit VivasGreat Lakes Loons
PD-95Eddys LeonardGreat Lakes Loons
PDC-84Jorbit VivasGreat Lakes Loons
PDC-95Eddys LeonardGreat Lakes Loons
BaseEddys LeonardAutoGreat Lakes Loons
BaseJorbit VivasAutoGreat Lakes Loons
MILB-11Pee Wee ReeseLouisville Colonels
MILB-13Jackie RobinsonMontreal Royals
PD-85Jose RamosRancho Cucamonga Quakes
PD-94Diego CartayaRancho Cucamonga Quakes
PDC-85Jose RamosRancho Cucamonga Quakes
PDC-94Diego CartayaRancho Cucamonga Quakes
BB-12Diego CartayaRancho Cucamonga Quakes
BaseJose RamosAutoRancho Cucamonga Quakes
BaseJose RamosChrome AutoRancho Cucamonga Quakes
FC-JRJose RamosAutoRancho Cucamonga Quakes


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MILB-16Tim RainesDenver Bears


PD-30Diego VelasquezACL Giants
PD-200Aeverson ArteagaACL Giants
PDC-30Diego VelasquezACL Giants
PDC-200Aeverson ArteagaACL Giants
BaseAeverson ArteagaAutoACL Giants
BaseDiego VelasquezAutoACL Giants
BaseAeverson ArteagaChrome AutoACL Giants
FC-AAAeverson ArteagaAutoACL Giants
PD-134Jairo PomaresEugene Emeralds
PD-169Marco LucianoEugene Emeralds
PDC-134Jairo PomaresEugene Emeralds
PDC-169Marco LucianoEugene Emeralds
BB-4Marco LucianoEugene Emeralds
BaseJairo PomaresAutoEugene Emeralds
BaseMarco LucianoChrome AutoEugene Emeralds
BB-4Marco LucianoAutoEugene Emeralds
FC-MLMarco LucianoAutoEugene Emeralds
PD-47Will BednarSan Jose Giants
PD-137Luis MatosSan Jose Giants
PDC-47Will BednarSan Jose Giants
PDC-137Luis MatosSan Jose Giants
BB-18Luis MatosSan Jose Giants


PD-12Jake FoxACL Guardians
PDC-12Jake FoxACL Guardians
PD-22Brayan RocchioAkron RubberDucks
PD-178George ValeraAkron RubberDucks
PDC-22Brayan RocchioAkron RubberDucks
PDC-178George ValeraAkron RubberDucks
BB-17George ValeraAkron RubberDucks
BaseGeorge ValeraAutoAkron RubberDucks
BaseGeorge ValeraChrome AutoAkron RubberDucks
FC-GVGeorge ValeraAutoAkron RubberDucks
PD-91Nolan JonesColumbus Clippers
PD-142Gabriel AriasColumbus Clippers
PDC-91Nolan JonesColumbus Clippers
PDC-142Gabriel AriasColumbus Clippers
MILB-7Deion SandersColumbus Clippers
BaseGabriel AriasChrome AutoColumbus Clippers
MILB-7Deion SandersAutoColumbus Clippers
PD-2Jhonkensy NoelLake County Captains
PDC-2Jhonkensy NoelLake County Captains
BaseJhonkensy NoelAutoLake County Captains
BaseJhonkensy NoelChrome AutoLake County Captains
FC-JNJhonkensy NoelAutoLake County Captains
PD-143Gabriel RodriguezLynchburg Hillcats
PD-188Angel MartinezLynchburg Hillcats
PDC-143Gabriel RodriguezLynchburg Hillcats
PDC-188Angel MartinezLynchburg Hillcats
BaseAngel MartinezAutoLynchburg Hillcats
BaseGabriel RodriguezAutoLynchburg Hillcats


PD-138Jonatan ClaseACL Mariners
PD-179Harry FordACL Mariners
PDC-138Jonatan ClaseACL Mariners
PDC-179Harry FordACL Mariners
DB-8Harry FordACL Mariners
BaseJonatan ClaseAutoACL Mariners
BaseHarry FordAutoACL Mariners
BaseHarry FordChrome AutoACL Mariners
BaseJonatan ClaseChrome AutoACL Mariners
PD-81Noelvi MarteEverett AquaSox
PD-183Alberto RodriguezEverett AquaSox
PDC-81Noelvi MarteEverett AquaSox
PDC-183Alberto RodriguezEverett AquaSox
BB-6Noelvi MarteEverett AquaSox
BaseAlberto RodriguezAutoEverett AquaSox
BB-6Noelvi MarteAutoEverett AquaSox
FC-NMNoelvi MarteAutoEverett AquaSox
PD-140Milkar PerezModesto Nuts
PDC-140Milkar PerezModesto Nuts
BaseMilkar PerezAutoModesto Nuts


PD-104Kahlil WatsonFCL Marlins
PD-116Jordan McCantsFCL Marlins
PD-147Ian LewisFCL Marlins
PD-159Joe MackFCL Marlins
PDC-104Kahlil WatsonFCL Marlins
PDC-116Jordan McCantsFCL Marlins
PDC-147Ian LewisFCL Marlins
PDC-159Joe MackFCL Marlins
PD-104Kahlil WatsonImage VariantFCL Marlins
DB-4Kahlil WatsonFCL Marlins
BaseIan LewisAutoFCL Marlins
BaseJoe MackAutoFCL Marlins
BaseKahlil WatsonAutoFCL Marlins
BaseKahlil WatsonChrome AutoFCL Marlins
DB-4Kahlil WatsonAutoFCL Marlins
FC-KWKahlil WatsonAutoFCL Marlins
PD-DLMWKahlil WatsonAutoFCL Marlins
PD-LMWMKahlil WatsonAutoFCL Marlins
PD-90Cody MorissetteJupiter Hammerheads
PD-190Federico PolancoJupiter Hammerheads
PD-197Jose SalasJupiter Hammerheads
PDC-90Cody MorissetteJupiter Hammerheads
PDC-190Federico PolancoJupiter Hammerheads
PDC-197Jose SalasJupiter Hammerheads
BaseJose SalasAutoJupiter Hammerheads
BaseFederico PolancoAutoJupiter Hammerheads
BaseJose SalasChrome AutoJupiter Hammerheads
PD-69JJ BledayPensacola Blue Wahoos
PDC-69JJ BledayPensacola Blue Wahoos
BaseJJ BledayChrome AutoPensacola Blue Wahoos


PD-154Brett BatyBinghamton Rumble Ponies
PD-175Ronny MauricioBinghamton Rumble Ponies
PDC-154Brett BatyBinghamton Rumble Ponies
PDC-175Ronny MauricioBinghamton Rumble Ponies
BB-15Brett BatyBinghamton Rumble Ponies
PD-18Francisco AlvarezBrooklyn Cyclones
PD-123Jaylen PalmerBrooklyn Cyclones
PDC-18Francisco AlvarezBrooklyn Cyclones
PDC-123Jaylen PalmerBrooklyn Cyclones
FC-FAFrancisco AlvarezAutoBrooklyn Cyclones
PD-160Robert DominguezFCL Mets
PDC-160Robert DominguezFCL Mets
PD-87Alex RamirezSt. Lucie Mets
PD-177JT SchwartzSt. Lucie Mets
PDC-87Alex RamirezSt. Lucie Mets
PDC-177JT SchwartzSt. Lucie Mets
BaseJT SchwartzAutoSt. Lucie Mets


PD-3Brady HouseFCL Nationals
PD-118Daylen LileFCL Nationals
PD-166Roismar QuintanaFCL Nationals
PD-191T.J. WhiteFCL Nationals
PDC-3Brady HouseFCL Nationals
PDC-118Daylen LileFCL Nationals
PDC-166Roismar QuintanaFCL Nationals
PDC-191T.J. WhiteFCL Nationals
BaseDaylen LileAutoFCL Nationals
BaseRoismar QuintanaAutoFCL Nationals
BaseT.J. WhiteAutoFCL Nationals
BaseRoismar QuintanaChrome AutoFCL Nationals
PD-13Darren BakerFredericksburg Nationals
PD-36Branden BoissiereFredericksburg Nationals
PDC-13Darren BakerFredericksburg Nationals
PDC-36Branden BoissiereFredericksburg Nationals
BaseDarren BakerAutoFredericksburg Nationals
MILB-12Justin MorneauRochester Red Wings
MILB-12Justin MorneauAutoRochester Red Wings


PD-156Coby MayoAberdeen IronBirds
PDC-156Coby MayoAberdeen IronBirds
PD-62Grayson RodriguezBowie Baysox
PDC-62Grayson RodriguezBowie Baysox
PD-9Connor NorbyDelmarva Shorebirds
PD-10Darell HernaizDelmarva Shorebirds
PD-38Reed TrimbleDelmarva Shorebirds
PD-119Colton CowserDelmarva Shorebirds
PD-146Heston KjerstadDelmarva Shorebirds
PD-150John RhodesDelmarva Shorebirds
PD-199Collin BurnsDelmarva Shorebirds
PDC-9Connor NorbyDelmarva Shorebirds
PDC-10Darell HernaizDelmarva Shorebirds
PDC-38Reed TrimbleDelmarva Shorebirds
PDC-119Colton CowserDelmarva Shorebirds
PDC-146Heston KjerstadDelmarva Shorebirds
PDC-150John RhodesDelmarva Shorebirds
PDC-199Collin BurnsDelmarva Shorebirds
DB-5Colton CowserDelmarva Shorebirds
BaseDarell HernaizAutoDelmarva Shorebirds
BaseColton CowserAutoDelmarva Shorebirds
BaseJohn RhodesAutoDelmarva Shorebirds
BaseConnor NorbyAutoDelmarva Shorebirds
BaseCollin BurnsAutoDelmarva Shorebirds
BaseHeston KjerstadChrome AutoDelmarva Shorebirds
BaseColton CowserChrome AutoDelmarva Shorebirds
FC-CCColton CowserAutoDelmarva Shorebirds
PD-CFMAColton CowserAutoDelmarva Shorebirds
PD-182Luis GonzalezFCL Orioles
PDC-182Luis GonzalezFCL Orioles
BaseLuis GonzalezAutoFCL Orioles
PD-121Adley RutschmanNorfolk Tides
PDC-121Adley RutschmanNorfolk Tides


PD-103Jackson MerrillACL Padres
PD-132James WoodACL Padres
PDC-103Jackson MerrillACL Padres
PDC-132James WoodACL Padres
BaseJackson MerrillAutoACL Padres
BaseJames WoodAutoACL Padres
BaseJames WoodChrome AutoACL Padres
PD-44Robert HassellFort Wayne TinCaps
PDC-44Robert HassellFort Wayne TinCaps
BB-13Robert HassellFort Wayne TinCaps
BaseRobert HassellChrome AutoFort Wayne TinCaps
PD-101Max FergusonLake Elsinore Storm
PDC-101Max FergusonLake Elsinore Storm
BaseMax FergusonAutoLake Elsinore Storm
PD-7Eguy RosarioSan Antonio Missions
PDC-7Eguy RosarioSan Antonio Missions
BaseEguy RosarioAutoSan Antonio Missions


PD-39Ethan WilsonClearwater Threshers
PD-165Yhoswar GarciaClearwater Threshers
PDC-39Ethan WilsonClearwater Threshers
PDC-165Yhoswar GarciaClearwater Threshers
BaseEthan WilsonAutoClearwater Threshers
BaseYhoswar GarciaAutoClearwater Threshers
BaseYhoswar GarciaChrome AutoClearwater Threshers
PD-48Andrew PainterFCL Phillies
PD-99Jordan ViarsFCL Phillies
PDC-48Andrew PainterFCL Phillies
PDC-99Jordan ViarsFCL Phillies
PD-8Mick AbelJersey Shore BlueClaws
PD-65Johan RojasJersey Shore BlueClaws
PDC-8Mick AbelJersey Shore BlueClaws
PDC-65Johan RojasJersey Shore BlueClaws
BaseJohan RojasAutoJersey Shore BlueClaws


PD-184Matt FraizerAltoona Curve
PDC-184Matt FraizerAltoona Curve
BaseMatt FraizerAutoAltoona Curve
PD-25Dariel LopezBradenton Marauders
PD-43Alexander MojicaBradenton Marauders
PD-107Endy RodriguezBradenton Marauders
PD-192Maikol EscottoBradenton Marauders
PDC-25Dariel LopezBradenton Marauders
PDC-43Alexander MojicaBradenton Marauders
PDC-107Endy RodriguezBradenton Marauders
PDC-192Maikol EscottoBradenton Marauders
BaseAlexander MojicaAutoBradenton Marauders
BaseDariel LopezAutoBradenton Marauders
PD-16Bubba ChandlerFCL Pirates
PD-34Anthony SolometoFCL Pirates
PD-82Lonnie WhiteFCL Pirates
PDC-16Bubba ChandlerFCL Pirates
PDC-34Anthony SolometoFCL Pirates
PDC-82Lonnie White Jr.FCL Pirates
BaseBubba ChandlerAutoFCL Pirates
BaseLonnie White Jr.AutoFCL Pirates
PD-97Nick GonzalesGreensboro Grasshoppers
PD-125Liover PegueroGreensboro Grasshoppers
PD-139Henry DavisGreensboro Grasshoppers
PDC-97Nick GonzalesGreensboro Grasshoppers
PDC-125Liover PegueroGreensboro Grasshoppers
PDC-139Henry DavisGreensboro Grasshoppers
PD-139Henry DavisImage VariantGreensboro Grasshoppers
BB-2Henry DavisGreensboro Grasshoppers
BB-19Liover PegueroGreensboro Grasshoppers
DB-1Henry DavisGreensboro Grasshoppers
BaseLiover PegueroAutoGreensboro Grasshoppers
BaseHenry DavisAutoGreensboro Grasshoppers
BaseHenry DavisChrome AutoGreensboro Grasshoppers
BaseLiover PegueroChrome AutoGreensboro Grasshoppers
BB-2Henry DavisAutoGreensboro Grasshoppers
DB-1Henry DavisAutoGreensboro Grasshoppers
FC-HDHenry DavisAutoGreensboro Grasshoppers
PD-DLMWHenry DavisAutoGreensboro Grasshoppers


PD-5Ian MollerACL Rangers
PD-148Cameron CauleyACL Rangers
PD-151Maximo AcostaACL Rangers
PDC-5Ian MollerACL Rangers
PDC-148Cameron CauleyACL Rangers
PDC-151Maximo AcostaACL Rangers
BaseMaximo AcostaAutoACL Rangers
BaseIan MollerAutoACL Rangers
BaseMaximo AcostaChrome AutoACL Rangers
PD-111Luisangel AcuñaDown East Wood Ducks
PD-198Aaron ZavalaDown East Wood Ducks
PDC-111Luisangel AcuñaDown East Wood Ducks
PDC-198Aaron ZavalaDown East Wood Ducks
PD-27Justin FoscueFrisco RoughRiders
PDC-27Justin FoscueFrisco RoughRiders
PD-19Josh JungRound Rock Express
PDC-19Josh JungRound Rock Express


PD-26Osleivis BasabeBowling Green Hot Rods
PDC-26Osleivis BasabeBowling Green Hot Rods
PD-4Heriberto HernandezCharleston RiverDogs
PDC-4Heriberto HernandezCharleston RiverDogs
PD-57Curtis MeadDurham Bulls
PDC-57Curtis MeadDurham Bulls
MILB-6Chipper JonesDurham Bulls
BaseCurtis MeadAutoDurham Bulls
MILB-6Chipper JonesAutoDurham Bulls
PD-31Ryan SpikesFCL Rays
PD-54Carson WilliamsFCL Rays
PD-113Cooper KinneyFCL Rays
PD-164Alejandro PieFCL Rays
PD-171Kyle ManzardoFCL Rays
PDC-31Ryan SpikesFCL Rays
PDC-54Carson WilliamsFCL Rays
PDC-113Cooper KinneyFCL Rays
PDC-164Alejandro PieFCL Rays
PDC-171Kyle ManzardoFCL Rays
BaseCooper KinneyAutoFCL Rays
BaseCarson WilliamsAutoFCL Rays
BaseAlejandro PieAutoFCL Rays
BaseKyle ManzardoAutoFCL Rays
BaseCarson WilliamsChrome AutoFCL Rays
PD-186Xavier EdwardsMontgomery Biscuits
PDC-186Xavier EdwardsMontgomery Biscuits

Red Sox

PD-92Marcelo MayerFCL Red Sox
PD-194Freddy ValdezFCL Red Sox
PDC-92Marcelo MayerFCL Red Sox
PDC-194Freddy ValdezFCL Red Sox
PD-92Marcelo MayerImage VariantFCL Red Sox
DB-3Marcelo MayerFCL Red Sox
BaseMarcelo MayerAutoFCL Red Sox
BaseMarcelo MayerChrome AutoFCL Red Sox
DB-3Marcelo MayerAutoFCL Red Sox
FC-MMMarcelo MayerAutoFCL Red Sox
PD-DLMWMarcelo MayerAutoFCL Red Sox
PD-LMWMMarcelo MayerAutoFCL Red Sox
PD-28Alex BinelasGreenville Drive
PD-78Nick YorkeGreenville Drive
PDC-28Alex BinelasGreenville Drive
PDC-78Nick YorkeGreenville Drive
BaseAlex BinelasAutoGreenville Drive
MILB-15Ted WilliamsMinneapolis Millers
MILB-10Mo VaughnNew Britain Red Sox
MILB-18Roger ClemensNew Britain Red Sox
MILB-10Mo VaughnAutoNew Britain Red Sox
MILB-18Roger ClemensAutoNew Britain Red Sox
MILB-2Kevin MillarPortland Sea Dogs
MILB-3Dustin PedroiaPortland SeaDogs
MILB-3Dustin PedroiaAutoPortland SeaDogs
PD-79Brainer BonaciSalem Red Sox
PD-89Chih-Jung LiuSalem Red Sox
PD-115Blaze JordanSalem Red Sox
PD-129Tyler McDonoughSalem Red Sox
PDC-79Brainer BonaciSalem Red Sox
PDC-89Chih-Jung LiuSalem Red Sox
PDC-115Blaze JordanSalem Red Sox
PDC-129Tyler McDonoughSalem Red Sox
PD-115Blaze JordanImage VariantSalem Red Sox
BaseChih-Jung LiuAutoSalem Red Sox
BaseBrainer BonaciAutoSalem Red Sox
BaseTyler McDonoughAutoSalem Red Sox
BaseBlaze JordanAutoSalem Red Sox
BaseBlaze JordanChrome AutoSalem Red Sox
PD-56Jeter DownsWorcester Red Sox
PD-133Triston CasasWorcester Red Sox
PDC-56Jeter DownsWorcester Red Sox
PDC-133Triston CasasWorcester Red Sox
BB-10Triston CasasWorcester Red Sox
BB-10Triston CasasAutoWorcester Red Sox


PD-37Michel TrianaDaytona Tortugas
PD-98Austin HendrickDaytona Tortugas
PD-108Jose TorresDaytona Tortugas
PD-117Ruben IbarraDaytona Tortugas
PD-158Chase PettyDaytona Tortugas
PDC-37Michel TrianaDaytona Tortugas
PDC-98Austin HendrickDaytona Tortugas
PDC-108Jose TorresDaytona Tortugas
PDC-117Ruben IbarraDaytona Tortugas
PDC-158Chase PettyDaytona Tortugas
BaseMichel TrianaAutoDaytona Tortugas
BaseJose TorresAutoDaytona Tortugas
PD-23Jay AllenACL Reds
PDC-23Jay AllenACL Reds
BaseJay AllenAutoACL Reds
FC-JAJay AllenAutoACL Reds
PD-CFMAJay AllenAutoACL Reds
PD-35Matheu NelsonDayton Dragons
PD-86Allan CerdaDayton Dragons
PD-110Matt McLainDayton Dragons
PD-189Elly De La CruzDayton Dragons
PDC-35Matheu NelsonDayton Dragons
PDC-86Allan CerdaDayton Dragons
PDC-110Matt McLainDayton Dragons
PDC-189Elly De La CruzDayton Dragons
PD-189Elly De La CruzImage VariantDayton Dragons
BB-1Elly De La CruzDayton Dragons
BaseAllan CerdaAutoDayton Dragons
BaseElly De La CruzAutoDayton Dragons
BaseElly De La CruzChrome AutoDayton Dragons


PD-46Hunter GoodmanACL Rockies
PD-83Adael AmadorACL Rockies
PD-167Benny MontgomeryACL Rockies
PDC-46Hunter GoodmanACL Rockies
PDC-83Adael AmadorACL Rockies
PDC-167Benny MontgomeryACL Rockies
DB-7Benny MontgomeryACL Rockies
BaseBenny MontgomeryAutoACL Rockies
BaseAdael AmadorAutoACL Rockies
BaseBenny MontgomeryChrome AutoACL Rockies
BaseAdael AmadorChrome AutoACL Rockies
FC-BMBenny MontgomeryAutoACL Rockies
PD-CFMABenny MontgomeryAutoACL Rockies
PD-130Warming BernabelFresno Grizzlies
PD-181Zac VeenFresno Grizzlies
PDC-130Warming BernabelFresno Grizzlies
PDC-181Zac VeenFresno Grizzlies
BaseWarming BernabelAutoFresno Grizzlies
BaseWarming BernabelChrome AutoFresno Grizzlies
PD-64Ezequiel TovarSpokane Indians
PDC-64Ezequiel TovarSpokane Indians
BaseEzequiel TovarAutoSpokane Indians


PD-100Carter JensenACL Royals
PDC-100Carter JensenACL Royals
PD-163Erick PenaColumbia Fireflies
PDC-163Erick PenaColumbia Fireflies
MILB-4Bo JacksonMemphis Chicks
MILB-4Bo JacksonAutoMemphis Chicks


PD-76Izaac PachecoFCL Tigers
PDC-76Izaac PachecoFCL Tigers
BaseIzaac PachecoAutoFCL Tigers
PD-127Cristian SantanaLakeland Flying Tigers
PD-172Roberto CamposLakeland Flying Tigers
PDC-127Cristian SantanaLakeland Flying Tigers
PDC-172Roberto CamposLakeland Flying Tigers
PD-127Cristian SantanaImage VariantLakeland Flying Tigers
PD-172Roberto CamposImage VariantLakeland Flying Tigers
BB-3Roberto CamposLakeland Flying Tigers
BaseRoberto CamposAutoLakeland Flying Tigers
BaseCristian SantanaAutoLakeland Flying Tigers
BaseCristian SantanaChrome AutoLakeland Flying Tigers
BaseRoberto CamposChrome AutoLakeland Flying Tigers
BB-3Roberto CamposAutoLakeland Flying Tigers
PD-96Riley GreeneToledo Mud Hens
PDC-96Riley GreeneToledo Mud Hens
BaseRiley GreeneChrome AutoToledo Mud Hens


PD-20Emmanuel RodriguezFCL Twins
PD-61Noah MillerFCL Twins
PD-67Malfrin SosaFCL Twins
PDC-20Emmanuel RodriguezFCL Twins
PDC-61Noah MillerFCL Twins
PDC-67Malfrin SosaFCL Twins
BaseNoah MillerAutoFCL Twins
BaseEmmanuel RodriguezAutoFCL Twins
BaseMalfrin SosaAutoFCL Twins
BaseEmmanuel RodriguezChrome AutoFCL Twins
PD-51Christian Encarnacion-StrandFort Myers Mighty Mussels
PD-136Misael UrbinaFort Myers Mighty Mussels
PDC-51Christian Encarnacion-StrandFort Myers Mighty Mussels
PDC-136Misael UrbinaFort Myers Mighty Mussels
BaseMisael UrbinaAutoFort Myers Mighty Mussels
BaseChristian Encarnacion-StrandAutoFort Myers Mighty Mussels
BaseMisael UrbinaChrome AutoFort Myers Mighty Mussels
PD-45Jose MirandaSt. Paul Saints
PDC-45Jose MirandaSt. Paul Saints
PD-93Austin MartinWichita Wind Surge
PDC-93Austin MartinWichita Wind Surge
BaseAustin MartinChrome AutoWichita Wind Surge
FC-AMAustin MartinAutoWichita Wind Surge

White Sox

PD-63Wes KathACL White Sox
PD-124Elijah TatisACL White Sox
PD-185Colson MontgomeryACL White Sox
PDC-63Wes KathACL White Sox
PDC-124Elijah TatisACL White Sox
PDC-185Colson MontgomeryACL White Sox
DB-10Colson MontgomeryACL White Sox
BaseElijah TatisAutoACL White Sox
BaseWes KathAutoACL White Sox
BaseColson MontgomeryAutoACL White Sox
BaseColson MontgomeryChrome AutoACL White Sox
FC-CMColson MontgomeryAutoACL White Sox
PD-LMWMColson MontgomeryAutoACL White Sox
PD-75Yoelqui CespedesBirmingham Barons
PDC-75Yoelqui CespedesBirmingham Barons
BB-9Yoelqui CespedesBirmingham Barons
BaseYoelqui CespedesAutoBirmingham Barons
BaseYoelqui CespedesChrome AutoBirmingham Barons
BB-9Yoelqui CespedesAutoBirmingham Barons
FC-YCYoelqui CespedesAutoBirmingham Barons
PD-114Bryan RamosKannapolis Cannon Ballers
PDC-114Bryan RamosKannapolis Cannon Ballers
PD-153Oscar ColasWinston-Salem Dash
PD-176Jose RodriguezWinston-Salem Dash
PDC-153Oscar ColasWinston-Salem Dash
PDC-176Jose RodriguezWinston-Salem Dash
PD-153Oscar ColasImage VariantWinston-Salem Dash
BaseOscar ColasAutoWinston-Salem Dash
BaseOscar ColasChrome AutoWinston-Salem Dash
FC-OCOscar ColasAutoWinston-Salem Dash


PD-52Cooper BowmanFCL Yankees
PD-122Alexander VargasFCL Yankees
PDC-52Cooper BowmanFCL Yankees
PDC-122Alexander VargasFCL Yankees
PD-11Austin WellsHudson Valley Renegades
PDC-11Austin WellsHudson Valley Renegades
FC-AVAnthony VolpeAutoHudson Valley Renegades
MILB-1Jorge PosadaPrince William Cannons
MILB-1Jorge PosadaAutoPrince William Cannons
PD-77Anthony VolpeSomerset Patriots
PDC-77Anthony VolpeSomerset Patriots
BB-8Anthony VolpeSomerset Patriots
BaseAnthony VolpeAutoSomerset Patriots
BB-8Anthony VolpeAutoSomerset Patriots
PD-59Jasson DominguezTampa Tarpons
PD-187Trey SweeneyTampa Tarpons
PDC-59Jasson DominguezTampa Tarpons
PDC-187Trey SweeneyTampa Tarpons
PD-59Jasson DominguezImage VariantTampa Tarpons
BB-11Jasson DominguezTampa Tarpons
DB-9Trey SweeneyTampa Tarpons
BaseJasson DominguezAutoTampa Tarpons
BaseTrey SweeneyAutoTampa Tarpons
BaseJasson DominguezChrome AutoTampa Tarpons
BaseTrey SweeneyChrome AutoTampa Tarpons
DB-9Trey SweeneyAutoTampa Tarpons
FC-JDJasson DominguezAutoTampa Tarpons
FC-TSYTrey SweeneyAutoTampa Tarpons