2022 Topps Premier Lacrosse League trading card checklist

2022 Topps Premier Lacrosse Checklist

Release Date: 10/28/22

Cards per Pack: 8

Packs per Hobby Box: 20

Release Year Archive: 2022

Manufacturer Archive: Topps

Tag Archive: Premier

Category Archive: Lacrosse Card Checklists

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2022 Topps Premier Lacrosse League trading cards are the first for the brand in a hobby box configuration. Each box contains two autographed cards and one relic card and there are a number of parallels and image variants throughout the base set and inserts.

This checklist is organized by teams. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings.

2022 Topps Premier Lacrosse Checklist

Base Set – 200 Cards
Rainbow Foil – 1:5 packs
Blue – #/99
Gold – #/50
Orange – #/25
Red – #/10
Black – 1/1

Base Image Variant – 13 Cards
Black – 1/1

Award Winners (AW) – 13 Cards
Orange – #/25
Red – #/10
Black – 1/1

All Pro 1st Team (AP) – 13 Cards
Orange – #/25
Red – #/10
Black – 1/1

Field Generals (FG) – 15 Cards
Orange – #/25
Red – #/10
Black – 1/1

Topps 1952 (T52) – 20 Cards
Orange – #/25
Red – #/10
Black – 1/1

Goal Getters (GG) – 20 Cards
Red Foil – #/10
Black FoilFractor – 1/1

Base Auto – 76 Cards
Icy Orange – #/25
Icy Red – #/10
Black FoilFractor – 1/1

Premier Relics (PR) – 23 Cards
Gold – #/50
Orange – #/25
Black – 1/1
Auto Relic – #/25

Premier Patches (PRP) – 25 Cards
League Logo Patch – 1/1


2Stephen Kelly
14Jeff Trainor
15Latrell HarrisRC
19Graeme Hossack
19Graeme HossackAuto
19Graeme HossackImage Variant
29Ryan McNamara
33Brett DobsonRC
54Matt McMahon
54Matt McMahonAuto
55Jackson Place
63Ryan Ambler
92Jared Conners
92Jared ConnersAuto
93Marcus Holman
93Marcus HolmanAuto
98Christian Mazzone
98Christian MazzoneAuto
105Conor Gaffney
112Tre Leclaire
112Tre LeclaireAuto
126Matt MooreRC
139Will Manny
139Will MannyAuto
141Dominique Alexander
141Dominique AlexanderAuto
143Connor Fields
154Adam Ghitelman
154Adam GhitelmanAuto
174Mark McNeill
174Mark McNeillAuto
176Grant Ament
176Grant AmentAuto
176Grant AmentImage Variant
182Drew Adams
188Tom Schreiber
188Tom SchreiberAuto
188Tom SchreiberImage Variant
196Warren Jeffrey
197Scott Ratliff
197Scott RatliffAuto
FG-5Tom Schreiber
FG-12Grant Ament
T52-10Connor Fields
T52-11Marcus Holman
T52-12Scott Ratliff
T52-20Adam Ghitelman
GG-1Grant Ament
GG-5Will Manny
GG-11Marcus Holman
AW-2Grant Ament
AW-3Graeme Hossack
AP-1Grant Ament
AP-8Graeme Hossack
PR-LHLatrell HarrisRC
PR-MMMatt McMahon
PR-RARyan Ambler
PRP-LHLatrell HarrisRC
PRP-MMMatt McMahon
PRP-RARyan Ambler


7John Crawley
7John CrawleyAuto
10Tate Boyce
12Craig Chick
13Romar Dennis
13Romar DennisAuto
35Eric Law
35Eric LawAuto
36Joel Tinney
41Bryan Costabile
41Bryan CostabileAuto
41Bryan CostabileImage Variant
46JD ColarussoRC
50Andrew Newbold
72Cade Van Raaphorst
76Kyle Pless
79Jake Carraway
79Jake CarrawayAuto
86Peter Dearth
97Koby SmithRC
99Jeff Teat
99Jeff TeatAuto
99Jeff TeatImage Variant
107Daniel Bucaro
108Dox Aitken
120Brent Adams
120Brent AdamsAuto
122Chris GrayRC
128Michael Rexrode
130Mark Cockerton
138Danny Logan
138Danny LoganAuto
161Trevor Baptiste
161Trevor BaptisteAuto
161Trevor BaptisteImage Variant
168Jack Concannon
168Jack ConcannonAuto
189Tucker Durkin
195Jake Richard
FG-3Trevor Baptiste
FG-15Jeff Teat
T52-13Jake Carraway
T52-14Jack Concannon
T52-19Trevor Baptiste
GG-9Jeff Teat
GG-14Bryan Costabile
GG-15Eric Law
GG-19Jake Carraway
AW-4Danny Logan
AW-6Trevor Baptiste
AW-9Jeff Teat
AW-10Eric Law
AP-2Jeff Teat
AP-11Danny Logan
AP-12Trevor Baptiste
PR-JCYJohn Crawley
PR-TBTrevor Baptiste
PRP-JCYJohn Crawley
PRP-TBTrevor Baptiste


20Holden Garlent
27Brodie Merrill
27Brodie MerrillAuto
28Jamie Trimboli
52Peyton Smith
61Zach Goodrich
74Ryan Drenner
74Ryan DrennerAuto
80Connor Buczek
80Connor BuczekAuto
83Tyson Bell
84Deemer Class
95Sam Duggan
95Sam DugganAuto
102Chris Hogan
116Nick Marrocco
117Brendan Sunday
121Jacob Stover
123Reece Eddy
123Reece EddyAuto
135Jake Pulver
151Christian Cuccinello
157Tim EdwardsRC
171Jack Kielty
173Stephen Rehfuss
173Stephen RehfussAuto
185Lyle Thompson
185Lyle ThompsonAuto
185Lyle ThompsonImage Variant
187Kevin Reisman
190Andrew Kew
193Paul Rabil
193Paul RabilAuto
198Asher NoltingRC
199Shayne Jackson
FG-9Paul Rabil
T52-1Ryan Drenner
GG-2Lyle Thompson
GG-6Ryan Drenner
GG-10Paul Rabil
AW-11Lyle Thompson
AP-3Lyle Thompson
AP-6Paul Rabil
PR-AKAndrew Kew
PR-HGHolden Garlent
PR-LTLyle Thompson
PRP-AKAndrew Kew
PRP-HGHolden Garlent
PRP-LTLyle Thompson
PR-LTLyle ThompsonAuto


3Ian MacKay
3Ian MacKayAuto
4Brett KennedyRC
5Chase Fraser
6Matt Rees
17Blaze Riorden
17Blaze RiordenAuto
17Blaze RiordenImage Variant
18Bryce Wasserman
23Eric Scott
43Kyle Gallagher
44Jake Froccaro
44Jake FroccaroAuto
47Ryan Smith
58Chris Cloutier
58Chris CloutierAuto
60Josh Byrne
60Josh ByrneImage Variant
71CJ Costabile
71CJ CostabileAuto
75Dhane Smith
75Dhane SmithAuto
91Jarrod Neumann
91Jarrod NeumannAuto
100Johnny Surdick
115Troy Reh
115Troy RehAuto
118Mark Glicini
118Mark GliciniAuto
129Patrick Resch
131Max Adler
146Tanner Cook
146Tanner CookAuto
147Jack Rowlett
147Jack RowlettAuto
152Dan Coates
155Austin Kaut
158Kyle Jackson
163Wes Berg
165Zach GeddesRC
177Mac O’Keefe
177Mac O’KeefeAuto
FG-1Mac O’Keefe
FG-2Blaze Riorden
T52-2CJ Costabile
T52-3Jack Rowlett
T52-16Blaze Riorden
GG-8Josh Byrne
AW-1Blaze Riorden
AW-8Blaze Riorden
AP-9Jack Rowlett
AP-13Blaze Riorden
PR-BRBlaze Riorden
PR-DSDhane Smith
PR-JSJohnny Surdick
PR-MRMatt Rees
PRP-BRBlaze Riorden
PRP-DSDhane Smith
PRP-JFJake Froccaro
PRP-JSJohnny Surdick
PRP-MRMatt Rees
PR-DSDhane SmithAuto


1Ryan Terefenko
1Ryan TerefenkoAuto
24Tommy Palasek
34Joel White
34Joel WhiteAuto
37Logan WisnauskasRC
37Logan WisnauskasAutoRC
39Ned Crotty
40John Ranagan
57Brendan NichternRC
66Jordan MacIntosh
67Donny Moss
73Greg Weyl
87Justin Anderson
106Connor Farrell
106Connor FarrellAuto
109Dylan Molloy
114Michael Manley
124Kevin RogersRC
127Nick Grill
132Jackson Morrill
134Colin Heacock
140John Moderski
142Will Haus
153Jordan Wolf
162Sean Sconone
175John Galloway
178James Barclay
179Jesse Bernhardt
180Eli Salama
FG-7Connor Farrell
GG-12Jackson Morrill
GG-13Jordan MacIntosh
GG-20Colin Heacock
PR-BKBrendan Kavanagh
PR-GWGreg Weyl
PRP-BKBrendan Kavanagh
PRP-GWGreg Weyl
PRP-TPTommy Palasek


8Eddy Glazener
8Eddy GlazenerAuto
9John Sexton
26Myles Jones
26Myles JonesAuto
30Tim Troutner
30Tim TroutnerAuto
45Garrett Epple
45Garrett EppleAuto
56Ryan Lee
77Finn Sullivan
89Jules Heningburg
89Jules HeningburgAuto
96Kyle Hartzell
104Kevin Unterstein
110Ryder Garnsey
110Ryder GarnseyAuto
113Charlie Leonard
119Jack Near
119Jack NearAuto
125Sergio Perkovic
125Sergio PerkovicAuto
144TD Ierlan
144TD IerlanAuto
145Jack Kelly
148Kyle Harrison
148Kyle HarrisonAuto
149Rob Pannell
149Rob PannellAuto
150Charlie Bertrand
160Hugh Crance
170Kyle Thornton
172Arden CohenRC
184Matt Kavanagh
184Matt KavanaghAuto
186Patrick Harbeson
186Patrick HarbesonAuto
194Isaiah Davis-Allen
FG-8Myles Jones
FG-14TD Ierlan
T52-4Kyle Harrison
T52-5Tim Troutner
T52-6Ryder Garnsey
T52-17Jack Kelly
GG-16Jules Heningburg
GG-17Matt Kavanagh
GG-18Sergio Perkovic
AW-12Jack Kelly
AW-13Kyle Harrison
AP-5Myles Jones
PR-CLCharlie Leonard
PR-MJMyles Jones
PR-PHPatrick Harbeson
PRP-CLCharlie Leonard
PRP-MJMyles Jones
PRP-PHPatrick Harbeson
PR-BRBlaze RiordenAuto
PR-MJMyles JonesAuto


25Ryland Rees
25Ryland ReesAuto
31Steven DeNapoli
42Michael Sowers
49Ryan Conrad
62Zach Currier
62Zach CurrierAuto
62Zach CurrierImage Variant
64Chris Sabia
64Chris SabiaAuto
69Liam Byrnes
69Liam ByrnesAuto
70Ben Reeves
78Ben McIntosh
81Ethan Walker
85Christian Scarpello
88Drew Snider
90Kieran McArdle
103Connor Kelly
103Connor KellyAuto
136Dillon Ward
137Matt Whitcher
159Ben Randall
169Ryan Brown
183Jake Withers
191Michael Kraus
192Mikie Schlosser
192Mikie SchlosserAuto
200Eli Gobrecht
200Eli GobrechtAuto
FG-4Michael Sowers
FG-13Mikie Schlosser
T52-8Chris Sabia
T52-9Connor Kelly
T52-15Dillon Ward
T52-18Ryland Rees
GG-4Ryan Brown
AW-7Zach Currier
AP-4Zach Currier
PR-BMBen McIntosh
PR-EGEli Gobrecht
PRP-EGEli Gobrecht


11Matthew Dunn
11Matthew DunnAuto
16Charlie Hayes
21Matt Rambo
21Matt RamboImage Variant
22Matt Abbott
32Michael Ehrhardt
32Michael EhrhardtAuto
32Michael EhrhardtImage Variant
38Jay Carlson
38Jay CarlsonAuto
48Bryce Young
51Chris Aslanian
53Justin Guterding
59John Haus
65Connor Kirst
68Mike Chanenchuk
82Zed Williams
82Zed WilliamsAuto
82Zed WilliamsImage Variant
94Tim Muller
94Tim MullerAuto
101Brian Phipps
111Brad Smith
111Brad SmithAuto
133Jake Bernhardt
133Jake BernhardtAuto
156Joseph Nardella
156Joseph NardellaAuto
164Colin Squires
166Will Perry
167Kyle Bernlohr
167Kyle BernlohrAuto
181Ryan Tierney
FG-6Matt Rambo
FG-10Justin Guterding
FG-11Zed Williams
T52-7Kyle Bernlohr
GG-3Zed Williams
GG-7Jay Carlson
AW-5Michael Ehrhardt
AP-7Matthew Dunn
AP-10Michael Ehrhardt
PR-BYBryce Young
PR-CAChris Aslanian
PR-JCJay Carlson
PR-ZWZed Williams
PRP-BYBryce Young
PRP-CAChris Aslanian
PRP-JCJay Carlson
PRP-ZWZed Williams
PR-JCJay CarlsonAuto