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2022 Topps Museum Collection baseball card checklist

2022 Topps Museum Collection Checklist

Release Date: 9/7/22

Cards per Pack: 5

Packs per Hobby Box: 4

Hobby Boxes per Case: 12

Release Year Archive: 2022

Manufacturer Archive: Topps

Tag Archive: Museum Collection

Category Archive: Baseball Card Checklists

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Each box of 2022 Topps Museum Collection baseball cards includes an autographed card, an autographed relic card, a relic card, and a quad relic card. Further, among a case of cards will be one framed autograph card and a jumbo relic autograph card.

This checklist is organized by teams. Scroll through the entire list or jump to a preferred team by selecting it from the list below. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings.

2022 Topps Museum Collection Checklist

Base Set – 100 Cards
Sapphire – #/150
Amethyst – #/99
Ruby – #/50
Emerald – 1/1

Canvas Collection (CCR) – 50 Cards
Base – 1/1

Canvas Collection Auto – 20 Cards
Base – 1/1

Archival Auto (AA) – 89 Cards
Base – #/299 or fewer
Copper – #/50
Gold – #/25
Emerald – 1/1

Atelier Auto Book (AABC) – 24 Cards
Base – #/25 or fewer

Superstar Showpieces (SS) – 30 Cards
Base – #/25

Dual Auto (MDA) – 21 Cards
Base – #/15 or fewer

Triple Auto (MTA) – 9 Cards
Base – #/5

Framed Auto (MFA) – 65 Cards
Silver – #/15
Gold – #/10
Black – #/5
Wood – 1/1

Framed Hall of Fame Auto (HOFA) – 41 Cards
Base – #/10 or fewer

Meaningful Material Relics I (MMR1) – 100 Cards
Base – #/50 or fewer
Copper – #/35
Gold – #/25
Ruby – #/10
Emerald – 1/1

Meaningful Material Relics II (MMR2) – 100 Cards
Base – #/50 or fewer
Copper – #/35
Gold – #/25
Ruby – #/10
Emerald – 1/1

Dual Meaningful Material (DMMR) – 28 Cards
Base – #/50 or fewer
Copper – #/35
Ruby – #/10
Emerald – 1/1

Momentous Material Jumbo Patch (MMJPR) – 70 Cards
Base – #/5
Emerald – 1/1

Museum Memorabilia Relics I (MUMR1) – 97 Cards
Base – 1/1

Museum Memorabilia Relics II (MUMR2) – 94 Cards
Base – 1/1

Jumbo Lumber Bat Nameplate (JLBNR) – 75 Cards
Base – 1/1

MLB Authentic Base (MAMR) – 10 Cards
Base – #/10
Ruby – #/5
Emerald – 1/1

Single Player Primary Pieces Quad (SPPPQR) – 98 Cards
Base – #/99
Copper – #/75
Gold – #/25
Emerald – 1/1

Single Player Primary Pieces Quad (SPPPQR) – 98 Cards
Base – #/99
Copper – #/75
Gold – #/25
Emerald – 1/1

Single Player Primary Pieces Quad Legends (SPPQRL) – 26 Cards
Base – #/25
Gold – #/10
Emerald – 1/1

Four Player Primary Pieces Quad (FPR) – 26 Cards
Base – #/99
Copper – #/75
Gold – #/25
Emerald – 1/1

Museum Framed Auto Patch (MFAP) – 32 Cards
Base – 1/1

Museum Framed Dual Auto Patch (MFDAP) – 11 Cards
Base – 1/1

Momentous Material Jumbo Patch Auto (MMJPA) – 83 Cards
Base – #/15 or fewer
Gold – #/5
Emerald – 1/1

Momentous Material Dual Jumbo Patch Auto (MMDPA) – 59 Cards
Base – #/5
Emerald – 1/1

Single Player Signature Swatches Dual Relic Auto (SWDRA) – 53 Cards
Base – #/399 or fewer
Copper – #/50
Gold – #/25
Emerald – 1/1

Single Player Signature Swatches Triple Relic Auto (SWTRA) – 34 Cards
Base – #/399 or fewer
Copper – #/50
Gold – #/25
Emerald -1/1

Autographed Jumbo Lumber Bat (JLB) – 24 Cards
Base – #/5
Emerald – 1/1

Dual Auto Jumbo Lumber Bat (DAJLB) – 40 Cards
Base – #/5

MLB Authentic Base Auto (BAR) – 10 Cards
Base – #/10
Ruby – #/5
Emerald – 1/1


8Anthony Rendon
10Brandon MarshRC
18Mike Trout
53Shohei Ohtani
CCR-1Mike Trout
CCR-3Shohei Ohtani
AA-GAGarret AndersonAuto
AA-JWJared WalshAuto
AA-MTRMike TroutAuto
AA-RDEReid DetmersRCAuto
AA-SOShohei OhtaniAuto
AA-TSATim SalmonAuto
AABC-JWAJared WalshAuto
AABC-SOShohei OhtaniAuto
MDA-OTShohei OhtaniAuto
MDA-OTMike TroutAuto
MFA-MTMike TroutAuto
MFA-RDEReid DetmersRCAuto
MFA-SOShohei OhtaniAuto
HOFA-NRNolan RyanAuto
MMR1-JWJared WalshRelic
MMR1-MTMike TroutRelic
MMR1-SOShohei OhtaniRelic
MMR2-ARAnthony RendonRelic
MMR2-AREAnthony RendonRelic
MMR2-BMBrandon MarshRCRelic
DMMR-TGMike TroutRelic
MMJPR-ARAnthony RendonRelic
MMJPR-MTMike TroutRelic
MUMR1-ARAnthony RendonRelic
MUMR1-AR2Anthony RendonRelic
MUMR1-MTMike TroutRelic
MUMR1-MT2Mike TroutRelic
MUMR1-SOShohei OhtaniRelic
JLBNR-MTMike TroutRelic
SPPPQR-ARAnthony RendonRelic
SPPPQR-JWJared WalshRelic
SPPPQR-MTMike TroutRelic
SPPPQR-SOShohei OhtaniRelic
FPR-JTBHMike TroutRelic
FPR-OTRUShohei OhtaniRelic
FPR-OTRUJared WalshRelic
FPR-OTRUAnthony RendonRelic
FPR-OTRUMike TroutRelic
MFAP-MTMike TroutAuto Relic
MFAP-SOShohei OhtaniAuto Relic
MFDAP-TGMike TroutAuto Relic
MMJPA-ARAnthony RendonAuto Relic
MMJPA-RJAReggie JacksonAuto Relic
MMDPA-JBBert BlylevenAuto Relic
MMDPA-JBReggie JacksonAuto Relic
MMDPA-OTMike TroutAuto Relic
MMDPA-OTShohei OhtaniAuto Relic
MMDPA-RWAnthony RendonAuto Relic
MMDPA-RWJared WalshAuto Relic
SWDRA-JWJared WalshAuto Relic
JLB-MTMike TroutAuto Relic
DAJLB-HGVladimir GuerreroAuto Relic


49Jose Altuve
71Nolan Ryan
74Justin Verlander
95Alex Bregman
CCR-34Nolan Ryan
Jose AltuveAuto
AA-CMChas McCormickRCAuto
AA-YAYordan AlvarezAuto
AABC-YAYordan AlvarezAuto
MFA-CMChas McCormickRCAuto
MFA-JAJose AltuveAuto
MFA-JBAJeff BagwellAuto
HOFA-JBJeff BagwellAuto
MMR1-ABRAlex BregmanRelic
MMR1-JBAJeff BagwellRelic
MMR1-JVEJustin VerlanderRelic
MMR1-KTKyle TuckerRelic
MMR1-YAYordan AlvarezRelic
MMR1-ZGZack GreinkeRelic
MMR2-JALJose AltuveRelic
MMR2-JALTJose AltuveRelic
MMR2-JVJustin VerlanderRelic
MMR2-KTKyle TuckerRelic
MMR2-LMLance McCullers Jr.Relic
MMR2-MBRMichael BrantleyRelic
MMR2-YGUYuli GurrielRelic
DMMR-ABYordan AlvarezRelic
DMMR-ABAlex BregmanRelic
DMMR-BAAlex BregmanRelic
DMMR-BAJose AltuveRelic
DMMR-DVJustin VerlanderRelic
MMJPR-ABRAlex BregmanRelic
MMJPR-JAJose AltuveRelic
MMJPR-JBJeff BagwellRelic
MMJPR-JVJustin VerlanderRelic
MMJPR-JVEJustin VerlanderRelic
MMJPR-KTKyle TuckerRelic
MMJPR-MBRMichael BrantleyRelic
MMJPR-YAYordan AlvarezRelic
MUMR1-JAJose AltuveRelic
MUMR1-JA2Jose AltuveRelic
MUMR1-YAYordan AlvarezRelic
MUMR1-YA2Yordan AlvarezRelic
MUMR1-ZGZack GreinkeRelic
MUMR1-ZG2Zack GreinkeRelic
MUMR2-ABAlex BregmanRelic
MUMR2-AB2Alex BregmanRelic
MUMR2-CCCarlos CorreaRelic
MUMR2-CC2Carlos CorreaRelic
MUMR2-JVJustin VerlanderRelic
MUMR2-KTKyle TuckerRelic
MUMR2-KT2Kyle TuckerRelic
MUMR2-MBMichael BrantleyRelic
MUMR2-MB2Michael BrantleyRelic
MUMR2-YGYuli GurrielRelic
MUMR2-YG2Yuli GurrielRelic
JLBNR-JAJose AltuveRelic
MAMR-YGYuli GurrielRelic
SPPPQR-ABRAlex BregmanRelic
SPPPQR-JAJose AltuveRelic
SPPPQR-JVJustin VerlanderRelic
SPPPQR-MBRMichael BrantleyRelic
SPPPQR-YAYordan AlvarezRelic
SPPPQR-YGYuli GurrielRelic
FPR-ABTAKyle TuckerRelic
FPR-ABTAJose AltuveRelic
FPR-ABTAYordan AlvarezRelic
FPR-ABTAAlex BregmanRelic
FPR-KVDCJustin VerlanderRelic
MFAP-NRNolan RyanAuto Relic
MFAP-YAYordan AlvarezAuto Relic
MMJPA-ABRAlex BregmanAuto Relic
MMJPA-JALJose AltuveAuto Relic
MMJPA-YAYordan AlvarezAuto Relic
MMJPA-YGYuli GurrielAuto Relic
MMDPA-BAYordan AlvarezAuto Relic
MMDPA-BAAlex BregmanAuto Relic
SWDRA-ABAlex BregmanAuto Relic
SWDRA-JAJose AltuveAuto Relic
SWDRA-YAYordan AlvarezAuto Relic
SWDRA-YGUYuli GurrielAuto Relic
SWTRA-YAYordan AlvarezAuto Relic
JLB-JAJose AltuveAuto Relic
BAR-YGYuli GurrielAuto Relic


2Reggie Jackson
70Rickey Henderson
CCR-39Dennis Eckersley
CCR-45Jose Canseco
CCR-46Rickey Henderson
Dennis EckersleyAuto
Rollie FingersAuto
AA-BZBarry ZitoAuto
AA-DEDennis EckersleyAuto
AA-MMUMark MulderAuto
AA-MOMatt OlsonAuto
AA-MTMiguel TejadaAuto
AA-RFRollie FingersAuto
AABC-MOMatt OlsonAuto
SS-MOMatt OlsonAuto
MDA-EFRollie FingersAuto
MDA-EFDennis EckersleyAuto
MDA-OCMatt OlsonAuto
MDA-OCEric ChavezAuto
MTA-MZHBarry ZitoAuto
MTA-MZHMark MulderAuto
MTA-MZHTim HudsonAuto
MFA-DEDennis EckersleyAuto
MFA-MOMatt OlsonAuto
MFA-RFRollie FingersAuto
MFA-RHRickey HendersonAuto
HOFA-DEDennis EckersleyAuto
HOFA-RFRollie FingersAuto
HOFA-RHRickey HendersonAuto
MMR1-DEDennis EckersleyRelic
JLBNR-ECEric ChavezRelic
JLBNR-RHRickey HendersonRelic
JLBNR-RLRamon LaureanoRelic
MFAP-MOMatt OlsonAuto Relic
MFDAP-EHRickey HendersonAuto Relic
MFDAP-EHDennis EckersleyAuto Relic
MFDAP-OHMatt OlsonAuto Relic
MFDAP-OHRickey HendersonAuto Relic
MMJPA-DEDennis EckersleyAuto Relic
SWTRA-RHRickey HendersonAuto Relic
JLB-RHRickey HendersonAuto Relic
DAJLB-CTJose CansecoAuto Relic
DAJLB-HGRickey HendersonAuto Relic

Blue Jays

4Roger Clemens
33Bo Bichette
44Matt Chapman
85Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
CCR-11Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
CCR-24Bo Bichette
AA-GSGeorge SpringerAuto
AA-MSEMarcus SemienAuto
AABC-GSGeorge SpringerAuto
AABC-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto
SS-GSGeorge SpringerAuto
SS-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto
MDA-GGVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto
MTA-GASVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto
MMR1-JBEJose BerriosRelic
MMR1-THTeoscar HernandezRelic
MMR2-BBOBo BichetteRelic
MMR2-CBICavan BiggioRelic
MMR2-LGJLourdes Gurriel Jr.Relic
MMR2-THTeoscar HernandezRelic
MMR2-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Relic
DMMR-SGVladimir Guerrero Jr.Relic
DMMR-SGGeorge SpringerRelic
MMJPR-BBBo BichetteRelic
MMJPR-GSGeorge SpringerRelic
MMJPR-THTeoscar HernandezRelic
MUMR2-BBOBo BichetteRelic
MUMR2-HYRHyun-Jin RyuRelic
MUMR2-LGJLourdes Gurriel Jr.Relic
MUMR2-LGJ2Lourdes Gurriel Jr.Relic
MUMR2-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Relic
MUMR2-VGJ2Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Relic
JLBNR-GSPGeorge SpringerRelic
JLBNR-LGJLourdes Gurriel Jr.Relic
JLBNR-THTeoscar HernandezRelic
JLBNR-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Relic
SPPPQR-GSGeorge SpringerRelic
SPPPQR-LGJLourdes Gurriel Jr.Relic
SPPPQR-THTeoscar HernandezRelic
SPPPQR-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Relic
FPR-BRHBJose BerriosRelic
FPR-BRHBBo BichetteRelic
FPR-BRHBTeoscar HernandezRelic
FPR-BRHBHyun-Jin RyuRelic
FPR-GSTAVladimir Guerrero Jr.Relic
FPR-SHBGBo BichetteRelic
FPR-SHBGGeorge SpringerRelic
FPR-SHBGVladimir Guerrero Jr.Relic
FPR-SHBGTeoscar HernandezRelic
MMJPA-BBIBo BichetteAuto Relic
MMJPA-JBEJose BerriosAuto Relic
MMDPA-BHTeoscar HernandezAuto Relic
MMDPA-BHBo BichetteAuto Relic
MMDPA-BRYJose BerriosAuto Relic
MMDPA-BRYHyun-Jin RyuAuto Relic
MMDPA-TGVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto Relic
SWDRA-BBIBo BichetteAuto Relic
SWDRA-JBJose BerriosAuto Relic
DAJLB-BDCarlos DelgadoAuto Relic


28Chipper Jones
46Ronald Acuña Jr.
57Hank Aaron
CCR-6Ronald Acuña Jr.
CCR-31Dale Murphy
CCR-35Hank Aaron
Ronald Acuña Jr.Auto
Freddie FreemanAuto
Tom GlavineAuto
AA-AJAndruw JonesAuto
AA-JSMJohn SmoltzAuto
AA-JSOJorge SolerAuto
AA-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Auto
AA-TGTom GlavineAuto
AABC-FFFreddie FreemanAuto
SS-DMDale MurphyAuto
MDA-AMDale MurphyAuto
MDA-AMRonald Acuña Jr.Auto
MDA-FAFreddie FreemanAuto
MDA-FJFreddie FreemanAuto
MDA-FJChipper JonesAuto
MDA-JARonald Acuña Jr.Auto
MDA-JAAndruw JonesAuto
MTA-GASRonald Acuña Jr.Auto
MTA-GMSTom GlavineAuto
MTA-GMSGreg MadduxAuto
MTA-GMSJohn SmoltzAuto
MTA-HFAFreddie FreemanAuto
MTA-JAMAndruw JonesAuto
MTA-JAMDale MurphyAuto
MTA-JAMRonald Acuña Jr.Auto
MFA-CJChipper JonesAuto
MFA-GMGreg MadduxAuto
MFA-JSMJohn SmoltzAuto
MFA-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Auto
MFA-TGTom GlavineAuto
HOFA-CJChipper JonesAuto
HOFA-GMGreg MadduxAuto
HOFA-JSJohn SmoltzAuto
HOFA-TGTom GlavineAuto
MMR1-AJAndruw JonesRelic
MMR1-ARIAustin RileyRelic
MMR1-CJChipper JonesRelic
MMR1-GSGary SheffieldRelic
MMR1-JSJohn SmoltzRelic
MMR1-KWKyle WrightRelic
MMR1-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Relic
MMR2-DSDansby SwansonRelic
MMR2-IAIan AndersonRelic
MMR2-MFMax FriedRelic
MMR2-OAOzzie AlbiesRelic
MMR2-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Relic
DMMR-ASRonald Acuña Jr.Relic
MMJPR-ARIAustin RileyRelic
MMJPR-JSJohn SmoltzRelic
MMJPR-JTJoe TorreRelic
MMJPR-KWKyle WrightRelic
MMJPR-OAOzzie AlbiesRelic
MUMR1-CJChipper JonesRelic
MUMR1-CJ2Chipper JonesRelic
MUMR1-FFFreddie FreemanRelic
MUMR1-FF2Freddie FreemanRelic
MUMR1-OAOzzie AlbiesRelic
MUMR1-OA2Ozzie AlbiesRelic
MUMR1-RAJRonald Acuña JrRelic
MUMR2-DSDansby SwansonRelic
MUMR2-DS2Dansby SwansonRelic
MUMR2-MFMax FriedRelic
MUMR2-MF2Max FriedRelic
JLBNR-AJAndruw JonesRelic
JLBNR-DSDansby SwansonRelic
JLBNR-OAOzzie AlbiesRelic
JLBNR-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Relic
SPPPQR-DSDansby SwansonRelic
SPPPQR-MFMax FriedRelic
SPPPQR-OAOzzie AlbiesRelic
SPPPQR-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Relic
SPPQRL-CJChipper JonesRelic
SPPQRL-JSJohn SmoltzRelic
FPR-CHJDKenley JansenRelic
FPR-FAASRonald Acuña Jr.Relic
FPR-FAASMatt OlsonRelic
FPR-FAASOzzie AlbiesRelic
FPR-FAASDansby SwansonRelic
FPR-GSTARonald Acuña Jr.Relic
MFAP-CJChipper JonesAuto Relic
MFAP-FFFreddie FreemanAuto Relic
MFDAP-FJFreddie FreemanAuto Relic
MFDAP-FJChipper JonesAuto Relic
MMJPA-AJAndruw JonesAuto Relic
MMJPA-ARIAustin RileyAuto Relic
MMJPA-CJChipper JonesAuto Relic
MMJPA-DSDansby SwansonAuto Relic
MMJPA-OAOzzie AlbiesAuto Relic
MMDPA-JRAustin RileyAuto Relic
MMDPA-JRChipper JonesAuto Relic
MMDPA-SAOzzie AlbiesAuto Relic
MMDPA-SADansby SwansonAuto Relic
SWDRA-AJAndruw JonesAuto Relic
SWDRA-ARAustin RileyAuto Relic
SWDRA-DSDansby SwansonAuto Relic
SWDRA-MOMatt OlsonAuto Relic
SWTRA-AJOAndruw JonesAuto Relic
JLB-CJChipper JonesAuto Relic


75Christian Yelich
Christian YelichAuto
AA-CYChristian YelichAuto
AA-JHJosh HaderAuto
AA-KHKeston HiuraAuto
AA-PMPaul MolitorAuto
AABC-JHJosh HaderAuto
SS-CYChristian YelichAuto
SS-JHJosh HaderAuto
MFA-PMOPaul MolitorAuto
MFA-RYRobin YountAuto
HOFA-PMOPaul MolitorAuto
HOFA-RYRobin YountAuto
MMR1-CYChristian YelichRelic
MMR1-JHJosh HaderRelic
MMR1-KHKeston HiuraRelic
MMR1-RYRobin YountRelic
MMR2-CBCorbin BurnesRelic
MMR2-CYChristian YelichRelic
MMR2-DWDevin WilliamsRelic
MMR2-KHKeston HiuraRelic
DMMR-YBChristian YelichRelic
DMMR-YBCorbin BurnesRelic
MMJPR-CBCorbin BurnesRelic
MMJPR-CYChristian YelichRelic
MUMR1-CYChristian YelichRelic
MUMR1-CY2Christian YelichRelic
MUMR1-JHJosh HaderRelic
MUMR1-JH2Josh HaderRelic
MUMR2-CBUCorbin BurnesRelic
MUMR2-CBU2Corbin BurnesRelic
MUMR2-DWDevin WilliamsRelic
MUMR2-DW2Devin WilliamsRelic
JLBNR-AMAndrew McCutchenRelic
JLBNR-KHKeston HiuraRelic
MAMR-CYChristian YelichRelic
SPPPQR-CBUCorbin BurnesRelic
SPPPQR-CYChristian YelichRelic
SPPPQR-DWDevin WilliamsRelic
SPPPQR-JHJosh HaderRelic
SPPPQR-KHKeston HiuraRelic
SPPQRL-PMPaul MolitorRelic
FPR-CHJDJosh HaderRelic
FPR-YHBHKeston HiuraRelic
FPR-YHBHJosh HaderRelic
FPR-YHBHCorbin BurnesRelic
FPR-YHBHChristian YelichRelic
MFAP-CYChristian YelichAuto Relic
MFAP-JHJosh HaderAuto Relic
MFDAP-YYChristian YelichAuto Relic
MFDAP-YYRobin YountAuto Relic
MMJPA-CBCorbin BurnesAuto Relic
MMJPA-JHJosh HaderAuto Relic
MMJPA-KHKeston HiuraAuto Relic
MMDPA-BWBrandon WoodruffAuto Relic
MMDPA-BWCorbin BurnesAuto Relic
MMDPA-YHRobin YountAuto Relic
MMDPA-YHKeston HiuraAuto Relic
SWDRA-FPFreddy PeraltaAuto Relic
SWDRA-KHKeston HiuraAuto Relic
BAR-CYChristian YelichAuto Relic


37Albert Pujols
91Nolan Arenado
CCR-27Dylan Carlson
CCR-29Nolan Arenado
CCR-48Yadier Molina
Ozzie SmithAuto
AA-JFJack FlahertyAuto
AA-NANolan ArenadoAuto
AA-OSOzzie SmithAuto
AA-TSTed SimmonsAuto
AABC-NANolan ArenadoAuto
SS-NANolan ArenadoAuto
SS-OSOzzie SmithAuto
MDA-APNolan ArenadoAuto
MFA-JFJack FlahertyAuto
MFA-LSLee SmithAuto
MFA-NANolan ArenadoAuto
MFA-OSOzzie SmithAuto
MFA-PGPaul GoldschmidtAuto
HOFA-LSLee SmithAuto
HOFA-OSOzzie SmithAuto
HOFA-TSTed SimmonsAuto
MMR1-JFJack FlahertyRelic
MMR1-NANolan ArenadoRelic
MMR1-OSOzzie SmithRelic
MMR2-PGPaul GoldschmidtRelic
MMR2-YMYadier MolinaRelic
DMMR-AGPaul GoldschmidtRelic
DMMR-AGNolan ArenadoRelic
DMMR-GFJack FlahertyRelic
DMMR-SLOzzie SmithRelic
MMJPR-LBLou BrockRelic
MUMR1-PGPaul GoldschmidtRelic
MUMR1-PG2Paul GoldschmidtRelic
MUMR1-YMYadier MolinaRelic
MUMR1-YM2Yadier MolinaRelic
MUMR2-CMCarlos MartinezRelic
MUMR2-CM2Carlos MartinezRelic
JLBNR-NANolan ArenadoRelic
JLBNR-PDPaul DeJongRelic
SPPPQR-JFJack FlahertyRelic
SPPPQR-NANolan ArenadoRelic
SPPPQR-PGPaul GoldschmidtRelic
SPPPQR-YMYadier MolinaRelic
SPPQRL-MMMark McGwireRelic
SPPQRL-OSOzzie SmithRelic
FPR-AMGCYadier MolinaRelic
FPR-AMGCNolan ArenadoRelic
FPR-AMGCDylan CarlsonRelic
FPR-AMGCPaul GoldschmidtRelic
FPR-PMRPYadier MolinaRelic
MFAP-OSOzzie SmithAuto Relic
MMJPA-PGPaul GoldschmidtAuto Relic
MMJPA-YMYadier MolinaAuto Relic
MMDPA-PMYadier MolinaAuto Relic
SWTRA-NANolan ArenadoAuto Relic
SWTRA-PGPaul GoldschmidtAuto Relic
JLB-PGPaul GoldschmidtAuto Relic


9Seiya Suzuki
30Greg Maddux
73Willson Contreras
82Ernie Banks
CCR-30Andre Dawson
AA-ADAndre DawsonAuto
AA-ARAramis RamirezAuto
AA-DLDerrek LeeAuto
AA-NHNico HoernerAuto
MFA-ADAndre DawsonAuto
HOFA-ADAndre DawsonAuto
HOFA-FJFergie JenkinsAuto
MMR1-ADAndre DawsonRelic
MMR1-IHIan HappRelic
MMR1-WCWillson ContrerasRelic
MMR2-ASAlfonso SorianoRelic
MMR2-JHJayson HeywardRelic
MMR2-NHNico HoernerRelic
MUMR1-ASAlfonso SorianoRelic
MUMR1-AS2Alfonso SorianoRelic
MUMR1-WCWillson ContrerasRelic
MUMR1-WC2Willson ContrerasRelic
MUMR2-ARAramis RamirezRelic
MUMR2-DLDerrek LeeRelic
MUMR2-DL2Derrek LeeRelic
MUMR2-SSSammy SosaRelic
JLBNR-RSRyne SandbergRelic
SPPPQR-IHIan HappRelic
SPPPQR-JHEJason HeywardRelic
SPPPQR-MSTMarcus StromanRelic
SPPPQR-WCWillson ContrerasRelic
SPPQRL-ADAndre DawsonRelic
MMJPA-IHIan HappAuto Relic
MMJPA-JHEJason HeywardAuto Relic
MMJPA-NHNico HoernerAuto Relic
MMDPA-LRAramis RamirezAuto Relic
MMDPA-LRDerrek LeeAuto Relic
SWDRA-ADAndre DawsonAuto Relic
SWDRA-DLDerrek LeeAuto Relic
SWDRA-IHIan HappAuto Relic
SWDRA-NHNico HoernerAuto Relic
SWTRA-ADAndre DawsonAuto Relic
SWTRA-ARAramis RamirezAuto Relic
SWTRA-DLDerrek LeeAuto Relic
SWTRA-PWPatrick WisdomAuto Relic


62Alek ThomasRC
81Randy Johnson
MFA-RJRandy JohnsonAuto
HOFA-RJRandy JohnsonAuto
MMR2-DVDaulton VarshoRelic
MMJPR-KMKetel MarteRelic
JLBNR-KMKetel MarteRelic


5Mookie Betts
41Freddie Freeman
55Jackie Robinson
64Cody Bellinger
78Clayton Kershaw
93Roy Campanella
CCR-32Freddie Freeman
AA-ABAAustin BarnesAuto
AA-MMMax MuncyAuto
AA-SGSteve GarveyAuto
AA-WBWalker BuehlerAuto
AABC-MMMax MuncyAuto
SS-MMMax MuncyAuto
MDA-APAlbert PujolsAuto
MDA-MBWalker BuehlerAuto
MDA-MBDustin MayAuto
MDA-MGMax MuncyAuto
MDA-MGSteve GarveyAuto
MFA-APAlbert PujolsAuto
MFA-MMMax MuncyAuto
MMR1-CBCody BellingerRelic
MMR1-CKClayton KershawRelic
MMR1-GLGavin LuxRelic
MMR1-JUJulio UriasRelic
MMR1-MMMax MuncyRelic
MMR1-MMUMax MuncyRelic
MMR2-CTChris TaylorRelic
MMR2-MBMookie BettsRelic
MMR2-MPMike PiazzaRelic
MMR2-WBWalker BuehlerRelic
MMR2-WSWill SmithRelic
DMMR-BKClayton KershawRelic
DMMR-BKWalker BuehlerRelic
MMJPR-CKClayton KershawRelic
MMJPR-JTUJustin TurnerRelic
MMJPR-JUJulio UriasRelic
MMJPR-MBMookie BettsRelic
MMJPR-MMMax MuncyRelic
MMJPR-WBWalker BuehlerRelic
MUMR1-CBCody BellingerRelic
MUMR1-CKClayton KershawRelic
MUMR1-CK2Clayton KershawRelic
MUMR1-MBMookie BettsRelic
MUMR1-MB2Mookie BettsRelic
MUMR1-WSWill SmithRelic
MUMR1-WS2Will SmithRelic
MUMR2-APA.J. PollockRelic
MUMR2-AP2A.J. PollockRelic
MUMR2-CBCody BellingerRelic
MUMR2-CTChris TaylorRelic
MUMR2-CT2Chris TaylorRelic
MUMR2-JUJulio UriasRelic
MUMR2-JU2Julio UriasRelic
MUMR2-MMMax MuncyRelic
MUMR2-MM2Max MuncyRelic
JLBNR-SGSteve GarveyRelic
JLBNR-TT2Trea TurnerRelic
SPPPQR-APA.J. PollockRelic
SPPPQR-CBCody BellingerRelic
SPPPQR-CKClayton KershawRelic
SPPPQR-CTChris TaylorRelic
SPPPQR-GLGavin LuxRelic
SPPPQR-JUJulio UriasRelic
SPPPQR-MBMookie BettsRelic
SPPPQR-MMMax MuncyRelic
SPPPQR-WBWalker BuehlerRelic
FPR-AHFZFreddie FreemanRelic
FPR-JTBHMookie BettsRelic
FPR-KBUMClayton KershawRelic
FPR-KBUMDustin MayRelic
FPR-KBUMJulio UriasRelic
FPR-KBUMWalker BuehlerRelic
FPR-KVDCClayton KershawRelic
FPR-MTBBMookie BettsRelic
FPR-MTBBJustin TurnerRelic
FPR-MTBBMax MuncyRelic
FPR-MTBBCody BellingerRelic
MFAP-MMMax MuncyAuto Relic
MMJPA-DMDustin MayAuto Relic
MMJPA-GLGavin LuxAuto Relic
MMJPA-GLUGavin LuxAuto Relic
MMJPA-MMUMax MuncyAuto Relic
MMJPA-WSWill SmithAuto Relic
SWDRA-MMMax MuncyAuto Relic
SWDRA-WSWill SmithAuto Relic
SWTRA-GLGavin LuxAuto Relic
JLB-SGSteve GarveyAuto Relic


32Vladimir Guerrero
CCR-33Vladimir Guerrero
Vladimir GuerreroAuto
MDA-GGVladimir GuerreroAuto
MFA-TRTim RainesAuto
MFA-VGVladimir GuerreroAuto
HOFA-TRTim RainesAuto
HOFA-VGVladimir GuerreroAuto
JLB-VGVladimir GuerreroAuto Relic
DAJLB-DGVladimir GuerreroAuto Relic
DAJLB-DGAndre DawsonAuto Relic
DAJLB-GTVladimir GuerreroAuto Relic


17Heliot RamosRC
34Buster Posey
68Willie Mays
AA-GPGaylord PerryAuto
AA-JMAJuan MarichalAuto
SS-BPBuster PoseyAuto
MFA-BPBuster PoseyAuto
MFA-JMJuan MarichalAuto
MFA-OCOrlando CepedaAuto
HOFA-OCOrlando CepedaAuto
MMR1-BCBrandon CrawfordRelic
MMR1-BPBuster PoseyRelic
MMR1-MYMike YastrzemskiRelic
MMR2-BBBrandon BeltRelic
MMR2-BPBuster PoseyRelic
MMR2-ELEvan LongoriaRelic
MMR2-LWLogan WebbRelic
MMR2-SLSammy LongRCRelic
DMMR-PCBrandon CrawfordRelic
DMMR-PCBuster PoseyRelic
DMMR-PPBuster PoseyRelic
MMJPR-BCBrandon CrawfordRelic
MMJPR-BPBuster PoseyRelic
MMJPR-KBKris BryantRelic
MMJPR-MYMike YastrzemskiRelic
MUMR1-BCBrandon CrawfordRelic
MUMR1-BC2Brandon CrawfordRelic
MUMR1-BPBuster PoseyRelic
MUMR1-BP2Buster PoseyRelic
MUMR2-BBBrandon BeltRelic
MUMR2-BB2Brandon BeltRelic
JLBNR-BPBuster PoseyRelic
JLBNR-ELEvan LongoriaRelic
JLBNR-EL2Evan LongoriaRelic
JLBNR-WCWill ClarkRelic
SPPPQR-BBBrandon BeltRelic
SPPPQR-BCBrandon CrawfordRelic
SPPPQR-BPBuster PoseyRelic
SPPPQR-MYMike YastrzemskiRelic
SPPQRL-RJRandy JohnsonRelic
FPR-PCBLBrandon BeltRelic
FPR-PCBLBrandon CrawfordRelic
FPR-PCBLBuster PoseyRelic
FPR-PCBLEvan LongoriaRelic
FPR-PMRPBuster PoseyRelic
MFAP-RJRandy JohnsonAuto Relic
MMJPA-BCBrandon CrawfordAuto Relic
MMJPA-BPBuster PoseyAuto Relic
MMJPA-HPHunter PenceAuto Relic
MMJPA-MYMike YastrzemskiAuto Relic
MMDPA-PBBrandon BeltAuto Relic
MMDPA-PCBuster PoseyAuto Relic
MMDPA-PCBrandon CrawfordAuto Relic
MMDPA-PMBuster PoseyAuto Relic
SWTRA-MYMike YastrzemskiAuto Relic
JLB-BPBuster PoseyAuto Relic
DAJLB-VPBuster PoseyAuto Relic
BAR-BPBuster PoseyAuto Relic


40Shane Bieber
99Jose Ramirez
AA-ECErnie ClementRCAuto
AA-ZPZach PlesacAuto
SPPPQR-JRAJose RamirezRelic
SWDRA-JRJose RamirezAuto Relic


23George KirbyRC
65Julio RodriguezRC
90Cal RaleighRC
94Ken Griffey Jr.
CCR-20Ken Griffey Jr.
CCR-40Jarred Kelenic
AA-JROJulio RodriguezRCAuto
SS-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Auto
MFA-EMAEdgar MartinezAuto
MFA-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Auto
HOFA-EMAEdgar MartinezAuto
MMR1-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Relic
MMR2-GPGaylord PerryRelic
MMR2-MHMitch HanigerRelic
DMMR-TGKen Griffey Jr.Relic
MMJPR-MHMitch HanigerRelic
MUMR2-KSKyle SeagerRelic
MUMR2-KS2Kyle SeagerRelic
MUMR2-MHMitch HanigerRelic
MUMR2-MH2Mitch HanigerRelic
JLBNR-ARAlex RodriguezRelic
SPPQRL-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Relic
MMJPA-KLKyle LewisAuto Relic
SWDRA-JRODJulio RodriguezRCAuto Relic
JLB-ABAdrian BeltreAuto Relic


19Bryan De La CruzRC
80Ivan Rodriguez
CCR-37Jazz Chisholm Jr.
JLB-IRIvan RodriguezAuto Relic


15Francisco Lindor
16Max Scherzer
35Mike Piazza
38Jacob deGrom
51Pete Alonso
CCR-9Jacob deGrom
CCR-10Pete Alonso
CCR-13Mike Piazza
CCR-25Darryl Strawberry
AABC-PAPete AlonsoAuto
SS-PAPete AlonsoAuto
MDA-FAPete AlonsoAuto
MTA-HFAPete AlonsoAuto
MFA-PAPete AlonsoAuto
HOFA-MPMike PiazzaAuto
MMR1-DSDominic SmithRelic
MMR1-FLFrancisco LindorRelic
MMR1-JMCJeff McNeilRelic
MMR1-MPMike PiazzaRelic
MMR1-PAPete AlonsoRelic
MMR1-PMPedro MartinezRelic
MMR1-TGLTom GlavineRelic
MMR2-BNBrandon NimmoRelic
MMR2-FLFrancisco LindorRelic
MMR2-JDJacob deGromRelic
MMR2-MCOMichael ConfortoRelic
MMR2-PAPete AlonsoRelic
DMMR-ALFrancisco LindorRelic
DMMR-ALPete AlonsoRelic
DMMR-DVJacob deGromRelic
MMJPR-BNBrandon NimmoRelic
MMJPR-FLFrancisco LindorRelic
MMJPR-JDJacob deGromRelic
MMJPR-PAPete AlonsoRelic
MMJPR-PMPedro MartinezRelic
MUMR1-DWDavid WrightRelic
MUMR1-DW2David WrightRelic
MUMR1-FLFrancisco LindorRelic
MUMR1-PAPete AlonsoRelic
MUMR1-PA2Pete AlonsoRelic
MUMR1-PMPedro MartinezRelic
MUMR1-TGTom GlavineRelic
MUMR2-MCMichael ConfortoRelic
MUMR2-MC2Michael ConfortoRelic
JLBNR-FLFrancisco LindorRelic
JLBNR-FLIFrancisco LindorRelic
JLBNR-MPMike PiazzaRelic
MAMR-PAPete AlonsoRelic
SPPPQR-FLFrancisco LindorRelic
SPPPQR-JDJacob deGromRelic
SPPPQR-JMCJeff McNeilRelic
SPPPQR-PAPete AlonsoRelic
SPPPQR-TGLTom GlavineRelic
SPPQRL-MPMike PiazzaRelic
SPPQRL-PMAPedro MartinezRelic
SPPQRL-TGTom GlavineRelic
FPR-AHFZPete AlonsoRelic
FPR-ALDSDominic SmithRelic
FPR-ALDSFrancisco LindorRelic
FPR-ALDSPete AlonsoRelic
FPR-ALDSJacob deGromRelic
FPR-CHJDEdwin DiazRelic
FPR-KVDCJacob deGromRelic
MFAP-TGTom GlavineAuto Relic
MMJPA-BNBrandon NimmoAuto Relic
MMJPA-MCOMichael ConfortoAuto Relic
MMJPA-MPMike PiazzaAuto Relic
MMJPA-PAPete AlonsoAuto Relic
MMJPA-PMPedro MartinezAuto Relic
MMJPA-TGTom GlavineAuto Relic
MMDPA-ALPete AlonsoAuto Relic
MMDPA-PAPete AlonsoAuto Relic
MMDPA-PAMike PiazzaAuto Relic
SWTRA-PAPete AlonsoAuto Relic
SWTRA-TGLTom GlavineAuto Relic
JLB-DWDavid WrightAuto Relic
DAJLB-WAPete AlonsoAuto Relic
DAJLB-WADavid WrightAuto Relic
BAR-PAPete AlonsoAuto Relic


77Stephen Strasburg
87Juan Soto
CCR-7Juan Soto
AA-JGRJosiah GrayRCAuto
AA-JSJuan SotoAuto
AABC-JSJuan SotoAuto
SS-JGJosiah GrayRCAuto
SS-JSJuan SotoAuto
MTA-GASJuan SotoAuto
MMR1-JSOJuan SotoRelic
MMR1-PCPatrick CorbinRelic
MMR2-JGJosiah GrayRCRelic
MMR2-SSStephen StrasburgRelic
MMR2-VRVictor RoblesRelic
DMMR-ASJuan SotoRelic
MMJPR-SSStephen StrasburgRelic
MUMR1-SSStephen StrasburgRelic
MUMR2-VRVictor RoblesRelic
MUMR2-VR2Victor RoblesRelic
JLBNR-TTTrea TurnerRelic
JLBNR-VRVictor RoblesRelic
SPPPQR-PCPatrick CorbinRelic
SPPPQR-SSStephen StrasburgRelic
SPPPQR-VRVictor RoblesRelic
FPR-AHFZRyan ZimmermanRelic
FPR-GSTAJuan SotoRelic
MFAP-JSJuan SotoAuto Relic
MMJPA-PCPatrick CorbinAuto Relic
MMJPA-SSStephen StrasburgAuto Relic
SWDRA-PCPatrick CorbinAuto Relic
JLB-JSJuan SotoAuto Relic
BAR-JSJuan SotoAuto Relic


69Frank Robinson
86Cal Ripken Jr.
CCR-23Cal Ripken Jr.
Cal Ripken Jr.Auto
AA-CPJCal Ripken Jr.Auto
AA-EMEddie MurrayAuto
AA-WCWill ClarkAuto
SS-CPJCal Ripken Jr.Auto
SS-WCWill ClarkAuto
MDA-MREddie MurrayAuto
MDA-MRCal Ripken Jr.Auto
MFA-CPJCal Ripken Jr.Auto
MFA-EMEddie MurrayAuto
HOFA-CPJCal Ripken Jr.Auto
HOFA-EMEddie MurrayAuto
HOFA-JPJim PalmerAuto
MMR1-CRJCal Ripken Jr.Relic
MMR1-RMRyan MountcastleRelic
MMR2-AHAustin HaysRelic
MMR2-CMUCedric MullinsRelic
MMR2-TMTrey ManciniRelic
DMMR-RMRyan MountcastleRelic
DMMR-RMCal Ripken Jr.Relic
MMJPR-CMCedric MullinsRelic
MMJPR-CRJCal Ripken Jr.Relic
MMJPR-RMRyan MountcastleRelic
MUMR2-AHAustin HaysRelic
MUMR2-AH2Austin HaysRelic
MUMR2-TMTrey ManciniRelic
MUMR2-TM2Trey ManciniRelic
JLBNR-EMEddie MurrayRelic
SPPPQR-AHAustin HaysRelic
SPPPQR-RMRyan MountcastleRelic
SPPPQR-TMTrey ManciniRelic
SPPQRL-CRJCal Ripken Jr.Relic
MMJPA-CMCedric MullinsAuto Relic
SWTRA-CMCedric MullinsAuto Relic
SWTRA-RMRyan MountcastleAuto Relic
JLB-CPJCal Ripken Jr.Auto Relic
JLB-EMEddie MurrayAuto Relic
DAJLB-RJCal Ripken Jr.Auto Relic
DAJLB-RLCal Ripken Jr.Auto Relic


42Manny Machado
47CJ AbramsRC
52Tony Gwynn
54Blake Snell
61Fernando Tatis Jr.
CCR-8Fernando Tatis Jr.
AA-CACJ AbramsRCAuto
AA-ICIvan CastilloRCAuto
HOFA-DWDave WinfieldAuto
MMR2-BSBlake SnellRelic
MMR2-CPChris PaddackRelic
MMR2-EHEric HosmerRelic
MMR2-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Relic
MMR2-JCJake CronenworthRelic
MMR2-MMManny MachadoRelic
MMR2-TGTony GwynnRelic
MMR2-WMWil MyersRelic
MMR2-YDYu DarvishRelic
DMMR-MTManny MachadoRelic
DMMR-MTFernando Tatis Jr.Relic
MMJPR-BSBlake SnellRelic
MMJPR-TGTony GwynnRelic
MMJPR-YDYu DarvishRelic
MUMR1-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Relic
MUMR1-MMManny MachadoRelic
MUMR1-MM2Manny MachadoRelic
MUMR2-EHEric HosmerRelic
MUMR2-EH2Eric HosmerRelic
MUMR2-JCJake CronenworthRelic
MUMR2-WMWil MyersRelic
MUMR2-WM2Wil MyersRelic
JLBNR-EHEric HosmerRelic
JLBNR-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Relic
JLBNR-LVLuke VoitRelic
MAMR-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Relic
MAMR-MMManny MachadoRelic
SPPPQR-EHEric HosmerRelic
SPPPQR-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Relic
SPPPQR-WMYWil MyersRelic
SPPPQR-YDYu DarvishRelic
SPPQRL-TGWTony GwynnRelic
FPR-GSTAFernando Tatis Jr.Relic
FPR-HMTCManny MachadoRelic
FPR-HMTCJake CronenworthRelic
FPR-HMTCEric HosmerRelic
FPR-HMTCFernando Tatis Jr.Relic
MMJPA-BSBlake SnellAuto Relic
MMJPA-CPChris PaddackAuto Relic
MMJPA-EHEric HosmerAuto Relic
MMDPA-HSBlake SnellAuto Relic
MMDPA-HSEric HosmerAuto Relic
MMDPA-TGFernando Tatis Jr.Auto Relic
SWDRA-BSBlake SnellAuto Relic
SWDRA-EHEric HosmerAuto Relic
SWDRA-MMAManny MachadoAuto Relic
BAR-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Auto Relic
BAR-MMManny MachadoAuto Relic


25Bryson StottRC
29Rhys Hoskins
97Bryce Harper
CCR-4Bryce Harper
CCR-22Alec Bohm
CCR-43Mike Schmidt
AA-JRJ.T. RealmutoAuto
AA-MSMike SchmidtAuto
AA-MVMatt VierlingRCAuto
AA-ZWZack WheelerAuto
AABC-JREJ.T. RealmutoAuto
AABC-ZWZack WheelerAuto
SS-BHBryce HarperAuto
SS-MSMike SchmidtAuto
MDA-BSMike SchmidtAuto
MDA-BSAlec BohmAuto
MDA-CWZack WheelerAuto
MDA-CWSteve CarltonAuto
MDA-HHRyan HowardAuto
MDA-HHRhys HoskinsAuto
MTA-HFARhys HoskinsAuto
MFA-BHBryce HarperAuto
MFA-JRJ.T. RealmutoAuto
MFA-JTJim ThomeAuto
MFA-MSMike SchmidtAuto
MFA-SCSteve CarltonAuto
HOFA-MSMike SchmidtAuto
HOFA-SCSteve CarltonAuto
MMR1-ABAlec BohmRelic
MMR1-AMCAndrew McCutchenRelic
MMR1-BHBryce HarperRelic
MMR1-JRJ.T. RealmutoRelic
MMR1-MMOMickey MoniakRelic
MMR1-MSMike SchmidtRelic
MMR1-ZWZack WheelerRelic
MMR1-ZWEZack WheelerRelic
MMR2-ANAaron NolaRelic
MMR2-JSJean SeguraRelic
MMR2-ZWZack WheelerRelic
MMJPR-ABAlec BohmRelic
MMJPR-JRJ.T. RealmutoRelic
MUMR1-ANAaron NolaRelic
MUMR1-AN2Aaron NolaRelic
MUMR1-RHRhys HoskinsRelic
MUMR2-JSJean SeguraRelic
MUMR2-JS2Jean SeguraRelic
MUMR2-RHRyan HowardRelic
JLBNR-ABOAlec BohmRelic
JLBNR-JSJean SeguraRelic
JLBNR-JTHJim ThomeRelic
JLBNR-KLKenny LoftonRelic
JLBNR-MSMike SchmidtRelic
JLBNR-NCNick CastellanosRelic
JLBNR-RHORhys HoskinsRelic
JLBNR-RHOWRyan HowardRelic
MAMR-BHBryce HarperRelic
SPPPQR-ABAlec BohmRelic
SPPPQR-BHBryce HarperRelic
SPPPQR-JRJ.T. RealmutoRelic
SPPPQR-JSJean SeguraRelic
SPPPQR-ZWZack WheelerRelic
SPPQRL-MSMike SchmidtRelic
SPPQRL-MSCMike SchmidtRelic
FPR-AHFZRhys HoskinsRelic
FPR-HHBRBryce HarperRelic
FPR-HHBRAlec BohmRelic
FPR-HHBRJ.T. RealmutoRelic
FPR-HHBRRhys HoskinsRelic
FPR-JTBHBryce HarperRelic
FPR-PMRPJ.T. RealmutoRelic
MFAP-BHBryce HarperAuto Relic
MFAP-SCSteve CarltonAuto Relic
MFDAP-CHBryce HarperAuto Relic
MFDAP-CHSteve CarltonAuto Relic
MMJPA-ANAaron NolaAuto Relic
MMJPA-MSMike SchmidtAuto Relic
MMJPA-RHRhys HoskinsAuto Relic
MMJPA-SCSteve CarltonAuto Relic
MMJPA-ZWZack WheelerAuto Relic
MMDPA-CSSteve CarltonAuto Relic
MMDPA-CSMike SchmidtAuto Relic
MMDPA-HRRhys HoskinsAuto Relic
MMDPA-HRJ.T. RealmutoAuto Relic
SWDRA-ANAaron NolaAuto Relic
SWDRA-RHRhys HoskinsAuto Relic
SWTRA-ANAaron NolaAuto Relic
SWTRA-JRJ.T. RealmutoAuto Relic
JLB-MSMike SchmidtAuto Relic
DAJLB-ARBobby AbreuAuto Relic
DAJLB-ARScott RolenAuto Relic
DAJLB-HHRyan HowardAuto Relic
DAJLB-HHRhys HoskinsAuto Relic


39Honus Wagner
88Oneil CruzRC
89Roberto Clemente
CCR-28Roberto Clemente
MFA-BMBill MazeroskiAuto
HOFA-BMBill MazeroskiAuto
MMR1-AMC2Andrew McCutchenRelic
MMR2-CMColin MoranRelic
MUMR1-AMAndrew McCutchenRelic
MUMR2-CMOColin MoranRelic
MUMR2-CMO2Colin MoranRelic
SPPPQR-CMColin MoranRelic


36Corey Seager
Adrian BeltreAuto
AA-ABAdrian BeltreAuto
AA-JGJuan GonzalezAuto
MFA-IRIvan RodriguezAuto
HOFA-IRIvan RodriguezAuto
MMR1-MSEMarcus SemienRelic
MMR1-YHYonny HernandezRCRelic
MMJPR-YHYonny HernandezRCRelic
MUMR1-ABAdrian BeltreRelic
JLBNR-ABAdrian BeltreRelic
SPPQRL-ABAdrian BeltreRelic
MFAP-ABAdrian BeltreAuto Relic
MMJPA-ABAdrian BeltreAuto Relic
MMDPA-BRIvan RodriguezAuto Relic
MMDPA-BRAdrian BeltreAuto Relic
SWDRA-YHYonny HernandezRCAuto Relic
DAJLB-BDAdrian BeltreAuto Relic
DAJLB-BGJuan GonzalezAuto Relic
DAJLB-BGAdrian BeltreAuto Relic


CCR-36Wade Boggs
JLBNR-WBWade BoggsRelic
SWTRA-WBWade BoggsAuto Relic
13Shane BazRC
31Vidal BrujanRC
59Wander FrancoRC
CCR-2Wander FrancoRC
AA-AMAustin MeadowsAuto
AA-SBShane BazRCAuto
AA-TGLTyler GlasnowAuto
AA-WFWander FrancoRCAuto
AABC-RARandy ArozarenaAuto
AABC-TGTyler GlasnowAuto
SS-RARandy ArozarenaAuto
MMR1-AMAustin MeadowsRelic
MMR1-JDJohnny DamonRelic
MMR1-JWEJoey WendleRelic
MMR1-RARandy ArozarenaRelic
MMR1-TGTyler GlasnowRelic
MMR2-BLBrandon LoweRelic
MMR2-KKKevin KiermaierRelic
MMR2-WFWander FrancoRCRelic
DMMR-MARandy ArozarenaRelic
DMMR-MAAustin MeadowsRelic
MMJPR-RARandy ArozarenaRelic
MUMR2-AMAustin MeadowsRelic
MUMR2-AM2Austin MeadowsRelic
MUMR2-BLBrandon LoweRelic
MUMR2-BL2Brandon LoweRelic
MUMR2-TGTyler GlasnowRelic
MUMR2-TG2Tyler GlasnowRelic
JLBNR-BLBrandon LoweRelic
SPPPQR-AMAustin MeadowsRelic
SPPPQR-BLBrandon LoweRelic
SPPPQR-JWEJoey WendleRelic
SPPPQR-RARandy ArozarenaRelic
SPPPQR-TGTyler GlasnowRelic
FPR-ALMWBrandon LoweRelic
FPR-ALMWVidal BrujanRelic
FPR-ALMWKevin KiermaierRelic
FPR-ALMWRandy ArozarenaRelic
MFAP-AMAustin MeadowsAuto Relic
MFAP-TGLTyler GlasnowAuto Relic
MMJPA-AMAustin MeadowsAuto Relic
MMJPA-RARandy ArozarenaAuto Relic
MMJPA-TGLTyler GlasnowAuto Relic
MMDPA-AMAustin MeadowsAuto Relic
MMDPA-AMRandy ArozarenaAuto Relic
SWDRA-AMAustin MeadowsAuto Relic
SWDRA-BLBrandon LoweAuto Relic
SWDRA-TGTyler GlasnowAuto Relic
SWDRA-WFWander FrancoRCAuto Relic
SWTRA-AMAustin MeadowsAuto Relic
SWTRA-TGTyler GlasnowAuto Relic
SWTRA-WFWander FrancoRCAuto Relic

Red Sox

43Jarren DuranRC
45Carl Yastrzemski
66Ted Williams
96Xander Bogaerts
100Rafael Devers
CCR-15Rafael Devers
CCR-18David Ortiz
CCR-50Xander Bogaerts
Carlton FiskAuto
Dustin PedroiaAuto
AA-DPDustin PedroiaAuto
AA-JDUJarren DuranRCAuto
AABC-JDJarren DuranRCAuto
SS-JDJarren DuranRCAuto
SS-MRManny RamirezAuto
MDA-PVDustin PedroiaAuto
MDA-PVJason VaritekAuto
MFA-CFCarlton FiskAuto
MFA-JMAJ.D. MartinezAuto
MFA-JRIJim RiceAuto
MFA-PMPedro MartinezAuto
MFA-WBWade BoggsAuto
HOFA-CFCarlton FiskAuto
HOFA-JRJim RiceAuto
HOFA-PMPedro MartinezAuto
HOFA-WBWade BoggsAuto
MMR2-CSChris SaleRelic
MMR2-JBJJackie Bradley Jr.Relic
MMR2-JDUJarren DuranRCRelic
MMR2-JDU2Jarren DuranRCRelic
MMR2-JMJ.D. MartinezRelic
MMR2-RDRafael DeversRelic
MMR2-XBXander BogaertsRelic
DMMR-DBRafael DeversRelic
DMMR-DBXander BogaertsRelic
DMMR-MBJ.D. MartinezRelic
DMMR-MBXander BogaertsRelic
DMMR-OPDustin PedroiaRelic
DMMR-OPDavid OrtizRelic
MMJPR-CVChristian VazquezRelic
MMJPR-DPDustin PedroiaRelic
MMJPR-JMJ.D. MartinezRelic
MUMR1-DODavid OrtizRelic
MUMR1-DO2David OrtizRelic
MUMR1-JDMJ.D. MartinezRelic
MUMR1-JDM2J.D. MartinezRelic
MUMR1-RDRafael DeversRelic
MUMR1-RD2Rafael DeversRelic
MUMR1-XBXander BogaertsRelic
MUMR1-XB2Xander BogaertsRelic
MUMR2-CSChris SaleRelic
MUMR2-CS2Chris SaleRelic
MUMR2-DPDustin PedroiaRelic
MUMR2-DP2Dustin PedroiaRelic
MUMR2-JDJarren DuranRCRelic
MUMR2-XBXander BogaertsRelic
MUMR2-XB2Xander BogaertsRelic
JLBNR-JMAJ.D. MartinezRelic
JLBNR-JRJim RiceRelic
JLBNR-RDRafael DeversRelic
SPPPQR-CSChris SaleRelic
SPPPQR-JMJ.D. MartinezRelic
SPPPQR-RDRafael DeversRelic
SPPPQR-XBXander BogaertsRelic
SPPQRL-DODavid OrtizRelic
SPPQRL-WBWade BoggsRelic
FPR-BMDVXander BogaertsRelic
FPR-BMDVJ.D. MartinezRelic
FPR-BMDVAlex VerdugoRelic
FPR-BMDVRafael DeversRelic
FPR-DSBDRafael DeversRelic
FPR-DSBDBobby DalbecRelic
FPR-DSBDXander BogaertsRelic
FPR-DSBDTrevor StoryRelic
MFAP-DODavid OrtizAuto Relic
MFAP-DPDustin PedroiaAuto Relic
MMJPA-CSAChris SaleAuto Relic
MMJPA-DODavid OrtizAuto Relic
MMJPA-DPDustin PedroiaAuto Relic
MMJPA-JBJJackie Bradley Jr.Auto Relic
MMJPA-XBXander BogaertsAuto Relic
MMDPA-BPDustin PedroiaAuto Relic
MMDPA-BPXander BogaertsAuto Relic
SWDRA-JVJason VaritekAuto Relic
SWDRA-XBXander BogaertsAuto Relic
SWTRA-JVJason VaritekAuto Relic
JLB-JMJ.D. MartinezAuto Relic
DAJLB-RBJim RiceAuto Relic
DAJLB-RBWade BoggsAuto Relic
DAJLB-VJJason VaritekAuto Relic
DAJLB-VPJason VaritekAuto Relic


3Hunter GreeneRC
79Johnny Bench
98Joey Votto
CCR-26Joey Votto
CCR-49Jonathan India
Barry LarkinAuto
AA-HGHunter GreeneRCAuto
AA-JWIJesse WinkerAuto
AA-LCLuis CastilloAuto
AABC-JWJesse WinkerAuto
SS-JWJesse WinkerAuto
MDA-WVJoey VottoAuto
MDA-WVJesse WinkerAuto
MFA-BLBarry LarkinAuto
MFA-JVJoey VottoAuto
HOFA-BLBarry LarkinAuto
HOFA-JBEJohnny BenchAuto
MMR1-BLBarry LarkinRelic
MMR1-JIJonathan IndiaRelic
MMR1-JVJoey VottoRelic
MMR1-TSTony SantillanRCRelic
MMR2-JVOJoey VottoRelic
MMR2-LCLuis CastilloRelic
MMR2-MMOMike MoustakasRelic
DMMR-SLBarry LarkinRelic
DMMR-VIJoey VottoRelic
DMMR-VIJonathan IndiaRelic
MMJPR-JVOJoey VottoRelic
MMJPR-LCLuis CastilloRelic
MUMR1-JVJoey VottoRelic
MUMR1-JV2Joey VottoRelic
MUMR2-TSTony SantillanRCRelic
JLBNR-JVJoey VottoRelic
JLBNR-TPTommy PhamRelic
SPPPQR-JVOJoey VottoRelic
SPPPQR-JWIJesse WinkerRelic
SPPQRL-BLBarry LarkinRelic
MFDAP-LGBarry LarkinAuto Relic
MFDAP-LGKen Griffey Jr.Auto Relic
MFDAP-TGKen Griffey Jr.Auto Relic
MMJPA-JVJoey VottoAuto Relic
MMJPA-NSNick SenzelAuto Relic
SWDRA-NSNick SenzelAuto Relic
SWTRA-BLBarry LarkinAuto Relic
JLB-BLBarry LarkinAuto Relic
JLB-JVJoey VottoAuto Relic
JLB-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Auto Relic
DAJLB-LVBarry LarkinAuto Relic
DAJLB-LVJoey VottoAuto Relic
DAJLB-MBJohnny BenchAuto Relic
DAJLB-RLBarry LarkinAuto Relic


67Kris Bryant
MFA-LWLarry WalkerAuto
HOFA-LWLarry WalkerAuto
MMR1-CBLCharlie BlackmonRelic
MMR1-LWLarry WalkerRelic
MMR2-TSTrevor StoryRelic
MMJPR-LWLarry WalkerRelic
JLBNR-CBCharlie BlackmonRelic
JLBNR-CBLCharlie BlackmonRelic
JLBNR-KBKris BryantRelic
JLBNR-LWLarry WalkerRelic
MFAP-LWLarry WalkerAuto Relic
MMJPA-LWLarry WalkerAuto Relic
SWDRA-LWLarry WalkerAuto Relic


1George Brett
6Salvador Perez
7Bobby Witt Jr.RC
CCR-41Bo Jackson
CCR-42George Brett
CCR-44Salvador Perez
Bobby Witt Jr.RCAuto
Whit MerrifieldAuto
AA-BWJBobby Witt Jr.RCAuto
AA-JKJackson KowarRCAuto
AA-WMWhit MerrifieldAuto
AABC-SPSalvador PerezAuto
AABC-WMWhit MerrifieldAuto
SS-WMWhit MerrifieldAuto
MFA-WMWhit MerrifieldAuto
MMR1-ABEAndrew BenintendiRelic
MMR1-WMWhit MerrifieldRelic
MMR2-SPSalvador PerezRelic
DMMR-PMSalvador PerezRelic
DMMR-PMWhit MerrifieldRelic
DMMR-PPSalvador PerezRelic
MMJPR-ABEAndrew BenintendiRelic
MMJPR-WMWhit MerrifieldRelic
MMJPR-ZGZack GreinkeRelic
MUMR2-HDHunter DozierRelic
MUMR2-HD2Hunter DozierRelic
MUMR2-SPSalvador PerezRelic
MUMR2-SP2Salvador PerezRelic
JLBNR-ABEAndrew BenintendiRelic
JLBNR-SPSalvador PerezRelic
SPPPQR-AGAlex GordonRelic
SPPPQR-HDHunter DozierRelic
SPPPQR-SPSalvador PerezRelic
SPPPQR-WMWhit MerrifieldRelic
FPR-PMRPSalvador PerezRelic
MFAP-WMWhit MerrifieldAuto Relic
MMJPA-AMOAdalberto MondesiAuto Relic
MMJPA-WMWhit MerrifieldAuto Relic
SWDRA-HDHunter DozierAuto Relic
SWDRA-MJMMJ MelendezRCAuto Relic
SWDRA-WMWhit MerrifieldAuto Relic
SWTRA-WMWhit MerrifieldAuto Relic


20Javier Baez
50Miguel Cabrera
83Spencer TorkelsonRC
CCR-14Miguel Cabrera
Miguel CabreraAuto
AA-MMAMatt ManningRCAuto
AA-STSpencer TorkelsonRCAuto
AABC-MCMiguel CabreraAuto
SS-IRIvan RodriguezAuto
MFA-MCMiguel CabreraAuto
MMR1-JBJavier BaezRelic
MMR1-THUTorii HunterRelic
MMR2-MCMiguel CabreraRelic
MUMR1-MCMiguel CabreraRelic
MUMR1-MC2Miguel CabreraRelic
MUMR2-MCAMiguel CabreraRelic
MUMR2-THTorii HunterRelic
MUMR2-TH2Torii HunterRelic
JLBNR-JBJavier BaezRelic
JLBNR-JB2Javier BaezRelic
SPPPQR-MCMiguel CabreraRelic
MFAP-IRIvan RodriguezAuto Relic
MFAP-MCMiguel CabreraAuto Relic
MFDAP-CTMiguel CabreraAuto Relic
MFDAP-RCIvan RodriguezAuto Relic
MFDAP-RCMiguel CabreraAuto Relic
MMJPA-IRIvan RodriguezAuto Relic
MMJPA-THTorii HunterAuto Relic


11Joe RyanRC
14Royce LewisRC
24Harmon Killebrew
26Byron Buxton
27Kirby Puckett
CCR-19Byron Buxton
AA-BBByron BuxtonAuto
AA-JDJosh DonaldsonAuto
AA-JMJoe MauerAuto
AA-JMOJustin MorneauAuto
AA-MKMax KeplerAuto
AA-THTorii HunterAuto
SS-BBByron BuxtonAuto
SS-THTorii HunterAuto
MDA-HBTorii HunterAuto
MDA-HBByron BuxtonAuto
MDA-MMJoe MauerAuto
MDA-MMJustin MorneauAuto
MTA-HMMJoe MauerAuto
MTA-HMMJustin MorneauAuto
MTA-HMMTorii HunterAuto
MFA-BBUByron BuxtonAuto
MFA-JDOJosh DonaldsonAuto
HOFA-RCRod CarewAuto
MMR1-BBByron BuxtonRelic
MMR1-GJGriffin JaxRCRelic
MMR1-JMJoe MauerRelic
MMR1-JMOJustin MorneauRelic
MMR1-JPJorge PolancoRelic
MMR1-MKMax KeplerRelic
MMR1-MKEMax KeplerRelic
MMR2-AKAlex KirilloffRelic
MMR2-MSMiguel SanoRelic
DMMR-BPJorge PolancoRelic
DMMR-BPByron BuxtonRelic
MMJPR-BBUByron BuxtonRelic
MMJPR-GJGriffin JaxRelic
MMJPR-JPJorge PolancoRelic
MMJPR-KPKirby PuckettRelic
MMJPR-RJRyan JeffersRelic
MUMR1-BBByron BuxtonRelic
MUMR1-BB2Byron BuxtonRelic
MUMR1-JMJoe MauerRelic
MUMR1-MSMiguel SanoRelic
MUMR1-MS2Miguel SanoRelic
MUMR2-MKMax KeplerRelic
MUMR2-MK2Max KeplerRelic
JLBNR-CCCarlos CorreaRelic
JLBNR-CC2Carlos CorreaRelic
JLBNR-JMJoe MauerRelic
JLBNR-MKMax KeplerRelic
JLBNR-PMPaul MolitorRelic
SPPPQR-BBUByron BuxtonRelic
SPPPQR-CCCarlos CorreaRelic
SPPPQR-GUGio UrshelaRelic
SPPPQR-MKMax KeplerRelic
SPPPQR-MSMiguel SanoRelic
SPPQRL-KPKirby PuckettRelic
FPR-SKDPGio UrshelaRelic
FPR-SKDPJorge PolancoRelic
FPR-SKDPMiguel SanoRelic
FPR-SKDPCarlos CorreaRelic
MFAP-BBByron BuxtonAuto Relic
MFAP-JMJoe MauerAuto Relic
MMJPA-BBByron BuxtonAuto Relic
MMJPA-GJGriffin JaxRCAuto Relic
MMJPA-JMJoe MauerAuto Relic
MMJPA-MKMax KeplerAuto Relic
MMJPA-RJERyan JeffersAuto Relic
MMDPA-BKMax KeplerAuto Relic
MMDPA-BKByron BuxtonAuto Relic
MMDPA-BPOByron BuxtonAuto Relic
MMDPA-BPOJorge PolancoAuto Relic
SWDRA-BBByron BuxtonAuto Relic
SWDRA-JMJoe MauerAuto Relic
SWDRA-MKMax KeplerAuto Relic
SWDRA-RLRoyce LewisRCAuto Relic
SWDRA-THTorii HunterAuto Relic
SWTRA-CCCarlos CorreaAuto Relic
SWTRA-GSGary SanchezAuto Relic
JLB-JMAJoe MauerAuto Relic
DAJLB-MBJoe MauerAuto Relic
DAJLB-MHTorii HunterAuto Relic
DAJLB-MHJoe MauerAuto Relic

White Sox

12Eloy Jimenez
22Frank Thomas
92Luis Robert
CCR-47Luis Robert
AA-EJEloy JimenezAuto
AA-GSHEGavin SheetsRCAuto
AA-JBJake BurgerRCAuto
AA-LGLucas GiolitoAuto
AA-MBMark BuehrleAuto
AA-TATim AndersonAuto
AABC-GSHGavin SheetsAuto
AABC-LGLucas GiolitoAuto
AABC-TATim AndersonAuto
SS-GSHGavin SheetsRCAuto
MDA-AKJose AbreuAuto
MDA-AKPaul KonerkoAuto
MTA-KATFrank ThomasAuto
MTA-KATPaul KonerkoAuto
MTA-KATJose AbreuAuto
MFA-FTFrank ThomasAuto
MFA-LGLucas GiolitoAuto
MFA-TATim AndersonAuto
HOFA-FTFrank ThomasAuto
MMR1-EJEloy JimenezRelic
MMR1-FTFrank ThomasRelic
MMR1-LGLucas GiolitoRelic
MMR1-MBMark BuehrleRelic
MMR2-JAJose AbreuRelic
MMR2-JBJake BurgerRCRelic
MMR2-LRLuis RobertRelic
MMR2-MKMichael KopechRelic
MMR2-YGYasmani GrandalRelic
MMR2-YMOYoan MoncadaRelic
DMMR-AATim AndersonRelic
DMMR-AAJose AbreuRelic
DMMR-GFLucas GiolitoRelic
MUMR1-EJEloy JimenezRelic
MUMR1-JABJose AbreuRelic
MUMR1-JAB2Jose AbreuRelic
MUMR1-YMOYoan MoncadaRelic
MUMR1-YMO2Yoan MoncadaRelic
MUMR2-EJEloy JimenezRelic
MUMR2-YGRYasmani GrandalRelic
JLBNR-FTFrank ThomasRelic
JLBNR-JTJim ThomeRelic
JLBNR-SAJSandy Alomar Jr.Relic
MAMR-JAJose AbreuRelic
SPPPQR-EJEloy JimenezRelic
SPPPQR-LGLucas GiolitoRelic
SPPQRL-FTFrank ThomasRelic
FPR-AJRAJose AbreuRelic
FPR-AJRATim AndersonRelic
FPR-AJRAEloy JimenezRelic
FPR-AJRALuis RobertRelic
MFAP-FTFrank ThomasAuto Relic
MFAP-LGLucas GiolitoAuto Relic
MFDAP-CTFrank ThomasAuto Relic
MMJPA-EJEloy JimenezAuto Relic
MMJPA-LGLucas GiolitoAuto Relic
MMJPA-YMOYoan MoncadaAuto Relic
MMDPA-MJYoan MoncadaAuto Relic
MMDPA-MJEloy JimenezAuto Relic
MMDPA-TAFrank ThomasAuto Relic
MMDPA-TAJose AbreuAuto Relic
SWDRA-AVAndrew VaughnAuto Relic
SWDRA-DCDylan CeaseAuto Relic
SWDRA-EJEloy JimenezAuto Relic
SWDRA-JABJose AbreuAuto Relic
SWDRA-YGYasmani GrandalAuto Relic
SWTRA-AVAndrew VaughnAuto Relic
SWTRA-EJEloy JimenezAuto Relic
SWTRA-YMYoan MoncadaAuto Relic
JLB-FTFrank ThomasAuto Relic
DAJLB-CTFrank ThomasAuto Relic
DAJLB-GTFrank ThomasAuto Relic
DAJLB-TTJim ThomeAuto Relic
DAJLB-TTFrank ThomasAuto Relic
BAR-JAJose AbreuAuto Relic


21Anthony Rizzo
48Aaron Judge
56Giancarlo Stanton
60Babe Ruth
63Gerrit Cole
72Derek Jeter
76Mariano Rivera
84Lou Gehrig
CCR-5Aaron Judge
CCR-12Derek Jeter
CCR-16Don Mattingly
CCR-17Lou Gehrig
CCR-38Reggie Jackson
Aaron JudgeAuto
Derek JeterAuto
AA-BDBucky DentAuto
AA-GSHGary SheffieldAuto
AA-GUGio UrshelaAuto
AA-LGILuis GilRCAuto
AA-LVLuke VoitAuto
AA-MRMariano RiveraAuto
AA-MTEMark TeixeiraAuto
AA-POPaul O’NeillAuto
SS-AJAaron JudgeAuto
SS-CSCC SabathiaAuto
SS-GUGio UrshelaAuto
MDA-MVDon MattinglyAuto
MDA-MVLuke VoitAuto
MTA-JJWReggie JacksonAuto
MTA-JJWBernie WilliamsAuto
MTA-JJWAaron JudgeAuto
MTA-PJRAndy PettitteAuto
MTA-PJRDerek JeterAuto
MTA-PJRMariano RiveraAuto
MFA-AJAaron JudgeAuto
MFA-DJDerek JeterAuto
MFA-DWDave WinfieldAuto
MFA-GGGoose GossageAuto
MFA-LVLuke VoitAuto
MFA-MRMariano RiveraAuto
HOFA-DJDerek JeterAuto
HOFA-MRMariano RiveraAuto
MMR1-ACAroldis ChapmanRelic
MMR1-AJUAaron JudgeRelic
MMR1-APAndy PettitteRelic
MMR1-ARAnthony RizzoRelic
MMR1-CSCC SabathiaRelic
MMR1-DJDerek JeterRelic
MMR1-DLDJ LeMahieuRelic
MMR1-GCGerrit ColeRelic
MMR1-GSTGiancarlo StantonRelic
MMR1-GTGleyber TorresRelic
MMR1-JGJoey GalloRelic
MMR1-LVLuke VoitRelic
MMR1-MRMariano RiveraRelic
MMR2-AJAaron JudgeRelic
MMR2-ARIAnthony RizzoRelic
MMR2-BGBrett GardnerRelic
MMR2-CKCorey KluberRelic
MMR2-GCGerrit ColeRelic
MMR2-GSGiancarlo StantonRelic
MMR2-LSLuis SeverinoRelic
MMR2-RCRoger ClemensRelic
DMMR-GTGerrit ColeRelic
DMMR-GTGleyber TorresRelic
DMMR-JSDerek JeterRelic
DMMR-JSCC SabathiaRelic
DMMR-RCMariano RiveraRelic
DMMR-RCAroldis ChapmanRelic
DMMR-SJAaron JudgeRelic
DMMR-SJGiancarlo StantonRelic
MMJPR-ACAroldis ChapmanRelic
MMJPR-AJAaron JudgeRelic
MMJPR-CSCC SabathiaRelic
MMJPR-DLDJ LeMahieuRelic
MMJPR-GCGerrit ColeRelic
MMJPR-GSTGiancarlo StantonRelic
MMJPR-GTGleyber TorresRelic
MUMR1-ACAroldis ChapmanRelic
MUMR1-AC2Aroldis ChapmanRelic
MUMR1-AJAaron JudgeRelic
MUMR1-AJ2Aaron JudgeRelic
MUMR1-APAndy PettitteRelic
MUMR1-AP2Andy PettitteRelic
MUMR1-CSCC SabathiaRelic
MUMR1-CS2CC SabathiaRelic
MUMR1-DJDerek JeterRelic
MUMR1-DLDJ LeMahieuRelic
MUMR1-DL2DJ LeMahieuRelic
MUMR1-GCGerrit ColeRelic
MUMR1-GC2Gerrit ColeRelic
MUMR1-GSGiancarlo StantonRelic
MUMR1-GS2Giancarlo StantonRelic
MUMR1-GTGleyber TorresRelic
MUMR1-GT2Gleyber TorresRelic
MUMR1-JDOJosh DonaldsonRelic
MUMR2-BGBrett GardnerRelic
MUMR2-LSLuis SeverinoRelic
MUMR2-LS2Luis SeverinoRelic
MUMR2-LVLuke VoitRelic
MUMR2-LV2Luke VoitRelic
JLBNR-AJUAaron JudgeRelic
JLBNR-ARIAnthony RizzoRelic
JLBNR-ASAlfonso SorianoRelic
JLBNR-BWBernie WilliamsRelic
JLBNR-DJDerek JeterRelic
JLBNR-GSGiancarlo StantonRelic
JLBNR-GSHGary SheffieldRelic
JLBNR-JDJosh DonaldsonRelic
MAMR-AJAaron JudgeRelic
MAMR-DLDJ LeMahieuRelic
MAMR-GTGleyber TorresRelic
SPPPQR-ACAroldis ChapmanRelic
SPPPQR-AJAaron JudgeRelic
SPPPQR-BGBrett GardnerRelic
SPPPQR-GCGerrit ColeRelic
SPPPQR-GSTGiancarlo StantonRelic
SPPPQR-GTGleyber TorresRelic
SPPPQR-JDOJosh DonaldsonRelic
SPPPQR-LSLuis SeverinoRelic
SPPQRL-APAndy PettitteRelic
SPPQRL-CSCC SabathiaRelic
SPPQRL-DJDerek JeterRelic
SPPQRL-MRMariano RiveraRelic
SPPQRL-RCRoger ClemensRelic
FPR-CHJDAroldis ChapmanRelic
FPR-CKCBZack BrittonRelic
FPR-CKCBLuis SeverinoRelic
FPR-CKCBGerrit ColeRelic
FPR-CKCBAroldis ChapmanRelic
FPR-JTBHAaron JudgeRelic
FPR-KVDCGerrit ColeRelic
FPR-SJLTAaron JudgeRelic
FPR-SJLTGiancarlo StantonRelic
FPR-SJLTGleyber TorresRelic
FPR-SJLTDJ LeMahieuRelic
MFAP-CSCC SabathiaAuto Relic
MFAP-DJDerek JeterAuto Relic
MFAP-MRMariano RiveraAuto Relic
MFDAP-JJAaron JudgeAuto Relic
MFDAP-JJDerek JeterAuto Relic
MFDAP-SRCC SabathiaAuto Relic
MFDAP-SRMariano RiveraAuto Relic
MMJPA-ACAroldis ChapmanAuto Relic
MMJPA-ARIZAnthony RizzoAuto Relic
MMJPA-CSCC SabathiaAuto Relic
MMJPA-DLDJ LeMahieuAuto Relic
MMJPA-GCGerrit ColeAuto Relic
MMJPA-JDJosh DonaldsonAuto Relic
MMJPA-LSLuis SeverinoAuto Relic
MMJPA-MAMiguel AndujarAuto Relic
MMJPA-MRMariano RiveraAuto Relic
MMJPA-WBWade BoggsAuto Relic
MMDPA-ALDJ LeMahieuAuto Relic
MMDPA-GJAaron JudgeAuto Relic
MMDPA-GJJoey GalloAuto Relic
MMDPA-RCAroldis ChapmanAuto Relic
MMDPA-RCMariano RiveraAuto Relic
MMDPA-SCGerrit ColeAuto Relic
MMDPA-SCCC SabathiaAuto Relic
SWDRA-ACAroldis ChapmanAuto Relic
SWDRA-ASAlfonso SorianoAuto Relic
SWDRA-LSLuis SeverinoAuto Relic
SWDRA-MAMiguel AndujarAuto Relic
SWTRA-ACAroldis ChapmanAuto Relic
SWTRA-AJAaron JudgeAuto Relic
SWTRA-ASAlfonso SorianoAuto Relic
SWTRA-BWBernie WilliamsAuto Relic
SWTRA-DLEDJ LeMahieuAuto Relic
JLB-DJDerek JeterAuto Relic
JLB-MTEMark TeixeiraAuto Relic
JLB-WIDave WinfieldAuto Relic
DAJLB-RJDerek JeterAuto Relic
DAJLB-TWBernie WilliamsAuto Relic
DAJLB-TWMark TeixeiraAuto Relic
DAJLB-VJDerek JeterAuto Relic
DAJLB-WOBernie WilliamsAuto Relic
DAJLB-WOPaul O’NeillAuto Relic
BAR-DJDerek JeterAuto Relic
BAR-DLDJ LemahieuAuto Relic