2022 Topps Luminaries Baseball card checklist

2022 Topps Luminaries Checklist

Release Date: 10/21/22

Cards per Pack: 1

Packs per Hobby Box: 1

Hobby Boxes per Case: 12

Release Year Archive: 2022

Manufacturer Archive: Topps

Tag Archive: Luminaries

Category Archive: Baseball Card Checklists

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2022 Topps Luminaries baseball cards are among the most sought after releases of the years for autograph collectors. Each box contains one encased autograph or autographed relic card and no card in the entire set has a print run larger than 15.

There is no base set for this set but most subsets include a number of color parallels.

This checklist is organized by teams. Scroll through the entire list or jump to a specific team by selecting it from the list below. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings.

2022 Topps Luminaries Checklist

Home Run Kings (HRK) – 72 Cards
Base – #/15
Red – #/10
Blue – #/5
Purple – #/3
Black – 1/1

Home Run Kings Ultra Book (HRK-UB) – 1 Card
Base – 1/1

Home Run Kings Ultimate Book (HRK-ULTB) – 1 Card
Base – 1/1

Home Run Kings Auto/Relic (HRKAR) – 52 Cards
Base – #/15
Blue – #/5
Purple – #/3
Black – 1/1

Home Run Kings Auto Patch (HRKAP) – 31 Cards
Base – #/15
Black – 1/1

Home Run Kings Dual Auto Patch (HRKD) – 5 Cards
Base – 1/1

Home Run Kings Triple Auto Patch (HRKT) – 3 Cards
Base – 1/1

Hit Kings (HK) – 80 Cards
Base – #/15
Red – #/10
Blue – #/5
Purple – #/3
Black – 1/1

Hit Kings Ultra Book (HK-UB) – 1 Card
Base – 1/1

Hit Kings Ultimate (HK-ULTB) – 1 Card
Base – 1/1

Hit Kings Auto/Relic (HKAR) – 49 Cards
Base – #/15
Blue – #/5
Purple – #/3
Black – 1/1

Hit Kings Auto Patch (HKAP) – 26 Cards
Base – #/15
Black – 1/1

Hit Kings Dual Auto Patch (HKD) – 6 Cards
Base – 1/1

Masters of the Mound (MOM) – 19 Cards
Base – #/15
Red – #/10
Blue – #/5
Purple – #/3
Black – 1/1

Masters of the Mound Ultra Book (MOTM-UB) – 1 Card
Base – 1/1

Masters of the Mound Auto/Relic (MOMAR) – 13 Cards
Base – #/15
Blue – #/5
Purple – #/3
Black – 1/1

Masters of the Mound Auto Patch (MOMAP) – 9 Cards
Base – #/15
Black – 1/1

Masters of the Mound Dual Auto Patch (MOMDR) – 2 Cards
Base – 1/1

The Greatest Book Card (GREAT-EST) – 1 Card
Base – 1/1

Spark of Light (SLA) – 21 Cards
Base – #/15 or fewer
Purple – #/3
Gold – 1/1

Spark of Light Dual (SLDA) – 5 Cards
Base – #/15 or fewer
Purple – #/3
Gold – 1/1

Spark of Light Auto Patch (SLP) – 9 Cards
Base – #/15 or fewer
Gold – 1/1

Spark of Light Dual Auto Patch (SLDP) – 3 Cards
Base – #/15 or fewer
Gold – 1/1

Guiding Light Triple Auto (GLT) – 6 Cards
Base – #/5
Purple – #/3
Gold – 1/1

Guiding Light Triple Auto Relic (GLTA) – 8 Cards
Base – #/5
Purple – #/3
Gold – 1/1

Letters Book (LBC) – 96 Cards
Base – 1/1

Cut Signatures (CUT) – 99 Cards
Base – 1/1

Cut Signature Relic (CSR) – 25 Cards
Base – 1/1

Cut Signature Bat Knob (CSBK) – 3 Cards

Dual Cut Signature Book (DCBC) – 4 Cards
Base – 1/1


HRK-ALPAlbert Pujols
HRK-APAlbert Pujols
HRK-MTMike Trout
HRK-MTRMike Trout
HRK-SOShohei Ohtani
HRK-VLAVladimir Guerrero
HRK-UBMike TroutUltra Book
HRK-ULTBMike TroutUltimate Book
HRK-ULTBShohei OhtaniUltimate Book
HK-APUAlbert Pujols
HK-BMBrandon MarshRookie
HK-MTMike Trout
HK-RORod Carew
HK-SOShohei Ohtani
HK-UBMike TroutUltra Book
HK-ULTBMike TroutUltimate Book
MOM-SOShohei Ohtani
MOTM-UBShohei OhtaniUltra Book
GREAT-ESTShohei OhtaniGreatest Book
GREAT-ESTMike TroutGreatest Book
SLA-BMBrandon MarshRookie
SLA-SOShohei Ohtani
GLTA-GTAMike Trout
GLTA-IMOShohei Ohtani
GLTA-JTOReggie Jackson
GLTA-JTOMike Trout
GLTA-JTOShohei Ohtani
HRKAR-BMABrandon MarshRookieAuto/Relic
HRKAR-MTMike TroutAuto/Relic
HRKAR-MTRMike TroutAuto/Relic
HRKAR-SOShohei OhtaniAuto/Relic
HRKAP-MTMike TroutAuto/Relic
HRKAP-MTRMike TroutAuto/Relic
HRKD-TOShohei OhtaniAuto/Relic
HRKD-TOMike TroutAuto/Relic
HKAR-MTMike TroutAuto/Relic
HKAR-MTRMike TroutAuto/Relic
HKAR-RCRod CarewAuto/Relic
HKAR-SOShohei OhtaniAuto/Relic
HKAP-MTMike TroutAuto/Relic
HKAP-RCRod CarewAuto/Relic
HKD-THMike TroutAuto/Relic
HKD-TOMike TroutAuto/Relic
HKD-TOShohei OhtaniAuto/Relic
MOMAR-SOShohei OhtaniAuto/Relic
MOMAP-SOShohei OhtaniAuto/Relic
LBC-MTMike TroutAuto/Relic
LBC-MT2Mike TroutAuto/Relic
LBC-MT3Mike TroutAuto/Relic
LBC-MT4Mike TroutAuto/Relic
LBC-MT5Mike TroutAuto/Relic
LBC-SOShohei OhtaniAuto/Relic
LBC-SO1Shohei OhtaniAuto/Relic
LBC-SO2Shohei OhtaniAuto/Relic
SLP-BMBrandon MarshRookieAuto/Relic
GLT-GTAMike TroutAuto/Relic


HRK-ABAlex Bregman
HRK-JALJose Altuve
HRK-YAYordan Alvarez
HRK-ULTBJeff BagwellUltimate Book
HK-ABAlex Bregman
HK-JALJose Altuve
HK-YAYordan Alvarez
HK-ULTBJose AltuveUltimate Book
MOM-NRNolan Ryan
MOTM-UBNolan RyanUltra Book
SLA-YAYordan Alvarez
SLDA-ATYordan Alvarez
SLDA-ATKyle Tucker
HRKAR-ABRAlex BregmanAuto/Relic
HRKAR-JAJose AltuveAuto/Relic
HRKAR-JBJeff BagwellAuto/Relic
HRKAR-YAYordan AlvarezAuto/Relic
HRKAP-JAJose AltuveAuto/Relic
HRKAP-YAYordan AlvarezAuto/Relic
HKAR-JALJose AltuveAuto/Relic
HKAR-YAYordan AlvarezAuto/Relic
HKAP-JAJose AltuveAuto/Relic
HKAP-YAYordan AlvarezAuto/Relic
MOMAR-APAndy PettitteAuto/Relic
LBC-JAJose AltuveAuto/Relic
LBC-JA1Jose AltuveAuto/Relic
CUT-JM2Joe Morgan


HRK-MMMark McGwire
HRK-ULTBReggie JacksonUltimate Book
HK-MMMark McGwire
HK-MOMatt Olson
HK-RHRickey Henderson
HK-ULTBReggie JacksonUltimate Book
HK-ULTBRickey HendersonUltimate Book
GREAT-ESTRickey HendersonGreatest Book
GLTA-JMHReggie Jackson
GLTA-JMHMark McGwire
GLTA-JMHRickey Henderson
HRKAP-MOMatt OlsonAuto/Relic
HKAR-RHERickey HendersonAuto/Relic
LBC-MMMark McGwireAuto/Relic
CUT-JHJim “Catfish” Hunter
CUT-LGRLefty Grove

Blue Jays

HRK-GSGeorge Springer
HRK-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.
HRK-VGUVladimir Guerrero Jr.
HRK-ULTBGeorge SpringerUltimate Book
HRK-ULTBCarlos DelgadoUltimate Book
HRK-ULTBVladimir Guerrero Jr.Ultimate Book
HK-GSGeorge Springer
HK-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.
HK-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.
HK-UBVladimir Guerrero Jr.Ultra Book
HK-ULTBVladimir Guerrero Jr.Ultimate Book
GREAT-ESTVladimir Guerrero Jr.Greatest Book
SLA-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.
SLDA-GHTeoscar Hernandez
SLDA-GHVladimir Guerrero Jr.
SLDA-GTVladimir Guerrero Jr.
HRKAR-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto/Relic
HRKAP-GSGeorge SpringerAuto/Relic
HRKAP-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto/Relic
HRKD-GTVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto/Relic
HRKT-AGSVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto/Relic
HKAR-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto/Relic
HKAR-VGJRVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto/Relic
HKAP-GSGeorge SpringerAuto/Relic
HKAP-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto/Relic
HKD-GHVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto/Relic
HKD-GHTeoscar HernandezAuto/Relic
HKD-GTVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto/Relic
LBC-THZTeoscar HernandezAuto/Relic
LBC-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto/Relic
LBC-VGJ1Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto/Relic
LBC-VGJ2Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto/Relic
LBC-VGJ3Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto/Relic
LBC-VGJ4Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto/Relic
LBC-VGJ5Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto/Relic
LBC-VGJ6Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto/Relic
LBC-VGJ7Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto/Relic
SLP-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto/Relic


HRK-CJChipper Jones
HRK-FFFreddie Freeman
HRK-RARonald Acuña Jr.
HRK-ULTBFreddie FreemanUltimate Book
HRK-ULTBHank AaronUltimate Book
HRK-ULTBDale MurphyUltimate Book
HRK-ULTBChipper JonesUltimate Book
HK-CJChipper Jones
HK-DMUDale Murphy
HK-FFFreddie Freeman
HK-OAOzzie Albies
HK-RARonald Acuña Jr.
HK-UBHank AaronUltra Book
HK-ULTBFreddie FreemanUltimate Book
HK-ULTBChipper JonesUltimate Book
HK-ULTBRonald Acuña Jr.Ultimate Book
MOM-GMAGreg Maddux
MOM-JSJohn Smoltz
MOTM-UBGreg MadduxUltra Book
GREAT-ESTGreg MadduxGreatest Book
GREAT-ESTHank AaronGreatest Book
GREAT-ESTChipper JonesGreatest Book
SLA-ARIAustin Riley
SLA-RARonald Acuña Jr.
SLDA-ASRonald Acuña Jr.
GLTA-GTARonald Acuña Jr.
HRKAR-CJChipper JonesAuto/Relic
HRKAR-FFFreddie FreemanAuto/Relic
HRKAR-RARonald Acuña Jr.Auto/Relic
HRKAP-ARIAustin RileyAuto/Relic
HRKAP-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Auto/Relic
HRKD-AFFreddie FreemanAuto/Relic
HRKD-AFRonald Acuña Jr.Auto/Relic
HRKT-ARFAustin RileyAuto/Relic
HRKT-ARFFreddie FreemanAuto/Relic
HRKT-ARFRonald Acuña Jr.Auto/Relic
HKAR-ARAustin RileyAuto/Relic
HKAR-CJChipper JonesAuto/Relic
HKAR-DMRDale MurphyAuto/Relic
HKAR-FFFreddie FreemanAuto/Relic
HKAR-RARonald Acuña Jr.Auto/Relic
HKAP-ARIAustin RileyAuto/Relic
HKAP-RARonald Acuña Jr.Auto/Relic
HKD-AFRonald Acuña Jr.Auto/Relic
HKD-AFFreddie FreemanAuto/Relic
HKD-JFFreddie FreemanAuto/Relic
HKD-JFChipper JonesAuto/Relic
MOMAR-GMAGreg MadduxAuto/Relic
MOMAR-TGTom GlavineAuto/Relic
MOMAP-TGTom GlavineAuto/Relic
LBC-ARAustin RileyAuto/Relic
LBC-AR1Austin RileyAuto/Relic
LBC-CJChipper JonesAuto/Relic
LBC-CJ1Chipper JonesAuto/Relic
LBC-CJ2Chipper JonesAuto/Relic
LBC-FFFreddie FreemanAuto/Relic
LBC-FF1Freddie FreemanAuto/Relic
LBC-FF2Freddie FreemanAuto/Relic
LBC-RARonald Acuña Jr.Auto/Relic
LBC-RA1Ronald Acuña Jr.Auto/Relic
LBC-RA2Ronald Acuña Jr.Auto/Relic
LBC-RA3Ronald Acuña Jr.Auto/Relic
LBC-RA4Ronald Acuña Jr.Auto/Relic
LBC-RA5Ronald Acuña Jr.Auto/Relic
LBC-RA6Ronald Acuña Jr.Auto/Relic
SLP-RARonald Acuña Jr.Auto/Relic
SLDP-ASRonald Acuña Jr.Auto/Relic
GLT-GTARonald Acuña Jr.Auto/Relic
CUT-EMEddie Mathews
CUT-HAHank Aaron
CUT-WSWarren Spahn
CUT-WS1Warren Spahn
CSBK-EMEddie Mathews


HRK-CYEChristian Yelich
HRK-ULTBChristian YelichUltimate Book
HK-CYChristian Yelich
HK-PMPaul Molitor
HK-RYRobin Yount
HRKAR-CYChristian YelichAuto/Relic
HRKAP-CYChristian YelichAuto/Relic
HRKAP-CYEChristian YelichAuto/Relic
HKAR-CYEChristian YelichAuto/Relic
HKAP-CYChristian YelichAuto/Relic
HKAP-RYRobin YountAuto/Relic
LBC-CYChristian YelichAuto/Relic
LBC-CY1Christian YelichAuto/Relic
LBC-CY2Christian YelichAuto/Relic
LBC-CY3Christian YelichAuto/Relic
LBC-CY4Christian YelichAuto/Relic
CUT-HAAHank Aaron


CUT-RFRick Ferrell
CUT-SPSatchel Paige


HRK-APUAlbert Pujols
HRK-MMCMark McGwire
HRK-NANolan Arenado
HRK-PGPaul Goldschmidt
HRK-UBPaul GoldschmidtUltra Book
HRK-ULTBNolan ArenadoUltimate Book
HRK-ULTBMark McGwireUltimate Book
HRK-ULTBStan MusialUltimate Book
HK-APAlbert Pujols
HK-MMCMark McGwire
HK-NANolan Arenado
HK-OSOzzie Smith
HK-PGOPaul Goldschmidt
HK-ULTBStan MusialUltimate Book
HK-ULTBYadier MolinaUltimate Book
HK-ULTBLou BrockUltimate Book
HK-ULTBPaul GoldschmidtUltimate Book
GREAT-ESTAlbert PujolsGreatest Book
GREAT-ESTMark McGwireGreatest Book
SLA-DCDylan Carlson
HRKAR-MMMark McGwireAuto/Relic
HRKAR-NARNolan ArenadoAuto/Relic
HRKAR-PGPaul GoldschmidtAuto/Relic
HRKAP-NANolan ArenadoAuto/Relic
HRKT-PRGAlbert PujolsAuto/Relic
HKAR-MMMark McGwireAuto/Relic
HKAR-OSOzzie SmithAuto/Relic
HKAP-NANolan ArenadoAuto/Relic
HKAP-PGPaul GoldschmidtAuto/Relic
LBC-NARNolan ArenadoAuto/Relic
CUT-BGBob Gibson
CUT-CFCurt Flood
CUT-JBJack Buck
CUT-JMI1Johnny Mize
CUT-LB1Lou Brock
CUT-SMStan Musial
CUT-SMUStan Musial
CUT-WMWally Moon
CSR-JMJohnny Mize
CSR-LBLou Brock
CSR-RSRed Schoendienst


HRK-ADAndre Dawson
HRK-RSARyne Sandberg
HRK-ULTBSammy SosaUltimate Book
HK-ADAndre Dawson
HK-RIZAnthony Rizzo
HK-RSRyne Sandberg
MOM-FGFergie Jenkins
MOM-GMGreg Maddux
MOM-LSLee Smith
GREAT-ESTSammy SosaGreatest Book
HRKAR-SSSammy SosaAuto/Relic
HRKAR-WCWillson ContrerasAuto/Relic
HRKAP-WCWillson ContrerasAuto/Relic
HKAR-RSRyne SandbergAuto/Relic
MOMAR-FJFergie JenkinsAuto/Relic
MOMAR-GMGreg MadduxAuto/Relic
MOMDR-JMFergie JenkinsAuto/Relic
MOMDR-JMGreg MadduxAuto/Relic
LBC-WCWillson ContrerasAuto/Relic
GLT-DSCSammy SosaAuto/Relic
GLT-DSCWillson ContrerasAuto/Relic
GLT-DSCAndre DawsonAuto/Relic
CUT-EBErnie Banks
CUT-EBAErnie Banks
CUT-HCHarry Caray
CUT-HSHank Sauer
CUT-LBRLou Brock
CUT-RSRon Santo
CUT-RS1Ron Santo
CSR-RSARon Santo


MOM-RJRandy Johnson
GREAT-ESTRandy JohnsonGreatest Book


HRK-CBCody Bellinger
HRK-EMYEddie Murray
HRK-MPIMike Piazza
HRK-UBAlbert PujolsUltra Book
HRK-ULTBAlbert PujolsUltimate Book
HRK-ULTBCody BellingerUltimate Book
HK-UBAlbert PujolsUltra Book
HK-ULTBAlbert PujolsUltimate Book
GLTA-RDBWalker Buehler
HRKAR-CBCody BellingerAuto/Relic
MOMAR-WBWalker BuehlerAuto/Relic
MOMAP-WBWalker BuehlerAuto/Relic
CUT-DDDon Drysdale
CUT-DSDuke Snider
CUT-DS1Duke Snider
CUT-GHGil Hodges
CUT-LDLeo Durocher
CUT-PRPee Wee Reese
CUT-RCARoy Campanella
CUT-TLTommy Lasorda
CSR-GHGil Hodges
CSR-PREPee Wee Reese


HRK-VGVladimir Guerrero
HRK-ULTBVladimir GuerreroUltimate Book
HK-TRTim Raines
HRKAR-VGVladimir GuerreroAuto/Relic
HKAR-VGVladimir GuerreroAuto/Relic
CUT-GCA2Gary Carter


HRK-BPBuster Posey
HRK-ULTBKris BryantUltimate Book
HK-BPBuster Posey
HK-ULTBBuster PoseyUltimate Book
HK-ULTBKris BryantUltimate Book
MOM-JMJuan Marichal
HRKAR-BPBuster PoseyAuto/Relic
HRKAP-BPBuster PoseyAuto/Relic
HKAR-BPBuster PoseyAuto/Relic
HKAP-BPBuster PoseyAuto/Relic
CUT-BTBill Terry
CUT-BTH1Bobby Thomson
CUT-CHCarl Hubbell
CUT-WM1Willie McCovey
CSR-BTBobby Thomson
CSBK-GKGeorge “High Pockets” Kelly
CSBK-WMWillie McCovey


HRK-JRAJose Ramirez
HRK-ULTBJose RamirezUltimate Book
HK-JRJose Ramirez
MOM-SBIShane Bieber
CUT-BFBob Feller
CUT-BLBob Lemon
CUT-LBLou Boudreau
CSR-BFBob Feller


HRK-ARDAlex Rodriguez
HRK-EMAEdgar Martinez
HRK-JRJulio RodriguezRC
HRK-KGKen Griffey Jr.
HRK-ULTBKen Griffey Jr.Ultimate Book
HK-ARMAlex Rodriguez
HK-EMEdgar Martinez
HK-EMZEdgar Martinez
HK-JURJulio RodriguezRC
HK-UBIchiroUltra Book
HK-ULTBAlex RodriguezUltimate Book
HK-ULTBIchiroUltimate Book
HK-ULTBKen Griffey Jr.Ultimate Book
MOTM-UBRandy JohnsonUltra Book
GREAT-ESTIchiroGreatest Book
GREAT-ESTKen Griffey Jr.Greatest Book
SLA-JRJulio RodriguezRC
GLTA-GTAKen Griffey Jr.
HRKAR-KGKen Griffey Jr.Auto/Relic
HRKAP-ARDAlex RodriguezAuto/Relic
HRKAP-KGKen Griffey Jr.Auto/Relic
HRKT-PRGKen Griffey Jr.Auto/Relic
HKAR-EMAEdgar MartinezAuto/Relic
HKAR-KGKen Griffey Jr.Auto/Relic
HKAP-ARAlex RodriguezAuto/Relic
HKAP-KGKen Griffey Jr.Auto/Relic
LBC-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Auto/Relic
GLT-GTAKen Griffey Jr.Auto/Relic


HRK-IVRIvan Rodriguez
HK-ULTBGary SheffieldUltimate Book
SLA-BDBryan De La CruzRC
SLP-BDBryan De La CruzRCAuto/Relic


HRK-DWDavid Wright
HRK-MPMike Piazza
HRK-PAPete Alonso
HRK-PALPete Alonso
HRK-PAOPete Alonso
HRK-ULTBMike PiazzaUltimate Book
HRK-ULTBPete AlonsoUltimate Book
HK-PAPete Alonso
MOTM-UBJacob deGromUltra Book
GREAT-ESTMike PiazzaGreatest Book
GREAT-ESTJacob deGromGreatest Book
GREAT-ESTPete AlonsoGreatest Book
SLA-PAPete Alonso
SLDA-JAPete Alonso
GLTA-RDBJacob deGrom
HRKAR-DWDavid WrightAuto/Relic
HRKAR-MPMike PiazzaAuto/Relic
HRKAR-PAPete AlonsoAuto/Relic
HRKAR-PALPete AlonsoAuto/Relic
HRKAP-MPMike PiazzaAuto/Relic
HRKAP-PAPete AlonsoAuto/Relic
HRKD-APMike PiazzaAuto/Relic
HRKD-APPete AlonsoAuto/Relic
HKAR-PAPete AlonsoAuto/Relic
HKAR-PALPete AlonsoAuto/Relic
HKAP-PAPete AlonsoAuto/Relic
LBC-DWDavid WrightAuto/Relic
LBC-PAPete AlonsoAuto/Relic
LBC-PALPete AlonsoAuto/Relic
LBC-PAL2Pete AlonsoAuto/Relic
SLP-PAPete AlonsoAuto/Relic
SLDP-JAPete AlonsoAuto/Relic
CUT-GCA1Gary Carter
CUT-GCA3Gary Carter


HRK-JSJuan Soto
HRK-ULTBJuan SotoUltimate Book
HK-JSJuan Soto
HK-UBJuan SotoUltra Book
HK-ULTBJuan SotoUltimate Book
GREAT-ESTJuan SotoGreatest Book
SLA-JSJuan Soto
SLDA-ASJuan Soto
HRKAR-JSJuan SotoAuto/Relic
HRKAP-JSJuan SotoAuto/Relic
HRKT-AGSJuan SotoAuto/Relic
HKAR-JSJuan SotoAuto/Relic
LBC-JS1Juan SotoAuto/Relic
LBC-JS2Juan SotoAuto/Relic
LBC-JSOJuan SotoAuto/Relic
SLP-JSJuan SotoAuto/Relic
SLDP-ASJuan SotoAuto/Relic


HRK-CRCal Ripken Jr.
HRK-EMEddie Murray
HRK-ULTBCal Ripken Jr.Ultimate Book
HRK-ULTBEddie MurrayUltimate Book
HK-CRCal Ripken Jr.
HK-EMUEddie Murray
HK-UBCal Ripken Jr.Ultra Book
HK-ULTBCal Ripken Jr.Ultimate Book
HK-ULTBEddie MurrayUltimate Book
HK-ULTBBrooks RobinsonUltimate Book
MOM-JPJim Palmer
GREAT-ESTCal Ripken Jr.Greatest Book
HRKAR-CRCal Ripken Jr.Auto/Relic
HRKAR-EMEddie MurrayAuto/Relic
HKAR-CRCal Ripken Jr.Auto/Relic
HKAR-EMEddie MurrayAuto/Relic
LBC-CRCal Ripken Jr.Auto/Relic
LBC-CR1Cal Ripken Jr.Auto/Relic
LBC-CR2Cal Ripken Jr.Auto/Relic
LBC-CR3Cal Ripken Jr.Auto/Relic
LBC-CR4Cal Ripken Jr.Auto/Relic
LBC-CR5Cal Ripken Jr.Auto/Relic
GLT-RJTCal Ripken Jr.Auto/Relic
CUT-EWEarl Weaver
CUT-FR3Frank Robinson
CUT-FRA1Frank Robinson


HRK-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.
HRK-MMOManny Machado
HRK-UBManny MachadoUltra Book
HRK-ULTBFernando Tatis Jr.Ultimate Book
HRK-ULTBManny MachadoUltimate Book
HK-DWDave Winfield
HK-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.
HK-UBFernando Tatis Jr.Ultra Book
HK-ULTBFernando Tatis Jr.Ultimate Book
HK-ULTBManny MachadoUltimate Book
GREAT-ESTFernando Tatis Jr.Greatest Book
SLA-FTFernando Tatis Jr.
SLDA-GTFernando Tatis Jr.
GLTA-JTFFernando Tatis Jr.
HRKAR-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Auto/Relic
HRKAR-MMAManny MachadoAuto/Relic
HRKD-GTFernando Tatis Jr.Auto/Relic
HRKT-AGSFernando Tatis Jr.Auto/Relic
HKAR-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Auto/Relic
HKD-GTFernando Tatis Jr.Auto/Relic
MOMDR-MS2Blake SnellAuto/Relic
MOMDR-MS2Joe MusgroveAuto/Relic
LBC-FTFernando Tatis Jr.Auto/Relic
LBC-FT1Fernando Tatis Jr.Auto/Relic
LBC-FT2Fernando Tatis Jr.Auto/Relic
LBC-FT3Fernando Tatis Jr.Auto/Relic
LBC-FT4Fernando Tatis Jr.Auto/Relic
LBC-FT5Fernando Tatis Jr.Auto/Relic
LBC-MM1Manny MachadoAuto/Relic
LBC-MM2Manny MachadoAuto/Relic
LBC-MM3Manny MachadoAuto/Relic
GLT-JTFFernando Tatis Jr.Auto/Relic
GLT-RJTFernando Tatis Jr.Auto/Relic
CUT-TGTony Gwynn


HRK-AMAndrew McCutchen
HRK-BHBryce Harper
HRK-MSMike Schmidt
HRK-UBBryce HarperUltra Book
HRK-ULTBMike SchmidtUltimate Book
HRK-ULTBBryce HarperUltimate Book
HK-AMAndrew McCutchen
HK-BHBryce Harper
HK-MSMike Schmidt
HK-UBBryce HarperUltra Book
MOM-SCSteve Carlton
MOTM-UBSteve CarltonUltra Book
HRKAR-BHBryce HarperAuto/Relic
HRKAR-JTJim ThomeAuto/Relic
HRKAR-RHRhys HoskinsAuto/Relic
HRKAP-AMAndrew McCutchenAuto/Relic
HRKAP-BHBryce HarperAuto/Relic
HRKAP-RHRhys HoskinsAuto/Relic
HKAR-BHBryce HarperAuto/Relic
HKAR-RHRhys HoskinsAuto/Relic
HKAP-RHRhys HoskinsAuto/Relic
HKD-THBryce HarperAuto/Relic
MOMAR-PMPedro MartinezAuto/Relic
MOMAR-SCSteve CarltonAuto/Relic
MOMAP-PMPedro MartinezAuto/Relic
MOMAP-SCSteve CarltonAuto/Relic
LBC-AMAndrew McCutchenAuto/Relic
CUT-DADick Allen
CUT-RR1Robin Roberts


HK-OCOneil CruzRC
HK-ULTBDave ParkerUltimate Book
SLA-KHKe’Bryan Hayes
SLA-OCOneil CruzRC
HKAR-KHKe’Bryan HayesAuto/Relic
CUT-RCRoberto Clemente
CUT-RKRalph Kiner
CUT-RKIRalph Kiner
CSR-HWHonus Wagner
CSR-RCRoberto Clemente
CSR-WSWillie Stargell
DCBC-HWHonus Wagner
DCBC-HWRoberto Clemente


HRK-ABEAdrian Beltre
HRK-IROIvan Rodriguez
HRK-VGRVladimir Guerrero
HRK-ULTBCorey SeagerUltimate Book
HRK-ULTBAdrian BeltreUltimate Book
HK-ARRAlex Rodriguez
HK-BELAdrian Beltre
HK-ULTBAdrian BeltreUltimate Book
GREAT-ESTAlex RodriguezGreatest Book
GLTA-RDBNolan Ryan
HRKAR-ABAdrian BeltreAuto/Relic
HRKAR-CSECorey SeagerAuto/Relic
HRKAR-IRIvan RodriguezAuto/Relic
HRKAP-ABAdrian BeltreAuto/Relic
HRKAP-IRIvan RodriguezAuto/Relic
HKAR-CSCorey SeagerAuto/Relic
HKAR-CSECorey SeagerAuto/Relic
HKAR-MTEMark TeixeiraAuto/Relic
MOMAR-NRNolan RyanAuto/Relic
MOMAP-NRNolan RyanAuto/Relic
LBC-NRNolan RyanAuto/Relic


HRK-NCRNelson Cruz
HRK-WFWander FrancoRC
HK-BOGWade Boggs
HK-WFWander FrancoRC
GREAT-ESTWander FrancoGreatest Book
SLA-WFWander FrancoRC
GLTA-JTFWander Franco
HRKAR-WFWander FrancoRCAuto/Relic
HKAR-WBOWade BoggsAuto/Relic
HKAR-WFWander FrancoRCAuto/Relic
GLT-JTFWander FrancoAuto/Relic

Red Sox

HRK-CFCarlton Fisk
HRK-CYCarl Yastrzemski
HRK-DODavid Ortiz
HRK-JDJarren DuranRC
HRK-RDRafael Devers
HRK-XBXander Bogaerts
HRK-ULTBCarl YastrzemskiUltimate Book
HRK-ULTBDavid OrtizUltimate Book
HK-CFCarlton Fisk
HK-CYACarl Yastrzemski
HK-DODavid Ortiz
HK-JDJarren DuranRC
HK-RDRafael Devers
HK-WBWade Boggs
HK-XBXander Bogaerts
HK-ULTBCarl YastrzemskiUltimate Book
HK-ULTBXander BogaertsUltimate Book
HK-ULTBRafael DeversUltimate Book
MOM-PMPedro Martinez
MOM-RCLRoger Clemens
MOTM-UBPedro MartinezUltra Book
MOTM-UBRoger ClemensUltra Book
GREAT-ESTDavid OrtizGreatest Book
GREAT-ESTPedro MartinezGreatest Book
GREAT-ESTRoger ClemensGreatest Book
SLA-JDJarren DuranRC
GLTA-OBDRafael Devers
GLTA-OBDXander Bogaerts
GLTA-OBDDavid Ortiz
HRKAR-CFCarlton FiskAuto/Relic
HRKAR-DODavid OrtizAuto/Relic
HRKAR-JDUJarren DuranRCAuto/Relic
HRKAR-RDRafael DeversAuto/Relic
HRKAP-DODavid OrtizAuto/Relic
HRKAP-RDRafael DeversAuto/Relic
HRKD-DBXander BogaertsAuto/Relic
HRKD-DBRafael DeversAuto/Relic
HKAR-DODavid OrtizAuto/Relic
HKAR-RDRafael DeversAuto/Relic
HKAR-WBWade BoggsAuto/Relic
HKAR-XBXander BogaertsAuto/Relic
HKAP-DODavid OrtizAuto/Relic
HKAP-RDRafael DeversAuto/Relic
HKAP-XBXander BogaertsAuto/Relic
HKAP-XBOXander BogaertsAuto/Relic
LBC-DODavid OrtizAuto/Relic
LBC-DO1David OrtizAuto/Relic
LBC-RDRafael DeversAuto/Relic
LBC-RD1Rafael DeversAuto/Relic
LBC-RD2Rafael DeversAuto/Relic
LBC-RD3Rafael DeversAuto/Relic
LBC-XBXander BogaertsAuto/Relic
LBC-XB1Xander BogaertsAuto/Relic
LBC-XB2Xander BogaertsAuto/Relic
SLP-JDJarren DuranRCAuto/Relic
SLDP-DDBobby DalbecAuto/Relic
SLDP-DDJarren DuranRCAuto/Relic
GLT-OBDDavid OrtizAuto/Relic
GLT-OBDRafael DeversAuto/Relic
GLT-OBDXander BogaertsAuto/Relic
CUT-JFJimmie Foxx
CUT-LGLefty Grove
CUT-SWSmokey Joe Wood
CUT-TWTed Williams
CUT-TW1Ted Williams
CSR-TWTed Williams


HRK-JVJoey Votto
HRK-UBJoey VottoUltra Book
HRK-ULTBFrank RobinsonUltimate Book
HRK-ULTBJoey VottoUltimate Book
HK-BLBarry Larkin
HK-JVJoey Votto
HK-ULTBFrank RobinsonUltimate Book
HK-ULTBJoey VottoUltimate Book
GREAT-ESTFrank RobinsonGreatest Book
GREAT-ESTJohnny BenchGreatest Book
SLA-JIJonathan India
HRKAR-JVJoey VottoAuto/Relic
HRKAP-JVJoey VottoAuto/Relic
HKAR-BLBarry LarkinAuto/Relic
HKAR-JVJoey VottoAuto/Relic
HKAP-JVJoey VottoAuto/Relic
LBC-JVJoey VottoAuto/Relic
LBC-JV1Joey VottoAuto/Relic
LBC-JV2Joey VottoAuto/Relic
SLP-JIJonathan IndiaAuto/Relic
CUT-ELErnie Lombardi
CUT-FRA2Frank Robinson
CUT-JM1Joe Morgan


HRK-LWLarry Walker
HRK-ULTBLarry WalkerUltimate Book
HRKAR-LWLarry WalkerAuto/Relic


HRK-BWBobby Witt Jr.RC
HRK-SPSalvador Perez
HRK-ULTBSalvador PerezUltimate Book
HK-BWBobby Witt Jr.RC
HK-SPSalvador Perez
HK-ULTBSalvador PerezUltimate Book
SLA-BWBobby Witt Jr.RC
LBC-SPSalvador PerezAuto/Relic
LBC-SP1Salvador PerezAuto/Relic
LBC-SP2Salvador PerezAuto/Relic


CUT-HK2Harmon Killebrew
CSR-HKIHarmon Killebrew


HRK-MCMiguel Cabrera
HRK-STSpencer TorkelsonRC
HRK-UBMiguel CabreraUltra Book
HRK-ULTBMiguel CabreraUltimate Book
HK-MCAMiguel Cabrera
HK-TORSpencer TorkelsonRC
HK-ULTBMiguel CabreraUltimate Book
GREAT-ESTMiguel CabreraGreatest Book
SLA-STSpencer TorkelsonRC
HRKAR-MCMiguel CabreraAuto/Relic
LBC-MCMiguel CabreraAuto/Relic
CUT-AKAl Kaline
CUT-EAEarl Averill
CUT-GKGeorge Kell
CUT-GK1George Kell
CUT-HGHank Greenberg
CUT-SCSam Crawford
CSR-AKAl Kaline
CSR-HGHank Greenberg


HRK-JDOJosh Donaldson
HRK-UBJosh DonaldsonUltra Book
HRK-ULTBDave WinfieldUltimate Book
HK-JMAJoe Mauer
HK-RCRod Carew
HK-ULTBPaul MolitorUltimate Book
HK-ULTBDave WinfieldUltimate Book
MOM-BBBert Blyleven
HRKAP-BBByron BuxtonAuto/Relic
LBC-BBByron BuxtonAuto/Relic
LBC-BBXByron BuxtonAuto/Relic
LBC-BBX2Byron BuxtonAuto/Relic
LBC-JDJosh DonaldsonAuto/Relic
LBC-JD1Josh DonaldsonAuto/Relic
LBC-JDNJosh DonaldsonAuto/Relic
LBC-JMJoe MauerAuto/Relic
CUT-HK1Harmon Killebrew
CUT-KPKirby Puckett
CSR-HKHarmon Killebrew
CSR-KPKirby Puckett

White Sox

HRK-EJEloy Jimenez
HRK-FTFrank Thomas
HRK-JAJose Abreu
HRK-UBJose AbreuUltra Book
HRK-ULTBLuis RobertUltimate Book
HRK-ULTBJim ThomeUltimate Book
HRK-ULTBFrank ThomasUltimate Book
HRK-ULTBJose AbreuUltimate Book
HRK-ULTBEloy JimenezUltimate Book
HK-CFICarlton Fisk
HK-EJIEloy Jimenez
HK-FTFrank Thomas
HK-JAJose Abreu
HK-JTJim Thome
HK-ULTBTim AndersonUltimate Book
SLA-AVAndrew Vaughn
GLTA-TARFrank Thomas
GLTA-TARLuis Robert
GLTA-TARJose Abreu
HRKAR-FTFrank ThomasAuto/Relic
HRKAP-FTFrank ThomasAuto/Relic
HKAR-FTFrank ThomasAuto/Relic
HKAR-JTJim ThomeAuto/Relic
LBC-EJEloy JimenezAuto/Relic
LBC-JABJose AbreuAuto/Relic
LBC-JAB1Jose AbreuAuto/Relic
SLP-EJEloy JimenezAuto/Relic
GLT-TARFrank ThomasAuto/Relic
GLT-TARLuis RobertAuto/Relic
GLT-TARJose AbreuAuto/Relic
CUT-CCOCharles Comiskey
CUT-DA1Dick Allen
CUT-HWHoyt Wilhelm
CUT-LALuke Appling
CUT-NFNellie Fox


HRK-AJAaron Judge
HRK-AROAlex Rodriguez
HRK-BWIBernie Williams
HRK-HMHideki Matsui
HRK-UBAnthony RizzoUltra Book
HRK-ULTBAlex RodriguezUltimate Book
HRK-ULTBAnthony RizzoUltimate Book
HRK-ULTBMark TeixeiraUltimate Book
HRK-ULTBAaron JudgeUltimate Book
HK-AJAaron Judge
HK-AROAlex Rodriguez
HK-DJDerek Jeter
HK-DMDon Mattingly
HK-HMIHideki Matsui
HK-UBDerek JeterUltra Book
HK-ULTBWade BoggsUltimate Book
HK-ULTBDerek JeterUltimate Book
HK-ULTBAaron JudgeUltimate Book
MOM-APAndy Pettitte
MOM-CSCC Sabathia
MOM-MRMariano Rivera
MOM-RCRoger Clemens
MOTM-UBMariano RiveraUltra Book
MOTM-UBGerrit ColeUltra Book
GREAT-ESTMariano RiveraGreatest Book
GREAT-ESTAaron JudgeGreatest Book
GREAT-ESTDerek JeterGreatest Book
SLDA-JAAaron Judge
GLTA-IMOHideki Matsui
GLTA-JTFDerek Jeter
HRKAR-AJAaron JudgeAuto/Relic
HRKAR-ARAnthony RizzoAuto/Relic
HRKAR-AROAlex RodriguezAuto/Relic
HRKAR-BWBernie WilliamsAuto/Relic
HRKAR-HMHideki MatsuiAuto/Relic
HRKAR-MTXMark TeixeiraAuto/Relic
HRKAP-AJAaron JudgeAuto/Relic
HRKAP-MTXMark TeixeiraAuto/Relic
HRKT-PRGAlex RodriguezAuto/Relic
HKAR-AJAaron JudgeAuto/Relic
HKAR-ARDAlex RodriguezAuto/Relic
HKAR-DMDon MattinglyAuto/Relic
HKAR-MTXMark TeixeiraAuto/Relic
HKAP-AJAaron JudgeAuto/Relic
HKAP-MTXMark TeixeiraAuto/Relic
HKAP-WBWade BoggsAuto/Relic
MOMAR-CSCC SabathiaAuto/Relic
MOMAR-MRMariano RiveraAuto/Relic
MOMAR-RCRoger ClemensAuto/Relic
MOMAP-CSCC SabathiaAuto/Relic
MOMAP-MRMariano RiveraAuto/Relic
MOMAP-RCRoger ClemensAuto/Relic
SLDP-JAAaron JudgeAuto/Relic
GLT-JTFDerek JeterAuto/Relic
GLT-RJTDerek JeterAuto/Relic
CUT-BDBill Dickey
CUT-CSCasey Stengel
CUT-LG1Lou Gehrig
CUT-RRRed Ruffing
CUT-TMThurman Munson
CUT-WFWhitey Ford
CUT-YBYogi Berra
CSR-BRUBabe Ruth
CSR-CSCasey Stengel
CSR-PRPhil Rizzuto
CSR-YBYogi Berra

No Team

CUT-ABAl Barlick
CUT-BKBowie Kuhn
CUT-BOBarack Obama
CUT-CCCalvin Coolidge
CUT-CPColin Powell
CUT-DEDwight D. Eisenhower
CUT-FRFranklin D. Roosevelt
CUT-GFGerald Ford
CUT-JBEJames “Cool Papa” Bell
CUT-JBUJames Buchanan
CUT-JCJimmy Carter
CUT-LJLyndon B. Johnson
CUT-RBRuth Bader Ginsburg
CUT-RDRay Dandridge
CUT-TRTheodore Roosevelt
CUT-WHWarren G. Harding
CSR-BOBuck O’Neil
CSR-JKJohn F. Kennedy
DCBC-EHEdmund Hillary
DCBC-EHTenzing Norgay
DCBC-FRFranklin D. Roosevelt
DCBC-FRWinston Churchill
DCBC-OWOrville Wright
DCBC-OWWilbur Wright