2022 Topps 206 Star Wars trading card checklist

2022 Topps 206 Star Wars Checklist

By: Tony Frye

Release date: 9/13/22

Cards per pack: 10

2022 Topps 206 Star Wars trading cards are designed for fans of nostalgia. Not only is the design inspired by the legendary T206 set of tobacco cards from the early 1900s but the parallels are inspired by the 1977 Topps Star Wars design.

Packs are available exclusively through the Topps website and include 10 cards — eight base cards and two parallel or chase cards.

The first wave of cards included the first 50 cards of the checklist.

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2022 Topps 206 Star Wars Checklist

Base Set – 50 Cards
Blue Star Field
Star Wars Logo Back – 1:3
Orange Star Field – 1:5
Green Star Field – 1:10
Yellow Star Field – 1:15
Red Star Field – 1:20
Homeworld Insert – 1:30
Black Star Field – 1/1

1Luke Skywalker
1Luke SkywalkerAlt-Image Shortprint
1Luke SkywalkerHomeworld Parallel
2Princess Leia Organa
2Princess Leia OrganaAlt-Image Shortprint
3C-3POAlt-Image Shortprint
5JawaHomeworld Parallel
6Lando Calrissian
6Lando CalrissianAlt-Image Shortprint
7Han Solo
7Han SoloAlt-Image Shortprint
8Sheev Palpatine
8Sheev PalpatineHomeworld Parallel
9Nien Nunb
9Nien NunbHomeworld Parallel
10Jabba the Hutt
10Jabba the HuttHomeworld Parallel
11Master Codebreaker
12Migs Mayfeld
13Pammich Nerro Goode
13Pammich Nerro GoodeHomeworld Parallel
14Qui-Gon Jinn
14Qui-Gon JinnAlt-Image Shortprint
16Count Dooku
16Count DookuAlt-Image Shortprint
17The Twins
18Galen Erso
18Galen ErsoHomeworld Parallel
19Bib Fortuna
19Bib FortunaHomeworld Parallel
21Vice Admiral Holdo
22Maz Kanata
23Jyn Erso
23Jyn ErsoAlt-Image Shortprint
23Jyn ErsoHomeworld Parallel
24Saw Gerrera
25Bail Organa
25Bail OrganaHomeworld Parallel
26Wedge Antilles
27General Veers
27General VeersAlt-Image Shortprint
28Director Krennic
29General Rieekan
31Luminara Unduli
32Bazine Netal
33Chancellor Villecham
34Dryden Vos
36Paige Tico
38FinnAlt-Image Shortprint
39Zam Wesell
40Captain Colton
41Momaw Nadon
43Sy Snootles
44Lor San Tekka
45Executioner Stormtrooper
46Chief Chirpa
48Clone Trooper
49Tusken Chief
50General Jan Dodonna
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