2021 Topps Star Wars Stellar Signatures Checklist

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2021 Topps Star Wars Stellar Signatures trading cards aren’t a traditional release but they are a must have for serious high end Star Wars collectors.

Each case, of which there are only 100 produced, contains 36 on card autographs, three dual autographs, one quad autograph, an oversized sketch card, and a complete 100 card set of sketch card reproductions. As with more traditional releases, there are numbered color parallels randomly distributed throughout the boxes.

This checklist is divided by subset. Scroll through the entire list or jump to a preferred subset by selecting it from the key below. Clicking a link within the checklist may direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings.

Release date – 12/22/21
Cards per box – 141
Boxes per case – 1

2021 Topps Star Wars Stellar Signatures Checklist

Base (Sketch Card Reproductions) – 100 Cards
Oversized Sketch Card – 1/1

On Card Auto (A) – 36 Cards
Blue – #/25
Green – #/20
Purple – #/10
Gold – #/5
Galactic Black – 1/1
Rebel Alliance Orange – 1/1
Imperial Red – 1/1

On Card Dual Auto (DA) – 8 Cards
Purple – #/10
Gold – #/5
Galactic Black – 1/1
Rebel Alliance Orange – 1/1
Imperial Red – 1/1

On Card Quad Auto (QD) – 1 Card
Blue – #/25
Green – #/20
Cyan – #/15
Purple – #/10
Gold – #/5
Galactic Black – 1/1
Rebel Alliance Orange – 1/1
Imperial Red – 1/1

Base Set

This list is the same for the oversized sketch cards as well as the smaller reproductions.

1KuiilDan Bergren
2HunterCarlos Cabaleiro
3OmegaCandice Dailey
4Baze MalbusJason Davies
5Ben SoloDan Tearle
6Han SoloDan Bergren
7WreckerCarlos Cabaleiro
8Caleb DumeCandice Dailey
9Bodhi RookJason Davies
10Flame TrooperDan Tearle
11Qi’raDan Bergren
12TechCarlos Cabaleiro
13Wilhuff TarkinCandice Dailey
14Captian Cassian AndorJason Davies
15Rey’s SpeederDan Tearle
16Tobias BeckettDan Bergren
17CrosshairCarlos Cabaleiro
18Saw GerreraCandice Dailey
19Chirrut ÎmweJason Davies
20Supreme Leader SnokeDan Tearle
21Poe DameronDan Bergren
22EchoCarlos Cabaleiro
23Dark TrooperDan Tearle
24Galen ErsoJason Davies
25BB-8Dan Tearle
26FinnDan Bergren
27Cad BaneCarlos Cabaleiro
28General Leia OrganaCandice Dailey
29Jyn ErsoJason Davies
30AT-ST WalkerDan Tearle
31Obi-Wan KenobiDan Bergren
32Captain RexCarlos Cabaleiro
33Rose TicoCandice Dailey
34K-2SOJason Davies
35C-3PODan Tearle
36Jango FettDan Bergren
37JesseCarlos Cabaleiro
38Padmé AmidalaCandice Dailey
39Jabba the HuttJason Davies
40R2-DRDan Tearle
41Anakin SkywalkerDan Bergren
42Cobb VanthCandice Dailey
43Zam WesellCandice Dailey
44GreedoJason Davies
45Darth VaderDan Tearle
46Qui-Gon JinnDan Bergren
47Ahsoka TanoCarlos Cabaleiro
48Hera SyndullaCandice Dailey
49Saw GerreraJason Davies
50Han SoloDan Tearle
51Lando CalrissianDan Bergren
52Captain PhasmaCarlos Cabaleiro
53Kanan JarrasCandice Dailey
54Zorii BlissJason Davies
55Scout TrooperDan Tearle
56Ben KenobiDan Bergren
57Nien NunbCarlos Cabaleiro
58The Grand InquisitorCandice Dailey
59ChewbaccaJason Davies
60Snow TrooperDan Tearle
61YodaDan Bergren
62Luke SkywalkerCarlos Cabaleiro
63Zeb OrreliosCandice Dailey
64Darth MaulJason Davies
65AT-AT WalkersDan Tearle
66Princess LeiaDan Bergren
67Ezra BridgerCarlos Cabaleiro
68The MandalorianCandice Dailey
69Darth SidiousJason Davies
70The ArmorerDan Tearle
71Wicket W. WarrickDan Bergren
72Grand Admiral ThrawnCarlos Cabaleiro
73Greef KargaCandice Dailey
74General GrievousJason Davies
75TIE FighterDan Tearle
76Wedge AntillesDan Bergren
77Emperor PalpatineCarlos Cabaleiro
78The ClientCandice Dailey
79Jar Jar BinksJason Davies
80X-Wing FighterDan Tearle
81Maz KanataDan Bergren
82ReyCarlos Cabaleiro
83Moff GideonCandice Dailey
84Mace WinduJason Davies
85Boba Fett’s ShipDan Tearle
86Snap WexleyDan Bergren
87JawaCarlos Cabaleiro
88Bo-Katan KryzeCandice Dailey
89Queen AmidalaJason Davies
90Imperial Star DestroyerDan Tearle
91GroguDan Bergren
92Ahsoka TanoCandice Dailey
93Frog LadyCandice Dailey
94Admiral AckbarJason Davies
95The Razor CrestDan Tearle
96Kylo RenDan Bergren
97Boba FettCarlos Cabaleiro
98Fennec ShandCandice Dailey
99Boba FettJason Davies
100Imperial GuardDan Tearle

On-Card Autographs

A-ABAhmed Best
A-ADAdam Driver
A-AEAshley Eckstein
A-ASAndy Serkis
A-ASPAmy Sedaris
A-BDWBilly Dee Williams
A-BLBillie Lourd
A-CBCaroline Blakiston
A-CHClint Howard
A-CWCarl Weathers
A-DLIDiana Lee Inosanto
A-DRDaisy Ridley
A-ECEmilia Clarke
A-EKErin Kellyman
A-ESEmily Swallow
A-FJFelicity Jones
A-GEGiancarlo Esposito
A-HCHayden Christensen
A-HFHarrison Ford
A-HQHugh Quarshie
A-JATJames Arnold Taylor
A-KBKenny Baker
A-KMTKelly Marie Tran
A-LMLars Mikkelsen
A-MLMatt Lanter
A-MPMichael Pennington
A-MVMercedes Varnado
A-MWMatthew Wood
A-NANaomi Ackie
A-NPNatalie Portman
A-OAOmid Abtahi
A-RDRosario Dawson
A-SKSimon Kassianides
A-TGTaylor Gray
A-TWTaika Waititi
A-WDWarwick Davis

On-Card Dual Autograph

DA-BGTaylor Gray, Dee Bradley Baker
DA-DDHarrison Davis, Warwick Davis
DA-EBDee Bradley Baker, Ashley Eckstein
DA-FDAdam Driver, Harrison Ford
DA-LEMatt Lanter, Ashley Eckstein
DA-RDDaisy Ridley, Adam Driver
DA-RWBilly Dee Williams, Daisy Ridley
DA-VKSimon Kassianides, Mercedes Varnado

On-Card Quad Autograph

QD-CWDee Bradley Baker, Matt Lanter, James Arnold Taylor, Ashley Eckstein