2021 Topps Project 70 Checklist

By: Tony Frye

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2021 Topps Project 70 isn’t a continuation of the massively popular Project 2020 series but it is in the same ballpark as it brings some of the industry’s best print artists and tasks them with recreating iconic baseball cards. Where this series differs is that each artist can choose which cards to produce and, therefore, a wider variety of subjects will be included on the checklist.

Cards are available from the Topps daily and each card is available for purchase for only 70 hours. Each artist will contribute 20 pieces to the set, making this a massive collection with over 1,000 cards.

Collectors who purchase all 20 of a single artists’ cards from the Topps website will receive a gold-stamped art print of that entire collection.

This checklist appears in two configurations. The first is separated by team. Scroll through the entire list or jump to a preferred team by selecting them from the list below. You may also view the checklist separated by artist. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings.

2021 Topps Project 70 Checklist

Base Set – 1,020 Cards
Rainbow Foil – #/70
Silver Frame Artist Proof – #/51
Gold Frame – 1/1


#PlayerArtistRCDesignPrint Run
19Shohei OhtaniTyson Beck19543215
27Mike TroutFucci19765630
32Jo AdellJacob RochesterRC19715422
55Albert PujolsDistortedd19613386
64Mike TroutChuck Styles19958459
73Jo AdellKing SaladeenRC19742927
79Mike TroutAlex Pardee199025182
139Shohei OhtaniQuiccs19774256
159Mike TroutLauren Taylor1952
163Rod CarewGregory Siff1988
Total print run: 58,477


#PlayerArtistDesignPrint Run
62Craig BiggioFucci19652026
Total print run: 2,026


#PlayerArtistDesignPrint Run
26Rickey HendersonPose19533164
38Reggie JacksonAndrew Thiele19692513
47Jose CansecoMatt Taylor19622343
53Satchel PaigeDJ Skee19655368
60Rollie FingersErmsy19593666
74Jose CansecoTyson Beck19931726
78Coco CrispJonas Never19761877
98Mark McGwireChinatown Market19941535
118Tony LaRussa (Multi Team)Mister Cartoon20081263
165Rickey HendersonBlake Jamieson2015
170Vida BlueFUTURA1995
Total print run: 23,455

Blue Jays

#PlayerArtistDesignPrint Run
8Vladimir Guerrero JrJK519563618
Total print run: 3,618


#PlayerArtistDesignPrint Run
4Ronald Acuna JrSnoop Dogg19546101
23Hank AaronChuck Styles19934773
34Ronald Acuna JrAlex Pardee199014825
56Ronald Acuna JrBlake Jamieson19876111
66Hank AaronFutura19883709
86Chipper JonesOldmanalan19812141
112Hank AaronNaturel19742802
130Ronald Acuna JrEfdot20025099
137Deion SandersOldmanalan19941448
147Hank AaronMatt McCormick19981623
169Chipper JonesSean Wotherspoon1960
Total print run: 48,632


#PlayerArtistDesignPrint Run
17Christian YelichCES19743180
136Robin YountMikael B19991225
Total print run: 4,405


#PlayerArtistDesignPrint Run
31Albert PujolsSoleFly19901831
50Stan MusialToy Tokyo19952600
82Ozzie SmithEfdot19903243
101Ozzie SmithMimsbandz19631782
118Tony LaRussa (Multi Team)Mister Cartoon20081263
119Ozzie SmithGreg ‘GRAOLA’ Simkins20091653
Total print run: 12,372


#PlayerArtistDesignPrint Run
48Ernie BanksQuiccs20184195
Total print run: 4,195


#PlayerArtistDesignPrint Run
Total print run: 0


#PlayerArtistDesignPrint Run
1Mookie BettsBen Baller19889965
5Tommy LasordaMister Cartoon20214453
16Jackie RobinsonInfinite Archives19883171
21Justin TurnerJonas Never19823143
24Mike PiazzaRISK19943157
25Cody BellingerSophia Chang19553071
35Cody BellingerOldmanalan19582303
37Clayton KershawMikael B19822548
42Jackie RobinsonFutura19874160
54Mookie BettsBrittney Palmer19733518
63Clayton KershawBen Baller19814259
67Walker BuehlerThe Shoe Surgeon20202576
83Cody BellingerInfinite Archives19911854
85Tommy LasordaGreg ‘CRAOLA’ Simkins20201934
89Mookie BettsSnoop Dogg19936404
90Corey SeagerSophia Chang20202515
104Cody Bellinger, Corey SeagerLauren Taylor20134780
113Tommy LasordaThe Hundreds19881554
124Jackie RobinsonRISK19703726
125Jackie RobinsonThe Shoe Surgeon19555181
126Jackie RobinsonJonas Never19844147
132Mookie BettsUndefeated19894133
142Mike PiazzaToy Tokyo19621357
146Mookie BettsCES19812017
150Clayton KershawChinatown Market19861987
152Matt KempMimsbandz1986
Total print run: 83,783


#PlayerArtistDesignPrint Run
102Jerry ManuelDon C19571404
Total print run: 1,404


#PlayerArtistDesignPrint Run
30Willie MaysUNDEFEATED20144197
93Willie MaysMorning Breath19652192
114Willie MaysFUTURA20012209
117Buster PoseyBlake Jamieson19712155
128Willie MaysInfinite Archives19581715
Total print run: 12,468


#PlayerArtistDesignPrint Run
156Larry DobyChuck Styles1963
Total print run: 0


#PlayerArtistDesignPrint Run
6Ken Griffey JrBobby Hundreds19904642
12Ken Griffey JrThe Shoe Surgeon19965088
40Randy JohnsonBlue the Great19952596
49IchiroChinatown Market20102330
69Ken Griffey JrUndefeated19524652
87Kyle LewisJacob Rochester19582130
91IchiroMikael B19732315
99Ken Griffey JrMatt McCormick19872938
108IchiroSean Wotherspoon19562867
129IchiroBen Baller19773238
166IchiroBlue the Great1985
Total print run: 38,182


#PlayerArtistDesignPrint Run
Total print run: 0


#PlayerArtistDesignPrint Run
7Francisco LindorKeith Shore19853185
13Darryl StrawberryGregory Siff19723374
33Tom SeaverClaw Money20102203
57Darryl StrawberryBobby Hundreds19842725
80Mike PiazzaJeff Staple19752273
95Gary CarterGregory Siff19601827
105Pete AlonsoNico19831903
120Dwight GoodenClaw Money19651213
160Francisco LindorJeff Staple1975
Total print run: 18,703


#PlayerArtistDesignPrint Run
22Juan SotoNaturel19764361
88Juan SotoMatt Taylor19753502
111Max ScherzerKeith Shore19812190
161Juan SotoTyson Beck1965
Total print run: 10,053


#PlayerArtistDesignPrint Run
45Cal Ripken JrMatt McCormick19962345
59Cal Ripken JrSean Wotherspoon19752529
116Cal Ripken JrChuck Styles20132909
133Eddie MurraySnoop Dogg19802771
154Jim PalmerBrittney Palmer1987
Total print run: 10,554


#PlayerArtistDesignPrint Run
2Fernando Tatis JrErmsy195512688
51Tony GwynnMimsbandz19522713
61Fernando Tatis JrKeith Shore19869884
92Tony GwynnRISK19912214
135Fernando Tatis JrKing Saladeen19777076
Total print run: 34,575


#PlayerArtistDesignPrint Run
10Andrew McCutchenBlake Jamieson19593860
15Bryce HarperKing Saladeen19993248
28Mike SchmidtEfdot20082858
122John KrukDistortedd20052004
167Bryce HarperDistortedd1994
Total print run: 11,970


#PlayerArtistRCDesignPrint Run
18Roberto ClementeSean Wotherspoon19833897
84Roberto ClementeSolefly19522885
109Dock EllisErmsy19905505
131Ke’Bryan HayesAlex PardeeRC198811237
168Roberto ClementeInfinite Archives1969
172Honus WagnerDJ Skee1987
Total print run: 23,524


#PlayerArtistDesignPrint Run
173Adrian BeltrePose1975
Total print run: 0


#PlayerArtistRCDesignPrint Run
144Randy ArozarenaJacob RochesterRC19671397
Total print run: 1397

Red Sox

#PlayerArtistDesignPrint Run
20Pedro MartinezDistortedd19822720
148Bill BucknerRon English19701185
162Wade BoggsEfdot1981
Total print run: 3,905


#PlayerArtistDesignPrint Run
72Johnny BenchNaturel19822990
94Deion SandersBlue the Great19941640
Total print run: 4,630


#PlayerArtistDesignPrint Run
Total print run: 0


#PlayerArtistDesignPrint Run
Total print run: 0


#PlayerArtistDesignPrint Run
68Al KalinePose20012395
Total print run: 2395


#PlayerArtistDesignPrint Run
141Byron BuxtonDJ Skee20212813
158Frank ViolaFucci1961
Total print run: 2813

White Sox

#PlayerArtistDesignPrint Run
103Dick AllenFucci19701488
118Tony LaRussa (Multi team)Mister Cartoon20081263
127Luis RobertSophia Chang20103872
138Luis RobertSolefly19862260
155Dick AllenMister Cartoon1978
Total print run: 8,883


#PlayerArtistDesignPrint Run
3Babe RuthDJ Skee20188555
9Derek JeterNico19613935
11Aaron JudgeLauren Taylor19535762
14Alex RodriguezBrittney Palmer19803620
29Derek JeterJeff Staple19754576
36Roger ClemensGreg CRAOLA Simkins20152255
39Mariano RiveraMorning Breath19712203
41Thurman MunsonJoshua Vides19922934
43Yogi BerraRon English19703055
44Deion SandersDon C19903247
46Don MattinglyAction Bronson19714394
52CC SabathiaMister Cartoon19592573
58Aaron JudgeGregory Siff19653476
65Gleyber TorresNew York Nico19602606
70Lou GehrigLauren Taylor19697138
75Don MattinglyClaw Money19921952
76Rickey HendersonAction Bronson19713310
77Mickey MantleJoshua Vides19619298
81Thurman MunsonCES19712502
96Reggie JacksonJK520041926
97Bernie WilliamsToy Tokyo20201630
100Mickey MantleAndrew Thiele19529067
106Derek JeterPose19652681
107Babe RuthRon English19702971
110Aaron JudgeJeff Staple19752204
115Babe RuthBrittney Palmer19633432
121Mickey MantleTyson Beck19526656
123Aaron JudgeMorning Breath19531824
134Yogi BerraAction Bronson19711903
140Babe RuthJK519823077
143CC SabathiaJoshua Vides20161162
145Hideki MatsuiDon C19521745
149Aaron JudgeAndrew Thiele20171635
151Gerrit ColeNew York Nico1986
153Babe RuthMatt Taylor1990
157Mickey MantleErmsy2021
164Reggie JacksonNaturel1978
171CC SabathiaKing Saladeen2010
Total print run: 119,304

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