2021 Topps Now Star Wars Visions Checklist

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2021 Topps Now Star Wars Visions trading cards chronicle the stories from the Disney+ anime series.

The set is broken up into nine subsets — one for each episode of the first season — which were sold as complete sets for a limited time via the Topps website. Final print runs were determined based on consumer demand.

This checklist includes all of the cards released in this set as well as the final print runs. Clicking a link within the checklist may direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings.

2021 Topps Now Star Wars Visions Checklist

Base Set – 45 Cards

Episode#Card TitlePrint Run
The Duel1The Ronin665
The Duel2Prepared for Battle665
The Duel3The Ronin, B5-56, and Sullustan Shopkeeper665
The Duel4Sith Bandit Leader665
The Duel5The Village665
Tatooine Rhapsody1Jay is a Big Dreamer501
Tatooine Rhapsody 2Jabba the Hutt501
Tatooine Rhapsody 3The Band Prepares to Play501
Tatooine Rhapsody 4Jay, Kurti, and Lan501
Tatooine Rhapsody 5Boba Fett in Pursuit501
The Twins1Am Enters the Room461
The Twins 2Am is a True Believer in the Dark Side461
The Twins 3Karre Pushes Against his Dark Purpose461
The Twins 4The Star Destroyer461
The Twins 5R-DUO is a Trusty Companion461
The Elder1Dan and Tajin539
The Elder2The Elder539
The Elder3Dan and His Lightsaber539
The Elder4Showdown539
The Elder5The Elder is Stronger Than He Looks539
The Village Bride1F and Valco463
The Village Bride 2F: A Young Jedi463
The Village Bride 3Saku and The Villagers463
The Village Bride 4Izuma463
The Village Bride 5Haru and Asu463
Akakiri1Tsubaki and Masago Battle484
Akakiri 2Tsubaki and Misa484
Akakiri 3Masago and His Army484
Akakiri 4Tsubaki: A Jedi with a Dark Destiny484
Akakiri 5Senshuu and Kamahachi484
T0-B11The Inquisitor Arrives517
T0-B1 2T0-B1: A Cybernetic Boy517
T0-B1 3Mitaka: A Loving, Protective Scientist517
T0-B1 4Mitaka and T0-B1517
T0-B1 5T0-B1 Dreams of Becoming a Jedi517
The Ninth Jedi1Ethan Summoned by Mysterious Jedi Master474
The Ninth Jedi 2Zhima474
The Ninth Jedi 3The Warriors Assemble474
The Ninth Jedi 4Juro and Roden Clash474
The Ninth Jedi 5Juro and Kara474
Lop and Ocho1A Happy Family466
Lop and Ocho 2Lop Training466
Lop and Ocho 3Lop, TD-4, and Yasaburo466
Lop and Ocho 4Lop and TD-4466
Lop and Ocho 5The Encroaching Empire466