2021 Topps Now Formula 1 Checklist

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2021 Topps Now Formula 1 trading cards continue right where 2020’s Now product left off and highlights the biggest moments from Formula 1 racing as they happen.

The 2020 release of this set proved to be quite popular with an average print run over 2,000 per card. The secondary market for those cards grew considerably as well with some cards commanding several hundred dollars, even without grading.

Each card is available for a limited purchase window and demand for each card determines its final print run. Cards are available for purchase exclusively through the Topps website.

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2021 Topps Now Formula 1 Checklist

Base Set – TBD

#DriverRCVariantPrint Run
1Lewis Hamilton17586
2Mick SchumacherRC19730
3Yuki TsunodaRC16117
4Max Verstappen7899
5Lando Norris7755
6Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, & Valtteri Bottas5400
7Sergio Perez3735
8Lewis Hamilton15247
9Max Verstappen6930
10Max Verstappen8598
11Lando Norris4914
12Carlos Sainz4031
13Aston Martin Cognizant F1 Team2935
14Williams Racing3130
15Sergio Perez4498
16Sebastian Vettel4313
17Pierre Gasly2906
18Yuki Tsunoda3364
19Juri Vips3176
20Max Verstappen3691
21Red Bull Racing Honda2565
22George Russell2531
23Max Verstappen3992
24Lewis Hamilton3771
25Valtteri Bottas2395
26Charles Leclerc3088
27Max Verstappen5025
28George Russell2207
29Sergio Perez2133
30Lando Norris3795
31Fernando Alonso2107
32Lewis Hamilton5616
33Max Verstappen4512
34Charles Leclerc2285
35Antonio Giovinazzi2250
36Formula 1 New Car for 20222406
37Esteban Ocon3678
38Fernando Alonso2549
39George Russell2923
40Nicholas Latifi2249
41Heavy Rain2227
42George Russell4396
43Mick SchumacherRC3697
44Lando Norris2180
45Daniel Ricciardo2127
46Sebastian Vettel2024
47Max Verstappen3900
48Lewis Hamilton2742
49Sergio Perez1838
50Robert Kubica1872
51Daniel Ricciardo2655
52McLarren F1 Team4504
53Valtteri Bottas1583
54Lance Stroll1513
55Lewis Hamilton20945
56Lewis Hamilton9631
57Lewis Hamilton4553
58Lando Norris4756
59Carlos Sainz2713
60Dennis Hauger4770
61Valtteri Bottas1691
62Red Bull Racing Honda2188
63Carlos Sainz1700
64Max Verstappen2234
65Red Bull Racing Honda1876
66Carlos Sainz1512
67Sebastian Vettel1507
68Sergio Perez3130
69Max Verstappen1869
70Alfa Romero Racing Orlen1500
71Valtteri Bottas1818
72Lewis Hamilton5231
73Valtteri Bottas2139
74Lewis Hamilton4755
75Fernando Alonso3101
76McLaren F1 Team1878
77Lance Stroll1764
78Lewis Hamilton / Max Verstappen26375
79Valtteri Bottas2089
80Max Verstappen29562
81Max Verstappen7642
82Max Verstappen4905
83Max Verstappen5978
84Max Verstappen8083
85Red Bull Racing Honda4889
86Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team3273
87Kimi Raikkonen4819
88Yuki TsunodaRC3710
89Oscar PiastriRC6929
Total print run – 440,805