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2021 Topps Mandalorian Season 2 Checklist

Release Year Archive: 2021

Manufacturer Archive: Topps

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2021 Topps Mandalorian picks up where 2020 left off and highlights the storylines from the show’s second season.

Season 1 trading cards came in a tin shaped like the Mandalorian helmet but this year’s tin features The Child (Baby Yoda). Each tin has a guarantee of one autograph or sketch card.

This checklist includes all of the cards from this set and is separated by subset. Scan through the entire list or jump to a preferred set by selecting it from the key below. Clicking a link within this checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings.

Release date – 6/23/21
Cards per hobby pack – 8
Packs per hobby box – 7
Hobby boxes per case – 12

2021 Topps Mandalorian Season 2 Checklist

Base Cards – 100 Cards
Blue – 1 per pack
Purple – 1:4
Bronze – #/50
Silver – #/25
Gold – #/10
Black – 1/1

Characters (C) – 14 Cards
Bronze – #/50
Silver – #/25
Gold – #/10
Black – 1/1

The Child (TC) – 12 Cards
Bronze – #/50
Silver – #/25
Gold – #/10
Darksaber Metal – #/5
Black – 1/1

Concept Art (CA) – 16 Cards
Bronze – #/50
Silver – #/25
Gold – #/10
Black – 1/1

Comic Covers (CC) – 7 Cards
Bronze – #/50
Silver – #/25
Gold – #/10
Darksaber Metal – #/5
Black – 1/1

Autographs (A) – 15 Cards
Red – #/99
Bronze – #/50
Silver – #/25
Gold – #/10
Black – 1/1

Dual Auto (DA) – 4 Cards
Gold – #/10
Black – 1/1

Triple Auto (TA) – 2 Cards
Black – 1/1

Fabric Relic (FR) – 6 Cards
Silver – #/25
Gold – #/10
Black – 1/1

Prop Relic (PR) – 5 Cards
Silver – #/25
Gold – #/10
Black – 1/1

Manufactured Medallion (MC) – 24 Cards

Manufactured Medallion Auto (AM) – 3 Cards

Base Set

1The Meeting with Gor Koresh
2Discussions Gone Wrong
3Back on Tatooine
4Stranger in Town
5Coming of the Krayt
6In Search of the Mighty Dragon
7Cobb Vanth’s Tale
8Taking Back Mos Pelgo
9Tension at the Tusken Camp
10The First Plan Unfolds
11The Krayt Dragon Attacks!
12The Mandalorian’s Bold Move
13Returning The Armor
14Return to Mos Eisley
15Peli’s Sketchy lead
16The Passenger
17An unacceptable snack
18Intercepted by The New Republic
19Crashing Through the Ice
20Snacking on Spiders
21Waking up the Beast
22Shoot-out to Escape
23Attack from Above
24The Ice Beast Returns
25Saved by the New Republic
26Dropping into Trask
27Attacked by Chowder
28Sailing into the Trap
29An Unexpected Rescue
30Bo-Katan Revealed
31Another Unlikely Intervention
32Striking a Deal
33Storming the Imperial Cruiser
34Changing the Plan
35Alerting Moff Gideon
36In Search of the Darksaber
37Keeping Her Word
38The Child’s New Friend
39Return to Nevarro
40Cookie Envy
41Snacktime Achieved
42A Terrifying Reunion
43Pieces of the Puzzle
44Trapped!…or not
45A Daring Escape Plan
46Speeder Bike Pursuit
47Chasing the Transport
48TIE Fighter Assault
49Mando’s big Save
50Aftermath and the New Republic
51Good News for Moff Gideon
52One with the Force
53Ahsoka’s Ultimatum
54A Very Convenient Task
55Meeting the Jedi
57Trials in the Force
58A Powerful Connection
59Ahsoka’s Invasion
60Battle Against Beskar
61One Last Assault
62Searching For Thrawn
63A Hesitant Fee
64A Well-Deserved Nap
65The Child and the Stone
66The Unexpected Visitor
67Imperial Intervention
68Boba’s Brutal Assault
69Finishing Moves
70Fennec Fires!
71The Legend Returns
72Taking Aim
73Making a Solid Crew
74Enter the Dark Troopers
75The New Marshal
76Back with the Empire
77Mayfeld’s Surprise Visitor
78The Plan in Place
79An Unlikely Team
80The Mission In
81The Pirate Assault
82Saved by theā€¦Empire?!
83Din Breaking in
84Echoes of the Past
85The Escape
86The Rescue Mission
87So Far, So good
88Gideon’s Prize Force
89Threats of the Moff
90Fight to the Finish
91The Mysterious Savior
92The Child’s Connection
93Clearing the Frigate
94The Dark Troopers close in
95Coming Face to Face
96Tremors in the Force
97The Jedi Revealed
98A Proper Good-bye
99The Child’s New Journey
100A Familiar Dais


C-1The Mandalorian
C-2The Child
C-3Magistrate Greef Karga
C-4Moff Gideon
C-7Imperial Combat Driver
C-8Cobb Vanth
C-9Dark Trooper
C-10Axe Woves
C-11Bo-Katan Kryze
C-12Koska Reeves
C-13Ahsoka Tano
C-14Boba Fett

The Child


Concept Art


Comic Covers



A-AWAlexander Wraith as Freighter Pilot
A-CBChris Bartlett as Teacher Droid
A-CWCarl Weathers as Greef Karga
A-DLIDiana Lee Inosanto as Magistrate Morgan Elsbeth
A-GEGiancarlo Esposito as Moff Gideon
A-HSHoratio Sanz as Mythrol
A-KOKaty O’Brian as Comms Officer
A-LSLeilani Shiu as Jawa
A-MRMisty Rosas as Frog Lady
A-OAOmid Abtahi as Dr. Pershing
A-PAPhilip Alexander as Security Officer
A-PLPaul Sun-Hyung Lee as Captain Carson Teva
A-PPPedro Pascal as The Mandalorian
A-SKSimon Kassianides as Axe Woves
A-TMTemuera Morrison as Boba Fett

Dual Autographs

DA-PGGiancarlo Esposito & Pedro Pascal
DA-PWCarl Weathers & Pedro Pascal
DA-WAPhilip Alexander & Alexander Wraith
DA-WSHoratio Sanz & Carl Weathers

Triple Auto

TA-PWEPedro Pascal, Giancarlo Esposito & Carl Weathers
TA-PWSHoratio Sanz, Pedro Pascal & Carl Weathers

Fabric Relics

FR-AAAhsoka TanoPants
FR-ABAhsoka TanoArm Wraps
FR-ACAhsoka TanoBody Suit
FR-GGGamorrean GuardShirt
FR-MGMagistrate Morgan ElsbethBody Suit

Prop Relics

PR-AFThe ArmorerThe Razor Crest
PR-CRThe ChildThe Razor Crest
PR-KRKuiilThe Razor Crest
PR-MFThe MandalorianThe Chimney from The Armorer’s Forge
PR-MRThe MandalorianThe Chimney from The Armorer’s Forge

Manufactured Medallion

MC-AHWAxe Woves
MC-ATWAxe Woves
MC-BHWBo-Katan Kryze
MC-BMFBo-Katan Kryze
MC-BTWBo-Katan Kryze
MC-CBThe Child
MC-CCCThe Child
MC-CFThe Child
MC-CGCThe Child
MC-CMCThe Child
MC-CMFThe Child
MC-KHWKoska Reeves
MC-KMFGreef Karga
MC-KTWKoska Reeves
MC-MBThe Mandalorian
MC-MCThe Mandalorian
MC-MFThe Mandalorian
MC-MGCThe Mandalorian
MC-MHWThe Mandalorian
MC-MMCThe Mandalorian
MC-MMFThe Mandalorian
MC-MTWThe Mandalorian
MC-PMFAhsoka Tano
MC-VBCobb Vanth

Manufactured Medallion Auto

AM-CWCarl WeathersGreef Karga
AM-PPPedro PascalThe Mandalorian
AM-SKSimon KassianidesAxe Woves