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2021 Topps Inception baseball cards highlight the young and upcoming talent around MLB with a colorful, high end set loaded with rookie autographs.

The base set is relatively small but contains seven different parallel sets. Everything beyond the base set is an autograph or auto relic card with some incredibly scarce cards scattered in the checklist. Each box contains at least one autograph or autographed relic card as well as two base parallels and virtually everything is numbered.

This checklist is separated by teams. Scroll through the entire list or jump to a preferred team by selecting them from the list below. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings.

Release date – 3/17/21
Cards per hobby pack – 7
Packs per hobby box – 1
Hobby boxes per case – 16

2021 Topps Inception Baseball Checklist

Base Set – 100 Cards
Green – Limited
Purple – #/150
Magenta – #/99
Red – #/75
Orange – #/50
Blue – #/25
Inception – 1/1
Autograph Patch (APC) – 57 Cards
Base – Limited
Green – #/99 or less
Magenta – #/75 or less
Red – #/25 or less
Orange – #/10 or less
Blue – #/6
Inception – 1/1
Autograph Jumbo Patch (AJP) – 27 Cards
Red – #/50
Orange – #/25
Blue – #/10
Inception – 1/1
Autograph Jumbo Hat Patch (AHP) – 28 Cards
Team Logo – #/5
New Era Logo – #/5
MLB Logo – #/5
Autograph Team Logo Patch (ATLP) – 16 Cards
Base – #/2
Autograph Letters Book (ALBC) – 20 Cards
Base – #/2
Autograph Laundry Tag Book (ALTB) – 12 Cards
Base – 1/1
Autograph MLB Batterman Patch (MLBB) – 13 Cards
Base – 1/1

Dual Auto Relic Book (DARB) – 8 Cards
Base – #/3
Inception – 1/1
Autograph Game Socks (AGSR) – 21 Cards
Base – #/3
Inception – 1/1
Gameday Gear Auto Book (GGAR) – 12 Cards
Base – #/5
Inception – 1/1
Base Rookie & Future Phenoms Auto (RESA) – 81 Cards
Green – #/125
Magenta – #/99
Red – #/75
Orange – #/50
Blue – #/25
Inception – 1/1
Silver Signings (SS) – 42 Cards
Base – Limited
Gold – #/25
Gold Inception – 1/1
Dawn of Greatness Auto (DOGA) – 15 Cards
Base – #/20
Orange – #/10
Blue – #/5
Inception – 1/1
Short Print Auto (SPIA) – 8 Cards
Base – #/10


14Anthony Rendon
20Jo AdellRC
60Mike Trout
78Shohei Ohtani
APC-JAJo AdellRCAuto/Relic
APC-JJJahmai JonesRCAuto/Relic
AJP-JAJo AdellRCAuto/Relic
AHP-JAJo AdellRCAuto/Relic
ATLP-JAJo AdellAuto/Relic
ALBC-JAJo AdellAuto/Relic
ALBC-MTMike TroutAuto/Relic
ALTB-JAJo AdellRCAuto/Relic
MLBB-JAJo AdellRCAuto/Relic
MLBB-MTMike TroutAuto/Relic
DARB-AMJo AdellAuto/Relic
AGSR-JAJo AdellRCAuto/Relic
GGAR-JAJo AdellRCAuto/Relic
SS-JAJo AdellRCAuto
DOGA-ARAnthony RendonAuto
SPIA-JSAnthony RendonAuto
SPIA-MTMike TroutAuto


11Carlos Correa
38Alex Bregman
45Jose Altuve
68Yordan Alvarez
84Cristian JavierRC
91Justin Verlander
APC-CJCristian JavierRCAuto/Relic
AJP-CJCristian JavierRCAuto/Relic
AJP-YAYordan AlvarezAuto/Relic
AHP-CJCristian JavierRCAuto/Relic
AHP-YAYordan AlvarezAuto/Relic
AGSR-CJCristian JavierRCAuto/Relic
AGSR-YAYordan AlvarezAuto/Relic
RESA-BTBlake TaylorRCAuto
RESA-CJCristian JavierRCAuto
RESA-EPEnoli ParedesRCAuto
RESA-YAYordan AlvarezAuto
SS-CJCristian JavierRCAuto
SS-YAYordan AlvarezAuto
SPIA-JAJose AltuveAuto


44Matt Olson
73Matt Chapman
APC-JLJesus LuzardoAuto/Relic
RESA-JLJesus LuzardoAuto
RESA-SBSeth BrownAuto
RESA-SMSean MurphyAuto
DOGA-MMMark McGwireAuto

Blue Jays

21Nate PearsonRC
54Bo Bichette
58Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
APC-NPNate PearsonRCAuto/Relic
APC-SESantiago EspinalRCAuto/Relic
AJP-NPNate PearsonRCAuto/Relic
AJP-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto/Relic
AHP-NPNate PearsonRCAuto/Relic
AHP-SESantiago EspinalRCAuto/Relic
ALBC-BBBo BichetteAuto/Relic
ALBC-NPNate PearsonAuto/Relic
ALBC-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto/Relic
ALTB-NPNate PearsonRCAuto/Relic
MLBB-NPNate PearsonAuto/Relic
DARB-VNVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto/Relic
DARB-VNNate PearsonAuto/Relic
AGSR-NPNate PearsonRCAuto/Relic
AGSR-SESantiago EspinalRCAuto/Relic
GGAR-NPNate PearsonRCAuto/Relic
RESA-CBCavan BiggioAuto
RESA-NPNate PearsonRCAuto
RESA-SESantiago EspinalRCAuto
RESA-THTom HatchRCAuto
RESA-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto
SS-NPNate PearsonRCAuto
SS-SESantiago EspinalRCAuto


24Ronald Acuña Jr.
27Ian AndersonRC
40Freddie Freeman
41Ozzie Albies
63Cristian PacheRC
APC-CPCristian PacheRCAuto/Relic
APC-IAIan AndersonRCAuto/Relic
APC-RARonald Acuña Jr.Auto/Relic
APC-WCWilliam ContrerasRCAuto/Relic
AJP-CPCristian PacheRCAuto/Relic
AJP-IAIan AndersonRCAuto/Relic
AJP-RARonald Acuña Jr.Auto/Relic
AJP-WCWilliam ContrerasRCAuto/Relic
AHP-CPCristian PacheRCAuto/Relic
ATLP-CPCristian PacheAuto/Relic
ATLP-WCWilliam ContrerasRCAuto/Relic
ALBC-CPChristian PacheAuto/Relic
ALBC-WCWilliam ContrerasAuto/Relic
ALTB-CPCristian PacheAuto/Relic
MLBB-CPCristian PacheRCAuto/Relic
DARB-RCRonald Acuña Jr.Auto/Relic
DARB-RCCristian PacheAuto/Relic
AGSR-CPCristian PacheRCAuto/Relic
AGSR-WCWilliam ContrerasRCAuto/Relic
GGAR-CPCristian PacheRCAuto/Relic
RESA-CPACristian PacheRCAuto
RESA-MSMike SorokaAuto
RESA-WCWilliam ContrerasRCAuto
SS-IAIan AndersonRCAuto
SS-WCWilliam ContrerasRCAuto


28Josh Hader
37Devin Williams
65Christian Yelich
APC-KHKeston HiuraAuto/Relic
ATLP-CYChristian YelichAuto/Relic
ALBC-CYChristian YelichAuto/Relic
RESA-DWIDevin WilliamsAuto
RESA-KHKeston HiuraAuto
SS-KHKeston HiuraAuto
SPIA-CYChristian YelichAuto


9Dylan CarlsonRC
16Paul Goldschmidt
47Jack Flaherty
94Paul DeJong
APC-DCDylan CarlsonRCAuto/Relic
AJP-DCDylan CarlsonRCAuto/Relic
AHP-DCDylan CarlsonRCAuto/Relic
ALBC-DCDylan CarlsonAuto/Relic
GGAR-DCDylan CarlsonRCAuto/Relic
RESA-DCADylan CarlsonRCAuto
RESA-YMKodi WhitleyRCAuto
SS-DCDylan CarlsonRCAuto
SS-KWKodi WhitleyRCAuto


35Brailyn MarquezRC
43Javier Baez
55Anthony Rizzo
70Kris Bryant
97Willson Contreras
99Kyle Hendricks
APC-DBDavid BoteAuto/Relic
AGSR-NHNico HoernerAuto/Relic
RESA-AALAdbert AlzolayAuto
RESA-NHNico HoernerAuto
SS-NHNico HoernerAuto
DOGA-RCGreg MadduxAuto


1Daulton VarshoRC
APC-DVDaulton VarshoRCAuto/Relic


31Mookie Betts
33Keibert RuizRC
79Walker Buehler
82Clayton Kershaw
90Cody Bellinger
APC-KRKeibert RuizRCAuto/Relic
APC-WBWalker BuehlerAuto/Relic
DARB-JKKeibert RuizAuto/Relic
RESA-GLGavin LuxAuto
RESA-MWMitch WhiteRCAuto
RESA-WSWill SmithAuto
SS-GLGavin LuxAuto
DOGA-ABAdrian BeltreAuto
SPIA-CBCody BellingerAuto


18Buster Posey
36Joey BartRC
APC-JBJoey BartRCAuto/Relic
AJP-JBJoey BartRCAuto/Relic
AHP-JBJoey BartRCAuto/Relic
ATLP-JBJoey BartAuto/Relic
DARB-JKJoey BartAuto/Relic
AGSR-JBJoey BartRCAuto/Relic
GGAR-JBJoey BartRCAuto/Relic
RESA-JBJoey BartRCAuto
RESA-MDMauricio DubonAuto
SS-JBJoey BartRCAuto


29Shane Bieber
46Francisco Lindor
RESA-DJDaniel JohnsonRCAuto
SS-DJDaniel JohnsonRCAuto
SS-TMCTriston McKenzieRCAuto


75Evan WhiteRC
80Kyle Lewis
APC-EWEvan WhiteRCAuto/Relic
APC-KLKyle LewisAuto/Relic
AJP-EWEvan WhiteRCAuto/Relic
AHP-EWEvan WhiteRCAuto/Relic
AGSR-EWEvan WhiteRCAuto/Relic
RESA-EWEvan WhiteRCAuto
SS-EWEvan WhiteRCAuto
DOGA-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Auto


22Jesus SanchezRC
26Starling Marte
74Sixto SanchezRC
APC-JCHJazz ChisholmRCAuto/Relic
APC-JSJesus SanchezRCAuto/Relic
APC-SSSixto SanchezRCAuto/Relic
APC-TRTrevor RogersRCAuto/Relic
AJP-JSJesus SanchezRCAuto/Relic
AJP-SSSixto SanchezRCAuto/Relic
AHP-JSAJesus SanchezRCAuto/Relic
AHP-SSSixto SanchezRCAuto/Relic
ATLP-SSSixto SanchezAuto/Relic
ALBC-SSSixto SanchezAuto/Relic
RESA-AVEAlex VesiaRCAuto
RESA-JCJazz ChisholmRCAuto
RESA-JHJordan HollowayRCAuto
RESA-JSAJesus SanchezRCAuto
RESA-JYJordan YamamotoAuto
RESA-NNNick NeidertRCAuto
RESA-SSASixto SanchezRCAuto
RESA-TRTrevor RogersRCAuto
SS-JCJazz ChisholmAuto
SS-JSAJesus SanchezAuto
SS-SSASixto SanchezAuto
DOGA-CYChristian YelichAuto
DOGA-MCMiguel CabreraAuto


23Jacob deGrom
49Pete Alonso
69Andres GimenezRC
APC-AGAndres GimenezRCAuto/Relic
APC-DPDavid PetersonRCAuto/Relic
APC-PAPete AlonsoAuto/Relic
AJP-DPDavid PetersonRCAuto/Relic
AJP-PAPete AlonsoAuto/Relic
AHP-DPDavid PetersonRCAuto/Relic
AHP-PAPete AlonsoAuto/Relic
ATLP-PAPete AlonsoAuto/Relic
ALBC-PAPete AlonsoAuto/Relic
AGSR-DPDavid PetersonRCAuto/Relic
AGSR-PAPete AlonsoAuto/Relic
RESA-AGAndres GimenezRCAuto
RESA-ANDavid PetersonRCAuto
RESA-PAPete AlonsoAuto
SS-AGAndres GimenezRCAuto
SS-JSDavid PetersonRCAuto


2Stephen Strasburg
62Luis GarciaRC
93Juan Soto
95Max Scherzer
APC-LGLuis GarciaRCAuto/Relic
AHP-LGLuis GarciaRCAuto/Relic
ATLP-LGLuis GarciaRCAuto/Relic
ALBC-LGLuis GarciaAuto/Relic
ALTB-LGLuis GarciaAuto/Relic
MLBB-LGLuis GarciaRCAuto/Relic
AGSR-LGLuis GarciaRCAuto/Relic
GGAR-LGLuis GarciaRCAuto/Relic
RESA-JSJuan SotoAuto
RESA-LGLuis GarciaRCAuto
RESA-SSSterling SharpRCAuto
SS-LGLuis GarciaAuto
DOGA-BHBryce HarperAuto
SPIA-SSStephen StrasburgAuto


12Ryan MountcastleRC
15Hanser Alberto
50Pedro Severino
APC-RMRyan MountcastleRCAuto/Relic
AHP-RMRyan MountcastleRCAuto/Relic
ATLP-RMRyan MountcastleRCAuto/Relic
ALBC-RMRyan MountcastleAuto/Relic
ALTB-RMRyan MountcastleAuto/Relic
MLBB-RMRyan MountcastleAuto/Relic
DARB-AMRyan MountcastleAuto/Relic
AGSR-RMRyan MountcastleRCAuto/Relic
GGAR-RMRyan MountcastleRCAuto/Relic
RESA-RMRyan MountcastleRCAuto
SS-RMRyan MountcastleRCAuto
DOGA-CRJCal Ripken Jr.Auto


17Jake CronenworthRC
19Fernando Tatis Jr.
66Manny Machado
APC-FTFernando Tatis Jr.Auto/Relic
APC-JCJake CronenworthRCAuto/Relic
AJP-FTFernando Tatis Jr.Auto/Relic
AJP-JCJake CronenworthRCAuto/Relic
AHP-JCJake CronenworthRCAuto/Relic
AGSR-JCJake CronenworthRCAuto/Relic
RESA-JCRJake CronenworthRCAuto
SS-LCLuis CampusanoRCAuto
DOGA-OSOzzie SmithAuto
DOGA-RARoberto AlomarAuto


25Bryce Harper
39Alec BohmRC
53Spencer HowardRC
71Rhys Hoskins
81Andrew McCutchen
APC-ABAlec BohmRCAuto/Relic
APC-SHSpencer HowardRCAuto/Relic
AJP-ABAlec BohmRCAuto/Relic
AJP-SHSpencer HowardRCAuto/Relic
AHP-ABAlec BohmRCAuto/Relic
AHP-SHSpencer HowardRCAuto/Relic
ATLP-ABAlec BohmRCAuto/Relic
ATLP-SHSpencer HowardAuto/Relic
ALBC-ABAlex BohmAuto/Relic
ALBC-SHSpencer HowardAuto/Relic
ALTB-ABAlec BohmRCAuto/Relic
ALTB-SHSpencer HowardRCAuto/Relic
MLBB-ABAlec BohmRCAuto/Relic
MLBB-SHSpencer HowardRCAuto/Relic
DARB-ASAlec BohmAuto/Relic
DARB-ASSpencer HowardAuto/Relic
AGSR-ABAlec BohmRCAuto/Relic
AGSR-SHSpencer HowardRCAuto/Relic
GGAR-ABAlec BohmRCAuto/Relic
GGAR-SHSpencer HowardRCAuto/Relic
RESA-ABAlec BohmRCAuto
RESA-SHSpencer HowardRCAuto
SS-ABAlec BohmRCAuto
SS-SHSpencer HowardAuto
SPIA-BHBryce HarperAuto


4Ke’Bryan HayesRC
42Josh Bell
APC-KBHKe’Bryan HayesRCAuto/Relic
AJP-KBHKe’Bryan HayesRCAuto/Relic
AHP-KBHKe’Bryan HayesRCAuto/Relic
ALTB-KBHKe’Bryan HayesRCAuto/Relic
MLBB-KBHKe’Bryan HayesAuto/Relic
AGSR-KBHKe’Bryan HayesRCAuto/Relic
RESA-BRBryan ReynoldsAuto
RESA-CTCole TuckerAuto
RESA-KBHKe’Bryan HayesRCAuto
SS-KBHKe’Bryan HayesRCAuto


67Joey Gallo
APC-ATAnderson TejedaRCAuto/Relic
APC-LTLeody TaverasRCAuto/Relic
APC-NSNick SolakAuto/Relic
APC-SHUSam HuffRCAuto/Relic
ATLP-ATAnderson TejedaAuto/Relic
ALBC-ATAnderson TejadaAuto/Relic
RESA-LTLeody TaverasRCAuto
RESA-NSNick SolakAuto
SS-LTLeody TaverasRCAuto


59Brandon Lowe
64Blake Snell
APC-BMBrendan McKayAuto/Relic
AHP-BLBrandon LoweAuto/Relic
RESA-AMEAustin MeadowsAuto
RESA-BMBrendan McKayAuto

Red Sox

52Xander Bogaerts
88Chris Sale
100Alex Verdugo
APC-AVAlex VerdugoAuto/Relic
APC-THOTanner HouckRCAuto/Relic
AHP-AVAlex VerdugoAuto/Relic
AHP-BDBobby DalbecRCAuto/Relic
DARB-DHBobby DalbecAuto/Relic
DARB-DHTanner HouckAuto/Relic
RESA-AVAlex VerdugoAuto
RESA-BDBobby DalbecRCAuto
RESA-JARJonathan ArauzRCAuto
SS-BDBobby DalbecRCAuto
SS-THTanner HouckRCAuto
DOGA-NGNomar GarciaparraAuto


30Joey Votto
87Trevor Bauer
APC-JGJose GarciaRCAuto/Relic
APC-TSTyler StephensonRCAuto/Relic
RESA-NSNNick SenzelAuto
RESA-TSTyler StephensonRCAuto
SS-TSTyler StephensonRCAuto


48Trevor Story
57Nolan Arenado
72Charlie Blackmon
RESA-AGOAshton GoudeauRCAuto


77Brady SingerRC
83Whit Merrifield
98Jorge Soler
APC-BSBrady SingerRCAuto/Relic
APC-EOEdward OlivaresRCAuto/Relic
AHP-BSBrady SingerRCAuto/Relic
ATLP-BSBrady SingerAuto/Relic
ALBC-BSBrady SingerAuto/Relic
GGAR-BSBrady SingerRCAuto/Relic
RESA-AMNick HeathRCAuto
RESA-BSBrady SingerRCAuto
RESA-EOEdward OlivaresRCAuto
RESA-TZTyler ZuberRCAuto
SS-BSBrady SingerRCAuto
SS-DWNick HeathRCAuto
SS-EOEdward OlivaresRCAuto


5Tarik SkubalRC
76Casey MizeRC
89Miguel Cabrera
APC-CMCasey MizeRCAuto/Relic
APC-TSKTarik SkubalRCAuto/Relic
AJP-CMCasey MizeRCAuto/Relic
AHP-CMCasey MizeRCAuto/Relic
ATLP-CMCasey MizeRCAuto/Relic
ALBC-CMCasey MizeAuto/Relic
ALTB-CMCasey MizeAuto/Relic
MLBB-CMCasey MizeAuto/Relic
AGSR-CMCasey MizeRCAuto/Relic
GGAR-CMCasey MizeRCAuto/Relic
RESA-BBUBeau BurrowsRCAuto
RESA-BGABryan GarciaRCAuto
RESA-CMCasey MizeRCAuto
RESA-RGARony GarciaRCAuto
RESA-TKSTarik SkubalRCAuto
SS-BGBryan GarciaRCAuto
SS-CMCasey MizeRCAuto


8Eddie Rosario
85Alex KirilloffRC
86Jorge Polanco
92Jose Berrios
96Max Kepler
APC-AKAlex KirilloffRCAuto/Relic
APC-BRBrent RookerRCAuto/Relic
APC-RDRandy DobnakAuto/Relic
APC-RJRyan JeffersRCAuto/Relic
AJP-RDRandy DobnakAuto/Relic
AHP-RDRandy DobnakAuto/Relic
AHP-RJRyan JeffersRCAuto/Relic
DARB-JRBrent RookerAuto/Relic
DARB-JRRyan JeffersAuto/Relic
RESA-AKAlex KirilloffRCAuto
RESA-LALuis ArraezAuto
RESA-RDRandy DobnakAuto
RESA-RJERyan JeffersRCAuto
SS-AKAlex KirilloffRCAuto
SS-RJRyan JeffersRCAuto
DOGA-DODavid OrtizAuto
DOGA-THTorii HunterAuto

White Sox

6Eloy Jimenez
7Luis Robert
10Tim Anderson
56Nick MadrigalRC
61Dane DunningRC
APC-DDDane DunningRCAuto/Relic
APC-LRLuis RobertAuto/Relic
APC-NMNick MadrigalRCAuto/Relic
AJP-DDDane DunningRCAuto/Relic
AJP-LRLuis RobertAuto/Relic
AJP-NMNick MadrigalRCAuto/Relic
AHP-DDDane DunningRCAuto/Relic
AHP-LRLuis RobertAuto/Relic
ATLP-LRLuis RobertAuto/Relic
ATLP-NMNick MadrigalAuto/Relic
ALBC-LRLuis RobertAuto/Relic
ALBC-NMNick MadrigalAuto/Relic
ALTB-LRLuis RobertAuto/Relic
ALTB-NMNick MadrigalAuto/Relic
MLBB-LRLuis RobertAuto/Relic
MLBB-NMNick MadrigalAuto/Relic
DARB-ELEloy JimenezAuto/Relic
DARB-ELLuis RobertAuto/Relic
AGSR-LRLuis RobertAuto/Relic
AGSR-NMNick MadrigalRCAuto/Relic
GGAR-LRLuis RobertAuto/Relic
RESA-CHCodi HeuerRCAuto
RESA-DCDylan CeaseAuto
RESA-DDDane DunningRCAuto
RESA-EJEloy JimenezAuto
RESA-JLAJimmy LambertRCAuto
RESA-LRLuis RobertAuto
RESA-NMNick MadrigalRCAuto
SS-CHCodi HeuerRCAuto
SS-EJEloy JimenezAuto
SS-NMNick MadrigalRCAuto


3Deivi GarciaRC
13Gerrit Cole
32Aaron Judge
34DJ LeMahieu
51Gleyber Torres
APC-AJAaron JudgeAuto/Relic
APC-DGDeivi GarciaRCAuto/Relic
APC-GTGleyber TorresAuto/Relic
APC-MYMiguel YajureRCAuto/Relic
AJP-AJAaron JudgeAuto/Relic
ALTB-AJAaron JudgeAuto/Relic
MLBB-AJAaron JudgeAuto/Relic
RESA-DGDeivi GarciaRCAuto
RESA-MYMiguel YajureRCAuto
SS-DGDeivi GarciaRCAuto
DOGA-DJDerek JeterAuto
SPIA-AJAaron JudgeAuto