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2021 Topps Allen and Ginter trading cards mark the 15th year of this retro blend of baseball and pop culture. Each hobby box contains three hits which are classified as on-card autographs, relics, buybacks, book cards, cut signatures, and rip cards.

This checklist is separated by baseball team. Non-baseball cards appear listed at the bottom of the page. Scroll through the entire list or jump to a preferred team by selecting them from the list below. Clicking a link within this checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings.

Release date – 8/11/21
Cards per hobby pack – 8 (7+1 mini)
Packs per hobby box – 24
Hobby boxes per case – 12

2021 Topps Allen and Ginter Checklist

Base Set (1-300) – 300 Cards
Silver Portrait – Hot Box Exclusive
Glossy – 1/1

Base Card Mini (1-300) – 300 Cards
Allen & Ginter – 1:5
Black Border – 1:10
No Number – Limited to 50
Brooklyn Back – #/25
Wood – 1/1 (Hobby)
Glossy – 1/1

Short Print Mini (301-350) – 50 Cards
Allen & Ginter – 1:65
Black Border – 1:130
No Number – Limited to 50
Brooklyn Back – #/25
Wood – 1/1 (Hobby)
Glossy – 1/1

Mini Metal – 150 Cards
Base – Limited to 3 (Hobby)

Mini Stained Glass – 150 Cards
Base – Limited to 25

Framed Mini Printing Plates – 350 Cards
Base – 1/1 (x4 color plates)

Framed Mini Cloth – 150 Cards
Base – #/10 (Hobby)

Historic Hits (HH) – 50 Cards

T51 Murad Reimagined (MR) – 50 Cards
Cloth – #/51

Rallying Back (RB) – 10 Cards

Deep Sea Shiver (DSS) – 15 Cards
Relic – #/10 or fewer

Arboreal Appreciation (AA) – 15 Cards

Birds of a Feather (BOF) – 10 Cards

Far Far Away (FFA) – 15 Cards

Mascots IRL (MMI) – 22 Cards

Good For You (GFY) – 20 Cards

World’s Largest (MWL) – 21 Cards

Hats Off (MHO) – 15 Cards

World Leaders (MWL) – 25 Cards

Allen & Ginter Full Size Relic (AGA) – 118 Cards

Allen & Ginter Mini Relics (MFR) – 57 Cards

Allen & Ginter DNA Relics (MDR) – 9 Cards
Base – #/25 or fewer (Hobby)

Allen & Ginter Mythical Relics (MR) – 7 Cards
Base – #/25 or fewer (Hobby)

Cut Signatures (CS) – 16 Cards
Base – 1/1

Allen & Ginter Framed Originals – 100 Cards
Base – 1/1

Allen & Ginter Framed Mini Auto (FMA) – 106 Cards
Black Frame – #/25
Red Ink – Limited (Hobby)

Allen & Ginter Auto Relic Book (ARBC) – 45 Cards
Base – #/10

Allen & Ginter Dual Auto Relic Book (DARBC) – 20 Cards
Base – #/10

Allen & Ginter Rip Cards (RC) – 100 Cards
Allen & Ginter Dual Rip (DRC) – 45 Cards
Allen & Ginter Boxloader Rip (BRC) – 30 Cards
Artist Originals – 1/1
Mini Exclusive (351-400)
Mini Metal Exclusive – #/4
Mini Wood Exclusive – 1/1
Mini Stained-Glass – 1 per Boxloader Rip

Allen & Ginter Boxloaders (BLC) – 15 Cards

Allen & Ginter Boxloader Auto (BL) – 17 Cards
Base – #/15 or fewer

World’s Largest Boxloader (WLB) – 15 Cards
Base – Limited to 500

Allen & Ginter N43 Boxloader (N43) – 15 Cards

Allen & Ginter N43 Auto (BLNA) – 11 Cards
Base – #/15 or fewer


15Anthony RendonBase I
15Anthony RendonMini Card
15Anthony RendonMini Short Print
15Anthony RendonMini Stained Glass
15Anthony RendonMini Cloth
25Shohei OhtaniBase I
25Shohei OhtaniMini Card
25Shohei OhtaniMini Short Print
25Shohei OhtaniMini Stained Glass
25Shohei OhtaniMini Cloth
32Mike TroutBase I
32Mike TroutMini Card
32Mike TroutMini Short Print
32Mike TroutMini Stained Glass
32Mike TroutMini Cloth
40Nolan RyanBase I
40Nolan RyanMini Card
40Nolan RyanMini Short Print
40Nolan RyanMini Stained Glass
40Nolan RyanMini Cloth
142Jo AdellRCBase II
142Jo AdellRCMini Card
142Jo AdellRCMini Short Print
142Jo AdellRCMini Stained Glass
142Jo AdellRCMini Cloth
174Jared WalshBase II
174Jared WalshMini Card
241Jose QuintanaBase III
241Jose QuintanaMini Card
332Mo VaughnShort Print
332Mo VaughnMini Short Print
347David FletcherShort Print
347David FletcherMini Short Print
377Jo AdellRCMini Exclusive
377Jo AdellRCMini Exclusive Metal
377Jo AdellRCMini Exclusive Stained Glass
388Mike TroutMini Exclusive
388Mike TroutMini Exclusive Metal
388Mike TroutMini Exclusive Stained Glass
390Nolan RyanMini Exclusive
390Nolan RyanMini Exclusive Metal
390Nolan RyanMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGA-APAlbert PujolsRelic
AGA-MTMike TroutRelic
AGA-SOShohei OhtaniRelic
AO-MTMike Trout
ARBC-ARAnthony RendonAuto Relic
ARBC-MTMike TroutAuto Relic
BL-MTMike TroutAuto
BLC-1Mike Trout
BLNA-MTMike TroutAuto
BRC-MTMike TroutRip Card
DARBC-TGMike TroutAuto Relic
DRC-TAJo Adell, Mike TroutRCRip Card
DRC-TBMike TroutRip Card
DRC-TOShohei Ohtani, Mike TroutRip Card
FMA-JAJo AdellRCAuto
FMA-JJJahmai JonesRCAuto
FMA-MTMike TroutAuto
HH-32Albert Pujols
MFR-ARAnthony RendonRelic
MFR-MTMike TroutRelic
MR-1Mike Trout
MR-38Jo AdellRC
MRC-MTMike Trout
MRD-2Jo Adell
RC-JAJo AdellRCRip Card
RC-MTMike TroutRip Card
RC-NRNolan RyanRip Card


8Alex BregmanBase I
8Alex BregmanMini Card
8Alex BregmanMini Short Print
8Alex BregmanMini Stained Glass
8Alex BregmanMini Cloth
16Jose AltuveBase I
16Jose AltuveMini Card
16Jose AltuveMini Short Print
16Jose AltuveMini Stained Glass
16Jose AltuveMini Cloth
20Jeff BagwellBase I
20Jeff BagwellMini Card
20Jeff BagwellMini Short Print
20Jeff BagwellMini Stained Glass
20Jeff BagwellMini Cloth
82Justin VerlanderBase I
82Justin VerlanderMini Card
82Justin VerlanderMini Short Print
82Justin VerlanderMini Stained Glass
82Justin VerlanderMini Cloth
94Carlos CorreaBase I
94Carlos CorreaMini Card
94Carlos CorreaMini Short Print
94Carlos CorreaMini Stained Glass
94Carlos CorreaMini Cloth
97Craig BiggioBase I
97Craig BiggioMini Card
97Craig BiggioMini Short Print
97Craig BiggioMini Stained Glass
97Craig BiggioMini Cloth
172Zack GreinkeBase II
172Zack GreinkeMini Card
223Kyle TuckerBase III
223Kyle TuckerMini Card
263Roger ClemensBase III
263Roger ClemensMini Card
266Cristian JavierRCBase III
266Cristian JavierRCMini Card
331Yordan AlvarezShort Print
331Yordan AlvarezMini Short Print
353Alex BregmanMini Exclusive
353Alex BregmanMini Exclusive Metal
353Alex BregmanMini Exclusive Stained Glass
359Carlos CorreaMini Exclusive
359Carlos CorreaMini Exclusive Metal
359Carlos CorreaMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGA-KTKyle TuckerRelic
AO-ABAlex Bregman
AO-JAJose Altuve
ARBC-CCCarlos CorreaAuto Relic
ARBC-JALJose AltuveAuto Relic
BL-JALJose AltuveAuto
BLNA-CCCarlos CorreaAuto
BRC-ABRAlex BregmanRip Card
BRC-CCCarlos CorreaRip Card
BRC-JVJustin VerlanderRip Card
DARBC-CAJose Altuve, Carlos CorreaAuto Relic
DARBC-CPRoger Clemens, Andy PettitteAuto Relic
DRC-BCCarlos Correa, Alex BregmanRip Card
FMA-CJCristian JavierRCAuto
FMA-MBMichael BrantleyAuto
HH-37Alex Bregman
MFR-CCCarlos CorreaRelic
MFR-JALJose AltuveRelic
MFR-JVEJustin VerlanderRelic
MR-12Alex Bregman
MR-36Jose Altuve
MRC-ABAlex Bregman
MRC-JAJose Altuve
N43-11Alex Bregman
RC-ABRAlex BregmanRip Card
RC-CCCarlos CorreaRip Card
RC-JBAJeff BagwellRip Card
RC-JVEJustin VerlanderRip Card
RC-RCLRoger ClemensRip Card


30Rickey HendersonBase I
30Rickey HendersonMini Card
30Rickey HendersonMini Short Print
30Rickey HendersonMini Stained Glass
30Rickey HendersonMini Cloth
46Reggie JacksonBase I
46Reggie JacksonMini Card
46Reggie JacksonMini Short Print
46Reggie JacksonMini Stained Glass
46Reggie JacksonMini Cloth
55Ramon LaureanoBase I
55Ramon LaureanoMini Card
55Ramon LaureanoMini Short Print
55Ramon LaureanoMini Stained Glass
55Ramon LaureanoMini Cloth
56Matt ChapmanBase I
56Matt ChapmanMini Card
56Matt ChapmanMini Short Print
56Matt ChapmanMini Stained Glass
56Matt ChapmanMini Cloth
111Jesus LuzardoBase II
111Jesus LuzardoMini Card
111Jesus LuzardoMini Short Print
111Jesus LuzardoMini Stained Glass
111Jesus LuzardoMini Cloth
163Vida BlueBase II
163Vida BlueMini Card
257James KaprielianRCBase III
257James KaprielianRCMini Card
291Mark CanhaBase III
291Mark CanhaMini Card
322A.J. PukShort Print
322A.J. PukMini Short Print
342Barry ZitoShort Print
342Barry ZitoMini Short Print
346Elvis AndrusShort Print
346Elvis AndrusMini Short Print
392Rickey HendersonMini Exclusive
392Rickey HendersonMini Exclusive Metal
392Rickey HendersonMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGA-EAElvis AndrusRelic
AGA-FMOFrankie MontasRelic
ARBC-MCMatt ChapmanAuto Relic
BLNA-RJReggie JacksonAuto
DRC-HERickey Henderson, Dennis EckersleyRip Card
FMA-RJReggie JacksonAuto
HH-18Ty Cobb
MFR-MMMark McGwireRelic
MR-20Rickey Henderson
MRC-RHRickey Henderson
N43-14Matt Chapman
RC-RHRickey HendersonRip Card

Blue Jays

17Joe CarterBase I
17Joe CarterMini Card
17Joe CarterMini Short Print
17Joe CarterMini Stained Glass
17Joe CarterMini Cloth
61Bo BichetteBase I
61Bo BichetteMini Card
61Bo BichetteMini Short Print
61Bo BichetteMini Stained Glass
61Bo BichetteMini Cloth
63Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Base I
63Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Mini Card
63Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Mini Short Print
63Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Mini Stained Glass
63Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Mini Cloth
113Nate PearsonRCBase II
113Nate PearsonRCMini Card
113Nate PearsonRCMini Short Print
113Nate PearsonRCMini Stained Glass
113Nate PearsonRCMini Cloth
169Marcus SemienBase II
169Marcus SemienMini Card
188George SpringerBase II
188George SpringerMini Card
193Teoscar HernandezBase II
193Teoscar HernandezMini Card
205Lourdes Gurriel Jr.Base III
205Lourdes Gurriel Jr.Mini Card
261Alejandro KirkRCBase III
261Alejandro KirkRCMini Card
304Kirby YatesShort Print
304Kirby YatesMini Short Print
356Bo BichetteMini Exclusive
356Bo BichetteMini Exclusive Metal
356Bo BichetteMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGA-GSGeorge SpringerRelic
AGA-HJRHyun-Jin RyuRelic
AGA-LGJLourdes Gurriel Jr.Relic
AGA-SRScott RolenRelic
AGA-THETeoscar HernandezRelic
AGA-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Relic
AO-BBBo Bichette
ARBC-GSGeorge SpringerAuto Relic
ARBC-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto Relic
BL-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto
BRC-BBBo BichetteRip Card
DARBC-GCVladimir Guerrero Jr, Joe CarterAuto Relic
DARBC-GGVladimir Guerrero JrAuto Relic
DRC-BGBo Bichette, Vladimir Guerrero JrRip Card
FMA-AKIAlejandro KirkRCAuto
FMA-NPNate PearsonRCAuto
FMA-THATom HatchRCAuto
FMA-VGJVladimir Guerrero JrAuto
HH-1Joe Carter
HH-26Edwin Encarnacion
MFR-BBIBo BichetteRelic
MFR-NPNate PearsonRCRelic
MFR-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Relic
MMI-17Blue Jay
MR-29Bo Bichette
MRC-BBBo Bichette
MRD-6Nate Pearson
RC-BBBo BichetteRip Card
RC-GSGeorge SpringerRip Card


1Hank AaronBase I
1Hank AaronMini Card
1Hank AaronMini Metal
1Hank AaronMini Stained Glass
1Hank AaronMini Cloth
7Greg MadduxBase I
7Greg MadduxMini Card
7Greg MadduxMini Short Print
7Greg MadduxMini Stained Glass
7Greg MadduxMini Cloth
43Ozzie AlbiesBase I
43Ozzie AlbiesMini Card
43Ozzie AlbiesMini Short Print
43Ozzie AlbiesMini Stained Glass
43Ozzie AlbiesMini Cloth
59Warren SpahnBase I
59Warren SpahnMini Card
59Warren SpahnMini Short Print
59Warren SpahnMini Stained Glass
59Warren SpahnMini Cloth
68Freddie FreemanBase I
68Freddie FreemanMini Card
68Freddie FreemanMini Short Print
68Freddie FreemanMini Stained Glass
68Freddie FreemanMini Cloth
70Cristian PacheRCBase I
70Cristian PacheRCMini Card
70Cristian PacheRCMini Short Print
70Cristian PacheRCMini Stained Glass
70Cristian PacheRCMini Cloth
72Ronald Acuña Jr.Base I
72Ronald Acuña Jr.Mini Card
72Ronald Acuña Jr.Mini Short Print
72Ronald Acuña Jr.Mini Stained Glass
72Ronald Acuña Jr.Mini Cloth
93Eddie MathewsBase I
93Eddie MathewsMini Card
93Eddie MathewsMini Short Print
93Eddie MathewsMini Stained Glass
93Eddie MathewsMini Cloth
112Dansby SwansonBase II
112Dansby SwansonMini Card
112Dansby SwansonMini Short Print
112Dansby SwansonMini Stained Glass
112Dansby SwansonMini Cloth
149Ian AndersonRCBase II
149Ian AndersonRCMini Card
149Ian AndersonRCMini Short Print
149Ian AndersonRCMini Stained Glass
149Ian AndersonRCMini Cloth
155Mike SorokaBase II
155Mike SorokaMini Card
157Chipper JonesBase II
157Chipper JonesMini Card
325Max FriedShort Print
325Max FriedMini Short Print
340Deion SandersShort Print
340Deion SandersMini Short Print
344Marcell OzunaShort Print
344Marcell OzunaMini Short Print
364Cristian PacheRCMini Exclusive
364Cristian PacheRCMini Exclusive Metal
364Cristian PacheRCMini Exclusive Stained Glass
368Freddie FreemanMini Exclusive
368Freddie FreemanMini Exclusive Metal
368Freddie FreemanMini Exclusive Stained Glass
371Hank AaronMini Exclusive
371Hank AaronMini Exclusive Metal
371Hank AaronMini Exclusive Stained Glass
394Ronald Acuña Jr.Mini Exclusive
394Ronald Acuña Jr.Mini Exclusive Metal
394Ronald Acuña Jr.Mini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGA-FMFred McGriffRelic
AGA-IAIan AndersonRCRelic
AGA-JSMJohn SmoltzRelic
AGA-MOMarcell OzunaRelic
AO-HAHank Aaron
AO-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.
ARBC-CJChipper JonesAuto Relic
ARBC-TGTom GlavineAuto Relic
BL-CJChipper JonesAuto
BL-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Auto
BLC-6Ronald Acuña Jr.
BRC-FFFreddie FreemanRip Card
BRC-HAHank AaronRip Card
BRC-RAJRonald Acuña JrRip Card
DARBC-AFRonald Acuña Jr, Freddie FreemanAuto Relic
DRC-AAHank Aaron, Ronald Acuña JrRip Card
DRC-APRonald Acuña Jr, Cristian PacheRCRip Card
DRC-JMGreg Maddux, Chipper JonesRip Card
FMA-CJOChipper JonesAuto
FMA-CPCristian PacheRCAuto
FMA-IAIan AndersonRCAuto
FMA-RAJRonald Acuña JrAuto
HH-46Eddie Mathews
HH-8Hank Aaron
MFR-HAHank AaronRelic
MFR-OAOzzie AlbiesRelic
MFR-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Relic
MR-3Ronald Acuña Jr.
MR-46Cristian PacheRC
MRC-CPACristian PacheRC
MRC-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.
MRD-15Ian Anderson
MRD-9Cristian Pache
N43-5Freddie Freeman
RC-CJChipper JonesRip Card
RC-CPCristian PacheRCRip Card
RC-DSADeion SandersRip Card
RC-EMEddie MathewsRip Card
RC-FFFreddie FreemanRip Card
RC-HAHank AaronRip Card
RC-OAOzzie AlbiesRip Card
RC-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Rip Card


22Robin YountBase I
22Robin YountMini Card
22Robin YountMini Short Print
22Robin YountMini Stained Glass
22Robin YountMini Cloth
60Keston HiuraBase I
60Keston HiuraMini Card
60Keston HiuraMini Short Print
60Keston HiuraMini Stained Glass
60Keston HiuraMini Cloth
80Christian YelichBase I
80Christian YelichMini Card
80Christian YelichMini Short Print
80Christian YelichMini Stained Glass
80Christian YelichMini Cloth
211Lorenzo CainBase III
211Lorenzo CainMini Card
295Kolten WongBase III
295Kolten WongMini Card
310Jackie Bradley Jr.Short Print
310Jackie Bradley Jr.Mini Short Print
320Paul MolitorShort Print
320Paul MolitorMini Short Print
336Brandon WoodruffShort Print
336Brandon WoodruffMini Short Print
361Christian YelichMini Exclusive
361Christian YelichMini Exclusive Metal
361Christian YelichMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGA-CBUCorbin BurnesRelic
AGA-JHJosh HaderRelic
AGA-KHKeston HiuraRelic
AGA-LCLorenzo CainRelic
AO-CYChristian Yelich
ARBC-CYChristian YelichAuto Relic
BL-CYChristian YelichAuto
BLC-15Christian Yelich
BRC-CYChristian YelichRip Card
DARBC-YYRobin Yount, Christian YelichAuto Relic
DRC-YYChristian Yelich, Robin YountRip Card
FMA-DWIDevin WilliamsAuto
FMA-JHJosh HaderAuto
MFR-CYEChristian YelichRelic
MR-16Christian Yelich
MR-37Hank Aaron
MRC-CYChristian Yelich
MRC-HAHank Aaron
RC-CYChristian YelichRip Card
RC-CYEChristian YelichRip Card
RC-PMPaul MolitorRip Card


27Mark McGwireBase I
27Mark McGwireMini Card
27Mark McGwireMini Short Print
27Mark McGwireMini Stained Glass
27Mark McGwireMini Cloth
41Paul DeJongBase I
41Paul DeJongMini Card
41Paul DeJongMini Short Print
41Paul DeJongMini Stained Glass
41Paul DeJongMini Cloth
50Paul GoldschmidtBase I
50Paul GoldschmidtMini Card
50Paul GoldschmidtMini Short Print
50Paul GoldschmidtMini Stained Glass
50Paul GoldschmidtMini Cloth
81Bob GibsonBase I
81Bob GibsonMini Card
81Bob GibsonMini Short Print
81Bob GibsonMini Stained Glass
81Bob GibsonMini Cloth
84Stan MusialBase I
84Stan MusialMini Card
84Stan MusialMini Short Print
84Stan MusialMini Stained Glass
84Stan MusialMini Cloth
91Yadier MolinaBase I
91Yadier MolinaMini Card
91Yadier MolinaMini Short Print
91Yadier MolinaMini Stained Glass
91Yadier MolinaMini Cloth
101Jack FlahertyBase II
101Jack FlahertyMini Card
101Jack FlahertyMini Short Print
101Jack FlahertyMini Stained Glass
101Jack FlahertyMini Cloth
125Dylan CarlsonRCBase II
125Dylan CarlsonRCMini Card
125Dylan CarlsonRCMini Short Print
125Dylan CarlsonRCMini Stained Glass
125Dylan CarlsonRCMini Cloth
136Nolan ArenadoBase II
136Nolan ArenadoMini Card
136Nolan ArenadoMini Stained Glass
144Lou BrockBase II
144Lou BrockMini Card
144Lou BrockMini Short Print
144Lou BrockMini Stained Glass
144Lou BrockMini Cloth
177Rogers HornsbyBase II
177Rogers HornsbyMini Card
296Carlos MartinezBase III
296Carlos MartinezMini Card
357Bob GibsonMini Exclusive
357Bob GibsonMini Exclusive Metal
357Bob GibsonMini Exclusive Stained Glass
366Dylan CarlsonRCMini Exclusive
366Dylan CarlsonRCMini Exclusive Metal
366Dylan CarlsonRCMini Exclusive Stained Glass
391Nolan ArenadoMini Exclusive
391Nolan ArenadoMini Exclusive Stained Glass
400Yadier MolinaMini Exclusive
400Yadier MolinaMini Exclusive Metal
400Yadier MolinaMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGA-JFAJack FlahertyRelic
AGA-KHKKwang-Hyun KimRelic
AGA-MMMark McGwireRelic
AGA-PDPaul DeJongRelic
ARBC-DCDylan CarlsonRCAuto Relic
ARBC-LBLou BrockAuto Relic
ARBC-NANolan ArenadoAuto Relic
ARBC-PGPaul GoldschmidtAuto Relic
ARBC-YMYadier MolinaAuto Relic
BL-PGPaul GoldschmidtAuto
BLC-14Yadier Molina
DARBC-GBLou Brock, Bob GibsonAuto Relic
DRC-GBBob Gibson, Lou BrockRip Card
DRC-MGMark McGwire, Paul GoldschmidtRip Card
FMA-DCDylan CarlsonRCAuto
FMA-KKKwang-Hyun KimAuto
FMA-OSOzzie SmithAuto
FMA-PGPaul GoldschmidtAuto
HH-12Mark McGwire
HH-27Ozzie Smith
HH-39Stan Musial
HH-41David Freese
MFR-DCDylan CarlsonRCRelic
MFR-NANolan ArenadoRelic
MFR-PGPaul GoldschmidtRelic
MFR-RHORogers HornsbyRelic
MFR-YMYadier MolinaRelic
MR-10Nolan Arenado
MR-26Yadier Molina
MRC-NANolan Arenado
MRC-TMYadier Molina
MRD-7Dylan Carlson
N43-1Dylan CarlsonRC
N43-15Nolan Arenado
RC-BGBob GibsonRip Card
RC-DCDylan CarlsonRCRip Card
RC-LBLou BrockRip Card
RC-NANolan ArenadoRip Card
RC-RHORogers HornsbyRip Card
RC-YMYadier MolinaRip Card


33Ernie BanksBase I
33Ernie BanksMini Card
33Ernie BanksMini Short Print
33Ernie BanksMini Stained Glass
33Ernie BanksMini Cloth
47Anthony RizzoBase I
47Anthony RizzoMini Card
47Anthony RizzoMini Short Print
47Anthony RizzoMini Stained Glass
47Anthony RizzoMini Cloth
49Ryne SandbergBase I
49Ryne SandbergMini Card
49Ryne SandbergMini Short Print
49Ryne SandbergMini Stained Glass
49Ryne SandbergMini Cloth
65Javier BaezBase I
65Javier BaezMini Card
65Javier BaezMini Short Print
65Javier BaezMini Stained Glass
65Javier BaezMini Cloth
86Ron SantoBase I
86Ron SantoMini Card
86Ron SantoMini Short Print
86Ron SantoMini Stained Glass
86Ron SantoMini Cloth
118Brailyn MarquezRCBase II
118Brailyn MarquezRCMini Card
118Brailyn MarquezRCMini Short Print
118Brailyn MarquezRCMini Stained Glass
118Brailyn MarquezRCMini Cloth
122Kris BryantBase II
122Kris BryantMini Card
122Kris BryantMini Short Print
122Kris BryantMini Stained Glass
122Kris BryantMini Cloth
154Jason HeywardBase II
154Jason HeywardMini Card
161Kyle HendricksBase II
161Kyle HendricksMini Card
168Aramis RamirezBase II
168Aramis RamirezMini Card
224Billy WilliamsBase III
224Billy WilliamsMini Card
321Moises AlouShort Print
321Moises AlouMini Short Print
354Anthony RizzoMini Exclusive
354Anthony RizzoMini Exclusive Metal
354Anthony RizzoMini Exclusive Stained Glass
376Javier BaezMini Exclusive
376Javier BaezMini Exclusive Metal
376Javier BaezMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGA-ASAlfonso SorianoRelic
AGA-CKCraig KimbrelRelic
AGA-DBDavid BoteRelic
AGA-DLEDerrek LeeRelic
AGA-KWOKerry WoodRelic
AGA-NHNico HoernerRelic
AGA-WCWillson ContrerasRelic
AO-EBErnie Banks
AO-JBAJavier Baez
ARBC-ARIAnthony RizzoAuto Relic
ARBC-RSRon SantoAuto Relic
BLC-5Javier Baez
BLNA-WCWillson ContrerasAuto
BRC-ARAnthony RizzoRip Card
BRC-KBKris BryantRip Card
DARBC-BRAnthony Rizzo, Kris BryantAuto Relic
DRC-BBJavier Baez, Kris BryantRip Card
DRC-ERRon Santo, Ernie BanksRip Card
FMA-BMBrailyn MarquezRCAuto
FMA-FJFergie JenkinsAuto
FMA-KSKyle SchwarberAuto
FMA-MAMoises AlouAuto
FMA-RSRyne SandbergAuto
FMA-WCWillson ContrerasAuto
HH-24Ben Zobrist
HH-33Sammy Sosa
MFR-ARIAnthony RizzoRelic
MFR-JBJavier BaezRelic
MFR-KBKris BryantRelic
MMI-11Bear Cub
MR-32Ernie Banks
MR-48Kris Bryant
MR-6Javier Baez
MRC-EBErnie Banks
MRC-JBJavier Baez
MRC-KBKris Bryant
MRD-8Brailyn Marquez
N43-3Kris Bryant
RC-ARAnthony RizzoRip Card
RC-BMBrailyn MarquezRCRip Card
RC-BWBilly WilliamsRip Card
RC-JBJavier BaezRip Card
RC-KBKris BryantRip Card
RC-RSRon SantoRip Card


21Luis GonzalezBase I
21Luis GonzalezMini Card
21Luis GonzalezMini Short Print
21Luis GonzalezMini Stained Glass
21Luis GonzalezMini Cloth
54Randy JohnsonBase I
54Randy JohnsonMini Card
54Randy JohnsonMini Short Print
54Randy JohnsonMini Stained Glass
54Randy JohnsonMini Cloth
58Ketel MarteBase I
58Ketel MarteMini Card
58Ketel MarteMini Short Print
58Ketel MarteMini Stained Glass
58Ketel MarteMini Cloth
110Daulton VarshoRCBase II
110Daulton VarshoRCMini Card
110Daulton VarshoRCMini Short Print
110Daulton VarshoRCMini Stained Glass
110Daulton VarshoRCMini Cloth
158Andy YoungRCBase II
158Andy YoungRCMini Card
204Kole CalhounBase III
204Kole CalhounMini Card
294Pavin SmithRCBase III
294Pavin SmithRCMini Card
343Zac GallenShort Print
343Zac GallenMini Short Print
AGA-DVDaulton VarshoRCRelic
AGA-KMKetel MarteRelic
AGA-PSMPavin SmithRCRelic
DRC-JGLuis Gonzalez, Randy JohnsonRip Card
FMA-DVDaulton VarshoRCAuto
FMA-PSPavin SmithRCAuto
HH-5Luis Gonzalez
MR-2Randy Johnson
MRC-RJRandy Johnson


26Corey SeagerBase I
26Corey SeagerMini Card
26Corey SeagerMini Short Print
26Corey SeagerMini Stained Glass
26Corey SeagerMini Cloth
28Clayton KershawBase I
28Clayton KershawMini Card
28Clayton KershawMini Short Print
28Clayton KershawMini Stained Glass
28Clayton KershawMini Cloth
36Jackie RobinsonBase I
36Jackie RobinsonMini Card
36Jackie RobinsonMini Short Print
36Jackie RobinsonMini Stained Glass
36Jackie RobinsonMini Cloth
42Roy CampanellaBase I
42Roy CampanellaMini Card
42Roy CampanellaMini Short Print
42Roy CampanellaMini Stained Glass
42Roy CampanellaMini Cloth
48Walker BuehlerBase I
48Walker BuehlerMini Card
48Walker BuehlerMini Short Print
48Walker BuehlerMini Stained Glass
48Walker BuehlerMini Cloth
88Duke SniderBase I
88Duke SniderMini Card
88Duke SniderMini Short Print
88Duke SniderMini Stained Glass
88Duke SniderMini Cloth
92Mookie BettsBase I
92Mookie BettsMini Card
92Mookie BettsMini Short Print
92Mookie BettsMini Stained Glass
92Mookie BettsMini Cloth
98Cody BellingerBase I
98Cody BellingerMini Card
98Cody BellingerMini Short Print
98Cody BellingerMini Stained Glass
98Cody BellingerMini Cloth
141Keibert RuizRCBase II
141Keibert RuizRCMini Card
141Keibert RuizRCMini Short Print
141Keibert RuizRCMini Stained Glass
141Keibert RuizRCMini Cloth
171Victor GonzalezRCBase II
171Victor GonzalezRCMini Card
208Trevor BauerBase III
208Trevor BauerMini Card
274Will SmithBase III
274Will SmithMini Card
278David PriceBase III
278David PriceMini Card
289Don SuttonBase III
289Don SuttonMini Card
292Tony GonsolinBase III
292Tony GonsolinMini Card
301Gavin LuxShort Print
301Gavin LuxMini Short Print
303Tommy LasordaShort Print
303Tommy LasordaMini Short Print
308Dave RobertsShort Print
308Dave RobertsMini Short Print
318Julio UriasShort Print
318Julio UriasMini Short Print
362Clayton KershawMini Exclusive
362Clayton KershawMini Exclusive Metal
362Clayton KershawMini Exclusive Stained Glass
363Cody BellingerMini Exclusive
363Cody BellingerMini Exclusive Metal
363Cody BellingerMini Exclusive Stained Glass
374Jackie RobinsonMini Exclusive
374Jackie RobinsonMini Exclusive Metal
374Jackie RobinsonMini Exclusive Stained Glass
389Mookie BettsMini Exclusive
389Mookie BettsMini Exclusive Metal
389Mookie BettsMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGA-CSCorey SeagerRelic
AGA-JUJulio UriasRelic
AGA-MMUMax MuncyRelic
AGA-WBUWalker BuehlerRelic
AGA-WSWill SmithRelic
AO-CBCody Bellinger
AO-CKClayton Kershaw
AO-JRJackie Robinson
AO-MBMookie Betts
ARBC-CBCody BellingerAuto Relic
BLC-4Mookie Betts
BLC-9Clayton Kershaw
BRC-JRJackie RobinsonRip Card
BRC-MBMookie BettsRip Card
DARBC-BSCody Bellinger, Corey SeagerAuto Relic
DRC-CMCody Bellinger, Mookie BettsRip Card
DRC-DKClayton KershawRip Card
DRC-RCJackie Robinson, Roy CampanellaRip Card
DRC-TBMookie BettsRip Card
FMA-CSCorey SeagerAuto
HH-10Jackie Robinson
HH-49Max Muncy
MFR-MBMookie BettsRelic
MR-14Mookie Betts
MR-34Cody Bellinger
MR-45Jackie Robinson
MR-50Clayton Kershaw
MRC-CBCody Bellinger
MRC-CKClayton Kershaw
MRC-JRJackie Robinson
MRC-MBMookie Betts
N43-2Cody Bellinger
RC-CBCody BellingerRip Card
RC-CKClayton KershawRip Card
RC-JRJackie RobinsonRip Card
RC-MBMookie BettsRip Card
RC-RCAMRoy CampanellaRip Card


14Andre DawsonBase I
14Andre DawsonMini Card
14Andre DawsonMini Short Print
14Andre DawsonMini Stained Glass
14Andre DawsonMini Cloth
69Vladimir GuerreroBase I
69Vladimir GuerreroMini Card
69Vladimir GuerreroMini Short Print
69Vladimir GuerreroMini Stained Glass
69Vladimir GuerreroMini Cloth
399Vladimir GuerreroMini Exclusive
399Vladimir GuerreroMini Exclusive Metal
399Vladimir GuerreroMini Exclusive Stained Glass
BL-VGVladimir GuerreroAuto
DRC-GDVladimir Guerrero, Andre DawsonRip Card
FMA-VGVladimir GuerreroAuto
MFR-VGVladimir GuerreroRelic
RC-VGVladimir GuerreroRip Card


2Willie McCoveyBase I
2Willie McCoveyMini Card
2Willie McCoveyMini Short Print
2Willie McCoveyMini Stained Glass
2Willie McCoveyMini Cloth
13Buster PoseyBase I
13Buster PoseyMini Card
13Buster PoseyMini Short Print
13Buster PoseyMini Stained Glass
13Buster PoseyMini Cloth
95Joey BartRCBase I
95Joey BartRCMini Card
95Joey BartRCMini Short Print
95Joey BartRCMini Stained Glass
95Joey BartRCMini Cloth
96Willie MaysBase I
96Willie MaysMini Card
96Willie MaysMini Short Print
96Willie MaysMini Stained Glass
96Willie MaysMini Cloth
238Luis BasabeRCBase III
238Luis BasabeRCMini Card
286Orlando CepedaBase III
286Orlando CepedaMini Card
AGA-MYMike YastrzemskiRelic
AO-WMWillie Mays
ARBC-BPBuster PoseyAuto Relic
BLC-13Buster Posey
FMA-JBAJoey BartRCAuto
HH-22Willie Mays
MFR-WMWillie MaysRelic
MFR-WMCWillie McCoveyRelic
MR-24Buster Posey
MR-49Willie Mays
MRC-BPBuster Posey
MRC-WMWillie Mays
MRD-5Joey Bart
RC-WMWillie McCoveyRip Card


317Josh GibsonShort Print


45Andres GimenezRCBase I
45Andres GimenezRCMini Card
45Andres GimenezRCMini Short Print
45Andres GimenezRCMini Stained Glass
66Shane BieberBase I
66Shane BieberMini Card
66Shane BieberMini Short Print
66Shane BieberMini Stained Glass
66Shane BieberMini Cloth
77Jose RamirezBase I
77Jose RamirezMini Card
77Jose RamirezMini Short Print
77Jose RamirezMini Stained Glass
77Jose RamirezMini Cloth
87Larry DobyBase I
87Larry DobyMini Card
87Larry DobyMini Short Print
87Larry DobyMini Stained Glass
87Larry DobyMini Cloth
164Oscar MercadoBase II
164Oscar MercadoMini Card
190Josh NaylorBase II
190Josh NaylorMini Card
248Jake BauersBase III
248Jake BauersMini Card
255Jim ThomeBase III
255Jim ThomeMini Card
283Triston McKenzieRCBase III
283Triston McKenzieRCMini Card
326Zach PlesacShort Print
326Zach PlesacMini Short Print
328Gaylord PerryShort Print
328Gaylord PerryMini Short Print
348Bob FellerShort Print
348Bob FellerMini Short Print
379Jose RamirezMini Exclusive
379Jose RamirezMini Exclusive Metal
379Jose RamirezMini Exclusive Stained Glass
ARBC-JRJose RamirezAuto Relic
BRC-JTJim ThomeRip Card
DRC-TRJose Ramirez, Jim ThomeRip Card
HH-42Larry Doby
RC-BFBob FellerRip Card
RC-JRAJose RamirezRip Card
RC-JTJim ThomeRip Card
RC-SBShane BieberRip Card


18Alex RodriguezBase I
18Alex RodriguezMini Card
18Alex RodriguezMini Short Print
18Alex RodriguezMini Stained Glass
18Alex RodriguezMini Cloth
23IchiroBase I
23IchiroMini Card
23IchiroMini Short Print
23IchiroMini Stained Glass
23IchiroMini Cloth
51Ken Griffey Jr.Base I
51Ken Griffey Jr.Mini Card
51Ken Griffey Jr.Mini Short Print
51Ken Griffey Jr.Mini Stained Glass
51Ken Griffey Jr.Mini Cloth
75Kyle LewisBase I
75Kyle LewisMini Card
75Kyle LewisMini Short Print
75Kyle LewisMini Stained Glass
75Kyle LewisMini Cloth
196Taylor TrammellRCBase III
196Taylor TrammellRCMini Card
252Justus SheffieldBase III
252Jarred KelenicRCShort Print
252Justus SheffieldMini Card
311Edgar MartinezShort Print
311Edgar MartinezMini Short Print
373IchiroMini Exclusive
373IchiroMini Exclusive Metal
373IchiroMini Exclusive Stained Glass
382Ken Griffey Jr.Mini Exclusive
382Ken Griffey Jr.Mini Exclusive Metal
382Ken Griffey Jr.Mini Exclusive Stained Glass
384Kyle LewisMini Exclusive
384Kyle LewisMini Exclusive Metal
384Kyle LewisMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AO-KGJKen Griffey Jr.
ARBC-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Auto Relic
ARBC-RHERickey HendersonAuto Relic
BRC-IIchiroRip Card
BRC-KGJKen Griffey JrRip Card
DARBC-TGKen Griffey JrAuto Relic
DRC-GLKen Griffey Jr, Kyle LewisRip Card
DRC-IMIchiroRip Card
FMA-EWEvan WhiteRCAuto
FSA-JKJarred KelenicAuto
HH-35Edgar Martinez
MFR-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Relic
MR-25Ken Griffey Jr.
MRC-KGJKen Griffey Jr.
N43-12Kyle Lewis
RC-ARODAlex RodriguezRip Card
RC-IIchiroRip Card
RC-KGJKen Griffey JrRip Card
RC-KLKyle LewisRip Card


140Sixto SanchezRCBase II
140Sixto SanchezRCMini Card
140Sixto SanchezRCMini Short Print
140Sixto SanchezRCMini Stained Glass
140Sixto SanchezRCMini Cloth
183Ivan RodriguezBase II
183Ivan RodriguezMini Card
199Brian AndersonBase II
199Brian AndersonMini Card
231Jazz ChisholmRCBase III
231Jazz ChisholmRCMini Card
284Miguel RojasBase III
284Miguel RojasMini Card
287Jesus SanchezRCBase III
287Jesus SanchezRCMini Card
300Nick NeidertRCBase III
300Nick NeidertRCMini Card
341Derrek LeeShort Print
341Derrek LeeMini Short Print
397Sixto SanchezRCMini Exclusive
397Sixto SanchezRCMini Exclusive Metal
397Sixto SanchezRCMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGA-GSHGary SheffieldRelic
AGA-JCJazz ChisholmRCRelic
AGA-MOHMonte HarrisonRCRelic
ARBC-IIchiroAuto Relic
DRC-RSIvan Rodriguez, Gary SheffieldRip Card
FMA-JCHJazz ChisholmRCAuto
FMA-KNKim NgAuto
FMA-SMStarling MarteAuto
FMA-SSSixto SanchezRCAuto
HH-19Edgar Renteria
MR-15Sixto SanchezRC
MRC-SSSixto SanchezRC
MRD-3Sixto Sanchez
RC-IRIvan RodriguezRip Card
RC-SSSixto SanchezRCRip Card


3Mike PiazzaBase I
3Mike PiazzaMini Card
3Mike PiazzaMini Short Print
3Mike PiazzaMini Stained Glass
3Mike PiazzaMini Cloth
10Pete AlonsoBase I
10Pete AlonsoMini Card
10Pete AlonsoMini Short Print
10Pete AlonsoMini Stained Glass
10Pete AlonsoMini Cloth
34David WrightBase I
34David WrightMini Card
34David WrightMini Short Print
34David WrightMini Stained Glass
34David WrightMini Cloth
45Andres GimenezRCMini Cloth
90Jacob deGromBase I
90Jacob deGromMini Card
90Jacob deGromMini Short Print
90Jacob deGromMini Stained Glass
90Jacob deGromMini Cloth
130David PetersonRCBase II
130David PetersonRCMini Card
130David PetersonRCMini Short Print
130David PetersonRCMini Stained Glass
130David PetersonRCMini Cloth
150Tom SeaverBase II
150Tom SeaverMini Card
150Tom SeaverMini Short Print
150Tom SeaverMini Stained Glass
150Tom SeaverMini Cloth
175Michael ConfortoBase II
175Michael ConfortoMini Card
194Marcus StromanBase II
194Marcus StromanMini Card
313Carlos CarrascoShort Print
313Carlos CarrascoMini Short Print
333Carlos DelgadoShort Print
333Carlos DelgadoMini Short Print
335Darryl StrawberryShort Print
335Darryl StrawberryMini Short Print
375Jacob deGromMini Exclusive
375Jacob deGromMini Exclusive Metal
375Jacob deGromMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGA-JMCJeff McNeilRelic
AGA-MCMichael ConfortoRelic
AO-PAPete Alonso
ARBC-MPMike PiazzaAuto Relic
ARBC-PAPete AlonsoAuto Relic
BL-PAPete AlonsoAuto
BLC-10Jacob deGrom
BRC-JDJacob deGromRip Card
DARBC-ADPete Alonso, Jacob deGromAuto Relic
DRC-ALFrancisco Lindor, Pete AlonsoRip Card
DRC-DKJacob deGromRip Card
DRC-SRNolan Ryan, Tom SeaverRip Card
FMA-AGAndres GimenezRCAuto
FMA-DWDavid WrightAuto
FMA-FKFranklyn KilomeRCAuto
FMA-PAPete AlonsoAuto
HH-21Mike Piazza
MFR-FLFrancisco LindorRelic
MR-18Jacob deGrom
MR-9Francisco Lindor
MRC-FLFrancisco Lindor
MRC-JDJacob deGrom
N43-4Pete Alonso
RC-DSDarryl StrawberryRip Card
RC-JDJacob deGromRip Card
RC-MPMike PiazzaRip Card
RC-TSTom SeaverRip Card


5Josh BellBase I
5Josh BellMini Card
5Josh BellMini Short Print
5Josh BellMini Stained Glass
24Stephen StrasburgBase I
24Stephen StrasburgMini Card
24Stephen StrasburgMini Short Print
24Stephen StrasburgMini Stained Glass
24Stephen StrasburgMini Cloth
52Max ScherzerBase I
52Max ScherzerMini Card
52Max ScherzerMini Short Print
52Max ScherzerMini Stained Glass
52Max ScherzerMini Cloth
74Juan SotoBase I
74Juan SotoMini Card
74Juan SotoMini Short Print
74Juan SotoMini Stained Glass
74Juan SotoMini Cloth
76Luis GarciaRCBase I
76Luis GarciaRCMini Card
76Luis GarciaRCMini Short Print
76Luis GarciaRCMini Stained Glass
76Luis GarciaRCMini Cloth
180Victor RoblesBase II
180Victor RoblesMini Card
181Jon LesterBase II
181Jon LesterMini Card
185Trea TurnerBase II
185Trea TurnerMini Card
282Kyle SchwarberBase III
282Kyle SchwarberMini Card
345Patrick CorbinShort Print
345Patrick CorbinMini Short Print
380Juan SotoMini Exclusive
380Juan SotoMini Exclusive Metal
380Juan SotoMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGA-JSJuan SotoRelic
AGA-PCPatrick CorbinRelic
AGA-TTUTrea TurnerRelic
AGA-VRVictor RoblesRelic
AO-JSJuan Soto
ARBC-JSJuan SotoAuto Relic
ARBC-SSStephen StrasburgAuto Relic
BL-LGLuis GarciaRCAuto
BLC-7Juan Soto
BLNA-JSJuan SotoAuto
BRC-MSMax ScherzerRip Card
DARBC-SSJuan Soto, Stephen StrasburgAuto Relic
DRC-SSMax Scherzer, Juan SotoRip Card
FMA-JSJuan SotoAuto
FMA-LGLuis GarciaRCAuto
HH-50Ryan Zimmerman
MFR-JSOJuan SotoRelic
MFR-SSStephen StrasburgRelic
MFR-TTTrea TurnerRelic
MMI-10Bald Eagle
MR-30Juan Soto
MR-35Max Scherzer
MRC-JSJuan Soto
MRC-MSMax Scherzer
MRD-12Luis Garcia
N43-6Max Scherzer
RC-JSJuan SotoRip Card
RC-LGALuis GarciaRCRip Card
RC-MSMax ScherzerRip Card


4Eddie MurrayBase I
4Eddie MurrayMini Card
4Eddie MurrayMini Short Print
4Eddie MurrayMini Stained Glass
4Eddie MurrayMini Cloth
12Ryan MountcastleRCBase I
12Ryan MountcastleRCMini Card
12Ryan MountcastleRCMini Short Print
12Ryan MountcastleRCMini Stained Glass
12Ryan MountcastleRCMini Cloth
38Cal Ripken Jr.Base I
38Cal Ripken Jr.Mini Card
38Cal Ripken Jr.Mini Short Print
38Cal Ripken Jr.Mini Stained Glass
38Cal Ripken Jr.Mini Cloth
83Brooks RobinsonBase I
83Brooks RobinsonMini Card
83Brooks RobinsonMini Short Print
83Brooks RobinsonMini Stained Glass
83Brooks RobinsonMini Cloth
198Austin HaysBase II
198Austin HaysMini Card
395Ryan MountcastleRCMini Exclusive
395Ryan MountcastleRCMini Exclusive Metal
395Ryan MountcastleRCMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AO-CPJCal Ripken Jr.
ARBC-RMRyan MountcastleRCAuto Relic
BL-RMRyan MountcastleRCAuto
BLNA-BRBrooks RobinsonAuto
BRC-CPJCal Ripken JrRip Card
DRC-RMCal Ripken Jr, Eddie MurrayRip Card
FMA-DKDean KremerRCAuto
FMA-RMRyan MountcastleRCAuto
HH-13Cal Ripken Jr.
MFR-EMEddie MurrayRelic
MR-4Cal Ripken Jr.
MR-41Ryan MountcastleRC
MRC-CRJCal Ripken Jr.
MRC-RMRyan MountcastleRC
RC-CPJCal Ripken JrRip Card
RC-RMRyan MountcastleRCRip Card


6Manny MachadoBase I
6Manny MachadoMini Card
6Manny MachadoMini Short Print
6Manny MachadoMini Stained Glass
6Manny MachadoMini Cloth
35Fernando Tatis Jr.Base I
35Fernando Tatis Jr.Mini Card
35Fernando Tatis Jr.Mini Short Print
35Fernando Tatis Jr.Mini Stained Glass
35Fernando Tatis Jr.Mini Cloth
53Tony GwynnBase I
53Tony GwynnMini Card
53Tony GywnnMini Short Print
53Tony GwynnMini Stained Glass
53Tony GwynnMini Cloth
99Jake CronenworthRCBase I
99Jake CronenworthRCMini Card
99Jake CronenworthRCMini Short Print
99Jake CronenworthRCMini Stained Glass
99Jake CronenworthRCMini Cloth
170Blake SnellBase II
170Blake SnellMini Card
176Ha-Seong KimBase II
176Ha-Seong KimMini Card
191Eric HosmerBase II
191Eric HosmerMini Card
265Luis CampusanoRCBase III
265Luis CampusanoRCMini Card
316Yu DarvishShort Print
316Yu DarvishMini Short Print
327Trent GrishamShort Print
327Trent GrishamMini Short Print
350Dinelson LametShort Print
350Dinelson LametMini Short Print
367Fernando Tatis Jr.Mini Exclusive
367Fernando Tatis Jr.Mini Exclusive Metal
367Fernando Tatis Jr.Mini Exclusive Stained Glass
386Manny MachadoMini Exclusive
386Manny MachadoMini Exclusive Metal
386Manny MachadoMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGA-DLDinelson LametRelic
AGA-EHOEric HosmerRelic
AGA-TGTrent GrishamRelic
AGA-WMWil MyersRelic
AO-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.
AO-TGTony Gwynn
ARBC-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Auto Relic
ARBC-MMManny MachadoAuto Relic
BLC-8Fernando Tatis Jr.
BRC-FTJFernando Tatis JrRip Card
DARBC-MTManny Machado, Fernando Tatis JrAuto Relic
DRC-GTTony Gwynn, Fernando Tatis JrRip Card
DRC-TMManny Machado, Fernando Tatis JrRip Card
FMA-FTJFernando Tatis JrAuto
FMA-JCJake CronenworthRCAuto
FMA-TPTommy PhamAuto
HH-47Steve Garvey
MFR-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Relic
MFR-MMAManny MachadoRelic
MFR-RHERickey HendersonRelic
MFR-TGTony GwynnRelic
MR-23Fernando Tatis Jr.
MR-27Blake Snell
MR-44Manny Machado
MRC-BSBlake Snell
MRC-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.
MRC-MMAManny Machado
MRD-18Jake Cronenworth
N43-8Manny Machado
RC-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Rip Card
RC-MMManny MachadoRip Card
RC-TGTony GwynnRip Card


29Spencer HowardRCBase I
29Spencer HowardRCMini Card
29Spencer HowardRCMini Short Print
29Spencer HowardRCMini Stained Glass
29Spencer HowardRCMini Cloth
44Bryce HarperBase I
44Bryce HarperMini Card
44Bryce HarperMini Short Print
44Bryce HarperMini Stained Glass
44Bryce HarperMini Cloth
85Rhys HoskinsBase I
85Rhys HoskinsMini Card
85Rhys HoskinsMini Short Print
85Rhys HoskinsMini Stained Glass
85Rhys HoskinsMini Cloth
100Alec BohmRCBase I
100Alec BohmRCMini Card
100Alec BohmRCMini Short Print
100Alec BohmRCMini Stained Glass
100Alec BohmRCMini Cloth
134Andrew McCutchenBase II
134Andrew McCutchenMini Card
134Andrew McCutchenMini Short Print
134Andrew McCutchenMini Stained Glass
134Andrew McCutchenMini Cloth
145Steve CarltonBase II
145Steve CarltonMini Card
145Steve CarltonMini Short Print
145Steve CarltonMini Stained Glass
145Steve CarltonMini Cloth
153Zack WheelerBase II
153Zack WheelerMini Card
213Mickey MoniakRCBase III
213Mickey MoniakRCMini Card
215Aaron NolaBase III
215Aaron NolaMini Card
264Didi GregoriusBase III
264Didi GregoriusMini Card
306John KrukShort Print
306John KrukMini Short Print
352Alec BohmRCMini Exclusive
352Alec BohmRCMini Exclusive Metal
352Alec BohmRCMini Exclusive Stained Glass
358Bryce HarperMini Exclusive
358Bryce HarperMini Exclusive Metal
358Bryce HarperMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGA-AMAndrew McCutchenRelic
AGA-ANAaron NolaRelic
AGA-JTRJ.T. RealmutoRelic
AGA-MMOMickey MoniakRCRelic
ARBC-AMAndrew McCutchenAuto Relic
ARBC-BHBryce HarperAuto Relic
ARBC-PMPedro MartinezAuto Relic
ARBC-RHRhys HoskinsAuto Relic
BL-RHRhys HoskinsAuto
BLC-11Alec BohmRC
BLC-3Bryce Harper
BLNA-ABAlec BohmRCAuto
BRC-ABAlec BohmRCRip Card
BRC-BHBryce HarperRip Card
DARBC-HSMike Schmidt, Bryce HarperAuto Relic
DRC-BSMike Schmidt, Alec BohmRCRip Card
DRC-HHBryce Harper, Rhys HoskinsRip Card
DRC-MLUncle Larry, Andrew McCutchenRip Card
FMA-ABAlec BohmRCAuto
FMA-JKJohn KrukAuto
FMA-MMMickey MoniakRCAuto
FMA-RHRhys HoskinsAuto
FMA-SHOSpencer HowardRCAuto
MFR-ABAlec BohmRCRelic
MFR-BHBryce HarperRelic
MFR-RHRhys HoskinsRelic
MR-21Bryce Harper
MR-39Alec BohmRC
MRC-BHBryce Harper
MRD-10Spencer Howard
MRD-4Alec Bohm
RC-ABAlec BohmRCRip Card
RC-AMAndrew McCutchenRip Card
RC-BHBryce HarperRip Card


5Josh BellMini Cloth
11Roberto ClementeBase I
11Roberto ClementeMini Card
11Roberto ClementeMini Short Print
11Roberto ClementeMini Stained Glass
11Roberto ClementeMini Cloth
39Ke’Bryan HayesRCBase I
39Ke’Bryan HayesRCMini Card
39Ke’Bryan HayesRCMini Short Print
39Ke’Bryan HayesRCMini Stained Glass
39Ke’Bryan HayesRCMini Cloth
62Willie StargellBase I
62Willie StargellMini Card
62Willie StargellMini Short Print
62Willie StargellMini Stained Glass
62Willie StargellMini Cloth
106Honus WagnerBase II
106Honus WagnerMini Card
106Honus WagnerMini Short Print
106Honus WagnerMini Stained Glass
106Honus WagnerMini Cloth
182JT BrubakerRCBase II
182JT BrubakerRCMini Card
195Will CraigRCBase II
195Will CraigRCMini Card
381Ke’Bryan HayesRCMini Exclusive
381Ke’Bryan HayesRCMini Exclusive Metal
381Ke’Bryan HayesRCMini Exclusive Stained Glass
393Roberto ClementeMini Exclusive
393Roberto ClementeMini Exclusive Metal
393Roberto ClementeMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGA-CMColin MoranRelic
AO-RCRoberto Clemente
BL-KHKe’Bryan HayesRCAuto
DRC-CWRoberto Clemente, Honus WagnerRip Card
FMA-KHKe’Bryan HayesRCAuto
HH-11Roberto Clemente
HH-16Bill Mazeroski
HH-2Honus Wagner
MFR-RCRoberto ClementeRelic
MR-22Roberto Clemente
MR-40Ke’Bryan HayesRC
MRC-KBHKe’Bryan HayesRC
MRC-RCRoberto Clemente
MRD-11Ke’Bryan Hayes
N43-7Ke’Bryan HayesRC
RC-KHKe’Bryan HayesRCRip Card
RC-RCRoberto ClementeRip Card


71Sam HuffRCBase I
71Sam HuffRCMini Card
71Sam HuffRCMini Short Print
71Sam HuffRCMini Stained Glass
71Sam HuffRCMini Cloth
162Juan GonzalezBase II
162Juan GonzalezMini Card
202Kohei AriharaBase III
202Kohei AriharaMini Card
228Leody TaverasRCBase III
228Leody TaverasRCMini Card
396Sam HuffRCMini Exclusive
396Sam HuffRCMini Exclusive Metal
396Sam HuffRCMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGA-IKFIsiah Kiner-FalefaRelic
AGA-NSONick SolakRelic
ARBC-AROAlex RodriguezAuto Relic
ARBC-VGVladimir GuerreroAuto Relic
BL-NRNolan RyanAuto
DARBC-GGVladimir GuerreroAuto Relic
FMA-DDDane DunningRCAuto
FMA-JGJuan GonzalezAuto
HH-30Nelson Cruz
MFR-IRIvan RodriguezRelic
MR-28Nolan Ryan
MRC-NRNolan Ryan
MRD-20Sam Huff
RC-SHSam HuffRCRip Card


151Tyler GlasnowBase II
151Tyler GlasnowMini Card
192Austin MeadowsBase II
192Austin MeadowsMini Card
243Luis PatiñoRCBase III
243Luis PatiñoRCMini Card
246Kevin KiermaierBase III
246Kevin KiermaierMini Card
AGA-WAWilly AdamesRelic
HH-48Evan Longoria
MFR-BLOBrandon LoweRelic
MMI-15Sea Dog
64Jose CansecoBase I
64Jose CansecoMini Card
64Jose CansecoMini Short Print
64Jose CansecoMini Stained Glass
64Jose CansecoMini Cloth
319Fred McGriffShort Print
319Fred McGriffMini Short Print
AGA-WBWade BoggsRelic

Red Sox

19David OrtizBase I
19David OrtizMini Card
19David OrtizMini Short Print
19David OrtizMini Stained Glass
19David OrtizMini Cloth
31Xander BogaertsBase I
31Xander BogaertsMini Card
31Xander BogaertsMini Short Print
31Xander BogaertsMini Stained Glass
31Xander BogaertsMini Cloth
57Alex VerdugoBase I
57Alex VerdugoMini Card
57Alex VerdugoMini Short Print
57Alex VerdugoMini Stained Glass
57Alex VerdugoMini Cloth
79Pedro MartinezBase I
79Pedro MartinezMini Card
79Pedro MartinezMini Short Print
79Pedro MartinezMini Stained Glass
79Pedro MartinezMini Cloth
102Carl YastrzemskiBase II
102Carl YastrzemskiMini Card
102Carl YastrzemskiMini Short Print
102Carl YastrzemskiMini Stained Glass
102Carl YastrzemskiMini Cloth
121Bobby DalbecRCBase II
121Bobby DalbecRCMini Card
121Bobby DalbecRCMini Short Print
121Bobby DalbecRCMini Stained Glass
121Bobby DalbecRCMini Cloth
148Ted WilliamsBase II
148Ted WilliamsMini Card
148Ted WilliamsMini Short Print
148Ted WilliamsMini Stained Glass
148Ted WilliamsMini Cloth
167J.D. MartinezBase II
167J.D. MartinezMini Card
225Tanner HouckRCBase III
225Tanner HouckRCMini Card
240Bianca SmithBase III
249Bianca SmithMini Card
253Rafael DeversBase III
253Rafael DeversMini Card
281Nomar GarciaparraBase III
281Nomar GarciaparraMini Card
398Ted WilliamsMini Exclusive
398Ted WilliamsMini Exclusive Metal
398Ted WilliamsMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGA-DODavid OrtizRelic
AGA-JAVJason VaritekRelic
AGA-JMJ.D. MartinezRelic
AGA-RDRafael DeversRelic
AGA-XBXander BogaertsRelic
AO-TWTed Williams
ARBC-XBXander BogaertsAuto Relic
BRC-TWTed WilliamsRip Card
DARBC-VODavid Ortiz, Jason VaritekAuto Relic
DRC-WYTed Williams, Carl YastrzemskiRip Card
FMA-AVAlex VerdugoAuto
FMA-JDJohnny DamonAuto
FMA-MVMo VaughnAuto
FMA-THTanner HouckRCAuto
FSA-BSBianca SmithAuto
HH-15Ted Williams
HH-6Carlton Fisk
HH-9David Ortiz
MFR-CYCarl YastrzemskiRelic
MFR-DODavid OrtizRelic
MMI-18Green Monster
MR-42Bobby DalbecRC
MR-5David Ortiz
MRC-BDBobby DalbecRC
MRC-DODavid Ortiz
MRD-17Bobby Dalbec
RC-JMAJ.D. MartinezRip Card
RC-NGNomar GarciaparraRip Card
RC-PMAPedro MartinezRip Card
RC-TWTed WilliamsRip Card


37Mike MoustakasBase I
37Mike MoustakasMini Card
37Mike MoustakasMini Short Print
37Mike MoustakasMini Stained Glass
37Mike MoustakasMini Cloth
73Johnny BenchBase I
73Johnny BenchMini Card
73Johnny BenchMini Short Print
73Johnny BenchMini Stained Glass
73Johnny BenchMini Cloth
78Barry LarkinBase I
78Barry LarkinMini Card
78Barry LarkinMini Short Print
78Barry LarkinMini Stained Glass
78Barry LarkinMini Cloth
89Joey VottoBase I
89Joey VottoMini Card
89Joey VottoMini Short Print
89Joey VottoMini Stained Glass
89Joey VottoMini Cloth
159Luis CastilloBase II
159Luis CastilloMini Card
209Joe MorganBase III
209Joe MorganMini Card
210Jonathan IndiaRCBase III
210Jonathan IndiaRCMini Card
230Sonny GrayBase III
230Sonny GrayMini Card
247Jose GarciaRCBase III
247Jose GarciaRCMini Card
299Tyler StephensonRCBase III
299Tyler StephensonRCMini Card
312Eugenio SuarezShort Print
312Eugenio SuarezMini Short Print
323Tony PérezShort Print
323Tony PérezMini Short Print
337Sparky AndersonShort Print
337Sparky AndersonMini Short Print
339Nick CastellanosShort Print
339Nick CastellanosMini Short Print
378Joey VottoMini Exclusive
378Joey VottoMini Exclusive Metal
378Joey VottoMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGA-BLBarry LarkinRelic
AGA-LCALuis CastilloRelic
AGA-NSNick SenzelRelic
AO-JBJohnny Bench
ARBC-BLBarry LarkinAuto Relic
BLNA-TBTrevor BauerAuto
DARBC-BVJoey Votto, Johnny BenchAuto Relic
DRC-BVJohnny Bench, Joey VottoRip Card
FMA-JBJohnny BenchAuto
FMA-LCLuis CastilloAuto
FMA-TBTrevor BauerAuto
FMA-TSTyler StephensonRCAuto
HH-23Tony Pérez
HH-31Johnny Bench
HH-36Joe Morgan
HH-44Ken Griffey Jr.
MFR-BLBarry LarkinRelic
MFR-FRFrank RobinsonRelic
MFR-JVJoey VottoRelic
MR-8Joey Votto
MRC-JVJoey Votto
RC-BLBarry LarkinRip Card
RC-JVJoey VottoRip Card


9Larry WalkerBase I
9Larry WalkerMini Card
9Larry WalkerMini Short Print
9Larry WalkerMini Stained Glass
9Larry WalkerMini Cloth
128Trevor StoryBase II
128Trevor StoryMini Card
128Trevor StoryMini Short Print
128Trevor StoryMini Stained Glass
128Trevor StoryMini Cloth
136Nolan ArenadoMini Short Print
136Nolan ArenadoMini Cloth
166German MarquezBase II
166German MarquezMini Card
276Andres GalarragaMini Card
280Charlie BlackmonBase III
280Charlie BlackmonMini Card
330Todd HeltonShort Print
330Todd HeltonMini Short Print
391Nolan ArenadoMini Exclusive Metal
AGA-CBLCharlie BlackmonRelic
AGA-TSTrevor StoryRelic
BL-TSTrevor StoryAuto
DRC-WHTodd Helton, Larry WalkerRip Card
FMA-AGAAndres GalarragaAuto
RC-THTodd HeltonRip Card


117Brady SingerRCBase II
117Brady SingerRCMini Card
117Brady SingerRCMini Short Print
117Brady SingerRCMini Stained Glass
117Brady SingerRCMini Cloth
135Kris BubicRCBase II
135Kris BubicRCMini Card
135Kris BubicRCMini Short Print
135Kris BubicRCMini Stained Glass
135Kris BubicRCMini Cloth
147George BrettBase II
147George BrettMini Card
147George BrettMini Short Print
147George BrettMini Stained Glass
147George BrettMini Cloth
156Jorge SolerBase II
156Jorge SolerMini Card
179Whit MerrifieldBase II
179Whit MerrifieldMini Card
251Adalberto MondesiBase III
251Adalberto MondesiMini Card
272Brad KellerBase III
272Brad KellerMini Card
369George BrettMini Exclusive
369George BrettMini Exclusive Metal
369George BrettMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGA-ABEAndrew BenintendiRelic
AGA-HDHunter DozierRelic
AGA-NHENick HeathRCRelic
AGA-SPSalvador PerezRelic
AO-GBGeorge Brett
BRC-GBGeorge BrettRip Card
DRC-BPGeorge Brett, Salvador PerezRip Card
FMA-BSBrady SingerRCAuto
HH-38Salvador Perez
MFR-GBGeorge BrettRelic
MR-13George Brett
MRC-GBGeorge Brett
MRD-14Brady Singer
RC-GBGeorge BrettRip Card
RC-GBRGeorge BrettRip Card


105Daz CameronRCBase II
105Akil BaddooRCShort Print
105Daz CameronRCMini Card
105Daz CameronRCMini Short Print
105Daz CameronRCMini Stained Glass
105Daz CameronRCMini Cloth
109Miguel CabreraBase II
109Miguel CabreraMini Card
109Miguel CabreraMini Short Print
109Miguel CabreraMini Stained Glass
109Miguel CabreraMini Cloth
137Al KalineBase II
137Al KalineMini Card
137Al KalineMini Short Print
137Al KalineMini Stained Glass
137Al KalineMini Cloth
138Casey MizeRCBase II
138Casey MizeRCMini Card
138Casey MizeRCMini Short Print
138Casey MizeRCMini Stained Glass
138Casey MizeRCMini Cloth
160Ty CobbBase II
160Ty CobbMini Card
189Willi CastroBase II
189Willi CastroMini Card
216Jeimer CandelarioBase III
216Jeimer CandelarioMini Card
245Tarik SkubalRCBase III
245Tarik SkubalRCMini Card
254Isaac ParedesRCBase III
254Isaac ParedesRCMini Card
288Alan TrammellBase III
288Alan TrammellMini Card
360Casey MizeRCMini Exclusive
360Casey MizeRCMini Exclusive Metal
360Casey MizeRCMini Exclusive Stained Glass
387Miguel CabreraMini Exclusive
387Miguel CabreraMini Exclusive Metal
387Miguel CabreraMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGA-JJJaCoby JonesRelic
AGA-TSKTarik SkubalRCRelic
AO-MCMiguel Cabrera
ARBC-MCAMiguel CabreraAuto Relic
BLNA-CMCasey MizeRCAuto
BRC-MCMiguel CabreraRip Card
DARBC-MSCasey Mize, Tarik SkubalRCAuto Relic
DRC-CKAl Kaline, Miguel CabreraRip Card
FMA-CMCasey MizeRCAuto
HH-25Magglio Ordonez
MFR-MCMiguel CabreraRelic
MR-11Miguel Cabrera
MR-43Casey MizeRC
MRC-CMCasey MizeRC
MRC-MCMiguel Cabrera
MRD-1Casey Mize
N43-13Miguel Cabrera
RC-AKAl KalineRip Card
RC-CMCasey MizeRCRip Card
RC-MCMiguel CabreraRip Card


108Rod CarewBase II
108Rod CarewMini Card
108Rod CarewMini Short Print
108Rod CarewMini Stained Glass
108Rod CarewMini Cloth
116Alex KirilloffRCBase II
116Alex KirilloffRCMini Card
116Alex KirilloffRCMini Short Print
116Alex KirilloffRCMini Stained Glass
116Alex KirilloffRCMini Cloth
124Byron BuxtonBase II
124Byron BuxtonMini Card
124Byron BuxtonMini Short Print
124Byron BuxtonMini Stained Glass
124Byron BuxtonMini Cloth
132Joe MauerBase II
132Joe MauerMini Card
132Joe MauerMini Short Print
132Joe MauerMini Stained Glass
132Joe MauerMini Cloth
139Harmon KillebrewBase II
139Harmon KillebrewMini Card
139Harmon KillebrewMini Short Print
139Harmon KillebrewMini Stained Glass
139Harmon KillebrewMini Cloth
146Kirby PuckettBase II
146Kirby PuckettMini Card
146Kirby PuckettMini Short Print
146Kirby PuckettMini Stained Glass
146Kirby PuckettMini Cloth
165J.A. HappBase II
165J.A. HappMini Card
173Miguel SanoBase II
173Miguel SanoMini Card
200Andrelton SimmonsBase II
200Andrelton SimmonsMini Card
242Ryan JeffersRCBase III
242Ryan JeffersRCMini Card
309Kenta MaedaShort Print
309Kenta MaedaMini Short Print
324Josh DonaldsonShort Print
324Josh DonaldsonMini Short Print
329Jose BerriosShort Print
329Jose BerriosMini Short Print
338Kent HrbekShort Print
338Kent HrbekMini Short Print
349Jack MorrisShort Print
349Jack MorrisMini Short Print
372Harmon KillebrewMini Exclusive
372Harmon KillebrewMini Exclusive Metal
372Harmon KillebrewMini Exclusive Stained Glass
383Kirby PuckettMini Exclusive
383Kirby PuckettMini Exclusive Metal
383Kirby PuckettMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGA-BRBrent RookerRCRelic
AGA-JDJosh DonaldsonRelic
AGA-MGMitch GarverRelic
AGA-MKMax KeplerRelic
AGA-THTorii HunterRelic
AO-HKHarmon Killebrew
ARBC-AKIAlex KirilloffRCAuto Relic
ARBC-DWDave WinfieldAuto Relic
ARBC-TOTony OlivaAuto Relic
BLNA-TOTony OlivaAuto
BRC-JMJoe MauerRip Card
DRC-PKHarmon Killebrew, Kirby PuckettRip Card
FMA-AKAlex KirilloffRCAuto
FMA-BRBrent RookerRCAuto
FMA-JMJoe MauerAuto
FMA-KHRKent HrbekAuto
FMA-KMKenta MaedaAuto
FMA-MKMax KeplerAuto
FMA-RJERyan JeffersRCAuto
HH-17Kirby Puckett
HH-40Rod Carew
HH-45Jim Thome
MFR-BBByron BuxtonRelic
MFR-JMJoe MauerRelic
MFR-KPKirby PuckettRelic
MR-17Byron Buxton
MR-33Harmon Killebrew
MRC-BBUByron Buxton
MRC-HKHarmon Killebrew
MRD-13Alex Kirilloff
N43-10Alex KirilloffRC
RC-HKHarmon KillebrewRip Card
RC-JBEJose BerriosRip Card
RC-JDOJosh DonaldsonRip Card
RC-JMJoe MauerRip Card
RC-KPKirby PuckettRip Card
RC-RCARod CarewRip Card

White Sox

103Eloy JimenezBase II
103Eloy JimenezMini Card
103Eloy JimenezMini Short Print
103Eloy JimenezMini Stained Glass
103Eloy JimenezMini Cloth
127Frank ThomasBase II
127Frank ThomasMini Card
127Frank ThomasMini Short Print
127Frank ThomasMini Stained Glass
127Frank ThomasMini Cloth
129Dallas KeuchelBase II
129Dallas KeuchelMini Card
129Dallas KeuchelMini Short Print
129Dallas KeuchelMini Stained Glass
129Dallas KeuchelMini Cloth
143Luis RobertBase II
143Luis RobertMini Card
143Luis RobertMini Short Print
143Luis RobertMini Stained Glass
143Luis RobertMini Cloth
152Yoan MoncadaBase II
152Yoan MoncadaMini Card
178Lucas GiolitoBase II
178Lucas GiolitoMini Card
184Tim AndersonBase II
184Yermin MercedesRCShort Print
184Tim AndersonMini Card
187Liam HendriksBase II
187Liam HendriksMini Card
218Andrew VaughnRCBase III
218Andrew VaughnRCMini Card
220Garrett CrochetRCBase III
220Garrett CrochetRCMini Card
258Mark BuehrleBase III
258Mark BuehrleMini Card
290Codi HeuerRCBase III
290Codi HeuerRCMini Card
298Yasmani GrandalBase III
298Yasmani GrandalMini Card
307Dick AllenShort Print
307Dick AllenMini Short Print
334Harold BainesShort Print
334Harold BainesMini Short Print
385Luis RobertMini Exclusive
385Luis RobertMini Exclusive Metal
385Luis RobertMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGA-LGILucas GiolitoRelic
AGA-TATim AndersonRelic
AO-LRLuis Robert
ARBC-JAJose AbreuAuto Relic
BL-EJEloy JimenezAuto
BLC-12Luis Robert
BRC-LRLuis RobertRip Card
DARBC-ATJose Abreu, Frank ThomasAuto Relic
DRC-ATJose Abreu, Frank ThomasRip Card
DRC-RJLuis Robert, Eloy JimenezRip Card
FMA-CHCodi HeuerRCAuto
FMA-EJEloy JimenezAuto
FMA-GCGarrett CrochetRCAuto
FMA-LRLuis RobertAuto
FMA-NMNick MadrigalRCAuto
FSA-AVAndrew VaughnAuto
HH-28Scott Podsednik
MFR-FTFrank ThomasRelic
MFR-JAJose AbreuRelic
MR-7Luis Robert
MRC-LRLuis Robert
MRD-19Garrett Crochet
RC-DADick AllenRip Card
RC-GCRGarrett CrochetRCRip Card
RC-HBHarold BainesRip Card
RC-LRLuis RobertRip Card


67DJ LeMahieuBase I
67DJ LeMahieuMini Card
67DJ LeMahieuMini Short Print
67DJ LeMahieuMini Stained Glass
67DJ LeMahieuMini Cloth
104Clarke SchmidtRCBase II
104Clarke SchmidtRCMini Card
104Clarke SchmidtRCMini Short Print
104Clarke SchmidtRCMini Stained Glass
104Clarke SchmidtRCMini Cloth
107Giancarlo StantonBase II
107Giancarlo StantonMini Card
107Giancarlo StantonMini Short Print
107Giancarlo StantonMini Stained Glass
107Giancarlo StantonMini Cloth
114Deivi GarciaRCBase II
114Deivi GarciaRCMini Card
114Deivi GarciaRCMini Short Print
114Deivi GarciaRCMini Stained Glass
114Deivi GarciaRCMini Cloth
115Mariano RiveraBase II
115Mariano RiveraMini Card
115Mariano RiveraMini Short Print
115Mariano RiveraMini Stained Glass
115Mariano RiveraMini Cloth
119Lou GehrigBase II
119Lou GehrigMini Card
119Lou GehrigMini Short Print
119Lou GehrigMini Stained Glass
119Lou GehrigMini Cloth
120Babe RuthBase II
120Babe RuthMini Card
120Babe RuthMini Short Print
120Babe RuthMini Stained Glass
120Babe RuthMini Cloth
123Gerrit ColeBase II
123Gerrit ColeMini Card
123Gerrit ColeMini Short Print
123Gerrit ColeMini Stained Glass
123Gerrit ColeMini Cloth
126Aaron JudgeBase II
126Aaron JudgeMini Card
126Aaron JudgeMini Short Print
126Aaron JudgeMini Stained Glass
126Aaron JudgeMini Cloth
131Gleyber TorresBase II
131Gleyber TorresMini Card
131Gleyber TorresMini Short Print
131Gleyber TorresMini Stained Glass
131Gleyber TorresMini Cloth
133Derek JeterBase II
133Derek JeterMini Card
133Derek JeterMini Short Print
133Derek JeterMini Stained Glass
133Derek JeterMini Cloth
186Gary SanchezBase II
186Gary SanchezMini Card
197Don MattinglyBase II
197Don MattinglyMini Card
217Albert AbreuRCBase III
217Albert AbreuRCMini Card
235Roger MarisBase III
235Roger MarisMini Card
268Estevan FlorialRCBase III
268Estevan FlorialRCMini Card
302Yogi BerraShort Print
302Yogi BerraMini Short Print
305Aroldis ChapmanShort Print
305Aroldis ChapmanMini Short Print
314David ConeShort Print
314David ConeMini Short Print
315Hideki MatsuiShort Print
315Hideki MatsuiMini Short Print
351Aaron JudgeMini Exclusive
351Aaron JudgeMini Exclusive Metal
351Aaron JudgeMini Exclusive Stained Glass
355Babe RuthMini Exclusive
355Babe RuthMini Exclusive Metal
355Babe RuthMini Exclusive Stained Glass
365Derek JeterMini Exclusive
365Derek JeterMini Exclusive Metal
365Derek JeterMini Exclusive Stained Glass
370Gerrit ColeMini Exclusive
370Gerrit ColeMini Exclusive Metal
370Gerrit ColeMini Exclusive Stained Glass
AGA-ACAroldis ChapmanRelic
AGA-AJAaron JudgeRelic
AGA-CBECarlos BeltranRelic
AGA-CCSCC SabathiaRelic
AGA-GSAGary SanchezRelic
AGA-GTGleyber TorresRelic
AGA-GUGio UrshelaRelic
AGA-JPOJorge PosadaRelic
AGA-LSLuis SeverinoRelic
AGA-LVLuke VoitRelic
AO-AJAaron Judge
AO-BRBabe Ruth
ARBC-CSCC SabathiaAuto Relic
ARBC-WBWade BoggsAuto Relic
BL-APAndy PettitteAuto
BLC-2Aaron Judge
BLNA-AJAaron JudgeAuto
BRC-AJAaron JudgeRip Card
BRC-BRBabe RuthRip Card
BRC-GCGerrit ColeRip Card
DARBC-JRMariano Rivera, Derek JeterAuto Relic
DRC-IMHideki MatsuiRip Card
DRC-JJReggie Jackson, Aaron JudgeRip Card
DRC-JRDerek Jeter, Mariano RiveraRip Card
DRC-MBYogi Berra, Thurmun MunsonRip Card
DRC-RGBabe Ruth, Lou GehrigRip Card
FMA-AJAaron JudgeAuto
FMA-APAndy PettitteAuto
FMA-CSCClarke SchmidtRCAuto
FMA-EFEstevan FlorialRCAuto
FMA-GUGio UrshelaAuto
FMA-MYMiguel YajureRCAuto
HH-14Aaron Boone
HH-20Roger Maris
HH-29Alfonso Soriano
HH-3Reggie Jackson
HH-4Babe Ruth
HH-43Alex Rodriguez
HH-7Derek Jeter
MFR-BRBabe RuthRelic
MFR-DJDerek JeterRelic
MFR-GSGiancarlo StantonRelic
MR-19Aaron Judge
MR-31Babe Ruth
MR-47Derek Jeter
MRC-AJAaron Judge
MRC-BRBabe Ruth
MRC-DJDerek Jeter
MRD-16Deivi Garcia
N43-9Gerrit Cole
RC-AJAaron JudgeRip Card
RC-BRBabe RuthRip Card
RC-DGDeivi GarciaRCRip Card
RC-DJDerek JeterRip Card
RC-DMDon MattinglyRip Card
RC-GCGerrit ColeRip Card
RC-GTGleyber TorresRip Card
RC-LGLou GehrigRip Card
RC-RMARoger MarisRip Card

Non Baseball Cards

201Rocky BleierBase III
201Rocky BleierMini Card
203Roy Wood Jr.Base III
203Roy Wood Jr.Mini Card
206Sarah SpainBase III
206Sarah SpainMini Card
207Uncle LarryBase III
207Uncle LarryMini Card
212Jason BiggsBase III
212Jason BiggsMini Card
214Jaylen WaddleBase III
214Jaylen WaddleMini Card
219Kevin NegandhiBase III
219Kevin NegandhiMini Card
221Michelle AkersBase III
221Michelle AkersMini Card
222Daniel KimBase III
222Daniel KimMini Card
226Kim NgBase III
226Kim NgMini Card
227Jeff GarlinBase III
227Jeff GarlinMini Card
229Sarah TianaBase III
229Sarah TianaMini Card
232Simon BakerBase III
232Simon BakerMini Card
233Jim KochBase III
233Jim KochMini Card
234Chris BrickleyBase III
234Chris BrickleyMini Card
236Leo KellyBase III
236Leo KellyMini Card
237Kelly WranghamBase III
237Kelly WranghamMini Card
239Steve CarlsonBase III
239Steve CarlsonMini Card
240Marc AnthonyMini Card
244Bobby MoynihanBase III
244Bobby MoynihanMini Card
249Rose LavelleBase III
250Tom BunkBase III
250Tom BunkMini Card
256Jeff CarlsonBase III
256Jeff CarlsonMini Card
259T.J. LavinBase III
259T.J. LavinMini Card
260Jesse SanchezBase III
260Jesse SanchezMini Card
262Buzz BissingerBase III
262Buzz BissingerMini Card
267Steelo BrimBase III
267Steelo BrimMini Card
269Marc AnthonyBase III
269Rose LavelleMini Card
270Mike LangeBase III
270Mike LangeMini Card
271José AndrésBase III
271José AndrésMini Card
273Petr YanBase III
273Petr YanMini Card
275Dave HansonBase III
275Dave HansonMini Card
277Randall CunninghamBase III
277Randall CunninghamMini Card
279Trevor LawrenceBase III
279Trevor LawrenceMini Card
285Alyssa NakkenBase III
285Alyssa NakkenMini Card
293Jimmy PardoBase III
293Jimmy PardoMini Card
297Ben SofferBase III
297Ben SofferMini Card
317Josh GibsonMini Short PrintCatcher
AA-1Blue Spruce
AA-10Scarlet Oak
AA-11Black Birch
AA-14Tulip Tree
AA-3Silver Maple
AA-4White Spruce
AA-5Red Maple
AA-6Horse Chestnut
AA-7Alpine Larch
AA-8Cherry Tree
AGA-AMAmy MozeleskiAuto
AGA-ANAlyssa NakkenRelic
AGA-BBBuzz BissingerRelic
AGA-CBChris BrickleyRelic
AGA-DHDave HansonRelic
AGA-HBHanson BrothersAuto
AGA-JBJason BiggsRelic
AGA-JCJeff CarlsonRelic
AGA-JFJames FinneganAuto
AGA-JGJeff GarlinRelic
AGA-JKJim KochRelic
AGA-JPAJimmy PardoRelic
AGA-JSAJesse SanchezRelic
AGA-JWJaylen WaddleRelic
AGA-KNEKevin NegandhiRelic
AGA-KWKelly WranghamRelic
AGA-MAMarc AnthonyRelic
AGA-MAMichelle AkersRelic
AGA-MLMike LangeRelic
AGA-PKPeter KellyAuto
AGA-RBRocky BleierRelic
AGA-RBRich BenedictAuto
AGA-RHRyan HickeyAuto
AGA-RWJRoy Wood Jr.Relic
AGA-SBRSteelo BrimRelic
AGA-SCSteve CarlsonRelic
AGA-SSSarah SpainRelic
AGA-STSarah TianaRelic
AGA-THTyler HoffmannAuto
AGA-TMTayler MayAuto
AGA-ULUncle LarryRelic
AGA-YJYoni JaskollAuto
BOF-10Rainbow Lorikeet
BOF-2Sun Conure
BOF-3Scarlet Macaw
BOF-4Blue-and-Gold Macaw
BOF-5Lilac-Crowned Amazon
BOF-6Hyacinth Macaw
BOF-7Rose-Breasted Cockatoo
BOF-8Green-Wing Macaw
BOF-9Orange-Bellied Parrot
CS-ABAnthony BourdainRelic
CS-BCBing CrosbyRelic
CS-CBChester BenningtonRelic
CS-CCCesar ChavezRelic
CS-CLCharles W. LindbergRelic
CS-FFFord C. FrickRelic
CS-GBGeorge H.W. BushRelic
CS-JHJ. Edgar HooverRelic
CS-JLJohn LewisRelic
CS-JPJoseph PulitzerRelic
CS-OMOscar MayerRelic
CS-RPRegis PhilbinRelic
CS-SLStan LeeRelic
CS-WCWalter CronkiteRelic
CS-WDWalt DisneyRelic
CS-WTWilliam H. TaftRelic
DA-CCRandall Cunningham, Vashti CunninghamAuto
DA-DRPaul DeJong, Burton RocksAuto
DDS-SPSpinner Shark
DSS-1Great White Shark
DSS-10Sand Shark
DSS-11Mackerel Shark
DSS-12Leopard Shark
DSS-13Caribbean Reef Shark
DSS-14Zebra Shark
DSS-2Bull Shark
DSS-3Mako Shark
DSS-4Tiger Shark
DSS-5Blue Shark
DSS-6Hammerhead Shark
DSS-7Lemon Shark
DSS-8Blacktip Shark
DSS-9Whale Shark
DSSR-BUBull SharkRelic
DSSR-GWGreat White SharkRelic
DSSR-MMako SharkRelic
DSSR-TTiger SharkRelic
FFA-1Caldwell 4
FFA-10Caldwell 93
FFA-11Caldwell 104
FFA-12Caldwell 105
FFA-13Caldwell 60/61
FFA-15Proxima b
FFA-2Caldwell 5
FFA-4Caldwell 32
FFA-5Caldwell 35
FFA-6Caldwell 42
FFA-7Caldwell 44
FFA-8Caldwell 47
FFA-9Caldwell 62
FMA-ANAAlyssa NakkenAuto
FMA-BBBuzz BissingerAuto
FMA-BMOBobby MoynihanAuto
FMA-BSOBen SofferAuto
FMA-CBRChris BrickleyAuto
FMA-JANJosé AndrésAuto
FMA-JGJeff GarlinAuto
FMA-JKJim KochAuto
FMA-JPJimmy PardoAuto
FMA-KWRKelly WranghamAuto
FMA-LKLeo KellyAuto
FMA-MLMike LangeAuto
FMA-RBRocky BleierAuto
FMA-RCRandall CunninghamAuto
FMA-RWORoy Wood JrAuto
FMA-SBASimon BakerAuto
FMA-SSSarah SpainAuto
FMA-STISarah TianaAuto
FMA-TBTom BunkAuto
FMA-TJLT.J. LavinAuto
FMA-TLTrevor LawrenceAuto
FMA-ULUncle LarryAuto
FSA-DKDaniel KimAuto
FSA-JBJason BiggsAuto
FSA-JSJesse SanchezAuto
FSA-JWJaylen WaddleAuto
FSA-KNKevin NegandhiAuto
FSA-MAMarc AnthonyAuto
FSA-MAKMichelle AkersAuto
FSA-PYPetr YanAuto
FSA-RLRose LavelleAuto
GFY-16Green Beans
GFY-20Green Pepper
MDR-FAFossilized AnkylosaurusRelic
MDR-FAMFossilized AmmoniteRelic
MDR-FBFossilized BrachiosaurusRelic
MDR-FCFossilized CarcharodontosaurusRelic
MDR-FMOFossilized MosasaurRelic
MDR-FPFossilized PterosaurRelic
MDR-FSFossilized SawfishRelic
MDR-FSPFossilized SpinosaurusRelic
MDR-FTRFossilized Tyrannosaurus RexRelic
MFR-JFKJohn F. KennedyRelic
MHO-1Baseball Cap
MHO-12Flat Cap
MHO-14Bucket Hat
MHO-15Pork Pie
MHO-4Top Hat
MHO-5Hard Hat
MHO-6Cowboy Hat
MWL-1Angela MerkelGermany
MWL-1Cruise Ship
MWL-10Moon Jae-InSouth Korea
MWL-10El Capitan
MWL-11Sergio MattarellaItaly
MWL-11Antonov An-225 Mriya
MWL-12Pedro SánchezSpain
MWL-12BelAZ 75710
MWL-13Mette FrederiksenDenmark
MWL-13Tanker Ship
MWL-14Stefan LöfvenSweden
MWL-14Submarine Tanker
MWL-15Guðni Th. JóhannessonIceland
MWL-15Mt. Everest
MWL-16Sauli NiinistöFinland
MWL-16Mauna Loa
MWL-17Lee Hsien LoongSingapore
MWL-17Sahara Desert
MWL-18Samia Suluhu HassanTanzania
MWL-18Pacific Ocean
MWL-19Erna SolbergNorway
MWL-19Honey Fungus
MWL-2Joe BidenUnited States
MWL-2Amazon Rainforest
MWL-20Guy ParmelinSwitzerland
MWL-20Brown Bear
MWL-21Mark RutteNetherlands
MWL-22Saara KuugongelwaNamibia
MWL-23Ursula VON DER LEYENEuropean Commission
MWL-24Aung San SUU KYIMyanmar
MWL-25Michael D. HigginsIreland
MWL-3Justin TrudeauCanada
MWL-3Blue Whale
MWL-4Emmanuel MacronFrance
MWL-4General Sherman Tree
MWL-5Kamala HarrisUnited States
MWL-5African Elephant
MWL-6Jacinda ArdernNew Zealand
MWL-6Burj Khalifa
MWL-7Andrés Manuel López ObradorMexico
MWL-7Giant Squid
MWL-8Yoshihide SugaJapan
MWL-8Uluru Rock
MWL-9Scott MorrisonAustralia
MWL-9White Rhino
RB-1Gray Wolf
RB-10West Indian Manatee
RB-2Giant Panda
RB-3Bald Eagle
RB-4Arabian Oryx
RB-5Northern Elephant Seal
RB-6Humpback Whale
RB-7White Rhino
RB-8Golden Lion Tamarin
RB-9Brown Bear
WLB-1Cruise Ship
WLB-10Tanker Ship
WLB-11Submarine Tanker
WLB-12Mt. Everest
WLB-13Mauna Loa
WLB-14Sahara Desert
WLB-15El Capitan
WLB-3Blue Whale
WLB-4General Sherman Tree
WLB-5African Elephant
WLB-6Giant Squid
WLB-7Uluru Rock
WLB-8White Rhino