2021 Panini Clearly Donruss Football Checklist

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2021 Panini Clearly Donruss football cards are loaded with autographs all on transparent acetate trading cards.

The base set is 50 cards plus another 50 cards devoted to Rated Rookies.

Each hobby box includes one autograph, one insert card, two parallels, eight rated rookies, and eight base cards for a total of 20 cards. The wildly popular insert set “Downtown” makes its Clearly Donruss debut in this collection.

This checklist is organized by team. Scroll through the entire list or jump to a preferred team by selecting them from the list below. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings.

Release date – 4/1/2022
Cards per pack – 5
Packs per hobby box – 4
Hobby boxes per case – 16

2021 Panini Clearly Donruss Football Checklist

Base Set – 100 Cards
Holo Mosaic
Holo RR Logo (#51-100)
Blue – #/99
Red – #/49
Green – #/25
Silver – #/10
Holo Gold – #/5
Holo Platinum – 1/1

Clearly Dominant (CD) – 15 Cards
Autograph – 13 Cards, #/20 or fewer
Holo Mosaic
Red – #/49
Green – #/25
Holo Silver – #/10
Holo Gold – #/5
Holo Platinum – 1/1

Clearly My House (CMH) – 14 Cards
Autograph – 11 Cards, #/15 or fewer
Holo Mosaic
Red – #/49
Green – #/25
Holo Silver – #/10
Holo Gold – #/5
Holo Platinum – 1/1

Clearly Out of this World (OW) – 15 Cards
Autograph – 12 Cards, #/20 or fewer
Holo Mosaic
Red – #/49
Green – #/25
Holo Silver – #/10
Holo Gold – #/5
Holo Platinum – 1/1

Clearly Rated Rookie Auto – 50 Cards
Holo Mosaic
Holo RR Logo
Blue – #/99 or fewer
Red – #/49
Green – #/25
Holo Silver – #/10
Holo Gold – #/5
Holo Platinum – 1/1

Clearly Retro 1991 (91) – 20 Cards
Autographs – 16 Cards, #/20 or fewer
Holo Mosaic
Red – #/49
Green – #/25
Holo Silver – #/10
Holo Gold – #/5
Holo Platinum – 1/1

Clearly Retro 2001 (01) – 20 Cards
Autographs – 19 Cards, #/10 or fewer
Holo Mosaic
Red – #/49
Green – #/25
Holo Silver – #/10
Holo Gold – #/5
Holo Platinum – 1/1

Clearly the Rookies (CTR) – 15 Cards
Autographs – 15 Cards, #/25 or fewer
Holo Mosaic
Red – #/49
Green – #/25
Holo Silver – #/10
Holo Gold – #/5
Holo Platinum – 1/1

Downtown (D) – 35 Cards
Holo Platinum – 1/1

Game Breakers (GBR) – 1 Card
Base – #/50

Gridiron Marvels (GM) – 20 Cards
Holo Platinum – 1/1

Night Moves (NM) – 25 Cards
Holo Platinum – 1/1

Super Bowl MVP Signatures (SBIII) – 1 Card
Base – #/25

Vaunted Greats (GRG) – 1 Card
Base – #/50


49George Kittle
54Trey LanceRC
54Trey LanceRCAuto
79Trey SermonRC
79Trey SermonRCAuto
97Eli MitchellRC
97Eli MitchellRCAuto
CMH-TRLTrey Lance
CMH-TRLTrey LanceAuto
OW-TRLTrey Lance
OW-TRLTrey LanceAuto
91-18Trey Lance
91-18Trey LanceAuto
01-08Steve Young
01-18Trey Lance
01-08Steve YoungAuto
01-18Trey LanceAuto
05-FGFrank GoreAuto
CTR-TRLTrey Lance
D-25Jerry Rice
D-30Trey Lance
GM-13Trey Lance
NM-8Joe Montana
NM-15Jerry Rice
NM-18Trey Lance


9Khalil Mack
53Justin FieldsRC
53Justin FieldsRCAuto
CMH-JFJustin Fields
CMH-JFJustin FieldsAuto
OW-JRJustin Fields
OW-JRJustin FieldsAuto
91-19Justin Fields
91-19Justin FieldsAuto
01-02Brian Urlacher
01-19Justin Fields
01-02Brian UrlacherAuto
01-19Justin FieldsAuto
CTR-JFJustin Fields
D-10Walter Payton
D-34Justin Fields
GM-12Justin Fields
NM-23Justin Fields


10Joe Burrow
63Ja’Marr ChaseRC
63Ja’Marr ChaseRCAuto
OW-JBJoe Burrow
OW-JBJoe BurrowAuto
OW-JCJa’Marr Chase
OW-JCJa’Marr ChaseAuto
CTR-JCJa’Marr Chase
D-7Joe Burrow
D-31Ja’Marr Chase
GM-19Ja’Marr Chase
NM-20Ja’Marr Chase


5Josh Allen
6Stefon Diggs
CD-JAJosh Allen
CD-JAJosh AllenAuto
CD-SDStefon Diggs
CMH-JAJosh Allen
CMH-JAJosh AllenAuto
OW-JAJosh Allen
OW-JAJosh AllenAuto
91-14Josh Allen
91-14Josh AllenAuto
18-JAJosh AllenAuto
D-1Josh Allen
GM-3Josh Allen
NM-2Josh Allen


15Jerry Jeudy
75Javonte WilliamsRC
75Javonte WilliamsRCAuto
94Patrick Surtain IIRC
94Patrick Surtain IIRCAuto
01-10John Elway
01-10John ElwayAuto
10-TTTim TebowAuto
CTR-JWIJavonte Williams
D-20John Elway


11Baker Mayfield
12Nick Chubb
82Anthony SchwartzRC
82Anthony SchwartzRCAuto
CMH-BMBaker Mayfield
91-15Baker Mayfield
D-8Baker Mayfield
NM-4Baker Mayfield


44Tom Brady
45Rob Gronkowski
56Kyle TraskRC
56Kyle TraskRCAuto
88Jaelon DardenRC
88Jaelon DardenRCAuto
CD-TBTom Brady
CMH-TBTom Brady
OW-TBTom Brady
91-9Tom Brady
91-9Tom BradyAuto
CTR-KTKyle Trask
D-19Tom Brady
GM-1Tom Brady
NM-3Tom Brady


1Kyler Murray
2DeAndre Hopkins
71Rondale MooreRC
71Rondale MooreRCAuto
CD-KMKyler Murray
CD-KMKyler MurrayAuto
CMH-KMKyler Murray
CMH-KMKyler MurrayAuto
91-1Kyler Murray
91-1Kyler MurrayAuto
01-01Larry Fitzgerald
19-KMKyler MurrayAuto
CTR-RMRondale Moore
D-23Kyler Murray
GM-8Kyler Murray


24Justin Herbert
25Austin Ekeler
77Josh PalmerRC
77Josh PalmerRCAuto
CD-JHJustin Herbert
CD-JHJustin HerbertAuto
CMH-JHJustin Herbert
CMH-JHJustin HerbertAuto
OW-JHJustin Herbert
OW-JHJustin HerbertAuto
91-11Justin Herbert
91-11Justin HerbertAuto
D-22Justin Herbert
GBR-JHEJustin Herbert 0Auto
GM-9Justin Herbert
NM-7Justin Herbert


21Patrick Mahomes II
22Tyreek Hill
23Travis Kelce
89Cornell PowellRC
89Cornell PowellRCAuto
CD-TKTravis Kelce
CD-TKTravis KelceAuto
CMH-PMPatrick Mahomes II
OW-PMPatrick Mahomes II
91-12Patrick Mahomes II
91-13Travis Kelce
91-13Travis KelceAuto
01-12Joe Montana
01-12Joe MontanaAuto
D-21Patrick Mahomes II
GM-2Patrick Mahomes II
NM-1Patrick Mahomes II


19Carson Wentz
35Jonathan Taylor
96Kwity PayeRC
96Kwity PayeRCAuto
100Sam EhlingerRC
CD-JTJonathan Taylor
CD-JTJonathan TaylorAuto
01-11Peyton Manning
01-11Peyton ManningAuto
D-15Peyton Manning
NM-14Peyton Manning


13Dak Prescott
14Ezekiel Elliott
92Simi FehokoRC
92Simi FehokoRCAuto
95Micah ParsonsRC
95Micah ParsonsRCAuto
CD-DPDak Prescott
CD-DPDak PrescottAuto
91-3Ezekiel Elliott
91-3Ezekiel ElliottAuto
01-03Troy Aikman
01-03Troy AikmanAuto
16-DPDak PrescottAuto
16-EEEzekiel ElliottAuto
D-4Dak Prescott
NM-10Emmitt Smith
NM-25Micah Parsons


30Tua Tagovailoa
64Jaylen WaddleRC
64Jaylen WaddleRCAuto
OW-JWJaylen Waddle
OW-JWJaylen WaddleAuto
01-13Dan Marino
01-13Dan MarinoAuto
CTR-JWJaylen Waddle
D-2Dan Marino
D-32Jaylen Waddle
GM-20Jaylen Waddle
NM-9Dan Marino
NM-21Jaylen Waddle


39Jalen Hurts
62DeVonta SmithRC
62DeVonta SmithRCAuto
68Kenneth GainwellRC
68Kenneth GainwellRCAuto
OW-DSDeVonta Smith
OW-DSDeVonta SmithAuto
CTR-DSDeVonta Smith
D-33DeVonta Smith
GM-18DeVonta Smith
NM-22DeVonta Smith


3Cordarrelle Patterson
61Kyle PittsRC
61Kyle PittsRCAuto
OW-KPKyle Pitts
OW-KPKyle PittsAuto
CTR-KPKyle Pitts
GM-17Kyle Pitts
NM-19Kyle Pitts


36Daniel Jones
37Saquon Barkley
65Kadarius ToneyRC
65Kadarius ToneyRCAuto
D-5Saquon Barkley


20James Robinson
51Trevor LawrenceRC
51Trevor LawrenceRCAuto
59Travis Etienne Jr.RC
59Travis Etienne Jr.RCAuto
CMH-TLTrevor Lawrence
CMH-TLTrevor LawrenceAuto
OW-TLTrevor Lawrence
OW-TLTrevor LawrenceAuto
91-16Trevor Lawrence
91-16Trevor LawrenceAuto
01-16Trevor Lawrence
01-16Trevor LawrenceAuto
CTR-TLTrevor Lawrence
D-28Trevor Lawrence
GM-10Trevor Lawrence
GM-15Travis Etienne Jr.
NM-16Trevor Lawrence


38Corey Davis
52Zach WilsonRC
52Zach WilsonRCAuto
69Michael CarterRC
69Michael CarterRCAuto
72Elijah MooreRC
72Elijah MooreRCAuto
CMH-ZWZach Wilson
CMH-ZWZach WilsonAuto
OW-ZWZach Wilson
OW-ZWZach WilsonAuto
91-17Zach Wilson
91-17Zach WilsonAuto
01-14Joe Namath
01-17Zach Wilson
01-14Joe NamathAuto
01-17Zach WilsonAuto
CTR-EMElijah Moore
CTR-ZWZach Wilson
D-29Zach Wilson
GM-11Zach Wilson
NM-17Zach Wilson


16Jared Goff
84Amon-Ra St. BrownRC
84Amon-Ra St. BrownRCAuto
01-04Barry Sanders
01-04Barry SandersAuto
D-11Barry Sanders


17Aaron Rodgers
18Davante Adams
98Kylin HillRC
98Kylin HillRCAuto
CMH-ARAaron Rodgers
CMH-ARAaron RodgersAuto
91-4Aaron Rodgers
91-4Aaron RodgersAuto
01-05Brett Favre
01-05Brett FavreAuto
05-ARAaron RodgersAuto
D-12Aaron Rodgers
GM-4Aaron Rodgers
NM-12Aaron Rodgers


7Christian McCaffrey
67Terrace Marshall Jr.RC
67Terrace Marshall Jr.RCAuto
87Chuba HubbardRC
87Chuba HubbardRCAuto
93Jaycee HornRC
91-2Christian McCaffrey
91-2Christian McCaffreyAuto
17-CMChristian McCaffreyAuto


33Damien Harris
55Mac JonesRC
55Mac JonesRCAuto
86Rhamondre StevensonRC
86Rhamondre StevensonRCAuto
CMH-MJMac Jones
CMH-MJMac JonesAuto
OW-MCMac Jones
OW-MCMac JonesAuto
91-20Mac Jones
91-20Mac JonesAuto
01-20Mac Jones
01-20Mac JonesAuto
10-RGRob GronkowskiAuto
CTR-MCMac Jones
CTR-RSRhamondre Stevenson
D-35Mac Jones
GM-14Mac Jones
NM-24Mac Jones


28Derek Carr
29Darren Waller
CD-DWDarren Waller
CD-DWDarren WallerAuto


8Cooper Kupp
26Matthew Stafford
27Aaron Donald
73Tutu AtwellRC
73Tutu AtwellRCAuto
90Jacob HarrisRC
90Jacob HarrisRCAuto
CD-MSMatthew Stafford
CD-MSMatthew StaffordAuto
91-5Matthew Stafford
91-5Matthew StaffordAuto
D-24Matthew Stafford


4Lamar Jackson
66Rashod BatemanRC
66Rashod BatemanRCAuto
74Tylan WallaceRC
74Tylan WallaceRCAuto
99Ty’Son WilliamsRC
99Ty’Son WilliamsRCAuto
OW-LJLamar Jackson
01-09Ray Lewis
01-09Ray LewisAuto
02-EREd ReedAuto
D-6Lamar Jackson
GM-7Lamar Jackson
NM-5Lamar Jackson


34Alvin Kamara
70Ian BookRC
70Ian BookRCAuto
91-6Alvin Kamara
01-07Drew Brees
01-07Drew BreesAuto
D-17Drew Brees
D-18Alvin Kamara


42Russell Wilson
43DK Metcalf
76D’Wayne EskridgeRC
76D’Wayne EskridgeRCAuto
CD-DKDK Metcalf
CD-DKDK MetcalfAuto
CMH-DKDK Metcalf
CMH-DKDK MetcalfAuto
91-7Russell Wilson
91-8DK Metcalf
91-7Russell WilsonAuto
19-DKDK MetcalfAuto
D-26Russell Wilson
D-27DK Metcalf
GM-5Russell Wilson
NM-13Russell Wilson


40Ben Roethlisberger
41T.J. Watt
60Najee HarrisRC
60Najee HarrisRCAuto
81Pat FreiermuthRC
81Pat FreiermuthRCAuto
CD-TWT.J. Watt
CD-TWT.J. WattAuto
01-15Terry Bradshaw
01-15Terry BradshawAuto
CTR-NHNajee Harris
D-9Troy Polamalu
D-14T.J. Watt
GM-16Najee Harris


50Brandin Cooks
58Davis MillsRC
58Davis MillsRCAuto
80Nico CollinsRC
80Nico CollinsRCAuto


46Ryan Tannehill
47Derrick Henry
83Dez FitzpatrickRC
83Dez FitzpatrickRCAuto
CD-DHDerrick Henry
CD-DHDerrick HenryAuto
CD-JJJulio Jones
CD-JJJulio JonesAuto
CMH-BMDerrick HenryAuto
CMH-DHDerrick Henry
91-10Derrick Henry
91-10Derrick HenryAuto
16-DHDerrick HenryAuto
D-16Derrick Henry
GM-6Derrick Henry
NM-6Derrick Henry


31Justin Jefferson
32Dalvin Cook
57Kellen MondRC
57Kellen MondRCAuto
85Kene NwangwuRC
85Kene NwangwuRCAuto
91Ihmir Smith-MarsetteRC
91Ihmir Smith-MarsetteRCAuto
CD-JUJJustin Jefferson
CD-JUJJustin JeffersonAuto
01-06Randy Moss
01-06Randy MossAuto
07-APAdrian PetersonAuto
D-3Randy Moss
D-13Justin Jefferson
NM-11Randy Moss


99-CBChamp BaileyAuto
48Antonio Gibson
78Dyami BrownRC
78Dyami BrownRCAuto