2021 Bowman Baseball Checklist

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Manufacturer Archive: Bowman

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2021 Bowman Baseball features the biggest names in the game today alongside the most promising prospect talents.

There are two different hobby boxes distributed for this set. The standard hobby box includes one chrome autograph in each box but the Jumbo box includes three chrome autographs and 144 more cards.

The base set is, essentially, 250 cards. 100 of those cards are current stars and rookies and the remaining 150 are prospect cards. Prospect cards are further divided between paper and chrome and all the base cards have several numbered color parallels.

This checklist is divided by teams. Scroll through the entire list or jump directly to your preferred team by selecting them from the list below. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings.

Release date – 4/16/2021
Cards per hobby pack – 10
Packs per hobby box – 24
Hobby boxes per case – 12

Cards per jumbo pack – 32
Packs per jumbo box – 12
Jumbo boxes per case – 8

2021 Bowman Baseball Checklist

Base Set – 250 Cards
Sky Blue – #/499
Purple – #/250
Blue – #/150
Yellow – #/75
Gold – #/50
Orange – #/25 (Hobby)
Red – #/5
Platinum – 1/1

Chrome Prospect (BCP) – 150 Cards
Atomic Refractor – 1:24 (Hobby)
Refractor – #/499
Speckle Refractor – #/299
Purple Refractor – #/250
Blue Refractor – #/150
Blue Shimmer Refractor – #/150
Aqua Refractor – #/125 (HTA/Hobby)
Aqua Shimmer Refractor – #/125 (HTA/Hobby)
Yellow Refractor – #/75
Gold Refractor – #/50
Gold Shimmer Refractor – #/50
Prospector’s Special Die-Cut (CPDC) – #/49 *(Hobby)
Orange Refractor – #/25 (Hobby)
Orange Shimmer Refractor – #/25 (Hobby)
Red Refractor – #/5
Red Shimmer Refractor – #/5
SuperFractor – 1/1 (HTA/Hobby)

Bowman Scout’s Top 100 (BTP) – 100 Cards
Atomic Refractor – #/150
Gold Refractor – #/50
Orange Refractor – #/25 (Hobby)
Red Refractor – #/5
SuperFractor – 1/1

Futurist (FUT) – 20 Cards
Atomic Refractor – #/150
Gold Refractor – #/50
Orange Refractor – #/25 (Hobby)
Red Refractor – #/5
SuperFractor – 1/1

ROY Favorites (RRY) – 15 Cards
Atomic Refractor – #/150
Gold Refractor – #/50
Orange Refractor – #/25 (Hobby)
Red Refractor – #/5
SuperFractor – 1/1

1991 Bowman (91B) – 25 Cards
Atomic Refractor – #/150
Gold Refractor – #/50
Orange Refractor – #/25 (Hobby)
Red Refractor – #/5
SuperFractor – 1/1

Talent Pipeline (TP) – 20 Cards
Atomic Refractor – #/150
Gold Refractor – #/50
Orange Refractor – #/25 (Hobby)
Red Refractor – #/5
SuperFractor – 1/1

Positional Promise (POS) – 20 Cards
Atomic Refractor – #/150
Gold Refractor – #/50
Orange Refractor – #/25 (Hobby)
Red Refractor – #/5
SuperFractor – 1/1

Chrome Prospect Auto (CPA) – 72 Cards
Refractor – #/499
Speckle Refractor – #/299
Purple Refractor – #/250
Blue Refractor – #/150
Atomic Refractor – #/100
Yellow Refractor – #/75
Gold Refractor – #/50
Gold Shimmer Refractor – #/50
Orange Refractor – #/25 (Hobby)
Orange Shimmer Refractor – #/25 (Hobby)
Red Refractor – #/5
Red Shimmer Refractor – #/5
SuperFractor – 1/1

Chrome Rookie Auto (CRA) – 18 Cards
Refractor – #/499
Blue Refractor – #/150
Atomic Refractor – #/100
Yellow Refractor – #/75
Gold Refractor – #/50
Orange Refractor – #/25 (Hobby)
Red Refractor – #/5
SuperFractor – 1/1

Positional Promise Auto (POSP) – 7 Cards
Base – #/99
Orange Refractor – #/25 (Hobby)
Red Refractor – #/5
SuperFractor – 1/1

1991 Bowman Autographs (91B) – 16 Cards
Base – #/Varied
SuperFractor – 1/1

Bowman Scout’s Top 100 Auto (BTP) – 49 Cards
Base – #/Varied
SuperFractor – 1/1

ROY Favorites Auto (ROYF) – 10 Cards
Base – #/150
Gold Refractor – #/50
Orange Refractor – #/25 (Hobby)
Red Refractor – #/5
SuperFractor – 1/1

Dual Bowman Prospects Auto (DPA) – 3 Cards
Base – #/25
SuperFractor – 1/1

2021 Bowman Ultimate Auto Book (UAC) – 1 Card
Base – #/1

1991 Bowman Buyback Auto
Base – #/Varied


10Jo AdellRookie
17Mike Trout
85Shohei Ohtani
93Anthony Rendon
BP-26Reid Detmers
BP-30Jordyn Adams
BP-94Trent Deveaux
BP-112Brandon Marsh
BP-145Alexander Ramirez
BCP-26Reid Detmers
BCP-30Jordyn Adams
BCP-94Trent Deveaux
BCP-112Brandon Marsh
BCP-145Alexander Ramirez
BTP-6Jo AdellRookie
BTP-81Brandon Marsh
BTP-83Reid Detmers
FUT-RDReid Detmers
RRY-JAJo AdellRookie
91B-JAJo AdellRookie
91B-MTMike Trout
BTP-6Jo AdellRookieAuto
91B-JAJo AdellRookieAuto
91B-MTMike TroutAuto
CPA-ARAAlexander RamirezAuto
CPA-DKD’Shawn KnowlesAuto
CPA-WHWilliam HolmesAuto
CRA-JAJo AdellRookieAuto
ROYF-JAJo AdellRookieAuto
PAPR-JAJeremy ArochoAuto
UAC-1Jo AdellRookieAuto


78Yordan Alvarez
83Cristian JavierRookie
84Jose Altuve
BP-9Forrest Whitley
BP-11Jeremy Pena
BP-56Freudis Nova
BCP-9Forrest Whitley
BCP-11Jeremy Pena
BCP-56Freudis Nova
BTP-21Forrest Whitley
RRY-CJCristian JavierRookie
TP-HOUTyler Ivey
TP-HOUFreudis Nova
TP-HOUForrest Whitley
CPA-LSLuis SantanaAuto
CRA-CJCristian JavierRookieAuto


37Matt Chapman
76Sean Murphy
BP-45Robert Puason
BP-51Tyler Soderstrom
BP-115Logan Davidson
BP-147Nick Allen
BCP-45Robert Puason
BCP-51Tyler Soderstrom
BCP-115Logan Davidson
BCP-147Nick Allen
BTP-13Jesus Luzardo
BTP-32Sean Murphy
BTP-60A.J. Puk
TP-OAKLuis Barrera
TP-OAKNick Allen
TP-OAKGrant Holmes
BTP-32Sean MurphyAuto
BTP-13Jesus LuzardoAuto
CPA-RDCBrayan BuelvasAuto
CPA-SEStevie EmanuelsAuto
PAPR-RPRobert PuasonAuto
UAC-1Robert PuasonAuto

Blue Jays

7Bo Bichette
59Nate PearsonRookie
73Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
BP-27Alek Manoah
BP-70Jordan Groshans
BP-87Austin Martin
BP-95Simeon Woods Richardson
BCP-27Alek Manoah
BCP-70Jordan Groshans
BCP-87Austin Martin
BCP-95Simeon Woods Richardson
CPDC-AMAustin Martin
BTP-9Nate PearsonRookie
BTP-20Austin Martin
BTP-77Jordan Groshans
RRY-NPNate PearsonRookie
91B-NPNate PearsonRookie
BTP-9Nate PearsonRookieAuto
BTP-20Austin MartinAuto
91B-NPNate PearsonRookieAuto
CPA-AMAustin MartinAuto
CRA-NPNate PearsonRookieAuto
ROYF-NPNate PearsonRookieAuto
PAPR-ARAlberto RodriguezAuto
PAPR-DSDavis SchneiderAuto
UAC-1Nate PearsonRookieAuto


14Freddie Freeman
27Ian AndersonRookie
36Cristian PacheRookie
62Ronald Acuña Jr.
BP-28Shea Langeliers
BP-48Braden Shewmake
BP-81Drew Waters
BCP-28Shea Langeliers
BCP-48Braden Shewmake
BCP-81Drew Waters
BTP-14Cristian PacheRookie
BTP-25Drew Waters
BTP-39Ian AndersonRookie
BTP-72Shea Langeliers
91B-CPCristian PacheRookie
91B-RARonald Acuña Jr.
TP-ATLShea Langeliers
TP-ATLDrew Waters
TP-ATLBraden Shewmake
BTP-39Ian AndersonRookieAuto
BTP-14Cristian PacheRookieAuto
91B-RARonald Acuna Jr.Auto
CRA-CPCristian PacheRookieAuto
UAC-1Cristian PacheRookieAuto


24Christian Yelich
69Keston Hiura
BP-2Freddy Zamora
BP-10Brice Turang
BP-129Garrett Mitchell
BP-133Mario Feliciano
BCP-2Freddy Zamora
BCP-10Brice Turang
BCP-129Garrett Mitchell
BCP-133Mario Feliciano
CPDC-GMGarrett Mitchell
BTP-63Garrett Mitchell
FUT-GMGarrett Mitchell
TP-MILBrice Turang
TP-MILCorey Ray
TP-MILMario Feliciano
CPA-GMIGarrett MitchellAuto
CPA-HPHedbert PerezAuto
PAPR-ANAndre NnebeAuto
PAPR-GHGabe HoltAuto


35Dylan CarlsonRookie
42Yadier Molina
95Paul Goldschmidt
BP-29Matthew Liberatore
BP-90Nolan Gorman
BP-116Elehuris Montero
BP-146Jordan Walker
BCP-29Matthew Liberatore
BCP-90Nolan Gorman
BCP-116Elehuris Montero
BCP-146Jordan Walker
BTP-18Dylan CarlsonRookie
BTP-48Nolan Gorman
BTP-58Matthew Liberatore
RRY-DCDylan CarlsonRookie
91B-DCDylan CarlsonRookie
TP-STLNolan Gorman
TP-STLElehuris Montero
TP-STLConner Capel
BTP-48Nolan GormanAuto
BTP-18Dylan CarlsonRookieAuto
CRA-DCDylan CarlsonRookieAuto
ROYF-DCDylan CarlsonRookieAuto


43Brailyn MarquezRookie
58Kris Bryant
70Yu Darvish
88Javier Baez
BP-12Ed Howard
BP-65Brennen Davis
BP-131Christopher Morel
BP-148Miguel Amaya
BCP-12Ed Howard
BCP-65Brennen Davis
BCP-131Christopher Morel
BCP-148Miguel Amaya
CPDC-EHEd Howard
BTP-70Brailyn MarquezRookie
BTP-80Brennen Davis
TP-CHIAlfonso Rivas
TP-CHIBrennen Davis
TP-CHICory Abbott
CPA-EHOEd HowardAuto
CPA-KFKohl FranklinAuto
CPA-MMMichael McAveneAuto
CPA-RTRiley ThompsonAuto
PAPR-KFKohl FranklinAuto


63Ketel Marte
81Daulton VarshoRookie
BP-31Alek Thomas
BP-44Bryce Jarvis
BP-60Seth Beer
BP-104Blake Walston
BP-109Geraldo Perdomo
BP-136Kristian Robinson
BP-142Corbin Carroll
BCP-31Alek Thomas
BCP-44Bryce Jarvis
BCP-60Seth Beer
BCP-104Blake Walston
BCP-109Geraldo Perdomo
BCP-136Kristian Robinson
BCP-142Corbin Carroll
BTP-44Kristian Robinson
BTP-50Alek Thomas
BTP-78Daulton VarshoRookie
BTP-87Geraldo Perdomo
BTP-95Corbin Carroll
FUT-CCCorbin Carroll
POS-KRKristian Robinson
BTP-50Alek ThomasAuto
CPA-JEJeferson EspinalAuto
CPA-LFLuis FriasAuto


38Keibert RuizRookie
61Mookie Betts
80Cody Bellinger
BP-16Clayton Beeter
BP-39Kody Hoese
BP-59Jake Vogel
BP-75Bobby Miller
BP-130Hyun-il Choi
BP-150Josiah Gray
BCP-16Clayton Beeter
BCP-39Kody Hoese
BCP-59Jake Vogel
BCP-75Bobby Miller
BCP-130Hyun-il Choi
BCP-150Josiah Gray
BTP-2Gavin Lux
BTP-69Josiah Gray
BTP-75Keibert RuizRookie
BTP-88Brusdar Graterol
91B-CBCody Bellinger
TP-LADJosiah Gray
TP-LADKody Hoese
BTP-2Gavin LuxAuto
91B-CBCody BellingerAuto
CPA-HCHyun-il ChoiAuto
CPA-JVJake VogelAuto


6Buster Posey
51Joey BartRookie
64Mike Yastrzemski
BP-8Marco Luciano
BP-18Hunter Bishop
BP-69Heliot Ramos
BP-108Patrick Bailey
BCP-8Marco Luciano
BCP-18Hunter Bishop
BCP-69Heliot Ramos
BCP-108Patrick Bailey
CPDC-MLMarco Luciano
BTP-15Joey BartRookie
BTP-34Marco Luciano
BTP-67Heliot Ramos
BTP-73Hunter Bishop
FUT-MLMarco Luciano
RRY-JBJoey BartRookie
91B-JBJoey BartRookie
TP-SFGSeth Corry
TP-SFGMelvin Adon
TP-SFGHeliot Ramos
BTP-34Marco LucianoAuto
BTP-15Joey BartRookieAuto
91B-JBJoey BartRookieAuto
CPA-JPJairo PomaresAuto
CPA-PBPatrick BaileyAuto
CRA-JBJoey BartRookieAuto
ROYF-JBJoey BartRookieAuto
PAPR-VBVictor BericotoAuto
UAC-1Joey BartRookieAuto


28Shane Bieber
30Francisco Lindor
79Triston McKenzieRookie
BP-35Nolan Jones
BP-77Carson Tucker
BP-89Gabriel Arias
BP-119Tyler Freeman
BP-123Daniel Espino
BP-124Bo Naylor
BP-128Jose Tena
BCP-35Nolan Jones
BCP-77Carson Tucker
BCP-89Gabriel Arias
BCP-119Tyler Freeman
BCP-123Daniel Espino
BCP-124Bo Naylor
BCP-128Jose Tena
BTP-43Nolan Jones
CPA-AMAAngel MartinezAuto
CPA-GAGabriel AriasAuto
CPA-JTJose TenaAuto
PAPR-SMShane McCarthyAuto


48Kyle Lewis
89Evan WhiteRookie
BP-58Logan Gilbert
BP-78Emerson Hancock
BP-86Julio Rodriguez
BP-102Jarred Kelenic
BP-117George Kirby
BP-132Taylor Trammell
BCP-58Logan Gilbert
BCP-78Emerson Hancock
BCP-86Julio Rodriguez
BCP-102Jarred Kelenic
BCP-117George Kirby
BCP-132Taylor Trammell
BTP-12Jarred Kelenic
BTP-19Julio Rodriguez
BTP-35Emerson Hancock
BTP-40Logan Gilbert
BTP-56Evan WhiteRookie
BTP-57Taylor Trammell
FUT-EHEmerson Hancock
RRY-EWEvan WhiteRookie
91B-JKJarred Kelenic
91B-JRJulio Rodriguez
TP-SEAJulio Rodriguez
TP-SEADarren McCaughan
TP-SEAJarred Kelenic
POS-EHEmerson Hancock
BTP-35Emerson HancockAuto
BTP-56Evan WhiteRookieAuto
BTP-12Jarred KelenicAuto
BTP-19Julio RodriguezAuto
CPA-EHAEmerson HancockAuto
ROYF-EWEvan WhiteRookieAuto
PAPR-JRJulio RodriguezAuto
UAC-1Jarred KelenicAuto
UAC-1Julio RodriguezAuto


12Brian Anderson
13Sixto SanchezRookie
71Jazz ChisholmRookie
100Jesus SanchezRookie
BP-32Dax Fulton
BP-66Max Meyer
BP-93JJ Bleday
BP-110Jose Salas
BP-141Edward Cabrera
BCP-32Dax Fulton
BCP-66Max Meyer
BCP-93JJ Bleday
BCP-110Jose Salas
BCP-141Edward Cabrera
CPDC-MMMax Meyer
BTP-22Sixto SanchezRookie
BTP-27JJ Bleday
BTP-38Max Meyer
BTP-68Jazz ChisholmRookie
BTP-84Jesus SanchezRookie
BTP-90Edward Cabrera
FUT-MMMax Meyer
RRY-SSSixto SanchezRookie
91B-SSSixto SanchezRookie
TP-MIAEdward Cabrera
TP-MIATommy Eveld
POS-MMMax Meyer
BTP-27JJ BledayAuto
BTP-38Max MeyerAuto
BTP-22Sixto SanchezRookieAuto
CPA-BEBreidy EncarnacionAuto
CPA-JEDJake EderAuto
CPA-JSJose SalasAuto
CPA-MMEMax MeyerAuto
CRA-JSJesus SanchezRookieAuto
CRA-SSSixto SanchezRookieAuto
POSP-MMMax MeyerAuto
PAPR-JBJJ BledayAuto
UAC-1Max MeyerAuto
UAC-1Sixto SanchezRookieAuto


8Andres GimenezRookie
46Jacob deGrom
86Pete Alonso
BP-22Pete Crow-Armstrong
BP-23Ronny Mauricio
BP-53Francisco Alvarez
BP-62Isaiah Greene
BP-67Brett Baty
BCP-22Pete Crow-Armstrong
BCP-23Ronny Mauricio
BCP-53Francisco Alvarez
BCP-62Isaiah Greene
BCP-67Brett Baty
BTP-64Ronny Mauricio
BTP-65Francisco Alvarez
BTP-89Andres GimenezRookie
BTP-98Brett Baty
FUT-FAFrancisco Alvarez
RRY-AGAndres GimenezRookie
TP-NYMLuis Carpio
TP-NYMRonny Mauricio
TP-NYMRyley Gilliam
POS-BBBrett Baty
POS-FAFrancisco Alvarez
CPA-EREndy RodriguezAuto
CPA-FVFreddy ValdezAuto
CRA-AGAndres GimenezRookieAuto
POSP-FAFrancisco AlvarezAuto
PAPR-AREAndres RegnaultAuto
PAPR-EFEdgardo FerminAuto
PAPR-HMHansel MorenoAuto
PAPR-JPJaylen PalmerAuto


5Luis GarciaRookie
39Max Scherzer
67Juan Soto
BP-25Jeremy De La Rosa
BP-99Cade Cavalli
BP-103Jackson Rutledge
BCP-25Jeremy De La Rosa
BCP-99Cade Cavalli
BCP-103Jackson Rutledge
RRY-LGLuis GarciaRookie
91B-JSJuan Soto
91B-JSJuan SotoAuto
CPA-EYEddy YeanAuto
CPA-JCLJackson CluffAuto
CPA-JDLJeremy De La RosaAuto
CRA-LGLuis GarciaRookieAuto
PAPR-JCJackson CluffAuto
PAPR-JYJeremy YdensAuto


3Anthony Santander
41Ryan MountcastleRookie
50Austin Hays
BP-49Gunnar Henderson
BP-76Yusniel Diaz
BP-98Jordan Westburg
BP-118Grayson Rodriguez
BP-121Adley Rutschman
BP-122DL Hall
BP-138Heston Kjerstad
BCP-49Gunnar Henderson
BCP-76Yusniel Diaz
BCP-98Jordan Westburg
BCP-118Grayson Rodriguez
BCP-121Adley Rutschman
BCP-122DL Hall
BCP-138Heston Kjerstad
CPDC-ARAdley Rutschman
CPDC-HKHeston Kjerstad
BTP-4Adley Rutschman
BTP-36Grayson Rodriguez
BTP-62Heston Kjerstad
BTP-71DL Hall
BTP-100Ryan MountcastleRookie
FUT-HKHeston Kjerstad
RRY-RMRyan MountcastleRookie
91B-ARAdley Rutschman
91B-HKHeston Kjerstad
TP-BALRylan Bannon
TP-BALAdley Rutschman
TP-BALYusniel Diaz
POS-ARAdley Rutschman
POS-HKHeston Kjerstad
BTP-36Grayson RodriguezAuto
BTP-100Ryan MountcastleRookieAuto
BTP-62Heston KjerstadAuto
BTP-4Adley RutschmanAuto
91B-ARAdley RutschmanAuto
91B-HKHeston KjerstadAuto
CPA-CMACoby MayoAuto
CPA-HKHeston KjerstadAuto
CRA-RMRyan MountcastleRookieAuto
PAPR-HKHeston KjerstadAuto
UAC-1Adley RutschmanAuto
UAC-1Heston KjerstadAuto


44Luis PatiñoRookie
45Jake CronenworthRookie
52Manny Machado
53Mike Clevinger
68Luis CampusanoRookie
87Fernando Tatis Jr.
BP-14CJ Abrams
BP-36Ismael Mena
BP-105MacKenzie Gore
BP-120Robert Hassell
BCP-14CJ Abrams
BCP-36Ismael Mena
BCP-105MacKenzie Gore
BCP-120Robert Hassell
CPDC-RHRobert Hassell
BTP-5MacKenzie Gore
BTP-24CJ Abrams
BTP-26Luis PatiñoRookie
BTP-51Luis CampusanoRookie
BTP-82Robert Hassell
FUT-RHRobert Hassell
RRY-JCJake CronenworthRookie
91B-FTFernando Tatis Jr.
91B-MGMacKenzie Gore
BTP-26Luis PatinoRookieAuto
BTP-51Luis CampusanoAuto
BTP-24CJ AbramsAuto
BTP-5Mackenzie GoreAuto
CPA-IMIsmael MenaAuto
CPA-RHRobert HassellAuto
CRA-JCRJake CronenworthRookieAuto
ROYF-JCJake CronenworthRookieAuto
PAPR-RRRipken ReyesAuto
UAC-1C.J. AbramsAuto


2Alec BohmRookie
16Spencer HowardRookie
40Aaron Nola
90Bryce Harper
BP-5Nick Maton
BP-17Bryson Stott
BP-42Mick Abel
BP-79Luis Garcia
BP-92Casey Martin
BCP-5Nick Maton
BCP-17Bryson Stott
BCP-42Mick Abel
BCP-79Luis Garcia
BCP-92Casey Martin
CPDC-MAMick Abel
BTP-28Alec BohmRookie
BTP-33Spencer HowardRookie
BTP-92Bryson Stott
BTP-94Mick Abel
FUT-MAMick Abel
RRY-ABAlec BohmRookie
91B-ABAlec BohmRookie
TP-PHIDamon Jones
TP-PHINick Maton
TP-PHIFrancisco Morales
BTP-33Spencer HowardRookieAuto
BTP-28Alec BohmRookieAuto
91B-ABAlec BohmRookieAuto
CPA-JRJohan RojasAuto
CPA-MABMick AbelAuto
CPA-NMNick MatonAuto
CRA-ABAlec BohmRookieAuto
ROYF-ABAlec BohmRookieAuto
ROYF-SHSpencer HowardRookieAuto
PAPR-NMNick MatonAuto
UAC-1Alec BohmRookieAuto


15Josh Bell
66Ke’Bryan HayesRookie
BP-24Oneil Cruz
BP-34Nick Gonzales
BP-52Liover Peguero
BCP-24Oneil Cruz
BCP-34Nick Gonzales
BCP-52Liover Peguero
CPDC-NGNick Gonzales
BTP-37Nick Gonzales
BTP-42Ke’Bryan HayesRookie
BTP-66Oneil Cruz
FUT-NGNick Gonzales
RRY-KHKe’Bryan HayesRookie
TP-PITOneil Cruz
TP-PITBlake Weiman
TP-PITTravis Swaggerty
POS-NGNick Gonzales
BTP-37Nick GonzalesAuto
BTP-42Ke’Bryan HayesRookieAuto
CPA-JBJi-Hwan BaeAuto
CPA-NGNick GonzalesAuto
CRA-KHKe’Bryan HayesRookieAuto
POSP-NGNick GonzalesAuto
PAPR-JSJake SniderAuto
UAC-1Nick GonzalesAuto


18Leody TaverasRookie
23Sam HuffRookie
32Joey Gallo
33Anderson TejedaRookie
BP-7Maximo Acosta
BP-38Josh Jung
BP-41Justin Foscue
BP-139Bayron Lora
BCP-7Maximo Acosta
BCP-38Josh Jung
BCP-41Justin Foscue
BCP-139Bayron Lora
BTP-55Josh Jung
BTP-76Sam HuffRookie
CPA-DMADylan MacLeanAuto
CPA-HHHeriberto HernandezAuto
CPA-MAMaximo AcostaAuto
CPA-MSMarcus SmithAuto
CRA-LTLeody TaverasRookieAuto
ROYF-SHUSam HuffRookieAuto


82Blake Snell
99Austin Meadows
BP-19Vidal Brujan
BP-57Wander Franco
BP-101Xavier Edwards
BP-134Shane Baz
BP-143Nick Bitsko
BCP-19Vidal Brujan
BCP-57Wander Franco
BCP-101Xavier Edwards
BCP-134Shane Baz
BCP-143Nick Bitsko
CPDC-WFWander Franco
BTP-1Wander Franco
BTP-16Brendan McKay
BTP-46Vidal Brujan
BTP-74Xavier Edwards
BTP-96Shane Baz
91B-WFWander Franco
TP-TBRWander Franco
TP-TBRVidal Brujan
TP-TBRBrent Honeywell
POS-WFWander Franco
POS-XEXavier Edwards
BTP-16Brendan McKayAuto
BTP-1Wander FrancoAuto
91B-WFWander FrancoAuto
CPA-SGSandy GastonAuto
UAC-1Wander FrancoAuto

Red Sox

21Tanner HouckRookie
26Bobby DalbecRookie
34Xander Bogaerts
60J.D. Martinez
BP-37Jeisson Rosario
BP-71Blaze Jordan
BP-84Triston Casas
BP-107Jeter Downs
BP-113CJ Chatham
BP-114Nick Yorke
BP-135Jarren Duran
BCP-37Jeisson Rosario
BCP-71Blaze Jordan
BCP-84Triston Casas
BCP-107Jeter Downs
BCP-113C.J. Chatham
BCP-114Nick Yorke
BCP-135Jarren Duran
CPDC-BJBlaze Jordan
CPDC-JDOJeter Downs
BTP-45Jeter Downs
BTP-79Triston Casas
FUT-BJBlaze Jordan
TP-BOSC.J. Chatham
TP-BOSJarren Duran
TP-BOSTriston Casas
BTP-45Jeter DownsAuto
CPA-BBBrainer BonaciAuto
CPA-BJBlaze JordanAuto
CPA-JWJeremy Wu-YellandAuto
DPA-BJNick YorkeAuto
DPA-BJBlaze JordanAuto
PAPR-BJBlaze JordanAuto


9Trevor Bauer
20Tyler StephensonRookie
49Joey Votto
55Luis Castillo
56Jose GarciaRookie
BP-20Nick Lodolo
BP-46Jonathan India
BP-55Austin Hendrick
BP-91Tyler Callihan
BP-127Hunter Greene
BP-149Ivan Johnson
BCP-20Nick Lodolo
BCP-46Jonathan India
BCP-55Austin Hendrick
BCP-91Tyler Callihan
BCP-127Hunter Greene
BCP-149Ivan Johnson
CPDC-AHAustin Hendrick
BTP-49Nick Lodolo
BTP-52Hunter Greene
BTP-86Austin Hendrick
FUT-AHAustin Hendrick
POS-NLNick Lodolo
BTP-49Nick LodoloAuto
CPA-AHAustin HendrickAuto
CPA-IJIvan JohnsonAuto
CPA-MBMariel BautistaAuto
CPA-MWMac WainwrightAuto


4Charlie Blackmon
91Nolan Arenado
BP-3Zac Veen
BP-15Colton Welker
BP-33Eddy Diaz
BP-68Ryan Vilade
BP-100Terrin Vavra
BP-126Drew Romo
BP-137Michael Toglia
BCP-3Zac Veen
BCP-15Colton Welker
BCP-33Eddy Diaz
BCP-68Ryan Vilade
BCP-100Terrin Vavra
BCP-126Drew Romo
BCP-137Michael Toglia
BTP-54Zac Veen
FUT-ZVZac Veen
TP-COLBen Bowden
TP-COLRyan Rolison
TP-COLColton Welker
POS-MTMichael Toglia
POS-ZVZac Veen
BTP-54Zac VeenAuto
CPA-AAMAdael AmadorAuto
CPA-DMDaniel MontanoAuto
CPA-EDEddy DiazAuto
CPA-ZVZac VeenAuto
POSP-ZVZac VeenAuto


1Whit Merrifield
29Brady SingerRookie
54Jorge Soler
57Kris BubicRookie
BP-1Bobby Witt Jr.
BP-43Jackson Kowar
BP-54Daniel Lynch
BP-83Asa Lacy
BP-144Nick Loftin
BCP-1Bobby Witt Jr.
BCP-43Jackson Kowar
BCP-54Daniel Lynch
BCP-83Asa Lacy
BCP-144Nick Loftin
CPDC-BWJBobby Witt Jr.
BTP-11Bobby Witt Jr.
BTP-30Asa Lacy
BTP-59Brady SingerRookie
BTP-61Daniel Lynch
FUT-ALAsa Lacy
FUT-BWBobby Witt Jr.
91B-ALAsa Lacy
91B-BWBobby Witt Jr.
POS-ALAsa Lacy
POS-BWBobby Witt Jr.
BTP-30Asa LacyAuto
BTP-11Bobby Witt Jr.Auto
91B-ALAsa LacyAuto
91B-BWBobby Witt Jr.Auto
CPA-ACAustin CoxAuto
CPA-ALAsa LacyAuto
CPA-DCDarryl CollinsAuto
POSP-ALAsa LacyAuto
PAPR-ACOAustin CoxAuto
PAPR-YMYohanse MorelAuto
UAC-1Bobby Witt Jr.Auto
UAC-1Asa LacyAuto


11Tarik SkubalRookie
19Miguel Cabrera
31Casey MizeRookie
BP-4Riley Greene
BP-21Adinso Reyes
BP-72Dillon Dingler
BP-96Spencer Torkelson
BP-111Matt Manning
BCP-4Riley Greene
BCP-21Adinso Reyes
BCP-72Dillon Dingler
BCP-96Spencer Torkelson
BCP-111Matt Manning
CPDC-STSpencer Torkelson
BTP-7Spencer Torkelson
BTP-8Casey MizeRookie
BTP-23Matt Manning
BTP-29Riley Greene
BTP-47Tarik SkubalRookie
FUT-RGRiley Greene
FUT-STSpencer Torkelson
RRY-CMCasey MizeRookie
91B-CMCasey MizeRookie
91B-STSpencer Torkelson
TP-DETZack Short
TP-DETRiley Greene
TP-DETMatt Manning
POS-RGRiley Greene
POS-STSpencer Torkelson
BTP-29Riley GreeneAuto
BTP-47Tarik SkubalRookieAuto
BTP-8Casey MizeRookieAuto
BTP-7Spencer TorkelsonAuto
BTP-23Matt ManningAuto
91B-CMCasey MizeRookieAuto
91B-STSpencer TorkelsonAuto
CPA-AREAdinso ReyesAuto
CPA-STSpencer TorkelsonAuto
CRA-CMCasey MizeRookieAuto
POSP-RGRiley GreeneAuto
DPA-SRRiley GreeneAuto
DPA-SRSpencer TorkelsonAuto
PAPR-CWColby WhiteAuto
PAPR-STSpencer TorkelsonAuto
UAC-1Riley GreeneAuto
UAC-1Casey MizeRookieAuto
UAC-1Spencer TorkelsonAuto


22Max Kepler
75Alex KirilloffRookie
96Josh Donaldson
BP-61Jordan Balazovic
BP-63Royce Lewis
BP-73Keoni Cavaco
BP-80Trevor Larnach
BP-125Aaron Sabato
BP-140Yunior Severino
BCP-61Jordan Balazovic
BCP-63Royce Lewis
BCP-73Keoni Cavaco
BCP-80Trevor Larnach
BCP-125Aaron Sabato
BCP-140Yunior Severino
CPDC-ASAaron Sabato
BTP-10Royce Lewis
BTP-31Alex KirilloffRookie
BTP-85Trevor Larnach
BTP-91Jordan Balazovic
91B-RLRoyce Lewis
TP-MINNick Gordon
TP-MINRoyce Lewis
TP-MINWander Javier
BTP-10Royce LewisAuto
CPA-ASAaron SabatoAuto
CPA-YSYunior SeverinoAuto
PAPR-JMJose MirandaAuto
UAC-1Royce LewisAuto

White Sox

47Garrett CrochetRookie
77Nick MadrigalRookie
92Jose Abreu
94Luis Robert
BP-6James Beard
BP-40Yolbert Sanchez
BP-64Andrew Dalquist
BP-74Matthew Thompson
BP-88Andrew Vaughn
BP-106Jared Kelley
BCP-6James Beard
BCP-40Yolbert Sanchez
BCP-64Andrew Dalquist
BCP-74Matthew Thompson
BCP-88Andrew Vaughn
BCP-106Jared Kelley
BTP-3Luis Robert
BTP-17Andrew Vaughn
BTP-41Nick MadrigalRookie
BTP-99Garrett CrochetRookie
RRY-NMNick MadrigalRookie
91B-LRLuis Robert
POS-AVAndrew Vaughn
BTP-41Nick MadrigalRookieAuto
BTP-3Luis RobertAuto
BTP-17Andrew VaughnAuto
CPA-JKJared KelleyAuto
CPA-JROJose RodriguezAuto
CPA-YCYoelqui CespedesAuto
CPA-YSAYolbert SanchezAuto
CRA-NMNick MadrigalRookieAuto
POSP-AVAndrew VaughnAuto
ROYF-NMNick MadrigalRookieAuto
PAPR-DGDJ GladneyAuto
PAPR-WKWill KincanonAuto
UAC-1Andrew VaughnAuto
UAC-1Nick MadrigalRookieAuto


65Gerrit Cole
72Deivi GarciaRookie
74Aaron Judge
97Gleyber Torres
98Clarke SchmidtRookie
BP-13Jasson Dominguez
BP-47Austin Wells
BP-50Oswald Peraza
BP-82Antonio Gomez
BP-85Anthony Volpe
BP-97Kevin Alcantara
BCP-13Jasson Dominguez
BCP-47Austin Wells
BCP-50Oswald Peraza
BCP-82Antonio Gomez
BCP-85Anthony Volpe
BCP-97Kevin Alcantara
CPDC-JDJasson Dominguez
BTP-53Jasson Dominguez
BTP-93Clarke SchmidtRookie
BTP-97Deivi GarciaRookie
FUT-JDJasson Dominguez
91B-AJAaron Judge
TP-NYYTrevor Stephan
TP-NYYOswald Peraza
TP-NYYArmando Alvarez
POS-JDJasson Dominguez
BTP-53Jasson DominguezAuto
91B-AJAaron JudgeAuto
CPA-AGOAntonio GomezAuto
CPA-AVAlexander VargasAuto
CPA-BWBeck WayAuto
CPA-KAKevin AlcantaraAuto
CRA-DGDeivi GarciaRookieAuto
DPA-JKKevin AlcantaraAuto
DPA-JKJasson DominguezAuto
PAPR-DADaniel AlvarezAuto
PAPR-RCRoansy ContrerasAuto
UAC-1Jasson DominguezAuto