2022 Upper Deck Punisher trading card checklist

2020 Upper Deck The Punisher Checklist

Release Date: 4/22/20

Cards per Pack: 8

Packs per Hobby Box: 15

Hobby Boxes per Case: 12

Release Year Archive: 2020

Manufacturer Archive: Upper Deck

Tag Archive: Marvel, Punisher

Category Archive: Non-Sports Card Checklists


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2020 Upper Deck Marvel The Punisher details moments from the first season of the Netflix original series.

Marvel’s The Punisher includes short prints and super short prints for the 100-card base set Agent Orange parallel, and for the Gun Metal Grey. Autographs include Dual Autographs, manufactured Patch-Work Autographed relics, and For the Corps Plexiglass autos.

Additionally, Castle Crash Course indulges fans with memorable moments from The Punisher comic books. Lastly, the Episodic Art subset offers a #/99 parallel that is signed by Tim Bradstreet, who has illustrated several book covers, as well as, movie posters.

This checklist is organized by subset. Scroll through the entire list or jump directly to a preferred set by selecting it from the key below. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings for that card.

2020 Upper Deck The Punisher Checklist

Base – 100 Cards
Agent Orange
Base – Cards #1-#50 (1:4 packs)
Short Prints – Cards #51-#85 (1:15 packs)
Super Short Prints – Cards #86-#100 (1:60 packs)

Castle Crash Course (CC) – 17 Cards
Base – 1:9 packs

Cerberus (C) – 10 Cards
Base – 1:7.5 packs

Episodic Art (EA) – 14 Cards
Base – 1:11 packs
Autograph – #/99

For the Corps Autographs (FTC) – 10 Cards
Base – Overall 1:26 packs

For the Corps Variant Autographs (FCV) – 8 Cards
Base – Overall 1:240 packs

For the Corps Dual Autographs (FTC) – 3 Cards
Base – Overall 1:460 packs

For the Corps Plexiglass Autographs (FTP) – 9 Cards
Base – #/50

Gun Metal Grey (GG) – 15 Cards
Base – Cards #1-#8 (1:90 packs)
Base Short Prints – Cards #9-#13 (1:210 packs)
Base Super Short Prints – Cards #14-#15 (1:1080 packs)

Memento Mori (MM) – 10 Cards
Base – 1:7.5 packs

Micro Tech (MT) – 12 Cards
Base – 1:6.25 packs

Patch-Work Puzzles (PWP) – 15 Cards
Base – 1:20 packs

Patch-Work Singles (PW) – 12 Cards
Base – 1:75 packs

Patch-Work Autographs (PW) – 4 Cards
Base – #/10

Spec Ops (SO) – 5 Cards
Base – 1:30 packs

Sketches (SKT) – 45 Artists
Base – 1:60 packs


1Unfinished Business
2Hey Sleepyhead
3Pete Castigilione
4Ahmed Zubair
5Mind your own Business
6The Perfect Crime
7Hell Broke Luce
8Do what you have to
9Its nonsense
11A Wolf in Sheeps clothing
12Two Dead Men
13Hammer and Anvil
14David Lieberman
15The Promotion
17This is a Mistake!
18Personal Delivery
19Dogs of War
21Unmarked Grave
22Im sorry Frank
24One Condition
26An Old Friend
27A Good Nights Sleep
28Insurance Paperwork
29Toe the Line
30Application Denied
31Game of Chicken
32Another Work Day
33A Home Cooked Meal
34Old Cases and a Dead Man
35Not Gonna Lie
36Where does it end?
37Skeletons in the Closet
38I Just Want to Talk
39Tough Day
40Thanksgiving Dinner
41A Losing Battle
42Memory of a Dead Man
43Thank You For Your Service
44Chu Lai Airbase
45Blackbird Calling Raven
46Misery Loves Company
47More than Something
48The Third Wheel
49A Matter of Duty
51Early Retirement
52Bug Hunt
53Safe House
54Cross Hairs
55Bill Rawlins
56No Signal
57Coal Iron and Steel
58Guitars and Love Stories
59A Lesson in Discipline
60A Sprung Trap
61Go Long
62Chasing Ghosts
63The Ricky Langtry Show
64Sic Semper Tyrannis
65Doing the Right Thing
66A Target On Your Back
6717 Funerals
68Front Towards Enemy
69The Punisher Lives
70Reflections and Recollections
71Shows Over
72Home Soil
73Stand off
74Dead Mans Switch
75Virtue of the Victorious
76A Day to Remember
77Heads Down, Mouths Shut
78Lawyers are for the Guilty
79Castle Tip Line
80It Ends Tonight
81A Matter Integrity
82Family Reunion
86Prisoner Exchange
88New Gloves
89Honor and Loyalty
90Its Done
91Come Home Frank
93Penthouse Pauper
94A New Start
95Morning Coffee
96Painted Ponies
97Billy the Kid
99A Broken Man
100Home Sweet Home


C-1Frank Castle, Billy Russo, William Rawlins
C-2Dinah Madani, Sam Stein, Rafael Hernandez
C-3Curtis Hoyle, Lewis Wilson, Frank Castle
C-4Frank Castle, David Lieberman, Sarah Lieberman
C-5Sarah Lieberman, Zach Lieberman, Leo Lieberman
C-6Maria Castle, Billy Russo, Frank Castle
C-7Maria Castle, Frank Castle Jr., Lisa Castle
C-8Ray Schoonover, Frank Castle, Karen Page
C-9Puniser, Billy Russo, William Rawlins
C-10Micro, Carson Wolf, Punisher

Castle Crash Course

CC-1Punisher War Journal #1
CC-2The Punisher #1
CC-3The Punisher #2
CC-4The Punisher #3
CC-5The Punisher #4
CC-6The Punisher #5
CC-7Punisher #4 (1987)
CC-8The Punisher: Year One #4
CC-9The Amazing Spider-Man #129
CC-10The Punisher #1 (2000)
CC-11The Punisher: Year One #1
CC-12Civil War: Punisher War Journal #1
CC-13The Punisher: Year One #3
CC-14The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #15
CC-15The Punisher #10
CC-16Marvel Preview #2
CC-17The Punisher #1

Episodic Art

EA-13:00 AM
EA-2Two Dead Men
EA-6The Judas Goat
EA-8Cold Steel
EA-9Fron Toward Enemy
EA-10Virtue of the Vicious
EA-11Danger Close
EA-13Memento Mori
EA-14Season 1 Recap

For the Corps Variant Auto

FCV-EMEbon Moss-Bachrach
FCV-JBJon Bernthal
FCV-JMJordan Mahome
FCV-JRJaime Ray Newman
FCV-KFKobi Frumer
FCV-MNMichael Nathanson
FCV-PSPaul Schulze
FCV-RHRick Holmes

For the COrps Autographs

FTC-EMEbon Moss-Bachrach
FTC-FWPaul Schulze & Jon BernthalDual Auto
FTC-JBJon Bernthal
FTC-JEJon Bernthal & Ebon Moss-BachrachDual Auto
FTC-JMJordan Mahome
FTC-JNJaime Ray Newman
FTC-KEEbon Moss-Bachrach & Kobi FrumerDual Auto
FTC-KFKobi Frumer
FTC-MEEbon Moss-Bachrach
FTC-MNMichael Nathanson
FTC-PRJon Bernthal
FTC-PSPaul Schulze
FTC-RHRick Holmes

For the COrps Plexiglass Auto

FTP-EMEbon Moss-Bachrach
FTP-JBJon Bernthal
FTP-JMJordan Mahome
FTP-KFKobi Frumer
FTP-MEEbon Moss-Bachrach
FTP-MNMichael Nathanson
FTP-PSPaul Schulze
FTP-RHRick Holmes
FTP-SSMichael Nathanson

Gun Metal Gray

GG-2Support Group
GG-6Better off
GG-9Sold Your Soul
GG-10Ruined It
GG-15Admit it

Memento Mori

MM-1Frank Castle
MM-2Dinah Madani
MM-3David Lieberman
MM-4Billy Russo
MM-5Sarah Lieberman
MM-6Lewis Wilson
MM-7Sam Stein
MM-8William Rawlins
MM-9Curtis Hoyle
MM-10Karen Page

Micro Tech

MT-2Diner Phone
MT-6Micros Base
MT-7Retina Scan
MT-10Radio Jammer
MT-12Radio Scanner

Patch-work Singles

PW1Frank Castle
PW3Billy Russo
PW4David Lieberman
PW5Lewis Wilson
PW6Curtis Hoyle
PW7Sam Stein
PW8Karen Page
PW9Dinah Madani
PW10Ray Schoonover
PW11Brett Mahoney
PW12Carson Wolf

Patch-Work Autographs

PW-EMEbon Moss-Bachrach
PW-JBJon Bernthal
PW-PSPaul Schulze
PW-RHRick Holmes

Patch-Work Puzzles

PWP1Frank Castle
PWP2Gunner Henderson
PWP3Billy Russo
PWP4William Rawlins
PWP5Ray Schoonover
PWP6Morty Bennett
PWP8Dinah Madani
PWP9Sam Stein
PWP10Curtis Hoyle
PWP11Lewis Wilson
PWP12Sarah Lieberman
PWP13Karen Page
PWP14Turk Barrett
PWP15Rafael Hernandez

Spec Ops

SO-4Fron Toward Enemy
SO-5Danger Close