2020 Topps Women of Star Wars


2020 Topps Women of Star Wars Checklist

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2020 Topps Women of Star Wars highlights powerful women from the entire Star Wars franchise.

A first for Topps, the all-female set includes iconic heroes including Jyn Erso from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Ahsoka Tano (The Clone Wars), and of course, Princess Leia Organa. Additionally, trained assassin Asajj Ventress is among the villainous roster.

Along with the 100 base cards, collectors can find Autographs, Dual Autographs, and Triple Autographs. Each autograph subset includes parallels to chase including the rare one-of-one Red Triple Autograph.

Lastly, the hobby exclusive offers four inserts which include Behind the Scenes, Powerful Pairs, and Weapon of Choice. Parallels for all inserts are Green #/99, Purple #/25, Black #/5, Red 1/1, and Printing Plates. However, printing plates are the only parallel offered for the Journey of Leia Organa set.

Each hobby box promises one autograph while two sketch cards are guaranteed per case.

Release Date: March 25, 2020

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2020 Topps Women of Star Wars Checklist

Base – 100 Cards
Orange – 1 per pack
Blue – 1:4 packs
Green – #/99
Purple – #/25
Black – #/5
Red – 1/1
Printing Plates – 1/1

Autographs – 46 Cards
Orange – #/99
Blue – #/50
Purple – #/25
Black – #/5
Red – 1/1
Printing Plates – 1/1

Dual Autographs – 13 Cards
Purple – #/10
Black – #/5
Red – 1/1

Triple Autographs – 6 Cards
Red – 1/1

Journey of Leia Organa (JL) – 8 Cards
Printing Plates – 1/1

Behind the Scenes (IM) – 22 Cards
Green – #/99
Purple – #/25
Black – #/5
Red – 1/1
Printing Plates – 1/1

Powerful Pairs (PP) – 28 Cards
Green – #/99
Purple – #/25
Black – #/5
Red – 1/1
Printing Plates – 1/1

Weapon of Choice (WC) – 24 Cards
Green – #/99
Purple – #/25
Black – #/5
Red – 1/1
Printing Plates – 1/1

Sketch Cards – 64 Artists

Base Set

1Aayla Secura
2Adi Gallia
3Agent Tierny
4Ahsoka Tano
5Asajj Ventress
6Aunt Z
7Aurra Sing
8Barriss Offee
9Bazine Netal
10Beru Lars
11Bo-Katan Kryze
12Breha Organa
13Bultar Swan
14Captain Phasma
15Cara Dune
16Chi Eekway Papanoida
17Chief Petty Officer Unamo
18Commander D’Acy
19Depa Billaba
20Doctor Kalonia
23Enfys Nest
24Freya Fenris
25Gardulla the Hutt
27Gooti Terez
28Governor Pryce
30Hera Syndulla
31Iden Versio
33Jess “Testor” Pava
34Jocasta Nu
35Jyn Erso
37Kaydel Ko Connix
38Korr Sella
40Lady Proxima
42Latts Razzi
44Luminara Unduli
45Lyra Erso
46Maketh Tua
47Maz Kanata
48Mina Bonteri
49Miraj Scintel
50Mon Mothma
51Mortis Daughter
52Mother Talzin
54Officer Sharest
55Old Daka
57Padmé Amidala
58Paige Tico
59Pamich Nerro Goode
60Princess Leia Organa
62Queen Apailana
63Queen Jamillia
64Queen Julia
65Queen Neeyutnee
67Rig Nema
68Riyo Chuchi
69Rumi Paramita
70Rystáll Sant
72Sabine Wren
73Satine Kryze
74Second Sister Inquisitor
75Senator Tynnra Pamlo
76Seventh Sister Inquisitor
77Shaak Ti
78Shmi Skywalker
79Shu Mai
80Sly Moore
81Stass Allie
82Steela Gerrera
84Sy Snootles
85Synara San
86Tallie Lintra
87Tam Ryvora
88Taun We
89Teckla Minnau
92Torra Doza
93Toryn Farr
94Ursa Wren
97Vice Admiral Holdo
98Yarna D’Al’ Gargan
99Zam Wesell
100Zorii Bliss


AutoCarrie Fisher as Princess Leia Organa
AutoDaisy Ridley as Rey
AutoFelicity Jones as Jyn Erso
AutoKelly Marie Tran as Rose Tico
AutoBillie Lourd as Kaydel Ko Connix
AutoGina Carano as Cara Dune
AutoLaura Dern as Vice Admiral Holdo
AutoGwendoline Christie as Captain Phasma
AutoCaroline Blakiston as Mon Mothma
AutoNaomi Ackie as Jannah
AutoErin Kellyman as Enfys Nest
AutoSarah Michelle Gellar as Seventh Sister
AutoVanessa Marshall as Hera Syndulla
AutoTiya Sircar as Sabine Wren
AutoSuzie McGrath as Tam Ryvora
AutoAshley Eckstein as Ahsoka Tano
AutoNika Futterman as Asajj Ventress
AutoOrli Shoshan as Shaak Ti
AutoAmy Allen as Aayla Secura
AutoMyrna Velasco as Torra Doza
AutoJessica Henwick as Jess “Testor” Pava
AutoSema-Tawi Smart as Aurodia Ventafoli
AutoMary Elizabeth McGlynn as Freya Fenris
AutoFemi Taylor as Oola
AutoKeisha Castle-Hughes as Queen Apailana
AutoCatherine Taber as Numa
AutoAnna Brewster as Bazine Netal
AutoLily Cole as Lovey
AutoJanina Gavankar as Iden Versio
AutoVinette Robinson as Tyce
AutoAmanda Hale as Officer Kandia
AutoAngelique Perrin as Adi Gallia
AutoCrystal Clarke as Ensign Pamich Nerro Goode
AutoAnna Graves as Duchess Satine Kryze
AutoCharlotte Louise as Margo
AutoNazneen Contractor as Synara San
AutoKathleen Gati as Old Daka
AutoHermione Corfield as Tallie Lintra
AutoAnna Francolini as Imperial Border Guard
AutoDebra Wilson as Cere Junda
AutoLeeanna Walsman as Zam Wesell
AutoMichonne Bourriague as Aurra Sing
AutoJaime King as Aurra Sing
AutoShelby Young as Princess Leia Organa
AutoMisty Lee as Princess Leia Organa
AutoJulie Dolan as voice of Princess Leia Organa

Dual Autograph

Dual AutoDaisy Ridley as Rey & Kelly Marie Tran as Rose Tico
Dual AutoKelly Marie Tran as Rose Tico & Veronica Ngo as Paige Tico
Dual AutoFelicity Jones as Jyn Erso & Valene Kane as Lyra Erso
Dual AutoBillie Lourd as Kaydel Ko Connix & Naomi Ackie as Jannah
Dual AutoLaura Dern as Vice Admiral Holdo & Amanda Lawrence as Commander D’acy
Dual AutoJessica Henwick as Jess “Testor” Pava & Hermione Corfield as Tallie Lintra
Dual AutoAshley Eckstein as Ahsoka Tano & Nika Futterman as Asajj Ventress
Dual AutoSema-Tawi Smart as Aurodia Ventafoli & Charlotte Louise as Margo
Dual AutoAmy Allen as Aayla Secura & Orli Shoshan as Shaak Ti
Dual AutoOlivia d’Abo as Luminara Unduli & Meredith Salenger as Barriss Offee
Dual AutoMyrna Velasco as Torra Doza & Suzie McGrath as Tam Ryvora
Dual AutoVanessa Marshall as Hera Syndulla & Tiya Sircar as Sabine Wren

Triple Autograph

Triple AutoCarrie Fisher, Felicity Jones & Daisy Ridley
Triple AutoLaura Dern, Amanda Lawrence & Billie Lourd
Triple AutoDaisy Ridley, Kelly Marie Tran & Billie Lourd
Triple AutoAmy Allen, Olivia d’Abo & Nika Futterman
Triple AutoMyrna Velasco, Suzie McGrath & Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Triple AutoSarah Michelle Gellar, Ashley Eckstein & Tiya Sircar

Journey of Leia Organa

JL-1Transferring the Plans
JL-2Defying Darth Vader
JL-3Following the Battle
JL-4Laying out the Attack Plan
JL-5Rushing to the Rescue
JL-6The Ewok called Wicket
JL-7Arrival on Takodana
JL-8Setting Poe Straight

Behind the Scenes

IM-1Out on the Battlefield
IM-2Barriss Offee’s Dark Turn
IM-3Queen Amidala outsmarts and traps Viceroy Nute Gunray
IM-4Zam Wesell’s Failed Attempt
IM-5Padmé’s incredible escape
IM-6Aayla Secura Betrayed on Felucia
IM-7Ahsoka Walks Away
IM-8Asajj Ventress’ Shocking Arrival
IM-9Aurra Sing’s New Crew
IM-10Ahsoka Tano Vs. Darth Vader
IM-11Qi’Ra Takes Control
IM-12Jyn Erso Rallies the Rebellion
IM-13Final Transmission
IM-14Guardian of the Resistance
IM-15Mon Mothma’s Briefing
IM-16Holdo Vs. The Supremacy
IM-17Rey escapes from Interrogation
IM-18Inside Maz’s Castle
IM-19Ahch-To training
IM-20Rey’s Arrival
IM-21Val Takes out the Transport train
IM-22Enfys Nest Corners Han and Beckett on Savareen

Powerful Pairs

PP-1Luminara Unduli & Barriss Offee
PP-2Hera Syndulla & Sabine Wren
PP-3General Leia Organa & Vice Admiral Holdo
PP-4General Leia Organa & Rey
PP-5Ahsoka Tano & Barriss Offee
PP-6Princess Leia Organa & Mon Mothma
PP-7Queen Amidala & Sabé
PP-8Padmé Amidala & Dormé
PP-9Jess “Testor” Pava & Tallie Lintra
PP-10Mother Talzin & Old Daka
PP-11Rose Tico & Paige Tico
PP-12Satine Kryze & Bo-Katan Kryze
PP-13Stass Allie & Adi Gallia
PP-14Tiplee & Tiplar
PP-15Aurra Sing & Latts Razzi
PP-16Depa Billaba & Yaddle
PP-17Korr Sella & Kaydel Ko Connix
PP-18Greeata & Rystáll Sant
PP-19Mon Mothma & Padmé Amidala
PP-20Oola & Yarna D’Al’Gargan
PP-21Aayla Secura & Shaak Ti
PP-22Asajj Ventress & Ahsoka Tano
PP-23Torra Doza & Tam Ryvora
PP-24Ursa Wren & Sabine Wren
PP-25Enfys Nest & Qi’Ra
PP-26Laren Joma & Jaldine Gerams
PP-27Corporal Timker & Corporal Maddel
PP-28Jyn Erso & Lyra Erso

Weapon of Choice

WC-2Ahsoka Tano
WC-3Asajj Ventress
WC-4Jyn Erso
WC-5Aurra Sing
WC-6Enfys Nest
WC-7Padmé Amidala
WC-9Zam Wesell
WC-10Shaak Ti
WC-11Princess Leia Organa
WC-12Bo-Katan Kryze
WC-14Sabine Wren
WC-17Rose Tico
WC-18Aayla Secura
WC-19Hera Syndulla
WC-20Latts Razzi
WC-21Seventh Sister Inquisitor
WC-22Maz Kanata
WC-23Kaydel Ko Connix
WC-24Barriss Offee

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