2020 Topps UFC Striking Signatures trading card checklist

2020 Topps UFC Striking Signatures Checklist

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2020 Topps UFC Striking Signatures is the perfect product for collectors simply seeking autographs. Each box contains one encased autograph card.

The set is broken up into two categories, Striking Signatures and Submission Specialists and each category includes several parallel cards.

Our checklist includes all of the cards in this set and can be searched or sorted by fighter or weight class. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings for that card.

Release date – 11/4/2020
Cards per pack – 1 encased auto
Packs per hobby box – 1
Hobby boxes per case – 20

2020 Topps UFC Striking Signatures Checklist

Striking Signatures (STS) – 93 Cards
Purple – #/99
Orange – #/50
Silver – #/25
Red – #/8
Gold – 1/1

Submission Specialists (SUS) – 36 Cards
Purple – #/99
Orange – #/50
Silver – #/25
Red – #/8
Gold – 1/1

Striking Signatures

STS-ACArianny CelesteOctagon Girl
STS-AESAshlee Evans-SmithFlyweight
STS-AGAlexa GrassoStrawweight
STS-AHAlexander HernandezLightweight
STS-AIAl IaquintaLightweight
STS-ALAndrea LeeFlyweight
STS-ANAmanda NunesBantamweight
STS-ARAleksandar RakicLight Heavyweight
STS-ASAnthony SmithLight Heavyweight
STS-ASAAndrew SanchezMiddleweight
STS-BCBethe CorreiaBantamweight
STS-BHBarb HonchakFlyweight
STS-BJPB.J. PennFeatherweight
STS-BPBrittney PalmerOctagon Girl
STS-BRBen RothwellHeavyweight
STS-BWBrookliyn WrenOctagon Girl
STS-CBCurtis BlaydesHeavyweight
STS-CBLChrissy BlairOctagon Girl
STS-CGChristos GiagosLightweight
STS-CGACláudia GadelhaStrawweight
STS-CKCalvin KattarFeatherweight
STS-CLChad LapriseWelterweight
STS-CLIChuck LiddellLight Heavyweight
STS-CMCurtis MillenderWelterweight
STS-CSCory SandhagenBantamweight
STS-CSJChan Sung JungFeatherweight
STS-CSWCub SwansonFeatherweight
STS-CVCain VelasquezHeavyweight
STS-DCDaniel CormierHeavyweight
STS-DCLDevin ClarkLight Heavyweight
STS-DCRDominick CruzBantamweight
STS-DDDrew DoberLightweight
STS-DLDerrick LewisHeavyweight
STS-DRDominick ReyesLight Heavyweight
STS-DSDevonte SmithLightweight
STS-EAEryk AndersMiddleweight
STS-EZDElizeu Zaleski dos SantosWelterweight
STS-FRFrancisco RiveraBantamweight
STS-FSFrankie SaenzBantamweight
STS-GNGeoff NealWelterweight
STS-GSPGeorges St-PierreWelterweight
STS-HCHenry CejudoBantamweight
STS-HDHakeem DawoduFeatherweight
STS-HHHolly HolmBantamweight
STS-IAIsrael AdesanyaMiddleweight
STS-IHIan HeinischMiddleweight
STS-JCJared CannonierMiddleweight
STS-JCAJoanne CalderwoodFlyweight
STS-JDJohn DodsonBantamweight
STS-JDSJunior dos SantosHeavyweight
STS-JJJoanna J?drzejczykStrawweight
STS-JKJustine KishStrawweight
STS-JMJennifer MaiaFlyweight
STS-JPJulianna PeñaBantamweight
STS-JRCJessica-Rose ClarkBantamweight
STS-JSJeremy StephensFeatherweight
STS-JWJohnny WalkerLight Heavyweight
STS-KCKatlyn ChookagianFlyweight
STS-KRKhalil Rountree Jr.Light Heavyweight
STS-LELeon EdwardsWelterweight
STS-LLLina LänsbergBantamweight
STS-LMLauren MurphyFlyweight
STS-MBMaycee BarberFlyweight
STS-MBEMirsad Bekti?Featherweight
STS-MBIMichael BispingMiddleweight
STS-MCMisha CirkunovLight Heavyweight
STS-MGMaurice GreeneHeavyweight
STS-MMMaryna MorozStrawweight
STS-MPMike PerryWelterweight
STS-MRMarion ReneauBantamweight
STS-MROMike RodriguezLight Heavyweight
STS-NANina AnsaroffStrawweight
STS-NMNicco MontañoBantamweight
STS-NPNiko PriceWelterweight
STS-RARaphael AssunçãoBantamweight
STS-RFRob FontBantamweight
STS-RHRyan HallFeatherweight
STS-RNRose NamajunasStrawweight
STS-RORachael OstovichFlyweight
STS-SASam AlveyLight Heavyweight
STS-SHScott HoltzmanLightweight
STS-SMStipe MiocicHeavyweight
STS-SOMSean O’MalleyBantamweight
STS-STStephen ThompsonWelterweight
STS-TAThomas AlmeidaBantamweight
STS-TBTom BreeseMiddleweight
STS-TETonya EvingerBantamweight
STS-TFTony FergusonLightweight
STS-TTTai TuivasaHeavyweight
STS-TWTyron WoodleyWelterweight
STS-VSValentina ShevchenkoFlyweight
STS-WHWalt HarrisHeavyweight
STS-WSWanderlei SilvaMiddleweight

Submission Specialists

SUS-AAArnold AllenFeatherweight
SUS-ACJAntônio Carlos JúniorMiddleweight
SUS-AHAngela HillStrawweight
SUS-AOAleksei OleinikHeavyweight
SUS-ASAntonina ShevchenkoFlyweight
SUS-AYAshley YoderStrawweight
SUS-BABen AskrenWelterweight
SUS-CCCynthia CalvilloStrawweight
SUS-CCACortney CaseyStrawweight
SUS-CCOColby CovingtonWelterweight
SUS-CDLChris De La RochaHeavyweight
SUS-CFCezar FerreiraMiddleweight
SUS-DFDeiveson FigueiredoFlyweight
SUS-FGForrest GriffinLight Heavyweight
SUS-GMGerald MeerschaertMiddleweight
SUS-GNGunnar NelsonWelterweight
SUS-JAJessica AndradeStrawweight
SUS-JAGJessica AguilarStrawweight
SUS-JDJoe DuffyLightweight
SUS-JHJack HermanssonMiddleweight
SUS-JKJames KrauseLightweight
SUS-JLJoe LauzonMiddleweight
SUS-JPJessica PenneStrawweight
SUS-JVJames VickWelterweight
SUS-MAMegan AndersonFeatherweight
SUS-MCMike ChiesaWelterweight
SUS-MDLMontana De La RosaFlyweight
SUS-MGAMickey GallWelterweight
SUS-MRBMara Romero BorellaFlyweight
SUS-MTMiesha TateBantamweight
SUS-RDRafael dos AnjosWelterweight
SUS-RMRenato MoicanoFeatherweight
SUS-RMARanda MarkosStrawweight
SUS-RSRick StoryWelterweight
SUS-RSORonaldo SouzaMiddleweight
SUS-ZCZak CummingsMiddleweight