2020 Topps UFC Knockout

2020 Topps UFC Knockout Checklist

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2020 Topps UFC Knockout is a hobby exclusive product with a slew of hits, all numbered to 200 or less.

Each pack contains an autograph or autographed relic card, a regular relic card, and two numbered base card parallels.

Our checklist includes all of the cards in the series and can be sorted or searched by many different parameters. Clicking a link will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings.

Release date – 3/25/2020
Cards per hobby pack – 10
Packs per hobby box – 4
Hobby boxes per case – 12

2020 Topps UFC Knockout Checklist
Base – 99 Cards
Green – #’d
Blue – #/75
Purple – #/25
Red – #/8
Gold – 1/1
“1-2” Combination Relics (CR) – 21 Cards
Base – #/200 or less
Blue – #/50
Purple – #/25
Red – #/8
Gold – 1/1
AKA Ink (AKA) – 9 Cards
Base (Silver Ink) – #/25 or less
Red Ink – #/8
Gold Ink – 1/1
Autograph Jumbo Fight Mat Relics (AJR) – 18 Cards
Base – #/50
Purple – #/25
Red – #/8
Gold – 1/1
Dual Autograph Jumbo Fight Mat Book Relics (DAJR) – 7 Cards
Base – #/10 or less
Jumbo Fight Mat Relics A (JFMR) – 16 Cards
Base – #/200 or less
Blue – #/50
Purple – #/25
Red – #/8
Gold – 1/1
Jumbo Fight Mat Relics B (JFR) – 14 Cards
Base – #/200 or less
Blue – #/50
Purple – #/25
Red – #/8
Gold – 1/1
Knockout Autograph Relics (KAR) – 22 Cards
Base – #/200 or less
Blue – #/35
Purple – #/25
Red – #/8
Gold – 1/1
Knockout Autographs (KA) – 19 Cards
Base – #/200 or less
Blue – #/50
Purple – #/25
Red – #/8
Gold – 1/1
UFC Inception (UI) – 24 Cards
UFC Inception Autographs (UIA) – 9 Cards
Base – #/200 or less
Blue – #/25
Red – #/8
Inception – 1/1
-#FighterWeight Class
1Rose NamajunasStrawweight
2Joseph BenavidezFlyweight
3Dan HookerLightweight
4Henry CejudoFlyweight
5Weili ZhangStrawweight
6Khabib NurmagomedovLightweight
7Katlyn ChookagianFlyweight
8Uriah HallMiddleweight
9Irene AldanaBantamweight
10Maycee BarberFlyweight
11Maurice GreeneHeavyweight
12Amanda NunesBantamweight
13Petr YanBantamweight
14Daniel CormierHeavyweight
15Paulo CostaMiddleweight
16Megan AndersonFeatherweight
17Roxanne ModafferiFlyweight
18Jennifer MaiaFlyweight
19Alexis DavisFlyweight
20Holly HolmBantamweight
21Marion ReneauBantamweight
22Leon EdwardsWelterweight
23Alexander VolkanovskiFeatherweight
24Edmen ShahbazyanMiddleweight
25Volkan OezdemirLight Heavyweight
26Kamaru UsmanWelterweight
27Santiago PonzinibbioWelterweight
28Tony FergusonLightweight
29Gregor GillespieLightweight
30Alistair OvereemHeavyweight
31Demian MaiaWelterweight
32Omari AkhmedovMiddleweight
33Max HollowayFeatherweight
34Arnold AllenFeatherweight
35José AldoFeatherweight
36Tatiana SuarezStrawweight
37Antonina ShevchenkoFlyweight
38Jeremy StephensFeatherweight
39Zabit MagomedsharipovFeatherweight
40Anthony SmithMiddleweight
41Kevin LeeLightweight
42Dustin PoirierLightweight
43Amanda RibasStrawweight
44Ketlen VieiraBantamweight
45Corey AndersonLight Heavyweight
46Jared CannonierLight Heavyweight
47Tyron WoodleyWelterweight
48Kelvin GastelumMiddleweight
49Aspen LaddBantamweight
50Jack HermanssonMiddleweight
51Khalil Rountree Jr.Light Heavyweight
52Viviane AraujoBantamweight
53Ilir LatifiLight Heavyweight
54Song YadongFeatherweight
55Yana KunitskayaBantamweight
56Jorge MasvidalWelterweight
57Jon JonesLight Heavyweight
58Vicente LuqueWelterweight
59Ian HeinischMiddleweight
60Valentina ShevchenkoFlyweight
61Jessica AndradeStrawweight
62Colby CovingtonWelterweight
63Joanne CalderwoodFlyweight
64Francis NgannouHeavyweight
65Thiago SantosMiddleweight
66Andrea LeeFlyweight
67Johnny WalkerLight Heavyweight
68Stipe MiocicHeavyweight
69Walt HarrisHeavyweight
70Kai Kara-FranceFlyweight
71Nina AnsaroffStrawweight
72Sergei PavlovichHeavyweight
73Germaine De RandamieBantamweight
74Julianna PeñaBantamweight
75Geoff NealWelterweight
76Dominick ReyesLight Heavyweight
77Conor McGregorLightweight
78Jessica EyeFlyweight
79Stephen ThompsonWelterweight
80Justin GaethjeLightweight
81Brian OrtegaFeatherweight
82Cláudia GadelhaStrawweight
83Kron GracieFeatherweight
84Islam MakhachevLightweight
85Augusto SakaiHeavyweight
86Israel AdesanyaMiddleweight
87Mara Romero BorellaFlyweight
88Robbie LawlerWelterweight
89Darren TillMiddleweight
90Robert WhittakerMiddleweight
91Yair RodríguezFeatherweight
92Donald CerroneLightweight
93Joanna JędrzejczykStrawweight
94Lauren MurphyFlyweight
95Alexandre PantojaFlyweight
96Hakeem DawoduFeatherweight
97Curtis BlaydesHeavyweight
98Montana De La RosaFlyweight
99Jairzinho RozenstruikHeavyweight
UI-1Valentina ShevchenkoFlyweight
UI-2Jessica AndradeStrawweight
UI-3Jennifer MaiaFlyweight
UI-4Kron GracieFeatherweight
UI-5Hakeem DawoduFeatherweight
UI-6Stipe MiocicHeavyweight
UI-7Maycee BarberFlyweight
UI-8Ian HeinischMiddleweight
UI-9Max HollowayFeatherweight
UI-10Henry CejudoFlyweight
UI-11Weili ZhangStrawweight
UI-12Song YadongBantamweight
UI-13Daniel CormierHeavyweight
UI-14Amanda NunesBantamweight
UI-15Dominick ReyesLight Heavyweight
UI-16Kamaru UsmanWelterweight
UI-17Geoff NealWelterweight
UI-18Vicente LuqueWelterweight
UI-19Tony FergusonLightweight
UI-20Petr YanBantamweight
UI-21Israel AdesanyaMiddleweight
UI-22Khabib NurmagomedovLightweight
UI-23Conor McGregorLightweight
UI-24Aspen LaddBantamweight
KA-ANAmanda NunesBantamweight
KA-ASHAntonina ShevchenkoFlyweight
KA-BABen AskrenWelterweight
KA-DCDaniel CormierHeavyweight
KA-DHDan HookerLightweight
KA-DRDominick ReyesLight Heavyweight
KA-GNGeoff NealWelterweight
KA-HDHakeem DawoduFeatherweight
KA-IAIsrael AdesanyaMiddleweight
KA-IHIan HeinischMiddleweight
KA-JAJessica AndradeStrawweight
KA-JCJared CannonierMiddleweight
KA-JSJeremy StephensFeatherweight
KA-LMLauren MurphyFlyweight
KA-MAMegan AndersonFeatherweight
KA-MBMaycee BarberFlyweight
KA-MRBMara Romero BorellaFlyweight
KA-TFTony FergusonLightweight
KA-VSValentina ShevchenkoFlyweight
AKA-ANAmanda NunesBantamweight
AKA-BABen AskrenWelterweight
AKA-DCDaniel CormierHeavyweight
AKA-DHDan HookerLightweight
AKA-ISIsrael AdesanyaMiddleweight
AKA-JAJessica AndradeStrawweight
AKA-LMLauren MurphyFlyweight
AKA-MBMaycee BarberFlyweight
AKA-VSValentina ShevchenkoFlyweight
UIA-ANAmanda NunesBantamweight
UIA-BABen AskrenWelterweight
UIA-DCDaniel CormierHeavyweight
UIA-GNGeoff NealWelterweight
UIA-HDHakeem DawoduFeatherweight
UIA-IAIsrael AdesanyaMiddleweight
UIA-IHIan HeinischMiddleweight
UIA-MBMaycee BarberFlyweight
UIA-VSValentina ShevchenkoFlyweight
KAR-AHAlexander HernandezLightweight
KAR-ALAspen LaddFlyweight
KAR-APAnthony PettisLightweight
KAR-CCCynthia CalvilloStrawweight
KAR-CLChuck LiddellLight Heavyweight
KAR-DCDaniel CormierHeavyweight
KAR-DCRDominick CruzBantamweight
KAR-HCHenry CejudoBantamweight
KAR-JAJessica AndradeStrawweight
KAR-JCJared CannonierMiddleweight
KAR-JMIJim MillerLightweight
KAR-JRCJessica-Rose ClarkFlyweight
KAR-JRIJimmie RiveraBantamweight
KAR-JWJohnny WalkerLight Heavyweight
KAR-MCMisha CirkunovLight Heavyweight
KAR-MDMackenzie DernStrawweight
KAR-RNRose NamajunasStrawweight
KAR-SMStipe MiocicHeavyweight
KAR-SOMSean O'MalleyBantamweight
KAR-SPSantiago PonzinibbioWelterweight
KAR-TGTrevin GilesMiddleweight
KAR-VSValentina ShevchenkoFlyweight
AJR-ACJAntônio Carlos JúniorMiddleweight
AJR-AOAleksei OleinikHeavyweight
AJR-APAnthony PettisLightweight
AJR-CCCynthia CalvilloStrawweight
AJR-CKCalvin KattarFeatherweight
AJR-DCDaniel CormierHeavyweight
AJR-HCHenry CejudoBantamweight
AJR-IAIsrael AdesanyaMiddleweight
AJR-JAJessica AndradeStrawweight
AJR-JCJared CannonierMiddleweight
AJR-JMJim MillerLightweight
AJR-JWJohnny WalkerLight Heavyweight
AJR-MCMisha CirkunovLight Heavyweight
AJR-MHMax HollowayFeatherweight
AJR-RFRob FontBantamweight
AJR-SMStipe MiocicHeavyweight
AJR-TGTrevin GilesMiddleweight
AJR-TSTatiana SuarezStrawweight
DAJR-MCStipe MiocicHeavyweight
DAJR-MCDaniel CormierHeavyweight
DAJR-NHHolly HolmBantamweight
DAJR-NHAmanda NunesBantamweight
DAJR-NJRose NamajunasStrawweight
DAJR-NJJoanna JędrzejczykStrawweight
DAJR-NPGeoff NealWelterweight
DAJR-NPNiko PriceWelterweight
DAJR-RAEryk AndersLight Heavyweight
DAJR-RAKhalil Rountree Jr.Light Heavyweight
DAJR-SACory SandhagenBantamweight
DAJR-SARaphael AssunçãoBantamweight
DAJR-WCMisha CirkunovLight Heavyweight
DAJR-WCJohnny WalkerLight Heavyweight
JFMR-ANAmanda NunesBantamweight
JFMR-ANUAmanda NunesBantamweight
JFMR-CMConor McGregorLightweight
JFMR-DCDaniel CormierHeavyweight
JFMR-DCRDominick CruzBantamweight
JFMR-DMDemian MaiaWelterweight
JFMR-GNGeoff NealWelterweight
JFMR-GRGillian RobertsonFlyweight
JFMR-IAIsrael AdesanyaMiddleweight
JFMR-JJJon JonesLight Heavyweight
JFMR-JMJorge MasvidalWelterweight
JFMR-KNKhabib NurmagomedovLightweight
JFMR-PCPaulo CostaMiddleweight
JFMR-SMStipe MiocicHeavyweight
JFMR-TSThiago SantosLight Heavyweight
JFMR-ZMZabit MagomedsharipovFeatherweight
JFR-ANAmanda NunesBantamweight
JFR-APAnthony PettisWelterweight
JFR-CBCurtis BlaydesHeavyweight
JFR-CMConor McGregorLightweight
JFR-CSCory SandhagenBantamweight
JFR-DCDaniel CormierHeavyweight
JFR-HHHolly HolmBantamweight
JFR-JBJan BlachowiczLight Heavyweight
JFR-JCJared CannonierMiddleweight
JFR-JJJon JonesLight Heavyweight
JFR-MHMax HollowayFeatherweight
JFR-RWRobert WhittakerMiddleweight
JFR-SMStipe MiocicHeavyweight
JFR-WZWeili ZhangStrawweight
CR-APAnthony PettisWelterweight
CR-BABen AskrenWelterweight
CR-BOBrian OrtegaFeatherweight
CR-CMConor McGregorLightweight
CR-DCDaniel CormierHeavyweight
CR-DCEDonald CerroneLightweight
CR-DCRDominick CruzBantamweight
CR-DLDerrick LewisHeavyweight
CR-DPDustin PoirierLightweight
CR-FEFrankie EdgarFeatherweight
CR-GSPGeorges St-PierreWelterweight
CR-HCHenry CejudoFlyweight
CR-HDHakeem DawoduFeatherweight
CR-JAJessica AndradeStrawweight
CR-JCJared CannonierLight Heavyweight
CR-JJJon JonesLight Heavyweight
CR-MDMackenzie DernStrawweight
CR-MHMax HollowayFeatherweight
CR-SMStipe MiocicHeavyweight
CR-TFTony FergusonLightweight
CR-UFUrijah FaberBantamweight