2020 Topps Tribute Baseball Checklist

By: Lisa Weatherall

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2020 Topps Tribute Baseball is the first premium baseball card set of the 2020 MLB season and, like the 2020 season, the release date was pushed back from February 2020 to April, 2020.

Every box of Topps Tribute baseball cards includes three autographed cards as well as low-numbered Stamp of Approval, Dual Relic, and Triple Relic cards.

There are several new insert sets in this product including an autograph set dedicated to Mike Trout’s milestones.

The base set for Tribute is a manageable 90 cards with 10 rookie cards (not numbered sequentially with the base set) coming two per case.

Most of the cards in this set also include color parallels, each numbered to 99 or less.

Our checklist includes all of the cards in the series and can be sorted or searched by many different parameters. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listing for that card.

2020 Topps Tribute Baseball Checklist
Base – 90 Cards
Green – #/99
Purple – #/50
Red – #/10
Black – 1/1
2020 Rookies (20R) – 10 Cards
Base – 2 per case
Green – #/99
Purple – #/50
Red – #/10
Black – 1/1
Autograph Patch Relics (TAP) – 18 Cards
Base – #/50
Red – #/10
Black – 1/1
Autograph Prime Patch Relics (PPA) – 39 Cards
Single Player Dual Relics (SDR) – 17 Cards
Base – #/150
Green – #/99
Purple – #50
Orange – #/25
Red – #/10
Black – 1/1
Two Player Dual Relics (DR) – 27 Cards
Base – #/150
Green – #/99
Purple – #50
Orange – #/25
Red – #/10
Black – 1/1
Franchise Best Autographs (FBA) – 34 Cards
Base – #/99 or less
Orange – #/25
Red – #/10
Black – 1/1
Iconic Perspectives Autographs (IP) – 48 Cards
Base – #/99 or less
Orange – #/25
Red – #/10
Black – 1/1
League Inauguration Autographs (LA) – 12 Cards
Base – #/99
Orange – #/25
Red – #/10
Black – 1/1
Milestone Relics (MR) – 4 Cards
Base – #/10
Black Jumbo Autograph – 1/1
Stamp of Approval Relics (SOA) – 41 Cards
Base – #/150
Green – #/99
Purple – #50
Orange – #/25
Red – #/10
Black – 1/1
Tribute Autographs (TA) – 90 Cards
Base – #’d
Blue – #/150
Green – #/99
Purple – #/50
Orange – #/25
Red – #/10
Black – 1/1
Printing Plates – 1/1
Tribute Career Achievement Award Autograph Continuity Mike Trout (TCA) – 15 Cards
Base – 1/1
Tribute Tandems Autographed Book Relics (TT) – 8 Cards
Base – #/25
Red – #/10
Black – 1/1
Tribute to Great Hitters Autographs (TGH) – 24 Cards
Base – #/99 or less
Purple – #/50
Orange – #/25
Red – #/10
Black – 1/1
Tribute Triple Relics (TTR) – 50 Cards
Base – #/150
Green – #/99
Purple – #50
Orange – #/25
Red – #/10
Black – 1/1
1Mike TroutAngels
2Mike MussinaOrioles
3Alex RodriguezMariners
4DJ LeMahieuYankees
5Tom SeaverMets
6Clayton KershawDodgers
7David ConeMets
8Khris DavisAthletics
9Shohei OhtaniAngels
10Gleyber TorresYankees
11Joey GalloRangers
12Justin VerlanderAstros
13Chipper JonesBraves
14Alex BregmanAstros
15Eugenio SuarezReds
16Pete AlonsoMets
17Hank AaronBraves
18Cal Ripken Jr.Orioles
19Willie MaysGiants
20Roger ClemensRed Sox
21Lou GehrigYankees
22Ty CobbTigers
23Harold BainesWhite Sox
24Aaron JudgeYankees
25Christian YelichBrewers
26Edgar MartinezMariners
27Bryce HarperPhillies
28Eloy JimenezWhite Sox
29Hyun-Jin RyuDodgers
30Mookie BettsRed Sox
31Vladimir GuerreroExpos
32Don MattinglyYankees
33Austin RileyBraves
34Deion SandersBraves
35Charlie BlackmonRockies
36Ramon LaureanoAthletics
37Mariano RiveraYankees
38Reggie JacksonYankees
39Yasiel PuigIndians
40Rhys HoskinsPhillies
41Jose AltuveAstros
42Jacob deGromMets
43Ozzie AlbiesBraves
44Gary SanchezYankees
45Walker BuehlerDodgers
46Ronald Acuña Jr.Braves
47Anthony RizzoCubs
48Jackie RobinsonDodgers
49J.D. MartinezRed Sox
50Cody BellingerDodgers
51Josh BellPirates
52Chris SaleRed Sox
53Ted WilliamsRed Sox
54Kris BryantCubs
55Roberto ClementePirates
56Sammy SosaCubs
57Jeff McNeilMets
58Rickey HendersonAthletics
59Tony GwynnPadres
60Juan SotoNationals
61Carl YastrzemskiRed Sox
62Gerrit ColeYankees
62Gerrit ColeAstros
63Trea TurnerNationals
64Nick SenzelReds
65Yoan MoncadaWhite Sox
66Max ScherzerNationals
67Roger MarisYankees
68Jose AbreuWhite Sox
69George BrettRoyals
70Manny MachadoPadres
71Nolan ArenadoRockies
72Francisco LindorIndians
73Whit MerrifieldRoyals
74Wade BoggsRed Sox
75Javier BaezCubs
76Paul DeJongCardinals
77Brandon LoweRays
78Freddie FreemanBraves
79Fernando Tatis Jr.Padres
80Paul GoldschmidtCardinals
82Ken Griffey Jr.Mariners
83Ernie BanksCubs
84Jim ThomeIndians
85Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Blue Jays
86Chris PaddackPadres
87Honus WagnerPirates
88Xander BogaertsRed Sox
89Sandy KoufaxDodgers
90Babe RuthYankees
20R-AAAristides AquinoRedsRC
20R-APA.J. PukAthleticsRC
20R-BBBo BichetteBlue JaysRC
20R-BMBrendan McKayRaysRC
20R-DCDylan CeaseWhite SoxRC
20R-GLGavin LuxDodgersRC
20R-JLJesus LuzardoAthleticsRC
20R-KLKyle LewisMarinersRC
20R-NHNico HoernerCubsRC
20R-YAYordan AlvarezAstrosRC
TA-AAAristides AquinoRedsRC
TA-AGAndres GalarragaRockies
TA-AJAaron JudgeYankees
TA-AKAl KalineTigers
TA-AMAustin MeadowsRays
TA-APAndy PettitteYankees
TA-APUA.J. PukAthleticsRC
TA-ARAnthony RizzoCubs
TA-BBBert BlylevenTwins
TA-BBIBo BichetteBlue JaysRC
TA-BBRBobby BradleyIndiansRC
TA-BHBryce HarperPhillies
TA-BMBrendan McKayRaysRC
TA-BRBrendan RodgersRockies
TA-BSBlake SnellRays
TA-BWBernie WilliamsYankees
TA-CBCavan BiggioBlue Jays
TA-CCSCC SabathiaYankees
TA-CFCarlton FiskRed Sox
TA-CJChipper JonesBraves
TA-CRJCal Ripken Jr.Orioles
TA-CYChristian YelichBrewers
TA-DCDavid ConeYankees
TA-DCEDylan CeaseWhite SoxRC
TA-DEDennis EckersleyAthletics
TA-DMDon MattinglyYankees
TA-DMADustin MayDodgersRC
TA-EJEloy JimenezWhite Sox
TA-EMEdgar MartinezMariners
TA-FETFernando Tatis Jr.Padres
TA-FLFrancisco LindorIndians
TA-FTFrank ThomasWhite Sox
TA-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Padres
TA-GLGavin LuxDodgersRC
TA-GSGeorge SpringerAstros
TA-HAHank AaronBraves
TA-HMHideki MatsuiYankees
TA-JAJose AltuveAstros
TA-JBJohnny BenchReds
TA-JCJose CansecoAthletics
TA-JDMJ.D. MartinezRed Sox
TA-JLJesus LuzardoAthleticsRC
TA-JPJorge PosadaYankees
TA-JRJim RiceRed Sox
TA-JSMJohn SmoltzBraves
TA-JYJordan YamamotoMarlinsRC
TA-KBKris BryantCubs
TA-KHKeston HiuraBrewers
TA-KHIKeston HiuraBrewers
TA-LALogan AllenIndiansRC
TA-LMJLance McCullers Jr.Astros
TA-LRLuis RobertWhite SoxRC
TA-LVLuke VoitYankees
TA-MCMiguel CabreraTigers
TA-MCHMichael ChavisRed Sox
TA-MMUMike MussinaYankees
TA-MRMariano RiveraYankees
TA-MSMax ScherzerNationals
TA-MTMike TroutAngels
TA-MUNMax MuncyDodgers
TA-NANolan ArenadoRockies
TA-NRNolan RyanAstros
TA-NSZNick SenzelReds
TA-OSOzzie SmithCardinals
TA-PAPete AlonsoMets
TA-PALPete AlonsoMets
TA-PDPaul DeJongCardinals
TA-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Braves
TA-RCRoger ClemensRed Sox
TA-RCARod CarewAngels
TA-RFRollie FingersAthletics
TA-RGRobel GarciaCubsRC
TA-RHRickey HendersonAthletics
TA-RHORhys HoskinsPhillies
TA-RJReggie JacksonYankees
TA-SBSeth BrownAthleticsRC
TA-SCSteve CarltonPhillies
TA-SKSandy KoufaxDodgers
TA-SMSean MurphyAthleticsRC
TA-SNSheldon NeuseAthleticsRC
TA-SOShohei OhtaniAngels
TA-TBTrevor BauerReds
TA-TMTino MartinezYankees
TA-VGVladimir GuerreroExpos
TA-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Blue Jays
TA-WCWillson ContrerasCubs
TA-WMWhit MerrifieldRoyals
TA-WMEWhit MerrifieldRoyals
TA-XBXander BogaertsRed Sox
TA-YAYordan AlvarezAstrosRC
FBA-AJAaron JudgeYankees
FBA-APAndy PettitteYankees
FBA-BSBlake SnellRays
FBA-CCSCC SabathiaYankees
FBA-CFCarlton FiskRed Sox
FBA-CRJCal Ripken Jr.Orioles
FBA-CYChristian YelichBrewers
FBA-DODavid OrtizRed Sox
FBA-FLFrancisco LindorIndians
FBA-HAHank AaronBraves
FBA-IRIvan RodriguezRangers
FBA-JBJohnny BenchReds
FBA-JDMJ.D. MartinezRed Sox
FBA-JSMJohn SmoltzBraves
FBA-KBKris BryantCubs
FBA-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
FBA-MCMiguel CabreraTigers
FBA-MMMike MussinaOrioles
FBA-MRMariano RiveraYankees
FBA-MSMax ScherzerNationals
FBA-MTMike TroutAngels
FBA-NRNolan RyanRangers
FBA-NSNick SenzelReds
FBA-OSOzzie SmithCardinals
FBA-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Braves
FBA-RCRod CarewAngels
FBA-RCLRoger ClemensRed Sox
FBA-RHRhys HoskinsPhillies
FBA-RJReggie JacksonYankees
FBA-SKSandy KoufaxDodgers
FBA-VGVladimir GuerreroExpos
FBA-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Blue Jays
FBA-WBWalker BuehlerDodgers
IP-AGAndres GalarragaRockies
IP-AJAaron JudgeYankees
IP-AKAl KalineTigers
IP-AMAustin MeadowsRays
IP-BSBlake SnellRays
IP-BWBernie WilliamsYankees
IP-CCSCC SabathiaYankees
IP-CFCarlton FiskRed Sox
IP-CRJCal Ripken Jr.Orioles
IP-CYChristian YelichBrewers
IP-DCDavid ConeYankees
IP-DMDon MattinglyYankees
IP-DODavid OrtizRed Sox
IP-EJEloy JimenezWhite Sox
IP-FLFrancisco LindorIndians
IP-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Padres
IP-HAHank AaronBraves
IP-JAJose AltuveAstros
IP-JCJose CansecoAthletics
IP-JDMJ.D. MartinezRed Sox
IP-JPJorge PosadaYankees
IP-JSMJohn SmoltzBraves
IP-KHKeston HiuraBrewers
IP-LMJLance McCullers Jr.Astros
IP-MCMichael ChavisRed Sox
IP-MMUMike MussinaYankees
IP-MTMike TroutAngels
IP-MUNMax MuncyDodgers
IP-NANolan ArenadoRockies
IP-NSNick SenzelReds
IP-OAOzzie AlbiesBraves
IP-OSOzzie SmithCardinals
IP-PAPete AlonsoMets
IP-PDPaul DeJongCardinals
IP-RCRod CarewAngels
IP-RFRollie FingersAthletics
IP-RHRhys HoskinsPhillies
IP-RHERickey HendersonAthletics
IP-SCSteve CarltonPhillies
IP-SOShohei OhtaniAngels
IP-TBTrevor BauerReds
IP-TMTino MartinezYankees
IP-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Blue Jays
IP-WBWalker BuehlerDodgers
IP-WBOWade BoggsRed Sox
IP-WCWillson ContrerasCubs
IP-WMWhit MerrifieldRoyals
IP-XBXander BogaertsRed Sox
TGH-AJAaron JudgeYankees
TGH-AKAl KalineTigers
TGH-BHBryce HarperPhillies
TGH-CJChipper JonesBraves
TGH-CRJCal Ripken Jr.Orioles
TGH-CYCarl YastrzemskiRed Sox
TGH-CYEChristian YelichBrewers
TGH-DMDon MattinglyYankees
TGH-DODavid OrtizRed Sox
TGH-EMEdgar MartinezMariners
TGH-FLFrancisco LindorIndians
TGH-FTFrank ThomasWhite Sox
TGH-HAHank AaronBraves
TGH-HMHideki MatsuiYankees
TGH-JBJohnny BenchReds
TGH-KBKris BryantCubs
TGH-MCMiguel CabreraTigers
TGH-RCRod CarewTwins
TGH-RHRickey HendersonAthletics
TGH-RHSRhys HoskinsPhillies
TGH-SOShohei OhtaniAngels
TGH-VGVladimir GuerreroExpos
TGH-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Blue Jays
TGH-XBXander BogaertsRed Sox
LA-APA.J. PukAthleticsRC
LA-BBBo BichetteBlue JaysRC
LA-BBRBobby BradleyIndiansRC
LA-BMBrendan McKayRaysRC
LA-DCDylan CeaseWhite SoxRC
LA-JLJesus LuzardoAthleticsRC
LA-JYJordan YamamotoMarlinsRC
LA-LALogan AllenIndiansRC
LA-LRLuis RobertWhite SoxRC
LA-RGRobel GarciaCubsRC
LA-SMSean MurphyAthleticsRC
LA-YAYordan AlvarezAstrosRC
TCA-MT1Mike TroutAngels
TCA-MT2Mike TroutAngels
TCA-MT3Mike TroutAngels
TCA-MT4Mike TroutAngels
TCA-MT5Mike TroutAngels
TCA-MT6Mike TroutAngels
TCA-MT7Mike TroutAngels
TCA-MT8Mike TroutAngels
TCA-MT9Mike TroutAngels
TCA-MT10Mike TroutAngels
TCA-MT11Mike TroutAngels
TCA-MT12Mike TroutAngels
TCA-MT13Mike TroutAngels
TCA-MT14Mike TroutAngels
TCA-MT15Mike TroutAngels
TT-AGAndres GalarragaRockies
TT-AGNolan ArenadoRockies
TT-CKMiguel CabreraTigers
TT-CKAl KalineTigers
TT-GAVladimir Guerrero Jr.Blue Jays
TT-GARoberto AlomarBlue Jays
TT-GGVladimir Guerrero Jr.Blue Jays
TT-GGVladimir GuerreroExpos
TT-NCSteve CarltonPhillies
TT-NCAaron NolaPhillies
TT-OCRod CarewAngels
TT-OCShohei OhtaniAngels
TT-SPAndy PettitteYankees
TT-SPCC SabathiaYankees
TT-TSOzzie SmithPadres
TT-TSFernando Tatis Jr.Padres
TAP-AJAaron JudgeYankees
TAP-ANAaron NolaPhillies
TAP-ARAnthony RizzoCubs
TAP-BLBrandon LoweRays
TAP-BPBuster PoseyGiants
TAP-BSBlake SnellRays
TAP-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Padres
TAP-GCGerrit ColeAstros
TAP-GSGeorge SpringerAstros
TAP-JAJose AltuveAstros
TAP-LGJLourdes Gurriel Jr.Blue Jays
TAP-MCMiguel CabreraTigers
TAP-MTMike TroutAngels
TAP-OAOzzie AlbiesBraves
TAP-RHRhys HoskinsPhillies
TAP-RTRowdy TellezBlue Jays
TAP-VRVictor RoblesNationals
TAP-WMWhit MerrifieldRoyals
PPA-AJAaron JudgeYankees
PPA-AJUAaron JudgeYankees
PPA-ANAaron NolaPhillies
PPA-ANOAaron NolaPhillies
PPA-ARAnthony RizzoCubs
PPA-ARIAnthony RizzoCubs
PPA-BLBrandon LoweRays
PPA-BLOBrandon LoweRays
PPA-BPBuster PoseyGiants
PPA-BPOBuster PoseyGiants
PPA-BSBlake SnellRays
PPA-BSNBlake SnellRays
PPA-CCSCC SabathiaYankees
PPA-CSCC SabathiaYankees
PPA-FETFernando Tatis Jr.Padres
PPA-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Padres
PPA-GCGerrit ColeAstros
PPA-GCOGerrit ColeAstros
PPA-GSGeorge SpringerAstros
PPA-GSPGeorge SpringerAstros
PPA-JAJose AltuveAstros
PPA-JALJose AltuveAstros
PPA-JHJosh HaderBrewers
PPA-JHAJosh HaderBrewers
PPA-JVJoey VottoReds
PPA-JVOJoey VottoReds
PPA-MCMiguel CabreraTigers
PPA-MCAMiguel CabreraTigers
PPA-MTMike TroutAngels
PPA-MTRMike TroutAngels
PPA-OAOzzie AlbiesBraves
PPA-OALOzzie AlbiesBraves
PPA-RHRhys HoskinsPhillies
PPA-RHORhys HoskinsPhillies
PPA-RTRowdy TellezBlue Jays
PPA-RTERowdy TellezBlue Jays
PPA-VRVictor RoblesNationals
PPA-VROVictor RoblesNationals
PPA-WMEWhit MerrifieldRoyals
MR-KBKris BryantCubs
MR-MTMike TroutAngels
MR-NSNick SenzelReds
MR-ZCZack CollinsWhite SoxRC
SOA-AHAaron HicksYankees
SOA-AJAaron JudgeYankees
SOA-AMAustin MeadowsRays
SOA-ANAaron NolaPhillies
SOA-ARAnthony RizzoCubs
SOA-BLBrandon LoweRays
SOA-BPBuster PoseyGiants
SOA-BSBlake SnellRays
SOA-CBCody BellingerDodgers
SOA-CCSCC SabathiaYankees
SOA-CMCharlie MortonRays
SOA-CSChris SaleRed Sox
SOA-CSECorey SeagerDodgers
SOA-FFFreddie FreemanBraves
SOA-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Padres
SOA-GCGerrit ColeAstros
SOA-GSGeorge SpringerAstros
SOA-JAJose AltuveAstros
SOA-JDMJ.D. MartinezRed Sox
SOA-JHJosh HaderBrewers
SOA-JVJoey VottoReds
SOA-KHKeston HiuraBrewers
SOA-LGJLourdes Gurriel Jr.Blue Jays
SOA-LMJLance McCullers Jr.Astros
SOA-MAMiguel AndujarYankees
SOA-MATMasahiro TanakaYankees
SOA-MBMichael BrantleyAstros
SOA-MCMiguel CabreraTigers
SOA-MTMike TroutAngels
SOA-NSNoah SyndergaardMets
SOA-NSENick SenzelReds
SOA-OAOzzie AlbiesBraves
SOA-RHRhys HoskinsPhillies
SOA-RTRowdy TellezBlue Jays
SOA-TMTrey ManciniOrioles
SOA-TPTommy PhamRays
SOA-TSTrevor StoryRockies
SOA-VRVictor RoblesNationals
SOA-WBWalker BuehlerDodgers
SOA-WMWhit MerrifieldRoyals
SOA-YKYusei KikuchiMariners
DR-AAOzzie AlbiesBraves
DR-AARonald Acuña Jr.Braves
DR-ACJose AltuveAstros
DR-ACCarlos CorreaAstros
DR-ASNolan ArenadoRockies
DR-ASTrevor StoryRockies
DR-AYChristian YelichBrewers
DR-AYHank AaronBrewers
DR-BBXander BogaertsRed Sox
DR-BBMookie BettsRed Sox
DR-BPJosh BellPirates
DR-BPGregory PolancoPirates
DR-BRAnthony RizzoCubs
DR-BRJavier BaezCubs
DR-CMJeff McNeilMets
DR-CMMichael ConfortoMets
DR-GAVladimir Guerrero Jr.Blue Jays
DR-GARoberto AlomarBlue Jays
DR-GMKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
DR-GMEdgar MartinezMariners
DR-GMAJoey GalloRangers
DR-GMANomar MazaraRangers
DR-HHBryce HarperPhillies
DR-HHRhys HoskinsPhillies
DR-IKYusei KikuchiMariners
DR-JHRickey HendersonAthletics
DR-JHReggie JacksonAthletics
DR-JSAaron JudgeYankees
DR-JSGiancarlo StantonYankees
DR-LAWilly AdamesRays
DR-LABrandon LoweRays
DR-MOJ.D. MartinezRed Sox
DR-MODavid OrtizRed Sox
DR-MRCal Ripken Jr.Orioles
DR-MREddie MurrayOrioles
DR-OTMike TroutAngels
DR-OTShohei OhtaniAngels
DR-PSAndy PettitteYankees
DR-PSCC SabathiaYankees
DR-RCNolan RyanAstros
DR-RCGerrit ColeAstros
DR-RKClayton KershawDodgers
DR-RKHyun-Jin RyuDodgers
DR-RSVictor RoblesNationals
DR-RSJuan SotoNationals
DR-SBCorey SeagerDodgers
DR-SBCody BellingerDodgers
DR-SBRKris BryantCubs
DR-SBRSammy SosaCubs
DR-SRCarlos SantanaIndians
DR-SRJose RamirezIndians
DR-TRFernando Tatis Jr.Padres
DR-TRFranmil ReyesPadres
TTR-ACAroldis ChapmanYankees
TTR-AJAaron JudgeYankees
TTR-APAndy PettitteYankees
TTR-ARAnthony RizzoCubs
TTR-BLBrandon LoweRays
TTR-CBCody BellingerDodgers
TTR-CCSCC SabathiaYankees
TTR-CMCharlie MortonRays
TTR-CRJCal Ripken Jr.Orioles
TTR-CSChris SaleRed Sox
TTR-CYChristian YelichBrewers
TTR-DCDavid ConeYankees
TTR-DSDansby SwansonBraves
TTR-EHEric HosmerPadres
TTR-EMEdgar MartinezMariners
TTR-EREddie RosarioTwins
TTR-FRFranmil ReyesPadres
TTR-GCGerrit ColeAstros
TTR-GSGeorge SpringerAstros
TTR-GSTGiancarlo StantonYankees
TTR-HJRHyun-Jin RyuDodgers
TTR-JBJosh BellPirates
TTR-JBAJavier BaezCubs
TTR-JDMJ.D. MartinezRed Sox
TTR-JRJose RamirezIndians
TTR-JSJuan SotoNationals
TTR-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
TTR-LMJLance McCullers Jr.Astros
TTR-MBMookie BettsRed Sox
TTR-MCMatt ChapmanAthletics
TTR-MSMike SorokaBraves
TTR-MTMike TroutAngels
TTR-NANolan ArenadoRockies
TTR-OAOzzie AlbiesBraves
TTR-PGPaul GoldschmidtCardinals
TTR-PMPedro MartinezMets
TTR-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Braves
TTR-RALRoberto AlomarBlue Jays
TTR-RHRickey HendersonAthletics
TTR-RHORhys HoskinsPhillies
TTR-SCSteve CarltonPhillies
TTR-SOShohei OhtaniAngels
TTR-SSSammy SosaCubs
TTR-TMThurman MunsonYankees
TTR-TSTrevor StoryRockies
TTR-VGVladimir GuerreroRangers
TTR-VRVictor RoblesNationals
TTR-WBWade BoggsDevil Rays
TTR-YAYordan AlvarezAstrosRC
TTR-YPYasiel PuigReds
MR-CBCody BellingerDodgers
MR-KBKris BryantCubs
MR-MTMike TroutAngels
MR-NSNick SenzelReds
MR-YKYusei KikuchiMariners
MR-ZCZack CollinsWhite SoxRC
SDR-ABAndrew BenintendiRed Sox
SDR-ABRAlex BregmanAstros
SDR-CSCarlos SantanaIndians
SDR-CSECorey SeagerDodgers
SDR-EMEddie MurrayOrioles
SDR-FFFreddie FreemanBraves
SDR-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Padres
SDR-HAHank AaronBrewers
SDR-KSKyle SchwarberCubs
SDR-MBMichael BrantleyAstros
SDR-MCMichael ConfortoMets
SDR-NRNolan RyanAstros
SDR-RCRod CarewAngels
SDR-RJRandy JohnsonDiamondbacks
SDR-RJAReggie JacksonAthletics
SDR-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Blue Jays
SDR-XBXander BogaertsRed Sox