2020 Topps Now WWE trading card checklist

2020 Topps Now WWE Checklist

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2020 Topps Now WWE trading cards capture all the best moments from the world of wrestling as they happen. Each card is available exclusively via the Topps website for 24 hours and final print runs are determined by the total number of orders received in that period.

This set does not sell at the large numbers that other Topps Now products sell so print runs are relatively small, making this a rare collection of cards with very few complete sets available.

On occasion, autograph or relic cards are included for sale. These variants are all numbered and sold at premium prices.

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2020 Topps Now WWE Checklist

Base Set – 60 Cards

#SubjectEventVariantPrint Run
1Roman ReignsRoyal Rumble51
2Charlotte FlairRoyal Rumble170
2aCharlotte FlairRoyal RumbleRelic25
2bCharlotte FlairRoyal RumbleGold Relic1
3BayleyRoyal Rumble77
4Bray WyattRoyal Rumble85
5Beckey LynchRoyal Rumble152
6Drew McIntyreRoyal Rumble76
6aDrew McIntyreRoyal RumbleRelic25
6bDrew McIntyreRoyal RumbleGold Relic1
7UndertakerSuper Showdown77
8The MizSuper Showdown40
8John MorrisonSuper Showdown40
9Roman ReignsSuper Showdown41
10BayleySuper Showdown83
11GoldbergSuper Showdown67
12Alexa BlissWrestlemania160
12Nikki CrossWrestlemania160
13Becky LynchWrestlemania162
14Sami ZaynWrestlemania66
15John MorrisonWrestlemania56
16Kevin OwensWrestlemania61
17Braun StrowmanWrestlemania75
19Rob GronkowskiWrestlemania393
20Charlotte FlairWrestlemania153
21Aleister BlackWrestlemania55
23Street ProfitsWrestlemania71
25Bray WyattWrestlemania107
26Drew McIntyreWrestlemania105
27New DayMoney in the Bank45
28BayleyMoney in the Bank75
29Braun StrowmanMoney in the Bank55
30Drew McIntyreMoney in the Bank59
31AsukaMoney in the Bank155
31aAsukaMoney in the BankPurple Auto25
31bAsukaMoney in the BankRed Auto10
31cAsukaMoney in the BankGold Auto1
32OtisMoney in the Bank78
32aOtisMoney in the BankPurple Auto25
32bOtisMoney in the BankRed Auto10
32cOtisMoney in the BankGold Auto1
33Sasha BanksBacklash148
35Braun StrowmanBacklash40
36Drew McIntyreBacklash41
37Randy OrtonBacklash84
38CesaroHorror Show38
38Shinsuke NakamuraHorror Show38
39Seth RollinsHorror Show31
40Drew McIntyreHorror Show36
41BayleyHorror Show73
42Bray WyattSummer Slam116
43Drew McIntyreSummer Slam79
44AsukaSummer Slam209
45Seth RollinsSummer Slam57
46Mandy RoseSummer Slam93
47BayleySummer Slam128
48Roman ReignsSummer Slam86
49Roman ReignsPayback73
50Dominik MysterioPayback97
51Shayna BaszlerPayback72
51Nia JaxPayback72
52Bobby LashleyPayback45
53Roman ReignsClash of Champions62
54Drew McIntyreClash of Champions52
55AsukaClash of Champions102
56Sami ZaynClash of Champions52
57Roman ReignsHell in a Cell61
58MizHell in a Cell39
59Sasha BanksHell in a Cell163
60Randy OrtonHell in a Cell73

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