2020 Topps Now Election Checklist

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The 2020 Topps Now Election series of trading cards highlight the pivotal moments of the 2020 US Presidential election from debate stage to inauguration. Topps released a similar set for the 2016 Presidential election.

Cards are released as events take place and are available via the Topps website for one week. Print runs, shown below, are determined by consumer demand.

Everything from the Pence fly to the most memed photograph of Bernie Sanders is covered in this small series of trading cards.

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2020 Topps Now Election Checklist

Base Set – 21 Cards

#SubjectPrint Run
1Donald Trump, Joe Biden4365
2Joe Biden3946
3Donald Trump6634
4Kamala Harris, Mike Pence2138
5Kamala Harris3216
6Mike Pence5594
7Joe Biden, Donald Trump1830
8Joe Biden1821
9Donald Trump2413
10Kamala Harris, Joe Biden4746
11Kamala Harris5045
12Kamala Harris, Joe Biden4764
13Kamala Harris17016
14Joe Biden8925
15Joe Biden7641
16Joe Biden, Dr. Jill Biden6430
17Lady Gaga8271
18Jennifer Lopez6659
19Garth Brooks6303
20Amanda Gorman14716
21Bernie Sanders91169