2020 Topps Museum Collection Baseball

2020 Topps Museum Collection Baseball Checklist

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2020 Topps Museum Collection Baseball features a mix of autographs and memorabilia.

Every Hobby box includes one hard-signed autograph, one relic, one autograph relic, and a quadruple relic card.

Additionally, one Museum Collection Framed Autograph and one Jumbo Relic Autograph are guaranteed case hits.

Estimated Release Date: July 29, 2020

2020 Topps Museum Collection Baseball Checklist

Base – 100 Cards
Copper – Limited
Sapphire – #/150
Amethyst – #/99
Ruby – #/50
Emerald – 1/1
Archival Autographs (AA) – 77 Cards
Base – #/299 or less
Copper – #/50
Gold – #/25
Emerald – 1/1
Autographed Jumbo Lumber Bat Relics (JLBA) – 18 Cards
Base – #/5 or less
Emerald – 1/1
Canvas Collection Reprints (CCR) – 50 Cards
Canvas Collection Originals Player Autographs (CCA) – 46 Cards
Base – 1/1
Dual Meaningful Material Relics (DMR) – 30 Cards
Base – #/50 or less
Copper – #/35
Ruby – #/10
Emerald – 1/1
Dual On-Card Autographs (DA) – 34 Cards
Base – #/15 or less
Four-Player Primary Pieces Quad Relics (FPR) – 29 Cards
Base – #/99
Copper – #/75
Gold – #/25
Emerald – 1/1
Jumbo Lumber Bat Nameplate Relics (JLBN) – 68 Cards
Base – 1/1
Meaningful Materials Relics (MMR) – 149 Cards
Base – #/50 or less
Copper – #/35
Gold – #/25
Ruby – #/10
Emerald – 1/1
Momentous Material Dual Jumbo Patch Autograph Book Relics (MDJA) – 23 Cards
Base – #/5
Emerald – 1/1
Momentous Material Jumbo Patch Autographs (JPA) – 82 Cards
Base – #/15 or less
Gold – #/5
Emerald – 1/1
Momentous Material Jumbo Patch Relics (MMJP) – 60 Cards
Base – #/5
Emerald – 1/1

Museum Framed Autograph Patch Relics (MFAP) – 38 Cards
Base – 1/1
Museum Framed Autographs (MFA) – 70 Cards
Base – 1 per case
Silver Frame – #/15
Gold Frame – #/10
Black Frame – #/5
Wood Frame – 1/1
Museum Framed Dual Autograph Patch Book Relics (MFDAP) – 12 Cards
Base – 1/1
Museum Memorabilia (MM) – 180 Cards
Base – 1/1
Museum Memorabilia Laundry Tags – TBA
Base – 1/1
Single-Player Primary Pieces Quad Relic Legends (SPQL) – 30 Cards
Base – #/25
Gold – #/10
Emerald – 1/1
Single-Player Primary Pieces Quad Relics (SPQR) – 82 Cards
Base – #/99
Copper – #/75
Gold – #/25
Emerald – 1/1
Single-Player Signature Swatches Dual Relic Autos (SSDA) – 54 Cards
Base – #/399 or less
Copper – #/50
Gold – #/25
Emerald – 1/1
Single-Player Signature Swatches Triple Relic Autos (SSTA) – 44 Cards
Base – #/399 or less
Copper – #/50
Gold – #/25
Emerald – 1/1
Superstar Showpieces (SS) – 28 Cards
Base – #/25
Triple On-Card Autographs (TA) – 14 Cards
Base – #/5
Canvas Collection Originals – TBA
Base – 1/1
Canvas Collection Originals Shaped Sketch – TBA
Base – 1/1


24Mike Trout
31Anthony Rendon
79Albert Pujols
91Shohei Ohtani
AA-MTRMike Trout
CCA-MTMike Trout
CCA-SOShohei Ohtani
CCR-3Mike Trout
CCR-24Anthony Rendon
CCR-29Albert Pujols
CCR-33Shohei Ohtani
DA-HTMike Trout
DA-IOShohei Ohtani
DA-THMike Trout
DA-TOMike Trout
DA-TOShohei Ohtani
DMR-AMAlbert Pujols
DMR-MMMike Trout
DMR-THMike Trout
FPR-IMTOShohei Ohtani
FPR-TPOUJustin Upton
FPR-TPOUAlbert Pujols
FPR-TPOUShohei Ohtani
FPR-TPOUMike Trout
JLBA-MTMike Trout
JLBA-SOShohei Ohtani
JLBN-APAlbert Pujols
JLBN-MTMike Trout
JLBN-SOHShohei Ohtani
JLBN-VGVladimir Guerrero
JPA-MTRMike Trout
JPA-THUTorii Hunter
MDJA-GTMike Trout
MDJA-TAJMike Trout
MDJA-TOHShohei Ohtani
MDJA-TOHMike Trout
MFA-MTMike Trout
MFA-SOShohei Ohtani
MFAP-MTMike Trout
MFAP-SOHShohei Ohtani
MFDAP-BTMike Trout
MFDAP-GTMike Trout
MFDAP-TAMike Trout
MFDAP-TOMike Trout
MFDAP-TOShohei Ohtani
MM-APAlbert Pujols
MM-MTMike Trout
MM-MTRMike Trout
MM-SOShohei Ohtani
MMJP-MTMike Trout
MMR-MTMike Trout
MMR-MT1Mike Trout
SPQR-APAlbert Pujols
SPQR-JUJustin Upton
SPQR-MTMike Trout
SS-MTMike Trout
SS-SOShohei Ohtani
SSTA-JUJustin Upton
SSTA-MTMike Trout
SSTA-VGVladimir Guerrero
TA-AGTMike Trout
TA-GTAMike Trout
TA-IMOShohei Ohtani
TA-THBMike Trout


27Alex Bregman
39Justin Verlander
40Carlos Correa
73George Springer
84Yordan AlvarezRC
97Jose Altuve
AA-JAJose Altuve
AA-YAYordan AlvarezRC
CCA-GSGeorge Springer
CCA-JAJose Altuve
CCA-NRNolan Ryan
CCA-YAYordan Alvarez
CCR-23Yordan Alvarez
DA-ASPYordan Alvarez
DA-ASPGeorge SpringerRC
DA-BAJeff Bagwell
DA-BAJose Altuve
DA-JYYordan Alvarez
DA-JYJose Altuve
DMR-ACCarlos Correa
DMR-ACJose Altuve
DMR-BALAlex Bregman
DMR-BALJose Altuve
DMR-BSAlex Bregman
DMR-BSGeorge Springer
FPR-BACSCarlos Correa
FPR-BACSGeorge Springer
FPR-BACSJose Altuve
FPR-BACSAlex Bregman
FPR-BASVGeorge Springer
FPR-BASVJose Altuve
FPR-BASVAlex Bregman
FPR-BASVJustin Verlander
JLBN-ABAlex Bregman
JLBN-CCCarlos Correa
JLBN-GSPGeorge Springer
JLBN-JAJose Altuve
JPA-ABAlex Bregman
JPA-GSGeorge Springer
JPA-JAJose Altuve
JPA-NRNolan Ryan
JPA-RCLRoger Clemens
JPA-YAYordan AlvarezRC
MDJA-ABJose Altuve
MDJA-ABAlex Bregman
MDJA-ASPGeorge Springer
MDJA-ASPJose Altuve
MDJA-BSPAlex Bregman
MDJA-BSPGeorge Springer
MFA-GSPGeorge Springer
MFA-JAJose Altuve
MFA-TSJeff Bagwell
MFA-YAYordan AlvarezRC
MFAP-GSPGeorge Springer
MFAP-JALJose Altuve
MFAP-NRNolan Ryan
MFAP-YAYordan AlvarezRC
MFDAP-AAJose Altuve
MFDAP-AAYordan AlvarezRC
MM-ABGAlex Bregman
MM-ABRAlex Bregman
MM-CCCarlos Correa
MM-CCOCarlos Correa
MM-GSGeorge Springer
MM-GSPGeorge Springer
MM-JALJose Altuve
MM-JATJose Altuve
MM-JVEJustin Verlander
MM-LMLance McCullers Jr.
MM-YAYordan AlvarezRC
MM-YGYuli Gurriel
MMJP-ABAlex Bregman
MMJP-CCCarlos Correa
MMJP-GSGeorge Springer
MMJP-JALJose Altuve
MMR-ABRAlex Bregman
MMR-CCCarlos Correa
MMR-GSPGeorge Springer
MMR-JALJose Altuve
MMR-JVRJustin Verlander
MMR-YGUYuli Gurriel
SPQL-NRNolan Ryan
SPQR-ABRAlex Bregman
SPQR-CCCarlos Correa
SPQR-GSGeorge Springer
SPQR-JALJose Altuve
SPQR-YGYuli Gurriel
SS-GSGeorge Springer
SS-JAJose Altuve
SS-YAYordan AlvarezRC
SSDA-GSPGeorge Springer
SSDA-YGYuli Gurriel
SSTA-JAJose Altuve
SSTA-YAYordan AlvarezRC


9Matt Chapman
50Mark McGwire
63Rickey Henderson
78Jesus LuzardoRC
AA-DEDennis Eckersley
AA-JCAJose Canseco
AA-JLJesus LuzardoRC
AA-SBSeth BrownRC
AA-SMSean MurphyRC
CCA-JCJose Canseco
CCA-MMMark McGwire
CCA-RHRickey Henderson
CCR-39Reggie Jackson
FPR-COMLSean Manaea
FPR-COMLMatt Chapman
FPR-COMLMatt Olson
FPR-COMLJesus Luzardo
JLBA-MMMark McGwire
JLBN-JCAJose Canseco
JLBN-MMCMark McGwire
JLBN-MOLMatt Olson
JLBN-RHRickey Henderson
JPA-MCHMatt Chapman
JPA-MMCMark McGwire
MDJA-COMatt Chapman
MDJA-COMatt Olson
MFA-MMCMark McGwire
MFA-RHERickey Henderson
MFAP-MMCMark McGwire
MM-FBMarcus Semien
MM-JLUJesus LuzardoRC
MM-KDKhris Davis
MM-MCHMatt Chapman
MM-MOMatt Olson
MM-RLARamon Laureano
MMR-CHAMatt Chapman
MMR-KDAKhris Davis
MMR-MSEMarcus Semien
MMR-RLARamon Laureano
SPQL-MPMark McGwire
SPQL-RHRickey Henderson
SPQL-RJReggie Jackson
SSDA-JLUJesus LuzardoRC
SSDA-RLRamon Laureano
SSDA-SMSean Murphy
SSDA-SMASean Manaea
TA-JHMRickey Henderson
TA-JHMMark McGwire
TA-JHMReggie Jackson

Blue Jays

36Bo BichetteRC
59Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
65Roberto Alomar
AA-BBBo BichetteRC
AA-RARoberto Alomar
AA-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.
CCA-BBBo Bichette
CCA-RARoberto Alomar
CCR-4Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
CCR-30Bo Bichette
CCR-41Roberto Alomar
DMR-GBVladimir Guerrero Jr.
DMR-GBBo Bichette
DMR-VTJVladimir Guerrero Jr.
FPR-GBBGVladimir Guerrero Jr.
FPR-GBBGBo Bichette
FPR-GBBGCavan Biggio
FPR-GBBGLourdes Gurriel Jr.
FPR-SAGTVladimir Guerrero Jr.
JLBN-KMVladimir Guerrero Jr.
JLBN-RARoberto Alomar
MDJA-GTJVladimir Guerrero Jr.
MFA-ABBo BichetteRC
MFA-RALRoberto Alomar
MFAP-BBBo BichetteRC
MM-BBIBo BichetteRC
MM-CBICavan Biggio
MM-LGLourdes Gurriel Jr.
MM-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.
MMR-LG1Lourdes Gurriel Jr.
MMR-LGULourdes Gurriel Jr.
MMR-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.
SPQR-JSLourdes Gurriel Jr.
SS-BBBo BichetteRC
SSDA-JSCavan Biggio
SSDA-LGLourdes Gurriel Jr.


43Ozzie Albies
55Ronald Acuña Jr.
61Freddie Freeman
69Chipper Jones
AA-ARAustin Riley
AA-DMUDale Murphy
AA-DSDansby Swanson
AA-JSMJohn Smoltz
AA-MSMike Soroka
AA-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.
AA-TGLTom Glavine
CCA-CJChipper Jones
CCA-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.
CCR-5Ronald Acuña Jr.
CCR-38Hank Aaron
DA-JMChipper Jones
DA-JMTom Glavine
DA-KAHank Aaron
DA-MJDale Murphy
DA-MJChipper Jones
DMR-FOFreddie Freeman
DMR-FOOzzie Albies
DMR-MMRonald Acuña Jr.
FPR-AFASOzzie Albies
FPR-AFASFreddie Freeman
FPR-AFASRonald Acuña Jr.
FPR-AFASDansby Swanson
FPR-SAGTRonald Acuña Jr.
JLBN-FMRonald Acuña Jr.
JLBN-MOZMarcell Ozuna
JLBN-OAOzzie Albies
JPA-ARAustin Riley
JPA-CJChipper Jones
JPA-DSDansby Swanson
JPA-FMFred McGriff
JPA-JSJohn Smoltz
JPA-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.
MDJA-TAJRonald Acuña Jr.
MFA-CJChipper Jones
MFA-HAHank Aaron
MFA-RARonald Acuña Jr.
MFAP-CJChipper Jones
MFAP-JSJohn Smoltz
MFDAP-JARonald Acuña Jr.
MFDAP-JAChipper Jones
MFDAP-TARonald Acuña Jr.
MM-DSWDansby Swanson
MM-FFFreddie Freeman
MM-FFRFreddie Freeman
MM-JTAustin Riley
MM-MSOMike Soroka
MM-NMNick Markakis
MM-OAOzzie Albies
MM-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.
MMJP-DSDansby Swanson
MMJP-FFFreddie Freeman
MMJP-OALOzzie Albies
MMR-ARAustin Riley
MMR-DSDansby Swanson
MMR-FFFreddie Freeman
MMR-FFRFreddie Freeman
MMR-MFMax Fried
MMR-MFOMike Foltynewicz
MMR-MSOMike Soroka
MMR-OAOzzie Albies
MMR-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.
SPQL-EMEddie Mathews
SPQR-DSDansby Swanson
SPQR-FFFreddie Freeman
SPQR-MSOMike Soroka
SPQR-OAOzzie Albies
SPQR-RARonald Acuña Jr.
SS-RARonald Acuña Jr.
SSDA-AJAndruw Jones
SSDA-MSMike Soroka
SSTA-ARIAustin Riley
SSTA-MOZMarcell Ozuna
SSTA-RARonald Acuña Jr.
TA-AGTHank Aaron
TA-GTARonald Acuña Jr.
TA-SJGChipper Jones
TA-SJGTom Glavine
TA-SJGJohn Smoltz


42Christian Yelich
54Keston Hiura
AA-KHIKeston Hiura
CCA-CYChristian Yelich
CCR-12Christian Yelich
CCR-43Keston Hiura
DA-YYChristian Yelich
DA-YYRobin Yount
FPR-YHCBLorenzo Cain
FPR-YHCBKeston Hiura
FPR-YHCBChristian Yelich
FPR-YHCBRyan Braun
JLBN-LCLorenzo Cain
JLBN-RBRyan Braun
JPA-CYEChristian Yelich
JPA-RYRobin Yount
MFA-CYChristian Yelich
MFA-RYRobin Yount
MFAP-CYChristian Yelich
MFAP-RYRobin Yount
MFDAP-YYRobin Yount
MFDAP-YYChristian Yelich
MM-CYChristian Yelich
MM-RBRyan Braun
MMJP-LCALorenzo Cain
MMJP-RBRyan Braun
MMR-CYChristian Yelich
MMR-JHAJosh Hader
MMR-KHIKeston Hiura
MMR-LC1Lorenzo Cain
MMR-LCALorenzo Cain
MMR-RBRyan Braun
SPQL-RYRobin Yount
SPQR-CYChristian Yelich
SPQR-JHAJosh Hader
SPQR-KHIKeston Hiura
SPQR-LCALorenzo Cain
SPQR-RBRyan Braun
SSDA-BWBrandon Woodruff
SSDA-JAKeston Hiura
SSDA-JHJosh Hader
SSTA-CYChristian Yelich


37Jack Flaherty
48Paul Goldschmidt
86Yadier Molina
94Ozzie Smith
AA-JFLJack Flaherty
AA-LBLou Brock
CCA-OSOzzie Smith
CCA-PGPaul Goldschmidt
CCR-11Paul Goldschmidt
CCR-40Ozzie Smith
DA-BGLou Brock
DA-BGBob Gibson
FPR-YGFDJack Flaherty
FPR-YGFDPaul Goldschmidt
FPR-YGFDYadier Molina
JLBA-OSOzzie Smith
JLBA-PGPaul Goldschmidt
JLBN-PGPaul Goldschmidt
JPA-YMYadier Molina
MFA-JLBob Gibson
MFA-LBLou Brock
MFA-OSOzzie Smith
MFA-PGPaul Goldschmidt
MFAP-PGPaul Goldschmidt
MFDAP-GFPaul Goldschmidt
MFDAP-GFJack Flaherty
MM-AWAAdam Wainwright
MM-HBHarrison Bader
MM-JFJack Flaherty
MM-KWKolten Wong
MM-MCRMatt Carpenter
MM-MMIMiles Mikolas
MM-PDPaul DeJong
MM-PGPaul Goldschmidt
MM-YMYadier Molina
MM-YMOYadier Molina
MMR-DHUDakota Hudson
MMR-JFLJack Flaherty
MMR-JHIJordan Hicks
MMR-KWKolten Wong
MMR-MMIMiles Mikolas
SPQL-OSOzzie Smith
SPQR-KWKolten Wong
SPQR-MCAMatt Carpenter
SPQR-PDPaul DeJong
SPQR-PGPaul Goldschmidt
SS-JFJack Flaherty
SS-OSOzzie Smith
SS-PGPaul Goldschmidt
SSDA-PDPaul DeJong
SSDA-TETommy Edman
SSTA-JFJack Flaherty
SSTA-PGPaul Goldschmidt
TA-GBSBob Gibson
TA-GBSLou Brock
TA-GBSOzzie Smith


18Nico HoernerRC
21Kris Bryant
30Ryne Sandberg
38Ernie Banks
72Javier Baez
81Anthony Rizzo
AA-AAAdbert AlzolayRC
AA-ADAndre Dawson
AA-KBKris Bryant
AA-KHKyle Hendricks
AA-NHNico HoernerRC
AA-RGRobel GarciaRC
AA-WCWillson Contreras
CCA-ARAnthony Rizzo
CCA-KBKris Bryant
CCA-RSRyne Sandberg
CCR-7Ernie Banks
CCR-35Ryne Sandberg
CCR-36Anthony Rizzo
DA-HBKris Bryant
DA-SRAnthony Rizzo
DA-SRRyne Sandberg
DMR-BCWillson Contreras
DMR-BCJavier Baez
DMR-BRKris Bryant
DMR-BRAnthony Rizzo
DMR-HBKris Bryant
FPR-RBBCAnthony Rizzo
FPR-RBBCJavier Baez
FPR-RBBCWillson Contreras
FPR-RBBCKris Bryant
FPR-RBBSAnthony Rizzo
FPR-RBBSKyle Schwarber
FPR-RBBSKris Bryant
FPR-RBBSJavier Baez
JLBA-KBKris Bryant
JLBA-RSRyne Sandberg
JLBA-WCWillson Contreras
JLBN-JBAJavier Baez
JLBN-KBKris Bryant
JLBN-KSKyle Schwarber
JLBN-RSARyne Sandberg
JLBN-WCWillson Contreras
JPA-ARIAnthony Rizzo
JPA-JHJason Heyward
JPA-KSCKyle Schwarber
JPA-NGNomar Garciaparra
JPA-WCOWillson Contreras
MDJA-RSKyle Schwarber
MDJA-RSAnthony Rizzo
MFA-ADAndre Dawson
MFA-ARAnthony Rizzo
MFA-KBKris Bryant
MFA-RSRyne Sandberg
MFA-SSSammy Sosa
MFA-WCWillson Contreras
MFAP-ARAnthony Rizzo
MFAP-KBKris Bryant
MFAP-KSKyle Schwarber
MFDAP-BTKris Bryant
MM-AAAlbert Almora
MM-ARIAnthony Rizzo
MM-ARZAnthony Rizzo
MM-CKCraig Kimbrel
MM-JBAJavier Baez
MM-JHJason Heyward
MM-JLJon Lester
MM-KBKris Bryant
MM-KSCKyle Schwarber
MMJP-ARAnthony Rizzo
MMJP-JBJavier Baez
MMJP-JLJon Lester
MMR-JBAJavier Baez
MMR-JHJason Heyward
MMR-JLEJon Lester
MMR-JVCraig Kimbrel
SPQR-ARAnthony Rizzo
SPQR-JBJavier Baez
SPQR-JHJason Heyward
SPQR-JLJon Lester
SS-ARAnthony Rizzo
SS-KBKris Bryant
SS-NHNico HoernerRC
SSDA-BNNico HoernerRC
SSDA-KHKyle Hendricks
SSTA-ARAnthony Rizzo
SSTA-MGMark Grace
SSTA-WCWillson Contreras
TA-SRBAnthony Rizzo
TA-SRBRyne Sandberg
TA-SRBKris Bryant
TA-THBKris Bryant


AA-AYAlex YoungRC
SPQL-RJORandy Johnson
SPQR-SMStarling Marte


44Walker Buehler
45Cody Bellinger
46Sandy Koufax
62Clayton Kershaw
71Mookie Betts
87Gavin LuxRC
93Jackie Robinson
AA-DMDustin MayRC
AA-GLGavin LuxRC
AA-MMUMax Muncy
CCA-GLGavin Lux
CCR-2Mookie Betts
CCR-18Cody Bellinger
CCR-27Mike Piazza
CCR-28Gavin Lux
CCR-49Jackie Robinson
DA-BLWalker Buehler
DA-BLGavin LuxRC
DA-KASandy Koufax
DA-KBWalker Buehler
DA-KBClayton Kershaw
DA-KKClayton Kershaw
DA-KKSandy Koufax
DMR-BBUCody Bellinger
DMR-BBUWalker Buehler
FPR-KBBSCorey Seager
FPR-KBBSCody Bellinger
FPR-KBBSClayton Kershaw
FPR-KBBSWalker Buehler
JLBN-CSECorey Seager
JPA-AB3Adrian Beltre
JPA-CKEClayton Kershaw
JPA-RH3Rickey Henderson
MFA-CKEClayton Kershaw
MFA-JMWalker Buehler
MFA-SKSandy Koufax
MFAP-CKClayton Kershaw
MM-AWWalker Buehler
MM-CBECody Bellinger
MM-CKEClayton Kershaw
MM-CKRClayton Kershaw
MM-CSECorey Seager
MM-CTChris Taylor
MM-HRHyun-Jin Ryu
MM-JPJoc Pederson
MM-KJKenley Jansen
MM-KMKenta Maeda
MM-YPGavin LuxRC
MMJP-CBECody Bellinger
MMJP-CSECorey Seager
MMR-CBCody Bellinger
MMR-CKEClayton Kershaw
MMR-CTChris Taylor
MMR-JPDJoc Pederson
MMR-WSMWill Smith
SPQR-CBECody Bellinger
SPQR-CKClayton Kershaw
SPQR-DPDavid Price
SS-GLGavin LuxRC
SSDA-MMMax Muncy
SSDA-WSMWill Smith


CCR-34Andre Dawson
DA-DGAndre Dawson
DA-DGVladimir Guerrero
MFA-VGVladimir Guerrero


1Willie Mays
47Buster Posey
AA-JAYJaylin DavisRC
AA-JMAJuan Marichal
AA-LWLogan WebbRC
AA-MDMauricio DubonRC
AA-MYMike Yastrzemski
AA-WCLWill Clark
CCA-BPOBuster Posey
CCA-WCWill Clark
CCR-31Willie Mays
DA-CPWill Clark
DA-CPBuster Posey
DA-MPBuster Posey
DA-PLBuster Posey
DA-PLTim Lincecum
DMR-PLOBuster Posey
DMR-PLOEvan Longoria
JLBA-WCLWill Clark
JLBN-BPBuster Posey
JLBN-ELEvan Longoria
JLBN-WCLWill Clark
JPA-BPBuster Posey
JPA-TLTim Lincecum
MDJA-MPOBuster Posey
MDJA-PLTim Lincecum
MDJA-PLBuster Posey
MFA-BBWill Clark
MFA-TLTim Lincecum
MFAP-BPBuster Posey
MM-BCBrandon Crawford
MM-BPBuster Posey
MM-BPOBuster Posey
MM-ELEvan Longoria
MM-JCJohnny Cueto
MMJP-BPBuster Posey
MMJP-ELEvan Longoria
MMR-BCBrandon Crawford
MMR-BCRBrandon Crawford
MMR-BPBuster Posey
MMR-ELEvan Longoria
MMR-ELOEvan Longoria
MMR-JSJeff Samardzija
SPQL-RHOWillie McCovey
SPQL-WMWillie Mays
SPQR-BCBrandon Crawford
SPQR-BPBuster Posey
SPQR-ELEvan Longoria
SS-WCWill Clark
SSDA-TLTim Lincecum
TA-CPLWill Clark
TA-CPLBuster Posey
TA-CPLTim Lincecum


4Jose Ramirez
49Shane Bieber
99Francisco Lindor
AA-ACAaron CivaleRC
AA-LALogan AllenRC
CCR-44Francisco Lindor
FPR-LRSRCarlos Santana
FPR-LRSRFrancisco Lindor
FPR-LRSRJose Ramirez
FPR-LRSRFranmil Reyes
JLBN-FLFrancisco Lindor
JLBN-JRJose Ramirez
JPA-ALORoberto Alomar
JPA-JRJose Ramirez
MFA-JTHJim Thome
MFAP-JRJose Ramirez
MFAP-RALRoberto Alomar
MM-CSACarlos Santana
MM-JRJose Ramirez
MMR-CCACarlos Carrasco
MMR-JRAJose Ramirez
MMR-OMEOscar Mercado
SPQR-CSACarlos Santana
SPQR-JRJose Ramirez
SSTA-CSACarlos Santana
SSTA-JRJose Ramirez


16Kyle LewisRC
41Ken Griffey Jr.
77Randy Johnson
AA-KLKyle LewisRC
CCA-KGKen Griffey Jr.
CCA-RJRandy Johnson
CCR-13Ken Griffey Jr.
DA-HTKen Griffey Jr.
DMR-HVODaniel Vogelbach
DMR-HVOMitch Haniger
JLBA-KGKen Griffey Jr.
JLBN-KGKen Griffey Jr.
JPA-ARODAlex Rodriguez
JPA-KGKen Griffey Jr.
JPA-RH4Rickey Henderson
MDJA-GTKen Griffey Jr.
MFA-EMEdgar Martinez
MFA-KGJKen Griffey Jr.
MFA-RJORandy Johnson
MFAP-KGJKen Griffey Jr.
MFDAP-GTKen Griffey Jr.
MM-DGODee Gordon
MM-FHFelix Hernandez
MM-JSHJustus Sheffield
MM-KSKyle Seager
MM-MHAMitch Haniger
MM-YKYusei Kikuchi
MMJP-FHFelix Hernandez
MMR-FHFelix Hernandez
MMR-HRYJustus Sheffield
MMR-KSEKyle Seager
MMR-MHAMitch Haniger
MMR-YKYusei Kikuchi
SPQL-KGJKen Griffey Jr.
SPQR-MHMitch Haniger
SPQR-YKYusei Kikuchi
SSDA-MHMitch Haniger
TA-AGTKen Griffey Jr.
TA-GTAKen Griffey Jr.
TA-RCJRandy Johnson




5Robinson Cano
15Noah Syndergaard
34Jacob deGrom
52Pete Alonso
AA-DSTDarryl Strawberry
AA-JMCJeff McNeil
AA-PAPete Alonso
CCA-JDJacob deGrom
CCA-PAPete Alonso
CCR-8Jacob deGrom
CCR-19Pete Alonso
CCR-50Gary Carter
DA-AJPete Alonso
DA-PDJacob deGrom
DA-PDPete Alonso
DA-WAPete Alonso
DA-WADavid Wright
DMR-SCOMichael Conforto
DMR-SCONoah Syndergaard
FPR-DASCJacob deGrom
FPR-DASCNoah Syndergaard
FPR-DASCPete Alonso
FPR-DASCMichael Conforto
JLBN-AROAmed Rosario
JLBN-MCOMichael Conforto
JLBN-PALPete Alonso
JPA-NSNoah Syndergaard
JPA-RALRoberto Alomar
JPA-RH1Rickey Henderson
JPA-TGTom Glavine
MDJA-WSYDavid Wright
MDJA-WSYNoah Syndergaard
MFA-DSDarryl Strawberry
MFA-MPDavid Wright
MFA-PAPete Alonso
MFAP-DWDavid Wright
MFAP-JDJacob deGrom
MM-AROAmed Rosario
MM-BNBrandon Nimmo
MM-JDEJacob deGrom
MM-MCOMichael Conforto
MM-MSTMarcus Stroman
MM-NSNoah Syndergaard
MM-NSYNoah Syndergaard
MM-PALPete Alonso
MM-RCRobinson Cano
MMJP-MCOMichael Conforto
MMJP-NSNoah Syndergaard
MMR-AROAmed Rosario
MMR-BNBrandon Nimmo
MMR-DSMDominic Smith
MMR-JMCJeff McNeil
MMR-JMC1Jeff McNeil
MMR-MCNMichael Conforto
MMR-MSTMarcus Stroman
SPQL-TSTom Seaver
SPQR-JMcJeff McNeil
SPQR-MCOMichael Conforto
SPQR-MSMarcus Stroman
SS-PAPete Alonso
SSDA-SGRShawn Green
SSTA-JdJacob deGrom
TA-WDAJacob deGrom
TA-WDADavid Wright
TA-WDAPete Alonso


13Juan Soto
64Trea Turner
80Stephen Strasburg
82Max Scherzer
AA-JSOJuan Soto
AA-PCOPatrick Corbin
CCA-JSJuan Soto
CCR-1Juan Soto
CCR-10Max Scherzer
DMR-SLStephen Strasburg
DMR-SLMax Scherzer
DMR-STTrea Turner
DMR-STStephen Strasburg
FPR-SSSTMax Scherzer
FPR-SSSTStephen Strasburg
FPR-SSSTTrea Turner
FPR-ZSTRRyan Zimmerman
FPR-ZSTRTrea Turner
FPR-ZSTRVictor Robles
FPR-ZSTRStephen Strasburg
JLBN-RZRyan Zimmerman
JLBN-TTUTrea Turner
JLBN-VROVictor Robles
JPA-JSOJuan Soto
JPA-MSMax Scherzer
MDJA-SRJuan Soto
MDJA-SRVictor Robles
MDJA-SSOMax Scherzer
MFA-JSOJuan Soto
MM-BHBryce Harper
MM-HKEHowie Kendrick
MM-JSOJuan Soto
MM-MSCMax Scherzer
MM-MSHMax Scherzer
MM-RZRyan Zimmerman
MM-SSStephen Strasburg
MM-SSTStephen Strasburg
MM-TTTrea Turner
MM-VRVictor Robles
MMJP-AREAnthony Rendon
MMJP-MSMax Scherzer
MMJP-RZRyan Zimmerman
MMJP-SSStephen Strasburg
MMJP-TTTrea Turner
MMR-MSCMax Scherzer
MMR-RZRyan Zimmerman
MMR-SSStephen Strasburg
MMR-SSTStephen Strasburg
MMR-TTTrea Turner
SPQR-MSCMax Scherzer
SPQR-RZRyan Zimmerman
SPQR-SSStephen Strasburg
SPQR-TTTrea Turner
SPQR-VRVictor Robles
SS-JSOJuan Soto
SSDA-HKHowie Kendrick
SSDA-PCPatrick Corbin
SSDA-VRVictor Robles
SSTA-MSMax Scherzer


25Cal Ripken Jr.
CCA-CRCal Ripken Jr.
CCR-22Cal Ripken Jr.
DA-RMCal Ripken Jr.
DA-RMMike Mussina
JLBN-CRCal Ripken Jr.
JPA-RARoberto Alomar
MFA-CRCal Ripken Jr.
MM-TMTrey Mancini
MMJP-TMTrey Mancini
MMR-TMTrey Mancini
MMR-TMATrey Mancini
SPQL-BROBrooks Robinson
SPQL-CRCal Ripken Jr.
SPQR-TMTrey Mancini
SSDA-TMTrey Mancini
TA-RMBCal Ripken Jr.


8Fernando Tatis Jr.
10Tony Gwynn
14Manny Machado
AA-FTFernando Tatis Jr.
AA-TGTrent GrishamRC
CCA-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.
CCR-32Fernando Tatis Jr.
DMR-VTJFernando Tatis Jr.
FPR-MTPMFernando Tatis Jr.
FPR-MTPMManny Machado
FPR-MTPMChris Paddack
FPR-SAGTFernando Tatis Jr.
JLBA-FTFernando Tatis Jr.
JLBN-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.
JLBN-MMAManny Machado
JPA-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.
MDJA-GTJFernando Tatis Jr.
MFA-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.
MFAP-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.
MM-CPAChris Paddack
MM-EHEric Hosmer
MM-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.
MM-WMYWil Myers
MMJP-EHEric Hosmer
MMR-CPChris Paddack
MMR-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.
MMR-JLUJoey Lucchesi
MMR-KYKirby Yates
SPQL-TGTony Gwynn
SPQR-CPAChris Paddack
SS-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.
SSDA-CPChris Paddack
SSDA-KYKirby Yates
SSDA-TPTommy Pham
SSTA-MMManny Machado


26Bryce Harper
33Rhys Hoskins
67Mike Schmidt
85Andrew McCutchen
98J.T. Realmuto
AA-ANAaron Nola
AA-JTRJ.T. Realmuto
AA-RHRhys Hoskins
AA-SCSteve Carlton
CCA-BHBryce Harper
CCA-RHORhys Hoskins
CCR-20Bryce Harper
CCR-45Mike Schmidt
DA-CNRhys Hoskins
DA-CNSteve Carlton
DA-HBBryce Harper
DA-HHRyan Howard
DA-HHRhys Hoskins
DA-SHAMike Schmidt
DA-SHABryce Harper
DA-THBryce Harper
DMR-HBBryce Harper
DMR-THBryce Harper
FPR-HHNMRhys Hoskins
FPR-HHNMBryce Harper
FPR-HHNMAaron Nola
FPR-HHNMJ.T. Realmuto
JLBA-MSMike Schmidt
JLBN-BHBryce Harper
JLBN-JREJ.T. Realmuto
JLBN-MSCMike Schmidt
JLBN-RHORhys Hoskins
JPA-AMAndrew McCutchen
JPA-ANAaron Nola
JPA-BHBryce Harper
JPA-JTRJ.T. Realmuto
JPA-RHRhys Hoskins
MDJA-HHORyan Howard
MDJA-HHORhys Hoskins
MDJA-HNAaron Nola
MDJA-HNRhys Hoskins
MFA-BHBryce Harper
MFA-MSMike Schmidt
MFA-RHRhys Hoskins
MFAP-BHBryce Harper
MFAP-RHRhys Hoskins
MFDAP-HHBryce Harper
MFDAP-HHRhys Hoskins
MM-AMCAndrew McCutchen
MM-ANAaron Nola
MM-JSJean Segura
MM-JTRJ.T. Realmuto
MM-OHBryce Harper
MM-RRRhys Hoskins
MMJP-AMAndrew McCutchen
MMJP-ANAaron Nola
MMJP-BHBryce Harper
MMJP-RHRhys Hoskins
MMR-AMAndrew McCutchen
MMR-ANOAaron Nola
MMR-BHBryce Harper
MMR-JARJake Arrieta
MMR-JSEJean Segura
MMR-JTRJ.T. Realmuto
MMR-RHORhys Hoskins
MMR-SKIScott Kingery
SPQR-AMAndrew McCutchen
SPQR-BHBryce Harper
SPQR-RHRhys Hoskins
SS-RHRhys Hoskins
SSDA-ANAaron Nola
SSDA-RHRyan Howard
SSTA-AMCAndrew McCutchen
SSTA-JTRJ.T. Realmuto
SSTA-RHRhys Hoskins
TA-THBBryce Harper


35Roberto Clemente
58Josh Bell
CCR-26Roberto Clemente
DMR-BARChris Archer
DMR-BARJosh Bell
FPR-BBTAJameson Taillon
FPR-BBTABryan Reynolds
FPR-BBTAChris Archer
MM-BREBryan Reynolds
MM-CAChris Archer
MM-GPGregory Polanco
MM-JBLJosh Bell
MM-JTAJameson Taillon
MMR-CAChris Archer
MMR-JBEJosh Bell
MMR-JTAJameson Taillon
SPQL-HWAHonus Wagner
SPQL-RCRoberto Clemente
SPQR-CAChris Archer
SPQR-JTAJameson Taillon


92Nolan Ryan
AA-NSNick SolakRC
DMR-GAJoey Gallo
DMR-GAElvis Andrus
FPR-GACOJoey Gallo
FPR-GACOShin-Soo Choo
FPR-GACOElvis Andrus
FPR-GACORougned Odor
JLBN-ABEAdrian Beltre
JLBN-IROIvan Rodriguez
JPA-AB1Adrian Beltre
JPA-VGUVladimir Guerrero
MFA-NRNolan Ryan
MM-EAElvis Andrus
MM-JGJoey Gallo
MM-RORougned Odor
MM-SCShin-Soo Choo
MMJP-EAElvis Andrus
MMJP-JGJoey Gallo
MMR-EANElvis Andrus
MMR-JGJoey Gallo
MMR-RORougned Odor
MMR-SCShin-Soo Choo
SPQR-EAElvis Andrus
SPQR-JGJoey Gallo
SPQR-SCShin-Soo Choo
SSDA-NSNick Solak
SSTA-ABAdrian Beltre
SSTA-JGJuan Gonzalez
SSTA-SSCShin-Soo Choo
TA-RCJNolan Ryan


83Brendan McKayRC
JPA-FMCFred McGriff
JPA-WBWade Boggs
AA-BMBrendan McKayRC
MM-AMEAustin Meadows
MM-BLOBrandon Lowe
MM-BSBlake Snell
MM-CMOCharlie Morton
MM-KKKevin Kiermaier
MM-TGLTyler Glasnow
MMJP-AMEAustin Meadows
MMJP-BSBlake Snell
MMR-AMEAustin Meadows
MMR-BLOBrandon Lowe
MMR-KKKevin Kiermaier
MMR-TGLTyler Glasnow
SPQR-AMEAustin Meadows
SPQR-BLOBrandon Lowe
SPQR-KKKevin Kiermaier
SSDA-AMAustin Meadows
SSTA-BMBrendan McKayRC

Red Sox

3Ted Williams
7J.D. Martinez
57David Ortiz
70Roger Clemens
89Rafael Devers
95Chris Sale
AA-CFCarlton Fisk
AA-JRIJim Rice
AA-JVAJason Varitek
CCA-CSChris Sale
CCA-DODavid Ortiz
CCA-PMPedro Martinez
CCA-RCRoger Clemens
CCA-XBXander Bogaerts
CCR-21Rafael Devers
CCR-46Wade Boggs
DA-BDWade Boggs
DA-BDRafael Devers
DA-FVCarlton Fisk
DA-FVJason Varitek
DMR-BDXander Bogaerts
DMR-BDRafael Devers
DMR-MBOXander Bogaerts
DMR-MBOJ.D. Martinez
DMR-OBMookie Betts
DMR-OBDavid Ortiz
DMR-OPDavid Ortiz
DMR-OPDustin Pedroia
FPR-MBDBJ.D. Martinez
FPR-MBDBRafael Devers
FPR-MBDBAndrew Benintendi
FPR-MBDBXander Bogaerts
FPR-SBDMJ.D. Martinez
FPR-SBDMRafael Devers
FPR-SBDMXander Bogaerts
FPR-SBDMChris Sale
JLBA-WBWade Boggs
JLBN-ABNAndrew Benintendi
JLBN-CYCarl Yastrzemski
JLBN-RDRafael Devers
JLBN-WBWade Boggs
JLBN-XBXander Bogaerts
JPA-AB2Adrian Beltre
JPA-ABNAndrew Benintendi
JPA-CSChris Sale
JPA-DODavid Ortiz
JPA-DPEDustin Pedroia
JPA-JMJ.D. Martinez
JPA-JVAJason Varitek
JPA-RDRafael Devers
JPA-RH2Rickey Henderson
MDJA-OBXander Bogaerts
MDJA-OBDavid Ortiz
MDJA-ODDavid Ortiz
MDJA-ODRafael Devers
MDJA-OMJ.D. Martinez
MDJA-OMDavid Ortiz
MFA-CBCarl Yastrzemski
MFA-DODavid Ortiz
MFA-RCLRoger Clemens
MFA-WBWade Boggs
MFA-XBXander Bogaerts
MFAP-CSChris Sale
MFAP-DODavid Ortiz
MFAP-FFRafael Devers
MFDAP-ODRafael Devers
MFDAP-ODDavid Ortiz
MM-ABAndrew Benintendi
MM-ABEAndrew Benintendi
MM-CSChris Sale
MM-DODavid Ortiz
MM-DPEDustin Pedroia
MM-JBJackie Bradley Jr.
MM-JMJ.D. Martinez
MM-MBMookie Betts
MM-RDRafael Devers
MM-XBXander Bogaerts
MMJP-ABEAndrew Benintendi
MMJP-DODavid Ortiz
MMJP-DPEDustin Pedroia
MMJP-JMJ.D. Martinez
MMJP-MBMookie Betts
MMJP-XBXander Bogaerts
MMR-ABAndrew Benintendi
MMR-DODavid Ortiz
MMR-DO1David Ortiz
MMR-DPDDustin Pedroia
MMR-DPEDustin Pedroia
MMR-DPRDavid Price
MMR-JBJackie Bradley Jr.
MMR-JBRJackie Bradley Jr.
MMR-JMRJ.D. Martinez
MMR-MBMookie Betts
MMR-MBEMookie Betts
MMR-MCH1Michael Chavis
MMR-RDRafael Devers
MMR-XBXander Bogaerts
SPQL-CYCarl Yastrzemski
SPQL-PMPedro Martinez
SPQL-RCLRoger Clemens
SPQL-TWTed Williams
SPQL-WBWade Boggs
SPQR-ABAndrew Benintendi
SPQR-CSChris Sale
SPQR-DPEDustin Pedroia
SPQR-JMJ.D. Martinez
SPQR-MCHMichael Chavis
SPQR-RDRafael Devers
SPQR-XBXander Bogaerts
SS-DODavid Ortiz
SS-RDRafael Devers
SSDA-JMJ.D. Martinez
SSTA-CSChris Sale
SSTA-DODavid Ortiz
SSTA-RDRafael Devers
SSTA-XBXander Bogaerts
TA-RCJRoger Clemens
TA-RMBWade Boggs


19Joey Votto
28Aristides AquinoRC
56Johnny Bench
60Sonny Gray
88Barry Larkin
AA-AQAristides AquinoRC
AA-NSENick Senzel
CCA-BLBarry Larkin
CCA-JBJohnny Bench
CCA-JVJoey Votto
DMR-VGJoey Votto
DMR-VGSonny Gray
FPR-VSASJoey Votto
FPR-VSASNick Senzel
FPR-VSASEugenio Suarez
FPR-VSASAristides Aquino
JLBA-BLBarry Larkin
JLBA-JBJohnny Bench
JLBA-JVJoey Votto
JLBN-BLBarry Larkin
JLBN-JBJohnny Bench
JLBN-JVJoey Votto
JPA-BLBarry Larkin
JPA-JVOJoey Votto
JPA-KGJKen Griffey Jr.
JPA-SGRSonny Gray
MDJA-GLKen Griffey Jr.
MDJA-GLBarry Larkin
MDJA-GVJoey Votto
MDJA-GVNick Senzel
MFA-BLBarry Larkin
MFA-JBEJohnny Bench
MFA-JVJoey Votto
MFAP-BLBarry Larkin
MFDAP-GLBarry Larkin
MFDAP-GLKen Griffey Jr.
MM-AAQAristides AquinoRC
MM-ESUEugenio Suarez
MM-JVJoey Votto
MM-JVOJoey Votto
MM-NSENick Senzel
MM-RIRaisel Iglesias
MM-SGRSonny Gray
MM-TBATrevor Bauer
MMJP-JVJoey Votto
MMR-AAQAristides AquinoRC
MMR-ESUEugenio Suarez
MMR-LCASLuis Castillo
MMR-NSENick Senzel
MMR-SGASonny Gray
SPQL-BLBarry Larkin
SPQL-JBJohnny Bench
SPQL-JMOJoe Morgan
SPQL-KGKen Griffey Jr.
SPQR-SGSonny Gray
SS-AAAristides AquinoRC
SS-JVJoey Votto
SSDA-ESEugenio Suarez
SSDA-LCLuis Castillo
SSDA-SGSonny Gray
SSTA-AAAristides AquinoRC
SSTA-NSENick Senzel
SSTA-TBTrevor Bauer


2Nolan Arenado
20Trevor Story
29Charlie Blackmon
AA-BROBrendan Rodgers
CCR-42Nolan Arenado
DMR-ASNolan Arenado
DMR-ASTrevor Story
FPR-ASBDDavid Dahl
FPR-ASBDTrevor Story
FPR-ASBDNolan Arenado
FPR-ASBDCharlie Blackmon
JLBN-BROBrendan Rodgers
JLBN-CBCharlie Blackmon
JLBN-NANolan Arenado
JLBN-TSTrevor Story
JPA-CBCharlie Blackmon
JPA-THTodd Helton
MDJA-HSTodd Helton
MDJA-HSCharlie Blackmon
MM-CBCharlie Blackmon
MM-CBLCharlie Blackmon
MM-DDADavid Dahl
MM-NANolan Arenado
MM-NARNolan Arenado
MM-TSTrevor Story
MM-TSTTrevor Story
MMJP-CBCharlie Blackmon
MMJP-NANolan Arenado
MMJP-TSTrevor Story
MMR-BROBrendan Rodgers
MMR-CBLCharlie Blackmon
MMR-DDADavid Dahl
MMR-GM1German Marquez
MMR-NANolan Arenado
MMR-TSOTrevor Story
MMR-TSTTrevor Story
SPQR-CBCharlie Blackmon
SPQR-NANolan Arenado
SPQR-TSTrevor Story
SSDA-NANolan Arenado
SSTA-BRBrendan Rodgers
SSTA-CBCharlie Blackmon


23Whit Merrifield
76George Brett
AA-JSJorge Soler
AA-WMWhit Merrifield
FPR-MSMPSalvador Perez
FPR-MSMPAdalberto Mondesi
FPR-MSMPJorge Soler
FPR-MSMPWhit Merrifield
JLBN-GBGeorge Brett
MM-HDOHunter Dozier
MM-JSOJorge Soler
MM-SPSalvador Perez
MM-WMWhit Merrifield
MMJP-SPSalvador Perez
MMJP-WMWhit Merrifield
MMR-AMOAdalberto Mondesi
MMR-HDOHunter Dozier
MMR-WMRWhit Merrifield
SPQL-GBGeorge Brett
SPQR-AMOAdalberto Mondesi
SSDA-HDHunter Dozier
SSDA-WMWhit Merrifield
SSTA-JSJorge Soler


100Miguel Cabrera
AA-JRJake RogersRC
CCR-14Ty Cobb
DMR-AMMiguel Cabrera
JPA-MCAMiguel Cabrera
MFA-MGMiguel Cabrera
MM-MBOMatthew Boyd
MM-MCMiguel Cabrera
MM-MCAMiguel Cabrera
MMJP-MCMiguel Cabrera
MMR-MCMiguel Cabrera
MMR-MCAMiguel Cabrera
SPQR-MCMiguel Cabrera
SSTA-MCMiguel Cabrera


AA-MKMax Kepler
AA-RCRod Carew
CCR-16Rod Carew
DA-MPJoe Mauer
DMR-KSAMiguel Sano
DMR-KSAMax Kepler
FPR-CGSBMiguel Sano
FPR-CGSBNelson Cruz
FPR-CGSBJose Berrios
FPR-CGSBMitch Garver
JPA-JMAJoe Mauer
MM-BBByron Buxton
MM-EREddie Rosario
MM-JBEJose Berrios
MM-JMAJoe Mauer
MM-JMUJoe Mauer
MM-MKMax Kepler
MM-MSMiguel Sano
MMJP-BBByron Buxton
MMJP-MKEMax Kepler
MMJP-MSAMiguel Sano
MMR-JBIJose Berrios
MMR-JMJoe Mauer
MMR-JPOJorge Polanco
MMR-KMKenta Maeda
MMR-MGAMitch Garver
MMR-MS1Miguel Sano
MMR-MSAMiguel Sano
MMR-WASWillians Astudillo
SPQR-MSAMiguel Sano
SSDA-JBJose Berrios
SSDA-JPJorge Polanco
SSDA-MGMitch Garver
SSDA-MKMax Kepler
SSTA-BBByron Buxton

White Sox

53Luis RobertRC
68Eloy Jimenez
96Frank Thomas
AA-DCDylan CeaseRC
AA-EJEloy Jimenez
AA-LGLucas Giolito
AA-LRLuis RobertRC
AA-TATim Anderson
AA-YGYasmani Grandal
CCA-FTFrank Thomas
CCR-17Frank Thomas
CCR-25Eloy Jimenez
CCR-47Luis Robert
DA-TJIEloy Jimenez
DA-TJIFrank Thomas
FPR-AAJMTim Anderson
FPR-AAJMEloy Jimenez
FPR-AAJMJose Abreu
FPR-AAJMYoan Moncada
JLBA-FTHFrank Thomas
JLBN-FTFrank Thomas
JLBN-JABJose Abreu
JPA-BJBo Jackson
JPA-EJEloy Jimenez
JPA-FTFrank Thomas
JPA-JTJim Thome
MFA-EJEloy Jimenez
MFA-FTFrank Thomas
MFA-LRLuis RobertRC
MFAP-FTFrank Thomas
MM-EJIEloy Jimenez
MM-JAJose Abreu
MM-LGILucas Giolito
MMJP-JAJose Abreu
SPQL-FTFrank Thomas
SPQR-JAJose Abreu
SS-EJEloy Jimenez
SS-FTFrank Thomas
SSDA-EJEloy Jimenez
SSDA-LGILucas Giolito
SSDA-TATim Anderson
SSDA-YGRYasmani Grandal


6Mariano Rivera
12Aaron Judge
17Don Mattingly
22Babe Ruth
32Giancarlo Stanton
51Hideki Matsui
66Masahiro Tanaka
74Lou Gehrig
75Gleyber Torres
90Gerrit Cole
AA-AHAaron Hicks
AA-DLDJ LeMahieu
AA-DMADon Mattingly
AA-GTGleyber Torres
AA-PETAndy Pettitte
CCA-AJAaron Judge
CCA-DMDon Mattingly
CCA-GTGleyber Torres
CCA-HMHideki Matsui
CCA-RJAReggie Jackson
CCR-6Don Mattingly
CCR-9Gleyber Torres
CCR-15Gerrit Cole
CCR-48Lou Gehrig
DA-AJAaron Judge
DA-IMHideki Matsui
DA-MJUDon Mattingly
DA-MJUAaron Judge
DA-TJMasahiro Tanaka
DA-TJHideki Matsui
DMR-PSACC Sabathia
DMR-PSAAndy Pettitte
DMR-SCLuis Severino
DMR-SCAroldis Chapman
DMR-TAGleyber Torres
DMR-TAMiguel Andujar
FPR-IMTOHideki Matsui
FPR-IMTOMasahiro Tanaka
FPR-JTSLGleyber Torres
FPR-JTSLGiancarlo Stanton
FPR-JTSLAaron Judge
JLBA-DMDon Mattingly
JLBN-DMADon Mattingly
JLBN-GSHGary Sheffield
JLBN-GSTGiancarlo Stanton
JLBN-GTOGleyber Torres
JLBN-MANMiguel Andujar
JLBN-RJReggie Jackson
JPA-APEAndy Pettitte
JPA-CLERoger Clemens
JPA-GSAGary Sanchez
JPA-LSLuis Severino
JPA-MAMiguel Andujar
JPA-MTMasahiro Tanaka
JPA-MTEMark Teixeira
JPA-WBOWade Boggs
MDJA-SSGary Sanchez
MDJA-SSLuis Severino
MFA-AJUAaron Judge
MFA-AROAlex Rodriguez
MFA-CSACC Sabathia
MFA-DJDerek Jeter
MFA-DMDon Mattingly
MFA-GCGerrit Cole
MFA-GTGleyber Torres
MFA-HMHideki Matsui
MFA-MRMariano Rivera
MFA-RJReggie Jackson
MFAP-AJAaron Judge
MFAP-APAndy Pettitte
MFAP-AROAlex Rodriguez
MFAP-GTGleyber Torres
MFAP-MRMariano Rivera
MFAP-RCRoger Clemens
MFDAP-JTAaron Judge
MFDAP-JTGleyber Torres
MM-ACAroldis Chapman
MM-AHIAaron Hicks
MM-AJAaron Judge
MM-AJUAaron Judge
MM-CFRClint Frazier
MM-CSBCC Sabathia
MM-GSTGiancarlo Stanton
MM-GTGleyber Torres
MM-LSLuis Severino
MM-LSELuis Severino
MM-MAMiguel Andujar
MM-MANMiguel Andujar
MM-PAXJames Paxton
MMJP-ACAroldis Chapman
MMJP-GSAGary Sanchez
MMJP-GTOGleyber Torres
MMJP-LSLuis Severino
MMJP-MAMiguel Andujar
MMJP-MTAMasahiro Tanaka
MMR-ACAroldis Chapman
MMR-AHIAaron Hicks
MMR-CCSCC Sabathia
MMR-CSCC Sabathia
MMR-DJ1DJ LeMahieu
MMR-GSAGary Sanchez
MMR-GSA1Gary Sanchez
MMR-GTOGleyber Torres
MMR-GURGio Urshela
MMR-LSLuis Severino
MMR-LVLuke Voit
MMR-MAMiguel Andujar
MMR-MTAMasahiro Tanaka
MMR-TEXMark Teixeira
SPQL-DMDon Mattingly
SPQL-RJAReggie Jackson
SPQR-ACAroldis Chapman
SPQR-AJAaron Judge
SPQR-GSAGary Sanchez
SPQR-LSLuis Severino
SPQR-MAMiguel Andujar
SPQR-MTAMasahiro Tanaka
SS-DMDon Mattingly
SS-GTGleyber Torres
SS-HMHideki Matsui
SSDA-AHAaron Hicks
SSDA-DGDidi Gregorius
SSDA-GSGary Sheffield
SSDA-LVLuke Voit
SSTA-CFClint Frazier
SSTA-GSGary Sanchez
SSTA-LSLuis Severino
SSTA-MAMiguel Andujar
TA-IMOHideki Matsui
TA-IMTHideki Matsui
TA-IMTMasahiro Tanaka
TA-RJTGleyber Torres
TA-RJTAaron Judge
TA-RJTAlex Rodriguez
TA-RMBDon Mattingly