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2020 Topps Gallery baseball card checklist

2020 Topps Gallery Baseball Checklist

Release Year Archive: 2020

Manufacturer Archive: Topps

Tag Archive: Gallery

Category Archive: Baseball Card Checklists


2020 Topps Gallery baseball cards are exclusive to Walmart stores and feature original artwork by nine different artists.

Instead of hobby boxes, this retail exclusive includes “Collector Boxes” which guarantee two autographs and 19 inserts and parallels. Gallery autographs are primarily base card variations but there are some insert sets with much higher scarcity for collectors to track down.

The final 50 cards of the 200 card base set are short prints. The base set and several insert sets also include various parallels including up to five numbered parallel sets.

This checklist is divided by team. Scroll through the entire list or jump to a preferred team by selecting them from a the list below. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings for that card.

Release date – October, 2020
Cards per collector pack – 5
Packs per collector box – 20

2020 Topps Gallery Checklist

Base Set – 200 Cards
Short prints (151-200) – 50 Cards
Rainbow Foil
Green – #/250
Private Issue – #/250
Blue – #/99
Orange – #/25
Red – 1/1
Autograph Variation – 149 Cards
Green – 1:85
Blue – 1:135
Orange – 1:226
Red – 1:4571
Impressionists (IM) – 30 Cards
Impressionists Autograph (IA) – 21 Cards
Hall of Fame Gallery (HOFG) – 20 Cards
Green – #/250
Blue – #/99
Orange – #/25
Red – 1/1

Hall of Fame Gallery Autograph (HOFA) – 12 Cards
Modern Artists (MP) – 30 Cards
Green – #/250
Blue – #/99
Orange – #/25
Red – 1/1
Modern Artists Autograph (MMA) – 22 Cards
Heritage (HT) – 40 Cards
Green – #/250
Blue – #/99
Orange – #/25
Red – 1/1
Master and Apprentice (MA) – 10 Cards
Green – #/250
Blue – #/99
Orange – #/25
Red – 1/1
Oversized Box Topper (OBT) – 50 Cards
Artist Promo (AP) – 3 Cards
Cut Signatures (TGCS) – 10 Cards, 1/1


1Mike Trout
1Mike TroutAuto Variation
29Matt ThaissRC
29Matt ThaissRCAuto Variation
41Shohei Ohtani
41Shohei OhtaniAuto Variation
101Albert Pujols
101Albert PujolsAuto Variation
105Justin Upton
105Justin UptonAuto Variation
120Patrick SandovalRC
120Patrick SandovalRCAuto Variation
161Anthony Rendon
161Anthony RendonAuto Variation
HT-1Mike Trout
HT-2Shohei Ohtani
IA-MTMike TroutAuto
IA-SOShohei OhtaniAuto
IM-1Mike Trout
IM-2Shohei Ohtani
MMA-MTMike TroutAuto
MMA-SOShohei OhtaniAuto
MP-1Mike Trout
MP-19Shohei Ohtani
OBT-APAlbert Pujols
OBT-MTMike Trout
OBT-SOShohei Ohtani


10Jose Altuve
10Jose AltuveAuto Variation
16Yordan AlvarezRC
16Yordan AlvarezRCAuto Variation
51Martin Maldonado
51Martin MaldonadoAuto Variation
62George Springer
62George SpringerAuto Variation
85Framber Valdez
85Framber ValdezAuto Variation
89Kyle Tucker
89Kyle TuckerAuto Variation
96Bryan AbreuRC
96Bryan AbreuRCAuto Variation
102Abraham ToroRC
102Abraham ToroRCAuto Variation
109Lance McCullers Jr.
109Lance McCullers Jr.Auto Variation
138Dean Deetz
138Dean DeetzAuto Variation
140Alex Bregman
140Alex BregmanAuto Variation
153Carlos Correa
189Nolan Ryan
189Nolan RyanAuto Variation
190Justin Verlander
HOFA-JBJeff BagwellAuto
HOFA-NRNolan RyanAuto
HOFG-9Jeff Bagwell
HOFG-10Nolan Ryan
HT-12Jose Altuve
HT-13Alex Bregman
HT-14Yordan AlvarezRC
HT-15Justin Verlander
IA-ABAlex BregmanAuto
IA-YAYordan AlvarezAuto
IM-13Alex Bregman
IM-20Yordan AlvarezRC
MA-3Yordan Alvarez
MA-3Jeff Bagwell
MMA-ABAlex BregmanAuto
MMA-YAYordan AlvarezAuto
MP-11Alex Bregman
MP-13Yordan AlvarezRC
OBT-ABAlex Bregman
OBT-JVJustin Verlander
OBT-NRNolan Ryan
OBT-YAYordan AlvarezRC


15Matt Olson
33Jesus LuzardoRC
33Jesus LuzardoRCAuto Variation
61A.J. PukRC
61A.J. PukRCAuto Variation
72Sean MurphyRC
72Sean MurphyRCAuto Variation
75Matt Chapman
79Seth BrownRC
79Seth BrownRCAuto Variation
117Daniel Mengden
117Daniel MengdenAuto Variation
121Sheldon NeuseRC
121Sheldon NeuseRCAuto Variation
170Rickey Henderson
170Rickey HendersonAuto Variation
180Mark McGwire
180Mark McGwireAuto Variation
198Ramon Laureano
198Ramon LaureanoAuto Variation
HOFA-RHRickey HendersonAuto
HOFG-7Rickey Henderson
HT-24Jesus LuzardoRC
IM-21Jesus LuzardoRC
MMA-MCMatt ChapmanAuto
MP-25Jesus LuzardoRC
MP-29Matt Chapman
OBT-JLJesus LuzardoRC
OBT-RHRickey Henderson

Blue Jays

17Hyun-Jin Ryu
17Hyun-Jin RyuAuto Variation
64Anthony KayRC
64Anthony KayRCAuto Variation
130Bo BichetteRC
130Bo BichetteRCAuto Variation
134Shun Yamaguchi
134Shun YamaguchiRCAuto Variation
143T.J. ZeuchRC
143T.J. ZeuchRCAuto Variation
145Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
145Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto Variation
HOFA-RARoberto AlomarAuto
HOFG-16Roberto Alomar
HT-25Bo BichetteRC
HT-39Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
IA-BBBo BichetteAuto
IA-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto
IM-22Bo BichetteRC
IM-23Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
MA-9Roberto Alomar
MA-9Bo Bichette
MMA-BBBo BichetteAuto
MMA-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.Auto
MP-3Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
MP-7Bo Bichette
OBT-BBIBo BichetteRC
OBT-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.


7Marcell Ozuna
7Marcell OzunaAuto Variation
137Ozzie Albies
150Ronald Acuña Jr.
150Ronald Acuña Jr.Auto Variation
169Hank Aaron
193Freddie Freeman
193Freddie FreemanAuto Variation
HOFA-CJChipper JonesAuto
HOFG-8Chipper Jones
HT-3Freddie Freeman
HT-4Ronald Acuña Jr.
IA-RARonald Acuña Jr.Auto
IM-4Ronald Acuña Jr.
MMA-RARonald Acuña Jr.Auto
MP-2Ronald Acuña Jr.
MP-15Ozzie Albies
OBT-HAHank Aaron
OBT-RARonald Acuña Jr.
TGCS-EMEddie Mathews
TGCS-WSWarren Spahn


8Christian Yelich
106Keston Hiura
HT-17Christian Yelich
IM-16Christian Yelich
MP-30Christian Yelich
OBT-CYChristian Yelich


23Paul Goldschmidt
23Paul GoldschmidtAuto Variation
49Lane Thomas
49Lane ThomasAuto Variation
54Tommy Edman
54Tommy EdmanAuto Variation
66Junior FernandezRC
66Junior FernandezRCAuto Variation
141Kwang-Hyun Kim
141Kwang-Hyun KimRCAuto Variation
142Jack Flaherty
167Yadier Molina
167Yadier MolinaAuto Variation
194Stan Musial
HT-32Paul Goldschmidt
HT-33Yadier Molina
IA-PGPaul GoldschmidtAuto
IA-YMYadier MolinaAuto
IM-26Yadier Molina
IM-27Paul Goldschmidt
MMA-JFJack FlahertyAuto
MP-18Jack Flaherty
OBT-YMYadier Molina
TGCS-SMStan Musial


9Kyle Schwarber
18Nico HoernerRC
18Nico HoernerRCAuto Variation
76Robel GarciaRC
76Robel GarciaRCAuto Variation
97Willson Contreras
103Anthony Rizzo
103Anthony RizzoAuto Variation
108Adbert AlzolayRC
108Adbert AlzolayRCAuto Variation
115Kris Bryant
115Kris BryantAuto Variation
172Yu Darvish
178Javier Baez
188Ernie Banks
HOFA-RSRyne SandbergAuto
HOFG-14Ryne Sandberg
HT-7Javier Baez
HT-8Kris Bryant
HT-30Nico HoernerRC
IA-KBKris BryantAuto
IM-7Javier Baez
IM-8Kris Bryant
MA-10Kris Bryant
MA-10Ron Santo
MMA-KBKris BryantAuto
MP-6Kris Bryant
MP-22Javier Baez
OBT-ARAnthony Rizzo
OBT-JBJavier Baez
OBT-KBKris Bryant
TGCS-EBErnie Banks


25Christian Walker
25Christian WalkerAuto Variation
74Alex YoungRC
74Alex YoungRCAuto Variation
98Zac GallenRC
98Zac GallenRCAuto Variation
122Ketel Marte
122Ketel MarteAuto Variation
HOFA-RJRandy JohnsonAuto
HOFG-11Randy Johnson


81Max Muncy
107Gavin LuxRC
107Gavin LuxRCAuto Variation
119Dustin MayRC
119Dustin MayRCAuto Variation
139Walker Buehler
152Sandy Koufax
152Sandy KoufaxAuto Variation
156Jackie Robinson
159Mookie Betts
163Clayton Kershaw
163Clayton KershawAuto Variation
166Corey Seager
166Corey SeagerAuto Variation
168Cody Bellinger
168Cody BellingerAuto Variation
HOFG-5Sandy Koufax
HOFG-17Jackie Robinson
HT-5Mookie Betts
HT-16Clayton Kershaw
HT-20Gavin LuxRC
HT-27Walker Buehler
IA-CBCody BellingerAuto
IA-CKClayton KershawAuto
IA-GLGavin LuxAuto
IM-5Mookie Betts
IM-6Cody Bellinger
IM-12Gavin LuxRC
IM-15Clayton Kershaw
MA-4Gavin Lux
MA-4Cody Bellinger
MA-8Walker Buehler
MA-8Clayton Kershaw
MMA-CBCody BellingerAuto
MMA-GLGavin LuxAuto
MMA-WBWalker BuehlerAuto
MP-9Gavin LuxRC
MP-20Walker Buehler
MP-24Cody Bellinger
MP-26Mookie Betts
OBT-CBCody Bellinger
OBT-CKClayton Kershaw
OBT-JRJackie Robinson
OBT-MBMookie Betts
OBT-SKSandy Koufax
TGCS-DSDuke Snider


6Mauricio DubonRC
6Mauricio DubonRCAuto Variation
13Logan WebbRC
13Logan WebbRCAuto Variation
20Dereck Rodriguez
20Dereck RodriguezAuto Variation
57Jaylin DavisRC
57Jaylin DavisRCAuto Variation
124Buster Posey
124Buster PoseyAuto Variation
135Mike Yastrzemski
135Mike YastrzemskiAuto Variation
154Willie Mays
HOFG-6Willie Mays
HT-28Buster Posey
IA-BPBuster PoseyAuto
IM-25Buster Posey
OBT-WMWillie Mays


12Mike Clevinger
12Mike ClevingerAuto Variation
26Shane Bieber
26Shane BieberAuto Variation
32Francisco Lindor
53Cesar Hernandez
53Cesar HernandezAuto Variation
56Aaron CivaleRC
56Aaron CivaleRCAuto Variation
68Jordan Luplow
68Jordan LuplowAuto Variation
110James KarinchakRC
110James KarinchakRCAuto Variation
HT-10Francisco Lindor
IM-10Francisco Lindor
MMA-SBShane BieberAuto
MP-17Shane Bieber
MP-21Francisco Lindor
OBT-FLFrancisco Lindor
TGCS-BFBob Feller


34Kyle LewisRC
34Kyle LewisRCAuto Variation
69Shed Long
69Shed LongAuto Variation
73Yusei Kikuchi
73Yusei KikuchiAuto Variation
175IchiroAuto Variation
183Ken Griffey Jr.
HOFG-19Ken Griffey Jr.
HT-31Kyle LewisRC
OBT-KGJKen Griffey Jr.
OBT-KLKyle LewisRC


30Pablo Lopez
30Pablo LopezAuto Variation
104Jonathan Villar
104Jonathan VillarAuto Variation
129Matt Kemp
129Matt KempAuto Variation


27Stephen Gonsalves
27Stephen GonsalvesAuto Variation
45Jeff McNeil
77Noah Syndergaard
77Noah SyndergaardAuto Variation
91Pete Alonso
91Pete AlonsoAuto Variation
118Marcus Stroman
147Jacob deGrom
147Jacob deGromAuto Variation
184Robinson Cano
197Michael Conforto
HT-18Jacob deGrom
HT-19Pete Alonso
IA-JdJacob deGromAuto
IM-14Pete Alonso
IM-17Jacob deGrom
MA-5Pete Alonso
MA-5Jacob deGrom
MMA-PAPete AlonsoAuto
MP-14Pete Alonso
OBT-JDJacob deGrom
OBT-PAPete Alonso


4Juan Soto
4Juan SotoAuto Variation
60Carter Kieboom
90Eric Thames
90Eric ThamesAuto Variation
99Max Scherzer
155Trea Turner
195Stephen Strasburg
195Stephen StrasburgAuto Variation
199Victor Robles
HT-36Juan Soto
HT-37Max Scherzer
IA-JSJuan SotoAuto
IM-29Juan Soto
IM-30Max Scherzer
MMA-JSJuan SotoAuto
MP-4Juan Soto
OBT-JSJuan Soto
OBT-MSMax Scherzer


28DJ Stewart
28DJ StewartAuto Variation
50Hunter HarveyRC
50Hunter HarveyRCAuto Variation
157Cal Ripken Jr.
157Cal Ripken Jr.Auto Variation
HOFA-CRCal Ripken Jr.Auto
HOFG-13Cal Ripken Jr.
OBT-CRJCal Ripken Jr.


67Andres MuñozRC
67Andres MuñozRCAuto Variation
71Eric Hosmer
71Eric HosmerAuto Variation
88Fernando Tatis Jr.
88Fernando Tatis Jr.Auto Variation
131Manny Machado
131Manny MachadoAuto Variation
177Tony Gwynn
HT-38Fernando Tatis Jr.
IA-FTFernando Tatis Jr.Auto
IM-18Fernando Tatis Jr.
MA-7Fernando Tatis Jr.
MA-7Tony Gwynn
MMA-FTFernando Tatis Jr.Auto
MP-5Fernando Tatis Jr.
OBT-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.
OBT-TGTony Gwynn


14Andrew McCutchen
14Andrew McCutchenAuto Variation
38Adam Haseley
38Adam HaseleyAuto Variation
78J.T. Realmuto
78J.T. RealmutoAuto Variation
80Rhys Hoskins
80Rhys HoskinsAuto Variation
82Bryce Harper
82Bryce HarperAuto Variation
181Aaron Nola
181Aaron NolaAuto Variation
HOFA-MSMike SchmidtAuto
HOFG-18Mike Schmidt
HT-35Bryce Harper
IA-BHBryce HarperAuto
IM-28Bryce Harper
OBT-BHBryce Harper


44Colin Moran
44Colin MoranAuto Variation
123Nick Burdi
123Nick BurdiAuto Variation
158Mitch Keller
158Mitch KellerAuto Variation
164Roberto Clemente
176Josh Bell
HOFG-15Roberto Clemente
OBT-RCRoberto Clemente


31Nick SolakRC
31Nick SolakRCAuto Variation
47Corey Kluber
47Corey KluberAuto Variation
95Elvis Andrus
95Elvis AndrusAuto Variation
125Shin-Soo Choo
125Shin-Soo ChooAuto Variation
160Joey Gallo
160Joey GalloAuto Variation


37Ryan Yarbrough
37Ryan YarbroughAuto Variation
65Brendan McKayRC
65Brendan McKayRCAuto Variation
83Yoshi Tsutsugo
83YOSHI TsutsugoRCAuto Variation
116Blake Snell
126Trevor Richards
126Trevor RichardsAuto Variation
185Austin Meadows
185Austin MeadowsAuto Variation
HT-34Brendan McKay

Red Sox

24Xander Bogaerts
24Xander BogaertsAuto Variation
55Rafael Devers
58Chris Sale
58Chris SaleAuto Variation
84Mitch Moreland
84Mitch MorelandAuto Variation
148J.D. Martinez
182Ted Williams
192Andrew Benintendi
192Andrew BenintendiAuto Variation
HOFG-3Ted Williams
HT-6Rafael Devers
MA-2Rafael Devers
MA-2David Ortiz
MMA-RDRafael DeversAuto
MP-16Rafael Devers
OBT-RDRafael Devers
TGCS-TWTed Williams


3Aristides AquinoRC
3Aristides AquinoRCAuto Variation
19Mike Moustakas
19Mike MoustakasAuto Variation
35Shogo Akiyama
35Shogo AkiyamaAuto Variation
46Josh VanMeter
46Josh VanMeterAuto Variation
136Trevor Bauer
136Trevor BauerAuto Variation
149Joey Votto
149Joey VottoAuto Variation
187Johnny Bench
187Johnny BenchAuto Variation
HOFA-BLBarry LarkinAuto
HOFG-12Barry Larkin
HT-9Joey Votto
HT-26Aristides AquinoRC
IM-9Joey Votto
MMA-AAAristides AquinoAuto
MP-8Aristides Aquino
OBT-JVOJoey Votto


11Ryan McMahon
11Ryan McMahonAuto Variation
22Jesus TinocoRC
22Jesus TinocoRCAuto Variation
39Nolan Arenado
114Charlie Blackmon
132Kyle Freeland
132Kyle FreelandAuto Variation
146Sam HilliardRC
146Sam HilliardRCAuto Variation
186Trevor Story
HT-11Nolan Arenado
IM-11Nolan Arenado
MP-12Nolan Arenado
OBT-NANolan Arenado


86Salvador Perez
86Salvador PerezAuto Variation
94Whit Merrifield
113Jorge Soler
174George Brett
HOFG-4George Brett
OBT-GBGeorge Brett


5Matthew Boyd
5Matthew BoydAuto Variation
42Dario AgrazalRC
42Dario AgrazalRCAuto Variation
59Miguel Cabrera
59Miguel CabreraAuto Variation
70Travis DemeritteRC
70Travis DemeritteRCAuto Variation
92Jake RogersRC
92Jake RogersRCAuto Variation
179Ty Cobb
TGCS-HGHank Greenberg


52Lewis ThorpeRC
52Lewis ThorpeRCAuto Variation
63Jose Berrios
63Jose BerriosAuto Variation
87Byron Buxton
111Marwin Gonzalez
111Marwin GonzalezAuto Variation
133Zack Littell
133Zack LittellAuto Variation
165Josh Donaldson
196Nelson Cruz
OBT-NCNelson Cruz

White Sox

21Eloy Jimenez
128Zack CollinsRC
128Zack CollinsRCAuto Variation
144Luis RobertRC
144Luis RobertRCAuto Variation
162Yoan Moncada
171Frank Thomas
171Frank ThomasAuto Variation
HT-29Luis RobertRC
HT-40Eloy Jimenez
IA-LRLuis RobertAuto
IM-3Luis RobertRC
MA-6Luis Robert
MA-6Frank Thomas
MMA-LRLuis RobertAuto
MP-23Eloy Jimenez
MP-28Luis RobertRC
OBT-FTFrank Thomas
OBT-LRLuis RobertRC


2Gleyber Torres
2Gleyber TorresAuto Variation
36Gerrit Cole
36Gerrit ColeAuto Variation
40Gary Sanchez
40Gary SanchezAuto Variation
43Luis Severino
43Luis SeverinoAuto Variation
48Mike KingRC
48Mike KingRCAuto Variation
93Tommy Kahnle
93Tommy KahnleAuto Variation
100Aaron Judge
100Aaron JudgeAuto Variation
112Jordan Montgomery
112Jordan MontgomeryAuto Variation
127Mike Tauchman
127Mike TauchmanAuto Variation
151Miguel Andujar
173Babe Ruth
191Don Mattingly
191Don MattinglyAuto Variation
200Derek Jeter
200Derek JeterAuto Variation
HOFA-DJDerek JeterAuto
HOFA-MRMariano RiveraAuto
HOFG-1Lou Gehrig
HOFG-2Derek Jeter
HOFG-20Mariano Rivera
HT-21Gleyber Torres
HT-22Aaron Judge
HT-23Giancarlo Stanton
IA-AJAaron JudgeAuto
IA-GCGerrit ColeAuto
IM-19Aaron Judge
IM-24Gerrit Cole
MA-1Aaron Judge
MA-1Don Mattingly
MMA-AJAaron JudgeAuto
MMA-GTGleyber TorresAuto
MP-10Gleyber Torres
MP-27Aaron Judge
OBT-AJAaron Judge
OBT-BRBabe Ruth
OBT-DJDerek Jeter
OBT-DMDon Mattingly
OBT-GCGerrit Cole
TGCS-JDJoe DiMaggio
TGCS-RMRoger Maris

Artist Promo

AP-1Maz Adams
AP-1Carlos Cabaleiro
AP-1Dan Bergren
AP-1Angel Aviles
AP-2Mayumi Seto
AP-2John Giancaspro
AP-2Kevin Graham
AP-3Todd Aaron Smith
AP-3Matt Stewart
AP-3Josh Trout