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2020 Topps Formula 1 Chrome is the first chrome F1 product ever released by Topps. The set highlights the 2020/2021 season’s drivers, team principals, crews, and cars from F1 and F2.

Autographs are included in every-other hobby box and there are a number of parallels and inserts to boost the 200 card base set. The base set is divided into various topics such as Grand Prix Winners (#133-153), Grand Prix Driver of the Day (#154-173), F1 Award Winners (#194-197), Team Logos (#112-132), and F1 Freshest (#198-200)

This checklist is divided by racing team. Scroll through the entire list or jump to a preferred team by selecting them from the list below. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings.

Release date – 4/23/2021
Cards per hobby pack – 4
Packs per hobby box – 18
Hobby boxes per case – 12

2020 Topps Formula 1 Chrome Checklist

Base Set – 200 cards
Refractor – 1:3 packs
Purple Refractor – #/399
Gold Refractor – #/50
Gold Wave Refractor – #/50
Orange Refractor – #/25
Orange Wave Refractor – #/25
Red Refractor – #/5
Red Wave Refractor – #/5
SuperFractor – 1/1

Track Tags (TT) – 15 cards
Gold Refractor – #/50
Gold Wave Refractor – #/50
Orange Refractor – #/25
Red Refractor – #/5
SuperFractor – 1/1

1954 Topps World on Wheels (54W) – 35 Cards
Gold Refractor – #/50
Gold Wave Refractor – #/50
Orange Refractor – #/25
Red Refractor – #/5
SuperFractor – 1/1

Chrome Auto (F1A) – 52 Cards
Green Refractor – #/99
Gold Refractor – #/50
Gold Wave Refractor – #/50
Orange Refractor – #/25
Red Refractor – #/5
SuperFractor – 1/1

Printing Plates – 1/1

Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN

15Kimi Räikkönen
16Antonio Giovinazzi
188Kimi Räikkönen
189Antonio Giovinazzi
95Frederic Vasseur
96Jan Monchaux
35Kimi Räikkönen
36Antonio Giovinazzi
119Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN
TT-11Kimi Räikkönen
TT-12Antonio Giovinazzi
54W-12Kimi Räikkönen
54W-13Antonio Giovinazzi
54W-23Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN C39
F1A-AGAntonio GiovinazziAutograph
F1A-FVFrederic VasseurAutograph
F1A-KRKimi RäikkönenAutograph

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing

5Alexander Albon
6Max Verstappen
178Alexander Albon
179Max Verstappen
90Christian Horner
91Pierre Wache
25Alexander Albon
26Max Verstappen
141Max Verstappen
143Max Verstappen
152Max Verstappen
158Max Verstappen
159Max Verstappen
162Max Verstappen
164Max Verstappen
165Max Verstappen
171Max Verstappen
172Alexander Albon
173Max Verstappen
114Aston Martin Red Bull Racing
198Alexander Albon
TT-5Max Verstappen
54W-4Alexander Albon
54W-5Max Verstappen
54W-18Aston Martin Red Bull Racing RB16
5Alexander AlbonImage Variant
6Max VerstappenImage Variant
F1A-AAAlexander AlbonAutograph
F1A-CHChristian HornerAutograph
F1A-MVMax VerstappenAutograph

BWT Racing Point F1 Team

13Sergio Pérez
14Lance Stroll
186Sergio Pérez
187Lance Stroll
92Otmar Szafnauer
33Sergio Pérez
34Lance Stroll
TT-10Sergio Pérez
54W-10Sergio Pérez
54W-11Lance Stroll
54W-22Racing Point RP20
F1A-LSLance StrollAutograph
F1A-OSOtmar SzafnauerAutograph
F1A-SPSergio PérezAutograph
118BWT Racing Point F1® Team

DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award

194Aston Martin Red Bull Racing

Haas F1 Team

17Romain Grosjean
18Kevin Magnussen
190Romain Grosjean
191Kevin Magnussen
93Guenther Steiner
37Romain Grosjean
38Kevin Magnussen
120Haas F1® Team
54W-14Romain Grosjean
54W-24Haas VF-20
54W-34Kevin Magnussen
F1A-GSGuenther SteinerAutograph
F1A-KMKevin MagnussenAutograph
F1A-RGRomain GrosjeanAutograph

McLaren F1 Team

7Lando Norris
8Carlos Sainz
180Lando Norris
181Carlos Sainz
88Andreas Seidl
89James Key
27Lando Norris
28Carlos Sainz
161Lando Norris
166Lando Norris
115McLaren F1® Team
199Lando Norris
TT-6Carlos Sainz
54W-6Lando Norris
54W-32Carlos Sainz
7Lando NorrisImage Variant
F1A-ASAndreas SeidlAutograph
F1A-CSCarlos SainzAutograph
F1A-LNLando NorrisAutograph
54W-19McLaren MCL35

Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team

1Lewis Hamilton
2Valtteri Bottas
174Lewis Hamilton
175Valtteri Bottas
98Toto Wolff
99James Allison
100Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team
21Lewis Hamilton
22Valtteri Bottas
133Valtteri Bottas
134Lewis Hamilton
135Lewis Hamilton
136Valtteri Bottas
137Lewis Hamilton
138Lewis Hamilton
139Lewis Hamilton
140Lewis Hamilton
142Lewis Hamilton
144Lewis Hamilton
148Lewis Hamilton
149Valtteri Bottas
150Lewis Hamilton
151Valtteri Bottas
153Lewis Hamilton
154Valtteri Bottas
170Valtteri Bottas
195Lewis Hamilton
196Valtteri Bottas
196Lewis / Valtteri Hamilton / Bottas
197Lewis Hamilton
112Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team
TT-1Lewis Hamilton
TT-2Valtteri Bottas
54W-1Valtteri Bottas
54W-2Lewis Hamilton
54W-16Mercedes-AMG F1 W11 EQ Performance
1Lewis HamiltonImage Variant
2Valtteri BottasImage Variant
F1A-LHLewis HamiltonAutograph
F1A-TWToto WolffAutograph
F1A-VBValtteri BottasAutograph

Renault DP World F1 Team

9Daniel Ricciardo
10Esteban Ocon
182Daniel Ricciardo
183Esteban Ocon
85Cyril Abiteboul
29Daniel Ricciardo
30Esteban Ocon
116Renault DP World F1® Team
TT-7Daniel Ricciardo
54W-7Esteban Ocon
54W-20Renault R.S.20
54W-33Daniel Ricciardo
10Esteban OconImage Variant
F1A-CABCyril AbiteboulAutograph
F1A-DRDaniel RicciardoAutograph
F1A-EOEsteban OconAutograph

Scuderia Alpha Tauri

11Pierre Gasly
12Daniil Kvyat
184Pierre Gasly
185Daniil Kvyat
94Franz Tost
31Pierre Gasly
32Daniil Kvyat
117Scuderia AlphaTauri
TT-8Pierre Gasly
TT-9Daniil Kvyat
54W-8Pierre Gasly
54W-9Daniil Kvyat
54W-21AlphaTauri AT01
11Pierre GaslyImage Variant
F1A-DKDaniil KvyatAutograph
F1A-FTFranz TostAutograph
F1A-PGPierre GaslyAutograph

Scuderia Ferrari

3Sebastian Vettel
4Charles Leclerc
176Sebastian Vettel
177Charles Leclerc
86Mattia Binotto
23Sebastian Vettel
24Charles Leclerc
145Charles Leclerc
146Charles Leclerc
147Sebastian Vettel
155Charles Leclerc
157Charles Leclerc
160Sebastian Vettel
163Charles Leclerc
167Charles Leclerc
168Sebastian Vettel
169Sebastian Vettel
113Scuderia Ferrari
TT-3Sebastian Vettel
TT-4Charles Leclerc
54W-3Charles Leclerc
54W-17Ferrari SF1000 
54W-31Sebastian Vettel
3Sebastian VettelImage Variant
4Charles LeclercImage Variant
F1A-CLCharles LeclercAutograph
F1A-MBMattia BinottoAutograph
F1A-SVSebastian VettelAutograph

Scuderia Toro Rosso

156Alexander Albon

Williams Racing

19George Russell
20Nicholas Latifi
192George Russell
193Nicholas Latifi
87Simon Roberts
97Claire Williams
39George Russell
40Nicholas Latifi
121Williams Racing
200George Russell
54W-15George Russell
54W-25Williams FW43
54W-35Nicholas Latifi
19George RussellImage Variant
F1A-FWClaire WilliamsAutograph
F1A-GRGeorge RussellAutograph
F1A-NLNicholas LatifiAutograph
F1A-SRSimon RobertsAutograph

F2 – Art Grand Prix

45Marcus Armstrong
46Christian Lundgaard
67Marcus Armstrong
68Christian Lundgaard
124Art Grand Prix
F1A-LUChristian LundgaardAutograph
F1A-MAMarcus ArmstrongAutograph


51Artem Markelov
73Artem Markelov
127BWT HWA Racelab
TT-14Artem Markelov
F1A-AMArtem MarkelovAutograph
F1A-GAGIULIANO AlesiAutograph

F2 – Campos Racing

61Jack Aitken
62Guilherme Samaia
83Jack Aitken
84Guilherme Samaia
132Campos Racing
54W-30Jack Aitken
F1A-GLGuilherme SamaiaAutograph
F1A-JAJack AitkenAutograph

F2 – Carlin

59Jehan Daruvala
60Yuki Tsunoda
81Jehan Daruvala
82Yuki Tsunoda
54W-28Yuki Tsunoda
F1A-JDJehan DaruvalaAutograph
F1A-YTYuki TsunodaAutograph

F2 – Charouz Racing System

47Louis Delétraz
48Pedro Piquet
69Louis Delétraz
70Pedro Piquet
125Charouz Racing System
54W-27Louis Delétraz
F1A-LDLouis DelétrazAutograph
F1A-PPPedro PiquetAutograph

F2 – Dams

41Sean Gelael
42Dan Ticktum
63Sean Gelael
64Dan Ticktum
TT-13Sean Gelael
F1A-DTDan TicktumAutograph
F1A-SGSean GelaelAutograph

F2 – Hitech Grand Prix

57Nikita Mazepin
58Luca Ghiotto
79Nikita Mazepin
80Luca Ghiotto
130Hitech Grand Prix
54W-29Luca Ghiotto
F1A-LGLuca GhiottoAutograph
F1A-NMNikita MazepinAutograph

F2 – MP Motorsport

49Nobuharu Matsushita
50Felipe Drugovich
71Nobuharu Matsushita
72Felipe Drugovich
126MP Motorsport
F1A-FDFelipe DrugovichAutograph

F2 – Prema Racing

53Mick Schumacher
54Robert Shwartzman
75Mick Schumacher
76Robert Shwartzman
128Prema Racing
TT-15Mick Schumacher
F1A-MCMick SchumacherAutograph
F1A-RSRobert ShwartzmanAutograph

F2 – Trident

55Roy Nissany
56Marino Sato
77Roy Nissany
78Marino Sato
F1A-MSMarino SatoAutograph
F1A-RNRoy NissanyAutograph

F2 – Uni-Virtuosi Racing

43Guanyu Zhou
44Callum Ilott
65Guanyu Zhou
66Callum Ilott
123Uni-Virtuosi Racing
54W-26Guanyu Zhou
F1A-CICallum IlottAutograph
F1A-GZGuanyu ZhouAutograph