2020 Topps Definitive Collection Baseball Checklist

By: Lisa Weatherall

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2020 Topps Definitive Collection Baseball features new hard-signed cards and numerous memorabilia options.

Each of the hobby exclusive boxes offers six autographs or autographed relics, and two relic cards. And, every card is #/50 or less.

Additionally, there are several case hits including Framed Autograph Collection, Autograph Patch Book Collection, and the rare one-of-one Definitive Cut Signatures.

Release Date: April 22, 2020

Our checklist includes all of the cards in the series and can be sorted or searched by many different parameters. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings for that card.

2020 Topps Definitive Collection Baseball Checklist
Base Autograph Relic Collection (ARC) – 48 Cards
Base – #/50 or less
Green – #/25
Purple – #/10
Team Logo Red – 1/1
MLB Logo Red – 1/1
Brand Logo Red – 1/1
Jersey Button Red – 1/1
Laundry Tag Red – 1/1
Autograph Patch Book Collection (DAPB) – 28 Cards
Base – #/5 or less
Red – 1/1
Defining Accolades Autograph Collection (DAAC) – 25 Cards
Base – #/10 or less
Purple – #/5
Red – 1/1
Defining the Decade Autograph Collection (DDAC) – 38 Cards
Base – #/10 or less
Purple – #/5
Red – 1/1
Definitive Autograph Collection (DCA) – 47 Cards
Base – #’d
Red – 1/1
Definitive Autographed Ultra Patch Collection (DAUP) – 10 Cards
Base – #’d
Definitive Autograph Relics (DARC) – 51 Cards
Base – #/40 or less
Green – #/10
Purple – #/5
Red – 1/1
Definitive Cut Signatures (DCS) – 43 Cards
Base – 1/1
Definitive Helmet Collection (DHC) – 10 Cards
Base – #/50 or less
Purple – #/5
MLB Logo Red – 1/1
Rawlings Authentic Tag Red – 1/1
Rawlings Logo Red – 1/1
MPH Red – 1/1
Definitive Nameplate Collection (NC) – 69 Subjects
Base – 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection (DPC) – 100 Cards
Base – 1/1
Definitive Rookie Autographs (DRA) – 37 Cards
Base – #/50
Green – #/25
Purple – #/10
Red – 1/1
Dual Autograph Collection (DAC) – 38 Cards
Base – #/35 or less
Green – #/10
Purple – #/5
Red – 1/1
Dual Autographed Relic Collection (DAR) – 25 Cards
Base – #/35 or less
Purple – #/10 or less
Red – 1/1
Framed Autograph Collection (DCFA) – 40 Cards
Base – #/30 or less
Purple – #/10
Red – 1/1
Framed Autograph Patch Collection (FAC) – 29 Cards
Base – #/30 or less
Purple – #/10
Red – 1/1
Jumbo Relic Collection (DJRC) – 53 Cards
Base – #/50
Blue – #/30
Green – #/15
Purple – #/5
Red – 1/1
Legendary Autograph Collection (LAC) – 41 Cards
Base – #/25 or less
Purple – #/5 or less
Red – 1/1
DCA-ABRYordan AlvarezAstrosRC
DCA-AJAaron JudgeYankees
DCA-APAndy PettitteYankees
DCA-ARAnthony RizzoCubs
DCA-BBBo BichetteBlue JaysRC
DCA-BHBryce HarperPhillies
DCA-BLBarry LarkinReds
DCA-CCCC SabathiaYankees
DCA-CJChipper JonesBraves
DCA-CKClayton KershawDodgers
DCA-CKLChristian YelichBrewers
DCA-CRCal Ripken Jr.Orioles
DCA-DEDennis EckersleyAthletics
DCA-DMDale MurphyBraves
DCA-DMADon MattinglyYankees
DCA-EJPete AlonsoMets
DCA-FLFrancisco LindorIndians
DCA-FTFrank ThomasWhite Sox
DCA-GSFernando Tatis Jr.Padres
DCA-HAHank AaronBraves
DCA-HMHideki MatsuiYankees
DCA-JAJose AltuveAstros
DCA-JBEJohnny BenchReds
DCA-JDEJacob deGromMets
DCA-JSJuan SotoNationals
DCA-JSMJohn SmoltzBraves
DCA-JTJim ThomeIndians
DCA-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
DCA-LSLuis SeverinoYankees
DCA-MCAMiguel CabreraTigers
DCA-MMCMark McGwireAthletics
DCA-MTMike TroutAngels
DCA-NRNolan RyanAstros
DCA-OSOzzie SmithCardinals
DCA-RARoberto AlomarBlue Jays
DCA-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Braves
DCA-RDRafael DeversRed Sox
DCA-RHRhys HoskinsPhillies
DCA-RJReggie JacksonYankees
DCA-RSRyne SandbergCubs
DCA-SKSandy KoufaxDodgers
DCA-SOShohei OhtaniAngels
DCA-TGTom GlavineBraves
DCA-VGVladimir GuerreroMontréal Expos
DCA-WCWill ClarkGiants
DCA-XBXander BogaertsRed Sox
LAC-ADAndre DawsonCubs
LAC-AKAl KalineTigers
LAC-APAndy PettitteYankees
LAC-ARAlex RodriguezYankees
LAC-BLBarry LarkinReds
LAC-BWBernie WilliamsYankees
LAC-CFCarlton FiskRed Sox
LAC-CJChipper JonesBraves
LAC-CRCal Ripken Jr.Orioles
LAC-CYCarl YastrzemskiRed Sox
LAC-DEDennis EckersleyAthletics
LAC-DMDale MurphyBraves
LAC-DMADon MattinglyYankees
LAC-DSTDarryl StrawberryMets
LAC-FMFred McGriffBraves
LAC-FTFrank ThomasWhite Sox
LAC-HAHank AaronBraves
LAC-JBJohnny BenchReds
LAC-JBAJeff BagwellAstros
LAC-JMJuan MarichalGiants
LAC-JSJohn SmoltzBraves
LAC-JTJim ThomeIndians
LAC-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
LAC-LBLou BrockCardinals
LAC-MMMike MussinaOrioles
LAC-MMCMark McGwireAthletics
LAC-NGNomar GarciaparraRed Sox
LAC-NRNolan RyanAstros
LAC-OSOzzie SmithCardinals
LAC-RARoberto AlomarIndians
LAC-RCRod CarewTwins
LAC-RCLRoger ClemensBlue Jays
LAC-RJAReggie JacksonAthletics
LAC-RSRyne SandbergCubs
LAC-RYRobin YountBrewers
LAC-SCSteve CarltonPhillies
LAC- SKSandy KoufaxDodgers
LAC-TGTom GlavineBraves
LAC-WBWade BoggsYankees
LAC-WCWill ClarkGiants
DCFA-AAAristides AquinoRedsRC
DCFA-AJAaron JudgeYankees
DCFA-BBBo BichetteBlue JaysRC
DCFA-BHBryce HarperPhillies
DCFA-CJChipper JonesBraves
DCFA-CKClayton KershawDodgers
DCFA-CRJCal Ripken Jr.Orioles
DCFA-CSChris SaleRed Sox
DCFA-CYChristian YelichBrewers
DCFA-CYACarl YastrzemskiRed Sox
DCFA-DMDon MattinglyYankees
DCFA-FLFrancisco LindorIndians
DCFA-FTFrank ThomasWhite Sox
DCFA-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Padres
DCFA-GLGavin LuxDodgersRC
DCFA-GTGleyber TorresYankees
DCFA-HAHank AaronBraves
DCFA-HMHideki MatsuiYankees
DCFA-JAJose AltuveAstros
DCFA-JBJeff BagwellAstros
DCFA-JDJacob deGromMets
DCFA-JSJuan SotoNationals
DCFA-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
DCFA-MMMark McGwireAthletics
DCFA-MTMike TroutAngels
DCFA-NRNolan RyanAstros
DCFA-OSOzzie SmithCardinals
DCFA-PAPete AlonsoMets
DCFA-PGPaul GoldschmidtCardinals
DCFA-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Braves
DCFA-RDRafael DeversRed Sox
DCFA-RHRickey HendersonAthletics
DCFA-RHORhys HoskinsPhillies
DCFA-RJAReggie JacksonYankees
DCFA-RSRyne SandbergCubs
DCFA-SKSandy KoufaxDodgers
DCFA-SOShohei OhtaniAngels
DCFA-WCWill ClarkGiants
DCFA-YAYordan AlvarezAstrosRC
DRA-AAAristides AquinoRedsRC
DRA-AAQAristides AquinoRedsRC
DRA-AAQUAristides AquinoRedsRC
DRA-APA.J. PukAthleticsRC
DRA-APUA.J. PukAthleticsRC
DRA-BBBo BichetteBlue JaysRC
DRA-BBIBo BichetteBlue JaysRC
DRA-BMBrendan McKayRaysRC
DRA-BMCBrendan McKayRaysRC
DRA-BOBBo BichetteBlue JaysRC
DRA-BRMBrendan McKayRaysRC
DRA-DCDylan CeaseWhite SoxRC
DRA-DCEDylan CeaseWhite SoxRC
DRA-DMDustin MayDodgersRC
DRA-DMADustin MayDodgersRC
DRA-GLGavin LuxDodgersRC
DRA-GLUGavin LuxDodgersRC
DRA-GLUXGavin LuxDodgersRC
DRA-JLJesus LuzardoAthleticsRC
DRA-JLUJesus LuzardoAthleticsRC
DRA-JOYJordan YamamotoMarlinsRC
DRA-JYJordan YamamotoMarlinsRC
DRA-KLKyle LewisMarinersRC
DRA-KLEKyle LewisMarinersRC
DRA-LRLuis RobertWhite SoxRC
DRA-LROLuis RobertWhite SoxRC
DRA-LUZJesus LuzardoAthleticsRC
DRA-NHNico HoernerCubsRC
DRA-NHONico HoernerCubsRC
DRA-NHRNico HoernerCubsRC
DRA-SMSean MurphyAthleticsRC
DRA-SMUSean MurphyAthleticsRC
DRA-TGTrent GrishamBrewersRC
DRA-TGRTrent GrishamBrewersRC
DRA-YAYordan AlvarezAstrosRC
DRA-YALYordan AlvarezAstrosRC
DRA-YOAYordan AlvarezAstrosRC
DAC-AAMike TroutAngels
DAC-AAShohei OhtaniAngels
DAC-AGHank AaronBraves
DAC-AGKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
DAC-ALRoberto AlomarIndians
DAC-ALFrancisco LindorIndians
DAC-ASJuan SotoNationals
DAC-ASRonald Acuña Jr.Braves
DAC-ATMike TroutAngels
DAC-ATHank AaronBraves
DAC-BAJeff BagwellAstros
DAC-BAJose AltuveAstros
DAC-BDRafael DeversRed Sox
DAC-BDXander BogaertsRed Sox
DAC-BRAnthony RizzoCubs
DAC-BRKris BryantCubs
DAC-CEDennis EckersleyAthletics
DAC-CEJose CansecoAthletics
DAC-CNAaron NolaPhillies
DAC-CNSteve CarltonPhillies
DAC-DAJacob deGromMets
DAC-DAPete AlonsoMets
DAC-FVJason VaritekRed Sox
DAC-FVCarlton FiskRed Sox
DAC-GBVladimir Guerrero Jr.Blue Jays
DAC-GBBo BichetteBlue JaysRC
DAC-GTKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
DAC-GTMike TroutAngels
DAC-HHRhys HoskinsPhillies
DAC-HHBryce HarperPhillies
DAC-HMRickey HendersonAthletics
DAC-HMMark McGwireAthletics
DAC-IMHideki MatsuiYankees
DAC-IOShohei OhtaniAngels
DAC-JYJose AltuveAstros
DAC-JYYordan AlvarezAstrosRC
DAC-KCMiguel CabreraTigers
DAC-KCAl KalineTigers
DAC-KFFrank ThomasWhite Sox
DAC-KFKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
DAC-MCMark McGwireAthletics
DAC-MCWill ClarkGiants
DAC-MJChipper JonesBraves
DAC-MJDale MurphyBraves
DAC-MLGavin LuxDodgersRC
DAC-MLMax MuncyDodgers
DAC-MSChris SaleRed Sox
DAC-MSJ.D. MartinezRed Sox
DAC-MTDon MattinglyYankees
DAC-MTGleyber TorresYankees
DAC-NRNolan RyanCalifornia Angels
DAC-NRRod CarewCalifornia Angels
DAC-OMPedro MartinezRed Sox
DAC-OMDavid OrtizRed Sox
DAC-PCWill ClarkGiants
DAC-PCBuster PoseyGiants
DAC-PMMike MussinaYankees
DAC-PMAndy PettitteYankees
DAC-RCGerrit ColeAstros
DAC-RCNolan RyanAstros
DAC-SAPete AlonsoMets
DAC-SADarryl StrawberryMets
DAC-SGPaul GoldschmidtCardinals
DAC-SGOzzie SmithCardinals
DAC-SRRyne SandbergCubs
DAC-SRAnthony RizzoCubs
DAC-TJFrank ThomasWhite Sox
DAC-TJEloy JimenezWhite Sox
DAC-VAAristides AquinoReds
DAC-VAJoey VottoReds
DAC-VFVladimir Guerrero Jr.Blue Jays
DAC-VFFernando Tatis Jr.Padres
DAC-YYRobin YountBrewers
DAC-YYChristian YelichBrewers
DDAC-APAndy PettitteYankees
DDAC-ARAlex RodriguezYankees
DDAC-AROAlex RodriguezYankees
DDAC-ARODAlex RodriguezYankees
DDAC-BGBob GibsonCardinals
DDAC-CKClayton KershawDodgers
DDAC-CYCarl YastrzemskiRed Sox
DDAC-FTFrank ThomasWhite Sox
DDAC-HAHank AaronBraves
DDAC-HANHank AaronBraves
DDAC-JBJohnny BenchReds
DDAC-JMJuan MarichalGiants
DDAC-JVJoey VottoReds
DDAC-LBLou BrockCardinals
DDAC-MCMiguel CabreraTigers
DDAC-MGMark GraceCubs
DDAC-MMMark McGwireCardinals
DDAC-MMCMark McGwireAthletics
DDAC-MRMariano RiveraYankees
DDAC-MTMike TroutAngels
DDAC-MTRMike TroutAngels
DDAC-MTROMike TroutAngels
DDAC-NRNolan RyanAstros
DDAC-NRYNolan RyanCalifornia Angels
DDAC-PMPedro MartinezRed Sox
DDAC-RCRod CarewTwins
DDAC-RCARod CarewTwins
DDAC-RFRollie FingersAthletics
DDAC-RHRickey HendersonAthletics
DDAC-RHERickey HendersonAthletics
DDAC-RHENRickey HendersonYankees
DDAC-RJORandy JohnsonMariners
DDAC-RYRobin YountBrewers
DDAC-RYORobin YountBrewers
DDAC-SKSandy KoufaxDodgers
DDAC-WBWade BoggsRed Sox
DDAC-WBOWade BoggsRed Sox
DAAC-AJAaron JudgeYankees
DAAC-BGBob GibsonCardinals
DAAC-CRCal Ripken Jr.Orioles
DAAC-CSCC SabathiaIndians
DAAC-CYChristian YelichBrewers
DAAC-DMDon MattinglyYankees
DAAC-DMUDale MurphyBraves
DAAC-DSDarryl StrawberryMets
DAAC-FTFrank ThomasWhite Sox
DAAC-HAHank AaronBraves
DAAC-JBJohnny BenchReds
DAAC-JBAJeff BagwellAstros
DAAC-JDJacob deGromMets
DAAC-MCMiguel CabreraTigers
DAAC-MMMark McGwireAthletics
DAAC-MTMike TroutAngels
DAAC-PAPete AlonsoMets
DAAC-RARonald Acuña Jr.Braves
DAAC-RCRod CarewTwins
DAAC-RSRyne SandbergCubs
DAAC-RYRobin YountBrewers
DAAC-SCSteve CarltonPhillies
DAAC-SOShohei OhtaniAngels
DAAC-YAYordan AlvarezAstrosRC
ARC-ABAndrew BenintendiRed Sox
ARC-AJAaron JudgeYankees
ARC-ANAaron NolaPhillies
ARC-ARAnthony RizzoCubs
ARC-BBBo BichetteBlue JaysRC
ARC-BHBryce HarperPhillies
ARC-BMBrendan McKayRaysRC
ARC-BPBuster PoseyGiants
ARC-CKClayton KershawDodgers
ARC-CKICarter KieboomNationals
ARC-CSCC SabathiaYankees
ARC-CSAChris SaleRed Sox
ARC-CYChristian YelichBrewers
ARC-DODavid OrtizRed Sox
ARC-DSDansby SwansonBraves
ARC-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Padres
ARC-GCGerrit ColeAstros
ARC-GSGeorge SpringerAstros
ARC-GTGleyber TorresYankees
ARC-JAJose AltuveAstros
ARC-JDJacob deGromMets
ARC-JDMJ.D. MartinezRed Sox
ARC-JSJuan SotoNationals
ARC-JVJoey VottoReds
ARC-KBKris BryantCubs
ARC-KGKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
ARC-KHKeston HiuraBrewers
ARC-MCAMiguel CabreraTigers
ARC-MKEMax KeplerTwins
ARC-MTMike TroutAngels
ARC-MTAMasahiro TanakaYankees
ARC-MTEMark TeixeiraYankees
ARC-NANolan ArenadoRockies
ARC-NSNick SenzelReds
ARC-PAPete AlonsoMets
ARC-PCPatrick CorbinNationals
ARC-PGPaul GoldschmidtCardinals
ARC-PdPaul deJongCardinals
ARC-RARonald Acuña Jr.Braves
ARC-RDRafael DeversRed Sox
ARC-RHRhys HoskinsPhillies
ARC-SOShohei OhtaniAngels
ARC-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.Blue Jays
ARC-WBWalker BuehlerDodgers
ARC-WCWillson ContrerasCubs
ARC-WMWhit MerrifieldRoyals
ARC-XBXander BogaertsRed Sox
ARC-YAYordan AlvarezAstrosRC
DAPB-ABAndrew BenintendiRed Sox
DAPB-ABEJuan SotoNationals
DAPB-ARAnthony RizzoCubs
DAPB-BHBryce HarperPhillies
DAPB-BOBo BichetteBlue JaysRC
DAPB-BPBuster PoseyGiants
DAPB-CKClayton KershawDodgers
DAPB-CSAChris SaleRed Sox
DAPB-CYChristian YelichBrewers
DAPB-DODavid OrtizRed Sox
DAPB-DPJ.D. MartinezRed Sox
DAPB-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Padres
DAPB-GSPGeorge SpringerAstros
DAPB-JAJose AltuveAstros
DAPB-JBNolan ArenadoRockies
DAPB-JDJacob deGromMets
DAPB-JVJoey VottoReds
DAPB-KBKris BryantCubs
DAPB-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
DAPB-MCAMiguel CabreraTigers
DAPB-MTMike TroutAngels
DAPB-MTEMark TeixeiraYankees
DAPB-PGPaul GoldschmidtCardinals
DAPB-RARonald Acuña Jr.Braves
DAPB-RDRafael DeversRed Sox
DAPB-RHRhys HoskinsPhillies
DAPB-WCWillson ContrerasCubs
DAPB-XBXander BogaertsRed Sox
DARC-ANAndy PettitteAstros
DARC-APAndy PettitteYankees
DARC-BLBarry LarkinReds
DARC-BWBernie WilliamsYankees
DARC-CFCarlton FiskRed Sox
DARC-CFICarlton FiskWhite Sox
DARC-CJChipper JonesBraves
DARC-CRCal Ripken Jr.Orioles
DARC-CYCarl YastrzemskiRed Sox
DARC-DMDon MattinglyYankees
DARC-DMUDale MurphyBraves
DARC-DSDarryl StrawberryMets
DARC-FMFred McGriffBraves
DARC-FTFrank ThomasWhite Sox
DARC-HAHank AaronBraves
DARC-HMHideki MatsuiYankees
DARC-JBJohnny BenchReds
DARC-JBAJeff BagwellAstros
DARC-JCJose CansecoAthletics
DARC-JPJorge PosadaYankees
DARC-JSJohn SmoltzBraves
DARC-JTJim ThomeWhite Sox
DARC-JTHJim ThomePhillies
DARC-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
DARC-KGJRKen Griffey Jr.Reds
DARC-MMMark McGwireAthletics
DARC-MRMariano RiveraYankees
DARC-NGNomar GarciaparraRed Sox
DARC-NRNolan RyanAstros
DARC-NRYNolan RyanRangers
DARC-OSOzzie SmithCardinals
DARC-PMPedro MartinezRed Sox
DARC-RARoberto AlomarBlue Jays
DARC-RCRoger ClemensRed Sox
DARC-RCARod CarewCalifornia Angels
DARC-RCARRod CarewTwins
DARC-RHRickey HendersonAthletics
DARC-RJRandy JohnsonMariners
DARC-RJAReggie JacksonYankees
DARC-RJACReggie JacksonAthletics
DARC-RSRyne SandbergCubs
DARC-RYRobin YountBrewers
DARC-SCSteve CarltonPhillies
DARC-TGTom GlavineMets
DARC-TRTim RainesMontréal Expos
DARC-VGVladimir GuerreroMontréal Expos
DARC-WBWade BoggsYankees
DARC-WBOWade BoggsDevil Rays
DARC-WCWill ClarkGiants
DAR-ACGerrit ColeAstros
DAR-ACJose AltuveAstros
DAR-ARNolan ArenadoRockies
DAR-ARBrendan RodgersRockies
DAR-ASGeorge SpringerAstros
DAR-ASJose AltuveAstros
DAR-BBXander BogaertsRed Sox
DAR-BBAndrew BenintendiRed Sox
DAR-BRKris BryantCubs
DAR-BRAnthony RizzoCubs
DAR-DAPete AlonsoMets
DAR-DAJacob deGromMets
DAR-DBRafael DeversRed Sox
DAR-DBXander BogaertsRed Sox
DAR-DFJack FlahertyCardinals
DAR-DFPaul DeJongCardinals
DAR-DRAustin RileyBraves
DAR-DRDansby SwansonBraves
DAR-GBBo BichetteBlue JaysRC
DAR-GBVladimir Guerrero Jr.Blue Jays
DAR-GTKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
DAR-GTMike TroutAngels
DAR-HNRhys HoskinsPhillies
DAR-HNAaron NolaPhillies
DAR-HYKeston HiuraBrewers
DAR-HYChristian YelichBrewers
DAR-JYYordan AlvarezAstrosRC
DAR-JYJose AltuveAstros
DAR-MDPedro MartinezMets
DAR-MDJacob deGromMets
DAR-NANick SenzelReds
DAR-NAAristides AquinoRedsRC
DAR-ODRafael DeversRed Sox
DAR-ODDavid OrtizRed Sox
DAR-OMDavid OrtizRed Sox
DAR-OMJ.D. MartinezRed Sox
DAR-SAGeorge SpringerAstros
DAR-SAYordan AlvarezAstrosRC
DAR-SMBlake SnellRays
DAR-SMBrendan McKayRaysRC
DAR-TPFernando Tatis Jr.Padres
DAR-TPChris PaddackPadres
DAR-TSMark TeixeiraYankees
DAR-TSCC SabathiaYankees
DAR-TYMike TroutAngels
DAR-TYChristian YelichBrewers
DAR-VSJoey VottoReds
DAR-VSNick SenzelReds
DAR-YHRobin YountBrewers
DAR-YHKeston HiuraBrewers
FAC-ABAndrew BenintendiRed Sox
FAC-AJAaron JudgeYankees
FAC-BBBo BichetteBlue JaysRC
FAC-BPBuster PoseyGiants
FAC-DODavid OrtizRed Sox
FAC-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Padres
FAC-GCGerrit ColeAstros
FAC-GSGeorge SpringerAstros
FAC-GTGleyber TorresYankees
FAC-JAJose AltuveAstros
FAC-JMJ.D. MartinezRed Sox
FAC-JSJuan SotoNationals
FAC-JVJoey VottoReds
FAC-KBKris BryantCubs
FAC-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
FAC-KHKeston HiuraBrewers
FAC-MCMiguel CabreraTigers
FAC-MTMike TroutAngels
FAC-MTEMark TeixeiraYankees
FAC-NANolan ArenadoRockies
FAC-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Braves
FAC-RDRafael DeversRed Sox
FAC-RHRhys HoskinsPhillies
FAC-SOShohei OhtaniAngels
FAC-TGTom GlavineMets
FAC-WBWalker BuehlerDodgers
FAC-WCWillson ContrerasCubs
FAC-XBXander BogaertsRed Sox
FAC-YAYordan AlvarezAstrosRC
DAUP-PGPaul GoldschmidtCardinals
DAUPC-CJChipper JonesBraves
DAUPC-CYChristian YelichBrewers
DAUPC-DODavid OrtizRed Sox
DAUPC-JSJohn SmoltzBraves
DAUPC-KHKeston HiuraBrewers
DAUPC-MTMike TroutAngels
DAUPC-RHRhys HoskinsPhillies
DAUPC-WBWalker BuehlerDodgers
DAUPC-XBXander BogaertsRed Sox
DHC-ARAnthony RizzoCubs
DHC-EJEloy JimenezWhite Sox
DHC-FFFreddie FreemanBraves
DHC-FLFrancisco LindorIndians
DHC-GSGeorge SpringerAstros
DHC-JSJuan SotoNationals
DHC-KHKeston HiuraBrewers
DHC-OAOzzie AlbiesBraves
DHC-RHRhys HoskinsPhillies
DHC-TSTrevor StoryRockies
NC-ABAlex BregmanAstros
NC-ABEAndrew BenintendiRed Sox
NC-AEAdam EatonNationals
NC-AMAdalberto MondesiRoyals
NC-ARAmed RosarioMets
NC-BBByron BuxtonTwins
NC-BCBrandon CrawfordGiants
NC-CYChristian YelichBrewers
NC-DDDavid DahlRockies
NC-DODavid OrtizRed Sox
NC-DPDustin PedroiaRed Sox
NC-DVDan VogelbachMariners
NC-EAElvis AndrusRangers
NC-EEEduardo EscobarDiamondbacks
NC-ELEvan LongoriaGiants
NC-EREddie RosarioTwins
NC-GBGeorge BrettRoyals
NC-GSGiancarlo StantonMarlins
NC-HDHunter DozierRoyals
NC-HRHunter RenfroePadres
NC-JAJose AltuveAstros
NC-JBJose BerriosTwins
NC-JDJosh DonaldsonBlue Jays
NC-JDEJacob deGromMets
NC-JGJoey GalloRangers
NC-JHJason HeywardCubs
NC-JPJoc PedersonDodgers
NC-JRJose RamirezIndians
NC-JTJulio TeheranBraves
NC-JTRJ.T. RealmutoPhillies
NC-JVJustin VerlanderAstros
NC-JVJoey VottoReds
NC-KDKhris DavisAthletics
NC-KGKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
NC-KKKevin KiermaierRays
NC-KKIKevin KiermaierRays
NC-KSKyle SeagerMariners
NC-KWKolten WongCardinals
NC-LGLucas GiolitoWhite Sox
NC-LGJLourdes Gurriel Jr.Blue Jays
NC-MBMatthew BoydTigers
NC-MBEMookie BettsRed Sox
NC-MCMichael ChavisRed Sox
NC-MCOMichael ConfortoMets
NC-MKMax KeplerTwins
NC-MSMiguel SanoTwins
NC-MSCMax ScherzerNationals
NC-MSEMarcus SemienAthletics
NC-MTMike TroutAngels
NC-NSNoah SyndergaardMets
NC-OAOzzie AlbiesBraves
NC-PMPedro MartinezMets
NC-RBRyan BraunBrewers
NC-RCRobinson CanoMariners
NC-RHRhys HoskinsPhillies
NC-RZRyan ZimmermanNationals
NC-SKScott KingeryPhillies
NC-SMStarling MartePirates
NC-SPStephen PiscottyAthletics
NC-SSStephen StrasburgNationals
NC-TGTony GwynnPadres
NC-TSTrevor StoryRockies
NC-TTTrea TurnerNationals
NC-WCWillson ContrerasCubs
NC-WMWhit MerrifieldRoyals
NC-XBXander BogaertsRed Sox
NC-YGYuli GurrielAstros
NC-ZGZack GreinkeDiamondbacks
DPC-ABAlex BregmanAstros
DPC-ABEAndrew BenintendiRed Sox
DPC-AEAdam EatonNationals
DPC-AMAndrew McCutchenPhillies
DPC-AMOAdalberto MondesiRoyals
DPC-ARAmed RosarioMets
DPC-AREAnthony RendonNationals
DPC-ARIAnthony RizzoCubs
DPC-BBByron BuxtonTwins
DPC-BCBrandon CrawfordGiants
DPC-BCOBartolo ColonMets
DPC-BHBryce HarperPhillies
DPC-BPBuster PoseyGiants
DPC-CBCharlie BlackmonRockies
DPC-CBECody BellingerDodgers
DPC-CCCarlos CorreaAstros
DPC-CFClint FrazierYankees
DPC-CKClayton KershawDodgers
DPC-CYChristian YelichBrewers
DPC-DDDavid DahlRockies
DPC-DODavid OrtizRed Sox
DPC-DPDustin PedroiaRed Sox
DPC-DVDan VogelbachMariners
DPC-EAElvis AndrusRangers
DPC-ELEvan LongoriaGiants
DPC-EREddie RosarioTwins
DPC-FFFreddie FreemanBraves
DPC-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.Padres
DPC-GBGeorge BrettRoyals
DPC-GCGerrit ColeAstros
DPC-GSGary SanchezYankees
DPC-GSTGiancarlo StantonMarlins
DPC-GTGleyber TorresYankees
DPC-HDHunter DozierRoyals
DPC-HRHunter RenfroePadres
DPC-JAJose AltuveAstros
DPC-JBJose BerriosTwins
DPC-JBAJavier BaezCubs
DPC-JBEJosh BellPirates
DPC-JDJosh DonaldsonBlue Jays
DPC-JDEJacob deGromMets
DPC-JDMJ.D. MartinezRed Sox
DPC-JGJoey GalloRangers
DPC-JHJason HeywardCubs
DPC-JPJoc PedersonDodgers
DPC-JPAJames PaxtonYankees
DPC-JRJose RamirezIndians
DPC-JSJuan SotoNationals
DPC-JTJulio TeheranBraves
DPC-JTRJ.T. RealmutoPhillies
DPC-JVJoey VottoReds
DPC-JVEJustin VerlanderAstros
DPC-KBKris BryantCubs
DPC-KDKhris DavisAthletics
DPC-KGJKen Griffey Jr.Mariners
DPC-KHKeston HiuraBrewers
DPC-KKKevin KiermaierRays
DPC-KKIKevin KiermaierRays
DPC-KSKyle SeagerMariners
DPC-KWKolten WongCardinals
DPC-LGLucas GiolitoWhite Sox
DPC-LGRLourdes Gurriel Jr.Blue Jays
DPC-MBMookie BettsRed Sox
DPC-MCMichael ConfortoMets
DPC-MKMax KeplerTwins
DPC-MSMiguel SanoTwins
DPC-MSCMax ScherzerNationals
DPC-MSEMarcus SemienAthletics
DPC-MTMike TroutAngels
DPC-MTEMark TeixeiraYankees
DPC-NANolan ArenadoRockies
DPC-NSNoah SyndergaardMets
DPC-OAOzzie AlbiesBraves
DPC-PAPete AlonsoMets
DPC-PCPatrick CorbinNationals
DPC-PGPaul GoldschmidtCardinals
DPC-PMPedro MartinezMets
DPC-RAJRonald Acuña Jr.Braves
DPC-RBRyan BraunBrewers
DPC-RCRobinson CanoMariners
DPC-RDRafael DeversRed Sox
DPC-RHRhys HoskinsPhillies
DPC-RPRick PorcelloRed Sox
DPC-RZRyan ZimmermanNationals
DPC-SMStarling MartePirates
DPC-SOShohei OhtaniAngels
DPC-SPStephen PiscottyAthletics
DPC-SSStephen StrasburgNationals
DPC-TGTony GwynnPadres
DPC-TPTommy PhamRays
DPC-TSTrevor StoryRockies
DPC-TTTrea TurnerNationals
DPC-WBWalker BuehlerDodgers
DPC-WCWillson ContrerasCubs
DPC-WMWhit MerrifieldRoyals
DPC-XBXander BogaertsRed Sox
DPC-YAYordan AlvarezAstrosRC
DPC-YGYuli GurrielAstros
DPC-YKYusei KikuchiMariners
DPC-ZWZack WheelerMets
DJRC-AAAristides AquinoRedsRC
DJRC-ABAlex BregmanAstros
DJRC-AEAdam EatonNationals
DJRC-AMAdalberto MondesiRoyals
DJRC-AMCAndrew McCutchenPhillies
DJRC-ARAmed RosarioMets
DJRC-BCBrandon CrawfordGiants
DJRC-CSChris Sale