2020 Topps Countdown to WrestleMania Checklist

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2020 Topps Countdown to WrestleMania trading cards highlight the greatest moments from the first 35 years of the WWE event.

Cards are released two at a time leading up to WrestleMania XXXVI and are available for one week exclusively on the Topps website.

Final print runs for each card are determined by consumer demand.

Our checklist includes all of the cards released in this collection. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings for that card.

2020 Topps Countdown to WrestleMania Checklist
WrestleMania III – 1 Card
WrestleMania V – 1 Card
WrestleMania VI – 1 Card
WrestleMania X – 1 Card
WrestleMania XII – 1 Card
WrestleMania XIII – 1 Card
WrestleMania X-Seven – 1 Card
WrestleMania X8 – 1 Card
WrestleMania XIX – 1 Card
WrestleMania XX – 1 Card
WrestleMania XXV – 1 Card
WrestleMania XXVIII – 1 Card
WrestleMania XXIX – 1 Card
WrestleMania XXX – 2 Cards
WrestleMania XXXII – 1 Card
WrestleMania XXXII – 1 Card
WrestleMania XXXIV – 1 Card
WrestleMania XXXV – 2 Cards
-#TitleEventPrint Run
1Hulk Hogan def. Andre the GiantWrestleMania III207
2Hulk Hogan def. Macho Man Randy SavageWrestleMania V207
3Ultimate Warrior def. Hulk HoganWrestleMania VI208
4Razor Ramon def. Shawn MichaelsWrestleMania X170
5Shawn Michaels def. Bret "Hit Man" HartWrestleMania XII147
6Bret "Hit Man" Hart def. Stone Cold Steve AustinWrestleMania XIII149
7Stone Cold Steve Austin def. The RockWrestleMania X-Seven164
8The Rock def. "Hollywood" Hulk HoganWrestleMania X8172
9Brock Lesnar def. Kurt AngleWrestleMania XIX132
10Eddie Guerrero def. Kurt AngleWrestleMania XX134
11Undertaker def. Shawn MichaelsWrestleMania 25129
12Undertaker def. Triple HWrestleMania XXVIII123
13John Cena def. The RockWrestleMania 29113
14Daniel Bryan Wins the WWE World Heavyweight ChampionshipWrestleMania XXX116
15Brock Lesnar def. UndertakerWrestleMania XXX106
16Seth Rollins Wins the WWE ChampionshipWrestleMania 31116
17Charlotte Flair Becomes the First New WWE Women's ChampionWrestleMania 32183
18Kurt Angle & Ronda Rousey def. Triple H & Stephanie McMahonWrestleMania 34194
19Becky Lynch Wins the RAW and SmackDown Women's ChampionshipWrestleMania 35206
20Kofi Kingston def. Daniel BryanWrestleMania 35113