2020 Panini Diamond Kings checklist

2020 Panini Diamond Kings Checklist

Release Year Archive: 2020

Manufacturer Archive: Panini

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2020 Panini Diamond Kings baseball cards feature a reasonably sized checklist with a ton of variations and inserts for collectors to track down.

As always, Diamond Kings delivers a colorful and unique design that feels modern and timeless simultaneously. The checklist is also a mix of current stars, top rookies, and beloved veterans from every era of the game.

Each hobby box contains both an autograph card and a memorabilia card as well as three framed parallels and 12 inserts.

This checklist is separated by team. Scroll through the entire list or jump to a preferred team by selecting them from the list below. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings.

Release Date: 6/10/2020
Cards per pack: 8
Packs per hobby box: 12
Hobby boxes per case: 24

2020 Panini Diamond Kings Checklist

Base Set – 170 Cards
Artist Proof (Blue)
Artist Proof (Gold) – #/49
Artist Proof (Masterpiece) – 1/1
Framed Blue
Framed Grey
Framed Purple
Framed Red
Framed Wood – #/13
Framed Black (Masterpiece) – 1/1
Litho Proof – #/25
Litho Proof Framed – 1/1

Aficionado (A) – 15 Cards
Blue Holo – #/99
Masterpiece – 1/1

All Time Diamond Kings (ATDK) – 30 Cards
Artist Proof (Blue)
Artist Proof (Gold) – #/49
Artist Proof (Masterpiece) – 1/1
Framed Blue
Framed Grey
Framed Purple
Framed Red
Framed Wood – #/13
Framed Black (Masterpiece) -1/1
Litho Proof – #/25
Litho Proof Framed – 1/1

Artist’s Palette (AP) – 10 Cards
Blue Hologram – #/99
Masterpiece – 1/1

Aurora (AU) – 15 Cards

Bat Kings Relic (BK) – 40 Cards
Blue Hologram – #/25 (or less)
Purple – #/20
Masterpiece – 1/1

Blank Slate (BS) – 15 Cards

Downtown (D) – 20 Cards

DK 206 (DK) – 20 Cards
Blue Hologram – #/99
Masterpiece – 1/1

DeLong (DL) – 10 Cards

Material Signatures (DKMS) – 61 Cards
Gold – #/99
Blue Hologram – #/25
Purple – #/15
Masterpiece – 1/1

Quad Material Signatures (DKQ) – 13 Cards

Materials (DKM) – 99 Cards
Silver Hologram – #99 (or less)
Gold Hologram – #/50 (or less)
Blue Hologram – #/25 (or less)
Purple – #/10 (or less)
Masterpiece – 1/1

Originals (DKO-#)– 10 Cards
Blue Hologram – #/99
Masterpiece – 1/1

Originals Signatures (DKO-XX) – 14 Cards*
Silver Hologram – 19 Cards, #/99 (or less)
Gold Hologram – 25 Cards, #/50 (or less)
Blue Hologram – 28 Cards, #/25 (or less)
Purple – 30 Cards, #/20
Masterpiece – 29 Cards, 1/1
*Not all players are included in each variant.

Signatures (DKS) – 62 Cards
Silver Hologram – #/49
Gold Hologram – #/25
Purple – #/20
Blue Hologram – #/10 (or less)
Masterpiece – 1/1

Gallery of Stars (GOS) – 15 Cards
Blue Hologram – #/99
Masterpiece – 1/1

In the Zone (INT) – 15 Cards
Blue Hologram – #/99
Masterpiece – 1/1

Jersey Kings (JK) – 35 Cards
Blue Hologram – #/25
Purple – #/20
Masterpiece – 1/1

Modern Art (MA) – 20 Cards

Parietal Art (PA) – 20 Cards

Pixel Art (PI) – 20 Cards

The 3000 (3000) – 15 Cards
Blue Hologram – #/99
Masterpiece – 1/1


60Patrick SandovalRC
84Matt ThaissRC
103Albert Pujols
114Mike Trout
165Shohei Ohtani
A-7Mike Trout
AP-6Mike Trout
ATDK-9Mike Trout
AU-4Mike Trout
BK-MTMike Trout
BS-4Mike Trout
BS-15Shohei Ohtani
D1Mike Trout
D13Jo Adell
DK9Shohei Ohtani
DK17Mike Trout
DKM-MAMatt Thaiss
DKM-MTMike Trout
DKM-PSPatrick Sandoval
DKM-SOShohei Ohtani
DKMS-MAMatt Thaiss
DKMS-PSPatrick Sandoval
DKS-MTMatt Thaiss
DKS-PSPatrick Sandoval
GOS-6Mike Trout
GOS-7Shohei Ohtani
INT-9Shohei Ohtani
INT-12Anthony Rendon
JK-MTMike Trout
MA-11Anthony Rendon
PA-12Albert Pujols
PI-5Shohei Ohtani


58Yordan Alvarez
79Bryan AbreuRC
99Abraham ToroRC
107Jose Altuve
136Nolan Ryan
147Justin Verlander
A-9Jose Altuve
A-13Justin Verlander
AP-8Yordan Alvarez
ATDK-6Craig Biggio
AU-8Yordan Alvarez
AU-13Alex Bregman
BK-AXAlex Bregman
BK-YAYordan Alvarez
D4Yordan Alvarez
DK12Jose Altuve
DK13Justin Verlander
DK15Yordan Alvarez
DKM-ATAbraham Toro
DKM-AXAlex Bregman
DKM-BABryan Abreu
DKM-JVJustin Verlander
DKM-YAYordan Alvarez
DKMS-ATAbraham Toro
DKMS-BABryan Abreu
DKMS-YAYordan Alvarez
DKO-FWForrest Whitley
DKQ-YAYordan Alvarez
DKS-ATAbraham Toro
DKS-BABryan Abreu
DKS-YAYordan Alvarez
DL-2Yordan Alvarez
GOS-5Jose Altuve
JK-CBCraig Biggio
JK-JAJose Altuve
JK-YAYordan Alvarez
MA-4Yordan Alvarez
MA-5Alex Bregman
PA-4Justin Verlander
PI-3Jose Altuve


9Mickey Cochrane
38Frank Baker
102Sean MurphyRC
128A.J. PukRC
146Sheldon NeuseRC
152Jesus Luzardo
ATDK-7Rickey Henderson
BK-DCDoc Cramer
BK-MCMatt Chapman
BK-RHRickey Henderson
DKM-JLJesus Luzardo
DKM-SMSean Murphy
DKM-SNSheldon Neuse
DKMS-JLJesus Luzardo
DKMS-SMSean Murphy
DKMS-SNSheldon Neuse
DKQ-RHRickey Henderson
DKS-JLJesus Luzardo
DKS-SMSean Murphy
DKS-SNSheldon Neuse
INT-5Matt Chapman
MA-2Rickey Henderson
MA-15Matt Chapman
PA-19Matt Olson

Blue Jays

133T.J. ZeuchRC
135Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
140Anthony KayRC
144Bo BichetteRC
AP-3Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
ATDK-29Roberto Alomar
AU-9Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
BK-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.
BS-8Bo Bichette
D10Bo Bichette
D20Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
DK19Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
DKM-AKAnthony Kay
DKM-BOBo Bichette
DKM-TZT.J. Zeuch
DKM-VGJVladimir Guerrero Jr.
DKMS-AKAnthony Kay
DKMS-BOBo Bichette
DKO-VGVladimir Guerrero Jr.
DKQ-BBBo Bichette
DKS-AKAnthony Kay
DKS-BBBo Bichette
DKS-TZT.J. Zeuch
DL-3Bo Bichette
GOS-3Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
PA-2Vladimir Guerrero Jr.


45Eddie Mathews
117Ronald Acuna Jr.
AP-2Ronald Acuna Jr.
ATDK-21Chipper Jones
AU-14Ronald Acuna Jr.
BK-OZOzzie Albies
BK-RAJRonald Acuna Jr.
BS-10Ronald Acuna Jr.
D16Ronald Acuna Jr.
DK8Ronald Acuna Jr.
DKM-RORonald Acuna Jr.
DKO-DMDale Murphy
DKO-JSJohn Smoltz
DKQ-CJChipper Jones
DKQ-MSMike Soroka
GOS-8Ronald Acuna Jr.
JK-FFFreddie Freeman
JK-SPSatchel Paige
MA-3Ronald Acuna Jr.
PI-13Ozzie Albies


71Keston Hiura
83Christian Yelich
93Tyrone TaylorRC
3000-9Paul Molitor
ATDK-12Robin Yount
AU-7Christian Yelich
BK-PMPaul Molitor
BK-RYRobin Yount
DKM-TTTyrone Taylor
DKMS-TTTyrone Taylor
DKO-JHJosh Hader
DKS-TTTyrone Taylor
GOS-14Christian Yelich
INT-11Christian Yelich
MA-6Keston Hiura
PA-14Christian Yelich


11Stan Musial
32Rogers Hornsby
77Paul Goldschmidt
100Jack Flaherty
115Ozzie Smith
3000-7Stan Musial
3000-12Albert Pujols
AP-7Yadier Molina
ATDK-11Stan Musial
D7Yadier Molina
DL-5Yadier Molina
JK-SMStan Musial
PI-10Yadier Molina


40Hack Wilson
43Billy Williams
48Adbert AlzolayRC
72Kris Bryant
80Javier Baez
89Anthony Rizzo
90Nico HoernerRC
121Billy Williams
166Ryne Sandberg
A-10Anthony Rizzo
AP-5Javier Baez
ATDK-13Ryne Sandberg
BK-RZAnthony Rizzo
BS-5Kris Bryant
D9Anthony Rizzo
DK3Anthony Rizzo
DK11Javier Baez
DKM-ADAdbert Alzolay
DKM-ESEddie Stanky
DKM-JBJavier Baez
DKM-KBKris Bryant
DKM-NHNico Hoerner
DKMS-ADAdbert Alzolay
DKMS-NHNico Hoerner
DKO-ADAndre Dawson
DKO-BZBen Zobrist
DKO-KHKyle Hendricks
DKO-RZAnthony Rizzo
DKS-AAAdbert Alzolay
DKS-NHNico Hoerner
DL-8Kris Bryant
GOS-12Javier Baez
JK-ARAnthony Rizzo
JK-KBKris Bryant
PA-11Anthony Rizzo
PI-4Javier Baez


50Josh RojasRC
51Zac GallenRC
68Domingo LeybaRC
69Ketel Marte
78Curt Schilling
87Madison Bumgarner
92Randy Johnson
ATDK-4Randy Johnson
DKM-DLDomingo Leyba
DKM-JOJosh Rojas
DKM-ZGZac Gallen
DKMS-DLDomingo Leyba
DKMS-JOJosh Rojas
DKMS-ZGZac Gallen
DKS-DLDomingo Leyba
DKS-JRJosh Rojas
DKS-ZGZac Gallen
PA-1Starling Marte
PI-11Ketel Marte


4Walter Alston
24Carl Erskine
27Jackie Robinson
30Eddie Stanky
53Cody Bellinger
57Clayton Kershaw
62Tony GonsolinRC
73Dustin MayRC
76Gavin LuxRC
91Edwin RiosRC
104Mookie Betts
130Brusdar GraterolRC
A-11Mookie Betts
ATDK-5Jackie Robinson
AU-1Mookie Betts
AU-12Cody Bellinger
BK-MBMookie Betts
BS-9Cody Bellinger
D3Cody Bellinger
DKM-BGBrusdar Graterol
DKM-DUDustin May
DKM-EREdwin Rios
DKM-GLGavin Lux
DKM-JRJackie Robinson
DKM-MBMookie Betts
DKM-TOTony Gonsolin
DKM-WAWalter Alston
DKM-WBWalker Buehler
DKMS-BGBrusdar Graterol
DKMS-DUDustin May
DKMS-EREdwin Rios
DKMS-GLGavin Lux
DKMS-TOTony Gonsolin
DKO-CKClayton Kershaw
DKO-CSCorey Seager
DKO-SGSteve Garvey
DKO-WBWalker Buehler
DKQ-CBCody Bellinger
DKS-BGBrusdar Graterol
DKS-DMDustin May
DKS-EREdwin Rios
DKS-GLGavin Lux
DKS-TGTony Gonsolin
DL-1Cody Bellinger
DL-10Clayton Kershaw
GOS-2Mookie Betts
GOS-13Cody Bellinger
JK-JRJackie Robinson
JK-MMMax Muncy
MA-9Dustin May
PA-10Jackie Robinson
PA-15Gavin Lux
PI-1Mookie Betts
PI-6Clayton Kershaw


ATDK-22Vladimir Guerrero
BK-GCGary Carter


3Mel Ott
17Christy Mathewson
19Carl Hubbell
35Bill Terry
96Buster Posey
145Mauricio DubonRC
150Jaylin DavisRC
153Rico GarciaRC
156Logan WebbRC
ATDK-3Mel Ott
BK-OCOrlando Cepeda
DKM-JAJaylin Davis
DKM-LWLogan Webb
DKM-MDMauricio Dubon
DKM-RGRico Garcia
DKMS-JAJaylin Davis
DKMS-LWLogan Webb
DKMS-MDMauricio Dubon
DKMS-RGRico Garcia
DKS-JDJaylin Davis
DKS-LWLogan Webb
DKS-MDMauricio Dubon
DKS-RGRico Garcia
DL-6Buster Posey
PA-9Mel Ott
PA-13Buster Posey


1Joe Sewell
14Satchel Paige
52Yu ChangRC
55Logan AllenRC
88Aaron CivaleRC
94Bobby BradleyRC
134Francisco Lindor
164Jose Ramirez
3000-6Tris Speaker
AP-4Francisco Lindor
ATDK-17Bob Feller
AU-3Francisco Lindor
BK-JRJose Ramirez
BK-JSJoe Sewell
DKM-ACAaron Civale
DKM-BYBobby Bradley
DKM-LALogan Allen
DKM-YCYu Chang
DKMS-ACAaron Civale
DKMS-BYBobby Bradley
DKMS-LALogan Allen
DKO-JRJose Ramirez
DKO-KLKenny Lofton
DKQ-OVOmar Vizquel
DKS-ACAaron Civale
DKS-BBBobby Bradley
DKS-LALogan Allen
DKS-YCYu Chang
GOS-4Francisco Lindor
INT-13Jose Ramirez
PA-16Jose Ramirez
PI-12Francisco Lindor


106Kyle Seager
113Donnie WaltonRC
125Justin DunnRC
131Jake FraleyRC
143Ken Griffey Jr.
157Kyle LewisRC
AP-1Ken Griffey Jr.
ATDK-10Ken Griffey Jr.
BS-1Ken Griffey Jr.
DK1Ken Griffey Jr.
DKM-DWDonnie Walton
DKM-JDJustin Dunn
DKM-JFJake Fraley
DKM-KLKyle Lewis
DKMS-DWDonnie Walton
DKMS-JDJustin Dunn
DKMS-JFJake Fraley
DKMS-KLKyle Lewis
DKS-DWDonnie Walton
DKS-JDJustin Dunn
DKS-JFJake Fraley
DKS-KLKyle Lewis
JK-KJKen Griffey Jr.


67Jordan YamamotoRC
81Isan DiazRC
98Brian Anderson
ATDK-25Miguel Cabrera
DKM-IDIsan Diaz
DKM-JYJordan Yamamoto
DKMS-IDIsan Diaz
DKMS-JYJordan Yamamoto
DKS-IDIsan Diaz
DKS-JYJordan Yamamoto
PI-14Isan Diaz


74Pete Alonso
119Mike Piazza
A-2Mike Piazza
A-14Pete Alonso
ATDK-23Mike Piazza
AU-2Pete Alonso
D17Pete Alonso
DK18Pete Alonso
DKM-PAPete Alonso
DKO-DWDavid Wright
DKO-KHKeith Hernandez
DL-7Jacob deGrom
GOS-10Pete Alonso
JK-PAPete Alonso
MA-19Jacob deGrom
PA-3Pete Alonso
PA-17Jeff McNeil


163Nap Lajoie
3000-10Nap Lajoie


101Tres BarreraRC
141Juan Soto
AU-15Juan Soto
BK-TTTrea Turner
BS-13Trea Turner
D6Anthony Rendon
D18Juan Soto
DKM-JSJuan Soto
DKM-MXMax Scherzer
DKM-SSStephen Strasburg
DKM-TBTres Barrera
DKMS-TBTres Barrera
DKS-TBTres Barrera
GOS-9Juan Soto
INT-10Juan Soto
JK-JSJuan Soto
PA-20Juan Soto
PI-2Juan Soto
39Goose Goslin
167Sam Rice
As Senators


44Cal Ripken
159Trey Mancini
3000-11Eddie Murray
3000-13Cal Ripken
A-3Cal Ripken
ATDK-30Cal Ripken
BK-EMEddie Murray
DK5Cal Ripken
DKQ-FRFrank Robinson
PA-6Cal Ripken
PI-19Trey Mancini


105Adrian MorejonRC
110Ronald BolanosRC
112Tony Gwynn
126Manny Machado
127Trent GrishamRC
137Fernando Tatis Jr.
154Michel BaezRC
169Andres MunozRC
3000-14Tony Gwynn
AP-9Fernando Tatis Jr.
ATDK-1Tony Gwynn
AU-10Fernando Tatis Jr.
BK-FTJFernando Tatis Jr.
BK-MAManny Machado
D5Fernando Tatis Jr.
DKM-AMAdrian Morejon
DKM-ANAndres Munoz
DKM-MIMichel Baez
DKM-RBRonald Bolanos
DKM-TGTrent Grisham
DKMS-AMAdrian Morejon
DKMS-ANAndres Munoz
DKMS-MIMichel Baez
DKMS-RBRonald Bolanos
DKMS-TGTrent Grisham
DKO-THTrevor Hoffman
DKS-AMAndres Munoz
DKS-AMAdrian Morejon
DKS-MBMichel Baez
DKS-RBRonald Bolanos
DKS-TGTrent Grisham
DL-9Manny Machado
GOS-15Fernando Tatis Jr.
INT-1Tony Gwynn
INT-8Manny Machado
MA-7Fernando Tatis Jr.
PI-9Manny Machado


31Grover Alexander
66Bryce Harper
97Aaron Nola
155Deivy GrullonRC
A-6Bryce Harper
A-12Rhys Hoskins
ATDK-24Richie Ashburn
AU-11Bryce Harper
BK-RARichie Ashburn
BK-RHRhys Hoskins
D19Bryce Harper
DK4Bryce Harper
DKM-DGDeivy Grullon
DKMS-DGDeivy Grullon
DKO-ABAlec Bohm
DKS-DGDeivy Grullon
GOS-11Bryce Harper
JK-ANAaron Nola


2Honus Wagner
22Roberto Clemente
86Josh Bell
3000-2Honus Wagner
3000-3Roberto Clemente
ATDK-15Roberto Clemente
BK-HWHonus Wagner
DKM-RCRoberto Clemente
JK-EFElroy Face
PA-8Roberto Clemente
PI-16Josh Bell


108Jonathan HernandezRC
122Joe PalumboRC
124Joey Gallo
139Nick Solak
170Brock BurkeRC
ATDK-8Nolan Ryan
DK7Nolan Ryan
DKM-BUBrock Burke
DKM-JHJonathan Hernandez
DKM-JPJoe Palumbo
DKM-NSNick Solak
DKMS-BUBrock Burke
DKMS-JHJonathan Hernandez
DKMS-JPJoe Palumbo
DKMS-NSNick Solak
DKS-BBBrock Burke
DKS-JHJonathan Hernandez
DKS-JPJoe Palumbo
DKS-NSNick Solak
INT-6Alex Rodriguez


120Randy ArozarenaRC
160Blake Snell
162Brendan McKayRC
ATDK-27Evan Longoria
D11Wander Franco
DKM-BMBrendan McKay
DKM-RARandy Arozarena
DKMS-BMBrendan McKay
DKMS-RARandy Arozarena
DKO-BSBlake Snell
DKQ-BMBrendan McKay
DKS-BMBrendan McKay
DKS-RARandy Arozarena
DKS-YTYoshitomo Tsutsugo
MA-1Wander Franco
MA-18Austin Meadows
PI-7Yoshitomo Tsutsugo

Red Sox

16Tris Speaker
26Jimmie Foxx
28Joe Cronin
29Joe Wood
34Ted Williams
36Dom DiMaggio
41Johnny Pesky
ATDK-28Ted Williams
BK-CYCarl Yastrzemski
BK-JMJ.D. Martinez
BK-TSTris Speaker
BK-WBWade Boggs
BS-6Ted Williams
D8Rafael Devers
DK6Mookie Betts
DKM-JCJoe Cronin
DKM-JFJimmie Foxx
DKM-RDRafael Devers
DKM-TSTris Speaker
DKM-TWTed Williams
DKO-CSCurt Schilling
DKO-JDJ.D. Martinez
DKO-XBXander Bogaerts
DKQ-CSChris Sale
INT-7Pedro Martinez
JK-ABAndrew Benintendi
JK-JMJ.D. Martinez
JK-JMJoe McCarthy
JK-TWTed Williams
MA-14Rafael Devers
MA-17J.D. Martinez


54Aristides AquinoRC
59Joey Votto
82Pete Rose
118Johnny Bench
142Joe Morgan
3000-8Pete Rose
ATDK-14Pete Rose
BK-DADave Concepcion
BK-ESEugenio Suarez
BK-PRPete Rose
D14Aristides Aquino
DKM-AAAristides Aquino
DKM-KGKen Griffey Jr.
DKMS-AAAristides Aquino
DKO-BLBarry Larkin
DKS-AAAristides Aquino
MA-16Eugenio Suarez
PI-15Joey Votto


56Larry Walker
61Sam HilliardRC
63Yonathan DazaRC
138Trevor Story
149Nolan Arenado
A-4Nolan Arenado
ATDK-2Larry Walker
AU-6Nolan Arenado
BK-TRTrevor Story
DKM-NANolan Arenado
DKM-SHSam Hilliard
DKM-YDYonathan Daza
DKMS-SHSam Hilliard
DKMS-YDYonathan Daza
DKS-SHSam Hilliard
DKS-YDYonathan Daza
JK-LWLarry Walker
JK-NANolan Arenado
MA-20Nolan Arenado
PI-20Trevor Story


129Whit Merrifield
3000-1George Brett
ATDK-19George Brett
BK-WMWhit Merrifield
BS-14Whit Merrifield
DK20George Brett
INT-15George Brett


13Ty Cobb
21Hank Greenberg
23Harvey Kuenn
65Willi Castro
75Jake RogersRC
85Travis DemeritteRC
123Miguel Cabrera
161Sam Crawford
3000-4Al Kaline
3000-5Ty Cobb
A-5Miguel Cabrera
ATDK-20Ty Cobb
BK-HGHank Greenberg
DKM-HKHarvey Kuenn
DKM-JRJake Rogers
DKM-TDTravis Demeritte
DKM-WCWilli Castro
DKMS-JRJake Rogers
DKMS-TDTravis Demeritte
DKMS-WCWilli Castro
DKO-ATAlan Trammell
DKS-JRJake Rogers
DKS-TDTravis Demeritte
DKS-WCWilli Castro
DL-4Miguel Cabrera
JK-MCMiguel Cabrera
PI-8Miguel Cabrera


42Bert Blyleven
47Harmon Killebrew
132Jose Berrios
148Kirby Puckett
151Lewis ThorpeRC
A-1Kirby Puckett
ATDK-16Harmon Killebrew
BK-KPKirby Puckett
DK14Kirby Puckett
DKM-LTLewis Thorpe
DKMS-LTLewis Thorpe
DKO-JDJosh Donaldson
DKQ-JBJose Berrios
DKS-LTLewis Thorpe
JK-JPJorge Polanco
JK-KPKirby Puckett
PA-18Jorge Polanco
PI-17Kirby Puckett
PI-18Josh Donaldson

White Sox

10Joe Jackson
46Frank Thomas
49Zack CollinsRC
64Dylan CeaseRC
70Danny Mendick
95Luis RobertRC
158Eloy Jimenez
ATDK-18Frank Thomas
BK-EJEloy Jimenez
BK-JJJoe Jackson
BS-11Luis Robert
D12Luis Robert
DK10Frank Thomas
DKM-DCDylan Cease
DKM-DMDanny Mendick
DKM-EJEloy Jimenez
DKM-ZCZack Collins
DKMS-DCDylan Cease
DKMS-DMDanny Mendick
DKMS-ZCZack Collins
DKO-JAJose Abreu
DKO-LRLuis Robert
DKQ-EJEloy Jimenez
DKS-DCDylan Cease
DKS-DMDanny Mendick
DKS-ZCZack Collins
INT-3Tim Anderson
JK-FTFrank Thomas
JK-JAJose Abreu
JK-TATim Anderson
MA-12Tim Anderson
MA-13Yoan Moncada
PA-5Frank Thomas


5Don Larsen
6Roger Maris
8Joe McCarthy
12Yogi Berra
15Babe Ruth
18Lou Gehrig
20Joe DiMaggio
25Charlie Keller
33Mickey Mantle
37Elston Howard
109Reggie Jackson
111Michael KingRC
116Aaron Judge
A-15Gleyber Torres
AP-10Aaron Judge
ATDK-26Babe Ruth
AU-5Aaron Judge
BK-JDJoe DiMaggio
BK-RJReggie Jackson
BK-RMRoger Maris
BS-2Mickey Mantle
BS-3Babe Ruth
BS-7Lou Gehrig
D2Aaron Judge
D15Gleyber Torres
DK2Aaron Judge
DK16Mickey Mantle
DKM-AJAaron Judge
DKM-BRBabe Ruth
DKM-CKCharlie Keller
DKM-JMJoe McCarthy
DKM-LGLou Gehrig
DKM-MKMichael King
DKM-MMMickey Mantle
DKM-RMRoger Maris
DKM-YBYogi Berra
DKMS-MKMichael King
DKO-AJAaron Judge
DKO-LSLuis Severino
DKQ-GTGleyber Torres
DKS-MKMichael King
GOS-1Aaron Judge
INT-2Reggie Jackson
INT-4Roger Maris
INT-14Gerrit Cole
JK-AJAaron Judge
JK-BRBabe Ruth
JK-EHElston Howard
JK-GMGil McDougald
JK-GSGiancarlo Stanton
JK-LGLou Gehrig
JK-MMMickey Mantle
MA-8Aaron Judge
MA-10Gleyber Torres
PA-7Joe DiMaggio